Wilderness and urban

The city is a fine capsules silver buckle, decorated in the wilderness of dark green cloak, shining day and night.    I heard wilderness, refers to mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes and forests, the Gobi desert.Everything sparsely populated place to keep the original style of.    Wilderness and cities, fundamentally speaking, is antithetical.    Most people think that the city and corresponding to that word, rural.For example, often say, “urban-rural divide,” “city people countryman,” but is in fact a rural lower stage of development of the city.Then humble village, but also the city of a pulse brother.    Only the wilderness and the city never a whisper confrontation.City struck the territory of the former wilderness, to disperse the people in the wilderness of the original, destroyed the ancient wilderness scenery, with more and more prosperous orderly, replacing its own way of scenery.    Cities are all great human needs to the invention, an exhibition hall, playing fields, judge sets.If you have a pair of eye view of Earth from space at night, he must have been shocked by the city of eternal light.Wilderness is soothing, the city is intense.Wilderness is quiet, endless hustle and bustle of the city.Wilderness with a strong inclusive of all things, the city is almost human world domination.For people from one city to another city reaches faster and faster, the invention each of the variety of work vehicles.People join a city with the most advanced means of communication, so that the whole planet has become all-encompassing network.We can say that people are leaving the city in the broadest sense has been unable to survive.    I’ve read a mountaineering reported that a successfully climbed Mount Everest brave, the way back to camp, caught in a blizzard trapped and can not rescue.One can only via satellite, connected to a wireless phone with his family.Ice storm, the inside of him and thousands of miles away from the city wife, to discuss the upcoming birth of the child’s name, as the hurricane farewell conversation accompaniment.A few hours later, the call is connected the main peak again, to answer the call of the city is the eternal silence of the wilderness.    I thought this Lonely scene, somewhat symbolic of the city and the wilderness, the city is that people with wisdom and hard work, courage and time, generation after generation of giant pile up in the city, full of traces of civilization, late in later I almost think they Beijia Executive soldiers, all-conquering.But the vast land outside the city, the wilderness silence ruled the sky, disdain for Mankind.    People like the city, like a giant nail, wedge wilderness, and as a base, tenaciously multiply the offspring, creating a spill flowing color light of civilization.In the first wilderness, indifference, or even a gentle accept.But once counterattack wilderness, who would do anything at all.Niya city, Pompeii.A series of glorious history of the castle name, in the folds of the earth’s annihilation.    People build more and more growing city, to meet a variety of needs, increasingly wilderness retreat with.But people should not ignore the wilderness, ignoring the wilderness, and to find the best spend the gap with their blind date.Treat the wilderness is to treat human beings.You know, human beings can never beat the urban wilderness, wilderness is the nature of the skin.    Without the skin, MaoJiangYanFu?!

