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  They are home four young married woman spotted the helpless orphan own property, it means exactly the same.

  That night, the family wanted to escape disgrace, imitation is Huo people stopped.
  In two batches, women with children, the Hall family came forward to give them a stable income distribution of work.
  They feel grateful.
  Huo ao reputation among the people of the original is very good.
  They are an ao, more unable to control emotions.
  There is not a thing of the five sons and a bunch of old Qian Qian Po old male was sent to do hard labor together.
  Otherwise, for a place the family will continue to harm others girls.
  Even follow-up are taken into account, Marshal arrange things really meticulous and thoughtful.
  Things like this, if not completely spread out in terms of the true face of these families exposed, logical thinking is very powerful ordinary people weak, they can easily be over with that girl 深圳桑拿网over there is wrong.
  After the middle of the night, leaving Marshal.
  He proposed a direct shot ao reason people come to something, pull pull back directly to her.
  Pull pull very sense of territory, I would like to own rationale.
  It is no good reason, and other things do not pull pull away, here is her nest after the.
  Huo imitation is not stopping her.
  I know not the same nest with no where, that have it.
  Because porters family thing, pull pull became the Reds here.
  ”Wan Wan to buy things ah?”
  ”Wan Wan, meat is not to point?”
  This alley night market is particularly lively, particularly snacks and a variety of folk craftsmen, selling all kinds of juggling.

in, because it is definitely not the character of Han Zhen doing things out, he would wonder if there is a trap in front of!

  Palace, Houfu are not inserted into staffing.Like hands in the back to the government on the way, then, unless it is determined can dispel evil, otherwise it will immediately lead to the city reinforcements did not say, once Han Zhen escape certain to be each other’s vigilance, and just adding to the risk of exposure, easily he could not ris北京风月网k the!
  So he has been waiting, waiting for the opportunity Han Zhen out of the city!
  Only outside the city, he not only can ambush as much manpower, and will not immediately lead to the city’s attention, they can be resolved as quickly as possible out of each other, mysteriously”
  Lectures villagers heard this uproarious laughter, some straight talking about the muddy words, “Do you want your spouse to give you wipe ah.”
  Sungui cents anger and smell of urine, call back, “I say, do not take the presence of wanderers led astray, all of them old fool, ought to be ashamed.”
  In addition to homework a few brothers and sisters, men and women are laughing, Lu Hongying finished the math, dedicated check the answers, she likes more than the language of mathematics, written in easy language, math error-prone, even if it will do questi广州桑拿网ons themselves are often considered wrong, plus as minus, multiplication, division counted as small errors often occur, Xue Huahua told her math homework done after careful examination, inspection times just fine.
  Check the last question, his eyes caught a glimpse of double sandals, straw sandals worn faster wear can n南宁桑拿ot wear, plush gooey shoes Bengzhuo is double Feet, toes throughout all the appearance of the outer sole, tightly close to the ground, the cold Fan Qing frozen ground color, nail color is not normal, is up tattered trousers, patch sewing split, exposing the inside of the lower leg.
  Cold days, the entire production team still wearing this, Lu Hongying frowned.

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Sitting in the chair, her palms sweaty think, afraid of what.

  Unloaded on the lap of a dark ring of light flashing, mortal went forward curved, Guards change it, into which the top of the chair, it can be barely done.
  Over the past six days and nights, waiti广州桑拿网ng for so so long, even if he always had a lot of last resort, and finally marry him.
  Her hands propped back shifted his position, what suddenly touched, take a look up, placed a rope on the seat collapsed, a bunch of red silk rope tied to his head also seems to have a similar dip festivity.
  Su pour black eyes under the eyelids sparkling with little light, as if annoyed, it would seem to laugh.How, she does not want, he is not ready to tie her back.
  Gray also tied to the front of the house several small silk flowers bright red flowers, fluttering in the breeze.Manor House in maid surrounded her up and give her a freshen up in the locker leaf skullcap with her to see that the bedrooms, for a luxurious dark red dress.Finally, a button on the system when the Soviet Union pour a little strange, because the clothes had to fit e南宁夜生活网xactly.
  Hot head, dumping the Soviet Union has got used to, either playing with them her supple hair.Well-trained maids,Hard, so hard heavy work to other people, she ah, really keep up became clear text, but also to ensure the filial his mother than plain text.”
  Sungui are not immortal teenage girl, not married when people are diligent, married becomes a kind, each other’s words, she does not believe, but I am sorry to say it, “I would not introducer, said the Chinese New Year flower again, I to people called looking for her skin made no talk about this, I did not mean it?”See Xue Flower scythe aside more than just a place to go, she quickly recover the past,” Flower, wait for me ah.”
  She catch Xue Huahua, the Yang Lanju and Luming Wen said at the object thing, Xue Huahua does not seem accidental, remind her to cut ragweed北京夜网, did not say.
  Sungui cents imbalance, everyone that asked Yang L

People froze, Song Yanqing stood up and angrily: “You give me!How to speak?!”

