It will take ten years to change their constellations

Sometimes, change yourself is not an easy thing, a lot of people want to change the world, in the end may find that they have been changed or some more.However, there is a saying, “a leopard change its spots”, you need time to change.For the following three years Zodiac sign, they are fully will take ten years to change their!  Taurus: perseverance is willing to adhere to the perseverance of Taurus constellation is a very, for them, it takes ten years to change yourself is nothing difficult.Because it had the courage to persist in the end, it will be regardless of the change of time and change, trying to make a change you want.Even now there is not much performance does not matter, take your time, do not worry, plenty of patience and time.  Leo: Leo spare no effort in a better way on the road change for the better, it will not stop the pace of.This has never been on their own for others to find fault with the deformation of the constellation, the ascension path of self spare no effort, so it takes ten years to change their.For them, sometimes perhaps that of a stick, the achievements of his.  Scorpio: Scorpio is willing to endure hardship deep Ayutthaya Ayutthaya relatively deep, also very hard-working sign, so for them, in ten years from the time I really did not change difficulty.They dare boil time, you will not find in front of and not see change in a hurry, they know that gold fears fire, the best time to grinding out results.  The above three constellations, will take ten years to change yourself.For them, maybe change is not easy, but made the decision to not back down, I hope we have such persistence and aggressive.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

You will be able to fly themselves and their

Child, animal husbandry, Wu very naughty days.Playing with his children, he did not eat a fist.Summer Feng Wan, near the school, only to find a job not done.Sixth grade elementary school summer vacation, my mother Wu Mutian sent to the countryside aunt, thinking away from the city, Wu-day animal husbandry, the convergence of the bar.Unexpectedly, a week later, Wu Mutian familiar with the new environment, unruly habit betrays the kids my age bruising.What a shame, a city people, not as a country baby.Neighbor aunt’s words, deeply touched him.From that moment, Wu Mutian secretly determined: resist the temptation, be a good boy.Have not had time to turn over a new leaf, aunt complain a phone, the Wu-day animal husbandry played back.This feeling of being swept out, let his little pride and frustration for a while.Back home, he is like a new man.In order to make a point like to confirm that they really can manage yourself, he went to cast a newspaper essay.This essay, he spent two days to write, has been amended six times.Two weeks later, a newspaper article was published, later was “excellent essay election” Selected.This made him the class actually a red.Resist the temptation, on its own is not enough, parents have to intervene where.One day, my mother asked him: animal husbandry day, do you want to be a general ah?When you want it, you have to be trained a little earlier.There is a military camp, I’ll go Baoge Ming, OK?What teenager does not want to be a general?Look visibly pleased to see his son, the mother said: military camp bitter, adhere to one week no problem?In this way, step by step, day, animal husbandry, Wu mother is deceived into a military camp.May come into the camp area less than half an hour, he wanted to escape, but was recaptured instructor, and finally he only accepted reality.He was deeply aware of: my mother did it not want me in a more favorable environment to grow up.What body missing, what gave up, so I gradually moving towards self-management.When the day was sent to Wu, animal husbandry science experiment class Lushan International Experimental School in a full score, the score suddenly suffered a late spring plummeting.The sudden drop in grades, a mother than the son is still anxious.To find ways to correct the child’s attitude towards learning.Son of a child to think of a small change in the country, my mother managed to touch on a Pingjiang outstanding results in a very poor family, but the students, let Wu go to their house, animal husbandry day experience life, to see how people are learning.In the students home, animal husbandry, Wu-day heart once again been a great shock: old house, eat well wear well, sleep well even sleep.Students not only learn, but also to do farm work, while never falling grades.Since then, Wu has become more hard days of animal husbandry.In 2012, Wu Mutian admitted to Purdue University Department of Physics, known as the mother of the American aerospace.Wu mother exclaimed: offer all kinds of forced worth coax, it is better to understand their own children!The best education is self-education, self-management is the best management!March 2013, Wu Mutian book “will be able to manage their fly”, which once again demonstrates the best management is self-management point of view.The book listed the second month before entering the 10 National Excellent bestseller list, and won the 2013 annual Bing Xin Children’s Book Award.You will be able to fly themselves and their!18-year-old Wu Ya, animal husbandry, Changsha manage their day, really let myself fly up.In an interview, he said: From hate being parents and teachers managed to gradually learn self-management, self-management and even fall in love in the process I realized the joy of growth.

