365 days a year wore lovers constellation pairing

Every time I see those wearing lovers of lovers holding hands walk the streets at the time of happiness, a single moment of dogs will be ten thousand points of damage.But is there any way, in this world there is always another wave of people, their own little happiness in addition to family and friends know, I also like to tell the world a way to wear lovers.However wear lovers and also not a bad thing, as long as the well-dressed, spectators eyes is full of love and warmth.  After some constellation pair of lovers obsession is unprecedented, they might in a year in addition to lovers no longer willing to wear other clothes, take a look at you and your lover in which it is not.  Aries VS Sagittarius – Dry Wood Fierce Fire burning inside of endless love always energetic Aries and Sagittarius romantic yearning for freedom after the encounter, and instantly wipe from the spark of love can be described as splendid, they will create many small and romantic love together small surprise.Lovers to wear this thing for them must be a very important thing in the process of love, not just lovers to wear out, even home apparel, it is not hard to find with a good pair.  Aquarius VS Gemini – is the secret love fresh and interesting Aquarius to accept new things very fast, they grasp the trend is quite true.Gemini young and fashion very seriously, for them to know how to make their own destiny when also looks like shallots Love is the ultimate goal.When Aquarius Gemini met, they quickly will continue to spice up the lives of two people in love on the run on the road, let love fresh.So wear lovers this matter as a matter of course, in general, I think they wear off you need courage.  VS Scorpio Pisces – emotional and delicate in heart care Pisces and Scorpio love are all very emotional sign, they treat love easiest to pay all of their feelings.For them, love not only have ideas of romance and heart-warming surprises, but also everywhere to be a relationship lasting care.Wear lovers of Pisces and Scorpio is also a very necessary thing to do, two people with the same expression pretended to care for each other is the most warm care of the details, so they always wear lovers.  Wearing only a form of lovers, really good feeling in addition to the formal recognition and care, more important to pay attention to it in his heart, only the honest feelings of each other in order to have a happy ending.You might also like: Zodiac on behalf of the fairies who are?How zodiac female face jealous boyfriend reason to pursue spiritual good match constellation couple broke up these signs may be the first gay constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Lychee red (original)

Tomorrow, it is the annual litchi festival, and I put this Litchi Festival 2008 prize essay award-winning article is dedicated to all you bloggers like taste lychees and friends, sincerely welcome you to our guest and Shenzhen taste the world’s most famous Nanshan litchi oh.    Like gold shining sun, passes him a string of heavy blessing: red, lychee; bent, branches; incense, Liyuan..Oh, south of June, ripe lychee season!    Litchi pleasing, not only because the flesh is delicious, nutritious, one hundred food is too; and because the fruit is round and red, bright color, people put it down, full of praise, enjoy the “home and push mince as king, fresh lychee the total of the first “reputation.    Lychee is the King of mince, Nanshan litchi lychee is the king.Compared with the general lychee, more fruit, more brilliant color, crisp Gengshuang more meat, taste more and more willing to AIDS, has long been famous, known around the world, people are salivating at the thought of.Nanshan litchi can personally taste really delicious food unlimited.    Every season of ripe lychee, litchi tree covered hillsides and saw a string of red lychee, lychee sink even bending the branches.Looking at the bending branches of lychee, how can you not smile?How can people do not have “Southern states June litchi Dan, ten thousand more numerous cluster group” feeling.Litchi harvest arouse people’s reveries: string litchi symbol of Nanshan construction bear rich fruits, red color is not correct symbolizes the glorious cause of building it Nanshan?    If you are interested, standing on top ahead in the sights Nanshan, Nanshan change panoramic view, a border town in the past nameless, through the past twenty years, miraculously change their appearance.Wrong vertical orderly highway instead of muddy trail, Tsuchiya became dilapidated high-rise after another, right into every plant.Then there is wide streets, rows of modern design, unique combination of residential villas, people feel like being in a new city garden.See, and from the steady stream of vehicles, various economic indicators to grow exponentially, thriving culture and education.Listen, children’s playground full of laughter, bright and spacious classrooms sound of reading aloud.Oh, a good school charming scene.    Who changed everything?Is the party’s policy, is the chief architect of reform and opening – Deng Xiaoping, is planning the next session of the effective leadership of Nanshan District and science command, those who worked tirelessly, worked hard day and night reclaim the cattle, but that hundreds of thousands of workers earners, working girl, with his (her) fiery youth, hard-working hands to create a brilliant Nanshan, Nanshan ushered off again.    I was able to live and work in their own land, said Nanshan Fortunately, confidence in the future of the mountain.I believe that if we unite as one cadres, with our wisdom and hands, play to their light and heat in the ordinary post, Tim Watts efforts to contribute to shaping Nanshan.In the near future, Nanshan construction will certainly aspirations to China and the world, as skyrocketing Kunpeng, flip it feels like “the cloud hanging days,” the wings, take off again.    The annual Nanshan litchi us a real treat, let us build a thriving Nanshan feast for the eyes.

Lunar June 28 is what constellation

True friendship should look the same from both positive and negative, can not be seen from the front while watching from behind a rose thorn.Well, you know in the constellation query Lunar New Year, Lunar June 28 is what constellation you?With a look. Year Constellation year horoscope Year Constellation 1952 Leo 1953 Leo 1954 Leo 1955 Leo 1956 Leo 1957 Leo 1962 Leo 1963 Leo 1950 Leo 1951 Leo 1958 Leo 1959 Leo 1960 Cancer 1961 1964 Leo 1965 Leo 1966 Leo 1967 Leo 1968 Cancer / Leo 1969 Leo 1970 Leo 1971 Leo 1972 Leo 1973 Leo 1974 Leo 1975 Leo 1976 Cancer / Leo 1977 Leo 1978 Leo 1979 Cancer 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Cancer / Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo 1996 1997 1998 1999 2006 Cancer 2007 Cancer Leo / Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo 2000 2001 2002 Leo Leo Leo 2003 2004 2005 Leo Leo 20 2008 Leo 2009 Leo 2010 Leo 2011 Leo 2012 Leo 2013 Leo 2014 Cancer / Leo 2015 Leo You might also like: Birthday Character: November 22 born birthday Character: man November 21 born of your own birthday chocolate: chocolate 22 March 2017 on behalf of the twelve constellations of fortune

