Your “Goof” my “Money”

Zhao is ChangBanPo battle, the sky suddenly appeared a helicopter; Cao Cao, Guan Yu Red Horse gave him discovered the English number; when Liu Bei go to the league, went so far as to say after 1,000 years disintegrating fortunes of responsibility.The new TV series “Three Kingdoms” After the premiere, users immediately raised a lot of questions.To eliminate these flawed, director Gao Xixi before the second round of the broadcast, hesitate to spend eight million yuan for the play to be modified.Some people say that if the earlier invited Zhao Xue checks, these ridiculous mistakes will not appear on the lens!Zhao Xue who is?She engaged in a fresh, professional drinking coffee every day, watching the release of foreign TV drama yet, you can easily get more than 20,000 yuan monthly salary.She has a fashion career title correct passenger, dedicated to the production of finished films and television shows just prick, find out which Goofs.Zhao Xue child is like watching a movie, and later the family had VCD, and close to home there is a video store across the street, which made her ecstatic.Usually whenever rent some discs look.Once, while watching a large, Zhao Xue found something interesting: in ancient Greece on the battlefield, the two sides are fierce competition, a Boeing 747 aircraft suddenly appeared in the sky.Zhao Xue find it very interesting, simply to get his findings published online.I did not expect this Goofs caused a lot of people’s interest, we sometimes discussion going.Because look at movies and television are the main form of Zhao Xue spend my free time, and later she inadvertently put the focus on this area.You never know the full extent of things until you see them!Zhao Xue found that domestic films and TV series, there are a lot of hilarious Goofs.Even some so-called boutique blockbusters often some low-level errors, such as Datang general armored Executive Rui, immediately when the fight with the enemy, pants actually exposed the US Apple jeans.Fallen soldier beside a bottle of drink people can immediately see that it is Wong Lo Kat herbal tea!And friends to see such a scene full of loopholes, but also turned the music days.Since then, Zhao Xue find another error correction pleasure from watching movies!Later, a well-known Web site hosted a correction for film and television awards event.Zhao Xue Entries for the competition is very funny, in the TV series “Water Margin” Li Kui carries a bag of beef stride on the road, suddenly a paper package of meat is blown open corner, four characters eye-catching “Legal Daily”!This is a correction Zhao Xue to get her first prize, only 800 dollars in prize money, as well as honorary certificate bright red.In early 2008, Zhao Xue learned on the Internet, she accidentally engaged in such activities, called off correction in the United States, is a very fashionable career.Just as there are newspaper proofreading, factory quality inspector, the customer is correct in the film and television critic.They specifically looking for film and television work in the wrong lens, these were ignored directors, producers errors and vulnerabilities, mercilessly through networks and newspapers and other publicly available.In May 2008, Zhao Xue often hang around a website forum moderators suddenly found her, saying that domestically produced military just fixing piece, the film’s director noted the recent hot on the network movie Goofs posts, looking for people to himself the movie prick, avoiding the official release time, some mistake.Xiao Zhao went, she felt it was their own interest.At the same time the scene was also active in other forums finding fault pie.True to the scene, and director, the stars together, a lot of people have actually lost at the computer’s usually calm, he was anxious to look for stars at home sign pen, some stars, and a photo with.Probably too excited mood, after the movie starts playing, even showing signs of collective sharp eye crash.The only exception is Zhao Xue, after she arrived at the scene, he sat in the corner playing with his mobile phone.Until the beginning of the movie, be considered into the state.After a one and a half hour movie has finished playing, there is not even a middle man stopped.Proud of the extraordinary creative film, the director said: It seems that we are making this film was the most serious.The so-called Goof scene did not occur, we are over-cautious His words were interrupted Zhao Xue, her voice cold: rewind, 28 minutes and 10 seconds and 43 minutes 21 seconds.People’s Liberation Army experts female combat boots worn by 1980s last century, the Italian brand; the contents of confidential documents is “really miss you,” the lyrics; small warrior riding a white horse halfway turned into a maroon Finally, movie director Zhao Xue sincerely ask them to carefully check the movies!Hollywood Chinese drama criticism rougher quality, many of which are due to the fact the director is not caused serious.Zhao Xue example, there was a big star wearing a Swiss watch shooting costume martial arts film; anti-Japanese hero killed in the streets, behind the wall that says here is prohibited trash!And offenders fined chased!More shocking is concentrated in a series of 25, the Emperor defeated the Huns ambush in the sky to help the general Weiqing, came to a people by the Great Wall, hospitable owner called his wife as they made a pot of chili oil surface.The audience suddenly cried: you look, Emperor and ministers ate instant noodles!There’s a TV series about Yang, the external walls of the palace even a train roared past, we do not have a train Tang?The most dumbfounding is that in the CCTV version of “Swordsman” in the small junior sister apprentice stopped Yilin Linghu said: Linghu Brother, your name?Zhao Xue said, to find if the film was finished a few off the correct check, like this fool God completely avoidable lower Goof.Zhao Xue prick and harsh on the Internet is a name, which also contributed to the emergence of a new industry.Since the military part of that piece in person prick, under the director who introduced continue to have movies and TV group invited her to check and finding fault.Because finding fault involved in many aspects of professional knowledge, the spring of 2010, she gave birth to the idea of a team Zhao Xue do.Who later played a lot of advertising candidates.Later, after a rigorous screening, hundreds of experienced users in finding fault, only 20 people are hired.Zhao Xue built China’s first film studio Correction.