Jianglangshan extremely scenery

Three pinnacles on Jianglangshan average slope of eighty eight degrees, a height of three hundred meters, which makes Xu stroked his short beard headache.Xu Ming Dynasty traveler and explorer, every mountain will ascend, distress will explore, in the lives of countless mountains and rivers stepped on the foot, but three times Jianglangshan tour, three times no way summit.1990, Lang Feng carved on cliff path along the cliff, feet first human set foot on the peak of Lang top, which is 37 years later than the foot on Everest, later than twenty foot on the moon eleven years. In the hillside beyond the bounds Lang Ping is the starting point to climb the peak.Standing here looking back, thin strip of sky and beyond the bounds floor, visitors to the bustling; upward, searching, meandering in the cliff “and” on the zigzag path along the cliff, only to find a few people sparse.Oh, Jianglangshan because of its steep, became a tourist destination, but also because of its steep, blocking most of the tourists climb footsteps.I have a fear of heights, but I went to the Cliff Road.Why should bite the bullet and go climb it?Because life on the road is not bypass many difficulties and obstacles, it is necessary here to practice guts. This is my second time to climb the peak Lang.The last time was in the past seven years, the resulting experience is the climb up or down the eye can not look around, just staring at the foot of the stone, just staring at the side of the cliff and iron railings, you can only see a few meters away The place. Cliff trail, was holed up in a cliff recess rest, it was clinging to trees growing from the crevices of the trunk elongation Bo child watching.This is their fear of difficulty fear the risk of performance, is a precursor to back down.Their mood is contagious, when confronted with this situation, I told myself: do not look at their faces, can not be on their bad mood infection, the body sideways over quickly go. Cliff Cliff upper and lower separate line, but then the length of the overlap in the middle of the cliff.Seize the iron railing to climb here, confronted by two people under the cliff, walking in front of a female tourists asked me: approaching the top yet?Tremble tone show her lack of confidence. A person under the cliff: yatou climb over the front of this projection, soon to. I know, this is the middle to upper, still a long way to the top, at the cliff man lied, the purpose is to give people see hope on the cliff, the cliff is to cheer people. Under the cliff in front of two people and crouched in the corner of the cliff were beyond me shouting: Do not be afraid, do not stop, topped with beautiful scenery and so you na. I did not look back, panting from their judgment, they catch up. After about a quarter of an hour, we climbed on a small platform, across a short bridge, the road becomes a one meter wide stone steps, not steep, the road on both sides of the tree also grows Mimizaza.That female tourists cheered, clapping her hands: the top, and finally approaching the top, and I was afraid of heights, even can climb so high, praise yourself, really brave! Is a not flat platform on the summit, we went to this place has gathered a dozen people.Mesa dozen square feet, was too barren stampede.Place near the west side of the cliff, the Wangting built a half-volley, seemed ready to fall.I held the fence, forced a calm walk up and let other people use my cell phone to my camera, taking photographs hastily came down.My legs felt weak shaking, heart thump thump also jump fast enough, where dare lookout Yeah, must strictly comply with previous experience, the eye does not look long-term perspective, then the United States should give up the scenery. Take the north side there is a small hut, which is not near the cliff, I confidently toward the front.This small hut only two or three square meters, there is an exit door is a spacious open, half closed lower half of the window is wide open, window panels are flat counters, behind the counter sat a lean and lean elderly , a girl of seven years old, mouth, lips cigarette, looking at camera sitting or standing or solid food or drink smiled visitors. On the counter stood a few bottles of mineral water, I asked: how much a bottle? Ten. This is more expensive than a foot eight or nine times, I asked: sell it? Sell. Indeed, visitors to climb to the top of the water, only to buy him here, monopoly business is not bad.Look, his feet on the ground there are two boxes of mineral water, a basic box empty, yet another box out of the box.I ask: What do you carry water several times a day up and down the cliff myself? On a trip. If no one else to help delivery, then back to an old man on the cliff two boxes of mineral water, really powerful!Behind him a row of shelves, what goods on the shelves and no.To remember the last time the ground with watermelon, bread and drinks on the shelves.I think it is mid-September, and have been watermelon off the city is also about tourism in the off-season prior to the National Day Golden Week.I said: years ago, watermelon here can sell really fast. It is someone else to sell. Certainly not the same person, because that person then looks fast seventy, seventy-five of the past seven years, six of the bar, but also less likely to do business on the cliff.Pause, I put a resting heart problems put out: so steep cliff, you go up every day, carrying a cargo do not be afraid? There is nothing to fear?Then, still faint smile. Consider also, the development of Lang peak climbing tour for so many years, thousands of people up and down, and fall to his death has not heard of. He suddenly grabbing to laugh, said solemnly: I’m not doing business, I also play and by taking some mineral water up to the people to drink. I understand that he and his predecessor are near the village, it is to avoid the scenic area management personnel, sneaky back the goods to do business on the cliff.Scenic area management personnel if not for the loss of rent and management fees to consider, for security reasons, would not allow the old man of seventy climb so high cliffs of doing business.However, he and his predecessor, and perhaps former predecessor, load up and down the cliff every day, even the goods sold at high prices, and small business so successful.They say tax evasion fled to escape the rental management fees or, say they exploit profits also, they say money, not lives whether, in short, their small business very successful, so in excellent shape, and this is very admirable.I say you rest assured, I will not report your. He threw a smoke ring yo, shallow smile back to the face. Previously said nervously panic mood is contagious, and now I have to say the same calm mood is contagious, and contagious stronger, from seeing his smiling face, my feet do not shake, heart qi to calm down the.I am the climb is well prepared, mineral water, fruit, dry food has a backpack, but I still spend ten money to buy him a bottle of mineral water, it means to buy his smile.I know that, under the cliff path steeper and more dangerous, life on the road as well as unknown risks barrier needs more times, with such a smile, what makes me step back too dangerous road? Coincidentally, when I was under the cliffs to scenic sitting on board the bus, I heard two people sitting next to talk about: female tourist at a steep cliff to the office, it can not go on, it can not lower down, whimpered.Later on down is how did not hear the. Transfer return the car out of the area.Windows, trees in rapid retreat; afar, three pinnacle of trees in the neutral Hushanhushan.They say the summit is the most beautiful scenery, I miss the peak of the landscape and regret.Another thought, the old man smile, and treat the cliff wall smooth sailing insurance smile, then put up a small business to do extremely smile, not exactly the most beautiful and stunning landscapes of the soul it?There is nothing to regret it?


