He lived into the old house glancing familiar objects people still have old Chen was also the father or mother of the frame so young and just mother’s smile disappeared elderly father jealously guarding this old house can emit small color TV to find shade I see the shadow of the baby when my son already higher than the top of my head I can only recall active figure in the table littered with the son to see his father’s newspaper I have to spend a computer for news of my father to go out alone in each room sporadic grass after wandering to his father to see the books are still overflow garden flowers fragrant green houses also show their homes in the past I have neglected my wife and children have their own building my study shine bright sun

Town, Hall Road, Zhuhai, good weather travel

Eleven sea JINWOZI town, Hinata Governance Museum, Tongji bamboo a day trip enjoyable day classic like a joke, not talk to this day, I walk with his grandmother and grandson town streets.Look day, or just a sunny summer heat, instant, the sun seemed to find her mother, Mimi drilled back quietly and hid the clouds go hide shade, leaving only clouds changing light swinging swinging, playing for our visitors to play.  So, what are we playing to play the ancient town?Tell me what Mo panic, it it?When the town is famous sea JINWOZI.Huo yo, the town can be a no, is one of the major attractions of Pengzhou market.According to “Huayang” records: it’s so unique in the foundation of the ancient Shu Kingdom, the “Shu Wang Yufu, due to Jian Shan Zhai on the capital.”Imperial dragon symbolizes, that is where the Dragon King of residence, hidden dragon in the sea, so called after the place for the sea JINWOZI.It Sanxingdui, Jinsha a pulse homologous system was built fifty-five years of Qianlong (AD 1790), dating back over 200 years of history.Streets leaning Longmen Mountains, ranking the Jianjiang River, architecture and landscape integration Chuanximinju elements, attention to visual form and function zoning change, the level of scattered, advance and retreat has caused a total length of 1.5 km, divided into upper, middle and lower three parts, the main street, roadway, collection, composition field, the main north-south street pedestrian streets to the brook.Now copy the concept of town after the earthquake, preservation of the original characteristics of street style, rebuilt according to the original site.  Capable of hanging around in the streets of this town, the ancient town of Chengdu, the longest, the most distinctive streets, my heart is both excited and calm.After all, has long attracted also by car from passing a few times, he got his wish today.  Check it out yourself now, slowly, leisurely trip travel, both to enjoy the scenery and then enjoy, but also cherish the heart to look after just over two weeks, but each little grandson, lest he hurt.Also, we are tourists uncle, turned into the sky early for us to illuminate the headlamps, the town is to be our appreciation of beauty.Or kind of weather, now town, though it is summer, but sunny and not too hot, the breeze is also blowing, just like a warm spring suitable.  St. Paul letter to “sea JINWOZI” words, is a well-known calligrapher, Sichuan Calligraphers Association Chairman Ho Ying-hui book, font bold and powerful imagery town quite the dragon dwelling, people look, quite a sense of refreshing.  Although the town is re-engineering, but also rehabilitate was quite precise and appropriate, exquisitely carved, plus chic, fancy, simple decency, fully reflected the specific elements Chuanximinju.Let me interspersed, as in history through the wooden doors, wooden beams, antique wooden baskets vegetation, has caused all kinds of potted flowers placed, almost every family is no exception; Street red umbrella led street, very happy, like every day is a holiday; with a small drainage ditch on both sides of the street, always gurgling streams, stop pouring, interspersed with small bridges, bridge lying waves, it is truly gratifying, express a special town humanistic meaning.Especially in a small town in the Buddhist temple, Drum and bell, tapping the wooden fish, crashed smile tourists to be cautious, to care for all town.As to an end before Church Street, Eye sea exquisite sculpture, ancient sea eyes yo charm with tourists, a lot of this general exclusion taste and enjoy fairy.  The town people really laid-back, as if every family in front of the stool chairs lying idle, a variety of local specialties Ma Bing, jelly, noodles, meat and so on, smell the smell, mouth Flows greedy little grandson, saying his grandparents, businessmen catch , and quickly bought a point Ma Bing to block his mouth.  So comfortable, there is no hustle and bustle outside the town, everything is slow life, a small town small business people slowly, slowly we are busy hanging around.As master also slow day, the sun slowly through the window, through the gap, the breeze rippling through the ray ray, any of us, walking in the town, line, and again drunk.Until noon to visit, wander the hungry.  Play new play, meal satiety; duck meat, quack incense.Just put aside the dishes, a street stand, a gust of wind like a lady wrapped in cool, keep us close.”Good comfortable yo.”Little grandson blessed with more jump, completely ignoring ‘the wind will be too, and the rain to visit’ the old saying, big point big point Rain started playing the game, crowded underground up.Quickly open their umbrellas, hold on Sun, rushed to the bus, “the rain off the line to manage, Sky blink of an eye; as the rain pattering down the curtain, watch for the car to see delay worries.”It seems that the rain about, what the trip will roar soup?Watch for around watch for, as if we are not anxious, and some have dozed off.After all, “people in the world to go, despite the world have; if you want to triumph, saying idiot dream.”Ho ho, pulling away La.  