Sad blue water

Everything is asleep I’m awake open heart like water music library I was able to survive I got you imagine Miyazaki crystal music you like I like spring water flowing blue I think of a Schubert’s Serenade God sketch you have a rhyme Venus smile as you are not artistic can not read my poems is that wonderful music can not read my night is sad that the black and white keys vibrate every time you are clearly highlights the virtual mood music flowers can not dream of love with the King was to be a combination of patchwork canoe you can not just my sad blue water can not reach the other side of love [editor: tree man]

To every mother: Do not mouthful of love, but grim.

To every mother: Do not mouthful of love, but grim.Our life is filled with the language of violence, abuse, slander, contempt, ridicule.In many cases, verbal violence from unequal relationship, victims often lack the ability to self-defense, a minor fall into this category, and cast their violence, often those who kept their good people. – 1 – two true story of 15-year-old Wang, grade point average, his mother always scolded him one day know to eat.  On one occasion, Wang dispute in school and who see the other side of his body fat scolded him: you know what to eat.Years of repression into a spur of the moment, Wang mad blinded the other’s eyes.Yuan Lin (a pseudonym) parents divorced, his mother a hostility: how do you not die, these words like a spell as haunt him.  After high school dropout Yuan Lin gives shampoo, accidentally burns the customer, not the boss scolded him how you die.This sentence completely aroused hatred Yuan Lin heart, after he missed the irrational boss killed. – 2 – Even more frightening mental harm Chinese parents harm common language, few people realize that the language of violence than physical harm to the child how deep the damage caused.2013, Safekids released the following three public service poster: On the surface, the language of violence than corporal punishment appears to civilization, but it will not hurt to bring a child less than corporal punishment, and possibly more so.  Corporal punishment harm a child’s body, that pain may be short-lived, but the language of violence is harm the child’s soul, their suffering is long, not only an insult to the child’s personality, damage the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, can lead to serious child mental disorders, loss of life courage, lead to weariness, truancy, delinquency, suicide and other serious consequences.  - 3 – the language of violence is the gun, the murder of the child’s life and dignity in order to allow more parents understand the dangers of verbal violence, the artist Xie with the common language of violence like, made one by one will be deformed mold: It is said that these works inspiration from the juvenile detention center, the reason they turned to crime, violence, language with their childhood by a great relationship.  (Here is the complete video presentation works, please watch in WIFI.) – 4 – Please stop verbal violence shameful waste pig brain is stronger than the people you do not know how to eat to die how stupid you really regret it gave birth unpromising cry killed how you keep your such a thing if I were you , to find a floor jump.According to statistics, 48% of primary school students, 36 percent of junior high school students, 18 percent of high school students said that in families and schools suffer from different degrees of verbal violence layers, is now the language of violence has been a major new issue of Chinese education.  I believe none of the parents do not love their children cut, tough love!But please do not mouthful of love, but grim!Scold him (her) to think about before leaving to heal the wounds you can do?  Perhaps many mothers will complain: sometimes really do not want to get angry at the child’s performance is really bad, not bad at learning seriously, mischievous yet polite, how do you say?In the end how to communicate with him!  Yes ah, children do not learn from it, should really naughty education, but ask yourself: How often do we accompany them?Do you often say in their learning?How often exchange experience with them?If so, what qualifications we have to get angry, what hideous face!  Mothers, put away your right to violence and acrimony, a lot to learn parent-child communication methods and techniques, like the famous child psychology expert Fan Wei teacher’s “parent-child communication training camp,” says the same: happy and want children communication, put into his own, and then try to talk to him!  Here also introduce Fan Wei teacher’s “parent-child communication training camp,” which is a column dedicated to teach parents to communicate with their children, which includes micro-section 6 online classes for children do not listen, lying, communication and common problems and difficulties, cut into the parent-child communication problems from different scenes, allowing you to master the secret of parent-child communication, good mother achievement boy.(End of the course, you can listen to unlimited return) will communicate understand the child wanted to be a good mother Click below to read the original text quickly join it!

Purify language of the heart

◎ language purify the soul One today is worth two tomorrow.Tore a calendar, a very simple, seize the day, it is not easy.  ◎ intentions of living each day like it was the last day of your life.The day when my life with it!  ◎ Human life is composed of numerous sum from today, each of which had substantial today, life will enrich.  ◎ opportunity to grow and learn is not the future, but at the moment every living.  ◎ regret the past, it is better grasp now, struggle for the future!.  ◎ most beautiful moment in life is – now.Do not waste your life!  There is no so-called small ◎ universe is ‘small’ ring made contact.  ◎ Time is our present breath, every moment must serve life.  ◎ The future belongs to the hard-working people now.In this day through the ages.  ◎ realized that every day is the best moment of life, in order to be considered to understand the life of people.  ◎ want to dream weaving the future, now is the time to grasp now, with everything that has life.◎ selfishness fields, never grows no sympathy flowers.  ◎ proper motivation is more important than proper behavior.  ◎ life is composed of a smile and weep.  ◎ efforts may not be successful, but we must strive to succeed.  ◎ real success is to make its own success, but also to the success of rivals.  ◎ greatest gift we have received from the hands of nature is life.  ◎ only to make money and people who work, can never be like those people who love the work of general investment.◎ work hard to ‘achievement’ something, not ‘get’ something.  ◎ pure mind, make up the most minute actions noble.  ◎ We prefer to use an active midget, nor a giant snooze.  ◎ ‘sure it’ is the power from the introspective; and ‘own expansion’ is the result of external comparison.  More wisdom to share, please pay attention to the light of wisdom public micro signal: zhzg2013 ◎ ‘fame’ is just another man you; ‘character’ is the real you.  ◎ people do not have to be born beautiful, but it must be nice to live.  ◎ practice famously, one thousand is more useful than watching.  ◎ angry tend to blind our judgment.  ◎ Anger is the lamp of the soul winds blow.  ◎ noblest vengeance is to forgive each other.  ◎ forgive others in order to release their own.  ◎ hate crazy heart.  ◎ hate is an arrow, eventually shooting himself.  ◎ Because mercy, so forgive; because forgiveness, so relief.In order to escape, so forgive; to forgive, so compassionate.  ◎ forgive is to learn to put down, do not allow resentment control of your life again.  ◎ ‘forgiveness’ for our lives increases the space.  ◎ potbellied world affairs, laugh with broken past and present worry.  ◎ full of life, that forgiveness, tolerance, love and wait, if not all of this, you have all, is nothing.  ◎ forgive is to resist hatred, hatred of medicine to heal.  ◎ angry is to take someone else’s mistake to punish oneself.  ◎ spend some time each day to think about who should be grateful.  ◎ happiness comes from a grateful mood to accept immediate life.  ◎ With a grateful heart, forget the faults of others, right!