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Essays online, I dropped a seed, and look forward to her hands wide rooted system, panoramic view of the beauty of the prose drunk, stand among the world, great strides forward!    She it grow into towering trees?  Or a flower?  Quietly, aryl Rui spit?    Bathed in the spring chapter, engraved green, filled with blue flowers!  In purgatory sweat, exhaustion prose poems, starry!  Following the fall of Alice Dancer, was to make the bleak years of mildly poignant!  And winter snow elves exploration bloom, wrapped in white, blush Fifi fly sky!    What a beautiful platform ah!  Thank you!Thank you!    You can describe nature, leaving a beautiful calm.  The world can express their emotions, mutual learning Humian.  Philosophy of the world, the essence of the request.  World novel, written by who is who!    What a broad platform ah!  Thank you!Thank you!

Silent tolerance

REVIEW be tolerant to diversity, which have vast oceans.Vaster than the ocean is the human heart.But life, in addition to the relationship between colleagues and other than husband and wife, frequent frictions and argue.    What is the tolerance, maybe you can make a verbal answer from.When some of the problems encountered in life, or even the husband and wife quarrel Cross colleagues when tolerance becomes very important.  When you wrote at read books, I noticed a Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The old man is always wrong.”.After reading, meaning you will certainly be the implication of the works to inspire.  Content of the work is extremely simple, the story of a rural poverty of the couple, the family wanted only valuable a horse to the fair exchange for something else.Old man lead a horse to the fair, first with a horse in exchange for a cow, and then use a cow for a sheep, followed by sheep in exchange for a fat goose, but with a fat goose for a hen Finally, with the hen for a bag full of rotten apples.He wanted to use it to his wife in exchange for a surprise.He carried the big apple tape came to rest in front of a small hotel.Then we met up to two Britons.Two said the Englishman, in exchange for your horse today, be sure to beat his wife at home you can not.Said the old man, no matter the.Two British refused to accept, then bet with a bag of money with him, and went to his house with the old man actually get hold of study.  After home.The old man tells today’s exchange through.His wife rapt.From time to time, “we have to drink milk!”” Too good to drink goat’s milk!” Chicken feathers Haopiaoliangya ‘when it comes to now we have a bag full of rotten apples, the woman not only did not get angry, but said, tonight we have apple pie!  Sure enough, two Britons lost a bag of coins.The chance to read this point, many people will be interpreted as the author is mocking those stupid people.In fact, work is precisely the implication of the most precious things between people – tolerance.  What is the tolerance?Tolerance is a character, but also a man of accomplishment.Fairy tales old woman did not go blame the old man, that is, a person will have to admit the faults and mistakes Yeah, tolerance is the best glue.Can not be without their fault between husband and wife, the key you what kind of attitude towards be tolerant to diversity, which have vast oceans.Vaster than the ocean is the human heart.But life, in addition to the relationship between colleagues and other than husband and wife, frequent frictions and argue.Some people in the altercation was verbal abuse superposition, or even a potential upside down.Not only hurt the self-esteem, but also hurt the gas.If a man has a forgiving heart, it is perhaps the best way to solve the problem.  Life different attitude.There are some things, then width of the tolerance; tolerance of some things they Hiroyuki.Tolerant tree is an advocate of self-esteem.Sincerely, pro-life, with a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere, there is a beautiful living space.  Tolerance is silent life!