Short-lived, really beautiful

People often “short-lived” to describe the fleeting good things.There is a moment of good things and regret the demise of regret.Flash in the pan really so beautiful it?I could not help but lead to curiosity, once “Baidu”, finally got to see “blip” of the charisma.Exclaim: What a beautiful flower!White petals bathed in fresh white moonlight, the lotus-like shape reminiscent of “lightness finds” the lotus, Shoushenruyu, it is lovingly.    I did not personally see witnessed a “short-lived” scenario, but for her beauty and admiration.    ”Flash in the pan” What part of speech?neutral.Some derogatory meaning but slightly, I could not help some disaffected as night-blooming cereus.    Ten years of turmoil during the Cultural Revolution, I have a neighbor was a comic book home, because transcriptions posters inadvertently “poor peasant” written in the “greed lower-middle peasants” was beaten into a rightist.Since then, the reclusive do not want to relate to people, devote themselves to gardening.    One day, a group of Red Guards broke into his home, saying that those flowers are “closed-owned repair” poisonous weeds, without any explanation, while thwarted, will spend a pleasant fresh Bobo smashed all over the floor and stepped on their feet straining.Those poor elves so reluctantly wither until death.This is a group of innocent souls!    Soon, the family also was dismissed to the countryside.    Ten years later, this family went back to her homeland, the former vegetable garden had become.But who would have thought that a night-blooming cereus miraculously survived.Owner marvel, will spend cautiously re-implanted flower pot, to impose fertilizer, water, intensive care.In a country with bright moonlight night, when the night-blooming cereus actually survived after decades quietly blooming flowers!    Who can not tell this strain of night-blooming cereus, or that its children and grandchildren how to survive, we only know that she really survived!    I could not help but for her vitality and emotion, feelings of admiration the wells of night-blooming cereus.    In fact, the “short-lived” just was friends and dedication to tolerance!    Child, heard the adults told the story about the night-blooming cereus: According to legend, night-blooming cereus was originally a small Huaxian heaven, her avatar, Four Seasons open small, white flowers, faint aroma and lingering.A young man named Veda meticulous care of every day with beautiful flowers and earnings weak, give her fertilization, catch the worm, watering.Later, the night-blooming cereus fairy heart sprout in spring, fell in love with this flower lovers teenager.The Jade Emperor was furious after that, he gave the night-blooming cereus banished under the mortal, giving her only a daily hour of flowering.Epiphyllum very fairy infatuation, whenever clear, bright night, while Whitfield water down a passing time of graceful charming garden in full bloom, just to be able to take the side to see sweetheart.Thus, there is a “flash in the pan, only for Veda,” the legend.    The beauty of night-blooming cereus, not only in appearance, more beautiful in character, spirit.    Although today, night-blooming cereus no longer suffering ten years of turmoil, no longer subjected to harsh torture of the natural environment, but it still has a touching quality.Reasonable manner, not to show off wealth, just as gracefully celebrate the great life of bloom.    In fact, the night-blooming cereus is not a national product, but Exotic species, which is native to distant lands.

It will take ten years to change their constellations

Sometimes, change yourself is not an easy thing, a lot of people want to change the world, in the end may find that they have been changed or some more.However, there is a saying, “a leopard change its spots”, you need time to change.For the following three years Zodiac sign, they are fully will take ten years to change their!  Taurus: perseverance is willing to adhere to the perseverance of Taurus constellation is a very, for them, it takes ten years to change yourself is nothing difficult.Because it had the courage to persist in the end, it will be regardless of the change of time and change, trying to make a change you want.Even now there is not much performance does not matter, take your time, do not worry, plenty of patience and time.  Leo: Leo spare no effort in a better way on the road change for the better, it will not stop the pace of.This has never been on their own for others to find fault with the deformation of the constellation, the ascension path of self spare no effort, so it takes ten years to change their.For them, sometimes perhaps that of a stick, the achievements of his.  Scorpio: Scorpio is willing to endure hardship deep Ayutthaya Ayutthaya relatively deep, also very hard-working sign, so for them, in ten years from the time I really did not change difficulty.They dare boil time, you will not find in front of and not see change in a hurry, they know that gold fears fire, the best time to grinding out results.  The above three constellations, will take ten years to change yourself.For them, maybe change is not easy, but made the decision to not back down, I hope we have such persistence and aggressive.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Life was not destined to little guilty constellation

Some people can live life a little guilty, carefree, but also optimistically as if nothing can stop himself as.And some people from birth condemned to a life have to shoulder various responsibilities and burdens, zodiac who is condemned to a life not so hard to do a little guilty.  Third: Scorpio Scorpio is very good to put too much of their own shackles, and obviously also be chic ah, look at some of the open, let go of some, not anything to back their back, they can have say stay away trip, you can also have a love of lovers love.But they can not really little guilty, too strong sense of character, only struggling with.  Second: Capricorn when it comes to struggling with tangled, Capricorn time too?And they are more serious, because they are the people who keep our noses to the heart, with the idea of what is chic, only on the mind, say not say it, not to go practice.Capricorn on family, work both care about, like to do the kind of people taking on everything, so it is not simply chic.  First: Virgo mind as the most delicate and most sensitive, and quite Mensao Virgo, even if he wanted chic, this will be the way to a variety of critical details, care about this and that, there can not be solved obsessive-compulsive disorder to obliterate passion.If some people because of heavy sense of responsibility, can not go chic, Virgo is purely their own personality problems, can not go chic.You might also like: To amused friends, will be funny in hand with systemic constellation warm Meng small fresh meat, the ancient constellation of female beauty on behalf of twelve constellations of the man’s second change Meng Mei What constellation women will be turned into slag slag male female