Love pig Xiaozha (a)

2013.01.232 013.01.252 013.02.05 I made a lot of people get the kind of magnificent myth or miracle admired like a dream.  City lights into a syrup.Mariposa flying into the rainbow.Dessert world into full bloom of fireworks.Cappuccino volcanic eruption.The ocean is someone tears collection.Everest mermaid sitting like a fairy-like Elegy, then blue sky crack collapse.  Life is not as spectacular miracle myth or dream, but the United States and more people aftertaste.The intersection of two parallel lines.You let me worry thousand thoughts can not find a reason to come we will meet, whether reasonable or whether unreasonable, yet we met; I can casually listed numerous reasons we do not love each other, but in the end we opt for falling in love.This is not common sense interpretation of the myth or miracle.  You have said, I am your miracle.And so on, you are my myth.Miracles and myths about the world is not a good fit who and who better than us right.  2013.01.232 013.01.242 013.01.25 I never thought a woman could really dressed so of earth, so good interpretation of what is a country girl.I never thought a woman’s eyes get really beautiful as the sun tranquil ocean.I never thought a woman could really pure smile like a child grow up.I never thought a woman really can not recognize the stranger confided half-day.Especially the last, far beyond my surprise, approximately 123,456.78 Jiu Gongli.  You like a generous collectors, cut open his heart for a very grand exhibition, the finished pieces on display the most valuable curiosities to play for visitors to enjoy.  The first time we met, sitting opposite your broken to himself his own story, every word seems to blur into the light rain in the scenery, feel a bit like a poem next to the ink, wrapped in a burnout, loneliness emotions.I also own a long bare their minds is magnum opus of the vicissitudes of a people, I know that you need one pair of ears to listen in silence, so I’m listening to you attentively.Speaking of sad, your eyes will glitter, blue light, but also pure than Lantian, too pure, I always consider themselves invulnerable, chest pain up some faint.So there is a moment, you can not help the tears fell down, my world from that moment he began to fall.The Great Wall, an impregnable fortress, are gone.  I think you like a noble Suzaku.Suzaku is one of the four sacred animal, sits south of Bird, also known as the Phoenix.Zhu is red, die or perish.Suzaku has a characteristic rise from the ashes, in the suffering and the pain she experienced the test of fire, perhaps you will ignore her presence, but she out of Nirvana when the flame from this world, she will be supreme attitude deeply impressed.Is that how you, the fire was waiting at a Suzaku Nirvana.You hold a similar utopian fantasy, to go to the pursuit of pure love.For this reason, your fire burning in general is more than hot, you suffered the torment and pain more deeply than others.But when you are born again successful, your feathers will be more dazzling than the midday summer sun, I believe that time, the world’s eyes will be focused to your body, to applause praise you to sing your verses, with flowers bless you.  The next few days we’re on the phone at night to talk to the stars are falling down, I can even see when asleep soft horizon at dawn.There is no dream that you do not remember, but I know, not until you rise from the ashes, bird Pro World, I have been impressed you, I willingly pay homage to you under the.  Yes, I love you.I just do not love you.  2013.01.262 013.02.05: 2013.02.06 very short time we were together, I never forget things there too, so often there will be a wrong impression: We are a couple in love seven years.To say, we go around the circle around the town, like satellites around the track around, walk for three hours.Another example, the first intimate contact with lips and teeth, and that makes me dizzy feeling, opened his eyes in time to see the city lights, as if melting into sky syrup.Also, for example, you across the Internet and sang me a song all night, you said you went out of tune can not explain, but I know that it is called the sound of nature.Etc., etc.  It is impressive to be a very ordinary little things, or after a period of time speaking you have forgotten, but it will always be like the most beautiful patterns imprinted in my heart wall.  That we walked to my friend’s house for dinner, after dinner eaten, you deft hands and feet packed dinner table, racing swept the living washing dishes.I gently hugged from behind you.If I do not say that you will not know at that moment in my mind the idea, because the idea, and in fact you do not have much time to contact.It just does not make sense to a eureka moment, I looked at the back of your washing dishes suddenly there is this idea: many years later, I came home from work, just take off your shoes, not enough time to say “I’m back” you already live live jump jump to flutter up, hanging on my neck, eyes blink blink, his face is child-like innocence and artless smile.  You say, “Honey, welcome home.”.