Rural atmosphere

Since it is a village, you have a little of what.Not gold, not silver, is a kind of atmosphere, the villages have the kind of atmosphere!    The rural atmosphere is leisurely fragrant earthy; fragrance crops flavor; pig, cow dung, horse manure, donkey manure blended with the smell of wild.The rural atmosphere, or the endless green; quietly flowing stream; cattle and sheep grazing on a hillside; the yard feeding the chickens and ducks.Diffuse sunlight coming from over the hill, and everything they have lived.People such as weaving, automobile Mighty noisy, soot billowing, smelly water lovers, the place is not air dirty village.Not the look of the countryside.Air countryside to fixing prices, of course, that money can not buy, that is, millionaires, billionaires, came up with two silver and one thousand, million taels of gold, rural people will not sell you air!    The first wire rural atmosphere from the start of the morning.Morning breath is fresh, fresh breath, there is a taste sweetly.Gala Li Dongshan sun hidden in the other end of it, she is not busy out, just sprinkle a faint morning clouds in the sky.Rural people do not call early Xia, told Dawn.Dawn is a very magnificent colors, dress her up with Mengmenglonglong village, dressed quietly knowing the field.With the breath of the morning, walking around.Morning breath through the green grass, shining brilliantly in the dew on the grass Pearl did not want to fall off.Morning breath through lush woods, sailed in the trees sing to her.Morning breath into the courtyard of the farmer, the owner of the courtyard of the early kang.Man concernedly two large barrels, to carry water in spring.Spring two miles from the courtyard multiplex, man early in the morning every day, every routine so a “public service”.Do not think it is an ascetic, rural people keep fit, this is the use of the.    The courtyard would have been well, but the farmer used to drink.Farmer used to drink spring water, spring water only dependents.Huge barrels filled with sparkling clear spring water, man pick his shoulders, as if playing with a toy like that easy.Pole came a “squeak” sound, man screeching voice sang folk songs – “former head of the mule shout.Oh, two lamps that light.”Folk songs, flush grass pheasant, awakened the sleeping hare.The animals woke up, I woke up the whole valley.The man poured black glaze glaze spring water urn, a woman is put rice well.Two poached eggs bowl, dish stack of hot pancakes.Man comfortably eat and drink, the woman went to put the chicken to feed the dog.Dogs are flower hair dog, chicken is chicken orang.Orang plump chicken one by one, only to see himself out of sight leg.Orang plump chicken, after Qianpu owner rushed meadow, where there are faint green grass, chubby worm.One summer, under the host family can save a lot of feed, chicken who will realize their own value in the grass.Wait until the winter months, which is the standard of the finished chicken, can be the main man in exchange for new tickets Zeng Zeng.    Chickens foraging leisurely on the grass, flower hair dog gnawing on a bone in the lawns proudly.Bone is the master for the owner to feed the dog, in order to see the chicken.Dogs and chickens are good friends, chicken go there, go there with the dog.手脚不干净 bully child play chicken idea to spend the dog hair will get rid of him; weasels, foxes think what Diao chicken sumptuous meal, they put the dog bite turned.    After the sun coming out, the rural atmosphere on the walk along with the crowd labor – here in the vibrant Reaper, over there in full swing playing field.When the noon sun, and the breath came as people went to the cave.    Cave is unique rural building.Thirty-nine cold days, unburned heating; summer heat without air conditioning.Cut a long wheat, grind a field noon, a bowl of water slurry end, he came to the cave, as if into the Tanggula summer, there is a cool breath walking towards me.Enjoy the cool atmosphere, a bowl of water slurry to roll into the stomach.Relieve inflammation slurry water is food, Liver LIFEI, deskew summer, add this cave chilly atmosphere, want more comfortable, how comfortable.    Pleasant summer is summer, summer summer rural countryside, farmers who owned exclusive.Cool cave, the cave is farmers who jointly enjoyed by the whole village.    As early as the village moved out of the cave, the whole village to live in the ground, I heard that in order to catch up with the pace of modernization.Catch up with farmers who lost no less than a modern cave, the village leaving only a hole so.Two meters deep into the cave, walking seven hundred eighty-nine meters wide, between the early years, this is a meeting place, and now for the summer, could not be better.    Pull a few mat, to a central furnace shop, full of old people lying on top of it, children.Old people smoking a pipe down the bitter taste that is full of former San Juan, after five emperors thing.Children who roll on the mat, a ride on a neck holder Ma stool.The depths of the kiln, came the “squeak squeak Om Om” sound, it was her mother in several yarns.A turn kilns, with several aircraft loom support, a bunch of young wife being gusto to weave homespun.Social development to a certain extent, it gave birth to the idea of nostalgia.Homespun suddenly popular on the market, folks voluntary organized team textiles, designed to provide the market with homespun.Summer summer cave is a natural plant, natural plants, do not charge rent, which is the rural people’s Original.In the evening, the rural atmosphere will become the night of breath.Night atmosphere is a trace of a ghost, tease here, there sway, it will flush out those nocturnal insects, singing to the earth.Voice loud and clear to those who belong to cricket it, of course, mole crickets!They do not look very good reputation, but it is the expert in singing.They can sing many songs, “Lili Lili.”Is a love song, they sing to the earth at the same time, did not forget his lover.”Lili Lili” If the translation adult language, whether that is “Come and meet – Come and meet -” means it?Of course, there are “Lulu Lulu.”This is the voice of the enemy to drive.Insect world is full of murderous intention, the two armies meet brave victory, only the victors, in order to survive!    Crickets singing, alerted the stars in the sky, the stars torn ears and listen, wanted to fall to the ground, to participate in the chorus.But they get down, they had looked on helplessly.    Mosquitoes come, these pervasive bad guys, total silence when trying to take advantage of, to breathe the blood, perfunctory their offspring.Night atmosphere already arranged a spider.Spider distraction a big net out where mosquitoes will get rid of all these vampires.Of course, there are bats, they fight against the moths.Although moth children have very anti-reconnaissance capabilities road, but they can not always escape the pursuit of bat.Bat sonar system is a precision weapon, which is to rely on such weapons, tracking the enemy, a fight, only to survive from generation to generation.Human-made radar, but also from the fear of bats had learned of it?    Therefore, someone Thoughts: Bats are voles evolution of animals, true or correct, is not known.Voles can really crazy village at night – they broke into the farmhouse granary, spoil food; even fleeing into the coop, killed chickens and abide by the responsibilities of dog hair flower surprisingly helpless.Night owls called to recruit breath.Owls are vole predators, frenzied bunch of guys pulling no punches, aim a, a Liaodao.Chanzao forest more than quiet, more secluded mountain birds.It incorporates so many nocturnal insects, breath nocturnal animals, nocturnal bird, the breath of the night is the countryside.The rural atmosphere of not only stay together the whole summer, in the spring, they displayed a very charming, they are the messengers of spring, get a touch of the sun, a touch of warmth, a bouquet of flowers, the dress was worth the whole earth beautiful.    Autumn is the harvest season, breath dived rural elderly harvest, urging people to quickly collection of mature crops; moments, but also a relentless autumn, overnight, make the green hillside, becomes desolate.Cold winter, rural atmosphere of frost, ice, snow, will make the earth but the rest of the vast.Naturally, Piao freezing day, it is a good cat winter season farmers.The rural atmosphere, all year round.If you are interested, go to the countryside to see.You can sit in the farm cottage, the yard a walk, or simply along the edge of a field, at the foot of the creek, street, walk with the change, rustic atmosphere you will be warmly received.Because you always been a rural people.Rural people, in order to appreciate the rustic atmosphere – that’s life, youth, hope, growth of breath.