Grandson da jumped on me a few times, tired tired, the eyelids fight, suddenly thrust asleep.I have not been sleeping, because anxious joy in the scenery, and had met with the beauty of the mountains, or the rain, do not look white does not look.  Harder and harder rain, wind cries shake the tree, but the day has not dim, as if there nodding sunshine interspersed between them, no wonder, is white under the rain, as the saying goes: “White Rain three rush to escape the grind MO; back when Lin Zhao, Wang Zi passionate.”Look, they think of Su” given storm-Mo listen Chuan Lin beat Ye, “word cloud: March 7, Sand Lake Road in the rain.Rain gear to go, peers are embarrassed, Yudu feel.Yi Er Sui Ching, pretending to be the word.  Mo listen Chuan Lin beat Ye, why Yin Xiao and Xing Xu.Zhu Zhang Mans shoes light horse wins, Who’s Afraid?Yisuoyanyu Ren Pingsheng.  Chilly spring wind and sober, Wei Leng, but shines into the hills to greet.Looking back has always been bleak place, go back, and no rain and no clear.  Su-old man is really extraordinary, so rain, but also generously song, non SAGE, while unknown men.But fine thought life trajectory, among the rough, back and forth constantly, there is life, struggle more than, Leinian years, and eventually became a big engine generation writer.I have the blues is the ancient, eternal example of learning, but also the generous.  Shortness of rain, window tick.Vast gray mountains, trees shake sudden rain, waves, drifting away from the eyes, hazy, look not very clear.Just like the cup glimpse of the man, you can not see what a harbor!  Vehicle tossed about, not all the way.When being sleepy, the child car came to an end, driving under Xu, an umbrella run, the whole surrounded by mountains, trees deep, dense forests, towering stands a dash of color of Hall Road St. Paul, pavilion canopies fly, fly Alice tile roofs, in watering rain, even more elegant Su mesh, mountain full taste, moist air mixing water, thrown plume of smoke, wind around the filled, can only watch for meso shall see.  Haha, Hinata Governance concept finally came, indeed Zhang Tian Hiromichi first legacy, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is the first rule of Taoism twenty-four.  Do not need to say, in the rain and the red, almost wet clothes, and tired but do not they simply were to look bright, according to King and peep, numerous enlightened view, the whole concept of Governance Hinata really a well-deserved reputation, surrounded by mountains, it is located in ; gantry back, by Yu mountains; Jianjiang surrounded by clean gurgling; conifers, such as cover, as opposed Que.Quiet environment quiet, illusory Piaomiao, Qiaojiao cornices, shape simple, imposing, no wonder Shu Wang is already pre-Qin period of worship of the temple, Taoist statue here as “Shu Wang Dojo”.  The rain frolic around the house slowly outlook.Really naughty little grandson, face worship hall, I do not know at first glance, the adults also learn to look, kowtowed worship, tap bells and drums, it is truly comfortable.Hi everyone smile, the Ruzaikejiao, doll boundless prospects.I have few words, I would like meditations in the worship hall immortals, soul grafting, Wu Miao Daoxing high, reducing Happy Taoist immortal wind, but the Red troubles, sitting and asked if the fish Yan Ran.  Trekking walk, scattered clouds rain break, unknowingly, between dumb, Pro Road Museum has backdoor.Uproar surprised, but see the mountains, as much as the vast bamboo forest, cloud cover blocks out the sun, emerald green Cheng, Lin Shen You He, not Ban Seton Hall.Hill had leaned against a stack ladder, climb on, slowly drawing the.  Little grandson motivated again, laughing, running and laughing; I’m in the back, watching the chase.Wanderers climbing on the ridge, Bandao and getting up, getting up and trip over, the whole was a mud sweat, his grandmother put my meal swearword, next to beautiful women laughed, really good gas uncle, aunt and a sharp tongue, Not bad, admire Younger.  I do not care, old married couple, temper dictates, has more than half his life several times.Notice, enjoy the scenery when the big things, life can get a few lines.  Really good yo, where “quiet silence green eyes, clear air news Sin Ming; mu bamboo reflected eyes, the sound of bamboo Lin Tao Man.”Pursuit ladder, up the stairs, the mountains are like, ethereal original.Few visitors sometimes birds; Xiang flying dragonfly, storm; rustling bamboo, slit light leakage; only poetry, the heart Yang.What a “more secluded mountain birds” poetic map, a good hiding mundane summer good; good place for a wonderful summer tour.No wonder the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo also pleased to Mingbi here: “Penglai Xianju, Hong treasure city”.  Miaozai!Winding streets Tongji bamboo, deep Buddhist temple flowers and trees; as good at half frolic, good weather day trip.  Both rain to go, play Baibi.The bumpy car ride, go home child car yo.Go back to the car, tired of me already asleep, can Nankeyimeng, but did not stop.Dreaming, dream vaguely wipes tears still hear music playing, singing all the way to the kind of time, play laughing mouth sip, grandson of naughty cute, Gee envy whisper whisper, drifting with the dream woodlands, over the hills, drifting across the river, floating into the far, far away.