Sun power Ministry of Finance of glum sitting in a chair in a daze, what does worry: the original old manager because of age problems, had to retire, but for this age, he would also like to do a few strokes fishing.You know, this Finance Manager but bad fat, if this old head of a retirement, the child will be in, and not long after that first came to making a decision between high but experience and hard work of the king of empty themselves.  Want to sit back, kick off the king must be empty piece of a stumbling block, it seems he must find someone to talk to, to see if he would be willing to withdraw from the competition.  Li Xiu cafe, sun power for a look at just this man has stubble, spoke and said: I get straight down to it, you would be willing to withdraw from the competition.  You are too naive, right, who will do it.  Sun power Paizhuo the sky, the next person out of looked at each other, he realized his gaffe, then slowly sit back, side and said: You know, you’re just a rookie, I ruin you, easily, I do not give a toast to eat eat Monastic.  I can also make you not stay.  Why?Sun power sneered.With this.Sun power as dusty surface.It’s not in front of the other, but their corrupt books.Or do you obediently quit it, yes, do not forget to hit two hundred thousand Oh my account.Wang away empty Yangtianzhangxiao.Sun Daquan scared, if he went to report himself in jail, his family also rely on ourselves!If you have to go to jail, I’ll do first thing in the evening, about the power of Sun King Air to talk about fishing guanziling.Fishing guanziling name just a mountain road, bumpy.This mountain is the leading fishing township, fishing Township cliffs on three sides.This mountain only contact with the outside world.  The sky has to float the rain, I saw a man walking away, that is what the king of empty, sun power hiding in the bushes, and other empty king turned around, a stride rushed up, hands on his head stone is a hit, suddenly blood welling up, did not have time to say what he died, Sun notebook seized power, then dragged him to the grass, the rain is getting, Sun power made inquiries, and tonight there will be heavy rain, with rain, will certainly triggered landslides that time, then mysteriously the.  Sun power cold sweat straight out, because he had been too happy, forgot to look at the surrounding, then came Founder himself before a woman, after a closer look, SUN Da full breath, turned out to be blind, for insurance, good power flashed in front of her Huang, also with their feet on the ground, she went to the door without thinking, the result was stumbled to the ground, even the head Kepo, power see she did not see, hastily ran that night, did occur debris flows.  To the election day, because no king to empty, power will naturally get on the manager of the child.A few days later, I heard that CEOs fishing guanziling a rainstorm will be triggered landslides mudslides, and several colleagues will let power go to that study, ready to repair roads, planted gardens, against mudslides, one way to improve the self-image of the company.  Sunda Shu Although not want to go, but helpless, boss of life, had to listen to, after several days of road repairs.Road has been open for half, and into the village, up the face of a girl, which is none other than the girl that night, called Yao Li.But this time she is not blind, to say the twins, there is no reason, there are scars on her forehead.Power mess, he thought ah: the movie because there are some people caught committing crimes while pretending to outlaw blind muddle in the past, implying that he is installed.Power not think the thought simply lamb, kill him.That night, he sneaked into her house, did not turn on the lights, in the moonlight, saw her hands fumble, mouth cursed: also installed, I destroy you.Then dragged his body thrown down from the cliff.Later, I heard that power, Yao Li was suffering from night blindness, I realize I made a mistake.  Soon power was at home to count the money, knock incoming ears, open the door, actually the police, we suspect that you suspected one case, we ask you to go back to assist in the investigation.  Police Brother ah, you are God, you know how I killed the king of empty and Yao Li ah!Power splash kneeling on the ground.You said before that two cases of child fishing Ridge is your fault!Charan power, in fact they are suspected of corruption themselves, did not expect to go to a guilty conscience, confessed.

Muling river anglers

Memory, that is passing through the afternoon hours of Muling River, a river that saw angler, sitting calmly, a leisurely look, he saw a long rod with the ups and downs of the river, shift drift drift…    Muling river gushing, painstaking better tomorrow, washing her best days of suffering for thousands of years, ushered in a dawn of a life.  She is like a fairy valiant and heroic, flowing from the horizon from, leisurely away to the horizon, sing with joy joy, happiness beautiful wander.  Her magic is always the pursuit, never give up.  Day and night care of you, always in love with you, day and night care of you, miss you every second.  She was so quiet, so amazing, amazed.    Glowing red sunset sky reflected in the river, anglers and swayed one glorious, still a focus on the way, he did not catch gold, silver is not fishing, he was happy to catch a basket, a basket of happiness, a basket of health, a beautiful basket, give a loved one, so she did not cry, not hard, do not sigh, not frustrated.  Anglers that soft, delicate, bright, deep look, people may think Christine respectable, epic.  He is so elegant, so air, envy.    Muling River magpie like a beautiful girl, with graceful posture, slim, well-behaved flying.    Angler, you look like engraved in the sunset by the river Muling Muling River, you beautiful legend for thousands of years in the memory of the heart anglers.