Wrong phone

In mid-June 1995, one evening, I was alone in the light preparation, suddenly sounded a burst of rapid ringing of the phone.  I picked up the phone several times, fed, there was a timid voice heard: You are right mom?mom!  A girl’s voice, tender and low-wan.  Who are you looking?Perhaps encouraged by the voice of the infection, the end of the line may be afraid frightened child, I used a very light fine voice asked.  I find her mother, mom you are right?Sound extremely stubborn, filled with a desire, showing a bit bleak.  I understand that this is the mother of the child is looking for a.I deliberately prolonged the sound: ah you is that I’m Ann!Obviously, the children can not wait, because they are afraid I hung up the phone, the sound is also big up.  Ann, where are you then?Inquiries to my mother’s feelings.  I heard the other side of the phone wow is heard, the girl burst into tears grief.I shouted: boy, tell Mom, where are you now?  I hear trained, trained, sob, choked her and said: Mom, I am a person at home, to fear.Do not eat, my father does not come back.My job also done.I’m very obedient.Mom, why do not you go home?Dad said you went to a place far, far away, that I know better, you will come back.Mom, I’m wiser, all the subjects of my first class is full, how can you not come back yet?  I was tugging at heart finally fell down.But if the child made me into a sadness and confusion.  I looked out the window hit the heavy twilight, I do not know how the end of the talks,.Just remember me with motherly mercy on the phone said: boy, if you are afraid, if you want Mom, give me a call, remember, my mother always think of you.  She was happy.She told me that she was through the phone book to find my name, to identify phone numbers.She was very proud to say: Mom, you’re hard to find.Once, I heard the grandmother’s voice, she immediately put down the phone.Once again, is an uncle’s voice, I said I’m looking for my mother, he shouted wildly open, good sound fierce yo, I’m almost scared to cry, but I am not afraid, you are I dialed the ninth phone to find the.I’m so happy ah!  I can not bear to listen to them, this is how a child has suffered too?Her how?which grade?But all lived where I do not dare ask.Since my mother does not know how it all daughters?The child will doubt.  Since then, several days, home phone rang, I would rush to pick up.Gradually I know what girls.She Wuchang a primary school sophomore, and my daughter the same size.Every day to take the bus for an hour to go there to study, eat lunch at noon with a dollar, my father often came home late.She is the best student in the class, math class representatives and I know her name King Tong Ying, named Ann milk.Ann sings well, often just learned how to sing a new song on the phone to me.  In August, after the school holidays, my husband and I travel to Beijing with her daughter, a whole month.  Travel back that evening, the phone rang, is Ann!The other end is very wronged her voice.She said she gave me a call every night, that is no answer.  She asked: Mom, where did you go?School holidays, other children, and some went to summer camp, and some travel with her mother to go.I always someone at home, people do not even talk, so lonely.Mom, I really want you to take me to play, the students have seen Yangtze River Bridge, Kanla say these days, no one can take me to.  My heart is trembling, she can answer is silence.Poor child, I can tell you that I bring her to Beijing yet?I began to fabricate lies to play: Mom too busy summer vacation, a business trip.With time later, I must take you all the places you want to go play.  Shortly after the mid-term exam, Ann came to report to me phone her performance of.She said language exam, 99 points, is the first class.Ye Lili is second, 98 points, her mother also award her a large piece of chocolate.Her classmate, Zhang was to test 72 points, suffered a father’s fight, ass beaten red.  I asked: What do you reward father?  There was a silence over the phone.For a long time, she said: My father never matter, there are a few teachers to parents in the work of this sign, may my father came back late, I would imitate his handwriting signed, results of the teacher severely criticized me, saying that I child is lying dishonest.Mom, I will never have dared.Mom, when will you go home?You come back, I’ll sign someone up.  My tears uncontrollably streaming down: Ann, good boy, learn, and so my mother came back, we reward you with a lot of chocolate, will sign.Of course, if the result is not good, my mother will spank you oh!  There is a burst of cheers.Followed by sweet cry: Mom, bye!  Two weeks later, Ann called and she was in a joyous voice said to me: Mom, math test paper sent down, and I just took the test 72 minutes.Really, Mom, you come back to spank me now!  I was shocked by this joy.I understand Ann’s efforts, for mother spanking punishment.How obsessed with innocence ah, to dream of a warm, actually made such a heroic feat!  Naturally, I was severely criticized Ann.She did not understand how to blame her mother, her mother worry about her learning.And again he lied and said I have to travel, simply did not have time to come back to see her.  She was crying, crying very aggrieved.She sobbed and said: I was wrong.Actually, I lied, originally, I wanted to test a 70-point, but I still took the test 97 minutes.I just want to see my mother was lying.I guarantee that no longer called her mother to worry about for five days, every night I sit waiting for a phone call late at night two sixth day, the phone suddenly rang haste.A man is awkward and halting voice: Excuse me, I’m sorry to ask Ann’s father.Child sick, high fever, delirium he kept calling to give my mother I know this is too presumptuous, but we never met, I do not know how Ann firmly remember your phone number, she said this, there are a few days day, November 13th birthday, she said she wanted to, she would like to see my mother’s heart suddenly pulled up: Ann her, how is she?Tell me, do you really is a kind of situation?Why why her mother is not around?  End of the line suddenly down the volume: Please, please do not worry, Ann is suffering from pneumonia, the situation has improved.We’ll tell you to do.But, I’m sorry I was a child.  I say: Shut up, let Ann answer the phone.  mom!I heard the long-awaited cry, cry my heart broken.Mom, I was sick in the hospital.Other kids have mothers, cried injections.I’m strong, just want to, want to spend time with my mom.Mom, can you come back to see me?  My throat choked.A long while, I stammered out a sentence: a good boy my mother will come back to see you.  I decided to Ann’s birthday, she bought a lot of gift.  13, Thursday afternoon in November, I bought a large box of chocolates, with a beautiful color wrapped in paper that read: Happy birthday my beloved Ann Ann!I came to Ann’s primary school, found her homeroom teacher YANG Yu-xia.I explained what I also said Ann’s Romance and Telephone, the entire office a serene.Young teacher told me: Huang Ying students is her most loved student.Not only academic performance is good, sensible people.Unfortunately, at 2 years old, her mother by a relative guarantee to study in the United States, in terms of good this year after her husband and daughter to do in the past, but two years later she filed for divorce.Since then, Huang Ying situation became very sad.Her father thus becomes depression, alcoholism, regardless of the child, few parents are gone forever.Huang Ying completely rely on their own willpower to learn, no one to guide her, she was conscious, determined effort to learn, really rare girl!  Yang handed me out of a composition book.This is a graceful essay writing.Entitled “My Mom”: I have not seen my mother, my father said she went to a place far, far away.But I often heard my mother’s voice on the phone, her mother’s voice sweet sweet, also nice than sound Jupingjiejie.I think my mother must be beautiful, but also the United States and certain Bi Suya’s mother.She said she would come back from far away to see me.She said I was the most sensible girl.  I have a desire, this desire can only tell Yang, is that one day my mother to sign my exercise book, I could see the troupe’s performances, my mother will be happy.    He began to read, my vision blurred.I told Yang: Can you find all the Ann exercise books, my all to sign it.  I was in the back of that composition, wrote some comments: daughter, your essay written great, my mother saw all my heart to tears.Boy, you have to believe, my mother all the time around you.Your birthday, my mother gave you a box of chocolates, this is the best reward you.  Next year your birthday, my mother will come to you.  I do not know, I can do that gives them some comfort, but I swear in the days after, I’ll try to share a little bit of warm motherly way into the child’s mind to go.

Precipitation time

How to describe nostalgia, those annals always covered with text back and forth in the open desert, the Gobi Desert and the moon glide quietly, eyes covered repeatedly expanded miss repression of loneliness and humble, so jumping scattered loved ones the heart of all the mundane world far off Weimang, thousands of miles away to catch the wind whistling in Yehan lights drip slowly with a glass of liquor as they watch the misty dream that boat Zuiwo, as well as cold Yan Gean weeds are at this point sound off cloud water, to give smell Chapman Coolness soon bark ahead in west, desolate be reined Qianshanwanhe faint crow Shouma cry a deep fade into the twilight, only the long sand Road close to the sky through the time, touch the End of the World is urging whip off peacefully snoring kings, doomed woke thousands of nostalgia for many years outside of Jiayuguan passed, how many people still marvel at all the emotion of their homes, perhaps not worth mentioning reading the fate and vicissitudes linked in the eyes of history, if only a few lines of verse wrote drop in the ocean [editor on those famous or unnamed tombstone: Children]

