With these signs together, it seems to look young

There are many friends, some people make you deep, some people will bring you happiness, some people will make people look younger.And different people together and have different harvest, and people with young vibrant, harvest will be more.Happy people do, not only their own lives comfortable, will give the people around them to bring more happiness.And look at what constellation together, and you will suddenly young.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  Aries: Simple Pleasures vitality four large influence particularly simple pleasures constellation Aries, and willing to do anything they want, but also to have a more clear criteria for their pursuit.Especially the simple pleasure of characteristics, not only is such a life they can have fun, also because of the influence vibrant people around.  Gemini: A total renovation sample varied life is a particularly strong infection Gemini constellation like the pursuit of new ideas, nothing like to point tricks to make themselves more happy, also because a lot of their tricks, life is full of novelty and fun, so infection to the side people, let the people around will become more young and energetic.  Libra: warm sunshine to give you more passion Libra constellation is a very passionate, particularly willing to act on their own under the sun, bring more people around appeal.Especially warm sunshine of characteristics, let them always full of boundless passion, and more passion infected people around, will be more active capacity.  Sagittarius: to let you motivated passionate vibrant constellation Sagittarius is a courageous effort, and passion, and the ability to have unlimited potential, especially in the face of any of the things that will make more efforts will show was particularly active, and passionate vitality, will have a more direct impact on the people around.  Like attracts like, people in groups, who make Zhu Chi, to ink were black, positive energy and positive people together, you get more positive energy.Especially the young and vibrant and attractive people together, the people will be infected was younger, and said a few constellations together, people will be happier.You might also like: twelve constellations of the concept of time Top 12 constellation love constellation moon resolve the five bad habits that best suits your family knows better than love!In the name of a friend in love with your sign