Shanxi Notes (f) – Last walls

Shanxi Notes (f) – the last of an ancient city walls , in fact, an ancient books, once the storm clouds quietly embedded between the lines, so that people standing near its sudden entrance of history, from the folds of time in read of the past and its vicissitudes. no matter what state of mind of tourists come to Pingyao ancient city wall once stood six hundred years after this Xingfeng snow and rain, staring, way back with, watch the time, approximately only one emotion: the sky above has not changed, at the foot of the land has not changed, but the change of the hustle and bustle of traveling, bustling crowd.Look down from the walls, plaster, like brick paved streets, the same gray walls and black tiles of the courtyard off, make you feel this is surrounded by a nearly 7-kilometer-long ancient city walls up, clearly is a town of ancient Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasties miniatures.Battlements still on the wall, in particular, forts, gates, turrets, watchtowers, bunkers and other protection, it is still the appearance of the year. original walls not a rare thing.However, thinking of the ancient city wall of Pingyao after a century of war, natural weathering, even more destructive than the war of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution intense, but still surviving so far, what the people have a consternation ah. Pingyao ancient city wall have exact records of the building dating to Hongwu years.Then the walls no shape now complete, the main walls of rammed earth, experienced magistrate thirty times thicker solid training, wall to wall build, and build turrets, towers from its current size.Check the information, I see the following set of numbers: 10-meter high ancient city wall, top width of 3-6 meters, watch tower 71, 3000 multiple pile wall, with nearly 170 million tons of soil, brick 65,000,000.Behind these figures are countless flowing blood and tears and sweat builders.More than 6000 ten thousand embryos hit the wall, firing, carriage, then a piece Diego grading stack, which is also a modern view of how vast the project.Hardships and long ancient city in the region now called kilns still a street names remind me of manpower and resources are spent for the construction of the walls of the vast and fired bricks.Walk along the city walls, gray earth walls swayed afternoon sun, whole body reveals an ancient atmosphere.Tour guide pointed to a tower in the distance, we begin LUO verse: mountains and rivers Trinidad map, Que Nine city gates.Imperial Palace is not strong concept, know that the world respect.I wonder if the concept does not change after the two Pingyao city, know that the statue of the ancient walls may be more appropriate. Chinese, including urban and city walls of double semantics.Construction of the walls not only strengthened the city’s defenses, but also portray a specific area on the geographic location.A populated place, no matter how prosperous and prosperity, if not determine the scope of its walls, and it surrounds it, this place can only be regarded as a general sense of the city, not the city.Like Shanghai, this evolved from a small fishing village neighborhoods or large commercial port, we can only call it Shanghai, instead of Shanghai City.In fact, before the founding of New China, more than 1,400 county administrative exact establishment, there must be the county town, the walls of the city shall have.In China, almost no city walls is not.Dr. Joseph Needham had this passage in his “History of Chinese Civilization” in: When you arrive at a Chinese town, you notice the first scene is built around the original thick walls of residential areas.These walls look like the famous section of the Great Wall of China, the above observation tower, faintly visible protective shelter.That is, until the war, the Chinese towns walls, is still curing people’s eyes a horizon, a landscape without a break.It is this round after round, thick layers of walls, constitute the historical architecture of each city, which is flowing in these cities genetically related fresh blood. However, these fresh blood today has basically dried up.Beijing more than 70 km long ancient city walls have all gone does not exist, Chong Yuan once stood, towering enumerate a century unharmed ancient city wall of Nanjing was demolished, and Xi’an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Hangzhou….Now, a city in the county to see if it still stands some walls, can not do very much dismayed?Since the early days of liberation, almost all the walls of the city were destroyed as a whole is to overcome the remnants of feudalism.then.Beijing people involved in the demolition of the city demolish an old man recalls the ancient city wall scenes: at sea, fog, dim light, Beijingers flocked to the walls, with a shovel crowbar struggling to pick dismember this sadly silent queue.Each unit labor competition, we invited for the dry strength, strong people and equipment than anyone else, more than a meter long bricks demolition does not move with the staves pry with hammer…At night, desperate Allende Professor Liang Sicheng stroking the broken wall, shed hot tears. ancient city wall of Pingyao was more fortunate.Pingyao economic development slower, less urban construction, it is a modern urbanization is a beat slower than other cities.However, after the reform and opening up, Pingyao is also not far behind in 1981 in the ancient city in the its overall planning of urban construction included in the plan: two wide road will cross the city, the ancient city of the southwest corner of the building public parks.Fortunately, a professor at Tongji University in Taiyuan after being informed edgy rushed to Pingyao.He saw, plan is not approved, the ancient city of the east have been clawed a big hole in the road is widening, some houses have been demolished.Fortunately, Pingyao County finally listened to expert opinion, according to the ancient city of retention, another new plan to build a new town of the original plan have been adjusted.Today, come from all over the country flock of tourists how becoming a deep sigh as thrillers this sword stay in the city of marvel! We took a different mood to Pingyao, also, with the same frame of mind searching through the other city, but not the expression of the ancient city of Pingyao traveled a completely different feeling.Here, our attention is not just a particular deposit of the ancient city, not just the ticket number, Escort, Rishengchang Land of Wealth of legend, as well as on a national study still life and customs of the recall, and not some somewhat dare to think dare look back in history. real Pingyao is actually hidden in her external beauty, and some run-down old streets and courtyards, an ancient city wall can not substitute.Pingyao people are today open its arms to meet all directions visitors to visit to enjoy this World Heritage Site, If only the walls of this last one we can keep those genetically related wire once held and will continue to lead our national culture to the world wire strands of memory.