Red regalia goods poetry

[REVIEW] on the sentimental romantic literati emotion is more delicate, more visual acuity.I really do not know the song brought back our thoughts, our emotions, or the original is so fragile, despite hovering song in their hearts, memories emerge bit by bit.  Verse, I think to learn, knowledge, talent, love to all the four.Science, namely the root, get to the bottom.Knowledge, i.e. discern good Jizhuoyangqing only, i.e. micro Probing, Han Yong taste.Love, that is from here, words have me, I have the word heart, Sleeves Dancing, access freely.I also have this idea in the past, with their own eyes Comment classical poetry, but always feel too much trivia, erratic thoughts, often at a loss and empty out of the occasion.Since I met you, your passion and dedication to the life of a dream, silent impact on me.  Especially in the last day of 2010, you made a special trip to buy two Verse, send me a snowflake fluttering in the afternoon.Look at you in spite of the cold carrying a thick book or two smiled and stood in front of me, in addition to an accident that touched.While I pretended to look very calm, so that you do not see a trace of joy and shock.Pretend you do not see your expectations and waiting, turning the book contains the scent of ink, swipe the many famous characters who, in their pen searching for their shortcomings and gaps in poetry.But I have to admit, you touched my heart in a dream and the blockade persist.So, this will have a series of text.    Tonight, tear folding memories, gentle grip a pen and ink, dust began to fall, according to thy warm, roll to dream and write poetry.I hope you must pass through the intersection every day, I can see the night through the traces, or deep or shallow, or thick or thin, can be engraved a promise to you, give you a splendid spring.Away from the troubles in romance, with hope in your infatuation Looking back, I can tell you I insist that the text of all, have you pulling all the way, I’ll be better.    —————- “Red regalia goods poems” Inscription “coming from pine order” pillow letter incense, flower diameter drain.According to the contract meet, whisper after dusk.Thin cold season people sick wine, pear shovel, thin wind through the night.    Cover screens, hanging Cuixiu.Where flute, micro funny feeling tenderness.Heartbroken red cardamom next month, month like at that time, was whether people like?    Nalan as graceful to send his word content can not escape the inevitable sadness Boudoir, poem author also depicts desolate, lonely, lonely feeling of Acacia, like now the mood is quite popular on the network prose.Word wind elegant and lovely, graceful word blame, describing a love affair ultimately, do not think of sadness.Throughout all of his poems, though relatively seasoned subject matter, but the narration into a muddy, rhyme and beautiful tone, mood sad.When the author depicts lonely delicate, subtle mental activity.On the choice of words, we have to admire the talent Nalan, he can re-combination of a new mood based on the origin of words and allusions, which in the literature, to have such ability who is no trivial matter.    Natural language poem, touching, timeless.Words which words not only caused deep Euphemism, and only a handful of few words, refined yet expressive lifelike human sadness will depict words, inexplicable distressed people.Poorly scenery, inherited Poetry consistent creative expression, in order to achieve the scenes, therefore devoted a description of personal feelings on King.This should be, and Wang Guowei said, “King love the man, man-made scenery add color.”.With word showings views supporting their own weak affair, as promised in the cold April, behind the gorgeous downtown, outlines the sad thoughts Infatuated, flower, Lengxiang, pear, are desolate bear.Acacia diminished, flowers have been Xie, who had not seen similar.A touch of Resentment, wet late spring night, lonely shadow, melancholy Montreal.This poem has Qingzhao style, which in many places is also inseparable from the story by means of Qingzhao.The whole poem depicted in the scenarios and Qingzhao “Huan Xisha” is quite similar showings, moving the reader whom cried.”Yu Rui duck smoked furnace idle brain, Zhu Ying fighting off cover tassels, through provision of cold rhino has no solution.”.Again poorly “pillow letter incense, flower diameter drain.According to the contract meet, whisper after dusk.Thin cold season people sick wine, pear shovel, thin wind through the night.”Li Qingzhao and” Zuihua Yin “” mist thick clouds all day and never worry, Rui brain consumer banking beast.Double Ninth Festival, jade pillow yarn kitchen, cool thoroughly early night.Tori wine evening, the subtle fragrance surplus sleeve.Murdoch is not ecstasy, curtain westerly, “very similar thinner than yellow.    In the poem, the Nalan on artistic expression not only soaked mood graceful to send more unusual is his choice of words also draws on a graceful to send the lack of detachment, the expansion of a lot of new words intended to give new meaning.The letter refers to money as the original square hole or round hole, in poetry, the most is to do doping or inclusion of Italy, but both compatible with Nalan but here, nothing new split.Drain intention lot, but here is a leak of use.Such as “Han Feizi”, “this man and drain his main ministers of the word”.Discourse is continuously whispered conversation of meaning, here it is a whisper in a low voice after dusk.Festival season is here, as in Yang Wanli, “Huang Ju,” the poem said: “poor than his purple open late, after all, be open during the season,” meaning, represent seasonal.”Thin cold season people sick wine” in the sentence “thin cold man” from “Nine Songs debate” in the “sorrowful mournful sob by Xi, among the thin cold man”, meaning “a slight cold wounding “Nalan here is borrowed from the cold wounding meaning.The word “shovel” was originally a term of Ming and Qing furniture, carvings.Meaning that refers to the bottom portion of the chisel to pattern other than Nalan here borrowed intention of the word, indicating that after the breeze, the sky fell on the ground there were numerous pear cover up the earth, people who mistakenly think is snow white pear foundation.Toru originally referred to or pass through, such an interpretation in a lot of text in there, such as “Huai Tao” inside a “solution car off the horse, stop wine Toru music” is the total meaning.Refers night did not sleep all night or sleep, but this combination is only from inside Qing Poetry.Lean mean less fat, where a verb, meaning that the March wind has been defeating, reducing the taste of warm man.The thin word word many people like, Qingzhao is the most prominent one, in her poetry works, the high frequency of this word appears thin, and no one can.Therefore it has been called the “three thin”.Second is the word for the most pathetic Qijue Marie Nalan Li Yu and infatuation.Some people love the word of the text, often beyond people’s imagination.This is like the Song Lin Bu, plum and cranes to love to the extreme, that plum wife to Crane for the child, and everyone is not married.    