Cry witch doctors Lu

Yiwulushan is the first of the five towns, winding majestic momentum, Qing Qi beautiful scenery let the world cherished.This eternal eternal mountains, year after year, quietly overlooking the wider world, she saw a lot of human laughter, but also witnessed too much human Youyuan.One young girls, she had wanted their youth, will always remain in peak Wanghaisi Kok..    The girl called the child Huang Yuanyuan, an occasional trips to get to know her Yiwulushan.    Yiwulushan climb the highest peak Wanghaisi is my wish for many years, always busy and can not take place because.This spring, I am determined to put down all the chores to realize this aspiration.    I live in the city of Yixian, Yiwulushan want to travel is still very convenient, a lot of information, said Yiwulushan in the territory of the northern town, in fact Yiwulushan Lama hole north of Fuxin County, just south of Stone Town Linghai, stretches about 90 kilometers, is Yixian watershed and the northern town of 60 percent of the area of the territory in Yixian.    From the county to justice Wanghaisi There are two routes, one is crossing the ridge horse Yiwulushan small detour north of the town, from Dongpo Deng peak, the other is directly to the territory of the Yixian Formation of cold from the west slope of the main peak.Dongpo flat from peak close, the western slope of the summit as well as advantageous 20 li away from the foot.I chose the western slope, because very few people go from plane.Not so many visitors, relatively quiet.    June 2 early in the morning.I did a simple mountaineering ready to get on the bus to go cold ditch.Passengers much, a few along the way did not get on the train.Out of the window a light green earth with one vibrant scene.    Reaching the bridge near the small river, up a female passenger, long hair, is tall, sitting in front of me without saying a word vacancy.    I specifically looked at the girl, 24.5 years old, very beautiful, but his face pale and preoccupied, some spiritual malaise.The road for more than two hours, she had never how to speak.To the terminal she was gone.    In the depths of the Cold Ravine Yiwulushan terminal, a seat in front of the towering mountain clouds.The main peak in the southeast, along the way at just over five rooms, five rooms on three small villages and empress temple ditch, two-thirds of the distance is inaccessible original deep forest.I take a break, at kiosks to buy two bottles of mineral water on the road.    Just out of the village, a man called me from behind.It is the same car who taciturn girl.She also had to board the Lu Shan main peak, and I would like to take the road counterparts.    The girl still face gloom in the car, now like a new man, his face excited, she said her name was Huang Yuanyuan, graduated from college almost a year, tired of the city noise and impetuous, I want to change the environment to relax , why they choose this route to climb the mountains very quiet, not many pedestrians, the crisp sound of birds cried heard, Mighty quiet and distant.Way to start is also very flat, which is a construction of the asphalt along the river, all the way to the village five rooms.It is said that there are villages of Yixian places such black pavement repair.Mountain roads unknown flowers bloom with water droplets on the grass and trees are falling non-downs, through the crystal drops, spring water gurgling sound accompanied by waves of fragrance hit, making this country road filled with flowers, so that people passing without fatigue.Nature, fresh, quiet beauty of sight for sore eyes.    Yuanyuan plants and trees here, feel fresh, sometimes off the road to watch the bees gather honey clove, sometimes to the crystal clear creek while watching the fish in the water, but we still walk and talk more.She had also grown up in rural Yixian people.In order to let her finish college, fifty-year-old father in construction site work, at home, the mother tends the crops, think of ways to earn money for her daughter to school.Now graduated.I never did find a steady job.Not people fired her, that she fired people.    She speaks these experiences expression is very quiet, but I always felt this quiet hidden behind a huge psychological waves.Such beautiful young girl, a man went to the deep forests, in itself very strange things.    This country only asphalt road through the village to the Ministry of five rooms, the rest of the journey is the substantial climb.Creek in the mountains continues to extend in the direction of the south, but in the main peak easterly direction.Edge of the village have built an artificial pond, calm as a mirror, the sights are reflected in the water, it is quiet and serene.Yuanyuan face their own reflection in the water deep in thought, to see the kind of melancholy look in the car and appeared on her face.My heavy heart up, suddenly had a premonition of what was going to happen.    Foot of the road higher up the steep and very dangerous.I started to breath sound called on the feet swell, lifting hard, Yuanyuan forehead sprout thin sweat.Line to the Goddess temple ditch had to take a break.There is only 3,5 families, Khitan said to the Queen Empress Xiao had to hunt around to this line, later to repair the temple as a memorial.Today niangniangmiao no longer exists, but the name has spread.Others think of Empress Xiao in such inaccessible places, and the girl in front of me no one gave her a suitable job, it seems that the world is not fair since ancient times.    More and more steep mountains, some places only by hands and feet.At this time four weeks full of exotic pines form, mostly in more than a hundred years old.Qiu shaped roots exposed on the rocks, plunging headlong into the soil who can, can not help but lament its tenacious of life.It is the soul of mountain pines.Thousands of years, and so they quietly waiting barren land.Lu Shan is an increase of scenery.    Mountains farther steep, steep in some places are afraid of looking back, Wan battle at the foot of the abyss, too easy to slip and fall into the valley to pieces.Yuanyuan but it seems to gall.Take my hand and hold tight.At this point I do not know what she was thinking, but I know the desire for life is a human instinct, Yuanyuan she should have better look.    From the peak draws near, there are small groups of tourists in the Walk this way.Then came the wonderful sound, like the sound of nature from heaven, sadly echoed through the valley.This is a scenic tour guide describes the natural conditions in Lu Shan, a variety of cultural landscape.Sound like a beautiful prose poem came to swing in a quaint atmosphere.We are facing more and more concentrated in the mountain fog, step by step, went to heaven.    Bypassing a dangerous and a stone through one and a Yanxi, and finally to the summit.I have asthma and Yuanyuan not a sound, sweat.From a stone hard to get around, gingerly into the artificial peak fire station, then climbed the steel ladder sections, went to the fire station roof peak, the highest peak Yiwulushan “Wanghaisi” At our feet up.It is said that there was a temple here, standing here looking south, you can see the Bohai Sea, so the temple is called “Wanghaisi”.Today temple gone, built on the site of a beacon.    Standing against the Wind table top stand a favor open polyester, spiritual beauty of God over the shape of my heart, all the panoramic view of the monastery is surrounded around.Tao is facing west toward the boundless sea of trees, looking south is the vast Northeast Plain, the vast sea of smoke, little villages, magical good luck nature people feeling the value of life, the good life.    Yuanyuan and turn in peak fire on stage, in front of beautiful things in the world seems to want to have loaded the eyes.I took out a prepared fruit, greeted her sit down while tasting while enjoying the charming scenery, but also feel a lot of pleasant tales.    I asked her: “You are a college student, you should understand what is ‘as good from the board’ it?”As if she thought nod.    ”I understand the state of mind is good, strive for the better.In fact, life as mountaineering, there is no flat road to go, if they work hard to do it, you will see that we want to see the scenery.”I say.    Yuanyuan smiled and did not answer me.    ”Yuanyuan, do you have something on your mind?”She noncommittal, or laugh.    ”If you believe I am a good person, put the truth speak out.Whether you like it or not, I have to accompany you home safely today.”She ducked my eyes, silent for a while, suddenly sobbed softly.    For a while she breaks through his tears, he said: “Wang.I really want to tell you the truth today, jumping once and for all, why misfortune makes me stand sits, no one understands, no one to sympathize.However, Lu mountain peak beautiful scenery so I gave up the idea, you are faced with such a good man, to say out of my mind grievances.”So, Yuanyuan’s father had an accident at the construction site, fell down from the third floor racks hands passed away.Mother can not afford for her to read, to remarry after 50-year-old father, a stepfather to pay for her to finish college.After she graduated from a university science and engineering last year, he has been unemployed in rural home.Until April this year, in the rush of relatives and friends, she entered a public institution, although wages are only 1600 yuan, but Yuanyuan was very happy, she feels she can use their own money in return a mother’s upbringing.I did not expect did only two months to be dismissed on the grounds that the Shanghai Personnel Bureau, eds., No financial compiled will be allowed to hire.Later, she went to a couple of open private kindergartens with children, because men have a crush on her principal female principal cause of suspicion caused by husband and wife.She could not stay, resigned himself.Until now never find a job.She was very painful, depression, increased day by day, the initiation of the idea of suicide.    ”I do not want to let others know most of these things are not happy tell you.No matter what happens in the future, will no longer commit suicide the.”Yuanyuan laugh, smile is very short but very bright.I know her heart “ice” began to melt, thus, I think this passage, “can disturb the natural wonders of the human soul, reminiscent of the mysteries of the human, think of life, think of your own body care philistine society in which all to make their ideological level, state of mind in the heart in hand, sublimation, updated to arouse the enthusiasm to pursue bigger targets, but also so as to forget the fleeting time resulting in failure, frustration, depressed, decadent, from the bottom of my heart heavy call vitality of life.”We stay in a peak about when to start down the mountain, as proposed Yuanyuan return bus in the northern town of Yixian, sitting in the car and then look back into the Lu Shan peaks are shrouded in misty rain.Watching the quiet, dignified playmate, my heart quietly said: Lu Shan, thank you!    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Comfort the family, the soul

