At dusk, dressed in wedding dress waiting cuckoo in the past against the wall waiting for the rain waiting for the palace is not a reckless who promise the moon with your swing thoughts climb hills as darkness spread the pain I had given you my promise the lingering over who now fell into the marshes I finally want to die like a cuckoo you are dressed in heavy snow slowly come your eyes bright as snow snow engulfed troubles you figure you swallowed my heart since I like a cuckoo singing every night I sing you sing your young face Allure snow onions fingering Sentimental fleeting sing your noble Weifei previous years, I bet the king fagot inferior to a war drama, you smile Allure him when I finally saw transformed into smoke signals moment of your peerless face I crawl a hundred years in tears waiting for a hundred years in the ground again I hear you walk – you abandon the country to give up my life for you hit gem with the sound of the plane-tree you come to bury me said to me something, just lightly said I gave up coming century enlightenment repair together with you in the fire Nirvana, like a The most beautiful Phoenix I sing that I, we ashes with the fire of love today, I hold you in my arms your lips slightly parted kiss you like to kiss the World Gold Indus fire of love that you asked remember the world, then whether you bow shy moment, the sun has melted remember that the world can you say cuckoo would like to do, and I fly and fly?

Look for spring

I’m looking forward to, I looked attentively, I enjoy sucking, I tried to capture.    Northeast black piece of land, the pace of late spring.    I went looking for the spring, to the field, to the edge of a field, to the River.Branches confided buds, peach before bloom.  Creek merrily singing, small birds twitter.    Grass secretly drilled from the ground, wild flowers bloom quietly in the corner.  Loosened soil mixed with fragrant spring breeze softly crossed face, children with open arms, walked tottering gait came, the old man stretch of the vicissitudes of wrinkles, smile covered brow.    Hill laughed, Huan water, green trees, and people laughed.    Is a beautiful spring, I put into the embrace of spring.

Ink rhyme poem sequential open, meaning brilliant pen of customs intelligence (reporter’s notes)

Prior to the interview, Zhao Wu reporter accidentally saw Yang Huanting teacher speak to his collection of poems “wild flowers open” in the preface: “His poetry as mountain daisy-like simplicity.Although there is no elegant apricot, peach blooming, peony rich, but in the autumn air blows into the open in the cliff road, in the humble place exudes a faint, carrying earthy fragrance.”After seeing him, the reporter found, in fact, reveals this simple temperament not only his poetry, and his calligraphy, his life.    Perhaps, in the Holy Land Xi’an Royal Park this sage Masatoshi giving birth, he is not the most prominent of a reputation that, but he Chiai life was enough for us to see his great love of mind and tension of life, and whom deeply moved.    Laying paper, grind, consider, pen.When his ink mutiny was a handsome one font, reporters seem to feel this way he dedicated to study and adhere to the book arts.”Badly written, write about.”His words, though not much, but it reveals a sincere and kind.Brow, people feel there is always a noble emotion in slowly flowing.In this hot summer day, he was silent as a reed, moved to reporters his party to see the poetry and beauty of life.So, this refined amazing young poet calligrapher ink exactly how to rhyme, feeling sort of shut?With these questions, this reporter approached Zhao Wu’s inner world.    Wonderful place in life, it is to find or create a suitable stage, put their talents and potential vividly played out, I do not care about the outside world praise or destroyed, not because of changes in the external environment, the satisfaction of all heart are in the process among the.Valuable point in life, but also that stick to their spiritual home, to maintain personal independence and freedom of thought.Although Zhao Wu intersection before and not very deep, but when his meditation chat, he’s the “wonderful” and “valuable” natural or revealed in his conversation, his look, even, in the glow of his brush in his writings.    The artist’s works have a kind of open north and rough weather in the author’s impression, much like the word Dongpo.In this hot summer, reading works of calligraphy Zhao Wu, gave the author presents a delicate and graceful artists north side, as if this time I approached a roll of antique books that linger like a dendrite, and as if the clear spring water more like a silent guxiang owned by people ringing sound of the door.Perhaps the style is the man, Zhao Wu Qian Qian elegance and personality as it should be.    Book as it were, that is true.Zhao Wu calligraphy with affection visibility, pen passionate emotion, candidly reveal the nature of the paper.The pen is the kind of elegant and timeless style inherited the aesthetic qualities of the natural joy of Chinese traditional calligraphy art.His calligraphy, giving the impression that a prominent ink rhyme poem, look good.Visible, Zhao Wu word is carefully written out.Its creation is by looking for words mood of the release process, it is to reveal the true nature of Emotion.Days down like a waterfall, Vientiane confused flow, the state proceeds to a pen, brush does not stagnate informal, casual run dry, natural blurring video tapes, one go.He advocated calligraphy aesthetic and taste in the first place, calligraphy writing of send pregnant.It shows the bosom of the Spirit from his work, he was indifferent to a detached, creating a colorful world of calligraphy.    