Poorly poem “Letter pillow fragrant, flower diameter drain.According to the contract meet, whisper after dusk.Thin cold season people sick wine, pear shovel, thin wind through the night, “said the pillow was also left with the faint fragrance, Fallen flowers covered the trails, the breeze had hit, it still leaked the fragrance of flowers.By convention meet, says Fortunately, the evening where we whisper, telling their hearts.But the season also pervaded by a slight cold, people experience occasional discomfort, I think warm warm jug of wine, weakened lonely.Looking to push the window, there were numerous snow white pear, off a thick layer, as if themselves in a pear over land, expect a sleepless night petite white and pear, are flying in the air, this time defeating the east has been to reduce the warm people of taste.Such a scenario, it touches on so I think Li Yuchun singing “pear incense”.Experienced the vicissitudes of life, who can see the quiet world, Yuning choke?Said infatuation but five hundred carrier edge, but five thousand years, Red Dust, how many people are still the same place, the conservative Acacia bitter, waiting Iraqis meet in the evening, the first white with dependents?White pear, small petals, pale yellow, who can smell its fragrance dough?March dispersed, the number of pedestrians in the Moment of truth quietly spoke the Tang, the legendary actor through the ages?At the moment, not far from the spring of 2011, but I did not dare stand up and say, I will Qingyong ray pear Fragrance worry heartbroken.Even when you will be away from me, let me alone with tears and shouts, leaning out of windows and trembling, on the film micro-shaking.After all, I am not Nalan, you can crumple up every nerve, Fu Liu is smoke, constantly feeling of anxiety, but also see the moon heaved.However, I think then, you might be able to feel the touch of the cold wind blowing through the traces Lengxiang.Your emotional sensitivity, as much as Nalan.Especially these days because I occasionally indifference, why do you show extreme sadness, feelings of hate, cause irritability, insomnia, said it hurts to the bone marrow?Say, your emotional and delicate like a gentle breeze, and Nalan has a great similarity.Otherwise, how can I resist, it still has not been sober.    Seen from the poem poorly, born free and natural and refined he is not out of a cell in literature, words and even more unconventional and unconstrained, vivid intelligible language, Aigan stubborn Yan, constitute a seamless realm.Feelings of grief, loneliness loneliness allows readers to resonate, recalling the tragic, caused great emotion.Fresh Juanxiu poem, beautiful soft extravagant style, can not help but sad, an increase of Acacia.Showings word is due to King hygiene conditions, many white mood of seedlings, leads to the last sentence “month like at that time, people like that time no” highlights the center.”Cover screens, hanging Cuixiu”, only because depressed mood, to the lonely.Screens, and herein may refer to the silver screen, may also refer to moonlight be dyed white screen.A cover letter, showing the sitter helpless solitude.”Cuixiu down” not only is a man downcast light green sleeve, has another meaning, that is to say people who miss their own children do not know where.Because of this “Cuixiu” in classical poetry in both the spread of a story, “Cui Pa” or “Cui Jin” and other women in ancient times were presented to the tokens of love with a loved one, in order to relieve the pain of Acacia keepsake.Therefore, this word can be seen in numerous poetry literature.In this Lina Lan clever use of two meanings, highlighting the next sentence, “Where flute, tenderness micro funny feeling” melancholy.The flute, although both appeared in numerous poetry, but really there are few writers would flute.An objective factor Nalan and Xiao Li Yu-pass sound laws, good flute, which is their word very artistic appeal, spread.He, as a military attache Mishina, and the traditional academic culture of Hundred omniscient.He has over southern Talented Shen Wan to write a “dream smoke water” song, spread south.    The so-called music can penetrate the depths of the human mind, the human arrival.Qu hygiene conditions due to such things as I used to be so.A good song, and instantly be able to unlock the human mask, touch the soul.The passionate romantic feelings scholar is more delicate, more visual acuity.I really do not know the song brought back our thoughts, our emotions, or the original is so fragile, despite hovering song in their hearts, memories emerge bit by bit, how much love and stranded in the palm of the hand, putting provoke tenderness, feeling of anxiety filled.Because “micro funny feeling tenderness”, too much love, people would be out of control.Looking back, “heartbroken red cardamom next month.”.Cardamom was originally refers to the girl, refers to twelve years old girl.And here the red nutmeg can also be interpreted to mean twenty-two.Love has gone, cardamom has been called clouds, beloved child in a dream ninety-nine heartbroken, the moon or the year, but the year whether children who can enter the year, the roots of Yiyi?Such pale doubt, for Nalan, it has been how helpless look.According to historical records, in Nalanxingde the age of 17, married the daughter of the viceroy Luxing Zu Romer wife.Twenty years of age, Romer died due to post-natal exposure to cold, when he wrote the poem, Romer has Sashouxiqu, left him only smell the memories of the past.So let fate hang around long for love and empathy is a fatal blow, the beloved woman’s departure, so that, as the love of his life is the feeling of apathy, so he plunged into an abyss of suffering, cry in a dream.Compose poetry has become a kind of sustenance he complained of heart.Turns out to be what he called the “Pusa” in “everywhere sad, dampening the dust in Yuqin” wake up “anything sunset dusk, no road is not worse than the world Evocation”, can only try to tell myself “personal dream return people, who go from pro dream. “.Because edge to edge to, after all, it is “a sad painting is not” can only sigh, “the Bowl, anything for autumn sad painted fans.”.[Editor: Can children]

