Garden fun calligraphy (cultural essays)

Many calligraphy and art is connected, such as garden art.  In the garden, you can see various rockery stone, very charming.These rocks, or because of the shape or because of certain situations in life quite similar physical image, and let our imagination.Tang Dynasty poet as world and where he wrote the “Taihu mind,” Cloud: public this matter, not only humility, south east of the villa, the home of the columns, rich almost holy stone.Jue like a non-: a disk showed off the bend as lingqiu fresh cloud who have official end majestic stand as true man of God who have whittled such as Gui Zhen Yun-chan who have sharp edges Lian Ji Jian Gui, such as those.Qiu Feng, such as there are, if curl up if the move will Xiang will leap like a ghost like beast, if the trip if suddenly, the fight to grab the.Wind strong rain the evening dark, cave open chin, if He cloud puff \ Lei, Yi Yi however have expected and those who fear.Once the smoke Ji Jing Li, Yan denseness of clouds E, when the brush flutter Dai Lan, Ai Ai sex though there may be those who play.Once the turn faint, indescribable not.Summary concerned, the high mountains, one hundred one thousand sink hole, Luo strand clusters shrink, all in one.One hundred yards punch, Trinidad moment, sit derived from the.This they also think that the public amenity purposes.  Calligraphy, too, because taking heterogeneous, or those linear shape or quite similar life situations, can also trigger our association.Today to see “Calligraphy psychology” in the network, he said it well: “It is also noted that the ancients would like to take heterogeneous form of ‘like’ into abstract of the ‘like’ and the figurative ‘like’.Abstract pursuit of the elephant is quite similar, as is the pursuit of figurative shape.The former water-repellent derived from goose Wang Concept strokes and Zhang Gongsun aunt sword is obtained Concept cursive method, Huang obtained Concept Woodman rowed gesture, and the like; the latter point, such as a so-called rock, finger, almonds , Globus, head crab, turbot and other meters, such as vertical needle hanging, hanging exposed, colt, iron posts, etc..The former is to create imaginary function, the function of which is to re-imagine.”It seems that the potential of calligraphy association triggers, the United States and calligraphy, strengthen Lenovo in; calligraphy taste, chewing Lenovo in; calligraphy love, moved in the association.  Chinese classical gardens those with strong ethnic style of the various buildings, such as kiosks, Taiwan, House, House, Gallery, Terrace, Villa, Fang, museum, bridges, each with attitude, demonstrated by the performance of the Han nationality shape intelligence and wisdom.Calligraphy also spoke styling, involving lines, knot word, word, line and plate and other aspects of modeling.For example Gallery, “Yuan Ye” said: “Gallery who veranda is also a step, or as long as appropriate song should win.Ancient Qulang, all Colt song.The Qulang to this configuration, the song’s words, with the shape and curved, according to potential curve.Or Pan mountainside, or poor water occasion, flower crossing the gully, winding endless, Sri Lanka http Park’s ‘seal cloud’ also.”You see Cursive in the book, that ‘vertical line’ styling, generally referred to as row axis, but also as ‘Gallery’, like, pay attention to the ‘song’, the calligraphy of the song, or significantly lively, Yun or tenderness, or was intense, but also the eyes of the “gallery”, a step by step guide aesthetic vision.Another example is “Pavilion”, “COLLATION palace” that “: Ting who is also set to stop people, transmissible also.People cease away, come again later, around legend, Lord impermanence.”This kiosk can rest, overlooking the, point of view may be, triangular shape, square, polygonal, fan, circular, semi kiosk, kiosk single, double kiosks, kiosks set various forms, like calligraphy this” book Eye “it is our eyes stopped place, it is a point of view as a book, is rich in meaning, while ‘overlooking’ around the ‘scenery’, will appreciate the taste of a different kind.  