Commenting on the way the process of learning calligraphy, Zhao Wu emotion.All the way to the bitterness, all the way to adhere to, when those memories slowly spread in the road of expansion has gone, he’s fine, clear words after all.    20-year-old Zhao Wu learning calligraphy, all the way to study, through ups and downs.Initially due to limited economic conditions, only through on waste paper, cement floor exercises and write calligraphy couplet to upgrade their skills, and there is no professional guidance, everything all by itself groping.He has dampened with water on the concrete floor exercises, a stick is more than a decade, but had to squat on the ground too long to write dizziness fell, scraped his forehead, but the face of these hardships, he has never regretted it, never I never had to give up the idea.Him most was pleased that, over the years, his wife always been quietly support him, so that he had to be able to ink a bold swipes at everyone in sight, from mid-1995 onwards, he worked in his wife’s the support and assistance of the couple sold the decade-long couplet.Now, he and his wife ran a painting mounting the pavement, so that not only can supplement income of life, but also for his knowledge and learning more works of art of calligraphy has facilitated.Hard work pays off, more than ten years of experience, his maturity level of the book arts, won everyone’s praise.Now everybody says he is promising calligrapher.    Turning to the understanding of the art of calligraphy, Zhao Wu deep feelings.He said that calligraphy is the carrier of culture, calligraphy is not only to write, but writing is a kind of cultural heritage.A real calligrapher should have deep cultural accomplishment.In his perception, the calligraphy known as calligraphy, calligraphy way of writing is not simply the pursuit of high spirits, and describe the soul is always pursued the highest level calligrapher.In calligraphy, look above the “form quality” form of quality is look for the existence of the prerequisite and basis, during calligraphy, only to reach the heart hand double smooth, two things I forgot to write the truth Emotion, financial into their knowledge cultivation and aesthetic taste.”Art is not everyone’s leaving their appreciation of the art of calligraphy belongs to all mankind, rather than an individual.So, when he performed calligraphy, he has been in pursuit of “the look is, form quality, followed by” artistic effect.    ”Calligraphy is the best shortcut does not cut corners,” which is a summary of Zhao Wu brilliant way of calligraphy.He said: “When the ink excellent pleasure in life, changes in temperament deep knowledge” of a person if only focus on temporary posts, write, do not pay attention to their own cultural enrichment, it can not be called calligrapher, only natural outpouring of the spirit of sincere, can produce arts , writing in a general sense function can only be called “writing craftsman”.Thus, Zhao Wu Chiai and understanding of the art of calligraphy is has a master’s touch of.    Having a book of Zhao Yi Wu things, reporters have to talk about his feelings document intended, because he was a quite well known young writers, poets.Before only know that he was a calligrapher, but the review before the interview, I was surprised to find his relevant information, he is a poet.So, he and literature, recalled the story also became a focus of attention of reporters.    Zhao Wu grew very fond of literature, from the primary school there is a literary dream.It is because of harbor dreams, he never gave up in the face of heavy pressure of life, still adhere to by listening to the radio, read a book to enrich themselves, accumulated bit by bit life.Childhood misery, let Zhao Wu early to start thinking about life, feelings freehand.    Wu Zhao mid-2006 published his first book of poems, “wild flowers open”.His collection of poems which he covered in bits and pieces from 1983 to 2006 in mid-life, from small to large can be described as a life experience, from life occurs in heart.”Wildflower open” can be said that he has accumulated in the decades after the Beginning of a masterpiece and, through this collection of poems we hear the symphony of the country in his eyes, but also smell the fragrance of the air after the open floor wildflowers, heavy feeling after feeling the earth close.These poetic language fresh and bright, true feelings, a little more pure, simple.As the saying goes, “it is a gorgeous beauty, dull is a beauty.The difference is that our hearts are not the same sentiment Bale.”In short, peruse Zhao Wu, is embodied in him self into the realm of art from the music, whims and way of life, the natural harmony of the wisdom of life.    As someone once said in an article he wrote it: “Zhao Wu never self-proclaimed poet of the times, but he always was the son of a farmer in a gesture, a land of Rye angles observation of life , understanding life, celebrate life.”Chinese men of letters has always been quiet and tranquil for the United States, in terms of Zhao Wu calligraphy works, or from his literary works, we are able to read this beauty.We believe, rustic tranquility is a poem on the Roads and speeding live together, if the language is lit, desolate will be warm.

