But now this environment and to talk about, she did not dare open.
  Li Qin Yue did not touch them smoke, quietly curse the sentence.
  Cho Chih looked at her, in a heartbeat, in addition to stress, as well as fear.
  Li Qin Yue gave up smoking, long legs draped, cross in front of her.
  After a while, she asked Cho Chih: “This aptitude thing, you do not listen to me, listen to others?”
  ”No no no, I did not.”Cho Chih quickly denied,” he said, I did not believe, I am my sister’s publicity department.”
  ”I did not believe what a good reminder.”Li Qin Yue looked at her,” you pondering, this thing is for me to remind you, or they want to know.”
  Cho Chih Min Chun sip, lowered his head.
  Next to the cat stretch, mouth punched a big yawn, “Meow ~ ~ ~ ~” sound, ease the tense atmosphere.
  Zhuo juvenile pull the pull finger, I think it is to be sincere, then a small channel: “I want to know.”
  ”Oh.”Li Qin Yue suddenly laughed,” Do you think this aptitude thing, how determined?”
  Zhuo juveniles looked up to see her, gloomy: “I do not know, I’ve never thought about this issue.”
  ”What do you think about now.”Li pointed Qinyue

His face looked Zhang Zaiting question mark, asks: “This is what you say to a really good song?”

  ”Yes ah, special joy.”Zhang Zaiting look innocent.
  At first the Soviet mirror face filled with resist, turned around to see Bai Qingqing has been glued to the on-screen lyrics sang, also sings his face serious, so the next part of her when she used to sing in the heart.
  This is the first “big orange” She heard the famous square dance child, but she never thought I would ever sing this song in the KTV.
  Looking at the screen to sing and dance singer, the Soviet Union could not help chuckle mirror.
  Interlude when Bai Qingqing glanced Su Jing, see her laughing, that she was amused screen in the picture, in fact, she does not know that mind is full of interesting dance Bai Qingqing jump this picture.
  Really strong sense of the screen.
  To a chorus of them at each other, looking in the eyes fall into the stars.
  Zhang Zaining sat quietly watching the two men, there is always a first put her son to earth to sing songs lingering illusion of meaning children.
  Because of that sincere love of showing the natural look is clearly not fool people.
  ”Sub pavilion, you help me find out if there is one called” bloom “songs, if any, would you choose me, I quite like to sing.”Right now this song over and over, the Soviet Union the mirror straight


  Assistant in the heart of “wow” was heard to cry out, complain he said: “Miss Luo too bully people, early in the morning with two bodyguards waited at the front of my house, came out to see me, set me straight to the sack.”
  Put him worried that his innocence was not guaranteed.
  Luo results fell just took away his cell phone, so that according to his bodyguard opened the hand with a fingerprint machine, then took the president’s girlfriend micro-channel contacts.
  Assistant exaggeration: “I heard Miss Luo said that if not when the small three to go to prison, she was sure to get involved in the feelings you and the Mrs..”
  ”President, you think of a way, I think Miss Luo is going to find his wife trouble, take Ms. Qian Zazou, that she became Mrs. President!”
  Was terrible!

Find someone to Chapter 29
  Assistant, then inside, then outside is a meaning: to break off the Luo, President and Mrs. President, sinister.
  No feast of the feast, there is no split lingers couples.
  Reserve guard knew his heart and happy heart to heart, with the promise to each other.Their deep feelings, but feelings are deep and then can not afford to spend the.Our ancestors once said, as long as the effort of deep strokes fell great oaks.Similarly, as long as the time is long, the feelings can be ground into a powder.
  No, he never allowed.
  ”Five minutes, this woman all the information referred to my hands.”
  Overbearing domineering president of putting the dead under the command assistant

Family puppet.She even secretly sympathize with the family over Heaven.

