The first meeting of the people, because it is so foreign to each other

The first meeting of the people, because it is so foreign to each other, between talk, more or less will be camouflaged with reservations, and even showed itself completely opposite personal side.So, is not the first time we met to talk quite well, they fit close friends, but also not the first time the conversation can not find common themes, not suitable for further development as friends or lovers.

Always in a familiar place, feel good views

Always in familiar places, feel the scenery beautiful; always adept at things not produce a better visual.Often, we were familiar things, numb nerve; often, we as common scenario, shielded his eyes.See the novel, not a sense of passion, numb, tired, Duirenduishi, indifferent.The same is the life, the mind is fickle.In the familiar life, ignite new passion, it is the focus of your life.

Maintain a normal, not blind comparisons

No matter how impetuous society, we ourselves can not impetuous.The key is to overcome the impetuous truly understand their needs, maintain a normal, do not blindly compete, not to envy others, not mercenary.Listen to their voices, understand their real needs, rather than follow the crowd, only know to go with someone else in the back.So that my mind simply up and vanished inside the impetuous nature.Welcome to the official micro Quotations concern Tencent Weibo: HTTP: // t.QQ.COM / iweiyulu

This constellation over a range of four to speak at what time will be filled with arts

In the course of conversation to communicate with others in a person’s conversation can often reflect a person’s overall quality and temperament.For many people, giving the impression is the most intuitive of others and their own conversation and instrumentation, and process and communicate with others, to give the other point of view we are also often the importance of.In the four constellation will be at what time to make their own way of speaking it becomes theatrical?  Leo: Do not pushy when Leo man is very low key, so for some lively scenes often do not see the figure of Leo.Leo not pushy, so in the face of unnecessary attended the scene, courtesy Leo might go to, but this is the way of speaking Leo will become art, on the other hand it reflects the personality by Leo constraints, because under normal circumstances, manner of speaking Leo is rational and intuitive.  Taurus: Taurus borrow money when money has a great obsession, love of money is a manifestation of the most prominent Taurus for.But the Taurus and not because of their characteristic love of money and become stingy, generous in the face of Taurus will lend each other when someone borrows money from Taurus, Taurus but this time not as straightforward explanation intention with others as usual, but we will speak with a more literary way to indicate their attitude, which indicates that the Taurus is not a mindless show their deep pockets, but has its own principles.  Scorpio: Scorpio is not like other people when too many romantic factor, and therefore have a defect in emotional expression.Scorpio for a person like each other often do not feel the obvious, but one thing is certain is that, at this time of the Scorpio way of speaking will change.Scorpio usually gives the impression is the direct reason, but in the face of people like Scorpio’s speaking style is theatrical, it is because the Scorpio suppress their emotions.  Pisces: Pisces is infected when the environment often moved by the occasion at some point, the face of the whole body of beauty and touching stories often exhibit their own emotional side.Especially in the face of beauty, powerful environment will appeal Pisces manner of speaking have changed, when the Pisces tend to give some usual and some are not evaluated, and this evaluation also reflects the unusual dramas.

Revenge for the husband Liang

There was a man named Dai ten, did not know his history, only know that after the war, he lived in Zuojiazhuang southeast of Luoyang, in order to give the helpers do for a living.Mao fall of that year, in August, a concierge courtiers put the horse in the bean fields, the crops are trampled, wearing a ten put the horse kicked him out.This porter fury, horse whip chaos pumping wearing ten, even killed him.Dai ten wife surnamed Liang, carried the bodies to the camp appeal.This concierge is a rich and powerful family of slaves, the owner is very reliance on him, with two cows, a handful of silver, the whereabouts of Liang apologize, and said to her: Your husband is dead, and this is destiny.Your two children are still small then, took the money, they can feed their families.Even the people who killed your husband killed, your dead husband what good is it?Liang said: I have not done anything wrong husband, was killed, how can you say this is about the money thing?As long as I subordinated his life, our mother is begging, also willing!People see to convince her, he said to Liang: Do you want to kill this person is not a person?Liang said: What are afraid of!Said picked up the knife, should get involved.We are a little afraid of this woman, but also hate the murderer, he ordered put to death immediately killed him.Liang is really a brave woman!She not only not afraid of the powerful people, but also resolutely refused their bribe.Because money bought, is that the wicked life, he Liuzaishishang, it may have to ride roughshod, dry wicked things.Liang before money manifested integrity, really Jiaoren admiration!This story comes from the Jin Dynasty scholar Yuan wrote “added Yi Jian Zhi”, the original is this: I do not know what kind of people wearing ten, after the chaos, ranking Luoyang southeast Zuojiazhuang to commission for the industry.Mao fall in August, a soybean fields Interpreter Wrangler, wear eviction of.Interpreter anger, chaos hammer horse died policy.Liang’s wife, dead lift Yi camp appeals.Interpreter of your slaves is the owner of the Forest.Because two cattle, a platinum Wat, Liang atonement, Miller says, saying it: thy man dead, also destiny.Two sons are young, you can have the money to self-support.This will make it kill people, what benefits the deceased?Liang said: my husband die innocent, how can they made profits?But was this slave for death, my mother begging, also willing points!The public can not be won, that Liang said: Runing who want to commit suicide yeah?Liang said: How dare!Due to take the knife, to be self-chop.Public fear this woman, resentment Interpreter, ordered that is dead, is to kill it.