Shandong trip – perception Tarzan

June 10, 2013 6:46 am, our party of 42 people from school, take nearly 14 and a half hour bus arrived in Shandong, the use of 11 and 12, two days, has toured the Tai Wu Yue Only Taishan, Jinan and Qufu world the first spring Baotu three best in the world – Confucius Temple, Confucian and Cemetery.13 8:00 am return from the same route.  Now carefully recall the entire journey, I was still deep feelings of Tarzan, is one I will never forget the journey of life.  Legend, long long ago, early into the world, the world just now, there is a man named Pangu grow between heaven and earth, the sky daily increased ten feet, ten feet thick earth day, Pangu also long daily high ten feet.So day after day, year after year, he did so indomitable spirit to live.After a long eighteen thousand years, high YORK, thick earth, the earth also looks very high, gasification he made breathing air, breathing turned into a thunderous voice, his eyes blinking, and blue light flashed round after round, this is lightning, he becomes happy when skies sun Qinghe, when he became angry sky raining.Later, Pangea slowly aging, and finally passed away.Suddenly the Giants fell to the ground, his head became Dongyue, abdomen became Zhongyue, left arm became the Southern Mountain, his right arm into a Northern, feet turned into Nishioka, became the sun and the moon eyes, hair became vegetation, sweat turned into rivers.Since Pangu, created the world, future generations respect for the human ancestors, his head became Tarzan.So, Tarzan is called supreme “world mountain” became the saying of the first, the “Five Sacred Mountains long”, “Wu Yue Only” in the world.  ”After entering the Qin and Han, Tai Shan has become the symbol of the regime.Since ancient times, Chinese people worship Tarzan, there ‘Tarzan security, universally safe’, ‘rock solid’, ‘peace and prosperity’ and ‘Tarzan feather’ argument.Tarzan saying: ‘There did not know’ in Tarzan, originally referred to Lubanga’s apprentice, is a bamboo craftsman.According to legend, the Spring and Autumn Period of the famous carpenter Lu Ban, who recruit a group of disciples.Luban cherish their reputation, from time to time, we must eliminate the individual ‘is not a’ disciples from the people.Luban apprentice young man named Tarzan, looks not bad herbicides, little skill to grow.In order to maintain ‘class doors’ reputation, Luban Yi then quit Tarzan.After a lapse of several years, only a stroll Luban rate market, suddenly found that many of them the work of exquisite bamboo furniture stalls, arts reached a high degree, customers snapped up.To love the Luban want to get to know about the bamboo expert, inform people about.He was told that this is Luban master apprentice, made by well-known Tarzan.Luban surprise, remember when Tarzan wrong speech, deeply ashamed, exclaimed: “I have really did not know ah!” There did not know “on the resulting.Ancient dynasties and continue to worship in Fengshan Taishan, Mount Tai and down in God and plastic temple, stone inscriptions.Ancient literati more admirers in every possible way to Tarzan, have come to travel, poetry FILES.At left more than 2,500 ancient stone on Mount huge mountain.”The best explanation Wang guide, let me Tarzan is more fascinating, magical coupled with the Tarzan legend, we can not wait to see the style of Tarzan.  Our group ride along the spiral mountain, came Zhongtian Gate at about nine o’clock in the morning.Wang said the guide from the day the door boarded the South Gate takes about two hours, up from the South Gate can be reached yuhuangding Yuhuangding Taishan very top, at an altitude of 1545 meters.Asking everyone to 12:00 unified collection in South Gate lunch, half past three pm in the collection returned Zhongtian Gate.  I silently in my heart, secretly resolved to be given to board Yuhuangding.  Mountaineering people old and young, men and women, have helped before, that there crutches to walk, there are small groups go hand in hand, have stopped along the way while watching the side of the smartphone or camera to take pictures of, and I have neither a smartphone nor a camera, although also like to take pictures, leave a memorial, but do not like to trouble others, despite the school Director Wang carry a camera for all services, but because of his slow walk, I can not keep up with the pace, so I had to “go unrivaled in the world”.It suddenly began to drizzle, I and everyone else put on the school issued a raincoat walking in the rain, tired lying on the fence rest for a while, looking view scenery.  