Rural atmosphere

Since it is a village, you have a little of what.Not gold, not silver, is a kind of atmosphere, the villages have the kind of atmosphere!    The rural atmosphere is leisurely fragrant earthy; fragrance crops flavor; pig, cow dung, horse manure, donkey manure blended with the smell of wild.The rural atmosphere, or the endless green; quietly flowing stream; cattle and sheep grazing on a hillside; the yard feeding the chickens and ducks.Diffuse sunlight coming from over the hill, and everything they have lived.People such as weaving, automobile Mighty noisy, soot billowing, smelly water lovers, the place is not air dirty village.Not the look of the countryside.Air countryside to fixing prices, of course, that money can not buy, that is, millionaires, billionaires, came up with two silver and one thousand, million taels of gold, rural people will not sell you air!    The first wire rural atmosphere from the start of the morning.Morning breath is fresh, fresh breath, there is a taste sweetly.Gala Li Dongshan sun hidden in the other end of it, she is not busy out, just sprinkle a faint morning clouds in the sky.Rural people do not call early Xia, told Dawn.Dawn is a very magnificent colors, dress her up with Mengmenglonglong village, dressed quietly knowing the field.With the breath of the morning, walking around.Morning breath through the green grass, shining brilliantly in the dew on the grass Pearl did not want to fall off.Morning breath through lush woods, sailed in the trees sing to her.Morning breath into the courtyard of the farmer, the owner of the courtyard of the early kang.Man concernedly two large barrels, to carry water in spring.Spring two miles from the courtyard multiplex, man early in the morning every day, every routine so a “public service”.Do not think it is an ascetic, rural people keep fit, this is the use of the.    The courtyard would have been well, but the farmer used to drink.Farmer used to drink spring water, spring water only dependents.Huge barrels filled with sparkling clear spring water, man pick his shoulders, as if playing with a toy like that easy.Pole came a “squeak” sound, man screeching voice sang folk songs – “former head of the mule shout.Oh, two lamps that light.”Folk songs, flush grass pheasant, awakened the sleeping hare.The animals woke up, I woke up the whole valley.The man poured black glaze glaze spring water urn, a woman is put rice well.Two poached eggs bowl, dish stack of hot pancakes.Man comfortably eat and drink, the woman went to put the chicken to feed the dog.Dogs are flower hair dog, chicken is chicken orang.Orang plump chicken one by one, only to see himself out of sight leg.Orang plump chicken, after Qianpu owner rushed meadow, where there are faint green grass, chubby worm.One summer, under the host family can save a lot of feed, chicken who will realize their own value in the grass.Wait until the winter months, which is the standard of the finished chicken, can be the main man in exchange for new tickets Zeng Zeng.    Chickens foraging leisurely on the grass, flower hair dog gnawing on a bone in the lawns proudly.Bone is the master for the owner to feed the dog, in order to see the chicken.Dogs and chickens are good friends, chicken go there, go there with the dog.手脚不干净 bully child play chicken idea to spend the dog hair will get rid of him; weasels, foxes think what Diao chicken sumptuous meal, they put the dog bite turned.    After the sun coming out, the rural atmosphere on the walk along with the crowd labor – here in the vibrant Reaper, over there in full swing playing field.When the noon sun, and the breath came as people went to the cave.    Cave is unique rural building.Thirty-nine cold days, unburned heating; summer heat without air conditioning.Cut a long wheat, grind a field noon, a bowl of water slurry end, he came to the cave, as if into the Tanggula summer, there is a cool breath walking towards me.Enjoy the cool atmosphere, a bowl of water slurry to roll into the stomach.Relieve inflammation slurry water is food, Liver LIFEI, deskew summer, add this cave chilly atmosphere, want more comfortable, how comfortable.    Pleasant summer is summer, summer summer rural countryside, farmers who owned exclusive.Cool cave, the cave is farmers who jointly enjoyed by the whole village.    As early as the village moved out of the cave, the whole village to live in the ground, I heard that in order to catch up with the pace of modernization.Catch up with farmers who lost no less than a modern cave, the village leaving only a hole so.Two meters deep into the cave, walking seven hundred eighty-nine meters wide, between the early years, this is a meeting place, and now for the summer, could not be better.    Pull a few mat, to a central furnace shop, full of old people lying on top of it, children.Old people smoking a pipe down the bitter taste that is full of former San Juan, after five emperors thing.Children who roll on the mat, a ride on a neck holder Ma stool.The depths of the kiln, came the “squeak squeak Om Om” sound, it was her mother in several yarns.A turn kilns, with several aircraft loom support, a bunch of young wife being gusto to weave homespun.Social development to a certain extent, it gave birth to the idea of nostalgia.Homespun suddenly popular on the market, folks voluntary organized team textiles, designed to provide the market with homespun.Summer summer cave is a natural plant, natural plants, do not charge rent, which is the rural people’s Original.In the evening, the rural atmosphere will become the night of breath.Night atmosphere is a trace of a ghost, tease here, there sway, it will flush out those nocturnal insects, singing to the earth.Voice loud and clear to those who belong to cricket it, of course, mole crickets!They do not look very good reputation, but it is the expert in singing.They can sing many songs, “Lili Lili.”Is a love song, they sing to the earth at the same time, did not forget his lover.”Lili Lili” If the translation adult language, whether that is “Come and meet – Come and meet -” means it?Of course, there are “Lulu Lulu.”This is the voice of the enemy to drive.Insect world is full of murderous intention, the two armies meet brave victory, only the victors, in order to survive!    Crickets singing, alerted the stars in the sky, the stars torn ears and listen, wanted to fall to the ground, to participate in the chorus.But they get down, they had looked on helplessly.    Mosquitoes come, these pervasive bad guys, total silence when trying to take advantage of, to breathe the blood, perfunctory their offspring.Night atmosphere already arranged a spider.Spider distraction a big net out where mosquitoes will get rid of all these vampires.Of course, there are bats, they fight against the moths.Although moth children have very anti-reconnaissance capabilities road, but they can not always escape the pursuit of bat.Bat sonar system is a precision weapon, which is to rely on such weapons, tracking the enemy, a fight, only to survive from generation to generation.Human-made radar, but also from the fear of bats had learned of it?    Therefore, someone Thoughts: Bats are voles evolution of animals, true or correct, is not known.Voles can really crazy village at night – they broke into the farmhouse granary, spoil food; even fleeing into the coop, killed chickens and abide by the responsibilities of dog hair flower surprisingly helpless.Night owls called to recruit breath.Owls are vole predators, frenzied bunch of guys pulling no punches, aim a, a Liaodao.Chanzao forest more than quiet, more secluded mountain birds.It incorporates so many nocturnal insects, breath nocturnal animals, nocturnal bird, the breath of the night is the countryside.The rural atmosphere of not only stay together the whole summer, in the spring, they displayed a very charming, they are the messengers of spring, get a touch of the sun, a touch of warmth, a bouquet of flowers, the dress was worth the whole earth beautiful.    Autumn is the harvest season, breath dived rural elderly harvest, urging people to quickly collection of mature crops; moments, but also a relentless autumn, overnight, make the green hillside, becomes desolate.Cold winter, rural atmosphere of frost, ice, snow, will make the earth but the rest of the vast.Naturally, Piao freezing day, it is a good cat winter season farmers.The rural atmosphere, all year round.If you are interested, go to the countryside to see.You can sit in the farm cottage, the yard a walk, or simply along the edge of a field, at the foot of the creek, street, walk with the change, rustic atmosphere you will be warmly received.Because you always been a rural people.Rural people, in order to appreciate the rustic atmosphere – that’s life, youth, hope, growth of breath.