  Teenage management are ignored, turned away.Song Yanqing and Zhao Yang Lan were a little embarrassed, Zhao Yang Lan quickly said: “That, Wei, this is your Song Zhe Gege, after you go to school with him and.His good-natured, it is today a little upset, you do not mind ah.”
  Yang Wei nodded and did not say much.
  This is her first met and Song Zhe.
  Song Zhe is young Master temper, arrogance was not a cent cover.He looked down on her, it was openly despised, not completely take into account the feelings of others and a half points.
  He laughed her to eat street stalls, ridiculed her love stories, comics, chasing love beans, all her teenager would do in his eyes is not inflow.
  In order to integrate into the Song, in order to please him and Zhao Yang Lan’s like, she will give up his hobby all these.
  She has been learning how to be a “decent man”, she cello, learning French and Latin, the results always come first, do not eat all like to eat.
  Her self-discipline, restraint, like a taut string from time to time, never self-indulgent moment.
  Song Zhe can never liked her.
  They go to school together every day after school, reading together cram schools, he never gave her a good face

ing keep waiting for her to wake up to eat Gu went to sleep lounge to sleep more than an hour, make sense of this, suddenly the whole spirit of the people, the share of semi-packaged Zhaode Hai lukewarm eat half, makeup artist make up a good makeup to continue jobs.

  Jiang Tong Tong is just to take him to the factory to play at the urging of Schelling.
  He does not like to come to the factory, full of people, noisy, and those who met him liked him pinched face, hate is dead.
  Yan Yuyun no time to accompany two young gen苏州夜网tleman, Jiang Tong Tong directly with Schelling went to the studio and see.
  Jiang Tong Tong took Schelling came, he felt nothing good.
  Schelling reads like a strange, feminine garden, all curious to see what.
  Suddenly, Schelling shocked caught Jiang Tong Tong’s arm, he kept shaking: “Jiang Tong Tong!Look at who you are!”
  Jiang Tong Tong is holding consoles playing the game, impatient to see the past, suddenly eyes straight.
  That, that do not care to sleep?
  How she here?!
  She was, how she like a princess?
  Gu sleep wearing a white princess dress, her hair hot rolled, tie a head princess, wearing blingbling foot of the silver transparent plastic sandals, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, finishing her waist champagne bow bow, from fitting inter came out, just like Cinderella makeover, become a real princess, the whole human hair shiny light.
  Jiang Tong Tongxie Lin are seen to stay.
  Gu sleep did not find the two of them, just 北京夜网on her wheel, began to enter the operating mode.
  Jiang Tong Tong and Schelling hiding in a corner, staring unblinking lens care sleep premise skirt, circling, head tilt, revealing a bright smile they had never seen before, there is no way eyes off her, and uncontrollable eye becomes a star, totally spent.
  Gu sleep s

His face looked Zhang Zaiting question mark, asks: “This is what you say to a really good song?”

  ”Yes ah, special joy.”Zhang Zaiting look innocent.
  At first the Soviet mirror face filled with resist, turned around to see Bai Qingqing has been glued to the on-screen lyrics sang, also sings his face serious, so the next part of her when she used to sing in the heart.
  This is the first “big orange” She heard the famous square dance child, but she never thought I would ever sing this song in the KTV.
  Looking at the screen to sing and dance singer, the Soviet Union could not help chuckle mirror.
  Interlude when Bai Qingqing glanced Su Jing, see her laughing, that she was amused screen in the picture, in fact, she does not know that mind is full of interesting dance Bai Qingqing jump this picture.
  Really strong sense of the screen.
  To a chorus of them at each other, looking in the eyes fall into the stars.
  Zhang Zaining sat quietly watching the two men, there is always a first put her son to earth to sing songs lingering illusion of meaning children.
  Because of that sincere love of showing the natural look is clearly not fool people.
  ”Sub pavilion, you help me find out if there is one called” bloom “songs, if any, would you choose me, I quite like to sing.”Right now this song over and over, the Soviet Union the mirror straight

It could never be as good as the Chu Shen’s wish.

  Let her ask the people, I am afraid not born?
  Chu Shen hung up the phone, they immediately call Tan Yin Lu Huainan.
  ”I know.”
  ”You have made little progress there?”
  Tan Yin hear a call back directly to the point, I would not feel strange land Huainan.Because before the broker had told him, but did not expect to land in Huainan broker was able to conceal  Yin.
  Tan Yin just so calm reaction of some pretty contrary to his expectations, her voice calm as if she is not abusive users, but others.
  He is really getting to like her.
  Lu felt Huainan fifth hearts light up, raised an eyebrow slightly Yin Tan.
  Lu Huainan mouth fills with gentle and doting smile, his gentle voice with the most magnetic Tan Yin told his side of the case.
  Since Tan Yin calm, Lu also faithfully inform Huainan.
  ”Now the situation is not very good for you.Gu Mingxin said those words during the interview are small problems, the most important thing video.”
  ”I’ve been looking through the hospital surveillance video over who shot video of the onlookers passers-by, but unfortunately, those who have been bribed in advance Chu Shen, video destroyed.Even if they are willing to testify, but there is not enough evidence to prove or no way..”

I know XIA far away in the United Kingdom.

  In addition to XIA away just did not know then and Cheng Cen wave winter to fight the causes and effects that thing.
  Winter does not process all the things the past few years, XIA away know go know, clearly go clear, but the distance across the oceans, even if there is a network can contact at any time, but now stood face to face, with the eyes looking really, forest summer away could not help but think, Cheng Dong and her memory of the image, seems to have had little subtle bias.
  Although when she returned five years later, Cheng Dong stood opposite her laugh the way, the total is still to make her think of when the shadow Cheng winter boy, speaking voice are still the winter Cheng brother as gentle, his mouth laughing Taohua Yan is intended as a teenager and still clear.
  But perhaps because the winter away this time been sitting in the room, surrounded by lawyers against the terms of the acquisition agreement to talk about, so wearing a suit and also the name of the seriousness of the cause tie.
  Let this image XIA away very well aware that the process is no longer the winter that her memory neighbor years, and he now has a young man.

  ☆, forehead kiss

  Chapter 63 forehead kiss
  Cheng Dong know roommate during Dr. XIA Wen Yan away, while Yan and Wen