In more than rest, I found Tarzan Duosong Bo, the more its solemn, majestic, lush; the addition Xiquan, therefore no lack of scenery and lingering.Misty clouds are changing to make it adds a bit of mystery and esoteric.It is both beautiful foot area, quiet secluded area, open desert area, there are wonderful illusory zone, deep Austrian region; also heard that there are ten rising sun, clouds jade plate, sunset Sunset, Yellow River gold belt natural wonders and stone dock Songtao, pine absolutely odd, Taoyuan Vihara, Yeongam other top ten scenic natural landscape, just like a natural landscape painting; cultural landscape, its layout focus on the first mountain community Jide Thai city from the southwest, Artemisia mountain to sue Yuhuangding days to form a “hell,” “human,” “paradise” triple space.Daimiao is the main building on foot axis Thai city, street before groaning, followed by winding mountain path, integrally formed mountain.Thus climbing step by step, getting better, and then by the “world” into the “heaven Once upon a time”.  Longing heart, unable to stop, drink water continues to climb.  The number of the most difficult to climb eighteen, listening to the guide, said Wang Tai Shan is said there are three eighteen.From the mountains to the goal as “slow eighteen”, and then to becoming immortal Square as “leisurely and eighteen”, and to the South Gate as “tight eighteen”.”Tight eighteen” West Cliff rock dangling, like the silhouette of Buddha cephalic pillow, high nose and bald, kindly face smiling, welcoming Buddha name.Eighteen rock steep inclination of 70-80 degrees, the Taishan Mountain Road disc most advantageous period, a total of more than 1630 stone steps order, one of the main signs Tarzan.Here two mountain cliffs, such as cut, steep Odds mosaic, from afar, like the day the door ladder.  Among the breathless, I finally crossed the eighteen, and more than one after another in front of my climbers.I told myself not stop, this is not just climbing, but also a challenge for their perseverance.In support of indomitable will, unknowingly came to the South Gate, a watch, exactly 11 o’clock.All around strangers, obviously, I was the first person to Nantianmen school board, and by the time 1 hour 40 minutes, although not as mountaineering champion 58 minutes, but also achieved a major breakthrough in his life.  Feel the time is premature, Ben heaven street in a circle, Yuhuangding wanted to continue to climb, but had to listen to others say more than one hour to reach the Jade Emperor, the estimated collection time, sure enough, had to give up.So they return to South Gate, or not see the school teacher in sight, I stopped to listen to other tour guide.  After listening to explanations I realized Taishan Scenic Area, in addition to the guide said Wang ancient stone, as well as peaks 156, 143 Cliff Ridge, the name of the hole at 72, 72 rocks, valleys 130, waterfall Lake 64, name springs 72, trees million lines, the ancient tombs 13, 14 at the Grotto, modern artifacts at 12, more than pieces of cultural relics.Existing ancient buildings at 22, 97 ancient sites, the study of the history of Chinese ancient architecture provides the kind of information.  Taishan there is also a lot of cultural landscape.As Wang Tai guide talked about often is the emperor worship altar to pray for peace and prosperity and to hold grand ceremonies land.The first large-scale Fengshan ceremony held here is the emperor, Qin period had a total of 72 monarchs to Mount Fengshan; from the Qin and Han to the Ming and Qing emperors to Taishan Fengshan total of 27 times.A closer look, that overlapping mountains, thick body, pines and boulders contrast, changes in clouds, so forceful in Taishan in both bright, serene trace of magic.No wonder people think that god will be given auspicious “Furui” in Mount Fengshan worship, which will form the ancient traditional ceremony of Tarzan.Be “Furui,” he argued, I feel honored.  