Hong Kong Men’s Stars: What is Louis Koo’s Constellation

Louis Koo has performed many characters, and can be impressed by his acting skills every time he watches TV. We like every role he plays, from Ding Peng in Against the Blade of Honour, which he plays in quiet time, to be talented in letters and unconventional in life in motion, to Yang Guo in Bad Samaritan in The Condor Heroes later.. So what constellation star is he? Let’s have a look.   Louis Koo’s following content: Libra Louis Koo Middle School studied in Carmel Middle School. Before becoming an actor, she worked as a fashion advertisement and music TV model. From 1991 to 1993, she participated in shooting music TV of many singers..   In 1993, he joined TVB and became a full manager contract artist.. Audience member of the 5th Artists Training Course of TV Professional Training Center. In 1993, because of its excellent appearance, Louis Koo began to be an advertising model. Louis Koo appeared on the streets and lanes and on beautifully printed product introductions. He displayed his smile on the skyscraper when magnified into a huge advertisement.. Libra boys are kind and easy-going. They are the most elegant and friendly zodiac sign in inside, and Libra is also the best temperament zodiac sign in inside.   On the TVB anniversary in 1994, Liza Wang, dressed in a backless outfit with her head in Kuroha, sang and danced under a crowd of young people. The camera gave the young man behind her only a few seconds. It was Louis Koo, 24 years old. At ordinary times, he occasionally ran a walk-on in the TV series inside as a passer-by A,B,C,D;.. Louis Koo has just entered the wireless station, but his “social experience” is already very rich. He has done many different jobs. Once he could not find an advertising hero when he was a model manager. Louis Koo was forced to take the top job. After that, Louis Koo appeared in inside, where many Kara’s good backup singers changed on average in the early 1990s, until he was discovered by the wireless station.. Librans don’t like to make decisions because they don’t know how to make decisions. They are kind and kind, popular, like listening to others and have strong communication skills. This has also laid a good foundation for Louis Koo’s performing arts career..   The ruler of Libra is Venus, and Libra is also kind. Although they look light on the surface, they are warm-hearted at heart.. In 2003, he played a cook in the AIDS public service propaganda film “Love Under the Sun”. In August of the same year, when Taiwan was hit by a storm, Louis Koo actively donated materials and 1 million yuan to help the victims..   Personal Profile Louis Koo, born on October 21, 1970 in Hong Kong, China, is a Hong Kong, China actor and singer..   In 1993, Louis Koo signed a contract with Wireless. In 1995, he became famous for playing Bad Samaritan’s Yang Guo in “The Condor Heroes.”. In 1999, he won the TVB32’s 32nd Anniversary Best Actor Award for his role in “Detective Investigation Files 4”. In 2000, Tze Lai Cheung, the villain in Genesis, won my favorite TV role award in the 33rd anniversary of TVB. In the same year, he released his album “Boyfriend” and entered the music field.. In 2001, it received wide attention with the role of Siulung Hong in TV series “A Step Into The Past”.   In 2001, Louis Koo left TVB and officially joined the movie industry.. In 2008, he was nominated for best actor in 52th Asian Pacific Film Festival for playing the role of Abang in the movie “Connected”. In 2009, he was nominated for the 45th Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor and the 28th Academy Award for Best Actor for “Run Papa Run.”. In 2013, he played the leading actor Kin Chow So in the movie “Anti-drug” co-starring with Sean Lau and Nick Cheung, and nominated the 33rd Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor Prize for this role..   In 1994, it was during the low tide of TVB that Louis Koo first set foot in the film industry and played a role in “Let’s Go Slam Dunk”. In 1995, Louis Koo signed a contract with Capital Artists and began to play The Road Less Traveled. Louis Koo starred in the TV series “The Condor Heroes” and was widely watched for his wild and affectionate Yang Guo.. In the same year, Louis Koo played Ding Peng in Against the Blade of Honour.   In 1996, Louis Koo played Ye Chengkang in Cold Blood Warm Heart, who was quiet and weak, handsome and devoted.. At the same time, he played youth and danger and Shirley Cheung in the movie “Wang jiao de tian kong 2 zhi nan shao yi” and played innocent little sister Home before Dark.. In the same year, he also appeared in films such as “Street Of Fury” and “Playing with Fire.”. In 1997, Louis Koo acted as a generation of emperor Ganlong in “Ganlong Emperor”. In the same year, he took part in a series of horror films such as the movie “Troublesome Night” series and played the role of host of radio pop music programs.. In 1998, Louis Koo acted as the fire hero Liu Haibo in “Burning Flame” and the good man Dai Zhanshuo in “Man’s Best Friend”.   In 1999, under the global financial crisis, Louis Koo co-starred in nine films such as China Daily, a juvenile delinquent in Prison on Fire, China Daily, Troublesome Night 5, China Daily, Super Car Criminals, China Daily, Bullets Over Summer, China Daily, Troublesome Night 6, China Daily, Rules Of The Game, China Daily, Century of the Dragon, China Daily, China Daily, and the sweet words “China Daily, Yecha,” which gradually became popular in the movie industry.. Louis Koo successfully interpreted the taciturn, cold-faced but kind-hearted justice police officer Fei Xu in Detective Investigation Files’s “Four” and won my favorite actor award in the TVB32 32nd anniversary celebration.   In 2000, Louis Koo won my favorite TV role award in the 33rd anniversary celebration of TVB33 with his role as the century villain Tze Lai Cheung in Genesis.. This is a rare case in the history of TVB in which a villain won the audience’s favorite TV role award.. In 2001, Louis Koo took part in the TV drama “A Step Into The Past” as Siulung Hong, which was also the most classic one in the TV drama era. With the role of Siulung Hong, he won my favorite actor award in the 34th anniversary celebration of TVB34. Sign a three-year film contract with China Star Film Company.   You may also like the following: Do you know which constellation has white skin??   How did twelve perform after the exam??   Which constellations hate being mercenary in the workplace? What are the characteristics of the eyes of the constellation twelve