You go, do not forget I’m still waiting

A quiet lamp, flickering every night piano sob.  Rouge, coated with a layer by layer, and finally left tears mottled.  * There is a pain, and my heart is pierced needles, pain to biting his lips, still choose to forbear, silent.  * Who said, I will always be your kite, blossom fate will not be missed?  Today, the wedding dress was covered with dust, how to straighten the eyes of reflection?  * Heard, you are still a person, I am reluctant to throw you a token gift.  Fall leaf door, always write not a happy word.  * This love, I paid careful, even to the sounded wrinkles, I still deeply rooted love root, do not want to get out in the bonds of this world do not dream.  * Your kiss, I carefully sealed.  Your photos, I touched day.  Even former loving hard to relive, I still offer secluded grove of wind.  * Yellowed notebook, penetrating, always the oath confirms.  A desolate place no say in the end is flourishing after the fireworks easy to cold.  * A long lane in the rain, misty rain have, do not forget, I’m still waiting!  For you to write a song I still hum, even if I still sing out of tune spirit.  * I got drunk, trying to forget the hate, I sink, only to hold the faithful love.  Because your sentence possible, I, negative Shaohua, will live this life!  * – text: Rain robe solo, QQ group: 317085764,273371033, rain robe solo collection “half-curtain misty rain” and “deep cloud water” has been published.