Emaciated I walk in this street full of strangers without a trace of warmth are like hot and cold noisy world occupy the whole street is so quiet my heart did a little sigh loudly warned him not walk with me in my heart waiting for the consolation of walking I do not know How long have I look back and a bunch of strange head I continue to walk I do not know how long I eventually saw her familiar my heart bloom my face was in bloom I found I will follow her everything went suddenly I forget all the strange salutation warm in my heart I have never been to this place to feel at home care might be a little nervous but really warm at her room at her face can not help with sad because I grew up with her life needs to increase with age actually live in this environment tend to know better each other in such a mood to love one another with less stiff family home when his family is always better than an open door for my love I thank you for the deep sea as always, good thank you

Fifty-one Guangzhou, Shenzhen and then do

Rare a three-day holiday break even, this just put the factory for two days, but I insist myself off three days.Because before I expect a day off work and I will not let too busy with trips colleague Li Changan a person Dinggang.That day I was talking to Guangzhou Li Changan said I want to yonder May Day, of course, do not need so he will be very happy to accept my stuff means has bought his ticket at the station before Shiyan, in the past many times I was afraid to fight card late for work or want to take up multi-point leisure time, I let him give me a punch and not a euphemism to speak bluntly.    That day, a dense mass of a number of streets full of people in Shenzhen, per bus people inside are tightly, Jiju worried expression revealed a large number of Shenzhen’s population, and a strong desire to leave the moment people.I am very clear that the holiday indulgence to Guangzhou to play for three days, who knows the way to go can be strenuous, grievances, from the first transfer, waiting for the bus, on the train let me become very impulsive.Lined up to buy the team barely 2:30 pm the car, listening to people standing in the front of the queue when pitted say they buy is twelve now not turn on the car from the Longhua intersection to catch the bus station Shiyan, Click the situation to me on the train on time can be more slim, I hasten to extricate yourself from a ticket window back.I squeezed into a bus station north to the Komeito, the situation here is very bad, very crowded, it was fortunately just hit a bus bound from New Komeito, Dongguan Humen, Humen I want to leave Guangzhou near point, multi-point trips it does not squeeze, directly on the car, but I finally get off election in Chang’an North station, stop very well be able to buy tickets.Soon the car turned a corner directly out of the station on State Road 107 to smooth the way to reach the Guangzhou station on schedule.Guangzhou has to get off is 7pm and more, gradually deep night, I careless edge of the square at the train station to buy a pack of cigarettes, and soon high school classmate Liu Weijie call came, many physically and mentally relaxed, squeeze all the way to see downtown Guangzhou also bored.    My schedule was full line in Guangzhou three days, there is the Tianhe Sports West that suffered Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan Food Festival, numerous specialty snacks and a lot of classic diners can try to taste; there is a repeat of the Asian Games opening ceremony in the Pearl River New City ; then there is the Pearl River Night cruise sightseeing, visiting Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Chen Clan Temple, etc. these are all well-known attractions project, to see so many local Guangzhou to play, can not help but feel that people living in Guangzhou is so happy.This compared to a lot of advantages in Shenzhen than one hundred kilometers is obvious, Take transportation and cultural life, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the gap is still there, and Guangzhou Metro Express transportation network throughout the city of Guangzhou, recreation and cultural distribution is more uniform, these are the current life and relatively close to Shenzhen this development was not obvious, the opening of the subway line are not many, are mostly concentrated in the play off within and along the coastline, customs all over the industrial zone, the distribution of low-density recreational park.In Guangzhou three days I have been a man ride out to play, because the students went to the Zhongshan Xiaolan his family there, because time is short, and what do they want to go, but where did not have a real play, is a spot about a walk small circle, then hurried to the next spot to go, so it feels very sloppy attitude, no other place to go back and think about what characteristics played, but also back to Shenzhen.    No. 3 car at noon that day I began to return to Shenzhen, I chose a special journey from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is going to change the whole bus experience is the extent of the east coast of the Pearl River Delta traffic integration progress can also provincial toll.Many times I like to sit in the car, like the Buddha mind to watch the flow of people and cars outside the car, especially on night lights in the streets.So, this time I chose to transfer back to Shenzhen bus, subway starts from the Milky Way to the development of Huangpu District, and from here there is a bus Dongguan, Dongguan, giving the impression that very old bus exhaust smoke injection, change from zone Dongguan bus ride across the East River Bridge is the case of Dongguan Machong, the town hall to the station after I transfer to the bus station in Dongguan, Chang’an station finally just sit directly.Who would have thought that day to a Changan car, it suddenly short of torrential rain, the clothes are wet too late to shelter a half, this time a bit boring, feeling weak.Wait until the bus is bound for Shenzhen traffic jam, due to the recent issue of highway toll station rectification, loose long toll station revoke fees, so that under the overpass serious traffic jam, the driver is to save money to go around here, cars on the clogged, traffic congestion kind of jaded, disgusted and swarmed the heart.The car all the way only a snail’s pace as the front line, it took more than three minutes before the Longhua, then has five in the afternoon, I hurried home to pack simple, hurry to go to work.    To the factory and office colleagues gather together to talk about their fun May Day, but many of my colleagues are staying at home is to eat sleep, attitude adjustment nutritional supplement, and not to talk about high tide, soon followed by work.I turn on the computer for a long time to enter the working state, but suddenly received a phone Yunpeng, head high, then there is very rapid and surprised that my examination results came out a few days ago and this one is not normal in the liver, and then tomorrow I want to authoritative hospital re-examination will be reconfirmed, I hear that as high transaminase even I was scared, then head full of doubts, also not in the mood to go to work, so I was quite contradictory reports together, values temporarily changed sharply , repentance and self-deprecating ever haunting me, I do not calm down.I suddenly thought a lot in family relations I am no longer bearers, they became a burden to the family, to work more than a year of tightening did not remitted a penny, dragging sick, remaining the hands of a few Zhang shy bills, I really do not know how to arrange to do.One kind of embarrassment to the family phone, I lost my nerve and show the family dialogue.The examination results I had expected, I still very question, I have a suspicion that hospitals and doctors, because in a market economy servants in pursuit of profit is unscrupulous, I chose to re-examine.    The next morning, depressed mood sitting K318 fast lane of life suddenly feel sad things happen more in the moment, more a result of our ignorance is not a defense, but the tragedy was raging attack.Want to come too, and lately I have not that kind of self-love before, I ignored the body was too far, and are also a lot of people around me to work in the same factory in Shenzhen can only numb to work every day.The “first wealth is health” occasionally seen repeated in the book over and superstition, but rush back to reality repressed reality has been difficult to believe and pay attention to it.By repeated transfer finally to the First People’s Hospital in Shenzhen Luohu District, the morning accident deserted hospital, a few numbers to see a doctor who can handle themselves seriously busy doctor program, the doctor is not hurriedly buried in his work.When I finished the registration, payment, blood sampling, the doctor told me to come and collect sampling report in the afternoon, out of the hospital door I still pray.In front of the hospital is busy Shennan Avenue, full of luxury and seeing a hurry, I have not the slightest interest.I crossed the road to the seat next to sit down across from flower column, I looked very quiet, eyes focused forward, but my heart was cranky, career, life, intertwined with the future, I know this a big impact, I have to change and before a lot of different ideas.But I’m not willing to give up the ideal, people should have ideals, and fulfilling life because of ideal diversification.After a long time I stood up and from Chunfeng Road, guests walked the road, this is the business I walked around sensitive areas.I love downtown here, I can not bear to say here, I had to leave the city, away from the bustling and I envy these people.After leaving here, I do not know when it’ll come back, after re-examining the results to be short, I come out I will resign to go home, temporarily had an extraordinary life of the country, which proved vulnerable at this time I.Time soon after eleven o’clock, my heart is difficult to calm panic, go back to the hospital on the road constantly disturbed.Finally walked into the hospital to the front counter that I took the sampling results, my alanine aminotransferase is still high, this unlucky number, I am ignorant, I do not have room for the body in question, and finds this result.I quickly asked the hospital specialist, but let me say often hospitalized.I did not answer the doctor’s opinion, a heavy heart, could not say a word, I did not listen to medical advice immediately hospitalization procedure, because I have no money, only enough for fare to go home, I can finally get out of despair hospital, will leave Shenzhen at once.Of course, I’m not here because of this and hate, hate the city.Because I understand that in this imperfect legal system of market economy and society, sometimes only weak to fend for themselves.I took the physical examination alone went to Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, located in the Futian District, and finally went to the Second People’s Hospital to let consult a specialist medical advice, let me say very much the same results immediately hospitalized shall not evading, this is how resolutely Views.    In the evening, I returned to the factory and the relevant physical examination a few colleagues to discuss, this also means to respectively, which are understood Mr. Cheng, and soon the next day all the relevant separation procedures run by Mr. Cheng for me to do, boss batch down.Shenzhen leaving that day, Mr. Cheng invited us to a meal on the table they are struggling to comfort me, I am still and quiet as usual.Maybe you can say I did not enrich the material life in Shenzhen, but to get to know a few savvy colleagues, so that I can earn in Shenzhen for so long, and now my heart has been to treat them as real friends.    It was May 7 I boarded the bus to leave Shenzhen fast, this is the second time I leave Shenzhen, but also my heart how firm it up.    July 21, 2011 in Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City. 14 Village:

Coordinate the department’s Love Song

Night the day, I always stop and origin I do not know your limits coordinate how far apart we are in close proximity, or beyond the limits of time and space across my heart has two axes perpendicular to the stretching their beliefs are journeying love to forget not once side of the border too late I can see your face you across a beautiful short curves do not know gone quadrants look forward to the next cycle, I can forward you inadvertently in the longitudinal projection of my life bears off even if the deep and shallow curved intermittent but very sweet aftertaste back of your mind I still appear when you start to draw a circle around my circle around mid-month even if the radius of the gradient breakdown gloomy your name is still in my heart meditation spring summer autumn and winter, I will stop and I want to see the origin of your face

Tianchi Dutch rhyme

In order to see the grace Tianchi lotus, the day I whim Tianchi early taxi to the park, I have been stubbornly believe that only thin cloud Willow Lakeshore savory taste in the morning.My heart is kept praying under light rain, so perhaps better appreciate the heavy mist Chutian wide, the mood among the rain water cloud of smoke.    Tianchi Park, I come to you and I go about unfinished.    Get into the park, wall paintings, bamboo washed walls, pavilions, flowers Shigeki, bridges WIND eleven came into my eyes, from which, if suddenly across from the tall buildings of modern to ancient Intrigue.Slowly along the banks of the venue, for fear of breaking the quiet of the park, afraid to miss a scenery.Park ancient Pujing Ya, lotus bloom, fine Liufu embankment, water trough full of water, green grass, that bloom is unknown trouble branches of trees and flowers, the dew faint splendid.Humid air wearing a flower Vanessa deep see, some water sections dragonfly fly, still faintly heard the crisp sound of birds and the intermittent sound of the erhu.The wind is very small, Lanlansansan bypass the willow branches, even the most delicate branches and the wind seemed reluctant to talk softly, just want to continue to catch up on sleep.Such a micro can not feel a little wind, it can really make people unwilling to.Overcast at the moment was right, exhibited the influence of slight rain means, but will not fall off, making the lake shrouded in fog on a thin layer, it still pond as the general picture in front of me started to shop is not exhaustive.Lotus immersed in the heart continuously, it is refreshing.Blossoming or small size, or gentle and elegant, soft or tall or have a dignified appearance of static load, but at the same time make people feel pleasing enough, to see for a long time will inevitably feel fly in the ointment, not the high level of picturesque beauty, Smart escape of viable beauty can really touch people’s souls, and the human mind fit.Wind, ah, you’re too violent it!Let bidet Kingston engine jade plate, painstakingly save the world Sincere heart of the lotus dance to it!Let me see that ten thousand ares spectacular dance bar fight!    Blazing stroll, look pond quiet beauty; journeying to wait, when Xu breeze?I was waiting for so anxious and sweet, but fortunately Faith will move mountains to open, the long-awaited wind.Wind off, the lotus and dances, the tallest building in Pitt leaves the next day off, Barbara is beautiful.That stubborn struggling Praise aloof pure bud, that half-opened.Full of ignominy with mood.Water fairy endless thrill like lotus: when the wind is too Xu Tong, also want to say shame, fascinating and charming; when the wind destroyed the pond, boundless expanse of bow, though, do not discount the strength of character.No exaggeration, not artificial, since the foot of dirt, cleaning from the inside, light but not cold, and not the United States and China, do not let me how to love?    I can see God, even silky drizzle followed along for the ride have never found that when I have to be aware, is already a dense rhythm of the rain curtain.Refreshing breeze coming through the flowers and trees, people passing the dough surface, Qin Qin cool rain Zhanyi wet, almost confused people get comfortable.Then Hawthorn also told me to show another a style, Bik leaves are wet rain Run in the oil-like green, in this thick green in contrasting been spotlessly clean faint light pink two color, different shades but echo each other, complement each other.Amidst the Rain, waterfowl tilted the Fangfei.Dutch petals falling, and the poor without chasing butterflies!From a horizontal boat, no crossing, who suffer Hou?Outside the boat, blue Yang Yang, from shore to shore bridge, greeting sent, how many people proud?Dash off sad?    Along the road of flowers and King lost to the human eye, quiet people, my heart seems to have been more Qingming rain washed more flexible.More rain curtain thin, rain was also deserted if it appears, and tourists in twos and threes park, the park becomes noisy up.Look around, Zhu deep, shallow red, thick film, optical light, densely intertwined with the overlap.Turn a blind eye, and told all collection between heart, Tianchi Dutch rhyme in my heart quietly flowing.