Born spare tire?These constellations woman cheated thought it was true love

Love gives the impression of an ideal, always sweet and beautiful, but the reality is not necessarily plump, Yurenbushu in love, is not uncommon phenomenon.Well, let constellation of love for you to check who always become the spare tire, the man cheated thought constellation of female own encounter true love.  Fourth: Libra woman Libra woman has always been the vision will be relatively high, but sometimes Libra women will love the suitors election to choose, that choice difficult disease can cause the other to feel less than positive attitude scales woman, so as not to will really put too much emotion.Finally, even if the scales would like to think clearly and with each other, may also missed the best time, maybe the other party have found a new target.  Third: female lion female lion itself is very vain, what should pick, but also good conditions for people, but also for their toe.So long as it was able to meet this lion woman vanity, they will be willing to get into this pink fantasy which, regardless of the other party in the end is not really for myself, and finally can not stand the man walk away and walked away, did not know he cheated the.  Second: shooter girl female shooter will appear in the emotions of one kind of faint play of mind, even if I find it very seriously, but in others it seems to still feel ambiguous, less investment.Therefore, it may also have the fun attitude, a kind of feeling of two people what they want, and do not really use.  First place: Pisces woman Pisces women stupid they do not know what to say, or is it smart to say they.Pisces women are often in the emotional world which will be very smart aleck, I think they grasped each other, understand each other’s ideas and thoughts, but in fact this is their own fantasy.Even remind others, they will use any excuse to absolve the man, only self-deception, simply do not know if they really.  Conclusion: The above constellation girl, too entangled in some suitors, resulting in missed love; some are vain, easily deceived, there is the playful nature, it is difficult to settle; more on love smart aleck, confusion and hypocrisy truth? .For various reasons so that they can easily become the cheated money also helped number of people love the spare tire, which harms the mind, really distressing, perhaps complaining about how men always encounter residue, we should also look for reasons from himself.You might also like: Sanshengyouxing!These girls are the perfect lover constellation unwittingly fall into the trap of love constellation constellation mood in which love is always cold?You are the one!You can be a good husband and a good wife constellation

Wilderness and urban

The city is a fine capsules silver buckle, decorated in the wilderness of dark green cloak, shining day and night.    I heard wilderness, refers to mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes and forests, the Gobi desert.Everything sparsely populated place to keep the original style of.    Wilderness and cities, fundamentally speaking, is antithetical.    Most people think that the city and corresponding to that word, rural.For example, often say, “urban-rural divide,” “city people countryman,” but is in fact a rural lower stage of development of the city.Then humble village, but also the city of a pulse brother.    Only the wilderness and the city never a whisper confrontation.City struck the territory of the former wilderness, to disperse the people in the wilderness of the original, destroyed the ancient wilderness scenery, with more and more prosperous orderly, replacing its own way of scenery.    Cities are all great human needs to the invention, an exhibition hall, playing fields, judge sets.If you have a pair of eye view of Earth from space at night, he must have been shocked by the city of eternal light.Wilderness is soothing, the city is intense.Wilderness is quiet, endless hustle and bustle of the city.Wilderness with a strong inclusive of all things, the city is almost human world domination.For people from one city to another city reaches faster and faster, the invention each of the variety of work vehicles.People join a city with the most advanced means of communication, so that the whole planet has become all-encompassing network.We can say that people are leaving the city in the broadest sense has been unable to survive.    I’ve read a mountaineering reported that a successfully climbed Mount Everest brave, the way back to camp, caught in a blizzard trapped and can not rescue.One can only via satellite, connected to a wireless phone with his family.Ice storm, the inside of him and thousands of miles away from the city wife, to discuss the upcoming birth of the child’s name, as the hurricane farewell conversation accompaniment.A few hours later, the call is connected the main peak again, to answer the call of the city is the eternal silence of the wilderness.    I thought this Lonely scene, somewhat symbolic of the city and the wilderness, the city is that people with wisdom and hard work, courage and time, generation after generation of giant pile up in the city, full of traces of civilization, late in later I almost think they Beijia Executive soldiers, all-conquering.But the vast land outside the city, the wilderness silence ruled the sky, disdain for Mankind.    People like the city, like a giant nail, wedge wilderness, and as a base, tenaciously multiply the offspring, creating a spill flowing color light of civilization.In the first wilderness, indifference, or even a gentle accept.But once counterattack wilderness, who would do anything at all.Niya city, Pompeii.A series of glorious history of the castle name, in the folds of the earth’s annihilation.    People build more and more growing city, to meet a variety of needs, increasingly wilderness retreat with.But people should not ignore the wilderness, ignoring the wilderness, and to find the best spend the gap with their blind date.Treat the wilderness is to treat human beings.You know, human beings can never beat the urban wilderness, wilderness is the nature of the skin.    Without the skin, MaoJiangYanFu?!