Traveled together youth is the most beautiful memories of these signs of life

Particularly cherish the past, different people have different ideas, there will be different approaches, and treasure the past, but also a mood and mind.Increase youth together through the day, there are some people would cherish such memories, together with such people will feel more happy.See which constellation cherish old friends now.  Taurus: Like all good youth season of Taurus is a very nostalgic feeling, so in their view, the most beautiful memories in life is to walk with youth, such youthful longer the more I remember clearly.  Virgo: sweet memories of the past to feel more Virgo people are very nostalgic, like to enjoy the last beautiful, but also willing to recall the good old days, and think this would be very sweet treasure.  Scorpio: People used to the good places are always the weakest Scorpio, treasure old friends, memories of the past, once thought of youthful memories, always within his own heart the most vulnerable place.  Pisces: memories of youth is an important part of the reality of life was as good, not as good as memories of youth in mind even more reluctant to forget, forgive and forget love and cherish the past, Pisces like to rely on memories of the past and enjoy life.  People these signs in the past to cherish this matter, also did better than the average person, but the most beautiful love heart to cherish the memories of his life, always liked every minute of their youth in memory.You might also like: Children’s Day _ Zodiac most look forward to hearing what you should gift winter sleep, hibernation constellation they have a tendency to guard the five constellation most in need!When Zodiac man will give his first pay check constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