Sun power Ministry of Finance of glum sitting in a chair in a daze, what does worry: the original old manager because of age problems, had to retire, but for this age, he would also like to do a few strokes fishing.You know, this Finance Manager but bad fat, if this old head of a retirement, the child will be in, and not long after that first came to making a decision between high but experience and hard work of the king of empty themselves.  Want to sit back, kick off the king must be empty piece of a stumbling block, it seems he must find someone to talk to, to see if he would be willing to withdraw from the competition.  Li Xiu cafe, sun power for a look at just this man has stubble, spoke and said: I get straight down to it, you would be willing to withdraw from the competition.  You are too naive, right, who will do it.  Sun power Paizhuo the sky, the next person out of looked at each other, he realized his gaffe, then slowly sit back, side and said: You know, you’re just a rookie, I ruin you, easily, I do not give a toast to eat eat Monastic.  I can also make you not stay.  Why?Sun power sneered.With this.Sun power as dusty surface.It’s not in front of the other, but their corrupt books.Or do you obediently quit it, yes, do not forget to hit two hundred thousand Oh my account.Wang away empty Yangtianzhangxiao.Sun Daquan scared, if he went to report himself in jail, his family also rely on ourselves!If you have to go to jail, I’ll do first thing in the evening, about the power of Sun King Air to talk about fishing guanziling.Fishing guanziling name just a mountain road, bumpy.This mountain is the leading fishing township, fishing Township cliffs on three sides.This mountain only contact with the outside world.  The sky has to float the rain, I saw a man walking away, that is what the king of empty, sun power hiding in the bushes, and other empty king turned around, a stride rushed up, hands on his head stone is a hit, suddenly blood welling up, did not have time to say what he died, Sun notebook seized power, then dragged him to the grass, the rain is getting, Sun power made inquiries, and tonight there will be heavy rain, with rain, will certainly triggered landslides that time, then mysteriously the.  Sun power cold sweat straight out, because he had been too happy, forgot to look at the surrounding, then came Founder himself before a woman, after a closer look, SUN Da full breath, turned out to be blind, for insurance, good power flashed in front of her Huang, also with their feet on the ground, she went to the door without thinking, the result was stumbled to the ground, even the head Kepo, power see she did not see, hastily ran that night, did occur debris flows.  To the election day, because no king to empty, power will naturally get on the manager of the child.A few days later, I heard that CEOs fishing guanziling a rainstorm will be triggered landslides mudslides, and several colleagues will let power go to that study, ready to repair roads, planted gardens, against mudslides, one way to improve the self-image of the company.  Sunda Shu Although not want to go, but helpless, boss of life, had to listen to, after several days of road repairs.Road has been open for half, and into the village, up the face of a girl, which is none other than the girl that night, called Yao Li.But this time she is not blind, to say the twins, there is no reason, there are scars on her forehead.Power mess, he thought ah: the movie because there are some people caught committing crimes while pretending to outlaw blind muddle in the past, implying that he is installed.Power not think the thought simply lamb, kill him.That night, he sneaked into her house, did not turn on the lights, in the moonlight, saw her hands fumble, mouth cursed: also installed, I destroy you.Then dragged his body thrown down from the cliff.Later, I heard that power, Yao Li was suffering from night blindness, I realize I made a mistake.  Soon power was at home to count the money, knock incoming ears, open the door, actually the police, we suspect that you suspected one case, we ask you to go back to assist in the investigation.  Police Brother ah, you are God, you know how I killed the king of empty and Yao Li ah!Power splash kneeling on the ground.You said before that two cases of child fishing Ridge is your fault!Charan power, in fact they are suspected of corruption themselves, did not expect to go to a guilty conscience, confessed.