Inspirational story: Climber’s choice

Inspirational story: Climbers have the choice of a mountain, towering, birds more difficult, no one knows how high it.Piedmont there are two routes for climbing the mountain, before Shanda stone steps paved, straight magnanimous; the mountain path, thorny, twists and turns.  One day, three father and son came to the foot.Father hands shade, overlooking the summit, Shengruhongzhong: you both race to climb this mountain; there are two routes up the mountain, flat and close to the road, the path dangerous and far which way, consider and decide on your own.Two brothers wondered over and over again, each with their own choice, embark on the journey.  Two months have passed, a suit appeared at the peak, my brother came up.His facial flushing, slightly fat, the lesson shiny hair.He proudly Shan a bit starched sleeve lapel, looking forward to his father, said: I win, I win!This road is really too proud.In magnanimous road I only forward, forward!Soothing slope let me go quiet, smooth stone steps made me feel good.There is no fork in me trouble, I did not highlight the rocks to stumble.My heart did not deceive me, is a wise choice to help me victory.Practice has proved that: between flat and rugged, only a fool would give up the flat, rugged choice.Smart choice I had to make the journey ah how proud.I won, right I should win!  His father watched him kindly: you have to choose really smart way to go is also very beautiful, my good son not sure how long after that, another figure appeared: his steady pace, the whole body is full of vitality of life; although thin , ragged, but bright and piercing eyes, a trace of intelligence and wisdom.Brother smile to his father and brother, I start from the road leisurely story: Oh, this is how meaningful a journey!Thank you, Father, thank you for giving me the opportunity to choose.Along the way, stop the steep cliff to climb my footsteps, clusters of thorns punctured my bare Bibo, physical and mental fatigue increase of loneliness of sorrow and grief.But I insist on living, and finally I learned flexibility and choice, learn smart and self-care, independence and perseverance learned.Roadside beautiful scenery, made me slow down and enjoy nature’s gifts.() At the foot of the mountain, I saw the flowers are blooming, butterflies dancing, so I with flowers and butterflies song with dance.In the mountainside, I saw green grass, wood such as Hua cover, clear stream flowing quietly in the forest, enjoy the birds sing pilgrimage to Linshao.I embrace the natural chords, rhythm and lively chase.These tend to be the happiest time of my.Can more often be cold and dense fog surrounded Jingzhen Cong spine barrier.Looking around, groaning yellow leaves, withered grass over the road, but I see abundant fruits in the yellow leaves in the forest, realize the hope of new life from bad grass.  I felt myself mature, one begins to mature.Beyond that, there is no sign of life of the wind and gravel, I wanted to give up, but I had a hard warm, enlighten me, give me strength, give me confidence that I forget more dangerous than the dangerous silence, throw away more painful than the pain of confusion!I arrived here!Along the way, I read the best mountain spring, also suffered a journey of well-being, for which I thank You, Father, thank you for giving me the right to choose, I learned from selecting their hearts in the eyes reveal puzzled many, many brother, but soon disappear, he said, not without contempt: but you lost!Yes, Father I regret to say, boy, you lost the game his brother ahead in the distance, his face showing calm smile: But, I won life!  Life is so, it is because only a little more rugged charm, its rich it even more.Flat even faster, but it can not be compared with the rich, rugged.Life often rugged rugged included among its wisdom and maturity.  An American director in high school was hooked on watching the movies, and video store simply go to work, a few years, he found his directing style, but also to enrich his rich life experiences, these are the good future of his creation direction and struggle of material.Saturated with nutrients, he went to Hollywood, and sure enough, his first film was an instant sensation, but also laid the foundation for his future career.  Another director, born poor in Spain, in order to share the family, as well as raise their own funds shooting the film, he did 10 years Postman.10 years of experience Postman, allowing him to further Spain’s streets to experience the needs of the people, so in his work, disputes with human nature, the scent of precipitation and the life of the mind.  Life is good and bad times writing two pieces of paper, each carrying the ups and downs of life.Good and bad times together supporting the pursuit of life from a higher realm.  Life motto: who came, will leave marks.Life is wasted without any process, including all the hard work, tears, sad, every sum will increase your success in the future glory. Exam inspirational stories of women inspirational story of ancient inspirational stories inspirational story: moral philosopher who can create wealth with a group of students to roam the world, 10 years, they traveled all the countries visited all those who have learned, and now they come back , and all one’s mind.  Before the city, in a grassy field on the outskirts of the philosopher sat down and said: 10 years of travel, you are a learned scholar, academic now coming to an end, our last lesson it!  Disciples sat down around the philosopher.Philosophers ask: where we are sitting now?Disciples A: Now we are sitting in the desert.Philosophers asked: What long wilderness?Disciples said: Weeds.  Philosophers say: Yes, wilderness covered with weeds.Now I want to know is how to get rid of these weeds.Disciples were very surprised that they did not expect, has been exploring the secret life of the philosopher, the last lesson was so simple to ask a question.  A disciple of the first to speak, said: teacher, as long as there is enough shovel.Philosopher nodded.Another disciple went on to say: The fire is also a good way.Philosopher smiled, indicating the next.The third disciple said: Sprinkle lime will remove all weeds.Then talking about the fourth disciples, he said: extermination, as long as the roots dug up on the line.  And other disciples are finished, the philosopher stood up and said that the lesson is here, and after you go back, according to their own methods to get rid of weeds.A year later, together again.  A year later, they have come, but the original gathering place is no longer overgrown with weeds, it turned into a covered millet crops.Disciples around the valley to sit down and wait for the arrival of the philosopher, but philosophers never came.  Several years later, the philosopher died.Disciples when finishing his remarks, secretly fill in the last chapter: To get rid of the weeds in the wilderness, only one way, and that is on top of planted crops.Also, to get the soul no troubles, the only way is to occupy it by virtue.  Imagine if those students’ life missing this last lesson, even if the car was not there much sense.  A man wants to be a millionaire, will be there to beg God.God sometimes hot, it gave him a basket of character.The man distressed to say: God, I want the money it!God says: Yeah Yeah!I’ll give you a character, because character can make you money in exchange for it!The man did not understand back to earth, widely spread God gave him something.A few years later, he really became a millionaire.Although this is to be made up story, but it illustrates a truth, that character can create wealth.  