With his son through the test (8) mixed

No. May 4 close to the work, and her husband called to say just received an SMS, the son of English listening, speaking out in the examination.I am full of joy, I said out on the Well!In front of a mold out, and when the two-mode is read to listen to the teacher, speaking son had six points, those days he was a fever linked to the water, down to test the teacher send text messages that unsatisfactory results.He asked his son said it was expected the worst class, and it was a bit worried.Later in the exam to be officially, I say you can not be careless, and this is related to your studies ah!Son nodded solemnly.Overnight in the exam is still practiced on a computer, there will be unexpected afraid exam.And when he came out oral exam blushed when asked he said everything is normal.Now we see is out, and I was also at ease.In case if listening, speaking also lose points, it will definitely affect the back of his son exam.Now the heart can be put down.    The teacher sent text messages received from work when the car rental to say the quality of work the holiday boarders significantly higher than non-resident students and non-resident students in certain job has a job cut corners.The actual test from the school only 31 days, and do not strive too late.A total of six students by name, son’s name is listed among.Let me just happy heart is what gave clench.    See this message, then felt his son did not seriously these days, came back still thinking about computers, televisions, No. 3 in the evening also saw him in writing what work, when he saw me he took the job Note cover up.I asked: “You do not work ah?”He told me well.    SMS heart to look at gas, thinking how his son did not know better, or do not take the initiative to learn, but also nagged to do.After the first round from test mode into the state seems to be no, but my body has been poor.First, the face of pollen allergy, who later have played hives, then later follow toothache while cough and cold, was really linked to water and medicine injections.At this point they saw the teacher criticized hair, and so renowned for his son really wanted to call him a good meal, scolded him sober.    This is the end of my night classes to pick up his son, he can Education.Out of the car, then bursts of cold wind blowing, let me coughing, think, or let her husband pick up.And I also rare to bed early.    Et son back, came over to me, looked at him like, I really do not have the heart to blame him.In fact, he has also been studying very hard, and I do not want to hurt him, afraid hit his passion for learning.Spoken English to ask his son to know the results yet?He said knew.I asked out of the class were many.He said more.Then he said: “I was so bad also read aloud out of.”My heart thumped, originally said his son before all normal circumstances is a lie, he was afraid I was afraid I worry about him or blame him.    He went on to say that he read all read twice, the first pass read error to re-read it, and find acceptance sonic seems not very high jump.As long as required to read through it.Fancy this can get out of.Son said his face showing a shy smile.I said that in any case, as long as out on the line.Then I said the teacher send text messages that your work is so good, how is it ah?He said: “I will not do it and some empty.”” Oh, this is so.”I said:” Then you must strive to ah later, from the test did not have much time, the teacher told you to say it!””Yep!”My son nodded.    After a while my son took to help him to sign the papers.That is the holiday of work, above a wrong title has been revised.Anyway, I can not read, just looked at the whole situation noodles, he asked his son to understand the topics are now not to give him a positive answer to help him sign his name.    As a parent, I want her son to understand the importance of this study can be a little harder, look at the last sprint stage, to test their ideal school.