It does not take life

Part One: They do not take life when, get on a thin film of this moment quietly approaching, the heart can calm it still pot?Before the sit-in order, but also whether a smile, a bearish Yunjuanyunshu do not rush it?Wind, gently brushed face without expression, whether they carved, there were dark clouds ah?Whenever, in this dead of night, in the silence of the empty ring you can always hear the sound of the heart beating.This voice, it is a song?Who can understand, he sang joys and sorrows, pain or joy of it?If, in life, no one understand your heart, do you feel lonely lonely it?Whether life and make the heart ache —?War diffuse dust Que, the desolate night, heart, will follow the cold.Cold?Hold yourself!So as not to be afraid, not cold.Only at this moment, I can feel it, I really real, will not touch the body temperature.Night, always so lonely endless territory, there is no lack of the spread of this gone wild and bleak.This, there will always be people, this feeling of being swallowed by the darkness of fear and Lenovo.If not brave and strong, perhaps this thin posture, stand up to this suffocating empty fiddle and hidden it, I do not know, it can make people Xiaoxiao Cang Mountain, how far and how long?The moon wanes and forth, always outline the tide and ebb tide, flowering and Xie mottled memory.Man secretly into book writing this, brothels and off the West Bridge painting, river and isolated on a person’s style.At this time, it has always wanted people to ask the strings v floral music, hang Wudie forget a person’s sense of impulse.But, Yuet Wah is strong, years of quiet good, the scenery is also still in the heart Ruoxi, it also hardly.  Life is easy ah old!The next dawn is a white-haired black hair ah.Shaohua not fade, before the arrival of the setting sun, why the cold autumn wind?It is time to hurry slowly?Or too late to write on, pull off what flowers grace.Life, how do you old?Empty hair hanging bitter three thousand feet, the world must laugh at everything yet?Whether, without the I, he had a lifetime Zuohua?Wukong dust thing, crossing to dust, old heart in relation to it?Ruoxi, why do initial chaos?I do not know the so-called unexamined life, so why not one of life’s great blessing ah!Well, the so-called life, the so-called life, and so-called stranger, and a stranger called it?Is Heaven Miao Miao, the heavens really wants to do things in the world as Zou dog?Of this, I also almost life?I also why everything becomes possible, accomplished my life I could not help the situation by the day it?Heaven and earth change, seasons often round, only the moon and stars are always there, in the end of life, there are those ancient not changed it?But times change, how much should the dusty years of stories to tell.  Not seen enough dust, his eyes near the sand; no sort of memory, the dust will caress the story; not had time to look good enough flowers, it is broken in one place Canhong also interpret over the Red; also did not appreciate finished, yellowed maple leaves Xu is not intended to dust, wind and frost the night on a pale heart and soul; not come and, counting Canyun laugh wipe Hongyang, leaving two lines of nameless no tears goodbye to bid farewell to life.Oh, life is so busy hurry from!Farewell no choice, no choice goodbye, but no choice to refuse.Does anyone remember that in the person’s life, to be rubbing shoulders with many people, how many stories they outline cloud of dust, mottled brandish their posture, how many they bring it back?Who would know that you understand what life really, to understand what is really done yet, but what really left?However, life is like a leaf, Mo to dust off the most, after all, that eventually became an unknown, unnamed dust.This is the fate of life, or twist of fate it?  Life, there is no reason to refuse happiness, but there is no reason to refuse pain.In addition to the interpretation of the expression, but also a memory of inscription belongs to every life.Lonely, no one will grab it with you, only yourself in the mirror Nongying, but difficult to drink Fu long song sound.Who can know just, how much happiness in life, suffering with geometric yet?And homes what, come on, what do they lose?Should, get rid of the pain, what happiness is, what can become of it?Should, no happiness, what it would be in life?From the dead to life, life is always sad reciprocating the raw Xiji.Does anyone know whether, in fact, life does not require much interpretation of Zen?Everything Bing source simple, pure and elegant original purpose in life is to dust with it.Alive, crossing the so-called empty sorrows and joys of life, who would go to so-called persistent fate it?When life and death are not important, happiness and suffering are not mind read like endless supernatant is like life, born out of the Holy Well.Things in life, too much, who knows, the United States is also in memory of the cold landscape painting.Life, you want to feel the touch of human well-being, this will be the Wordless Book, which is badly in life, flavors mixed Shen, will be brighter, clear sky ah!In life, the heart is the decision of the so-called source of all life.The so-called life is a journey to find the heart of soul of the soul, heart and soul, life is what is called the so-called life ah!(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) Looking at a person’s life, there was life obsession and delusions are so small but lightweight!No amount is too thin thickness of life.Because no one knows, tomorrow and accidents that will first come, I did not even a.Life and moment than it always so awe-inspiring.If we can really understand, Life is like the seasons change, like that nature, and we’ll see what comes naturally, calm in the face of all life.If you understand life, such as the sun and the moon change, the universe is so easy to color old ancient wheel remote and fickle, we will understand the life of this would happen in the event, also bearing witness, no matter how much we give up, what a persistent, it can not become eternal eternal.Because there is no eternal life forever.  