A military enterprise production of civilian furniture, issued after the shipment, found a table less paint again.By the look, this table has been bought by the customer.So easy to plant by continuous radio broadcast for two weeks, looking for the buyers.Unexpectedly, this initiative although not find a buyer, the good news has led to 12 shopping malls willing to underwrite the plant products.  This reputable military enterprises it has been a big windfall.  A few years ago, someone’s wife heard a smattering of people say that brand UPS power supply voltage can be stabilized, protective devices, it is believed to come to computer stores, want to use as home to buy a new refrigerator power protection.After this detailed computer shop owner had come to ask the wife thought: to sell or not to sell?Sell this power protection devices to protect the refrigerator useless; do not sell, the hand will lose fat.Hesitation, shopkeepers conscience triumphed over greed.He carefully explained the purpose and principles of power supply to the refrigerator the wife, advised her not to spend several hundred dollars for a useless thing for myself.The wife did not understand at first, when the boss really understand the store is a well-intentioned, they sincerely feel admiration.() The next day, someone from the store and his wife bought a valuable computer because somebody and his wife feel at ease to buy goods from here.And enjoys talking about the good qualities of this store owners, several of their relatives, classmates are infected, but also buy a lot of things from him.People with good moral character not only to win each other’s hearts, but also win the hearts of people around, who knows he has good moral character who are willing to associate with him.  When Lincoln lawyer, Lincoln was looking for the obvious party to a suit in the wrong defended.Lincoln replied: I can not do that.If I do this, then when the court heard, I would unconsciously exclaimed: Lincoln, you’re a liar, you’re a liar.  Why Lincoln would become one of the greatest figures in the history of the United States, long respected by the people it?Remove outside his career achievements, but also due to his great qualities.  The same as US President, Bill Clinton’s term of office is the performance attracted the attention of the world, his ability is impeccable ruling.But a series of scandals that made his life into disrepute, even though the American people forgave him.In the turn of the century, he led the United States to continue forward along the road of prosperity, but he also put a stain on his character written into the history of the United States.  In human life, moral character will play a role, either you treasure, you are either a stumbling block before the line.Imagine, if you will be unethical to give you a label affixed in their twenties and thirties who later experience how walking up the road?Only with a good moral life to benefit others before. life motto: the most worthy of respect, what he showed in the pursuit of the struggle and the process of good character.Really lucky his who has good character.Character is gold. Women inspirational life story inspirational story inspirational story of star celebrity inspirational stories inspirational story: woodcutter clairvoyance is unfortunate embarrassing things in life.Flower of Life has just begun to sprout, but was Shuangda rain, the cause of the sail has just departed, he would face the storm, the cause of the journey appear reefs, shoals, how unfortunate.Unfortunately, however, in our lives, not surprising.Of misfortune, we should pay attention to its existence value and use value, rather than to avoid recession.  Because the bad things under certain conditions, conversions, then good results are drawn.It is the life course to finish in one high and one low trek.  Avoid unfortunate people, will not get rid of misfortune; lament unfortunate people, unfortunately, will not be weakened; yield unfortunate people, unfortunately, will not drive away.Only the correct treatment unfortunate, for it to become a stepping stone to mature and become whistling arrow into the way so you can make very people who can do things.  Unfortunately it fell, like a mirror, can illuminate a firm idea of the will of the people or fragile, can produce two different results.Unfortunately, the same people who struggle, will alleviate the suffering of the unfortunate brought down to a minimum the misfortune.Succumb unfortunate people, can only be the unfortunate prisoner, was unfortunately swallowed.If unfortunately a person as a step forward, we can see the light; if unfortunate as slides, can only stuck in the mud.  The more people in times of crisis, the more we should remain calm in order to come up with solution to the crisis.  There was once a woodcutter and his wife lived in a small village outside.Every morning, the woodcutter will go out into the forest to cut trees, and when he finished work in the evening to return home one day, his wife cooked delicious meals always hot table waiting for him.  One day, the woodcutter call it a day early to go home, but accidentally by the window to see his wife having an affair at home and in the village pawnbroker.When he opened the door, also clearly hear the pawnbroker hurriedly looking for a place to hide the sound of.  But Woodman has always been a calm and humorous person.He hugged before quietly to his wife and told her: God gave me one pair of forest clairvoyance, I just watched a small hole in the middle of a piece of wood, ordinary people will be able to see the invisible things.He told his wife, he found hidden in the cabinet room of what a valuable (natural mean his pawnbroker).To confirm his new capacity, he will then lock the cabinet, it came through the pawn shop on the counter, bid 50 coins to man the shop, selling cabinets and cabinets things.  Then, the woodcutter went outside leisurely pace, pumping smoke, slowly let folks consider this business.Then, he heard stifled get bored to tears in the cabinet pawnbroker shouted loudly in the cabinet, requires folks to pay a ransom faster, better let him out.  In this the ancient Japanese fable, the woodcutter of a clever trick to make people stingy stingy impression of a pawnbroker to pay the price for their actions.() Woodman reverse the situation calm and witty humor, not only so that he easily won 50 gold, worthy of conscience to report the revenge (if he killed a pawnbroker in the heat of the moment, I am afraid that would be wasted), and proves his Gaorenyichou, the matter need not worry about losing of face, moreover, the woodcutter and thus can more easily confront or deal with their pain.  Clever at the woodcutter, is that at the very moment of sentiment, humor can still choose to remain, to outwit, pulled out of the anger itself to both a practical method can vent their grievances to deal with things.  In fact, everyone will inevitably encounter this critical juncture or sudden changes in life, as long as we can calm face, flexibility will be able to find a good solution.  Life motto: if you are ever in trouble, do not have to be lucky to get worse.Sometimes in life, things are just as bad as it looks on the surface.Unfortunately, we must first analyze the situation facing the calm and accept the status quo.When you learn something as serious as maybe not as good as imagined, you taken the first step to solve the problem. Repeat students the college entrance examination inspirational stories inspirational new term growth story inspirational story