Put conscience to do something positive

Work, often encounter some something goes wrong, this kind of problem, and sometimes really makes you feel difficult, and therefore will be depressed, grievances will.Friends joked, Kazakhstan, the same virtue, ah, just because too seriously.I look dull without a word, and comfort, so why bother, in fact, as long as we do good mind to do something, I will feel happy.Suddenly felt so touched, knowing that the road will encounter difficulties in the front row, sad and bad situation, but still willing to do and do it, just because the harbor good thoughts, humility.Yes ah, cherish kindness to do something, do their own thing to do, when the power of faith and peace of mind of feeling constantly filling the hearts of serious work, has become the happiest gift.    There are some things to know as people annoying.On one occasion, I heard the news from a milk scandal.My first reaction was Fuyang fake milk powder cases, those “big baby” news pictures that come to mind to leave the baby in.Heart sour, is regret, but also resentment.    Also know from television news, and now a city of milk and dairy production centers around the city in an atmosphere of high tension are.Dairy farmers nearby, said they have been the most direct impact, because these companies refund milk, said to be of poor quality, or completely stop buying milk from their hands.52-year-old Liu is a city of a dairy farmer, he said that because the company no longer buy milk his house, they had to pour milk every day, he watched their savings in reducing day by day.Per kilogram of milk, he can get milk from 4 yuan traffickers there.$ 6, and then the milk sold to dairy milk dealers company, he did not know the price of the agreement between the parties is how much.He said it was too sad day.    In a milk station, the milk has been rejected for three consecutive days acquired.52-year-old cleaner, said Lee, now the situation of dairy farmers are upset.He said that if it continues, farmers will have to kill cows.Mr. Liu said he borrowed $ 2900 in 2001 began cows, he will soon pay off the debt.His monthly on seven cows spend about 1000 yuan per month profit of 500 yuan.Mr. Liu said, cows have more money than corn and potatoes, he hopes the dust settles after the tainted milk, he can re-sell milk.Many rely on a city dairy farmers say they suspect the company will survive.A 26-year-old dairy farmer, said he was more than a week to down the river near his home more than 10 tons of milk a day, now can not see when the head.    Really sad ah!Although I am not related to these specific practices, but Bozhan business and life I was deeply touched to.Whether consumers or sellers, is ranked in first place the interests of.Those blows interests of business is not a businessman philanthropist, those who do not seek the benefit of the consumer is not wise fool.So, when talking about the economy and life, the right values is a prerequisite, it is impossible either biased view comment.    Argument with a professional point of view, put the interests of both the first place.Milk is sold businesses get value where value in use, on the other hand is to get consumers to sell the value of its use value.So, from the point of view of the interests of the argument, already balanced representation.However, sellers sell use value and its value does not match, so there has been a substantial injustice cross.From a marketing point of view psychological, moral qualities sellers played a key role.    Profit-driven behavior is the driving force of development.Large countries, regions, small units and individuals have their own interests, in pursuit of their own interests, safeguard their own interests.Reasonable and legitimate interests to be protected, and can not harm the interests of others, we should take care of the interests of others.And interests has always been one of the most important issues in life, every person, every unit must always face.It must be the pursuit of the interests of the law, the market and moral constraints.The pursuit of the interests of breaking the law will be subject to legal sanctions, in violation of the rules of market economy will lose market to grab excess profits, ignorant conscience pursue interests are bound to cast aside by the people.As long as interest is reasonable, the people will recognize the.There steelyard hearts of the people, as long as you have a conscience, people would be more, will feel, you will agree.Only with the benefit of conscience tied to long-term, in order to have long-term, growing market, in order to have the basis for development.”Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way”.With the right concept of interest, in order to keep their footing, go for a long time.    On the network talk about food safety overwhelming, I edited some brought everyone to see: I eat rice, they say that there are paraffin.I eat noodles, people say that there are mixed talcum powder, whitening.I eat pork, they say there is foot and mouth disease, there are hormones clenbuterol.I eat chicken, it is said to have bird flu.I eat eel crabs, people say that all hormone reminders out.I eat seafood, people say, it is soaked in formalin.I eat ham, the people said to have been soaked dichlorvos.I eat vegetables, say pesticide residues.I eat fruit, they say there are ripening agent.I eat soy products, white fungus, red pepper, pepper, people said to be sulfur smoked.I eat chili sauce, they say that there are Sudan.I eat rice, noodles, people say there are Sulfoxylate.I eat yuba, people say there is yellow mouth alkaline, industrial gelatin.I eat fungus, people say are dyed with ink.I eat kimchi, people say with industrial salted.I eat bean sprouts, people say there hydrosulfite, rootless factors, growth hormone.I eat moon cake, moon cake stuffing people say that a few years ago.I drink, it is said to be blending industrial alcohol.I do not eat, drink only water, but others say do not drink, the water is full of industrial waste water, waste, excessive levels of lead and mercury.Finally, I do not eat, breathe only air, but I smoked the air is polluted.I drink milk, court death!Chinese people, you can eat what?Although the language a bit too much, but there are some real.It should cause us to attach great importance to the time.    Life is short, any person not entitled to neglect.Especially food commodities True False directly related to the life of the rise and Scots.Life is not telling the truth, I do not want to see the withering of life is because food is because our economy moth.In the pursuit of interests, only the conscience put positive, positive way to go, before more innocent lives.