Life is really old trade.When a person’s heart dust, beyond the thickness age, old people.And I, Shaohua not faded hair thinning the first.Perhaps because really, could not help heart pot tears, too emotional to live, it will be so sensitive and sentimental and more pregnant.Perhaps, too bent on his own life, he can not be too bearish eyes of thousands of secular style.Or maybe alive really good and so happy, so it is more reluctant, this attachment is so earthly scene and each object.Maybe life is like water, too fast too short, so I was so earnest and touching that belongs to every minute, every second thing.But, still in the mountains and streams, where to ah horizon Concert?Seriously my carefully, he insisted the nose to the grindstone Bing source of life, like a pear shallow dream, the night has been known to suddenly dream then alerted Miharu.Sometimes really think that life is crying came into this world, why leave it crying?And why, since it came into this world, but they can not refuse refuse unwilling to go through the?Why, there are so many question marks, waiting for us to find and give a reasonable answer?More often, I asked myself, if go, I’ll be the one humble dust it?Some may remember that I had been to do?If my next life, I still like this world as?Perhaps the thought of these, I will work harder to perception of life, careful to taste life, to taste every human emotion.So many times, it is easy sentimentality, it is easy to be tempted to squander their own innocence and sensibility.Because, I know, life is beautiful, it makes very heavy tears.Do not want to miss each touching the screen, so the total collection like every detail of life!Whenever happiness and joys and sorrows staged in front of the stage, I will own as the story really laissez-faire about it, so I’ll protagonist of the story as their own, it will swing with the story and their feelings.A tragic ending, often makes me often unable to bear the tears, it will simply stretch yourself confusedly.Over time, it is so rich in his heart, understanding it more, then there is more, and more understanding, those mundane style of interpersonal.When, slowly this along the way, see every step of his own to go.Perhaps many years later, I’m not a duckweed to send the world’s people, have your own family, your own worth paying will have a “hold your life, hold your life,” the man, and even have their own children, I hope, also my way, tell them how to understand life, understand life.For friends, I also use my own, unique meaning and charm to infect them, in addition to really deal with, I fear most is that, one day, we have become each other’s passing, the story became that rub shoulders and too, and it was an accident or life miserable in this respect and some past and the future of it, but this is cruel but can not help but sadly rejected.Remember, I’m saying to myself, who lives three things: family, business, less one filial piety, life is not good for the hospice.People, doing things their base there: honesty, righteousness, goodness, faith, holding thick Zhang Bing, which is the people, make friends, and these principles, the basic form.Very sensitive to its cheat, decadent life is inaction.If actors, forward and Heart treatment, retreat, and worthy heart, a degree of relaxation.This is the life I have!  Life, this is a TV series.Just give everyone their role is different.And I do not want to be a bad interpretation of the.A beauty bloom head, overflowing floral nose, what life is like flowers, you thick I thicker.Life, laughter from the past, listening to light the fate of it.Let everything flow between the heart and the pots so that they slowly change as the glycol fermentation time of intense effort it.Perhaps, the only way of life, people will understand that it is not only brew a cup of food for thousands of years spirits, life is empty cups bearing month, laugh drink a way of life with joy and pride.    Part two: take life Red Dust, weird twist of fate, suddenly look back, more than twenty years, now helpless sigh life, both the moon and can not afford to dance, but it is regrettable vicissitudes?  Things in the world, somewhere seems given day, how many friends classmate, not what.If the parents official battle, if battle rich, today’s position, the top life skills, long life, to this fame.  Wufei saints, unfamiliar with nothing being done, full of emotions, there are jealous of desire, also have ambitious long ago: “This is less than the non-toward less also, suffer the pain, the best man of the people.”It is also, things ring true, as do suffer their aspirations, says; top labor day, also in terms of workers of their bones, trials and hardships, and for the final stroke to the belief, cry and into.  However, things are unpredictable, habitats malleable people, many sick view of the world, heart disease is also the attendant, both of today’s situation —- wealth and who also illegal turn legitimate; ordinary idiot, relationship red envelopes for the Road, Yan for the pillars of the country.  Marketplace people, sunrise, sunset and go, work a few years, a less corrupt India, mortgage, ask the children, sweating, less corrupt officials phrase.Ugly world, far more than thousands, laughing Red, everything is smoke.  Justice lie?Own causal loop.Life geometry?Only thirty thousand days.This life is not in operation Mo sigh, laugh Wu Mo lightly life!    