11 simple actions, easy body shaping

11 simple actions, easy body shaping

Go up and walk.
The thigh is at right angles to the calf.
The arms then sway for 30 seconds.
Natural breathing.
Arm exercises.
Preparing posture: the two arms are lifted horizontally.
Make a circular motion inward, first wrist joint, rear elbow joint, and the last two arms straighten and then move the shoulder joint, each doing 4 times.
Then repeat the above actions in the opposite direction.
Natural breathing.
Neck exercise.
Prepared posture: erect.
Turn your head to the right and turn your head to the left (quick head), then your chin touches your chest.
Turn your head to the left and turn to the right, and quickly tilt your head back.
Do it four times.
Natural breathing.
Torso exercises.
Prepared posture: erect.
The upper body slowly bends forward, the arms are lifted horizontally, and then slowly straight.
Exhale when the body bends forward.
Repeat 10-12 times.
Sideways exercise.
Preparing posture: Separate the legs and lift both arms.
The upper body flexes left and right, moving the center of gravity from one foot to the other.
Repeat 14-16 times.
Natural breathing.
Leg exercises.
Preparing posture: The two toes are separated into a 45掳 angle, one hand holds the back of the chair, and the other hand akimbo.
The chest is abdomen, and the toes are placed on the ground to make the side, forward and backward swinging legs.
The speed is slow to fast.
Repeat 10 times for each foot.
Whole body exercise.Prepared posture: The right leg is upright.

The left leg is back, the toes point to the ground, and the two arms are lifted.

Leaning over, the left leg squats; the right leg stretches forward and the toes point to the ground.

Move the center of gravity from the left foot to the right foot with a wave action, while raising the head, standing upright and lifting the pair sideways.

The left foot is close to the right foot, and the same action is started by the right foot.

Repeat 8-10 times.

Exhale as you lean forward.


Balance the action.

Prepared posture: the right side of the body is close to the front of the seat back, and the right hand is supported by the back of the chair.

Lift the left leg forward, parallel to the ground, then swing sideways, then lean forward and lift the left leg.

Change the other leg to do the same.

Do 8-10 times each leg.


Swing movement.

Prepared posture: the right foot is in front and the left hand is on the back of the chair.

Bend your knees for a while, then lift quickly and turn 180掳 to the left (ie to the vertical of the chair).

Release the back of the chair with your left hand while turning.

At the end of the swivel action, the right hand holds the back of the chair and the left foot stands in front.

Then reverse the body.


Jumping movement.

Prepared posture: the tip of the toes of the feet, the back of the left hand, the side of the right hand.

Jump, separate your legs, extend your right arm, and then return to your position with a jump.

Do a total of 20 times.

After the completion, step in place for half a minute.


Relax and exercise.

Preparing posture: Sitting on a chair, the upper body relaxes and leans forward, and some sag.

Stand up, look up, lift, lift up – inhale, sit down – exhale.

It is good to have proper health.


It is good to have proper health.

When the modern people’s health consciousness awakens, the society has begun to set off a health boom.

Everyone is asking for the method of health maintenance, and the society is promoting the theory and practice of health care everywhere, but in the end, the truth that is passed on by people has its rationality, and we need our own eyes.Discerned.

Xiao Bian reminds the executors of the way to keep their health, to be healthy and to be moderate.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€涓栦笂娌℃湁涓€绉嶉鐗╁拰涓€绉嶈嵂鐗╅€傚悎鎵€鏈夌殑浜猴紝涔熸病鏈変竴绉嶅吇鐢熶繚鍋ュ姛娉曡兘閫傚悎鎵€鏈夌殑浜恒€傘€€銆€The study of life phenomena involves not only medicine, but also many cultural aspects such as society, humanities, scientific research, and morality.

Since ancient times, in addition to medical experts have the right to join in health, other experts such as Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Yixue, Wuxue, Food Science, and Folklore have the right to substitute.

Therefore, it is natural to form a public statement, and the woman said that she is reasonable, one person has a number, and each has a tone.

銆€銆€There are many different opinions on health and law, and Chinese medicine has experienced a battle baptism to defend its dignity.

Later, in the professional or non-professional media, a large number of ancient and modern medical history, famous, famous, famous, famous poems and famous paintings were introduced to highlight the profound and profound Chinese medicine culture.

銆€銆€But unfortunately, some non-Chinese medicine experts talk about the theory of health and application content, especially nutrition, always change, today you say good, tomorrow he said bad, even harmful.

Such things make people feel at a loss.

銆€銆€Absolutely, based on the growing publicity and demand of the general public, a variety of health care centers, bases, villas, clubs, clubs, apartments, etc. have been established.

These health care and health care places invite health care professionals from all walks of life to use the various health care techniques in ancient and modern China and abroad to serve the health care providers.

銆€銆€In addition, many monks in the tourist resorts, the old road also for the passengers to diagnose the disease, teach health exercises and sell secret health tea, wine, pills, powder, cream, Dan and other health supplements.

Broadcasting and TV media have expanded their health care programs while improving their ratings. In the pursuit of circulation, the book industry has taken health care products as the main direction of the draft, and the topic is to find new, strange, special, and mysterious.The content of the reader.

銆€銆€There is demand for supply, all health care experts are springing up, and almost all have a good title, what national experts, chief experts, senior experts, well-known experts, lifelong experts and so on.

銆€銆€The characteristics of these health care experts are: self-proclaimed grassroots folklore experts more than academics of the school’s experts; more prosperous experts than older and old-fashioned experts; more open-minded experts than timid conservative experts; ignorant and fearlessExperts are more than experts with knowledge and fear; non-medical experts are more experts than medical experts; Western medicine experts are more than Chinese medicine experts.