Tsai Kee rice ancient village visits

Tsai ancient village farm visits remember November 12, 2017, I followed the mountain folk songs delegation commandant Poetry Society organizations to Lake County’s first hot spring village to watch local culture festival.Early winter morning, the sky overcast, no sun no rain, it was warm weather in early winter, when little like the beginning of spring, neither hot nor cold very suitable for tourism.In the morning, we set off from the front of the store all the way south, approximately 1 hour drive to reach the 362 provincial road leading to the village of Tang Quan Township Golden Eagle fork in the road, and then take the bus along the rugged winding mountain road towards the destination.About 6 km winding road, winding, various obstacles, narrow concrete road surface being disseminated rotting weed leaves, seemed so dark, speckled traces the vicissitudes of life.The car occasionally through the forest trail, add a bit of mystery. 10 am, the first cultural festival in the village of Golden Eagle Square opened nearly a thousand visitors from inside and outside the county to watch the wonderful cultural performances.Cultural programs full of local culture, greet the audience roared its approval, more than one hour of the opening ceremony and cultural performances soon ended. Lunch will be arranged in the ancient village of Tsai farm farmhouse dishes are all city people eat very few non-polluting, low-fat, high-fiber green healthy foods, such as konjac, sweet potato, pumpkin leaves, konjac Wo…Very tasty, for three high-population is a rare meal.After the meal visit ancient houses. According to statistics, a model farm Tsai ancient houses built in the Ming Dynasty, to date more than 500 years of history, style architecture with a combination of residential local Dabie Mountain, is the portrayal of ancient houses Dabie Mountain area in the long process of historical development is a reflection of paleo village tortuous change the context of a living fossil.Anhui Province in 2012 was designated as the cultural relics protection units, it is December the same year was selected by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Finance jointly named the first batch of Chinese traditional village List .Tsai ancient farm houses, in fact, all surnamed Yin, early living legend indeed Tsai family, and later Tsai male dating from Yin surname nephew living in harmony.Today, Tsai farm-preserved ancient houses more than 300, construction area of 14,600 square meters, housing 70 families, basically surnamed Yin.Scale and massing village view, should have their own history of prosperity.Tsai ancient houses farm northwest toward the southeast, hillside, surrounded by three mountains, across the lush bamboo forest, mountain verdant trees, vivacious scene agreeable environment, living environment seemed so gentle, elegant and comfortable.Creek through residential areas and over, gurgling water.We Leiqi walked along the banks of the ancient quartzite small populations that are civil engineering structures, brick wall head Vama small, simple and elegant appearance.After the low-ordinary residential high even before into a unified whole, every household has to get interlinked Road.In the era of no glass material, between households and households using natural light patio, at the time of this design it is very reasonable, clever.The internal structure of columns, beams pack, beautifully engraved doors of the gate, contains the classical arts and culture.It is said that these Huizhou Architecture and Art Dabie old residential buildings together form a scale with a high body mass cultural value and historical research value. Frankly, I have little knowledge of antiquities, but I deep accumulation of these representatives of the long years, these old-fashioned feel appreciation for a stable, harmonious, lasting, quiet, peaceful.Into ancient houses, so I had a shuttle to produce in the long tunnel of time in feeling, brought back recollections of fleeting taste of conditions.My childhood is living in a double into the old house, a dozen families living together in the same clan, neighborhood get along, regardless of the good living conditions and poor, without distinction, not snobbish, respect each other, failing to help each other do not speak any condition, kind and sincere, harmonious, friendly, gentle feeling is still fresh.Later improved rural landscape, every household demolition dispersed build houses, those ancient houses slowly disappear, the feeling will slowly past alienated.Concrete structure covered with small buildings long history of imprinting, construction materials and it was replaced by reinforced concrete, although strong, but has no kind of rustic nature. Ancient residential buildings, but is a carrier of Chinese traditional culture, while Tsai farm ancient residential buildings hundreds of years of vicissitudes been well preserved, contains Tsai farm people from generation to generation, create and follow folk and world situation, it is a celebration of simple Traditional Culture.Now, with modern, rapid progress of urbanization, the rural living conditions greatly improved, people’s attitudes have changed, but I still thought we were in pursuit of a better life, not lose the traditional culture of our ancestors left behind.Nearly two-hour visit with a beautiful sigh with sadness emotions left, Tsai farm ancient villages, goodbye! Nie Xian Lin