Into downtown

– Mengcun folk songs notepad West Lake is difficult to have a city, it was born shrouded “beautiful” aura.Like now, the “busy” is the word used in a small town north of the body, it seems too early.But when you are a step closer, and her breathing to the same frequency, it will be ups and downs in an instant freeze.He buried the big question mark for a long time closer and closer to the heart, “Mengcun a village?”Mengcun a step into this land, along the road one by one ‘pipe capital’, ‘chicken town’ ‘octupole hometown’ metal billboard, a sudden put that question marks straightened.    In mid-1990, should be Mengcun people want to start sowing.The outside world, the ascendant; Open Door County, attack on all fronts; Waiyinneilian, expanding opening.Until we stepped into the Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., was scared realized mengcun experienced a kind of hustle to position himself today!German imports disposable roll forming process, the United Kingdom CT digital regulation device, from the steel plates to a welding arc cutting board to board, pre-bent, mechanical expanding, after 16 steps, the ground committed to forming a relying standing turned.Watched “East meets West” brand of high-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe, boarded sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America dozens of countries and regions in the car, there is a trace of sadness.Mengcun, has far and “the earth plane food” draw to an end.Metallographic analysis, Clostridium hardness tester, direct reading spectrometer, these high standards instrument is of a high standard with a ruler, the mengcun elevated to a maximum scale.    Military force sofa, too.A leader to know the fate of their own experience and self-confidence, delivered to the country by sofa.He not only has more than 300 franchise stores, pulling more than 3,000 jobs, also received eight patents.With comfortable, attractive, cost-effective leading the new trend of sofa.Quietly hide “Ji faction sofa king” aura, with two rows of solid pace, walking in the thousands of miles of road to explore, measure the needs of each city, and then converge on a sofa.Mengcun out again, into the largest market in all directions.    Mengcun today, will make people think of Shanxi that time, the thought of being called a foreigner “Chinese Wall” of Taigu.Similarly, Mengcun poor natural conditions, there is no property.My land is poor, but also the temperature of.Mengcun their ancestors to create a prosperous gene is deeply rooted in the salt marshes, the future generations look forward to reading excavation.Mengcun hard-working people who finally fulfill the expectations of their ancestors.Concentration in the culture is about to disappear mark, people eager to regain Mengcun, far to the nature of the firm.They do not crowd this Saline beach, linger, indulge lifelong.But the salt marshes as inspire them to get rid of backwardness and poverty of power.They set their sights on the world outside of the salt marshes, and with heroic spirit of the founding fathers, neither put a steel production only, it does not bend the small town, abruptly launched a “fabricated” the golden road.To every city outside of Mengcun are small test their skills as their training ground, so mighty torrent economy from here to roll all over the world.They thought about whether future generations will be proud Mengcun, there is no thought to their own written history mengcun handed down, but do not know if it’s ancestors Enron look their swagger in the ground.Just want to create a silent downtown real in this arena, perhaps, this is the inevitable development of the state of human life mengcun.They will eventually step by step into downtown.    So far, the excitement is difficult to calm, just want to stay here, will land in Mengcun, stay longer.