Part three: take life you stand on the bridge looking at the scenery watching the scenery you see the moon decorate your window you have decorated the dreams of others Bian liked this poem, simple upstairs, but people thousands of reverie.On several occasions I have copied the protagonist of the story, Yi Mei fluttering stood shrouded in darkness on the bridge, looking forward to the appearance of the actor, his chapter in my written, the written his life.However, expectations for longer, adventure impossible in the end did not come to me.Although a bit disappointed, but think it is by chance in the inevitable heart is much better.  Now many people like to put some things imagined himself as the inevitable story takes place, the result has been looking forward to every day, and ultimately disappointing ending, which is why it?Adaptable, more of a take it lightly, and enjoy more of a.  Once standing at a crossroads, left or right, or coin finally decided my fate, walked up to find that, in fact, each has his own way of scenery, as long as you put your heart.As long as you are determined, this is the right way.Do not force too, do not persist in the pursuit of something, like a water-like into the sea, while enjoying the scenery of the foot, go to the far side of the stream toward the goal.Chapter in life should be a record of the process, it should not be just the outcome of registration.  Like watching flowers bloom, like watching clouds scud across, like watching the sunset rising and falling, silent, but retain people is its life.Silent flowers, flowers also silent, but I want the whole process is flowers, red buds open the shackles, to show their posture on the branches, disdain for people who watch it, but also disdain this season belong to this world.How many in this brilliant season, their own level of unnecessary dependency tree absorb sunlight.They just want their life to show their good, good writing their own stories, not allowing people to criticize, not to regret.When falling, the earth can be very proud to tell my life, I never regret.  Yes ah, we should not let their own lives stain, regret.They do not take life, to live with a smile, smile all the obstacles facing life on the road.No smooth sailing people, who only want their own smooth, slow way of life, you must learn to relax and let yourself regret.  I stood on the bridge watching the scenery, the mood, waiting for my life the way.  In fact, I want to say is that a person look at the scenery is beautiful.    Part Four: They do not take life once thought, because some people appear, this or that will happen or change; some people because of the emergence of life will not be repeated; because some people appear side will not feel no one; in fact, otherwise, perhaps it is my past immaturity.Hunhundundun aftertaste that in the past, did not make me remember a few intentioned; Look back off footprints, like a long long string of ellipses; Kuse tasteless gaze that now seem adrift sky clouds; stare that vast future long, flowing stream of the entire universe seems to be vast.When innocent childhood dream of my heart beating again, I realized, because some meaningless things run around and consider too much, make their living tired too hard, the results are sometimes a lot of self-blame, worthless.Give yourself a little time to love and care about themselves, so this is not just their advice to you is to cherish human side, to understand this so that my life is not so naive and innocent in the.  The world does not change because you’re a little change, you only have to adapt and change obedience worlds, the world will not be because the moment you stop and stay, you only have to change their ideas really the day to make their own live with ease, very Happy.Do not go away thinking the blind do meaningless things, do not consider when away from these worthless followers, do not judge and go numb conclusion without some concept of right and wrong.It is nothing more than human, life, love life, love and hard work away, I wanted to simply make a simple, do not hesitate to accept this is all about you, and there is no hesitation to refuse should not be all about you, efforts do it yourself, in fact, carefully think about, everything we have been distressed, nor is it nothing more than to impose their own right, from beginning to end without also been fighting with their right?The world’s most powerful rival and enemy, not others, but we are most familiar unfamiliar himself, conquers himself is the most valuable.Beat yourself, you get everything.When I was sad to leave traces in the font, this is not what I do own creation?  Break with the past, those set my mind future generations of previous years.Farewell, my rhyme or reason to let those emotions fondness way, not retain, not yearning to go my way of life, let them pictures of it; to forget, let me scarred those years.Forget, let me repeat those depraved life style, not nostalgia, not look back, I sincerely do, let them remember it; I remember now, that makes me real time, remember, that I clearly visible years pace, not force, not reluctantly, cherish tenacious self, let them share it; waved his hand and say “bye”.Your life is like a “magnet”, regardless of how you get there can make you suck up, not yours in how you suck you suck will not be over, this is your life, do not bother to pursue unrealistic and too simple to do simple, life dominated by me.When I left a road scars in the chest, Consider that this is not their own hands made it?A man given to own a little hard, there is a saying classic “When the break is continued, the future will be chaos,” can only make people worry too cowardly and incompetent.Waving goodbye is not wonderful in the past, forget the success of drip and unpleasant fails, remember now what you have and treasure it, tell yourself, life could be more like the desert tenacious clinging clothes rice flower, how short regardless wonderful time constant use a beautiful way you like, they can make their own satisfaction, not to care about other people’s thoughts and comments, and people are not always the same, each has been good, so he must – take life.