At dusk, dressed in wedding dress waiting cuckoo in the past against the wall waiting for the rain waiting for the palace is not a reckless who promise the moon with your swing thoughts climb hills as darkness spread the pain I had given you my promise the lingering over who now fell into the marshes I finally want to die like a cuckoo you are dressed in heavy snow slowly come your eyes bright as snow snow engulfed troubles you figure you swallowed my heart since I like a cuckoo singing every night I sing you sing your young face Allure snow onions fingering Sentimental fleeting sing your noble Weifei previous years, I bet the king fagot inferior to a war drama, you smile Allure him when I finally saw transformed into smoke signals moment of your peerless face I crawl a hundred years in tears waiting for a hundred years in the ground again I hear you walk – you abandon the country to give up my life for you hit gem with the sound of the plane-tree you come to bury me said to me something, just lightly said I gave up coming century enlightenment repair together with you in the fire Nirvana, like a The most beautiful Phoenix I sing that I, we ashes with the fire of love today, I hold you in my arms your lips slightly parted kiss you like to kiss the World Gold Indus fire of love that you asked remember the world, then whether you bow shy moment, the sun has melted remember that the world can you say cuckoo would like to do, and I fly and fly?

Look for spring

I’m looking forward to, I looked attentively, I enjoy sucking, I tried to capture.    Northeast black piece of land, the pace of late spring.    I went looking for the spring, to the field, to the edge of a field, to the River.Branches confided buds, peach before bloom.  Creek merrily singing, small birds twitter.    Grass secretly drilled from the ground, wild flowers bloom quietly in the corner.  Loosened soil mixed with fragrant spring breeze softly crossed face, children with open arms, walked tottering gait came, the old man stretch of the vicissitudes of wrinkles, smile covered brow.    Hill laughed, Huan water, green trees, and people laughed.    Is a beautiful spring, I put into the embrace of spring.

Ink rhyme poem sequential open, meaning brilliant pen of customs intelligence (reporter’s notes)