So ordinary happiness

Cook woman has just put into the pot, the man’s phone call came: wife, did not sleep?So ordinary happiness, contentment you do not, it was about hot dishes.Not hot, we go out to eat.Yeah all night.Put it down coat, I’ll wait for you.Man in tone stubborn and full of expectations, a woman can not bear refused, softly A: Good.Corridor silence, the woman just under half floor, I heard a man intentionally Qing Ke.Woman whispered: how on coming?Are you afraid of fear.Yuehua Jian has come near to men, two people hand down.The doors of the parlor, a red taxi was parked at the door.Sat in the car, the woman frowned: how not any lock the car ah?Man patted his head, said: Hey, just think you’re scared, anxious to pick you up.Wife, do not get angry ah, I could not even go out usually spit phlegm will cover the floor of the lock.Woman Puchi laughed: Do not loquacious, which most of the night to eat what food it?Kids are in elementary school, you want to save more money, mother in poor health, but also save some money, there are not afraid, let’s eat a bowl of noodles.By the way, do not say let you sleep for my own hot dishes on the line right?The man said, putting aside the direction of the woman’s’ll only easy way to eat cold.You work so hard every day, do not say much good to eat, always eat it warm.You ah man shook his head, his face was hanging spoiled satisfaction and happiness.Streets empty silence.People are really small, warm bed in it.The woman said, increasingly distressed men, repeatedly said: Do not out of the city at night, how much money does not work!Ah, I remember the.This has been asked countless, and every man should have affirmed and solemnly, he will try to give a woman a peace of mind!Seven Shui 8 rpm, the car stopped at a nearby noodle shop alley.Locked car, the gap between men and women have to stop the disorder from the front of the taxi through.Eat so many drivers face?Woman was surprised.Yes, this beef noodle specially Road side, not expensive.Once seated, forthright man to place up: the boss, to two bowls of beef noodles, a son tendons, a cauliflower, a beer, a bottle of Coke.Woman a little anxious: not to say that driving do not drink it?How so expensive dishes point?Men did not explain, just smile Oh front of the cup with a napkin and carefully wipe good woman.End wine, the wine man placed in front of a woman, put Coke in his face, smiled and said: I totally remember your words, wine is for you.I?Woman was surprised.Customers shop almost all men, some focusing instead eat, drink and talk about just pull some live, noodle shop only own one woman.Woman whispered: I am sorry in this drink it.What are they afraid ah.The man said to open a beer, filling the cup to a woman.Woman smiled, no longer a dispute, but also to the men pour cola.Beef noodles arrived, hot, tangy flavor.Incense!Like light woman.Ah, this is the secret of the soup to cook, I found a long time to find this.A man.Woman chopsticks to stir up a little face, said: taste can be really tempting, saliva must flow out.That fast food, delicious hot.Men eagerly looking woman, woman to face into the