Hong Kong school students also prefer Orsay mainland provinces and one can directly obtain large Hong Kong Polytechnic

Hong Kong school students also prefer the mainland Orsay, a province in 2017 can be directly eligible for independent admission eligibility interview the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2017 independent admissions policy: In order to recruit excellent overall quality of students, the Hong Kong PolyU since mid-2017 in addition to reference HKALE in addition, the implementation of self-enrollment program, students organized by PolyU Hong Kong, “the number of high school physics and chemistry disciplines detection Hong Kong Polytechnic University” get honors or get recognized academic competition awards and qualifications to get interview selection.By interviewing applicants can enjoy preferential treatment undergraduate enrollment, the relevant details are as follows: to join: First, the number of high school physics and chemistry disciplines Hong Kong Polytechnic University detect 1.Eligibility: High School students (only for 2018 admissions) 2.Detection disciplines: mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry 3.Participatory approach: between January 10, 2017 to March 6 date for online registration (World Wide Web.PolyU.EDU.HK / ssmsc / China) 4.Date: April 30, 2017 and May 1 5.Venue: Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Changchun and Wuhan 6.Obtaining outstanding results in any two subjects students can participate in next year interview selection 7.Eligible students must be in between January 10, 2018 to March 8 Date of online application system (WWW.PolyU.EDU.HK / learning) Hong Kong PolyU completed undergraduate admissions program, invited to participate in an admissions interview before 2018.Second, the recognition of academic competition awards interview participatory approach 1.Eligibility: first prize or above the provincial graduating high school seniors in recognition of disciplines in the race 2.Participation places: Any 3.Participate Date: 2017 Nian January 3 to March 8 4.Participatory approach: (1) students in Hong Kong PolyU website WWW.PolyU.EDU.HK / study complete the online application; (2) at the time of submitting the application online, be sure to press the system indicates that students declare their winning entries (Late application will not be considered); (3) Hong Kong PolyU will be held March 11, 2017 by e-mail inform the participating students related interview arrangements.Interview arrangements: 1.Hong Kong PolyU will be held in mid-March 2017 to early April interview held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Changchun and Wuhan, interview details will be announced later; 2.Interview for the small groups, a full English; 3.Interview results will be announced in mid-April 2017, and notify students via e-mail interview results.The Hong Kong Polytechnic University accredited academic competition awards list: Hong Kong Polytechnic University admissions policy: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU Hong Kong) will be 31 provinces and cities nationwide high school graduates (in 2017 to participate in the college entrance examination) in 2017 to provide 48 professional and enrollment with effect from January 3, 2017.Hong Kong PolyU implementation of independent enrollment, enrollment does not account for unity volunteer Mainland, Hong Kong PolyU students enrolled does not affect its voluntary reporting Mainland Universities.In 2017, the Hong Kong PolyU national plan to recruit 230 students enrolled in undergraduate courses, and provides 30 scholarships for outstanding achievements Candidates annual amount of up to HK $ 160,000 yuan.Intends to apply for admission to Hong Kong PolyU students can WWW pages enrollment by Hong Kong PolyU.PolyU.EDU.HK / learning application, registration fee is $ 450 whole.This article comes from the Integrated People, Sunshine college entrance examination network.All copyrighted original platform and, if infringement, please contact the administrator deleted.If you are learning, met on competition, since the move, the entrance of the puzzle welcome message to us oh!The new Northern educate all professional instructors escort mission for you!

