Wang Xiangqin deep thought, she had just pull over hatred seems to be forcibly transferred.

  As for Winchester.
  Gas puffer.
  I had wanted to slow a slow, and is such a stimulus, Wen went back the next day her parents.
  Of course, shoving a cabbage is indispensable, it is also thanks to the diligent Jiro, his wife was busy things Taner snacks, vegetable plots of job he would have wrapped round, or else Wen’s maybe really have to go empty-handed it back home.But, even if she brought a gift, or be a mockery.
  Wen’s Tangsao standing kitchen door of the house she looked up and down for a while, laugh loudly: “Everybody says that the village of Xiushui old Zhu made a fortune, but also the income to buy rice but also buy piglets, also asking everyone that did not sell cattle.Why some people苏州夜网 would be so stingy it?Carry pieces back home dish?Oh, you are right to come and collect eggs?To carry pieces of vegetables, take fifty eggs go, this sale gnaw on it so cost-effective?”
  So some words down, not only Wen’s face burst blue burst of white, and it gets some embarrassing her mother have a child face.Moment, her mother owned the whole a good egg Mangjiang gave Wen, let her get going, even saliva did not call her to drink.
  Originally, Wen would like to ask knack eggs hatch, but this stall, she also refused, thinking she raised myself so many years of chicken, then bad Xiushui village there are many chicken veteran, turned around and asked them to become.Just so she hurried to, and hurried away, but for fear of eggs in the basket to knock the bad, she can get home in time for the morning half.
  Of course, the final isothermal’s return to the village when Xiushui, or approaching the noon.Went into the village, Wen’s just heard a familiar bawl.
  Jiro wife BS-ing again, this time even more severe than the head twice, thieves steal food directly curse son did not □□, daughter did navel, also screaming screaming like: “So you are a thief stole child!Head sore foot discharging the dirty tricks stuff!Do not call me caught!Back to the pit where you press a manure filling your stomach!!”
  In fact, spring has begun, the village most people are busy with work in the fields of it, so this time, unlike the top two back like that, there are countless people to watch.But even so, still I feel that Wen’s face was burning pain, think about yesterday evening by two guys younger brother’s wife has hate in his face and back home again Tangsao oblique accusations of a pass, let alone eat food, and even saliva I did not ask her to drink.Finally back to the village, and.
  ”I would rather it’s you doing?Is not it a dish?This time you have a job to do what is not good, as the to and fro of the curse it?Really the more money the more stingy!”Wen’s a did not hold back, straight forward to stop the people.
  Sao stop condemning, suspicion directed at Wen’s something looked good.
  If this is true for doing heart of man, certainly not afraid of.The problem is that she already Wen’s conduct is not correct, irritated at the moment: “How come you also beers?Listen to criticize is what we call you old Zhu face to disgrace!Is not it a dish?”
  The word went out, Yisow more skeptical: “I just said 苏州夜网to a dish?Why do not I remember it.”

  Mao, deputy commanding surprising authentic: “Fear is the little emperor of punishment, he would like to engage in these!”Mao could not understand deputy commanding emperor cruel act, simply quit personnel, but in the end has supreme Emperor Jia Andi identity, the general mean as long as he stayed Anfen palace, other random as possible, so even then disgust the emperor’s vicious brutality, they can only be indifferent, it will not intervene where!