It will take ten years to change their constellations

Sometimes, change yourself is not an easy thing, a lot of people want to change the world, in the end may find that they have been changed or some more.However, there is a saying, “a leopard change its spots”, you need time to change.For the following three years Zodiac sign, they are fully will take ten years to change their!  Taurus: perseverance is willing to adhere to the perseverance of Taurus constellation is a very, for them, it takes ten years to change yourself is nothing difficult.Because it had the courage to persist in the end, it will be regardless of the change of time and change, trying to make a change you want.Even now there is not much performance does not matter, take your time, do not worry, plenty of patience and time.  Leo: Leo spare no effort in a better way on the road change for the better, it will not stop the pace of.This has never been on their own for others to find fault with the deformation of the constellation, the ascension path of self spare no effort, so it takes ten years to change their.For them, sometimes perhaps that of a stick, the achievements of his.  Scorpio: Scorpio is willing to endure hardship deep Ayutthaya Ayutthaya relatively deep, also very hard-working sign, so for them, in ten years from the time I really did not change difficulty.They dare boil time, you will not find in front of and not see change in a hurry, they know that gold fears fire, the best time to grinding out results.  The above three constellations, will take ten years to change yourself.For them, maybe change is not easy, but made the decision to not back down, I hope we have such persistence and aggressive.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