Prior to the interview, Zhao Wu reporter accidentally saw Yang Huanting teacher speak to his collection of poems “wild flowers open” in the preface: “His poetry as mountain daisy-like simplicity.Although there is no elegant apricot, peach blooming, peony rich, but in the autumn air blows into the open in the cliff road, in the humble place exudes a faint, carrying earthy fragrance.”After seeing him, the reporter found, in fact, reveals this simple temperament not only his poetry, and his calligraphy, his life.    Perhaps, in the Holy Land Xi’an Royal Park this sage Masatoshi giving birth, he is not the most prominent of a reputation that, but he Chiai life was enough for us to see his great love of mind and tension of life, and whom deeply moved.    Laying paper, grind, consider, pen.When his ink mutiny was a handsome one font, reporters seem to feel this way he dedicated to study and adhere to the book arts.”Badly written, write about.”His words, though not much, but it reveals a sincere and kind.Brow, people feel there is always a noble emotion in slowly flowing.In this hot summer day, he was silent as a reed, moved to reporters his party to see the poetry and beauty of life.So, this refined amazing young poet calligrapher ink exactly how to rhyme, feeling sort of shut?With these questions, this reporter approached Zhao Wu’s inner world.    Wonderful place in life, it is to find or create a suitable stage, put their talents and potential vividly played out, I do not care about the outside world praise or destroyed, not because of changes in the external environment, the satisfaction of all heart are in the process among the.Valuable point in life, but also that stick to their spiritual home, to maintain personal independence and freedom of thought.Although Zhao Wu intersection before and not very deep, but when his meditation chat, he’s the “wonderful” and “valuable” natural or revealed in his conversation, his look, even, in the glow of his brush in his writings.    The artist’s works have a kind of open north and rough weather in the author’s impression, much like the word Dongpo.In this hot summer, reading works of calligraphy Zhao Wu, gave the author presents a delicate and graceful artists north side, as if this time I approached a roll of antique books that linger like a dendrite, and as if the clear spring water more like a silent guxiang owned by people ringing sound of the door.Perhaps the style is the man, Zhao Wu Qian Qian elegance and personality as it should be.    Book as it were, that is true.Zhao Wu calligraphy with affection visibility, pen passionate emotion, candidly reveal the nature of the paper.The pen is the kind of elegant and timeless style inherited the aesthetic qualities of the natural joy of Chinese traditional calligraphy art.His calligraphy, giving the impression that a prominent ink rhyme poem, look good.Visible, Zhao Wu word is carefully written out.Its creation is by looking for words mood of the release process, it is to reveal the true nature of Emotion.Days down like a waterfall, Vientiane confused flow, the state proceeds to a pen, brush does not stagnate informal, casual run dry, natural blurring video tapes, one go.He advocated calligraphy aesthetic and taste in the first place, calligraphy writing of send pregnant.It shows the bosom of the Spirit from his work, he was indifferent to a detached, creating a colorful world of calligraphy.    Commenting on the way the process of learning calligraphy, Zhao Wu emotion.All the way to the bitterness, all the way to adhere to, when those memories slowly spread in the road of expansion has gone, he’s fine, clear words after all.    20-year-old Zhao Wu learning calligraphy, all the way to study, through ups and downs.Initially due to limited economic conditions, only through on waste paper, cement floor exercises and write calligraphy couplet to upgrade their skills, and there is no professional guidance, everything all by itself groping.He has dampened with water on the concrete floor exercises, a stick is more than a decade, but had to squat on the ground too long to write dizziness fell, scraped his forehead, but the face of these hardships, he has never regretted it, never I never had to give up the idea.Him most was pleased that, over the years, his wife always been quietly support him, so that he had to be able to ink a bold swipes at everyone in sight, from mid-1995 onwards, he worked in his wife’s the support and assistance of the couple sold the decade-long couplet.Now, he and his wife ran a painting mounting the pavement, so that not only can supplement income of life, but also for his knowledge and learning more works of art of calligraphy has facilitated.Hard work pays off, more than ten years of experience, his maturity level of the book arts, won everyone’s praise.Now everybody says he is promising calligrapher.    Turning to the understanding of the art of calligraphy, Zhao Wu deep feelings.He said that calligraphy is the carrier of culture, calligraphy is not only to write, but writing is a kind of cultural heritage.A real calligrapher should have deep cultural accomplishment.In his perception, the calligraphy known as calligraphy, calligraphy way of writing is not simply the pursuit of high spirits, and describe the soul is always pursued the highest level calligrapher.In calligraphy, look above the “form quality” form of quality is look for the existence of the prerequisite and basis, during calligraphy, only to reach the heart hand double smooth, two things I forgot to write the truth Emotion, financial into their knowledge cultivation and aesthetic taste.”Art is not everyone’s leaving their appreciation of the art of calligraphy belongs to all mankind, rather than an individual.So, when he performed calligraphy, he has been in pursuit of “the look is, form quality, followed by” artistic effect.    ”Calligraphy is the best shortcut does not cut corners,” which is a summary of Zhao Wu brilliant way of calligraphy.He said: “When the ink excellent pleasure in life, changes in temperament deep knowledge” of a person if only focus on temporary posts, write, do not pay attention to their own cultural enrichment, it can not be called calligrapher, only natural outpouring of the spirit of sincere, can produce arts , writing in a general sense function can only be called “writing craftsman”.Thus, Zhao Wu Chiai and understanding of the art of calligraphy is has a master’s touch of.    Having a book of Zhao Yi Wu things, reporters have to talk about his feelings document intended, because he was a quite well known young writers, poets.Before only know that he was a calligrapher, but the review before the interview, I was surprised to find his relevant information, he is a poet.So, he and literature, recalled the story also became a focus of attention of reporters.    Zhao Wu grew very fond of literature, from the primary school there is a literary dream.It is because of harbor dreams, he never gave up in the face of heavy pressure of life, still adhere to by listening to the radio, read a book to enrich themselves, accumulated bit by bit life.Childhood misery, let Zhao Wu early to start thinking about life, feelings freehand.    Wu Zhao mid-2006 published his first book of poems, “wild flowers open”.His collection of poems which he covered in bits and pieces from 1983 to 2006 in mid-life, from small to large can be described as a life experience, from life occurs in heart.”Wildflower open” can be said that he has accumulated in the decades after the Beginning of a masterpiece and, through this collection of poems we hear the symphony of the country in his eyes, but also smell the fragrance of the air after the open floor wildflowers, heavy feeling after feeling the earth close.These poetic language fresh and bright, true feelings, a little more pure, simple.As the saying goes, “it is a gorgeous beauty, dull is a beauty.The difference is that our hearts are not the same sentiment Bale.”In short, peruse Zhao Wu, is embodied in him self into the realm of art from the music, whims and way of life, the natural harmony of the wisdom of life.    As someone once said in an article he wrote it: “Zhao Wu never self-proclaimed poet of the times, but he always was the son of a farmer in a gesture, a land of Rye angles observation of life , understanding life, celebrate life.”Chinese men of letters has always been quiet and tranquil for the United States, in terms of Zhao Wu calligraphy works, or from his literary works, we are able to read this beauty.We believe, rustic tranquility is a poem on the Roads and speeding live together, if the language is lit, desolate will be warm.