Jagged soul of the painter’s brush

Since the beginning of July, the country, especially in Central China, East China and along the Yangtze River, the most ever experienced a mighty hot weather.Ten consecutive days 38-40 degrees broiled, people unbearably hot.However, in the heroic city of Nanchang, Nanchang Uprising Memorial eighty-one cum a series of cultural activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the focus of the army, it is in full swing.Which commemorate China (Nanchang) military art exhibition, especially warm hot.It attracts the majority of the country’s military fans, painted fans, tourists and the public interest. July 27 morning to commemorate the 90th anniversary of eighty-one cum Nanchang Uprising Army?China (Nanchang) military art exhibition at the Art Museum total of more than 500 grand opening of Jiangxi Province, leading guests, teachers and students of art colleges part, all walks of life attended the opening ceremony. On the opening day there are nearly a thousand art lovers from across the country come to visit each hall are “bursting with popularity”.The exhibition is both a commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the army, is also a golden high standard of art in the world. The exhibition is jointly organized by the Chinese Artists Association, Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang Municipal Committee of CPC, Nanchang People’s Government.China Federation of Fine Arts Center, Nanchang Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department, Federation of Literary and Art Circles Nanchang, Jiangxi Museum, Nanchang Artists Association co-host.The exhibition features 182 works (88 paintings, traditional Chinese painting 94), carefully selected from more than 3100 participating works across the country.The exhibition works, rich and profound connotation, diverse styles, highlighting the efforts bearing in mind the glorious history, unite progressive forces, firmly safeguard the core, to promote the power of a strong army distinct theme. In the beginning I was informed of the news.Mind has been thinking about this day of arrival.As a former art education practitioners since moved to Shanghai after retirement in October 2015, enjoy the international metropolis of many international and domestic high-end art exhibitions and various activities.Through concept development, to expand his artistic horizons and improve the level of appreciation and.Rich personal retirement.For this exhibition, why I devoted so high passionate about?The reason is the strong personal feeling of home, is a hero city gives me a sense of pride!For Military Art Exhibition 90th anniversary of the army, of course, it is not absent.Son of a university job for the summer, we returned to Nanchang. July 29, scorching sun, his family learned that I want to see the exhibition, a Zaiquan I, the exhibition time off, such as a few days to cool a little and then go a little too late.I understand their good intentions, but engage in the arts instinctive nature decided that I will not hesitate. When he arrived Museum, walked into the hall, it was in front of a picture of tens of miles to pick a quality work impressed.According to my habit, after watching the exhibition preface, first of all work roughly the visit again.And then come back a second time to savor.Works wide range of topics, there is reproduction eventful years, the older generation of martyrs bloody, bloody tragic picture; there reflected the people’s army defending the homeland, bravely fighting the enemy battle scenes; more a manifestation of peace, the People’s Liberation Army frontiers peacekeeping , training hard martial arts, military science and technology, disaster relief, flood rescue, fire fighting narcotics etc.. The exhibition gives me a whole new artistic experience, which is different from the usual exhibition concept feelings.Painters enthusiastically eulogize and praise the hands of the people’s army with brush.Works convey a stirring Jagged soul, the power of the United States.In the face of strong enemy fighters powerful and mighty, unstoppable.In front of the people, their amiable, harmony.PLA is a command of the Party, dare to fight tough battle, trustworthy, people across the country assured peace of mind, bring confidence to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation civilized.It is an invincible force.In addition, some artists also artistic representation of China in recent years the development of new weapons and equipment with the international advanced level, people look after emotions, excited.Pride doubled. Exhibition commendable is that the past performance of military theme works blindly tall soldier on a different hero image, the artists in shaping the Marshal, when the image of the performance of the troops, closer to real life and characteristics of the times, pay more attention to the organic integration of ideological and artistic.Such as: “彞 Sea alliance”, “My Motherland”, etc..At the same time, also make full use of the various languages and painting art forms, so that the screen effect is more agile vivid, colorful.Such as “saber shining”, “Common Sense years” and so on.See, this works, some abandoned the previous artist behind closed doors and rely photos of bad habits and bad style, pay more attention to the barracks to join in the post, deep waters of the border to experience life.Exhibition Interestingly, there have been a number of exploratory masterpiece of modern art and combining elements, such as “1931 Ruijin,” “Dawn” and so on.This past military themes creation is rarely seen.I think it is one of the highlights of the exhibition, as well as a new driving force of innovation and development of arts. A good work of art, like the Making the same forces, must be tempered.Take the person exhibition of oil paintings Nanchang artist Yang Fan “national memory of youth no regrets”, the author devoted a lot of enthusiasm, effort and energy.Many visited the old revolutionary base areas, from the Taihang Mountains to the Dabie Mountains, from Yan’an to Xibaipo, heard a lot of stories were heroic, simple access to the old Mass.Yang Fan has been deeply moved by the revolution wanted to create a theme works, when he met an old Red Army soldier, telling him to listen to the course of the revolution had just enlisted, Yang Fan initiation of the idea to him as the creation of the prototype. Lasted two months, Yang Fan repeatedly visited military museums, monuments and other places in the creative process to find material.”Youth National Memory of regret” on the screen, one wearing an old jacket, hung with grenades who enlisted new fighters resolute eyes stared straight ahead.Monumental minimalist composition, cold tone rendering, Yang Fan nuanced details of the deal, the little warrior stance due to the heavy weapons of the shoulders and slightly tilted, as the thoughts of the characters take on responsibility and stand in front of backdrop, through such approach to the art of emotion to enhance the level of philosophy. Throughout the morning, I was completely unable to extricate themselves immersed in depicting works of art.Since the format is generally more (an average of 1.Between 5-3 meters), to watch each one works, we must continue to go far and near.From a distance, the momentum is to enjoy the work, mood, color and picture effect.Close brush strokes are pondering the details of shape and artistic treatment.Because too focused, on several occasions when Lex accidentally hit someone in the back, I had to continually apologize.Somehow, the day the exhibition hall no air conditioning.I was completely ignored his body was sweating.And works of art gives me excitement and enjoyment to more than, this suffering, there is nothing. July 30, 2017 in Nanchang