You will be able to fly themselves and their

Child, animal husbandry, Wu very naughty days.Playing with his children, he did not eat a fist.Summer Feng Wan, near the school, only to find a job not done.Sixth grade elementary school summer vacation, my mother Wu Mutian sent to the countryside aunt, thinking away from the city, Wu-day animal husbandry, the convergence of the bar.Unexpectedly, a week later, Wu Mutian familiar with the new environment, unruly habit betrays the kids my age bruising.What a shame, a city people, not as a country baby.Neighbor aunt’s words, deeply touched him.From that moment, Wu Mutian secretly determined: resist the temptation, be a good boy.Have not had time to turn over a new leaf, aunt complain a phone, the Wu-day animal husbandry played back.This feeling of being swept out, let his little pride and frustration for a while.Back home, he is like a new man.In order to make a point like to confirm that they really can manage yourself, he went to cast a newspaper essay.This essay, he spent two days to write, has been amended six times.Two weeks later, a newspaper article was published, later was “excellent essay election” Selected.This made him the class actually a red.Resist the temptation, on its own is not enough, parents have to intervene where.One day, my mother asked him: animal husbandry day, do you want to be a general ah?When you want it, you have to be trained a little earlier.There is a military camp, I’ll go Baoge Ming, OK?What teenager does not want to be a general?Look visibly pleased to see his son, the mother said: military camp bitter, adhere to one week no problem?In this way, step by step, day, animal husbandry, Wu mother is deceived into a military camp.May come into the camp area less than half an hour, he wanted to escape, but was recaptured instructor, and finally he only accepted reality.He was deeply aware of: my mother did it not want me in a more favorable environment to grow up.What body missing, what gave up, so I gradually moving towards self-management.When the day was sent to Wu, animal husbandry science experiment class Lushan International Experimental School in a full score, the score suddenly suffered a late spring plummeting.The sudden drop in grades, a mother than the son is still anxious.To find ways to correct the child’s attitude towards learning.Son of a child to think of a small change in the country, my mother managed to touch on a Pingjiang outstanding results in a very poor family, but the students, let Wu go to their house, animal husbandry day experience life, to see how people are learning.In the students home, animal husbandry, Wu-day heart once again been a great shock: old house, eat well wear well, sleep well even sleep.Students not only learn, but also to do farm work, while never falling grades.Since then, Wu has become more hard days of animal husbandry.In 2012, Wu Mutian admitted to Purdue University Department of Physics, known as the mother of the American aerospace.Wu mother exclaimed: offer all kinds of forced worth coax, it is better to understand their own children!The best education is self-education, self-management is the best management!March 2013, Wu Mutian book “will be able to manage their fly”, which once again demonstrates the best management is self-management point of view.The book listed the second month before entering the 10 National Excellent bestseller list, and won the 2013 annual Bing Xin Children’s Book Award.You will be able to fly themselves and their!18-year-old Wu Ya, animal husbandry, Changsha manage their day, really let myself fly up.In an interview, he said: From hate being parents and teachers managed to gradually learn self-management, self-management and even fall in love in the process I realized the joy of growth.