  Until then, she heard a legend.
  Heaven Heaven family is born, live for the world.Between heaven and earth, the most important thing is life.If not the life, full of barren, that does not exist and would not be a difference.Heaven on behalf of the family life, or life collapsed in their body.
  Among them, the most at heart.
  Heaven family ancestors have left a heart, as a treasure town family houses of family.Once upon a time the strength of the ancestors who had aspirations to peak, in the heart of the surging vitality.
  After a fairy king soul Master Road lights went out, happy heart had approached the Emperor borrow sinking heart.
  Heaven would not borrow.
  ”My body can use it?”Yue Yue, then interrupted memories of happy heart.
  Dead, the body’s vitality on the loose.Even with the surgery method to let the ghost possessed, but still can not gather and retain vitality.Stiff, decline is inevitable.Coke Wyatt at the moment is not the body, it gradually restore vitality in.
  ”Still a little shy, but faster.”
  After the happy heart little heart sinking back into the body of Yue Yue eyebrows, arranged operation method, again buried them back to the soil, move on rose bushes cover.
  The legendary vitality of the strongest family can raise the dead Emperor Xian the heart of the ancestors, the resurrection of a person’s body needs four years.That resurrected her master, Once upon a time the most powerful

Captain, Shushan priests etc..

  Once humble hidden door, once the door upright people these contemptuous.
  But now, hidden door actually never thought there are so many masters!
  Dozens to order, can be described as immediate comeback.
  That dozens of people flying in the sky, and did not fall, but said for the following.
  ”I have no intention to go to war hidden door, but the main door Feng’s life, to pick Ye Pingsheng.”
  Pack cold teeth, if let go of Ye Pingsheng today, next time to find his words can be difficult.
  And Ye Pingsheng onto his thigh hidden door, that entrance Xuan Huang world, maybe this will open up.
  Ye Pingsheng throw sword, direct leap, step on the sword into the sky.
  He was gone, this war will cease.
  Ye Pingsheng With the time you master the hidden door to leave, looked back and saw his front foot left, rear package immediately cold hands!
  Ye Pingsheng frowned, “No, I’m going down with my son to go with!”
  A master hidden door and he said, “Yep, I’ll wait for instructions from the main door command, that you can only save one person.”

552 Chapter fatherly

  Ye Pingsheng frowned, these people can save him is already hidden door to the face.
  After all, to Ye Ping

Supply, lemons, apples, grapes these things is no problem on the material, but UCA Group needed green tea, konjac these things need to purchase from the hands of other collaborators.

  When the purchase amount into two when, how much the price will be slightly higher.
  Now Chen is not just those diving to the needs of the production of composite fermented fruit powder fruit raw materials, and also provide the remaining days of the Asian group needed green tea and baking powder konjac and other raw materials used to produce this fruit of the cooperation request providers to supply.
  If all raw materials have a procurement in his words, it will give a very fair price.
  Chen diving as head of the department of UCA Group Purchasing natural obligation to help UCA group to fight for the termination and convenient purchases on this raw material.
  Therefore, Chen diving directly to each other and about an hour later at the office UCA Group Purchasing’s meet, and let them bring all their raw materials can provide everything.
  Since Chen has been diving in the office to arrange these things, so do not know the outside are rumors that he and Zhu Jiajia things.
  This man’s mouth ah, really is a wonderful thing.
  A “minister Chen Zhu Jiajia and two people drink together last night,” and only a few Waner will be able to turn into a “minister Chen Zhu Jiajia and last night two people do together,” do not

Finally merits and demerits, embarrassed: “ah ah ah, what to pack her things, white brother you are tired of it, I will not bother you anyway!”

  Zhou Yu finished the event in order to cover up embarrassment, went to the bathroom and ran.
  Qin Bo looked across the empty bed, a moment of silence, followed slowly closed his eyes.
  It means it hard?Zhou Yu and he probably encounter the same.Some of it also means it hard.