Open-minded accumulation wonderful life

Open-minded accumulation wonderful life the passage of time, lived a day in the busy harvest cycle of day and night, wasted years.It is difficult to know how to cherish the moment, it is difficult to calm self, more often lonely in the chase.Man dead of night when there is little time to think the purpose of life, the value of life busy thinking, to record life in the long river is the real thinking how beautiful.We are living in emotionally based, launched a life.With power-driven desire to live, to meet the material needs to run around in pursuit of happiness for the purpose of Lawton’s life.Happiness is a feeling, a happy mood.Often told my friends and communicate with friends, we actually pursue a lifetime of happiness and joy.If you can create happiness is a wise man, you can feel the happiness is wisdom.A lot of smart, fun will often.Wisdom of many people, so more people are on the road in pursuit of happiness.Rich people worry more, because they can not calm down.Right of the people many things, it can not be detached in the complex things.A friend is such a person, and I sit back with perhaps the feelings of quiet time.But the heart is still difficult to calm down, so every day and every day requires calm in busy.If rich people did not bring years of experience, did not provide enough experience.If people do not feel the vicissitudes of the years, did not improve himself in hardships, it is not a wise man.Busy just the process of life, the pursuit of more people are out of the woods, to grasp life, to feel extraordinary day in the sun and rain, feel the true feelings, feelings of friends is sincere, emotional feeling better.Looking back there is your shadow, have you waking smile.My world because of your existence, becomes pure and beautiful.My life because of your presence, and understand love is the greatest gift God has given mankind.Looking back tacit understanding between, such as heaven and earth consistency, such as clouds and rain intersection.See and not see you still in my heart.If one day you leave me, I will thank God I have you ever.My colorful life because of you, my affection bloom because of you, because you are my world and indifferent elegant.This is a kind of emotional precipitation, sublimation of love.Years of recorded life, living proof of life.Not the same mind there will be a different mood; not the same mentality not feel the same life; a different angle to produce a different perspective; not the same pattern of presenting different realm.Not the same realm to create a different life.This is a kind of open-minded personality, a state of mind, a mind, a realm.Friend is not much, is fine.That intimate friend intimate confidant, blue Yan confidant, the roots of.It is open-minded open-minded, cheerful, capable of tolerating things Yung.In case of open-minded pet is not arrogance, panic.Is open-minded, generous, failing to calm, face difficulties without fear, head sour taste of life, and later become sunny Xiaokan.Open-minded is a tolerant, open-minded but also a character and virtue, is an optimistic open-minded forthright, open-minded is a broad-minded, one free and easy attitude, but also the highest realm of life.World wider than the sky is the human mind.Have such a good heart, it is necessary to lay down various psychological burden, so sincere, warm, humble, courageous, firm conduct themselves in society to become their own magic, and strive to become a truly open-minded person.Open-minded is worth a stroll in the complex life, is open-minded duck octupole heart, heart travel climbed.Open-minded is the water line to the poor, sitting watching clouds from time to.Smart people doing things right, the wisdom of the people to do the right thing, virtuous people revel work, and its light, with its dust.The pursuit of a better life on the road, the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of happiness, but complained that the loss, the hardship in trouble, the abandon myself frustrated in.Not clever enough, is not wisdom, wisdom is not enough, not enough open-minded.Life is too short to hold their own in the pursuit, the experience hone their test themselves in trouble, but also to elevate himself in the ordeal, open-minded to face life, to grasp life, you will reap all.Sometimes dead of night hours, introspection will be knowing, before settling himself.Live your life in a pipe breath, hold their own in the cigar breath.Culture expansive mind, you precipitate me a wonderful life.Our common pursuit of a happy mood, the feeling of happiness, more is better wells.The kind of open-minded character with a smile.This is a quiet lane worlds.