Fishing will swine

Life upper middle fakaofo Pacific will be fishing with wild boar, the locals call it fishing pig.It stands to reason pigs clumsy, to be flexible and comfortable in the water to catch fish is not easy, in the end it is how to catch fish it?    Originally, when fishing pig when hungry, it will be down to the shallow waters where lush plants, with long, sharp fangs swing to swing in the middle of aquatic plants, and pretty soon, there will be a number of plants with some debris volume was uprooted in the fangs, then looked up and went fishing pig quiet waters of the river branch branch, the head gently in water 25 cm deep, grass carp and other fish in the vicinity of the taste and smell of the grass roots of corruption the smell of the soil, it would gather over fishing pig mouth.Fishing breath each pig in about 1 minute time limit is exceeded, it will head gently lifted from the water, oxygen mouthpiece, head into the water and then gently.Because every time out of the action is light and slow, the fish almost not aware of changes in the surrounding environment, seeking only to fishing pig mouth of plants.When fishing pig’s head slowly out of the water, and some even jumped up to chase the fish bite wound on pig tusks of plants.So after a few into a few out, pig tusks gathered around a lot of fish, when the density is large enough, they concentrate the full force of swine fishing, bass looked up, there are always a few fish to be sharp fishing pig hunt teeth and body piercing string band on the fangs out of the water, then quickly landed fishing pig delicious meal.    Wild boar fishing, if you do not advance weeds wrapped around the fangs, ranging from fish to gather a certain density, it will not be successful fishing.And also in humans, to successfully get things done, need to have two hearts: one is careful, one is patience.


He lived into the old house glancing familiar objects people still have old Chen was also the father or mother of the frame so young and just mother’s smile disappeared elderly father jealously guarding this old house can emit small color TV to find shade I see the shadow of the baby when my son already higher than the top of my head I can only recall active figure in the table littered with the son to see his father’s newspaper I have to spend a computer for news of my father to go out alone in each room sporadic grass after wandering to his father to see the books are still overflow garden flowers fragrant green houses also show their homes in the past I have neglected my wife and children have their own building my study shine bright sun