mouth, chew or two on just could not nod: Well authentic, tasty beef noodles in my hometown.Men seem to have been waiting for this, the woman had finished speaking, men relaxed against the back of a chair, fun exhales from the chest.You also eat ah, look at me doing silly.Woman hurried.Well, well, eat together.The man should, but does not move chopsticks, but took out his cell phone to see.A woman was about to ask, but suddenly excited face man stood up and said loudly: here man child, now is 11:00 midnight on the 24th 59 minutes, One minute is 25.No. 25 is a good day was my wife’s birthday, 30th birthday!Radio always say that women particularly valued 30-year-old’s birthday, in the hope that one day some special celebrations.I was a brother, had the home under the old and small, not to engage in big, to think with my wife to eat a bowl of longevity noodles taste of her hometown, the first time this point, the man stared at the woman, He said with deep feeling: wife, first time, wish you a happy birthday!Yanba, a man Yang Bo, drink it a cup of cola.Noodle shop where people first curious to listen, they will erupt in applause, he looked at a friendly woman.Woman’s fair face became red apple, children floating body became clouds.A 50-year-old brother Duanzhebeizi came and said to the woman: sister happy birthday!Subsequently, the man came to congratulate the whole, their hands, some holding a mug, some holding mineral water.The boss also to congratulate, announced tonight that the birthday noodles beef noodles can be made fresh, all free single.The car, the man asked softly: wife, happy you?Ah, a woman should quietly.Man while driving the pleasant humming “Happy Birthday”.Woman mouth Qing Yang, Yang Qi smile, a beautiful circle of ripples in the cheeks, Suri life full of heavy and tired cleared.At the moment, women feel that they are so light, joy and happiness.

If the dream

Winter, with rain still falling in the day, four cottages, the hustle and bustle of the streets, eyes closed, I deeply.    Listen, there is a vaguely voice, are like big waves wash the sand, see, dotted with shells on the beach, with the sky still flying seagull.    Hazy, I do not know I entered a dream, or am I awake in another world.  A boat walk on water, the water becomes very quiet.  Rewinding yellow leaves blowing in the wind residues, fall into the water as a mirror, lit thin ripple.  Boat walking, starting to get the slightest ripple, I wrapped a rain clothes, wore hats, insisted on a long pole, looked up at the distant landscape, far from the mountains, the water between the mountains and I, have a head golden leaves, then go up that blue sky, no clouds.  In this unique deserted my world, wash my soul in the clear lake.  Suddenly want to sing, I want to release cozy hearts.  Wind, from the song, with Fung Mo leaves, water and a half boat move.  I like singing, row boat on the way forward.    Silence is most likely to break, suddenly remembered the ringing of the phone, will I wake from another world.    I sleep over there, but here sober.  Out of the window, or the cold winter rain, or the hustle and bustle of words.