Stress rhythm is garden, garden material, shape, color, line, structured with a recurrent law, there will be rhythmic.For example, the same element is continuously repeated rhythm, the opposite contrast prosodic elements repeatedly, different elements are alternately repeated rhythm, tapered elements decrease gradient prosody.Car wind righteousness “Landscape in the rhythm of beauty,” he said: “Whether a garden with a sense of rhythm is the key to its ability attractive tour, different rhythm melody to bring people of different aesthetic experience, or serious, or lively, or winding streets, or small size, will be the owner of the emotional landscape blend in the garden space.The rhythmic patterns to create a garden, visitors will gradually into a state, in which the play makes people no longer rely solely on visual observation of the garden, but be evolving into a rhythmic melody, but also to their feelings into the environment “calligraphy, too, such as official script silkworm head dovetail rhythm repeated continuously, repeatedly wet dry ink rhythm contrast, text trapezoidal, triangular, boxy repeated alternating rhythm, writing gradually increases gradient rhythm, etc..These rhythm, will give a different aesthetic experience, which triggers a corresponding emotional people.For example, calligraphy pen intended to break even or even of rayon with gossamer real, there are connected to every word rolling, I have seen some that cursive strokes to Emotion to repeated continuous rolling rhythm to create “too proud Horseshoe disease,” the books for, to those who enjoy vigorous and imaginative, bold and uninhibited aesthetic sense, thus encouraging people to appreciate the pride of psychological.It is said that when Yun emotional rhythm is rhythm.Let me make this quite understand.  The actual situation in the garden, is a relative concept, is solid as a mountain, water is imaginary; is a real wall, that is, the virtual doors; Fang bridge is solid, the water film is imaginary; construction is a real, virtual space is.We can say that there is no actual situation, there is no garden art.Chuang Tzu have such a fable: “Yellow Emperor north Chishui travel almost, almost Deng Kunlun Hill and South Point.Also go, leaving its Xuanzhu.Knowledge of the cable and not, and not from the Jusoh, the cable of the sense of shame and not to eat too.Naishi like indiscriminately, as was the neglect of.Yellow Emperor said: “Zai different, can be obtained as the almost ignored is the?”Lvhui Qing comment goes:” Like the non-free, non-ignored then there is not sparkling Bumei, was also the reason why Xuanzhu.”” It seems ‘like’ is real, ‘indiscriminately’ is true, one visible, one invisible, and only a combination of both, will have a brilliant artistic Xuanzhu.For example, Gardens by the King, Ji Cheng said there is much to borrow, o borrow, overlooking borrow, Yang borrow and should sometimes take, and that neighborhood by the mirror borrow, Yuan Mei Sui Yuan there, you see “through the gallery Gordon small Cangshan room, Chen abbot large mirror three crystal clarity, flowers and trees and rocks in court, write shadow in the mirror, another world.”One example of this is the actual situation with.Calligraphy the reality, is a relative concept, such as a solid black, the white is imaginary; secret is a real, that is sparsely false; dark ink is solid, and that is a virtual light ink; visible ink is real, the invisible look that is false, etc..We take a look at Lin Bu “Three Gentlemen Tie” flavor of the actual situation.Patients gave, from the point of view of white cloth, like ice upside down, the natural line of multi-word, a line of words less, uneven.This leaves a large gap underneath written, and each line spacing and large, become increasingly Lichtung.This gives Lichtung tranquil, indifferent, elegance, but rather he “slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening” the poem mood.It can be said there was a clear air, high-Jane Apprehension, especially the real tricks under virtual layout, the more people a sense of lofty.It is really wonderful for the actual situation with.  Zhang Dai Ming Dynasty in the “mountain roar,” a text Cloud: “roar Hill marble, larger, such as Chicago, small in size as bacteria, solitary Lu Jie Li, meaning even superficial.Dow House to protect the Shochiku, possession with winding paths, the mountain people of the shallow and deep also.······ who build houses only for the jungle, not landscape.Kitchen and kitchen have wonderful to landscape, landscape to corridors and Miao corridors, rooms and with a curved floor to floor curved landscape room Miao.There Lin Fung, free Patios month.Gully solitary night, Gow Fushui, naturally Once upon a time, by no means the world.”There nursing loose, winding paths, corridors, all for a deep hidden subtle beauty.”Yuan Ye” is not there “to vaguely walls between dill, Jia Wu winds at the end of the wood,” the United States do?There are also subtle Seeing impressionistic beauty, from the punch and see Shanhe majestic stone weather, from a spoonful of clear water and see the vast rivers and lakes.Subtle beauty, the mood is higher