Shanghai Museum of Natural History Travels

I was born like quiet, all right, when in his own house party world where they like to do chores, combing their messy thoughts, now has climbed the forehead wrinkles, this character has not changed.Shanghai came more than three months, and stay at home, do not want to go somewhere.In begged her daughter, December 27, 2015 early in the morning, and her son went to play with the Shanghai Museum of Natural History.    Since New Year’s Day is coming, everywhere decorated, lively scene.Although there are psychologically prepared before you go, but to the scene, crowded scenes shocked me, crowded around the entrance, it is a long row of long team, a scene no less than a few years ago Expo.    Museum of Natural History New Building layer 6, the ground layer 3, the ground layer 3, the overall shape of the building from the Nautilus housing; clever enclosed elliptical pool to become the central focus of the building visited flow line, a symbol 71% Earth’s surface covered by water, bring the water ripples, texture, movement, sound and reflected waves, then become an important part of the museum experience.    Three of us with the crowd into the exhibition, catches my eye is the huge dinosaur skeletons, as well hanging in the air of the big shark specimens, field of view, a mix of a variety of plant and animal specimens, vivid, lifelike.    When the venue, see a few specimens of birds of paradise.Bird of paradise, only when the courtship will show its most beautiful side, these specimens all seem to enjoy the most beautiful, I think, if even more beautiful live up.Unwittingly entered the world of butterflies, in this exhibition, demonstrating the thousands of butterflies of different times around the world, especially in a circular pattern on the wall with different sizes, different colors of butterflies, composed of lead many tourists away, I quickly put beauty into the camera.    The most striking is the central hall of the door closing Chuanma Long Creek and the Yellow River, Howard Johnson, the former length 22 meters tall at the shoulder 3.5 meters, weighing dozens of tons, is the world’s largest dinosaur; the latter 8 meters long, four meters tall, a pair of front teeth there are three meters long, in addition, Hsu Lufengosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus Long, Westergren dsungaripterus, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur footprints, basaltic frogs, fish and dragons, Brontotherium, giant rhinoceros and other ancient animal fossils.    In animal exhibition galleries, a variety of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.Including China protected animals gibbons, golden monkey, panda, leopard, tiger, Asian elephant, wild ass, deer, wild camels, Chinese alligator and so on, as well as China and two protected species extinct wild elk (ie ” grotesque “) and many rare birds and animals; in addition, also features a number of foreign well-known animals such as African lions, giraffes, baboons and chimpanzees, Australia’s platypus, kangaroos and emus, American lion, Japan’s high crab etc..    Look at the time knew more than 12 points, the stomach is also hungry, so, with her daughter-in-law to a fast-food restaurant in the museum had something to eat, tired legs a lot easier, and then continue the tour.    The eye is most absorbing is to look at the Big Bang, the Big Bang is a 4D ball round screen, broadcast regularly, we happen to catch, so squeeze in a crowd watching intently, looked over one hour.4D reading come before a showcase, cabinet decorated with red coral, gold nugget, ruby, Guangxi Wuzhou rhodochrosite, also saw Russian opal raw ore.The history of human development display area, with a large number of objects, models, archaeological finds and King box early ape living conditions of two or three million years ago, reveals the human origins, formation and development of human society, and people are showing Australopithecus evolved from the human society is developed from apes from video, also watched the evolution of the road to escape the Cretaceous exhibition, stirring scenes to understand the process of human formation and ways to survive , as well as the growing wisely.    Mummy Mummy showrooms were on display 5, which region of Xinjiang Loulan Loulan unearthed body of a woman, is China’s earliest known Mummy in a.Mummy exhibition hall in ancient China, there are also on display dating back 3,000 years ago unearthed in Xinjiang Hami Mummy and Tang, Song and Ming dynasties Mummy, a little scared after watching.    Africa into the theater, you can directly view, scene, with perfect lighting, but a taste of the wild prairie.The story went Shanghai exhibition, the middle of a large theater, forming a loop in Shanghai, Shanghai introduced the local geology and biological species.Read a long time I’m tired, and her son into the cafe for coffee, rest for a while continue to tour, this time has been more than 4 points.    Jane earth exploration.Describes the Earth is our home survival, minerals and rock not only constitute the lithosphere, more faithful record of the Earth billions of years of evolution and change.Cast aside the years of dust, embodies the essence of the world’s geological treasure, lit the torch of human civilization, it exudes eternal light; and water and wind carved the face of the earth all the time, offers a colorful big stage of life, is big Seven Wonders of nature to create our unique and beautiful home.I think, as people on earth should cherish everything can cherish.    Shanghai Museum of Natural History “natural?people?Harmony “as the theme, through the” evolution of the movement “,” picture of life “,” epic “civilization, showing the mystery of the origin, the long history of life, the evolution of the road, the earth exploration Jane, colorful life, ecology Vientiane, living wisdom, 10 people to the edge of the permanent exhibition, Shanghai story, such as the way forward; there are temporary exhibition hall, 4D cinema, discover the function of supporting regional centers, exhibition displays more than 11,000 specimens from seven continents model, in which rare specimens of species near one thousand.    There are nearly 1,500 square meters of walk-recovery scenarios, realistic reproduction of vibrant African savanna; “across time and space of gathering” a large array of specimens, brought together more than 200 ancient and modern flora and fauna star; “escape from the Cretaceous” and other 5 an immersive theater, reproduction big event in the history of evolution; “Natural window” and other ecological restoration King box set of 26, 400 and a set of online visual media museum system to meet the demand from the public media era; 1500 scientific group painting, visually show the combination of art and science; 300 square meters of living culture zones, natural touch distance; 1,200 square meters of “discovery Center”, observed that building, hands-on experiments to explore dialogue paradise; “natural epic” show to create science and technology, humanities in one of the art in the world.Place in them, we learned a lot from very distant nature connotation seven continents.    And finally back to the ground floor souvenir shop, stroll for a while, buy souvenirs, three people slowly with the crowd out of the museum, and I feel especially happy because the museum shocking scene, no less beautiful spring , mountains, colorful beauty.