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Essays online, I dropped a seed, and look forward to her hands wide rooted system, panoramic view of the beauty of the prose drunk, stand among the world, great strides forward!    She it grow into towering trees?  Or a flower?  Quietly, aryl Rui spit?    Bathed in the spring chapter, engraved green, filled with blue flowers!  In purgatory sweat, exhaustion prose poems, starry!  Following the fall of Alice Dancer, was to make the bleak years of mildly poignant!  And winter snow elves exploration bloom, wrapped in white, blush Fifi fly sky!    What a beautiful platform ah!  Thank you!Thank you!    You can describe nature, leaving a beautiful calm.  The world can express their emotions, mutual learning Humian.  Philosophy of the world, the essence of the request.  World novel, written by who is who!    What a broad platform ah!  Thank you!Thank you!

Silent tolerance

REVIEW be tolerant to diversity, which have vast oceans.Vaster than the ocean is the human heart.But life, in addition to the relationship between colleagues and other than husband and wife, frequent frictions and argue.    What is the tolerance, maybe you can make a verbal answer from.When some of the problems encountered in life, or even the husband and wife quarrel Cross colleagues when tolerance becomes very important.  When you wrote at read books, I noticed a Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The old man is always wrong.”.After reading, meaning you will certainly be the implication of the works to inspire.  Content of the work is extremely simple, the story of a rural poverty of the couple, the family wanted only valuable a horse to the fair exchange for something else.Old man lead a horse to the fair, first with a horse in exchange for a cow, and then use a cow for a sheep, followed by sheep in exchange for a fat goose, but with a fat goose for a hen Finally, with the hen for a bag full of rotten apples.He wanted to use it to his wife in exchange for a surprise.He carried the big apple tape came to rest in front of a small hotel.Then we met up to two Britons.Two said the Englishman, in exchange for your horse today, be sure to beat his wife at home you can not.Said the old man, no matter the.Two British refused to accept, then bet with a bag of money with him, and went to his house with the old man actually get hold of study.  After home.The old man tells today’s exchange through.His wife rapt.From time to time, “we have to drink milk!”” Too good to drink goat’s milk!” Chicken feathers Haopiaoliangya ‘when it comes to now we have a bag full of rotten apples, the woman not only did not get angry, but said, tonight we have apple pie!  Sure enough, two Britons lost a bag of coins.The chance to read this point, many people will be interpreted as the author is mocking those stupid people.In fact, work is precisely the implication of the most precious things between people – tolerance.  What is the tolerance?Tolerance is a character, but also a man of accomplishment.Fairy tales old woman did not go blame the old man, that is, a person will have to admit the faults and mistakes Yeah, tolerance is the best glue.Can not be without their fault between husband and wife, the key you what kind of attitude towards be tolerant to diversity, which have vast oceans.Vaster than the ocean is the human heart.But life, in addition to the relationship between colleagues and other than husband and wife, frequent frictions and argue.Some people in the altercation was verbal abuse superposition, or even a potential upside down.Not only hurt the self-esteem, but also hurt the gas.If a man has a forgiving heart, it is perhaps the best way to solve the problem.  Life different attitude.There are some things, then width of the tolerance; tolerance of some things they Hiroyuki.Tolerant tree is an advocate of self-esteem.Sincerely, pro-life, with a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere, there is a beautiful living space.  Tolerance is silent life!