You will be able to fly themselves and their

Child, animal husbandry, Wu very naughty days.Playing with his children, he did not eat a fist.Summer Feng Wan, near the school, only to find a job not done.Sixth grade elementary school summer vacation, my mother Wu Mutian sent to the countryside aunt, thinking away from the city, Wu-day animal husbandry, the convergence of the bar.Unexpectedly, a week later, Wu Mutian familiar with the new environment, unruly habit betrays the kids my age bruising.What a shame, a city people, not as a country baby.Neighbor aunt’s words, deeply touched him.From that moment, Wu Mutian secretly determined: resist the temptation, be a good boy.Have not had time to turn over a new leaf, aunt complain a phone, the Wu-day animal husbandry played back.This feeling of being swept out, let his little pride and frustration for a while.Back home, he is like a new man.In order to make a point like to confirm that they really can manage yourself, he went to cast a newspaper essay.This essay, he spent two days to write, has been amended six times.Two weeks later, a newspaper article was published, later was “excellent essay election” Selected.This made him the class actually a red.Resist the temptation, on its own is not enough, parents have to intervene where.One day, my mother asked him: animal husbandry day, do you want to be a general ah?When you want it, you have to be trained a little earlier.There is a military camp, I’ll go Baoge Ming, OK?What teenager does not want to be a general?Look visibly pleased to see his son, the mother said: military camp bitter, adhere to one week no problem?In this way, step by step, day, animal husbandry, Wu mother is deceived into a military camp.May come into the camp area less than half an hour, he wanted to escape, but was recaptured instructor, and finally he only accepted reality.He was deeply aware of: my mother did it not want me in a more favorable environment to grow up.What body missing, what gave up, so I gradually moving towards self-management.When the day was sent to Wu, animal husbandry science experiment class Lushan International Experimental School in a full score, the score suddenly suffered a late spring plummeting.The sudden drop in grades, a mother than the son is still anxious.To find ways to correct the child’s attitude towards learning.Son of a child to think of a small change in the country, my mother managed to touch on a Pingjiang outstanding results in a very poor family, but the students, let Wu go to their house, animal husbandry day experience life, to see how people are learning.In the students home, animal husbandry, Wu-day heart once again been a great shock: old house, eat well wear well, sleep well even sleep.Students not only learn, but also to do farm work, while never falling grades.Since then, Wu has become more hard days of animal husbandry.In 2012, Wu Mutian admitted to Purdue University Department of Physics, known as the mother of the American aerospace.Wu mother exclaimed: offer all kinds of forced worth coax, it is better to understand their own children!The best education is self-education, self-management is the best management!March 2013, Wu Mutian book “will be able to manage their fly”, which once again demonstrates the best management is self-management point of view.The book listed the second month before entering the 10 National Excellent bestseller list, and won the 2013 annual Bing Xin Children’s Book Award.You will be able to fly themselves and their!18-year-old Wu Ya, animal husbandry, Changsha manage their day, really let myself fly up.In an interview, he said: From hate being parents and teachers managed to gradually learn self-management, self-management and even fall in love in the process I realized the joy of growth.