  Han Zhen had been expected, but the words of Mao, deputy commanding confirmed his guess from.
  In fact, around the Emperor and Empress have a dedicated team responsible for monitoring their every move from Yongning Hou trusted confidant to perform, as long as no exceptions once in January they would report it, the emperor is not the behavior of the rest of their range of reports Inside!
  The Han Zhen took over the imperial guards of time, or too short, too many things involved his mind, but also attend to Jia Andi things around!
  He knew Jia Andi Palace would abuse people, but do not know if this is inhuman practice, is simply not the people!
  ”Command, how do they?”Mao, deputy commanding looked embarrassed rescued out of the house a few people.
  Han Zhen took a deep breath: “The first wounded, to look at is where they went, according to the house rules processing!”
  In fact the palace is the most do not speak the local rules, because he is the emperor is the supreme rule, as long as he wants you to die even if you are right also Feisibuke!Han Zhen say, in essence, dignity offended Jia Andi.
  But Mao, deputy commanding shrugged, who cares?The reason why flies so miserable Palace, which is also the reason Yongning Hou left南宁夜网 unchecked, those who humble ordinary paternity look in the eyes of the dead died chant!
  Han Zhen since now want to intervene, they would not disobey, rescued several people, how the hell?
  Shi Zhen Han looked at those people kneeling on the ground very weak, eyes desperate, even if escaped death there is no trace of happy expression, as if their fate-like, does not seem to think they can really alive!
  Han Zhen did not go on tour again, but returns office space, access to the information he got the number of the palace eunuchs ladies, in particular, serveJia Andi’s Palace people, they found that the frequency of the number of supplementary frighteningly high.Almost every few days will disappear batch, and Internal Affairs will promptly send new house people!
  About the disappearance of people, whether it is a simple roll 苏州夜网face of weak serve, simply circle behind a ‘dead’ word, whether it was killed, killed, or feed the beast, through a common word summarizes everything!
  Han Zhen shut dossier, complex eyes, he can not imagine how many there are blood and tears of sorrow, how many more people can not see the dark!Even in this era of knowledge distinct class, the host who did not take human life seriously, it is still felt unable to accept!
  Li Lan cursory turn again to the staggering death toll, Jia Andi really will toss ah!
  ”You want how do?”Han Zhen Li Lan is now a grown up, will know Han Zhen problems – good heart, this is not the heart of the!He turned from his brow, “after all, it is the emperor.!”Not afraid to say, but in the end some sensitive!
  Han Zhen extensor stroking a thick dossier, whispered: “Can not let him kill!”
  Li Lan frown: “Do you think it over, he is still the emperor, if you do something immediately there is a bunch of pedantic courtiers came Waichan forever.”Indispensable to the crown on charges of disrespect to the emperor defiant, especially now that special moment I do not know how many pairs of eyes watching both inside and outside the palace, fell off the eyes of the inevitable trouble!

  Ling a frowned, staring across the floor and fell rotten peaches, turned to look at the side of the shed to watch.

  Second floor front cross bar only to see the studio wearing a dark blue silk stand up straight Duo middle-aged – when the Korean Grand Secretary Wang Yongkang, before tumbling out to watch young men and women, which has long been IIC to look back to the shed.
  Ling is not in the eyes of a Wang Yongkang and pause, he looked directly over a week before the matter lightly cross bar on the third floor, and knelt beside him scared Huarong pale gorgeous woman.
  ”That woman is the rush you hit peaches?”Only one will understand a thing Ling after.
  Tong Meng nod, a look of aggrieved Ling with a complain, “I followed Xugong Gong came here, I heard on top of a few women mentioned my title, said I was the mud foots, it stinks like of.
  Angry I looked in the past, we see that vicious woman stared at me, and then she took a bite of peach to hit me over the.”
  Ling looked up at the third floor of a shed before the week to see what light, cold and said: “Happy Royal Highness, how do you say?”
  Zhou pick things gently smiled, glanced at the interest quite Meng Tong, Ling before the eyes fell upon a slow strip wire management, said: “Ling generals, the king’s concubine hand sliding moment, only let peaches fell out, who knows what could a coincidence, but also almost hit people.”
  ”Since Royal Highness will be easier to recognize the.”Ling simply a matter of weeks things lightly defended straightforward nod, waiting at the side of Chong Wei Kingo waved and said,” Come on, a few people up, to dare to assassinate the princess woman took, drag chop.”
  ”I do not want to die, help princes, princes save undefined status ah.”Kneeling in the week things lighter feet of gorgeous woman heard that, scared immediately hugged week things lighter legs cried.
  Kingo guard of soldiers not care Happy king’s concubine howl do not howl, they got the order, the number of people out immediately, the husband starts to see shed three rushed.
  On the second floor of the shed to see Ling Wang Yongkang see eleven people want to say is out of the chop, can not help but sink his face, said: “Ling generals, even if this woman is suspected of murdering Princess, also referred to the supreme court investigating you must open the people out of the chop, too trifling matter whether the?”
  Ling Wang Yongkang a look not only cold and on the third floor of weeks things light on the TV, while replied: “Wang adults, princes concubine hand if really slippery, she fell into the hands of the king peach adults only look shed, without grief at his feet hit the Princess.So obvious stab in the back move, do not immediately cut what needs investigating?”
  Meng Tong Ling pretending to ask a naive, “Wang adults feel supreme court could there who are too busy, and they wanted to find something to do it?”
  Surrounded by silence, whether it is around the stands, or the promise of a large examination room where all the students, almost everyone held their breath, quietly watching developments.
  Meng Tong Ling said that asking a, that may not sound small, meaning a run is much too obvious, obvious Wang Yongkang want to pretend not to hear the line.