Writing health benefits, the operation of the Essay

[REVIEW] The so-called US text is from the thoughts and feelings into art forms, from language to writing all aspects of beauty, but also for the requirements of article.Essay its “beauty” and can be pleasant people, infected people, to impress people..  Seasons gone through years of healthy life is important, disease-free without disaster is of supreme happiness.As long as better for your health is our only choice in life.Since fond of literature, I chose writing, of course, involve writing to the level of the problem, the average person as competent, because people should take appropriate actions, complement each other for the gifted.Writing is good for health experts recognized, writing can be released temperament, reduce stress, eliminate trouble, get help.No matter what kind of life have this kind of trouble and misfortune, ordinary people may worry more trivial, more particularly unfortunate.Who have a natural talent and not unsuccessful, have refused to accept the fate of those born misfortune, but unfortunately there is suddenly the fate of mutation, there can not be a bed of roses in the most common family problems, children’s problems and complaining, more lonely journey who alone singles.No matter who we are the same, take care of their most delicate feelings in the world, has its own most vulnerable sensitive nerve, we need to resolve themselves through a way to ease yourself, relax, so that their clear up, ease up.”Smoldering into the illness” depression, boredom is a malignant tumor, it will swallow your health, destroy various parts of your body, so you unknowingly damaged and Gaobing.    So, write it, put their troubles headlong all out, just gets rid of trash, pour out, you’re relaxed, not to mention in this harmonious society, we will help How about you, greeting, will warm your heart, make you a timely advice enlightened.We are a network of people, you do not have to worry about who will laugh at you, accusing you, do not doubt who would take advantage of your vulnerability split your table, to embarrass you.Moreover, through writing, you give yourself a organize your thoughts, to appease the soul of the process, allow yourself to wise and peaceful in writing, so avoid rash and impulsive, let yourself mature and rational.So, writing this really wholesome, why not do it?    Perhaps to my age, people would become increasingly nostalgic up.Always in the memory of all the past.Toys, at the same table as a teenager, when a friend of the young child, and when the number of adult love affair.Memories of things like wine, always the more experienced years of burial, become more mellow overflowing due to fermentation.Screen from time to time emerge mind, really teach unlimited aftertaste, the temptation could not help heart, when once you opened the seal of memory, this old conception of incense, they have to nostrils, ecstatic.But all in all this in the past among the most cherished, or that today already disappeared in the winter.Cold, heavy snow or winter, really tempting, Do not you see, global warming is not a good thing ah!.Chinese historical record high temperatures this year, so that people deeply feel the destruction of the global environment has become a very serious problem.In the early nineties, just to hear the word of global warming.At that time, scientists are still debating whether the planet really warming.One of the negative attitude of thought in the history of the Earth in the past billions of years to form, the temperature rise to two degrees within a few decades it is more normal.Positive attitude is believed that this time of global warming in the past greatly different from the past are warming the Earth’s own adjustment, is the phenomenon of nature, it is normal, but this is an entirely global warming caused by humans.Just since the Industrial Revolution, the world’s growing industrialization, increasing energy consumption, large tracts of forest have been cut down, a large number of species extinction.I heard that on Mars, the maximum temperature reached three hundred degrees Celsius during the day, but at night it was minus two hundred.That is because Mars has no protective atmosphere.The reason why our planet in the solar system is the only one suitable for biological survival of the planet because of its atmosphere, day and night temperature difference is not great.Imagine Once this layer protecting the Earth’s atmosphere lose face, we will be faced with what.One can imagine, after the baptism of more than three hundred degree heat, civilization created by mankind will be gone.In addition to humans, animals and plants have to suffer along with.Human beings are the most advanced biological species, it is because the human brain is the most developed in animals.Developed brain create for people and the planet unprecedented prosperity, but all things Sheng will decline, which seems to be heaven.This time the decline and fall of different dynasties past generations of decline, it means that the extinction of the human species, is tied to accompany all life on Earth.Another difference is that in previous generations towards decline also left us a very rich historical facts, and this demise will not leave any traces.Even if there are other planets in the future of higher species came to our planet, but also will not find any trace, like our spaceship to reach Mars but can not determine whether there were living organisms on Mars, like.Most people may think that this decline is still far away from us, and do not have to unfounded.But in recent years the nature of the warning frequently reminds us of the coming of the decline is not not hope away, probably in our generation or our children’s generation.Therefore, environmental protection is not only the nature of our future generations, but also for our own benefit.For an old man, cold and not necessarily a favorable factor.I know this.But I still miss the winter, cold and miss, miss the warmth of all the things that happened there in the cold winter.Earth about the past, about the past that is full of flowers, the birds of the sky, the water there is fish, running a variety of animals on earth, and has four seasons alternate Earth, but ‘not cold in winter’ four word.Now the environment on Earth too bad: Oxygen too thin, the sun is too harsh, but mention the word cool, my heart will feel miserable and desperate up again.Breezy, coldest days of winter, autumn lingering, snow, actually is very beautiful.I will remember too much thing of the past.I remember as a child had ever heard of birds, as well as in a lot of birds gathered under a tree, and my little friends playing with, until the sun goes down, then reluctantly dispersed.Coming home the moment, has no intention of looked up and saw that touch of sunset, ah, just on the mother’s eyes as mild.I remember a teenager, once skipping, and students go to a large field, we will pick up the yellow leaves rolled into a cigarette, sat silently pumping fields, ears heard turned out to be thousands of insects ensemble of symphony.When cicadas everywhere on campus, the school’s reading an artificial lake, very artistic, but it all may have forever lost.And most distressing, is the next generation of people, you probably will never experience the.Like the monkeys are two sides could not cry, Adventure million over mountains.As if the two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky line.As if the sun mountains, the Yellow River flows into the sea.Blowing like wildfire, in spring gave birth.Everything is like poetry, these things probably will always be one of your generation will no longer be able to experience the mood and the presence of.This will also be your heart forever regret, eternal pain.I often write some emotion article, I wrote the article covers a very broad, poetry, words, song, ode, lyric, memories, novels, essays, writing can be a double harvest: a harvest happy optimistic and positive attitude, the body go hand in hand rods up skills II harvest writing, pen also frequently reveals clues Essay.In particular, the need to know to write an Essay, proceed attention to several points, came up with the consonance.    Here I would like to how to write an Essay, talk about some of their own body odor.The only thing we need to do is write “Essay”.The so-called US text is from the thoughts and feelings into art forms, from language to writing all aspects of beauty, but also for the requirements of article.Essay its “beauty” and can be pleasant people, infected people, touch people, because “the United States” and to obtain the desired high assessment.So, how can you write Essay?.Thoughts and feelings of a “United States” – true, correct, every article has a deep soul, which is the center of the article, while the center is always assumes certain thoughts and feelings.Therefore, the article is the most important thoughts and feelings to “beauty”.Here, the “beauty” is the meaning of true, accurate, deep.    First of all, the right refers to the thoughts and feelings of a healthy and progressive, that is to say not write negative nothingness, antisocial against humanity, feudal superstition, thoughts and feelings of low style.    Secondly, thoughts and feelings to be sincere, false article is a wet blanket, of course, not to mention beautiful.    Third, profound, that argument can dialectical approach to problems – problems with a development perspective, to see the intrinsic link between things, reflect the essence of the phenomenon; narrative can taste the world state of deep compassion, reflect social reality, the performance of life ideal.For example, he wrote an article entitled “Chinese traditional culture and virtues flow,” the article, the discussion in the history of China after completing fooled used to master the results of progress, the end of the article with concise language sublimation of the theme: We do not deny the “four great inventions “to make a great contribution to the world, but we have to take them as old bragging, always lying on past achievements complacent book, rather than to better carry forward the spirit of the ancestors courage, the courage to forge ahead.    