Freezing point and boiling point

Some people like ice cold, because calm; but not close, but also because of the cool ice.Some people like the fire of fanaticism, because enthusiasm; more not close, or because the fanatical fire.In clear natural body, there is the boiling point and freezing point of the perfect combination.New Year’s Day each year, the school and the students always want to organize Youth League?Times a variety of activities, although busy, but very few new ideas.This year, the playground became an unprecedented price student booth, CD, tapes, books, games flying.3-day business, let us light a lot of pressure on the stock.When the fast end of the day, there is always a bespectacled boy to disappointing: a fast closing Taner, pack up and go back to school, come back next time.Who is he?We grade?Ah, the Communist Youth League.He’s kinda funny, every time when people are sullenly boom, strong Renzhao Xiao.It is clear then to my first impression.Since then, found graded teaching, I and his English in a class.Closing of Arts and placement, he assigned our class.Winter holiday, I interviewed Benson finalized, I ran to get clear.School, class teacher and then as a designated clear language class representative, eye-popping his appearance is typical of the type of science, is not genteel.Surprisingly, he was very competent representative of this class, often stunned language lesson.Two days ago, “Thunderstorm” in our class staged.He decorated ZHOU, wearing a dark blue robe, still wearing glasses, gestures reveals an old China capitalists gentleman gas.ZHOU dilemma, his look is wavering; his sullen when voice full of explosive.Curtain fell, waves of applause.He once said he liked Slam Dunk, bought a VCD.Yingmuhuadao Xipixiaolian like to say: I am a genius!I’ve seen them play basketball together.I belong to watch outsiders, but insiders say he was like a general technology.Lessons learned, and technology needs to be improved.There are a classic special physical education, we girls playing volleyball, the ball fly, side Picking a girl shouted: Yeah this is what Big Brother?!I followed her finger, see the rebound, a black youth, on the grounds of sitting cross-legged, holding a black book, a closer look: turned out to be high school physics Reading!It is clear then black youth.Basketball flying in front of him will be as nothing, this man frowning, still see with relish.I had to give him!A fierce woman can not help but sigh.Sleepless nights as he did bite physical nature fruitful.Not only the physical, the whole science are accomplished.Recently, he participated in the mathematics competition, all multiple-choice questions per FECT; aldehyde chemical talked about silver mirror reaction, demonstration test done after the teacher, looking for someone to do another one.In view of formaldehyde reputation is not very good, or for other reasons, under the silence.I come!Then, clear then strode podium, taking the tube, was added dropwise a solution, there might be a kind of mold.With a good solution, use your hand over the heat, to appear silver mirror.He stood there with a straight face, carefully clutching a test tube, after a while child, he let go, a layer of silver mirror appear in the test tube wall, the effect is even better than the teacher’s demonstration test.Under the laughter.Possible, above plot can occur in many people’s stories, so I want to tell someone to tell me the story of his winter vacation.I was about to send to send him across the North Star Mall thinking.I point to the card, from the overpass, did not see him, just relax, I would see a person in the bridge, head to the fast food outlet, from memory, then this person is cleared.Hi!Hello, you’re clear then it?Very tacky and very useful opening remarks, let’s go inside.To the second floor, a glass of Coke, a cup of lemon tea, conversation began, first chat.I noticed one of his clothes, from jackets to sweaters are all black; neither burly stature, nor weight loss; facial features nothing special, but quite angular face; speak a tepid, not wide not sound fine, but with a special tail.The question first, I ask the story of his junior high school.Intuitively, that he is not very smooth 3 years.I was in junior high school?In the.My elementary school graduation exam before the exam 177.5 points, mathematics 80 points on 93 languages.5 points.I just junior high school, the results quite times.Our school principal called the old war, is said to be veterans, we are very strict tube, do not wear uniforms rushed us on the playground shouting you do uniforms?!Wear to!I was in the second class, the teacher called Wang Jun, Yang and Wu is a group of the couple, then the two of us split classes, and engage in different levels of teaching pilot.After the sub is over, we learn together, and the atmosphere is better.Because the couple is taught Well, who then had to listen, both of which are class teacher, they have also very strict tube.The teacher told me to stay a fairly long time, they would teach me how to behave, rather than always telling me how to learn, talk to the teacher exchange feelings.At that time just out of school, in their words, it is one of the foul problems.They say a lot of things, I do not particularly acceptable, for example, quick exam, they always let us define the back, get a foundation.I think the problem is not going to do it on the line!The teacher may also capacity constraints it, academic performance has been stagnant.Wait until the first two days, come up academic performance.In any case, they help to me particularly large, or else not on?in.Junior high school, what do think is very handy, physics, chemistry competition I must take the first, did not run!The first two days, I took part in the HM group.A man named Sun Ming and I learned together, very good relations.The two of us together in the Science and Technology Museum of these people..Summer vacation, busy national game, do not go home every day, all day with the teacher work together, then take a train to Henan game.Because the model aircraft can not match in the city, in the vicinity of the airport, or where there is a large lawn, it is especially difficult conditions.That I took the gold medal, but also thanks to Sun Ming.We do aircraft ignition launch, the rocket and then fall off and let it glide in the air.Once flight, wind, fly the aircraft lost.That is what I do best aircraft, light aircraft several grams than others, or to see it fly lost.At that time he went to the wilderness, climbing room to find the aircraft, particularly miserable.Even helicopters were spent, still can not find.I had brought two aircraft, there is a bad fly.Sun Ming time did not participate in the competition, in order to help me, and lend me his plane took.That aircraft flying is not very good, the two of us working towards the same night, the next day flight, the third day of the tournament, did not expect success, but also quite easy.That felt everything without effort, really can not do it.If you are not experiencing difficulties, you do not let God into!Like on ‘day to drop any man also, we must first suffer their aspirations’, in particular those remarks justified.At the museum, our teacher turned out to be the national team, the day he learned to follow the model aircraft, learned a lot, but now is no time, and so can only be finished university in order to continue the.