Jianglangshan extremely scenery

Three pinnacles on Jianglangshan average slope of eighty eight degrees, a height of three hundred meters, which makes Xu stroked his short beard headache.Xu Ming Dynasty traveler and explorer, every mountain will ascend, distress will explore, in the lives of countless mountains and rivers stepped on the foot, but three times Jianglangshan tour, three times no way summit.1990, Lang Feng carved on cliff path along the cliff, feet first human set foot on the peak of Lang top, which is 37 years later than the foot on Everest, later than twenty foot on the moon eleven years. In the hillside beyond the bounds Lang Ping is the starting point to climb the peak.Standing here looking back, thin strip of sky and beyond the bounds floor, visitors to the bustling; upward, searching, meandering in the cliff “and” on the zigzag path along the cliff, only to find a few people sparse.Oh, Jianglangshan because of its steep, became a tourist destination, but also because of its steep, blocking most of the tourists climb footsteps.I have a fear of heights, but I went to the Cliff Road.Why should bite the bullet and go climb it?Because life on the road is not bypass many difficulties and obstacles, it is necessary here to practice guts. This is my second time to climb the peak Lang.The last time was in the past seven years, the resulting experience is the climb up or down the eye can not look around, just staring at the foot of the stone, just staring at the side of the cliff and iron railings, you can only see a few meters away The place. Cliff trail, was holed up in a cliff recess rest, it was clinging to trees growing from the crevices of the trunk elongation Bo child watching.This is their fear of difficulty fear the risk of performance, is a precursor to back down.Their mood is contagious, when confronted with this situation, I told myself: do not look at their faces, can not be on their bad mood infection, the body sideways over quickly go. Cliff Cliff upper and lower separate line, but then the length of the overlap in the middle of the cliff.Seize the iron railing to climb here, confronted by two people under the cliff, walking in front of a female tourists asked me: approaching the top yet?Tremble tone show her lack of confidence. A person under the cliff: yatou climb over the front of this projection, soon to. I know, this is the middle to upper, still a long way to the top, at the cliff man lied, the purpose is to give people see hope on the cliff, the cliff is to cheer people. Under the cliff in front of two people and crouched in the corner of the cliff were beyond me shouting: Do not be afraid, do not stop, topped with beautiful scenery and so you na. I did not look back, panting from their judgment, they catch up. After about a quarter of an hour, we climbed on a small platform, across a short bridge, the road becomes a one meter wide stone steps, not steep, the road on both sides of the tree also grows Mimizaza.That female tourists cheered, clapping her hands: the top, and finally approaching the top, and I was afraid of heights, even can climb so high, praise yourself, really brave! Is a not flat platform on the summit, we went to this place has gathered a dozen people.Mesa dozen square feet, was too barren stampede.Place near the west side of the cliff, the Wangting built a half-volley, seemed ready to fall.I held the fence, forced a calm walk up and let other people use my cell phone to my camera, taking photographs hastily came down.My legs felt weak shaking, heart thump thump also jump fast enough, where dare lookout Yeah, must strictly comply with previous experience, the eye does not look long-term perspective, then the United States should give up the scenery. Take the north side there is a small hut, which is not near the cliff, I confidently toward the front.This small hut only two or three square meters, there is an exit door is a spacious open, half closed lower half of the window is wide open, window panels are flat counters, behind the counter sat a lean and lean elderly , a girl of seven years old, mouth, lips cigarette, looking at camera sitting or standing or solid food or drink smiled visitors. On the counter stood a few bottles of mineral water, I asked: how much a bottle? Ten. This is more expensive than a foot eight or nine times, I asked: sell it? Sell. Indeed, visitors to climb to the top of the water, only to buy him here, monopoly business is not bad.Look, his feet on the ground there are two boxes of mineral water, a basic box empty, yet another box out of the box.I ask: What do you carry water several times a day up and down the cliff myself? On a trip. If no one else to help delivery, then back to an old man on the cliff two boxes of mineral water, really powerful!Behind him a row of shelves, what goods on the shelves and no.To remember the last time the ground with watermelon, bread and drinks on the shelves.I think it is mid-September, and have been watermelon off the city is also about tourism in the off-season prior to the National Day Golden Week.I said: years ago, watermelon here can sell really fast. It is someone else to sell. Certainly not the same person, because that person then looks fast seventy, seventy-five of the past seven years, six of the bar, but also less likely to do business on the cliff.Pause, I put a resting heart problems put out: so steep cliff, you go up every day, carrying a cargo do not be afraid? There is nothing to fear?Then, still faint smile. Consider also, the development of Lang peak climbing tour for so many years, thousands of people up and down, and fall to his death has not heard of. He suddenly grabbing to laugh, said solemnly: I’m not doing business, I also play and by taking some mineral water up to the people to drink. I understand that he and his predecessor are near the village, it is to avoid the scenic area management personnel, sneaky back the goods to do business on the cliff.Scenic area management personnel if not for the loss of rent and management fees to consider, for security reasons, would not allow the old man of seventy climb so high cliffs of doing business.However, he and his predecessor, and perhaps former predecessor, load up and down the cliff every day, even the goods sold at high prices, and small business so successful.They say tax evasion fled to escape the rental management fees or, say they exploit profits also, they say money, not lives whether, in short, their small business very successful, so in excellent shape, and this is very admirable.I say you rest assured, I will not report your. He threw a smoke ring yo, shallow smile back to the face. Previously said nervously panic mood is contagious, and now I have to say the same calm mood is contagious, and contagious stronger, from seeing his smiling face, my feet do not shake, heart qi to calm down the.I am the climb is well prepared, mineral water, fruit, dry food has a backpack, but I still spend ten money to buy him a bottle of mineral water, it means to buy his smile.I know that, under the cliff path steeper and more dangerous, life on the road as well as unknown risks barrier needs more times, with such a smile, what makes me step back too dangerous road? Coincidentally, when I was under the cliffs to scenic sitting on board the bus, I heard two people sitting next to talk about: female tourist at a steep cliff to the office, it can not go on, it can not lower down, whimpered.Later on down is how did not hear the. Transfer return the car out of the area.Windows, trees in rapid retreat; afar, three pinnacle of trees in the neutral Hushanhushan.They say the summit is the most beautiful scenery, I miss the peak of the landscape and regret.Another thought, the old man smile, and treat the cliff wall smooth sailing insurance smile, then put up a small business to do extremely smile, not exactly the most beautiful and stunning landscapes of the soul it?There is nothing to regret it?