  ☆, 514 hit to you

  ”When the officer told the supreme court of the people are too busy, then the?Bereavement Prin南宁夜网cess must not misinterpret the meaning of this officer.”It’s a large crowd from beneath, Wang Yongkang also not neglect befitting road,” the officer just told Ling general law in the land, family rules, this woman even wanted to stab in the back princess, also referred to the supreme court after investigating re-judgment, not by General Ling said the killing to kill.”
  Kingo Wei four soldiers rushed to the shed to see three, red light a week thing Bao Quan said: “Royal Highness, I’ll wait for ordered warrant assassin, please princes Xinggefangpian, they must do to stop me and other poor.”

  ”Traditional illnesses?”Wen nine was the first time I heard, what Xiao Yu traditional illnesses.

  Look at his body looks so strong, how does what traditional illnesses?
  Moreover, before Xiao Yu Wen also gave nine pulse and made him except trauma, the body good, where there will be what traditional illnesses?
  Seeing the warm nine still hesitated, Addo wished he could have stepped forward, pulled her into the ho南宁夜网use to go to a doctor Xiao Yu.
  But now the land of the beam to make such a move in rude, not good Addo.
  See Lu Liang Wen nine refused to move, nor by the said: “The Jiuniang, so will we two have anything to say, or Xiao Marshal’s condition important.”
  Wen Lu Liang nine looked, I thought, she was offended things Xiao Yu, Lu Liang told if he would react it?
  Will be like this, I hurried themselves to Xiao Yu to see a doctor right?
  Of course, the temperature Nine is not have told Xiao Yu Ke or temperature, as well as any other person.
  First of all, she is only worried Xiao Yu to start, although it is to be eaten tofu, offended, may in the final analysis, after all, is not a big thing, not a moral guardian warm nine or chaste woman martyr, she was just angry Xiao Yu do not respect women, straight male cancer, as well, did not apo苏州夜网logize to her.
  So warm nine will not get this thing big, big trouble because no one’s interest.
  Xiao Yu Xiao Jiajun is Marshal, Xiao Houfu people, great power, still warm Ke boss, temperature determines the survival of Ke, if the warm nine because this small, things blow up, to produce his brother bad influence, she will regret not cope in this life.
  There also could have dire consequences lujia unpredictable.
  So Wenjiu Gang Westinghouse was out of the moment, he decided to turn this thing children the papers children.
  But even if it is turned articles child, and she did not want to re-close the Xiao Yu.
  ”Ake Sister, please!.”Addo in the side, almost nine knelt down to warm up.
  This raised the temperature nine feet, walked toward Westinghouse.
  Lu Liang and Addo, also quickly followed behind nine temperature.
  Wen ninety-one entered the room, he was startled by the scene before.
  That should have been lying motionless sidelined Xiao Yu, at the moment even the kang roll children!
  Issued his mouth growl bouts of pain not down, it is like a dying beast.
  Wen noted that nine of his chest bandage, has begun oozing out.
  This shows that he has now put the body being wound healing, and all open stretch.
  ”What also stunned, quickly hold him, not let him to tamper with!”
  Nine outburst warm, wood, A star Addo, as well as temperature Ke, who were both rushed Xiao Yu to hold down the Shangkang.
  Wen also rushed nine Shangkang, Xiao Yu to put the clock.
  ”strange.”Read the latest chapter please pay attention to micro signal: rdww444