Sad blue water

Everything is asleep I’m awake open heart like water music library I was able to survive I got you imagine Miyazaki crystal music you like I like spring water flowing blue I think of a Schubert’s Serenade God sketch you have a rhyme Venus smile as you are not artistic can not read my poems is that wonderful music can not read my night is sad that the black and white keys vibrate every time you are clearly highlights the virtual mood music flowers can not dream of love with the King was to be a combination of patchwork canoe you can not just my sad blue water can not reach the other side of love [editor: tree man]

To every mother: Do not mouthful of love, but grim.

To every mother: Do not mouthful of love, but grim.Our life is filled with the language of violence, abuse, slander, contempt, ridicule.In many cases, verbal violence from unequal relationship, victims often lack the ability to self-defense, a minor fall into this category, and cast their violence, often those who kept their good people. – 1 – two true story of 15-year-old Wang, grade point average, his mother always scolded him one day know to eat.  On one occasion, Wang dispute in school and who see the other side of his body fat scolded him: you know what to eat.Years of repression into a spur of the moment, Wang mad blinded the other’s eyes.Yuan Lin (a pseudonym) parents divorced, his mother a hostility: how do you not die, these words like a spell as haunt him.  After high school dropout Yuan Lin gives shampoo, accidentally burns the customer, not the boss scolded him how you die.This sentence completely aroused hatred Yuan Lin heart, after he missed the irrational boss killed. – 2 – Even more frightening mental harm Chinese parents harm common language, few people realize that the language of violence than physical harm to the child how deep the damage caused.2013, Safekids released the following three public service poster: On the surface, the language of violence than corporal punishment appears to civilization, but it will not hurt to bring a child less than corporal punishment, and possibly more so.  Corporal punishment harm a child’s body, that pain may be short-lived, but the language of violence is harm the child’s soul, their suffering is long, not only an insult to the child’s personality, damage the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, can lead to serious child mental disorders, loss of life courage, lead to weariness, truancy, delinquency, suicide and other serious consequences.  - 3 – the language of violence is the gun, the murder of the child’s life and dignity in order to allow more parents understand the dangers of verbal violence, the artist Xie with the common language of violence like, made one by one will be deformed mold: It is said that these works inspiration from the juvenile detention center, the reason they turned to crime, violence, language with their childhood by a great relationship.  (Here is the complete video presentation works, please watch in WIFI.) – 4 – Please stop verbal violence shameful waste pig brain is stronger than the people you do not know how to eat to die how stupid you really regret it gave birth unpromising cry killed how you keep your such a thing if I were you , to find a floor jump.According to statistics, 48% of primary school students, 36 percent of junior high school students, 18 percent of high school students said that in families and schools suffer from different degrees of verbal violence layers, is now the language of violence has been a major new issue of Chinese education.  I believe none of the parents do not love their children cut, tough love!But please do not mouthful of love, but grim!Scold him (her) to think about before leaving to heal the wounds you can do?  Perhaps many mothers will complain: sometimes really do not want to get angry at the child’s performance is really bad, not bad at learning seriously, mischievous yet polite, how do you say?In the end how to communicate with him!  Yes ah, children do not learn from it, should really naughty education, but ask yourself: How often do we accompany them?Do you often say in their learning?How often exchange experience with them?If so, what qualifications we have to get angry, what hideous face!  Mothers, put away your right to violence and acrimony, a lot to learn parent-child communication methods and techniques, like the famous child psychology expert Fan Wei teacher’s “parent-child communication training camp,” says the same: happy and want children communication, put into his own, and then try to talk to him!  Here also introduce Fan Wei teacher’s “parent-child communication training camp,” which is a column dedicated to teach parents to communicate with their children, which includes micro-section 6 online classes for children do not listen, lying, communication and common problems and difficulties, cut into the parent-child communication problems from different scenes, allowing you to master the secret of parent-child communication, good mother achievement boy.(End of the course, you can listen to unlimited return) will communicate understand the child wanted to be a good mother Click below to read the original text quickly join it!

