Wen nine intend wanted, taking advantage of the awkward mess outside, she entered the room where his surgery.
  She disappeared out of thin air in this room, then wait a while after Laurie entered the room and found nine temperature is not here, is bound to feel the Palace Brothers nap on the outside, and did not see the temperature is maintained nine brothers is the Palace of dereliction of duty.
  Wen nine have this thing between surgery, in addition to Xiao Yu and Yun Chul Yun Kun et al., There is no one else knows.
  So even if Laurie clever, Xiangponaodai, he would never have thought, there is such a warm nine ace killer, in the hands upon her.
  As long as Laurie identified, is not optimistic about the palace brothers temperature Nine, let warm nine fled the place, then the next thing will be easier, Laurie will certainly make people go out looking for traces of warm nine.
  Until that time, the temperature will be nine out of the operating room, the guard this time, this place also has fewer people, Wen nine have the opportunity to leave the country.
  Entry method to avoid enemy operating room is a good use, before the temperature nine also used in Rongcheng, and successfully deceived the Palace Brothers.
  Today, listening to Laurie and brothers outside the palace noisy sound, temperature and nine think this is an opportunity, one that allows her to escape out of the opportunity.
  Wen nine going into the operating room where her mind this time has cropped up another idea to.
  No, she can not leave here yet.
  Wen nine thought for a moment, and then she felt was to stay here for a while, she had to test the attitude Jie Song, Song Jie before the event she is convinced that some theory, then, if he gave up the revenge plan, the problem is not easy to solve it is better?
  She was the first to test the attitude of today’s Song Jie, Song Jie before if the attitude is still as great as ever, still want revenge, then by the time the temperature nine and then thinking about escape is possible, after all, her escape way is to have thought and what time limit does not need to, as long as the quasi-coincidence of a chance you can, but also plenty of opportunities for the future.
  Such a thought to warm nine sigh of relief, she thought anyway, will be met or Song Jie Luo Li, her attitude had changed for the better, so afraid they’d locked himself in a no way out place, just let her stay in this room, so when she needs him and so there is a way out of here.
  Just when the temperature nine want this thing, Laurie has been out of the palace bro杭州夜网论坛thers struggle, came in from outside.
  ”Wen girl, my master woke up, would you look at his body in the past have nothing bad situation.”Because it is something beg temperature Nine, so Laurie warm attitude of nine fairly polite.
  Wen nine did not say anything, nodded his head, obedient out the door of the room.
  Under the guidance of Romanian forces, soon came to the Song Jie bedroom.
  Song Jie This moment has been cast back from the shock, he remembered his conversation before and temperature Nine, nine temperature happens at this time the door came, Song Jie alert look to the temperature nine hands, clenched bed quilt.
  See this expression Song Jie, Wen nine could not help but frown, I came up with some of the sense of foreboding.
  But her face was calm, she paused for a moment at the door, until Laurie called her, she continued to walk forward, to the bedside Song Jie.

  My heart could not help a bit disappointed, he knows his mind on Paul Chun still some sensation, but since Paul Chun reluctant, he do not want to force her.

  So Han Yu cloud is free and easy smiles, “Abhay say what I want to make them, we do not like about people too.”
  Maybe someday we spotted each other the eye of it, but this sentence Yu Han Yun did not say it, but hidden in the heart.
  Paul Chun also had to worry about their new place will not sleep, who knows Tang Chuangshang not long nap,.
  Lying beside a US Kinds, Han Yu cloud nature is no way to easily fall asleep, a person to sleep for so many years, suddenly around individuals total some not used.
  Lamp lights are not bright, but because of recent, Han Yu cloud can still clearly see the facial features Paul Chun.
  Paul Chun asleep like a very gentle, Han Yu cloud just feel a little warmth shares have hit, and this is his future wife the.
  Finally, Han Yu cloud stare Paul Chun I do not know how long, it seems that until late at night before sleep.
  Xu Qin is because they have left home, Paul Chun the people are relaxed, but added that sleep sleep excellent.
  Etc. Paul Chun opened his eyes, the window is already a big bright.
  Today no hand, Paul Chun did not know the hour, beside the quilt had neatly folded on the feet.
  After all, the first day of the wedding, and that they stay in bed, Paul Chun can not help a bit embarrassed.
  Paul Chun and so got up only to find the room do not know when more than a shelf, which stood connect the water drain pan, presumably to let Paul Chun and must wash.
  Paul Chun eyes a little more warmth, water wash on the TV drama Well this step out of the room.
  Quietly throughout the yard, he walked around the yard around Paul Chun did not see Han Yu cloud shadows, Paul Chun can not help but frown, then I thought I’m afraid that someone call him to see the doctor.
  Paul Chun naturally not silly in the yard, etc., in the morning did not eat, and now also a bit hungry, Paul Chun turned to the kitchen.
  Go in only to find the stove and some of Mars, opened the lid and saw inside is cooked porridge and a bun.
  May be hungry panic, Zhayi smell of steamed buns, Paul Chun coul苏州桑拿d not help but swallowed.
  God knows through here since she basically tasted meat smell, eat a bun drank a big bowl of porridge, Paul Chun This satisfied the dishes hands down.
  After no folk take, Paul Chun used his dishes are washed, there are some porridge pot, Paul Chun bowl filled with pot will also wash out again.