  499 headache


  Wen nine intend wanted, taking advantage of the awkward mess outside, she entered the room where his surgery.
  She disappeared out of thin air in this room, then wait a while after Laurie entered the room and found nine temperature is not here, is bound to feel the Palace Brothers nap on the outside, and did not see the temperature is maintained nine brothers is the Palace of dereliction of duty.
  Wen nine have this thing between surgery, in addition to Xiao Yu and Yun Chul Yun Kun et al., There is no one else knows.
  So even if Laurie clever, Xiangponaodai, he would never have thought, there is such a warm nine ace killer, in the hands upon her.
  As long as Laurie identified, is not optimistic about the palace brothers temperature Nine, let warm nine fled the place, then the next thing will be easier, Laurie will certainly make people go out looking for traces of warm nine.
  Until that time, the temperature will be nine out of the operating room, the guard this time, this place also has fewer people, Wen nine have the opportunity to leave the country.
  Entry method to avoid enemy operating room is a good use, before the temperature nine also used in Rongcheng, and successfully deceived the Palace Brothers.
  Today, listening to Laurie and brothers outside the palace noisy sound, temperature and nine think this is an opportunity, one that allows her to escape out of the opportunity.
  Wen nine going into the operating room where her mind this time has cropped up another idea to.
  No, she can not leave here yet.
  Wen nine thought for a moment, and then she felt was to stay here for a while, she had to test the attitude Jie Song, Song Jie before the event she is convinced that some theory, then, if he gave up the revenge plan, the problem is not easy to solve it is better?
  She was the first to test the attitude of today’s Song Jie, Song Jie before if the attitude is still as great as ever, still want revenge, then by the time the temperature nine and then thinking about escape is possible, after all, her escape way is to have thought and what time limit does not need to, as long as the quasi-coincidence of a chance you can, but also plenty of opportunities for the future.
  Such a thought to warm nine sigh of relief, she thought anyway, will be met or Song Jie Luo Li, her attitude had changed for the better, so afraid they’d locked himself in a no way out place, just let her stay in this room, so when she needs him and so there is a way out of here.
  Just when the temperature nine want this thing, Laurie has been out of the palace bro杭州夜网论坛thers struggle, came in from outside.
  ”Wen girl, my master woke up, would you look at his body in the past have nothing bad situation.”Because it is something beg temperature Nine, so Laurie warm attitude of nine fairly polite.
  Wen nine did not say anything, nodded his head, obedient out the door of the room.
  Under the guidance of Romanian forces, soon came to the Song Jie bedroom.
  Song Jie This moment has been cast back from the shock, he remembered his conversation before and temperature Nine, nine temperature happens at this time the door came, Song Jie alert look to the temperature nine hands, clenched bed quilt.
  See this expression Song Jie, Wen nine could not help but frown, I came up with some of the sense of foreboding.
  But her face was calm, she paused for a moment at the door, until Laurie called her, she continued to walk forward, to the bedside Song Jie.

  Then they indignant and said: “this kind of thing without telling you what to do, so if something went wrong, you let Mian Mian.”