Purify language of the heart

◎ language purify the soul One today is worth two tomorrow.Tore a calendar, a very simple, seize the day, it is not easy.  ◎ intentions of living each day like it was the last day of your life.The day when my life with it!  ◎ Human life is composed of numerous sum from today, each of which had substantial today, life will enrich.  ◎ opportunity to grow and learn is not the future, but at the moment every living.  ◎ regret the past, it is better grasp now, struggle for the future!.  ◎ most beautiful moment in life is – now.Do not waste your life!  There is no so-called small ◎ universe is ‘small’ ring made contact.  ◎ Time is our present breath, every moment must serve life.  ◎ The future belongs to the hard-working people now.In this day through the ages.  ◎ realized that every day is the best moment of life, in order to be considered to understand the life of people.  ◎ want to dream weaving the future, now is the time to grasp now, with everything that has life.◎ selfishness fields, never grows no sympathy flowers.  ◎ proper motivation is more important than proper behavior.  ◎ life is composed of a smile and weep.  ◎ efforts may not be successful, but we must strive to succeed.  ◎ real success is to make its own success, but also to the success of rivals.  ◎ greatest gift we have received from the hands of nature is life.  ◎ only to make money and people who work, can never be like those people who love the work of general investment.◎ work hard to ‘achievement’ something, not ‘get’ something.  ◎ pure mind, make up the most minute actions noble.  ◎ We prefer to use an active midget, nor a giant snooze.  ◎ ‘sure it’ is the power from the introspective; and ‘own expansion’ is the result of external comparison.  More wisdom to share, please pay attention to the light of wisdom public micro signal: zhzg2013 ◎ ‘fame’ is just another man you; ‘character’ is the real you.  ◎ people do not have to be born beautiful, but it must be nice to live.  ◎ practice famously, one thousand is more useful than watching.  ◎ angry tend to blind our judgment.  ◎ Anger is the lamp of the soul winds blow.  ◎ noblest vengeance is to forgive each other.  ◎ forgive others in order to release their own.  ◎ hate crazy heart.  ◎ hate is an arrow, eventually shooting himself.  ◎ Because mercy, so forgive; because forgiveness, so relief.In order to escape, so forgive; to forgive, so compassionate.  ◎ forgive is to learn to put down, do not allow resentment control of your life again.  ◎ ‘forgiveness’ for our lives increases the space.  ◎ potbellied world affairs, laugh with broken past and present worry.  ◎ full of life, that forgiveness, tolerance, love and wait, if not all of this, you have all, is nothing.  ◎ forgive is to resist hatred, hatred of medicine to heal.  ◎ angry is to take someone else’s mistake to punish oneself.  ◎ spend some time each day to think about who should be grateful.  ◎ happiness comes from a grateful mood to accept immediate life.  ◎ With a grateful heart, forget the faults of others, right!