Liar game

Cousin divorced three years ago,.  She made a personal web page, put your own data into them, including better glamorous glamorous sexy pictures.High popularity website, reportedly it did not take long to reach hundreds of thousands Visitors.  Her busy enjoying themselves, the QQ head flashes, requiring entrants one after another, as if he suddenly became Snow White.After months of Ebb Tide, eventually locking the heart of Prince Charming.This is the person allegedly a lock industry in Zhejiang company executives, rich, the annual party in his early forties, orphans, retired naval officer, adoptive parents in Beijing, like to do charity, his wife died and so.  After making out on the network, and finally Prince Charming to come to Changsha to see the Snow White.Cousin abnormal excitement, ahead of a lot of preparation reception.First Musical dinner with a future colleague, a person must be gentle, decent conversation, generous, younger sister to make a lot of fight in front of colleagues face.  Cousin or to the audience, a phone, we had at home waiting for the VIP visit.First door greeting, hands carrying large bags, take off your shoes, then put himself in the shoes neatly on the shoe display extraordinary upbringing.Later I was with God and sky talk, talk about the history of entrepreneurial experience and management companies.My self-proclaimed eclectic, heaven and on earth, ancient and modern, macro and micro, dog, Wolf and humanity, as long as you like, I will fight.Walking eloquent, really eloquent, and talk to him there is a sense of sympathetic Brief Encounter, no wonder the younger sister fascinated ecstasy.Ask for a business card, failed, just look at him to bring enterprise data, they remember the name of the company.  Meet with Prince cousin to the county parents, scored high.  After all, just a liar is a liar, he is good flicker, you may also underestimate my IQ and EQ.You’re so big company CEOs, does not have any outstanding young local women make you crazy, do women around you’ll miss you this diamond bachelor, insisted through a network fabulous to Changsha to find that you had not the slightest connection origin and woman?I check in online, the company’s legal representative is simply not the gentleman.Call again, the company did not have this man.I put the results of the survey informed the parents and cousin, shocked parents, younger sister was vague, unwilling to believe.  Cousin parents regardless of age, together Sunday night and I went to a local police station.By half an hour to argue, finally agreed to the police station police.Three policemen and cousin came to our house to check on the grounds of Prince Charming temporarily permit cross-examination, I saw that the king made a sudden his face pale, flustered, and finally can not be justified, fled.  And so as soon as possible to inform the police station when the phone call two days, the original light proud attitude apologize requirements prince again.Three days later the Changsha Political Science Channel also report this fugitive, I saw on television the pictures of the prince, is a rich woman killer, designed to cheat rich woman color of money, just like Zhong Qing flower poisonous cousin, addicted dream too deep, long time did not return to God, I do not want to believe.

Fishing will swine

Life upper middle fakaofo Pacific will be fishing with wild boar, the locals call it fishing pig.It stands to reason pigs clumsy, to be flexible and comfortable in the water to catch fish is not easy, in the end it is how to catch fish it?    Originally, when fishing pig when hungry, it will be down to the shallow waters where lush plants, with long, sharp fangs swing to swing in the middle of aquatic plants, and pretty soon, there will be a number of plants with some debris volume was uprooted in the fangs, then looked up and went fishing pig quiet waters of the river branch branch, the head gently in water 25 cm deep, grass carp and other fish in the vicinity of the taste and smell of the grass roots of corruption the smell of the soil, it would gather over fishing pig mouth.Fishing breath each pig in about 1 minute time limit is exceeded, it will head gently lifted from the water, oxygen mouthpiece, head into the water and then gently.Because every time out of the action is light and slow, the fish almost not aware of changes in the surrounding environment, seeking only to fishing pig mouth of plants.When fishing pig’s head slowly out of the water, and some even jumped up to chase the fish bite wound on pig tusks of plants.So after a few into a few out, pig tusks gathered around a lot of fish, when the density is large enough, they concentrate the full force of swine fishing, bass looked up, there are always a few fish to be sharp fishing pig hunt teeth and body piercing string band on the fangs out of the water, then quickly landed fishing pig delicious meal.    Wild boar fishing, if you do not advance weeds wrapped around the fangs, ranging from fish to gather a certain density, it will not be successful fishing.And also in humans, to successfully get things done, need to have two hearts: one is careful, one is patience.