  ☆, schools and students

  Since coming back, it is no hurry, in case of Zhou Yu Zhou neighbor down altogether they mean, stay here for a few days.
  Qin Bo previously flew many cities, this small town comes really small.So even if two days before the visit for a long time, and today still can not shopped in place and then look at the.
  In case of Zhou Yu heard this, immediately clapped his hands, very happy to put down the hands turn did not turn the book how, bass bass bass were packed, as if ready to go out.
  ”Your books have turned up an hour, an hour ago and how the same?”Qin Bo, deputy can not wait to see her this way, but also some funny.
  Obviously bored, why not say?Afraid that they feel tired?
  In case of Zhou Yu thought they disguise it well, so he was a debunking the whole face at once on the red.

The “five-good drive on behalf of the youth of Bangkok” –

  Garbage heap best invitation is 3 million production costs, but the impact of delusion Golden Dragon Award for “Fall to Beijing”.
  Ah, very ideal.
  Script clearance.
  Talented director.
  Seemingly fly.
  In fact, most do not fly.
  This is the most impossible jobs rubbish appeared on the screen.
  Took a waste of time, Donna did not hesitate to choose the Empty mailbox.Let them all go to hell garbage.
  A lot of work, a good job is hard to find.
  Worry duck, duck worry.
  How to do, to make Yu Chak received a let him work it to the next level?
  In the evening, Zhuoyu appear in Donna’s home.
  ”My demon also let you satisfied with it?”
  Donna sat on the sofa, staring at the sight of the hands of mobile phones, said absently, “okay.”
  Zhuo Yu asked, “Where are my goods in?”
  Zhuo Yu looked several times, disbelief picked it so casually thrown on the coffee table coat of arms.
  Last at least there is a cardboard box, this time even cardboard boxes are gone.
  The coat of arms is also down with potato chips slag.
  Zhuo Yu would like to say a few words, think this is a monopoly business, can only put up with.
  He tried to look inside poured magical powers, soon sent the coat of arms

To son?”

  Guards ignorant, these days there are people pretending to pick manure old man’s son?
  Angry old man really want to put the pole fell, “This year, there are people who steal even excrement, her mother really angry!”
  The old man down the mountain, river speech also did not put the ten pieces of silver to come back, but his face was not quite right.
  Of course, the river still maintained a kind of clear sky resigned smile, that smile does not look good.
  Zhu Xi trembling, his face next to concerns about the color, this is the first chief in the hands of others suffer ah.
  It has always been the chief negative people taking other people as a pawn, when the chief was seen overcast, who was also acting as a proxy of?
  That kid, quite two down ah.
  Jiang’s remarks stand in Pingdingshan, down from the mountains to see, hands carrying a white cloth bag child leaves.
  Despite numerous wash in the river, but still leaves white look of dislike this cornucopia.
  ”I say you are a girl, actually can come up with such a disgusting way, not really a festival parade.”
  Jiang resigned sneer, “or Day parade leaves adults but did not even have to steal dung.”
  ”steal?Oh, what is stolen?Fish in the water no master, you say catch to catch up,

Can not afford.

  So Chen diving can be concluded, Zhao Wei Tong is a living environment and are in excellent condition girl.
  While the owl this expert body very obvious “label”, although they say nothing, Chen diving can roughly guess his origins, this way, Chen diving identity Zhao Wai-tung will have a rough outline of the.
  Needless to say, the identity of the girl is absolutely extraordinary.
  ”I like to play off-road.”Ye Xiao Yao came interjected:” My family has Wrangler vehicles, and when we have time, go off-road?”
  Zhao Wei Tong nodded: “That was a good car, change it up quite interesting?”
  ”What changed?”Ye Xiao Yao this ‘blind cross-country’ simply do not know it is to buy Wrangler modified, rather than as a tool to commute her home, her sisters in a throwaway.
  Zhao Wei Tong smiled to understand, this is a pure white in front, bought a car so that Wrangler has been running naked on the road.
  ”And so I have time to play with the knowledge that you look at the car.”Zhao Wei Tong smiled:” Once you have the experience to bid farewell to the rookie, I guarantee you’ll end everything to make your own pony try a variety of modified various cool.”
  Chen looked diving Pajero V93 retro look, lightly: “But after the blood will gradually become numb, until such flashy faded to you, they will not seek publicity