y is a lady with make arrangements.”Plum said..

  ”The old lady said, let Er Ye with two grandmother lived here tonight.”
  ”Oh, you know, and go on.”
  If in the past, Xiao Shi Lao Taijun with two arbitrarily call the shots, his yard ended up this way, Xiao Yu would certainly get angry, do not live here.
  He likes simple and elegant things like, do not like this bright red and green Chromic.
  Today, however, grandmother and mother of two people allowed to stand, but added he felt quite untimely.
  Because he has been with the temperature nine, it has no real line of the Duke of the ceremony.
  After leaving Yung City, almost every day, they are on their way.
  During the day the road to catch a day, finally, until the evening, you can cast shop or spend the night, already exhausted.
  Xiao Yu actually okay, after nine can warm wash, and his head upon the pillow, you can sleep.
  Such a situation, how the heart Xiao Yu, the temperat杭州夜网ure nine wake up from their sleep to do the kind of thing it?
  During the day, the bumps in the carriage, the guards were around there.
  Xiao Yu even wait any longer, we can not do anything to warm nine in the carriage.
  Moreover, Wen nine pairs that matter children, but also not the same as Xiao Yu, writings about to explode.
  In the end she is a woman, very reserved, moreover, did not like the man, there is a strong need.
  Therefore, the temperature nine have never volunteered anything.
  Xiao Yu also can not force her.
  One to two to go, a delay, returned to the capital.
  Say it, others will not believe.
  The couple reunite for so long, even children do not do that!
  If this thing spread out, let people know, and certainly some people will say he will not do that regard.
  As everyone knows, he has endured is simply si广州桑拿网ck to come Biechu.

in, because it is definitely not the character of Han Zhen doing things out, he would wonder if there is a trap in front of!

  Palace, Houfu are not inserted into staffing.Like hands in the back to the government on the way, then, unless it is determined can dispel evil, otherwise it will immediately lead to the city reinforcements did not say, once Han Zhen escape certain to be each other’s vigilance, and just adding to the risk of exposure, easily he could not ris北京风月网k the!
  So he has been waiting, waiting for the opportunity Han Zhen out of the city!
  Only outside the city, he not only can ambush as much manpower, and will not immediately lead to the city’s attention, they can be resolved as quickly as possible out of each other, mysteriously”
  Lectures villagers heard this uproarious laughter, some straight talking about the muddy words, “Do you want your spouse to give you wipe ah.”
  Sungui cents anger and smell of urine, call back, “I say, do not take the presence of wanderers led astray, all of them old fool, ought to be ashamed.”
  In addition to homework a few brothers and sisters, men and women are laughing, Lu Hongying finished the math, dedicated check the answers, she likes more than the language of mathematics, written in easy language, math error-prone, even if it will do questi广州桑拿网ons themselves are often considered wrong, plus as minus, multiplication, division counted as small errors often occur, Xue Huahua told her math homework done after careful examination, inspection times just fine.
  Check the last question, his eyes caught a glimpse of double sandals, straw sandals worn faster wear can n南宁桑拿ot wear, plush gooey shoes Bengzhuo is double Feet, toes throughout all the appearance of the outer sole, tightly close to the ground, the cold Fan Qing frozen ground color, nail color is not normal, is up tattered trousers, patch sewing split, exposing the inside of the lower leg.
  Cold days, the entire production team still wearing this, Lu Hongying frowned.

slope dodging the soldiers scared the jump, because they are the major general came out to greet them.

  Lei Jun went back to 广州桑拿网the first one’s own slopes, so that soldiers immediately notify the Union with military.
  Soon after, the open space between the two slopes to be cleaned out, set up a bonfire, rabbits, geese and other objects are skinned plucking, string together a barbecue, grilled grease dripping down, let the fire burn more wang.
  When the man arrived with Qiyang, see Lei Jun sitting on the other side with a major general,广州桑拿网 each took a leg in a rabbit eating.
  Qiyang at the moment the heart is saying MMP, do not know when to speak improper to speak.

  Chapter 734 languages talent?