realm, Du Daoming “aesthetic conception of Chinese classical gardens,” he said: “The basic features of mood is a tangible manifestation invisible to the physical manifestation of the spirit to the infinite finitely presented to reality show virtual environment, so infinitely rich concrete image and the image of the limited imagination of unity, the real picture and what it implies, a symbol of the virtual environment integration.Chinese classical gardens in dealing with the issue of time and space, with poetry and painting have in common.Because landscaped and Poetry, painting throughout, as in the common pursuit of aesthetics ‘was born as foreign territory’ artistic realm, so these three principles of artistic creation in order to have a description of the limited space of infinite space.”As to the count of said ‘has caused Katayama, hygiene conditions inch stone’ may be an image; ‘rain banana, like shark’s weeping tears heteroaryl; Xiaofeng willow, if the turning of the waist Mannv’ is a kind of interesting artistic conception.  Calligraphy, but also pay attention to subtle.Neo in “three stages of historical development of ancient Chinese calligraphy aesthetics,” said: “Jin calligraphy ” bone ‘, is’ ‘shape’, but also ‘God’; the ‘meaning’, but also ‘law’ “.Obviously, this form of possession of God, in the possession of Italian law.Hsiung Ping Xu Wei said that the evaluation of calligraphy in the “theoretical system of Chinese calligraphy” in: “” The word suddenly large and small, grass suddenly Kai suddenly, suddenly overlook heavy strokes, suddenly dry suddenly wet.Always make people unexpectedly, deliberately anti-order, anti-integration, anti-harmony.Chih show cynicism to in item Mu ‘drunk witchcraft’ of the so-called pen.”This is a mood of performance.Pay attention to subtle, Yun look there is a calligrapher mature performance, he said Mr. Lin Sanzhi, calligraphy is a form of juvenile write, write potential middle-aged, elderly freehand, but also in that sense.Li Zehou “aesthetic three books”, said: “Although there is no form to leave the United States, but can not be the only form of beauty.”For example, blank, also a form of aesthetic value implicit in this form.Zong said: “The infinite meaning of the words to have to do, so there are a lot of meaning, self-evident.The reason why the United States literature, not only in words have to do, and in particular in the infinite meaning.”Blank is the way it looks like ‘silent’, but in calligraphy can show Xiao Shu, Jane away, Seiitsu, or just relaxing, pure, calm, can also be expressed emptiness, silence, dismal, etc..Song “Snowy River fishing alone”, can be subtle with a blank expression boundless Qing Ji, Liu calligraphy writing of “Jiang Xue” also with the same blank expression mood.Zen always say: “color does not vary empty, empty is not heterochromatic; sex is zero, Kongjishise.”Home Books written: ‘Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, had no one first.where’ can also use a blank, suggesting futile, ethereal.Blank what means, and content writing always linked, Cai Yongjie in the “town square,” said: “the definition of space is inseparable entity, the entity can be perceived quality of the space plays a decisive role.”In this case, we are very instructive for.  There are many gardens and similar artistic calligraphy and artistic taste.Line face a little garden, pavilion point is the Pavilion Hall, the line is winding paths, corridors, streams, surface lakes, lawns, gardens; calligraphy course, a bit line and plane.The shaft construction, such as the Imperial Palace; freestyle building, such as left Park Suzhou gardens, the corresponding row calligraphy pen straight and curved axis.Beijing Yuanmingyuan Articles Ann complex plane is the swastika shape; Anyang, Henan museum plane is text book character modeling; Sun Yat-sen, symmetrical pattern, a huge mountain, the shape of the alarm, the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen is the steeple bell, dome tomb like a pendulum, like half-moon square top arc portion; calligraphy tricks, the profile of the overall shape of the text can also be such as statues, shaped like a heart, like horses, may be not only a sector or other shapes may also be.Forbidden City, closed space have put, put Wo front of the hall space, but also show a grand breadth of spirit, and not only pay attention to black calligraphy retractable, but also pay attention to the retractable white, has a similar taste.  Yes, facing the garden, calligraphy, natural people always think of calligraphy.  2015.09.13 was written in the early Yulin (cultural essays)