Accompany the finished wine, Weizheng Qing soon into the new house.

Su exquisite Coronet has been removed, put in white clothing, that silk in thin clothes, revealing a faint red belly inside pocket ·.

Weizheng Qing looked at the man approached, she untied his tie when the ears are some red.

“Have people prepared water.”Su exquisite hand brushed aside his outer skirts.

Weizheng Qing looked at the dress slipped to his waist, she grabbed the hand clothes.

Heat on the ears has to explode, Weizheng Qing even think she was holding the clothes look like, like arms around his waist.

“it is good.”He took a deep breath, the same hand with foot bypass the screen, or familiar people serve bath, some a little Songkuai.Wait until dry up straight, wearing the clothes, but also the hearts苏州桑拿 of some tense up.

The room is not too many people.

With this intention, I heard the exquisite Su said, “Other people go on.”

苏州桑拿网 “Yes.”

slope dodging the soldiers scared the jump, because they are the major general came out to greet them.

  Lei Jun went back to 广州桑拿网the first one’s own slopes, so that soldiers immediately notify the Union with military.
  Soon after, the open space between the two slopes to be cleaned out, set up a bonfire, rabbits, geese and other objects are skinned plucking, string together a barbecue, grilled grease dripping down, let the fire burn more wang.
  When the man arrived with Qiyang, see Lei Jun sitting on the other side with a major general,广州桑拿网 each took a leg in a rabbit eating.
  Qiyang at the moment the heart is saying MMP, do not know when to speak improper to speak.

  Chapter 734 languages talent?

  Later, neighbors explained that soldiers hunting a deer chase near the border, which caused misunderstanding.
  Regardless of whether it is really a misunderstanding, neighbors were explained and brought together prey bonfire barbecue, here they recognize one’s own interpretation of its neighbors, good-neighborly and friendly Well.
  After the two sides were escorted several gifts, of course, this gift is unofficial, but the border patrol soldiers spontaneous behavior, and no valuables, but the capture of the birds in the forest, benefits without costs.
  Relationship between the two in this test each other and change a little bit cautious exchanges take place, generally goo杭州桑拿d aspects to this development.
  Lei Jun due to the excellent performance in this operation has been praised, after the end of the week awards ceremony is called political commissar office training of the meal on the grounds that he committed a natural but as a commander on the front line of their own taboo.
  Of course, leaders who understand that if it is Lei Jun was on his own, for others to do with the other hit the surface, the two sides exchanged fire most likely, giving rise to a series of unpredictable events, the final conclusion is given to him in recognition, and afterwards let Zhou gave him political commissar throwing Po Liangshui, so after he flew waves.
  Lei Jun also understand his heart, so when

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ward, Qi Yue Zhang of the mouth, but still not be persuaded to speak out, just smiled at him and said: “safe return.”

  Houbao grin revealing a white teeth, he nodded: ‘sister-in-law assured, I have always been good luck.”
  After five hours, the camp has happened, Qi Yue went to 北京会所体验网the window to pull the curtains, watched the troops of launching leave, until the camp resumed quiet, turned his head, looking out the window to see Lei Jun, a surprisingly bright eyes in the dark.
  At this moment, Qi Yueqing Xi realized that Lei Jun heart in the army, he did not want to leave.
  Pull over to the bed Pata bright lights, and Qi Yue smiled back sight Lei Jun said: “Since woke up, then it began to acupuncture.”
  Lei Jun mouth should be the sound “good”, hoarseness dry.
  Qi Yue opened the magazine, out on his thigh skilled needles needle, the tip of his toes suddenly trembled a little, Lei Jun at first startled look on his face lighted up quickly infected, and Qi Yue looked up and said: “My foot sentient the.”
  Qi Yue smiled and nodded at his legs and drop a needle, Lei Jun pain bared teeth, eyes lighted up, b杭州桑拿ut increasingly rich.
  After dawn, Qi Yue has led the group to go outside herbs, guard for a company, but just like the same comprehensive, just some mental state is not a Song Sisi, looked around from time to time looked alert fighters, and other awarenessThere’s no one misses her after unhappy sight back, looking down in the hay and dry leaves in herbal medicine.
  Pang Yu because of yesterday’s encounter black bear frightened and ankle foot, so today did not follow out of the city.
  Xue Qi Yue nurses have been keeping up, at noon to eat dry food, when she looked hesitantly.
  ”When he finished, what.”Qi Yue waiting she does not speak, he directly asked.
  Xue handsome face nurse infected with a hint of blush, hesitated and asked: “Let the doctor, you do know the situation Hou commander?He has a target it?”
  Qi Yue a litt苏州夜网le surprised, looked at her red face, a time did not know how to respond.
  Rubbed his forehead, Xue recall what happened between these two nurses and Houba