  I feel unlucky, quickly shut up: “In short, you quickly put you what happened this time, make it clear that it makes it easier to solve the poison in your body.”
  Even Feng eyes changed, eyebrows instantly tighten up.
  Jiang Mian Interpol has been looking at the father, seeing this, the hearts of a move, Interpol father’s demeanor, is clearly aware of their own in the insanity.
  ”father.”Jiang Mian sitting by the bed, holding his arm,” What happened in the end?Who is poison for you in?”
  ”Qi Shushu solution will be insanity, but he needs to know what you are poison 南宁夜网to the solution for you.”
  Even Feng pupil sudden contraction, after a moment, he touched her hair supple, hesitation: “Mian Mian, you’re not afraid?”
  ”afraid.”Jiang Mian her head on his shoulder, whispered,” I’m afraid my father accident, you will not see a father.”
  Interpol father Chen Sheng said: “Sorry, scare you.”
  ”As long as my father get better.”Jiang Mian shook his head, with a sort of blame,” Dad, I know you do not want me to worry, so without telling me hurt things, this also forget.As long as the possessor of injury, always keep a good, the poison can be such a thing, how can you have been telling it.”
  Even Feng paused: “This kind of thing, even say it, and few people will believe.”
  So he was not at all mention.
  ”I believe ah, my father also left a letter.”Jiang Mian looked at him,” If it were not just found in the Qi Shushu, Dad, are you going to do has been concealed from us?”
  Feng did not even speak, after a while, he said: “I did the insanity, that I asked people on my next.”
  The answer beyond expectations ginger sleep, she frowned up.
  Fearless father pinched fingers, and even want to make the math front, the brain is not what’s wrong, hey will please others at their own insanity.
  By now, even the front know, if something is not clear, his insanity solution can not – can answer insanity, he is naturally hope.
  But it involves an undercover mission he was executed, he thought, and even had a brief front will say things through.
  The drug trade has been cleaned is not clean, in many cases, cleared her a small dens, and before long, there will be new dens appear.
  As perpetrators, every day there are different crime.
  Even Feng stare from drug lords have no bell stare for three years, but could not find significant evidence.
  Bell’s wh北京风月会所ereabouts is extremely free from hidden, you want to find him, you have to first find his hiding place, so as to be close to him.

  Evening dinner, just drunk men approached, began to stand on the table bacchanal.

  Typically not get you, I will des杭州桑拿洗浴troy you.
  ”But she is the illegitimate daughter!What can Joe!”
  ”Su is now empty shells, I’d like to see, what means something to her foothold!”
  The air full of loud, attracted the most viewers.
  Eat melon look different masses, most or gloat, sit on the sidelines type.
  As well as the suicidal type.
  ”Squeak” sound, the door is opened, the first to come out of a man dressed in a black suit.
  Look sharp knife, with an elan casual.
  Behind him is a beautiful physique Jiaoruan.
  Quiet and picturesque, such as fog light.
  It is equipped with antique Zhaizi eyes looked, felt himself crossed.
  Drink horse urine of men accosted oversized guts, is not counseling.
  He held his hand red bottle smashed in the past.
  The man suddenly reached out his arms to hug the Soviet Union rain.
  ”Popping” sound, red wine bottles broken.
  Fine pieces burst open, eat melon masses have run away screaming.
  Lu horizontal raised his face, at the end of eye was cut open a hole.
  There are blood spread.
  He was raising his hand, touched the wound, pulp Department has bright red blood.
  Men accosted still talk nonsense, foul-mouthed.
  Lu cross took off his suit, hooded Su rain, then heels, and walked over to the man accosted.

  Jiang Mian anxious to make this, presumably not a small thing, put forward after help was rejected, the ginger to sleep, he left a “need to call for help,” no clear-cut left.