Town, Hall Road, Zhuhai, good weather travel

Eleven sea JINWOZI town, Hinata Governance Museum, Tongji bamboo a day trip enjoyable day classic like a joke, not talk to this day, I walk with his grandmother and grandson town streets.Look day, or just a sunny summer heat, instant, the sun seemed to find her mother, Mimi drilled back quietly and hid the clouds go hide shade, leaving only clouds changing light swinging swinging, playing for our visitors to play.  So, what are we playing to play the ancient town?Tell me what Mo panic, it it?When the town is famous sea JINWOZI.Huo yo, the town can be a no, is one of the major attractions of Pengzhou market.According to “Huayang” records: it’s so unique in the foundation of the ancient Shu Kingdom, the “Shu Wang Yufu, due to Jian Shan Zhai on the capital.”Imperial dragon symbolizes, that is where the Dragon King of residence, hidden dragon in the sea, so called after the place for the sea JINWOZI.It Sanxingdui, Jinsha a pulse homologous system was built fifty-five years of Qianlong (AD 1790), dating back over 200 years of history.Streets leaning Longmen Mountains, ranking the Jianjiang River, architecture and landscape integration Chuanximinju elements, attention to visual form and function zoning change, the level of scattered, advance and retreat has caused a total length of 1.5 km, divided into upper, middle and lower three parts, the main street, roadway, collection, composition field, the main north-south street pedestrian streets to the brook.Now copy the concept of town after the earthquake, preservation of the original characteristics of street style, rebuilt according to the original site.  Capable of hanging around in the streets of this town, the ancient town of Chengdu, the longest, the most distinctive streets, my heart is both excited and calm.After all, has long attracted also by car from passing a few times, he got his wish today.  Check it out yourself now, slowly, leisurely trip travel, both to enjoy the scenery and then enjoy, but also cherish the heart to look after just over two weeks, but each little grandson, lest he hurt.Also, we are tourists uncle, turned into the sky early for us to illuminate the headlamps, the town is to be our appreciation of beauty.Or kind of weather, now town, though it is summer, but sunny and not too hot, the breeze is also blowing, just like a warm spring suitable.  St. Paul letter to “sea JINWOZI” words, is a well-known calligrapher, Sichuan Calligraphers Association Chairman Ho Ying-hui book, font bold and powerful imagery town quite the dragon dwelling, people look, quite a sense of refreshing.  Although the town is re-engineering, but also rehabilitate was quite precise and appropriate, exquisitely carved, plus chic, fancy, simple decency, fully reflected the specific elements Chuanximinju.Let me interspersed, as in history through the wooden doors, wooden beams, antique wooden baskets vegetation, has caused all kinds of potted flowers placed, almost every family is no exception; Street red umbrella led street, very happy, like every day is a holiday; with a small drainage ditch on both sides of the street, always gurgling streams, stop pouring, interspersed with small bridges, bridge lying waves, it is truly gratifying, express a special town humanistic meaning.Especially in a small town in the Buddhist temple, Drum and bell, tapping the wooden fish, crashed smile tourists to be cautious, to care for all town.As to an end before Church Street, Eye sea exquisite sculpture, ancient sea eyes yo charm with tourists, a lot of this general exclusion taste and enjoy fairy.  The town people really laid-back, as if every family in front of the stool chairs lying idle, a variety of local specialties Ma Bing, jelly, noodles, meat and so on, smell the smell, mouth Flows greedy little grandson, saying his grandparents, businessmen catch , and quickly bought a point Ma Bing to block his mouth.  So comfortable, there is no hustle and bustle outside the town, everything is slow life, a small town small business people slowly, slowly we are busy hanging around.As master also slow day, the sun slowly through the window, through the gap, the breeze rippling through the ray ray, any of us, walking in the town, line, and again drunk.Until noon to visit, wander the hungry.  Play new play, meal satiety; duck meat, quack incense.Just put aside the dishes, a street stand, a gust of wind like a lady wrapped in cool, keep us close.”Good comfortable yo.”Little grandson blessed with more jump, completely ignoring ‘the wind will be too, and the rain to visit’ the old saying, big point big point Rain started playing the game, crowded underground up.Quickly open their umbrellas, hold on Sun, rushed to the bus, “the rain off the line to manage, Sky blink of an eye; as the rain pattering down the curtain, watch for the car to see delay worries.”It seems that the rain about, what the trip will roar soup?Watch for around watch for, as if we are not anxious, and some have dozed off.After all, “people in the world to go, despite the world have; if you want to triumph, saying idiot dream.”Ho ho, pulling away La.  Grandson da jumped on me a few times, tired tired, the eyelids fight, suddenly thrust asleep.I have not been sleeping, because anxious joy in the scenery, and had met with the beauty of the mountains, or the rain, do not look white does not look.  Harder and harder rain, wind cries shake the tree, but the day has not dim, as if there nodding sunshine interspersed between them, no wonder, is white under the rain, as the saying goes: “White Rain three rush to escape the grind MO; back when Lin Zhao, Wang Zi passionate.”Look, they think of Su” given storm-Mo listen Chuan Lin beat Ye, “word cloud: March 7, Sand Lake Road in the rain.Rain gear to go, peers are embarrassed, Yudu feel.Yi Er Sui Ching, pretending to be the word.  Mo listen Chuan Lin beat Ye, why Yin Xiao and Xing Xu.Zhu Zhang Mans shoes light horse wins, Who’s Afraid?Yisuoyanyu Ren Pingsheng.  Chilly spring wind and sober, Wei Leng, but shines into the hills to greet.Looking back has always been bleak place, go back, and no rain and no clear.  Su-old man is really extraordinary, so rain, but also generously song, non SAGE, while unknown men.But fine thought life trajectory, among the rough, back and forth constantly, there is life, struggle more than, Leinian years, and eventually became a big engine generation writer.I have the blues is the ancient, eternal example of learning, but also the generous.  Shortness of rain, window tick.Vast gray mountains, trees shake sudden rain, waves, drifting away from the eyes, hazy, look not very clear.Just like the cup glimpse of the man, you can not see what a harbor!  Vehicle tossed about, not all the way.When being sleepy, the child car came to an end, driving under Xu, an umbrella run, the whole surrounded by mountains, trees deep, dense forests, towering stands a dash of color of Hall Road St. Paul, pavilion canopies fly, fly Alice tile roofs, in watering rain, even more elegant Su mesh, mountain full taste, moist air mixing water, thrown plume of smoke, wind around the filled, can only watch for meso shall see.  Haha, Hinata Governance concept finally came, indeed Zhang Tian Hiromichi first legacy, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is the first rule of Taoism twenty-four.  Do not need to say, in the rain and the red, almost wet clothes, and tired but do not they simply were to look bright, according to King and peep, numerous enlightened view, the whole concept of Governance Hinata really a well-deserved reputation, surrounded by mountains, it is located in ; gantry back, by Yu mountains; Jianjiang surrounded by clean gurgling; conifers, such as cover, as opposed Que.Quiet environment quiet, illusory Piaomiao, Qiaojiao cornices, shape simple, imposing, no wonder Shu Wang is already pre-Qin period of worship of the temple, Taoist statue here as “Shu Wang Dojo”.  The rain frolic around the house slowly outlook.Really naughty little grandson, face worship hall, I do not know at first glance, the adults also learn to look, kowtowed worship, tap bells and drums, it is truly comfortable.Hi everyone smile, the Ruzaikejiao, doll boundless prospects.I have few words, I would like meditations in the worship hall immortals, soul grafting, Wu Miao Daoxing high, reducing Happy Taoist immortal wind, but the Red troubles, sitting and asked if the fish Yan Ran.  Trekking walk, scattered clouds rain break, unknowingly, between dumb, Pro Road Museum has backdoor.Uproar surprised, but see the mountains, as much as the vast bamboo forest, cloud cover blocks out the sun, emerald green Cheng, Lin Shen You He, not Ban Seton Hall.Hill had leaned against a stack ladder, climb on, slowly drawing the.  Little grandson motivated again, laughing, running and laughing; I’m in the back, watching the chase.Wanderers climbing on the ridge, Bandao and getting up, getting up and trip over, the whole was a mud sweat, his grandmother put my meal swearword, next to beautiful women laughed, really good gas uncle, aunt and a sharp tongue, Not bad, admire Younger.  I do not care, old married couple, temper dictates, has more than half his life several times.Notice, enjoy the scenery when the big things, life can get a few lines.  Really good yo, where “quiet silence green eyes, clear air news Sin Ming; mu bamboo reflected eyes, the sound of bamboo Lin Tao Man.”Pursuit ladder, up the stairs, the mountains are like, ethereal original.Few visitors sometimes birds; Xiang flying dragonfly, storm; rustling bamboo, slit light leakage; only poetry, the heart Yang.What a “more secluded mountain birds” poetic map, a good hiding mundane summer good; good place for a wonderful summer tour.No wonder the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo also pleased to Mingbi here: “Penglai Xianju, Hong treasure city”.  Miaozai!Winding streets Tongji bamboo, deep Buddhist temple flowers and trees; as good at half frolic, good weather day trip.  Both rain to go, play Baibi.The bumpy car ride, go home child car yo.Go back to the car, tired of me already asleep, can Nankeyimeng, but did not stop.Dreaming, dream vaguely wipes tears still hear music playing, singing all the way to the kind of time, play laughing mouth sip, grandson of naughty cute, Gee envy whisper whisper, drifting with the dream woodlands, over the hills, drifting across the river, floating into the far, far away.