Bow meditation, China’s development has lagged behind the United States, Japan for decades by no means a surprise, but at the end of the article above reflect a reasonable basis for the Reason of China from a cultural perspective, that “the courage to carry forward the ancestors pioneering and enterprising spirit, “Death Badge blog, to deepen the center.Not only did the right thoughts and feelings, true, but also an understanding of the depth of stand out, get high marks is no doubt, because the thoughts and feelings of the article is “beauty”.  .Second material “Beauty” – accurately, typical, new material is the flesh and blood of an article, write to the US text, you must select exactly typical, new material, because such material can be more effectively the performance of the center, and more convincing appeal, it reads “beauty”.    ”Among the unexpected and reasonable” As mentioned above, this topic, the full text of selected “2004 China’s Top Ten People moved to” the dutiful son tian, students Xu Yu and Olympic champion Liu Xiang as the main material, typical and innovative, strong performance the “Superman only have to pay amazing achievement,” the keynote.    Material “United States” is not limited to celebrities, ordinary people and things can be in their own lives, as long as appropriate, equally expressive.For example the same topic composition, was writing “pain, not accidental,” is to write his own painful life experiences, there is a painful experience because of the article and is extremely expressive and appealing.He wrote a “youth from the age of 40”, selecting their mother as the object of writing, writing changes after the 40-year-old mother: species of plants, learn nutrition, a walk after dinner, watching the news, singing pop songs, etc..The performance of the theme of my mother, “40-year-old youth from the start”, describing in vivid detail adds a breath of life and fun articles.Such materials are naturally very read “beauty”, a high score is really par for the course.  .A Three “Beauty” – rational, organic structure is the skeleton of the article.Well-balanced, reasonable, organic structure, better able to carry the ideological content of the article.Excellent writing has an easy to grasp, relatively perfect structure.The example listed above to take usual “fragment set” structure.”Dutiful son Tian,” and “outstanding students Xu Yu”, “Hurdle Prince Liu Xiang”.Three parts in parallel to start performance of the “surprising and makes sense,” the topic from a different perspective, the last paragraph summary.Writing common structural model as well as the progressive structure of the “three questions written law.”.The so-called “three questions written law” means in accordance with the “what is” in the argumentative writing, “why”, “how to do” in order to structure the article.This argument structure of logical thinking argumentative “ask questions”, “analysis of the problem”, “problem solving”, written fast and easy.Expand the structure and expression of whatever the use, it must be done symmetry, reasonable, organic, easy ideological content.Just do this, it called on the structure is beautiful.  .Four beauty of language – the language is striking literary tool to express ideas.For writing, the importance of language even more, because everything essay is presented in the form of language, people see is the language, if the language is not “beautiful”, even if other aspects better, it be discounted.Beauty of language specific performance essay is: Words vivid, flexible sentences, use of rhetoric, there is implication sentence.Essay should consists of beautiful language, especially the beginning of the article, the language must be beautiful, so you can make “love at first sight”.Such as “win-win wisdom,” the essay topic, win-win, is a great wisdom, China’s Gusheng sages have long made the classic win-win wisdom opinions on: “Adults who Tiancheng, and people with those day.”The beginning put forward their views by reference maxim, citation accurate, showing the accumulation of huge.Such a reading would begin with people themselves, people will appreciate the vision to read on to find articles of the advantages of the high evaluation of natural is what makes sense.    Such as writing a story.Beginning to write but also very beautiful: I clearly remember it was a summer afternoon.If the golden sun to a small face coated with a layer of golden glory.Warm afternoon, there are kittens lying in a corner to sleep.This is fine for a description of details, both for the account of the environment following the expansion, and its strong literary head start, a sudden and devastating beauty of reading.Of course, the beauty of language of the article should be all throughout the United States.However, as the key point of this title, beginning and end, great care is necessary to focus the.  Five facial beauty – font neat, clear, facial clean, neat and beautiful writing clear, clean and beautiful tattoos, correct writing format, to give people a strong aesthetic pleasure, so that readers “love at first sight”, produce a virtually “preference”; the contrary, scribbled, illegible, graffiti random change, ugly, dirty, inevitably tedious (and now computer print better).In view of this, we must give his Essay wearing a beautiful dress – beautiful tattoos, the only way to be known is the real beauty of the text.    Writing it really is a chore?But writing is to express an opinion, and to speak also to express their views, not necessarily more difficult than to speak or write essays.In ancient times, the invention of paper without ink, rare records and instruction, paint written on bamboo, extremely cumbersome procedures for trouble, people had the chance to express their views in writing, so the style of work sought its brief and subtle, not allowed to have a nonsense.What happened then, with the paper, with the pen, can one go, it is nonsense, more and more.Up to now, the printing industry developed, writing has become a common thing, do solemnly out of.Like the author, his own mental state improved, sublimation.To speak words to have considerable weight, who gladly welcomed the taste of its excellent work, people writing both improve their world view and outlook on life, while good taste to influence others, efforts to develop a better life.Therefore, in the text spit out the word language, avoid cold, do not specifically pick those overripe, parrot stuff.Neither was not any new ideas inspired, these are worthless.”Xiaolinguangji” there is a person, specifically to help people write better fan.On this day, a friend saw a white hand folding fan, and immediately taken away from him he was asked to write.That friend knees.He quickly helped him: “do not bother to write a fan, why the line this gift?”Friends said:” I beg you not to write, I beg you not to write.”So when writing very sensitive to telling their own stories, to always have to take into account the reaction of readers.So what more appropriate.To cater to the psychological Readers should say people have to say, that people want to hear.On behalf of the masses redress outlet, made good, is not difficult to sing Pak.Only I heard a familiar “Dream of Red Mansions”, rather than a large heard familiar “Golden Lotus” is?But looking at the broad market fiction today, is not well known household chanting “eclectic enthusiasm” but that the gentle, sentimental, philistine moral love story.Intercropped with a bad taste not to talk about pornography and fun, but in the majority of the population, there is vulgar is an undeniable fact.The article is written for everyone to see, rely on one or two bosom friend, you look at me, I see you, what does not work.To fight the many readers have noticed people’s interest to limit the scope of.To bad taste, have to fight from the inside out.We do not have to draw such a clear distinction between my people.We ourselves like to see Zhanghenshui novel, also I like to listen to the Secret History of the Ming emperor.Is attributed to their own readership will know what they want is.”Read a hundred times, its meaning from the see” undeniable, read, to understand the deep meaning of the text have an immeasurable effect.Read a variety of ways, but at the primary level, extremely rich reading more attractive to students.I believe that this reading of the text into human thinking, appreciation and understanding, so called “Shangdu”.Let others fell in love with Shangdu, and can use a phrasebook of this article, good writing method to write about the people around them, and things, can raise the reading level, but also to stimulate interest in writing, to improve writing ability.Like “Dream of Red Mansions”, most people in total have seen it several times in a lifetime.I would say, eight years old when I first read, only to see a little busy, after reading once every three or four years, gradually outline the characters of the story, style, strokes, each different impression Calvary.Now look, only to see the induction of trouble between people.- Limited personal appreciation, if you want to introduce to cry, cry have to put its own lead.If it can good bawl, pour a good.    It turns out that people are not only literature, history is people, sociology and more people are learning.When a beautiful person alone superior, he (she) can only become a celebrity; when a person have succeeded, he could be a hero.And when a person reaches a certain height as long as personality, he is a good man.Then if he can press appearance heroes, just for the public, he is a rare great man, saints.Such a person can dedicate to our history about for decades or hundreds of years will have a.But the man and perfection, it is too difficult.So, start with the most basic thing to start personality, Xinchengzeling, everyone can become a Buddha, literature is bound to affect generations of people to become a qualified person at the moral guarantee.[Editor: Can children]