Self-righteous (prose)

Three cup writer said: “Everything a see through, passion will fade, but who knows whether it will see through the so-called self-righteous.The letter and the suspect, hot and cold, human life always on the same thing about cognitive swing varies, often only in the transition between an idea, “self-righteous” first source is “Zi self overthrow, overlapping coverage until acknowledge the universe disorderly life no solution.”Honor” chapter: “Where the self-righteous who must fight, but human-Definitely.”Reads:” Where the fighting who will be self-righteous, and to the man-made Definitely.Cheng is also already, people honest Definitely, it is the villain who has been a gentleman and also.Gentleman and the Villain phase to also damage the thief, to forget their lower body, within which affinity to forget, to forget the monarch, had it not Shen Yi zai!Who is also the so-called father of Ge to Fox also chop cow vector.”Vernacular translation roughly means this:” Almost all the people who love the battle, must have thought he was right, and the other is not correct.If she really is right, the other side is really wrong, then he is a gentleman, the other is a villain.With the virtues of a gentleman villain hurt to talk to each other, regardless of their reputation, relatives and friends do not consider the harm suffered, but do not consider the monarch, it’s not too much yet?This man, as they say is the same with Fox to stab the father of Ge cow dung is not worth it “real life, we can always have access to such people and things.Ordinary people “self-righteous” We can laugh, can also be used as a meal Chayu joke; and for public officials, especially some real power of leading cadres otherwise it on the.Not long ago, a city in Jiangsu put on a main road a few decades removed trees, sparked strong opposition from local people.Of course we propose is removed or the relevant authorities leadership, the original intention is to facilitate people travel problems, and do practical things for the people, how can the people will oppose it?The same is for the people to do practical things, a Beijing street, not in this spacious, non-motor vehicle lane road when another designated parking fee, although convenient parking of a motor vehicle, but riding a non-motorized trap people in danger, when when CCTV reporter went to interview, a street pushing five hundred twenty-six.This self-righteous, harm the interests of the people, the damage to the image of the government and the leaders of.    Come talk about the April 30 National Bureau of Statistics 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 2015 first quarter GDP data.Data show that a quarter of the country’s 15-year GDP was 14.0667 trillion yuan; and 31 provinces in the first quarter GDP is the sum of 14.3072 trillion yuan, 240.5 billion yuan more than the national total.(People) statistics clearly incompatible, fight.Well, the same statistical standards, the same statistics object, every year the statistics, every year “fighting”, in which part exactly is the problem?This is the administrations and leadership of local self-righteous.    As we all know, the situation of the local fiscal revenue, expenditure accurately reflect the situation of the local economy, people’s livelihood and development, national economic data for statistics, published and so have clearly defined.It stands to reason, the data should be the objective truth of the basic requirements, some local government departments, in order to create the illusion of prosperity, playing the numbers game, with gorgeous figure whitewash performance, data fraud is serious, completely disregard the laws and regulations set.    False revenue and other economic data, not just higher levels of government departments, the State, the people of deception, it is a reflection of individual leaders, “the official figures,” the idea of deformity and deviation of Populism, imagine the next, when economic data not to reflect reality, provide the basis for scientific decision-making, but to whitewash the official performance, the weight to be promoted when the political interpretation of the concept of so officials can serve the people wholeheartedly?In fact, this is not just self-righteous individual officials, but rather bottom-style fraud rampant, so statistical deviation from the original intention, and thus any spread of unhealthy tendencies, suffer must be the whole country, the people still the masses.    Xi put forward cadres greatly during the two sessions last year can not work this new concept of “willful,” I understand one of which means that we do not let the “self-righteous”.I think many of the country’s civil servants, especially leading cadres should take comprehend.Not because of his “wayward” so that a good thing into a bad thing; let their actions to cover up a bad thing; even do bad things do not even know how big consequences.    (Author: Jiangsu Yixing Zhao full) essays online in June 2015 (HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM) starting URL: HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / add / FIG..PHP?Aid = 284634