  Jiang Mian took a deep breath, entered the cell floor, which would like to do like an elevator with her, displayed the highest floor, looked at her without hesitation toward the stairwell.
  She referred to the fastest speed, breath ran up, into the purpose of the screen to let Jiang Mian eyelids hop – Qi Yan book strangling his neck Silver Fox will put up.
  ”Qi Shushu!”Jiang Mian shouted a voice.
  Bang, Silver Fox fell to the ground, his coughing, intermittent say a word: “You.Do not come back.I finished.”
  He turned to lie, long sigh of relief: finally back.
  ”Qi Shushu?”Qi Yan eyes to see strong book about overflow of blood, Jiang Mian hearts of a lag, to test out loud.
  Scarlet eyes of Qi Yan book Immediately the disappearance of clean, he looked Jiang Mian, pull lip smile, ranging from ginger sleep talking, he suddenly came up, a ginger sleep in my arms.
  He used a lot of force, as if holding a baby regained, tight like you want to incorporate her into his flesh, ginger sleep to struggle, but Yan Qi unusual book she restrained.
  ”Qi Shushu.”She lowered voice, hands on waist Qi Yan book, conciliatory pat.
  ”you are still alive.”Ears a Dinan, the next second, buckle at the waist forces disappear, suddenly the weight of the pressure of Jiang Mian took a step backward.
  ”He had not slept for a week, and should be tired asleep.”Silver Fox haunt voice sounded, with dull.
  Jiang Mian let Qi Yan silver fox leaning on books, she opened the door, a silver fox, rub the long jump, mad shake his head: “You unlock password to me, I came to the door.”
  Jiang Mian is also ignorant head, forget this crop, field day, managed to get into the book Yan Qi in the room, lying in bed off.
  She checked the book Qi Yan, indeed, as the Silver Fox said, the book is only limited Qi Yan into slumber, but his previous abnormal –
  ”There will be a beginning of better times in the forbidden, then he knows it is wrong, just say want to see you, good to see you will.Mention your name, he will stabilize for a while.”Silver Fox Yan Qi a few words the situation described in the book,” Left master, that is, your father said it was the curse of power remaining in his body mischief.”
  Jiang Mian mind some chaos, Fearless heard the name of the father, pinched eyebrows: “My dad does?”
  Silver Fox: “Master nothing left, he and Ji Hyun Masters in Hospital.”
  ”hospital?!”Jiang Mian voice rose eight Baidu, shock of silver fox smile,” is really all right, they lack some nutrients in the off-limits, the Qi Yan book to send them t广州桑拿网o the hospital nutritional supplements.”
  He put the phone charging power on, a small point video, Fearless father lying in bed, eyes closed sleeping.
  ”When you came out of the forbidden?”

  My heart could not help a bit disappointed, he knows his mind on Paul Chun still some sensation, but since Paul Chun reluctant, he do not want to force her.

  So Han Yu cloud is free and easy smiles, “Abhay say what I want to make them, we do not like about people too.”
  Maybe someday we spotted each other the eye of it, but this sentence Yu Han Yun did not say it, but hidden in the heart.
  Paul Chun also had to worry about their new place will not sleep, who knows Tang Chuangshang not long nap,.
  Lying beside a US Kinds, Han Yu cloud nature is no way to easily fall asleep, a person to sleep for so many years, suddenly around individuals total some not used.
  Lamp lights are not bright, but because of recent, Han Yu cloud can still clearly see the facial features Paul Chun.
  Paul Chun asleep like a very gentle, Han Yu cloud just feel a little warmth shares have hit, and this is his future wife the.
  Finally, Han Yu cloud stare Paul Chun I do not know how long, it seems that until late at night before sleep.
  Xu Qin is because they have left home, Paul Chun the people are relaxed, but added that sleep sleep excellent.
  Etc. Paul Chun opened his eyes, the window is already a big bright.
  Today no hand, Paul Chun did not know the hour, beside the quilt had neatly folded on the feet.
  After all, the first day of the wedding, and that they stay in bed, Paul Chun can not help a bit embarrassed.
  Paul Chun and so got up only to find the room do not know when more than a shelf, which stood connect the water drain pan, presumably to let Paul Chun and must wash.
  Paul Chun eyes a little more warmth, water wash on the TV drama Well this step out of the room.
  Quietly throughout the yard, he walked around the yard around Paul Chun did not see Han Yu cloud shadows, Paul Chun can not help but frown, then I thought I’m afraid that someone call him to see the doctor.
  Paul Chun naturally not silly in the yard, etc., in the morning did not eat, and now also a bit hungry, Paul Chun turned to the kitchen.
  Go in only to find the stove and some of Mars, opened the lid and saw inside is cooked porridge and a bun.
  May be hungry panic, Zhayi smell of steamed buns, Paul Chun coul苏州桑拿d not help but swallowed.
  God knows through here since she basically tasted meat smell, eat a bun drank a big bowl of porridge, Paul Chun This satisfied the dishes hands down.
  After no folk take, Paul Chun used his dishes are washed, there are some porridge pot, Paul Chun bowl filled with pot will also wash out again.