Marriage, one half is associated with

Marriage, one half is associated with
Marriage, one half is associated with Taozai heavy duty, she wanted me to do what I do.She wanted me to talk about marriage feelings, to talk about it!Anyway, I would have to speak the truth a little, but the young people listen to age.I’m in love with his wife eight years of marriage, she married seventeen years, met a total of twenty-five years.Such a long time accompanied day and night, without her beside him occasionally, I feel so cool, if not her life thereafter, must not.Like a while ago to see a survey, asking young girls, family, parents, children, husband and career, if you insist on choice, which will first give up?The girl chose the election, to give up the cause, then the family, parents, leaving her husband and children in a dilemma, the final choice to give up the child, leaving her husband on the grounds that the family, parents, children eventually left side, but her husband would be life partner.Very cruel, but also very true.Chinese word meaning far-reaching, with, is one half, just to get together complete.Many people today do not marriageable marriage, the elderly looked strange, never happened in the past had a similar situation.This phenomenon represents the five or six years there is no war, young people growing up process enjoys the warmth of family and family support, so that single could live well, whether singles or a lost dog, do not have to feel a partner, is historically the first time a person can live in peace years.Even before the arrival of aging, not years of pressure, such as the age arrived, began to feel lonely, afraid of being alone, looking for someone to share, still need a partner.To enter the marriage, quote a phrase irresponsible cliché, rely on fate, and fate in addition to feeling emotional, but also rational choice.Marriage really need a rational, if his daughter discussed marriage, I have requested to see the other families, what kind of family would keep out what kind of child.Of course, there are broken families, children work harder to maintain their happy family, but it must be carefully observed.While the other is commonplace marriage requires two people have the same values, but this is not to say that I love how you have to like it, but I do not hate you like it.They can compromise, can compromise, willing to try to contact with his natural dislike to see if it really can not accept, so the mood is willing to compromise, it is easier to maintain feelings.The biggest difference between marriage and love, is willing to change.To the other side is willing to change themselves, true love, do not want to change themselves from beginning to end, this affair at best, but the other you love.Love is wanted after a brief rendezvous together beginning, we wanted to end the flash.At the beginning of Dry Wood Fierce Fire, pay attention to authentic, everything is good in front of him, the coolest, the most beautiful, do not need to change, but until tired love, only to find it cool to unreasonable people, the United States was too smug even tattoos position right, and quickly pushed to the sub-personality flash people.So love the emphasis is on how good terms.Enter the marriage, of course, there will still be many conflicts, the focus is the art of learning to get along.The first lesson to learn is that the boys have to lift the toilet toilet lid, a very habits began to change, then into the body, as natural as eating and drinking.But recently my wife say just lift the lid and urine also want to finish my toilet to get toilet paper to wipe around the ruins left behind.In accordance with past temper, I certainly would love to, but now I will listen to the views of his wife, as the word love has had a heart, and not light brain wondering what to give her, to heart.A man in Taipei before development, to take care of themselves, but also fame and fortune, not their own selfish difficult achievement in a short time.Learn to call his wife’s mother mother after marriage!, There is food, not to put it in his mouth, his wife and children to eat Guzhe.I began to feel bad and know how to cherish, because his wife well, will not make her uncomfortable, reluctant to let her sad, I am naturally reluctant to let them learn to let, learned to love, but also to change their nature, from selfishness to become generous.Road marriage is similar to the landscape every day, the same process, a touch of.To get along well, really rely on by nature, so one can not find the object trying to find a big leg milk babes, or like Takeshi Kaneshiro guy, remind yourself to find him sweet heart, I looked back, the man in dim light, this is the best target.The so-called other half, nor is it fit the outset, the correction is constantly running, you little me little, the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, to live a life together.Of course, years of relentless, life is finally separated.Like my mother married my father sixteen years old, spend a lifetime of love, after my father passed away ten years ago, my mother really like less than half, often staring into the distance, like my father on the other side of the day, it is sad.But if life is less a marriage, less illness and death attendant ups and downs, fewer children continuation of family values and feelings, it really would have lost a lot of taste.Text / Wang Wei