銆€銆€Health books such as fried rice, looking at the current health care theory, basically reach the consensus: to recognize the nature of health, health care is more important than treatment, psychological balance, nutritional balance, appropriate exercise, smoking cessation, alcohol, lifestyle, laborYi combined, on time physical examination, early treatment and other diseases.

Therefore, the Chinese and Western health care experts in these years have even changed their faces, and they have just made a name for themselves. They are just repeating each other, tossing back and forth, like a fried rice, and like Xianglin’s seeing people, they say 鈥淎mao peeling beans鈥?

銆€銆€Nowadays, readers are watching these books, and listeners are listening to these words, and they are also bored and upset.

However, the speculators are not afraid of health care books and magazines have piled up like mountains, have sold 50% off, the out is still out, because there are many Chinese, one in ten thousand people pay, the boss has money to earn.

As long as there are health experts on the radio and TV stations, there will be high listening rates, high ratings, and advertising fees will go up, which will have economic benefits.

銆€銆€The right person is the right person to avoid the health care hotspots today, the most influential is the elderly friends.

how so?

First, the retired elderly have more time, the second is afraid of getting sick, afraid of death, and the third is that the elderly are easily fooled by the media.

Some old people are closed to the door every day for the pursuit of “clearness and nothingness”, and they are meditation to practice their internal strengths; some old people believe that “life is in motion”, they will climb the mountain all the time or beat the bones in the park; there are also old people who want to enjoy the oldFor “Le”, there will be more than one day and night chess or ramie; there are also a few old people who listen to the beliefs and raise the strange tricks, screaming, screaming, clapping their hands, slap their buttocks, beat the whole body with wooden boards;”Five birds play” that has changed the taste, even learning dog climbing, smashing and rolling; and a very small number of old people are superstitious and secret recipes, daily ginseng, velvet antler, ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis and various “whiplash” are not separated.To aphrodisiac, kidney, longevity; because of the consumption of their own urine, poisoning and detoxification, anti-cancer and anti-cancer; there are topical hemorrhoids cream to health and beauty.

銆€銆€In the face of the current public health law, who should we trust?

Want to adopt the initial exercises?

銆€銆€The author believes that there is no food and a drug suitable for all people in the world, and there is no one health care function that can suit all people.

There is a problem of time, place, and season, depending on the person’s physical condition and age.

The ancient medical doctor said: “The right person is appropriate, and the wrong person is bogey.”

Therefore, the principle of TCM health care has always been recognized as a trial for the cultivation of the syndrome.

銆€銆€Determining the behavior of health care is often difficult to understand. As far as the above-mentioned ancient and modern Chinese and foreign health care laws are concerned, it is impossible to use a person’s body for complete exercises. Even if it is a single item, it is difficult for people to be accurate.

銆€銆€Nowadays, including the author, there are already old people in the old age, and there are many good days. However, it is necessary to go through the daily practice and practice these health laws.

Health law is “know”, but it doesn’t have to be deep; “letter” does not have to be obsessed; “walk” must have degree.

Basically, according to its own conditions, it is natural and natural.

One sentence is: Health Dafa no matter what others say, but believe in yourself, you can do it or not, you can do more or less, let yourself live freely, be smart, live with dignity, don’t live sin!

Eat well, sleep well Sleep is also a kind of health

” Eat well, sleep well” Sleep is also a kind of health

Why do people have to sleep at night?
Chinese medicine believes that when a person enters deep sleep, your brain wave is equal to the energy wave of the entire universe. This energy will enter your body and produce yang to supplement the energy needed by the body.
Therefore, the process of sleeping is not a process of driving the car into the parking lot, but the process of charging the whole body into the maintenance and repair shop and charging and refueling.
銆€銆€As a product of nature, the frequency of vibration in the body can easily lead to insomnia or disease if it is not harmonious with nature.
In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, it was said that yang has the function of resisting the invasion of disease and evil spirits.
In the culture of Chinese medicine, the maintenance of yang has always been considered as the basis for health and treatment.
The process of sleeping is the best way to produce yang in the body.
銆€銆€So how do you sleep, can you absorb energy and sleep?
Chinese medicine tips, the most important thing is the sleep time and the quality of sleep.
First, ensure normal sleep time.
Adults should stay at least seven hours or more.
Second, improve the quality of sleep.
Deep sleep can help the body to automatically frequency, receive the signal of nature, accept the atmosphere of the world, to ensure that the yang is nourished.
Third, to ensure a relatively quiet sleeping environment.
Sun Sizhen’s philosophy of health advocated to sleep quietly.
銆€銆€Adjusting the direction of sleep can also improve sleep quality.
According to the distribution of magnetic lines and magnetic fields on the earth, some experts suggest that people can fall asleep in the direction of the south and head to the north to improve the quality of sleep.
Chinese medicine suggests that in the process of evaluating, judging and intervening in each consumer behavior, people should pay attention to and emphasize the differences between people.
In the process of choosing how to sleep to sleep well, Chinese medicine suggests that people should avoid rushing, and they can constantly try to find the most suitable way of sleeping to meet their own personal consumption.
銆€銆€As the saying goes: “Eat and sleep well,” the surface is superficial, but the meaning is quite profound.
If a person can eat well and sleep well, then he has already shown a situation in which both body and mind are very healthy.
No matter how you feel sleep well, you can discover how beautiful life is.