  Later, neighbors explained that soldiers hunting a deer chase near the border, which caused misunderstanding.
  Regardless of whether it is really a misunderstanding, neighbors were explained and brought together prey bonfire barbecue, here they recognize one’s own interpretation of its neighbors, good-neighborly and friendly Well.
  After the two sides were escorted several gifts, of course, this gift is unofficial, but the border patrol soldiers spontaneous behavior, and no valuables, but the capture of the birds in the forest, benefits without costs.
  Relationship between the two in this test each other and change a little bit cautious exchanges take place, generally goo杭州桑拿d aspects to this development.
  Lei Jun due to the excellent performance in this operation has been praised, after the end of the week awards ceremony is called political commissar office training of the meal on the grounds that he committed a natural but as a commander on the front line of their own taboo.
  Of course, leaders who understand that if it is Lei Jun was on his own, for others to do with the other hit the surface, the two sides exchanged fire most likely, giving rise to a series of unpredictable events, the final conclusion is given to him in recognition, and afterwards let Zhou gave him political commissar throwing Po Liangshui, so after he flew waves.
  Lei Jun also understand his heart, so when

was finally found her teacher is an excellent foreign language talents, organized extracurricular translation tasks to her, although she’s well spoken, written translation, but there are still a lot we have not accurate, we need 广州桑拿网to find information, ask the teacher, now busy dancing, and even the upcoming Spring Festival Gala do not let her heart divided.

  Only in performances that night, I put down the book, they slipped Wen Yu Literature Department there, and the University of girlfriends enjoying the first Gala together.
  Han Xiaoyue programs that do not have much to look forward to, just wanted to Cougerenao, after all that sweet Water decades of the word loyalty dance she was impressed that the program of this age are boring stereotype.
  So after the program began, before we know wreck that he was not motivated Sweet Water misleading, no insight into a country bumpkin.
  Poetry readings at the party, singing, dancing, zither, lute, violin, erhu, Allegro, a small drum, it is colorful, dizzying, what better than the later of poor college party, 深圳桑拿网in addition to clothing, there is no arrangement of the stage was so gorgeous, the quality of programming meaning is even b北京夜网etter.
  In particular a handsome male students face was rubbed with monkey ass like, Han Xiaoyue names did not hear clearly, but his reading of “Young China, said,” read the passion, high morale, very rich contagious, He aroused everyone’s patriotism.
  The venue, whether students or teachers from the blood boiling, a lot of people to the later red eyes, stand up and read along.
  Even Han atmosphere Satsuki are infected have red eyes, feel surging.
  At this moment, she felt proud of the responsibility they first batch of students who shoulder.
  The party and the country needs them, the country’s f

“Han Xia staring straight out, a bit out of mind told roommates.Unconsciously, she pulled tight iron my own hands, the only way to bring a bit of give her a sense of security.

  She did not look back, but had heard someone sent a sobbi深圳桑拿网ng sound.
  In fact, Han Xia also very scared, that’s a zombie, they have a few people in line to see someone else put up pict深圳桑拿网ures zombie, grim and frightening.If you really want to face their own, even though she has abilities, Han Xia heart also some hair is true.
  ”Come on.”Give yourself a good mental construction, Han Xia gently breath, the first to go out.
  The corridor becomes quiet, in this case, from time to time the sound of chewing also become clear.
  ”God, how do I seem to hear the sound of someone eating something.”The most timid roommate Lisi this is some crazy quiet up in the first crash.
  Hole static, such as paused, turned pale, “I have heard.”
  ”Run.”Han Xia suddenly shouted, quickly pulled the already petrified Lisi ran to the stairs.
  A few people behind the mutation has been completely lost in the hands of zombie food, “ho ho” cried come to catch up with its new food.
  Han Shara went to the Lisi from the fourth floor to the南宁桑拿 third floor, just to continue to run down, suddenly I felt a breeze with decadent taste across to action faster than brain, Han Xia his own abilities wood gaze, go out and play in a wave of zombies who make two steps back.
  Subsequently Made, Han Xia and his face is pale.
  Followed by a zombie, stairs, where there are three zombies in their Duzhe.
  Han Xia, a little step back, originally thought to also save some abilities, it seems from the inside out to kill these zombies has been very good.
  ”Lisi you were back, behind the green zombies to you.”Han Xia said, while the combination of diffe

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This is already beyond the boundaries of interpersonal first meeting, but the two men are talking did not seem to notice.

  Dong Jianan look, and turned red Shen Yung wink, with a lip, said: “The girl you introduce good ah, this is obviously Hang Bo spotted.”
  Hang Bo enthusiasm on the considered response, Shen Yung relief.She did that深圳桑拿网 one thousand white flowers, light snow in the general population is absolutely dazzling presence, and this beautiful girl, most men could hold.This does not even always enigmatic Hang Bo also caught, and see beautiful girls move without opening the eyes.
  Next, he will certainly be a good girlfriend to pursue, which also concern themselves with Dongjian An Xianxin broken things ah.This variable did not, she can concentrate on dealing with the Dong Jianan.
  Shen Yung quietly in their hearts for himself made a point of praise.
  Drink half a pot of tea, Hang Bo and snow has chatted up, from the technical to the artistic chat, talk.
  At first need to Shen Yong Dong Jianan buffer, Sparks, but now she felt Yung Shen and Dong Jianan like excess.
  Chahe more on the go to the bathroom, Shen Yung stood up, took the package, said: “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  She calculated that she go to the bathroom linger for ten minutes, it is estimated that it had enough tea, then she can take Dong Jianan perfect exit, and the future no longer have to deal with the Hang Bo A man of.
  The restaurant’s restroom in this layer, Shen Yung into the time people do not have a.She leaned against the wall, took out his cell phone, playing games to kill time.
  To苏州夜网day she’s good luck seems to burst, have won three in a row, happy to have Shen Yung blow the whistle.
  ”you are happy?”Suddenly, a deep voice brushed her ears.
  Shen Yung shocked, quickly turned, one saw Hang Bo stood behind him, his arm supported at the top of her head, looked condescending, it looks like, like, like her lap in his arms.
  Shen Yung was out of his mind the idea shocked.She quickly moved two steps to the side, with the distance of Hang Bo, Samsam smiled: “how do you come?Thi