Also heard Taishan sunrise is one of Daiding spectacle, but also an important symbol of Tarzan, whenever diffuse clouds in the morning or evening, visitors standing on the high hills along the look, you may see the misty curtain of fog, exhibit a red color within the blue outer ring, or the entire head silhouette image reflected in it, if the head side statues halo colorful, so called “Buddha” or “specter”.Taishan Buddha is a phenomenon of diffraction of light, its appearance is conditional.According to records, mostly on an annual 6 Taishan Buddha?Half sunny half of fog in August weather, but when the sun shines.Unfortunately, the day was cold, rainy, unable to watch the spectacle.  And I am most impressed Taishan stone to many world famous.Wang did feel a guide telling the truth after watching these stone.Some of these stone emperor personally wrote, while others come from the hands of celebrities, most beautiful diction, elegant body of the book, ingenious.Emperor Fengshan Taishan magnificent and varied activities and stunning views of Mount Tai, the ancient cultural figures Fun to be Tarzan poetry writing, leaving thousands of poems stone.As Confucius “Qiu Ling Song,” Simaxiangru of “A. book” Cao Zhi’s “Dragon chapter,” Li Bai’s “Tarzan Yin”, Du Fu, “Wang Yue,” Mao Zedong “Patio Spring Snow” and other poems Wen, China’s Famous handed down.Taishan stone stele, set the culmination of the art of Chinese calligraphy, real grass Li fragrance and taste of each body, Yan Liu Ou Zhao factions to complete, is the Expo ancient Chinese art of calligraphy and stone.Tarzan existing intact stone 1696, is divided into Cliff and inscriptions, important information not only records the history of Tarzan, Tarzan is one of the wonderful places in the landscape.  At 12 am, we gathered together four teams each surrounded a table, while smiling and talk about feelings, while “wolf” with lunch.Eat simple: each table four dishes, a bread, a bottle of chili sauce, a small bottle of Double pot, a bowl of longevity noodles per person.But the price is quite expensive, a bowl of noodles is necessary to 15 yuan.This table was down to at least 300 yuan.  This meal makes me endless emotion: President Wang to lead us out of the four days is really painstaking, these days all spending only 42 people to eat and drink, housing, and so it is worth a near two-year teacher’s salary.  For me, I can only take advantage of this hard-won opportunity to travel, will tour the maximum extent possible Tarzan.After lunch wanted to continue to climb Yuhuangding.Unexpectedly sudden changes in weather, dense fog, a distance of at showing clouds of the state.  So President Wang decision to backtrack.I know the president decided to make the case, for everyone’s safety, they obey.Return in order not to regret, also were to spend money to Matsuyama took some six inches and eighteen large one-minute snapshots – POSE put every shape, revealing smiling appearance, but also the way to the wife and discontent 8 month-old daughter were bought a red and black agate bracelet bracelet mahogany.  Return Zhongtian Gate, a guide to know and asked Wang, originally from South Gate to reach only about half an hour Yuhuangding.After listening to regret.Because listening to the tour guide said the main peak of Mount Tai scenic spot to the center, was radial distribution, protection and construction of over thousands of years, Qilu Taishan uprooted over hills, towering peak, steep mountains, which rise amid stacked to form a “list small mountain “and” arch Dai peaks’ of Gaokuang momentum.Because while he mistook missed boarded Yuhuangding feel “list of small mountains” and “arch Dai peaks” of opportunity.After I heard my teacher brought his fiancee Wupeng Jun Li Huan teacher non-stop climbing the yuhuangding a taste of what is called “list of small hills” and “arch Dai peaks”.This is more so I feel a bit sorry.  Gordon finished Tarzan, sincerely feel how a tired Zile?Amazing how a legend?Taishan culture thick, is mortal and so far my undying endless talk.I waited only strive to climb to the panoramic view of life Guanghua.  June 16, 2013

Classic Quotes: you come, I’ve been waiting for you