Cry witch doctors Lu

Yiwulushan is the first of the five towns, winding majestic momentum, Qing Qi beautiful scenery let the world cherished.This eternal eternal mountains, year after year, quietly overlooking the wider world, she saw a lot of human laughter, but also witnessed too much human Youyuan.One young girls, she had wanted their youth, will always remain in peak Wanghaisi Kok..    The girl called the child Huang Yuanyuan, an occasional trips to get to know her Yiwulushan.    Yiwulushan climb the highest peak Wanghaisi is my wish for many years, always busy and can not take place because.This spring, I am determined to put down all the chores to realize this aspiration.    I live in the city of Yixian, Yiwulushan want to travel is still very convenient, a lot of information, said Yiwulushan in the territory of the northern town, in fact Yiwulushan Lama hole north of Fuxin County, just south of Stone Town Linghai, stretches about 90 kilometers, is Yixian watershed and the northern town of 60 percent of the area of the territory in Yixian.    From the county to justice Wanghaisi There are two routes, one is crossing the ridge horse Yiwulushan small detour north of the town, from Dongpo Deng peak, the other is directly to the territory of the Yixian Formation of cold from the west slope of the main peak.Dongpo flat from peak close, the western slope of the summit as well as advantageous 20 li away from the foot.I chose the western slope, because very few people go from plane.Not so many visitors, relatively quiet.    June 2 early in the morning.I did a simple mountaineering ready to get on the bus to go cold ditch.Passengers much, a few along the way did not get on the train.Out of the window a light green earth with one vibrant scene.    Reaching the bridge near the small river, up a female passenger, long hair, is tall, sitting in front of me without saying a word vacancy.    I specifically looked at the girl, 24.5 years old, very beautiful, but his face pale and preoccupied, some spiritual malaise.The road for more than two hours, she had never how to speak.To the terminal she was gone.    In the depths of the Cold Ravine Yiwulushan terminal, a seat in front of the towering mountain clouds.The main peak in the southeast, along the way at just over five rooms, five rooms on three small villages and empress temple ditch, two-thirds of the distance is inaccessible original deep forest.I take a break, at kiosks to buy two bottles of mineral water on the road.    Just out of the village, a man called me from behind.It is the same car who taciturn girl.She also had to board the Lu Shan main peak, and I would like to take the road counterparts.    The girl still face gloom in the car, now like a new man, his face excited, she said her name was Huang Yuanyuan, graduated from college almost a year, tired of the city noise and impetuous, I want to change the environment to relax , why they choose this route to climb the mountains very quiet, not many pedestrians, the crisp sound of birds cried heard, Mighty quiet and distant.Way to start is also very flat, which is a construction of the asphalt along the river, all the way to the village five rooms.It is said that there are villages of Yixian places such black pavement repair.Mountain roads unknown flowers bloom with water droplets on the grass and trees are falling non-downs, through the crystal drops, spring water gurgling sound accompanied by waves of fragrance hit, making this country road filled with flowers, so that people passing without fatigue.Nature, fresh, quiet beauty of sight for sore eyes.    Yuanyuan plants and trees here, feel fresh, sometimes off the road to watch the bees gather honey clove, sometimes to the crystal clear creek while watching the fish in the water, but we still walk and talk more.She had also grown up in rural Yixian people.In order to let her finish college, fifty-year-old father in construction site work, at home, the mother tends the crops, think of ways to earn money for her daughter to school.Now graduated.I never did find a steady job.Not people fired her, that she fired people.    She speaks these experiences expression is very quiet, but I always felt this quiet hidden behind a huge psychological waves.Such beautiful young girl, a man went to the deep forests, in itself very strange things.    This country only asphalt road through the village to the Ministry of five rooms, the rest of the journey is the substantial climb.Creek in the mountains continues to extend in the direction of the south, but in the main peak easterly direction.Edge of the village have built an artificial pond, calm as a mirror, the sights are reflected in the water, it is quiet and serene.Yuanyuan face their own reflection in the water deep in thought, to see the kind of melancholy look in the car and appeared on her face.My heavy heart up, suddenly had a premonition of what was going to happen.    Foot of the road higher up the steep and very dangerous.I started to breath sound called on the feet swell, lifting hard, Yuanyuan forehead sprout thin sweat.Line to the Goddess temple ditch had to take a break.There is only 3,5 families, Khitan said to the Queen Empress Xiao had to hunt around to this line, later to repair the temple as a memorial.Today niangniangmiao no longer exists, but the name has spread.Others think of Empress Xiao in such inaccessible places, and the girl in front of me no one gave her a suitable job, it seems that the world is not fair since ancient times.    