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d and erect, he found the room Ruanta, obscure shadows, as if sitting in a vague voice.

  Meteors heart was in his throat: “little lady?”
  ”Ok.”Jiang Rou should be the sound.
  Meteors quickly lit candle, bright moment came, repel the darkness, only to see her couch si杭州桑拿tting in a white dress girl.
  The little girl seemed to have been waiting for a long time, barefoot, black hair hanging sof北京桑拿tly behind her hand, carrying a teapot.
  Rou Jiang shook teapot: “I am thirsty middle of the night, it will come to you no water to drink.”
  Meteors did not dare to the effect, she took the teapot ginger Rou hands, with fingertips touching, just touch her cold hands.
  ”You wait a long time yet?”She asked cautiously.
  Almond-eyed girl black and white, look to when water Wet, very soft.
  She shook her head: “also did not take long.”
  Meteors quickly took the teapot his room, poured a warm ginger tea and handed Rou.
  Rou drank ginger breath, it seems the thirst.
  She rubbed at corners of the mouth, barefoot jumping to stay: “I go back to sleep, you have early rest.”
  Meteors fingers trembling, she did not know ginger Rou you will not see anything, tunnel: “I send little lady back.”
  Jiang Rou never refused, until she retur深圳桑拿网ned to the room and lay back in a warm blanket, still he muttered: “Meteors, hard some of you, help me to see the talent of tomorrow fighting Yan wear costumes and craniofacial there is no mistake, I’m worried.”
  Meteors face is no different, she returned ginger Rou tucking: “Rest assured, I went to count properly and then rest.”
  Ruannuo waxy little girl to be the sound, and then turned over to self-indent warm bedding inside, close their eyes to sleep.
  Meteors and sat at the edge of the bed will determine ginger Rou really asleep, she got up, took a thin poin

do it.

  So no matter how Sumi aversion to these battles, she will not say things that make it close hand by mistake, not to continue such a mess gibberish.
  ”Voice down children, do not let others hear, like how to, like, I’m not unhappy, I was happy to go again, I was thinking about tonight are going and staple side dish, think of the God, you will feel I feel like my heart is not happy, in fact, where the Well深圳桑拿网.”
  Sumi did not want to Zhang Yuyu unhappy, so listen to Zhang Yuyu said, immediately denied.
  ”Do not lie to me, you sawed I still do not know ye?I have just come in that would be the child you are really happy, you have eyes with a smile, you look like you are now Shaa?His face is a smile too, I see your heart like a very awkward too.You and I can not say what’s?It is not mess with you my brother?Oh, you tell me.!Otherwi都市夜网se I walk around this long period of still misses.”Zhang Yuyu convinced that he is not mistaken, she pestered Sumi must in the final analysis how, even in the hands of manual labor have stopped, so helplessly watching Sumi.
  Look at her like this, Sumi if it does not say one two three, then is how are not run.
  Sumi helpless sighed, looked at the dragon engine side, we do not know if he say something to let Zhang Yuyu satisfied, it is estimated will be a large movement of the child they have over here by mistake.
  ”You sound a small point, I told you it wants.”Sumi leaned Zhang Yuyu, whispered and even lower.
  Zhang Yuyu heard that, but also do not agree?Quickly nodded and said yes.
  ”Did not you say these days you have a heavy snow?Road closures will not say it?”Sumi bring this mood is not good, sound is also very low.Now yea深圳蒲友论坛rs have passed, logically, it should not be snow right?In lijiacun, this season should be going to rain fishes ah.

  ☆, nine hundred and fortieth chapters: bacteria soup pot bottom

  ”Yes ah, year after year like this, loud noise?”Zhang Yuyu looked puzzled Sumi, without snow, road closures and closure does not have a sister, so what’s the relationship ah?
  But also because this thing is not willing ye?
  ”Hey…Long e