Muling river anglers

Memory, that is passing through the afternoon hours of Muling River, a river that saw angler, sitting calmly, a leisurely look, he saw a long rod with the ups and downs of the river, shift drift drift…    Muling river gushing, painstaking better tomorrow, washing her best days of suffering for thousands of years, ushered in a dawn of a life.  She is like a fairy valiant and heroic, flowing from the horizon from, leisurely away to the horizon, sing with joy joy, happiness beautiful wander.  Her magic is always the pursuit, never give up.  Day and night care of you, always in love with you, day and night care of you, miss you every second.  She was so quiet, so amazing, amazed.    Glowing red sunset sky reflected in the river, anglers and swayed one glorious, still a focus on the way, he did not catch gold, silver is not fishing, he was happy to catch a basket, a basket of happiness, a basket of health, a beautiful basket, give a loved one, so she did not cry, not hard, do not sigh, not frustrated.  Anglers that soft, delicate, bright, deep look, people may think Christine respectable, epic.  He is so elegant, so air, envy.    Muling River magpie like a beautiful girl, with graceful posture, slim, well-behaved flying.    Angler, you look like engraved in the sunset by the river Muling Muling River, you beautiful legend for thousands of years in the memory of the heart anglers.

Midnight the doorbell rang

Su Shan is a special police, investigators often during the night, came home late, you can come back no matter how late, his wife always small pieces to fall asleep until his safe return, since this habit to get married now, flash is three years.That day in the evening, small pieces and receive SMS husband: My dear, I have a mission tonight, you cheer up a person to eat.Go to bed earlier, do not wait for me.For three years, countless small pieces receive SMS like this, each received small pieces always replied: Yes, I wait for you to come back in his sleep.This time, when small pieces back to the message happens to be a friend to see the next, friends make fun of her, said: are an old married couple, and also how acid?Subparagraph smiled, said nothing.She knows that others can not know the danger when her husband faced heinous criminals, can not understand the role of this message to her husband.Late at night, when Su Shan quietly returned, still very small pieces to wake up on time.She poured a cup of tea together, Su Shan said: I am the footsteps of your sensitive, woke up to a.Su Shan was very puzzled, every home himself softly, but every time his wife would wake up, get up to give him a cup of tea, she does not sleep, or are there other reasons?Su Shan do not understand.Later, Su Shan found the secret: this night, no attendance Su Shan, stay at home, small pieces go to the hospital to see a sick friend, back when she heard the voice of the Soviet Union Hill struck the door with a key, at that time, on the bed at the same time making noises of Ding Dingding, Sushan Ming white, the original wife asked people placed a special doorbell, every time he came back, as long as a toggle key locks, the doorbell rang, his wife always knew back in time.Later still, as long as the Soviet Union mountains at night to go home, small pieces can always wake up in time.Su Shan repeatedly to persuade his wife not to wait for him, myself go to bed early, his wife smiled: Only you back, I can sleep better.Su Shan drinking hot tea to his wife fed, and my heart was touched.One night after approximately six months, small pieces went to see an old classmate from afar.She and her classmates not seen for years, knew what to talk to the middle of the night.Su Shan while lying in bed reading a book while waiting for his wife to come back.Waiting, waiting, Su Shan sleepy, anyway, I thought back to a wife that special doorbell will ring, there is no Qiangdajingshen their teeth, unwittingly fell asleep.Who would have thought that sleep until he woke up the next day, when Su Shan opened his eyes and found his wife with breakfast are ready, he ate breakfast, puzzled and asked: When did you last night back?How the doorbell did not ring ah?Subparagraph smiled and said: the doorbell Yeah, bad for months.Su Shan a shocked: Just the day before yesterday, Su Shanling more than two in the morning came back, took out the key locks wave, immediately woke up his wife.This time he considered really understand: even without the original doorbell, he returned home, his wife can wake up on time!