Classic Quotes: you come, I’ve been waiting for you classic quotations: you come, I’ve been waiting for you classic quotations: you come, I’ve been waiting for you a true friend, hard to find, regret, but also forget.2, love, you will not make someone else’s fault and not pleasant, but because of the truth and joy, should have been ready to forgive, to trust, to hope, and to endure.3, it was said, fell in love with a city, because the city is home to a favorite person.In actual fact, in love with a city, perhaps as a vivid landscape of the city, is a past Ome, is a familiar old house.Perhaps, just as only this city.Like falling in love with a man, sometimes without any reason, no antecedent, nothing to brothels, but love.Shown in Figure 4, we are always at the wrong time, wrong place, then fell in love with that person Bubur.Then, he had exhausted his life, forgotten.5, you have the faith to the young, the old doubts on.Confident on the young, the old fear on.There is hope on the young, the elderly despair.Etching years but your skin, but if they lose the enthusiasm, your soul is no longer the young.Douglas MacArthur 6, in this world I like three things, the sun, the moon and you.During the day the sun, moon night, and you are forever.As shown in Figure 7, if life equals a day, twenties, at most, is the morning 7:12, it is about to go out of time.Do not I was too late as an excuse, we are still young, you can also fall, you can also make mistakes, you can go back, you can re-start.Future yet to come, all too late, nothing can not be changed.It will be sad thing, do not ask, can not tell.8, you are good, you do not need anyone to prove.Because each one of the greatest exciting, is independent.9, life can get something for nothing, only the poor, lazy, disease, despair, dreams do not have practice, it is nothing dreamy, action is the only disease leads to the other side of the boat.There are always confused, hesitant, confused and misguided, those gloomy clouds, masking the fate of the sun, we need a calm, patience, persistence, change, as long as the immortal belief, the struggle is another kind of scenery, failure is another brilliant.10, love is a dream, but some people can always overslept.11, firmly grasp the old pain and hold you just give strength to those who hurt you, let them control you.But when you forgive them, you will cut off links with these people, they can no longer fight against you.They do not think forgiveness is let them go, you do not for anything else, for yourself.Nick Vujicic 12, life is too short, a minute can not be left to the people and things that make you unhappy.13, I do not think people grow more tolerant cover, and can accept everything.(Classic quotations) On the contrary, I think it should be a selecting process, knowing what is most important is to know what important things are, then be a simple man.”Forrest Gump” 14, the saddest person in the world than to show off the advantages of itself is not enough, but it is pathetic inferiority to annoying arrogant, boastful to hide.15, always slowly mature, this flashy world see more clearly, to see through the camouflage of the real, to see the hidden false, many had believed things would no longer believe.However, to believe that this world better than I do always dark, always more than happy suffering, there are a lot of things, always believe you deserve.16 Lung Ying-tai, sometimes, we have chosen to keep a distance with someone, not because do not care, but because clearly know that he does not belong to you.17, if the bid farewell to some wrong in the past just to hand poking a future, that future and the past, what are?When the future will come, your inner hesitation, sober, and retreated to test the precious gift of all gifts of time: only across them, peace of mind you will be able to go forward.18, love the people will grow up with emotional twists and turns, the love of people not because of a break up and end, but not because of a mistake and really did a hundred times not to be unfaithful.Love all the way down deeper and deeper, only deeply loved, and know each other well, will not be separated.Simple is not necessarily the best, but the best must be simple.19, step left, step right turn; step forward, and one step back; only so repeatedly marching pace, dance, made possible thing.Only so repeatedly marching pace, love becomes possible thing.The Truth About Love, so.Kevin Tsai 20 years new, and I grow old in the slightest, can not wait for you, but to be silent in the soft quiet time where.Whenever you walk across from the thousands of faces, I will burst into tears.Gently say: you come, I’ve been waiting for you.