The Iron Fence of Guangming Road

Within the iron fence on Guangming Road, under a row of tall poplar trees, is a row of rare but clean red brick masonry buildings. At the door of a room, my son will carry water here. At that time, the street was full of city noises, bustling, indescribable, vulgar and mysterious..     The worry is, son, hurry up and get well, the potions that are infused into these different liquids. The figure of my son, who was still jumping, was watching a few black cat police chief on TV in the house, but now he said again and again: ” I’m getting taller”,’ I can’t understand anything. I’m nearly four years old? I can’t understand anything. I’m four years old? The adults did not dare to look at it, but it was dangerous. Spider – Man was changed by spiders. He sat under a tall poplar tree, in a chair welded with steel bars, waving his left hand without a needle, with a serious manner, as if without any pain. When I saw the liquid drop in the last dropper, I was urged to pull out the injection. Ah, child suffering.     My heart was in a panic. I don’t know what to do. My son’s fever was low and he lingered melancholy between 37 and 38 degrees. He has been carrying water for nearly half a month. He changed three clinics and still lingered melancholy.. Several doctors have no other way to ask the elder sisters of the unit, saying that when children were young, they always kept low fever and couldn’t find the cause and effect, although they all survived well in the end.. I have no choice but to feel anxious.     After pulling out the needle tube, Gao Yang, a health care hospital, saw that the sunset in the distance had gradually fallen into twilight. On the huge western sky wall, in the corner of the heavy twilight, there are not many sunset glow, like a weak child’s light color smeared casually, telling me that the secret unknown is hidden in the depth of the child’s handwriting and in the colorful sunset glow.. How to get inside the child’s body? And the child’s heart? So many mysteries? Melt yourself into wisps of wisps of thread, or crush it into air to enter the deep field or space and time?     But the son is also good at forgetting, that is, tolerant and fearless, the pain of acupuncture and the difficulty of transporting water not only forget, but also quickly forget my reprimand to him in anxiety. He does not care about me and brings me a bowl of maroon mung bean tea: ” Dad, you drink it.”! ‘ words and deeds like a clever sensible young man. I took it, said thank you and drank it off. Ganlin is thirsty for irrigation.     In the evening when the anguish was slightly alleviated, outside the place where they lived, the noisy voices were already close to the tail, and they could be seen dropping on the ground one after another and ending up. Hear the sound of their decay has begun to ring. Scaffolding in the distance is still rising day after day, without standing up and studying or looking up, it can be seen with its arms outstretched as soon as it looks up. After lowering the head, the family’s potted plant has also grown up, as if in a split second, the blade is like a sword, and the sword heart is held up, shining with a light that is not bright but solid..     Everything is rotting, everything is growing. Like my son, no illness or harassment can stop his growth, including the inexplicable illness and reprimand from even his father..     Today is about to pass and evening is coming. The Light of Childhood

Another year of autumn

Although coming Mid-Autumn Festival, the South in the evening, the setting sun was scorching so hard to Pusa with countless gorgeous colors in the hot breeze stirred in the air gradually volatile exhausted.Perhaps still remained a trace of mist misty reverberates across the dust, so that busy people are not feeling himself to feel worried about it every day. So the day passed, like the wind from time refers to the interstitial stroll away, to catch, but helpless.Every day life has become accumulation of years, while he was busy in this day do not know yet done.A bit melancholy, a bit disappointed, but also has expectations of how many. Disturbed heart can no longer calm, with Xin out the door, chatting children are all topics, unknowingly came to the patron of the park, go for a while on the mountain, into the jungle room, mountain breeze, see the front of the lush green leaves with dark green cross swaying slightly, and “Wow, Wow” to ring, the birds occasionally Ming too, though sweat is constantly flowing, but my mind was gradually subsided.I heard the sound of water gurgling in front, came closer, a little mountain stream meandering trip in the valleys flowing, heart suddenly see the light, Xin smiled and pulled a small hand, a brisk walk up, hand skim holding slapping his face, cool cool Dayton, drink, clear, sweet.The rise of micro eyes closed enjoying, when my mind suddenly emerge sentence often said: “The man, the most important thing is the real alive.”I am sitting in the stream, watching the water looming like a foam-like picture of the bread, ‘Oh.’I can not help but sigh, smile Minzui.At this point, the cool wind blowing gently from side brush test over, let me forget that this is a hot autumn in the high-temperature, long time did not want to leave; a ray from penetrating between the thick clouds and dense foliage but after the rays, fired my eyes, that was reddish yellow mixed with some dark glow, I know that the light is about to leave after all, it is to go home.