More and more steep mountains, some places only by hands and feet.At this time four weeks full of exotic pines form, mostly in more than a hundred years old.Qiu shaped roots exposed on the rocks, plunging headlong into the soil who can, can not help but lament its tenacious of life.It is the soul of mountain pines.Thousands of years, and so they quietly waiting barren land.Lu Shan is an increase of scenery.    Mountains farther steep, steep in some places are afraid of looking back, Wan battle at the foot of the abyss, too easy to slip and fall into the valley to pieces.Yuanyuan but it seems to gall.Take my hand and hold tight.At this point I do not know what she was thinking, but I know the desire for life is a human instinct, Yuanyuan she should have better look.    From the peak draws near, there are small groups of tourists in the Walk this way.Then came the wonderful sound, like the sound of nature from heaven, sadly echoed through the valley.This is a scenic tour guide describes the natural conditions in Lu Shan, a variety of cultural landscape.Sound like a beautiful prose poem came to swing in a quaint atmosphere.We are facing more and more concentrated in the mountain fog, step by step, went to heaven.    Bypassing a dangerous and a stone through one and a Yanxi, and finally to the summit.I have asthma and Yuanyuan not a sound, sweat.From a stone hard to get around, gingerly into the artificial peak fire station, then climbed the steel ladder sections, went to the fire station roof peak, the highest peak Yiwulushan “Wanghaisi” At our feet up.It is said that there was a temple here, standing here looking south, you can see the Bohai Sea, so the temple is called “Wanghaisi”.Today temple gone, built on the site of a beacon.    Standing against the Wind table top stand a favor open polyester, spiritual beauty of God over the shape of my heart, all the panoramic view of the monastery is surrounded around.Tao is facing west toward the boundless sea of trees, looking south is the vast Northeast Plain, the vast sea of smoke, little villages, magical good luck nature people feeling the value of life, the good life.    Yuanyuan and turn in peak fire on stage, in front of beautiful things in the world seems to want to have loaded the eyes.I took out a prepared fruit, greeted her sit down while tasting while enjoying the charming scenery, but also feel a lot of pleasant tales.    I asked her: “You are a college student, you should understand what is ‘as good from the board’ it?”As if she thought nod.    ”I understand the state of mind is good, strive for the better.In fact, life as mountaineering, there is no flat road to go, if they work hard to do it, you will see that we want to see the scenery.”I say.    Yuanyuan smiled and did not answer me.    ”Yuanyuan, do you have something on your mind?”She noncommittal, or laugh.    ”If you believe I am a good person, put the truth speak out.Whether you like it or not, I have to accompany you home safely today.”She ducked my eyes, silent for a while, suddenly sobbed softly.    For a while she breaks through his tears, he said: “Wang.I really want to tell you the truth today, jumping once and for all, why misfortune makes me stand sits, no one understands, no one to sympathize.However, Lu mountain peak beautiful scenery so I gave up the idea, you are faced with such a good man, to say out of my mind grievances.”So, Yuanyuan’s father had an accident at the construction site, fell down from the third floor racks hands passed away.Mother can not afford for her to read, to remarry after 50-year-old father, a stepfather to pay for her to finish college.After she graduated from a university science and engineering last year, he has been unemployed in rural home.Until April this year, in the rush of relatives and friends, she entered a public institution, although wages are only 1600 yuan, but Yuanyuan was very happy, she feels she can use their own money in return a mother’s upbringing.I did not expect did only two months to be dismissed on the grounds that the Shanghai Personnel Bureau, eds., No financial compiled will be allowed to hire.Later, she went to a couple of open private kindergartens with children, because men have a crush on her principal female principal cause of suspicion caused by husband and wife.She could not stay, resigned himself.Until now never find a job.She was very painful, depression, increased day by day, the initiation of the idea of suicide.    ”I do not want to let others know most of these things are not happy tell you.No matter what happens in the future, will no longer commit suicide the.”Yuanyuan laugh, smile is very short but very bright.I know her heart “ice” began to melt, thus, I think this passage, “can disturb the natural wonders of the human soul, reminiscent of the mysteries of the human, think of life, think of your own body care philistine society in which all to make their ideological level, state of mind in the heart in hand, sublimation, updated to arouse the enthusiasm to pursue bigger targets, but also so as to forget the fleeting time resulting in failure, frustration, depressed, decadent, from the bottom of my heart heavy call vitality of life.”We stay in a peak about when to start down the mountain, as proposed Yuanyuan return bus in the northern town of Yixian, sitting in the car and then look back into the Lu Shan peaks are shrouded in misty rain.Watching the quiet, dignified playmate, my heart quietly said: Lu Shan, thank you!    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