NavInfo (002405): Passed ASPICECL2 international certification tire pressure monitoring chip has mass production capacity

NavInfo (002405): Passed ASPICECL2 international certification tire pressure monitoring chip has mass production capacity

Officially passed ASPICE CL2 international certification.

According to the official public account of NavInfo, NavInfo officially passed the international certification of ASPICECL2 (Automotive Industry Software Process Improvement and Capability Evaluation Model Two), and the ASPICE architecture model was compiled by the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA).The purpose of the model framework for evaluating software development capabilities is to promote the software development process of automotive component R & D manufacturers and improve the quality of on-board software.

We believe that the adoption of the ASPICECL2 certification system marks that NavInfo has obtained the highest quality certification in the industry in the field of autonomous driving maps at the current stage, and more importantly, its long-term, standardized and sustainable products for the future.Affirmation of output and R & D technical capabilities.

The tire pressure monitoring chip is capable of mass production.

The company’s subsidiary Jiefa Technology independently developed a tire pressure monitoring sensor chip successfully developed and has mass production capabilities.

The tire pressure monitoring sensor chip is used for real-time monitoring of tire pressure while the car is running, and prevents tire leakage and low pressure to ensure driving safety.

  The tire pressure monitoring sensor chip independently designed by the company is a full-featured single-chip solution for car-standard TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensor chip) independently designed and launched by the Chinese brand.Acceleration sensor, temperature sensor, LF & RF (high frequency radio 天津夜网 frequency technology and radio frequency radio frequency technology) in one high-performance tire pressure monitoring dedicated chip, with small size and high integration, low noise, high-precision sensor measurement, dual-axis acceleration self-positioning advantages.
The tire pressure monitoring chip is expected to contribute profits next year.

In 2013, the National Standards Committee of the National Standards for “Performance Requirements and Test Methods of Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Passenger Cars” also stated that from January 1, 2020, all passenger cars in production will begin to implement tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)) mandatory installation requirements.

The success of the upcoming Jack Technology tire pressure monitoring sensor chip breaks through the situation where tire pressure monitoring sensor chips are currently monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and will bring positive support to the industrial development of domestic tire pressure monitoring systems.

We believe that TPMS will actively contribute profits to the company next year.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

We believe that the company’s penetration depth in the autonomous driving industry chain has gradually increased. With the maturity and development of the industry, the company’s initial expansion will gradually be realized. We expect the company’s net profit attributable to mothers to be 3 in 2019-2021.

470,000 yuan, 5.

1.1 billion, 6.

39 trillion, EPS is 0.

18 yuan, 0.

26 yuan, 0.

33 yuan, combined with the industry’s future accelerated development trend and the company’s scarce part in the field of driverless and automotive chips, and taking into account the special characteristics of the company’s internal stage, it will be given a dynamic PE of 60-70 times in 2020.15.


2 yuan, given “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

Jiefa’s scientific and technological achievements did not meet expectations, the advancement of autonomous driving fell short of expectations, and new products and new business development efforts were not as fast as expected.