You go, do not forget I’m still waiting

A quiet lamp, flickering every night piano sob.  Rouge, coated with a layer by layer, and finally left tears mottled.  * There is a pain, and my heart is pierced needles, pain to biting his lips, still choose to forbear, silent.  * Who said, I will always be your kite, blossom fate will not be missed?  Today, the wedding dress was covered with dust, how to straighten the eyes of reflection?  * Heard, you are still a person, I am reluctant to throw you a token gift.  Fall leaf door, always write not a happy word.  * This love, I paid careful, even to the sounded wrinkles, I still deeply rooted love root, do not want to get out in the bonds of this world do not dream.  * Your kiss, I carefully sealed.  Your photos, I touched day.  Even former loving hard to relive, I still offer secluded grove of wind.  * Yellowed notebook, penetrating, always the oath confirms.  A desolate place no say in the end is flourishing after the fireworks easy to cold.  * A long lane in the rain, misty rain have, do not forget, I’m still waiting!  For you to write a song I still hum, even if I still sing out of tune spirit.  * I got drunk, trying to forget the hate, I sink, only to hold the faithful love.  Because your sentence possible, I, negative Shaohua, will live this life!  * – text: Rain robe solo, QQ group: 317085764,273371033, rain robe solo collection “half-curtain misty rain” and “deep cloud water” has been published.