If you rife

If one day, I abandoned you.Please, please, take away my pride.    You will place in my heart, if you rife.    That year: new places, strange people.Here, I recalled, with restatement.During that extraordinary and frustration of the past; the exciting and chilling once; that is not the story of the accident.It belongs to me once, without your story.    That year, I packed my bags and set foot on the distant road.    This is an unexpected place, also known as fog.It dim my eyes, but my heart open.    I remember the moment you first met, white mist shrouded, I think this is the future I will place four years of life, we meet in the late autumn of that year.I come to you, say goodbye to me once.I think the stone Sansei past life I was given such a promise promised a “next life, you just quietly standing still, I will come to you, together compose the future belongs to us.”No person why I left home the belief is so strong?    Maybe just that in late autumn, I see you have ginkgo leaves.    No one will know, just a flash of scenery, but lost my heart.    It seems, the wind gently blowing buds open in early spring, but suddenly the moment, that the tight cluster of Johnson children to tell you, it had been to.    Cold autumn warm summer away, like every older person, like a kind of bleak near-twilight.The window is called human nature.House open book occasional voice, quiet and peaceful.I think this quietly.Si Yi yesterday with infinite joy and sorrow; remembered proud and passion I have yesterday.Just as climbing a fence wrapped around the shelves, but numerous kind of messy beauty, which is used to.    I took you to school along that gravel road, step by step, step out part of my future.I think: We will meet at the lakeside willow in the spring, he served as switchgrass brushed my hair, and then fall to earth, let it buried our taste.I will bring wind windy world together with you, to when, in the day in the world with just a million years already.I will take you on, in Rock Hill that carved our names.Points despite blowing rain, we can not spend, that unforgettable once.I will send the most beautiful summer flowers, with my love, talk to you, I day and night, unlimited thoughts.I planted hibiscus for you, One year One year, to accompany you to the banks for you to depend on.    Tell me this, do you like it?    I’m hot in such a way to express your feelings, if a bit abrupt.    I enjoy life belongs to me, remember that there is such a writer Zhang Xiaofeng wrote “yo world in her prose, but I have only one life, just hold a bargaining chip, since at hand, turn the dice have quoted points belong to my gambling It has ended.Pangu a resolution voicing, is thirty-six thousand thousand years, Li Bai Shu Road memorable Nianguang, Huhu much forty-eight thousand thousand years, and astronomers frequently carried out of millions of years, I did a little imagination can not recollected end of time immemorial, I can try to figure out the best Lovejoy is nothing more than a century should belong to ordinary people happy.”” If one day, out of curiosity to see me in the depths of the mountains chess, merciful god, please tell me the truth as soon as possible.I do not want stolen Xianjia sun and the moon, but I do not want a do-wrong world on the occasion of the illness and death, joy and sorrow Yuannu missed half of.Earth in full swing, although I am only a small scenes, but I would not miss ah!”I am extremely fond of Zhang Xiaofeng teacher of writing, a kind of open-minded belong to life.Now I was on this road of life, for all the future, I do not want do not want to miss.So, taking advantage of my young, my heart has not stopped beating, my blood is still surging forward, do not resist my nearby, as hot, now I can do.Let us live a unique part of our life now.    If you are rampant, and I will certainly go hand in hand.

Summer Night Cry

After dusk, the night sky to the party, such as a two-edged Jusan friends outside the umbrella, black souls in the dance umbrella, the city’s neon blinking flirtatious with mosquitoes, flies whispering // crossroads, the red angry staring eyes a car shortage does not choose the road and a bus is not half forehead kiss passengers seriously injured a group of people around a ball to watch me through the crowd smelled the strong smell of death slowly approaching // so, the night began to flee to carry the waves coming home wind street lights pale Huarong pale neon // I saw bright red blood mosquito sharp mouth pierce the white skin like a river, like tumbling, falling on the dark abyss of the soul out of the spectators who thought wandering can not find the way home text / wind sub 2015.7.1 in the morning