  Yes, this is not wrong.

  ”I just take a look, here you go a step further?”
  Han Yu Yun was a little surprised, Lin Mei beads could this opening.But looking at the way the beads Lin Mei, Han Yu Yun know they should be chance encounter.
  As beads Lin Mei want to see who does not know Han Yu cloud.
  ”How do you still want to find the prefect Xu.”
  Han Yu Yun did not want to beat around the bush, if Lin Mei beads really do, then they really are enemies, whether she is not the junior sister apprentice Linxuan month.
  In fact, Lin Mei Pearl is not so vicious, she wants to do is take home their senior sister apprentice, Lin Mei beads did not want to implicate innocent people, but has chosen not to cooperate Linxuan month.
  So he Lin sister Pearl had the idea one kind of vengeful, fishes and Paul Chun Han Yu cloud hands.
  Han Yu looked at his eyes cloud graceful woman hearts are full of awkward Paul Chun shadow in prison, more so, Han Yu cloud the mood a little more anxious and angry.
  Han Yu said the cloud that has been said, he did not want a repeat.”No way, are you senior sister apprentice Linxuan month.”
  After a pause, Han Yu Yun continued: “This time I say no more, and finally advise you one, to solve their own thing, why bother to implicate others, you have not a child.Even if no matter how you want your senior sister apprentice back to the martial art, nor should such a sordid means.Besides everyone has the right of every person to do things, why do not you ask why on earth do not want to go back Linxuan month instead been forced to go back Linxuan month.”
  Strode stride on the left after saying Han Yu cloud, he does not want to waste time here, there are more important things waiting for him to do.
  But Lin Mei beads was stunned at home, a little cloud Han Yu said, she seemed to treat senior sister apprentice on this matter too self, and never understood the real thoughts of senior sister apprentice.
  After Lin Mei beads followed up with a reminder of one of the people said, “Master, we have to go there yet prefect Xu?Appointment time almost over, wait too long there is not a good prefect Xu.”
  They had come to the past to find that Xu prefect, since the masters do, they can not stop.However, no one thought met Han Yu cloud.
  Pearl Lin Mei Yu Han turned and looked at the direction of a cloud away, silently shook his head and said: “Let’s go back.”
  That being the case, she does not mind giving him time, but also the way to give yourself another chance and senior sister apprentice.
  While the other side, cloud Han Yu did not return to leave in a hurry after the Han, or immediately rush to another place.
  Xu to the House after the北京桑拿 heavily guarded yard, and everyone seems to have known his identity, Han Yu cloud that seemed to be fully aware of the people of Alex
  It seems that they are very familiar with Han Yu cloud, immediately went to see him to inform the.
  And not a moment, someone came with a cloud Han Yu went to see the master went to see Alex.But after Han Yu cloud named Alex to see the old lady, who was busy informed about it, and finally Han Yu cloud brought the old lady in front of Alex.
  ”Long time no see, your body is better.”
  Han Yu sat beneath the cloud, first saw the old lady when Alex said such kind words.
  Such courtesy is not without reason, the last time he came in when Alex Xu old woman’s body is completely like a talent that some elderly.
  But now Han Yu cloud can obviously be able to feel her whole body are filled with the breath of vitality, although Han Yu cloud does not know why this is, but still polite to say something.