do not embarrass yourself, do not toss their own, and now this day we have been very good, and your mother than anyone else contentment, this money is to Shashi Hou earned endless, you do not force yourself too, you know?”Zhang was Sumi jaunty laugh, and he said then.

  ”Mother, do not worry, I know how they should do, even if it is not for their own reasons, and I will not think about Chengzhi and blossoming?I’m not going to make money in life are not.”After all, the body is the capital of revolution, this child Sumi heart door clear.
  ”You’re doing now to help my sister Zeyang?Tired?What I do not understand?”
  Here, Zhang Yuyu also chat and talk to Benji.
  Benji eating rice, is also not impatient: “not tired, basically you can get to understand, you do not know me?Most are smart however, where there is not clear what to do?”Xiaohe said Shi南宁夜网 Lei.
  ”To know bragging, I really do, and you say, now you can help the sister, and you can be hard to spot, helped by sister dessert, if something could not understand and asked directly, we are one of the family , nothing embarrassed, know?”Zhang Yuyu smiled, could not help but asked the Benji.
  There are more and more looking at the potential of small young married woman housewife, Benji feel a little special enrichment.
  The kind of happy feelings unspeakable, as is already floating a lifetime of heart suddenly there was a landing.
  ”Ah, lady say what is what, after ah, I heard the lady wants.”Shi Lei put down the chopsticks, looking serious, said Zhang Yuyu.
  Shi Lei Zhang Yuyu is so carefully looked at, you can always think of those things between husband and wife in the evening, want to say panic among decent thing we w广州桑拿网ill have forgotten.
  ”Come eat your dinner, where they come from so many words it.”Zhang Yuyu said snappily.
  Obviously in good equipment but was a good show to their young married woman scolded, Shi Lei said he was a little innocent.
  But then how can like it?Who he is like the wife does?
  No matter how she, still like it, even if it is to be scolded or, by turning a few dirty looks good, how are like.

After the new blue and others after leaving the leaves began to be properly looked at this white snow of the Tianshan, Tianshan snow and ice would have thought that only a woman, but leaves white on the peak only to find a lot of men, but most men are disciples.

  You can be promoted to a few elders, deacons and even less, like eighteen deacons them, there is only one man.
  The male disciples came time passing, to see the leaves white eyes called a gas ah, the whole nine Golden Tianshan have to wait on him?
  This is his mother, but every man’s dream, ah, ah this guy Hedeheneng?
  Nine Golden went to him no problem, even Liu Xinlan big elders actually give him a bird, which was the male disciples hearts full Tianshan goddess ah!
  Looking at these people angry eyes, white leaf can only express frustration, no way, this is the ladies.
  Fortunately, these people do not know the idea of white leaves, or will rush to his face desperate spit spittle.
  Soon, his face gloomy green from the back, watching the leaves White said..
  ”I heard that you have the main mountain deputy Jiuxuan mountain of the Lord letter?”
  The hearts of everyone surprised, all very vigilant watching white leaf.
  I saw white leaf out of that tattered letter, he handed off Green.

Finally merits and demerits, embarrassed: “ah ah ah, what to pack her things, white brother you are tired of it, I will not bother you anyway!”

  Zhou Yu finished the event in order to cover up embarrassment, went to the bathroom and ran.
  Qin Bo looked across the empty bed, a moment of silence, followed slowly closed his eyes.
  It means it hard?Zhou Yu and he probably encounter the same.Some of it also means it hard.

  ☆, schools and students

  Since coming back, it is no hurry, in case of Zhou Yu Zhou neighbor down altogether they mean, stay here for a few days.
  Qin Bo previously flew many cities, this small town comes really small.So even if two days before the visit for a long time, and today still can not shopped in place and then look at the.
  In case of Zhou Yu heard this, immediately clapped his hands, very happy to put down the hands turn did not turn the book how, bass bass bass were packed, as if ready to go out.
  ”Your books have turned up an hour, an hour ago and how the same?”Qin Bo, deputy can not wait to see her this way, but also some funny.
  Obviously bored, why not say?Afraid that they feel tired?
  In case of Zhou Yu thought they disguise it well, so he was a debunking the whole face at once on the red.