Tidy up the feelings of loss, transports and collects slowly, or their own

Tidy up the feelings of loss, transports and collects slowly, or their own, day or that day, the heart is still in place, I did not lose myself.This is good, it is better to forget, Take It, everyone should learn in cold weather days, take good care of themselves from frostbite, treat yourself, call us occasionally wandering mind, the home is a starting point, but also an end in where to start, where to let her take with a loved one to an end.

A good mood, not only can change themselves, but also can be contagious

Sometimes feel like a tree, straight trunk is happy, when the spring comes, shook happy branches, those yellow leaves and gloom would be lost were numerous.When spring comes, shook happy branches, life will unfold beautiful smile.A good mood, not only can change themselves, but also can infect other people, if you want to be a happy person, then you must keep the mood of eighteen.

Friends, faint cross, slowly, the long-lasting

Concerned, no sweet, sincere like; friendship that does not day and night, I remember like; beautiful greeting, no statement is really like; love does not require some sort, like a warm.People alive, not too big circle, only put yourself like; how many friends are not, like natural random.Some people, only a distance, not close look; some things just can not be said about the slow speech.Friends, faint cross, slowly, the long-lasting.

Behind the success there must be many people consciously or unconsciously help you

No one is to rely on their own power of one person can achieve success behind the success there must be many people consciously or unconsciously help you in the world, you should always be grateful to them.Suddenly I found that, in this world, the most precious things are free.Sunlight, air, family, friendship, love, goals, and beliefs, there is hope, there is the will, the dream of all of which are free, as long as you want, you can get.There spring, as well as rain, as well as moonlight, starlight world how much moisture splendid scenery beautiful soul, are free ah.

In love inside love, then rain constellation

Everyone loves to hear good things, but not everyone will talk about things.Because talk is a skill, people talking wherever popular.Whether in the workplace or in love as long as you can speak of humor, able to coax live each other.Then we look at the love inside love, then rain constellation who have?  No.1: Cancer Cancer ranked first is not shocking many people’s eyes it?In fact, the Cancer there, whether boys or girls, they are very spoiled and intercession of.In addition, the Cancer and the other half along the longer, the more they will say sweet companion.Because they really appreciate each other’s concern, care and love.  No.2: Gemini If he is a good mood, he will be able to use a mouth grin flatter you, so all you have to worry about a thing disappeared.Gemini love, then there often with his own unique creativity.But if he is not very good mood, he can also use a mouth to say you felt harassed.  No.3: Pisces is a very swap items will add a variety of life constellation.He may at any time, any place and tell you all kinds of sweet talk, as long as make you happy.In general, his love, then let the other half sounds very warm, comfortable.His words of love like a nectar-like, natural and not contrived.  No.4: Leo Leo proud in fact it will intercede oh.But he would say to sell your blush of love, then in certain situations.When he felt extremely happy and to get along with each other, but the current situation has been particularly romantic, he will be very careful to use language to express their appreciation for your.You might also like: constellation has one of these women, true love!Born spare tire?These constellations woman cheated thought it was true love Sanshengyouxing!These girls are the perfect lover constellation unwittingly fall into the trap of love constellation

The sound of snow

Part One: Listen to the sound of snow snow, I was very busy, no time to carefully looked at those depths of winter vegetation in the bleak everywhere, buried handle the affairs of the end.All accounts, all transactions are done taking a.  Snow, quietly underground.In between I inadvertently, have covered the earth.When I finally got up, bid farewell to the last guest, at first glance, the world is already snow, leaving only the territory Miles thirty-two black * gable, and some of the litter out of snow surface.  Snow the next, occasionally dense, described as the snow, occasionally sparse, like a tired at stop.People this time, all the things a year, have gradually attributed to silence after a noisy, busy working all rushed to their respective destination.  Snow, this silent.Fell on a bamboo forest, “imperfections” sound, fall winter paddy fields, it is the silence.Some long land package along with increasingly thick, bloated.A man walking in the snow, hats, oblique wear, face covered, who can not see that, see his face, could not see where he wants to go, his footsteps in the snow “creak “to ring, his figure disappeared an instant.  Occasionally three or two barking, the world has become more quiet snow.  I also got up and dressed, I set foot on the way home, unless the people around me.I sent a few people, that Chapman behind “squeak” sound, the wind whistling in the ears, on the road, I left a man, heaven and earth, and I was alone when.  Snow, sparse when dense, when the emergency break time.My way back, in fact, travel rush.* White reed on the hillside, the leaves are dry snow to the ground, usually white banner * reed, once lush flowers, was swaying to Italy in the autumn, melancholy vast number of watch, now, in the snow, It is silent, or straight or obliquely, any snow cover, into pieces overturning.  Listen snow, too Meiling, plum being open, bloom aroma hit, I dressed in sleeves, also with a subtle fragrance.Look Plum, only emerged in the snow a little yellow, to distinguish branches covered in fresh snow, becoming plum, at first glance, you need to find, you need to take a closer look, the snow just stand out in the snow, picking their way cautiously meaning, probably should be so.  Snow walking, quite a pine stand.Not cold snow, snow flying like a miss, in this day Ruqierzhi.In fact, not snow, fell on the palm instantly into the water, but the next stop world full of snow, snow talk the language, and finally covers all things, all color * Ze, leaving only black and white, clear to appear in the horizon, in the heart, pure and caught the earth.This time, people drift out of the know, to go back, and to go back.  Listen snow, calm silent.So many years, to look back at the occasional vicissitudes, reminiscent sigh, heart bleak.But occasionally the Mountain leaves, the autumn chill digestion, occasional snow charcoal, people may feel warm.  Snow, people go, Cangshan snow wrapped, who has ignited lights?    Part II: In the name of the wind, listening to the sound of snow early dawn wind, scoff at the twilight of the city.Xue Wu, a figure of annihilation once again, why only time always goes by in a hurry to be as?  The wind blows away the Psalms, messy one place.Three years of writing, I use ink to write four seasons Mo Yan Mo language, written with thoughts wander the earth.They say, you float down the writing slumped, his own writing so vague, sad to write so clear, in fact, no one knows, has always been a character in his own destruction.  Leaves rustling passed away; snow, late.And the value of a year end of the year, perhaps to write some text and give yourself far away in a paradise.  Before long, just because you are a favorite, so wayward he wrote three years, after which it gradually becomes a habit.  This time, I just want the name of the wind, quietly listening to you on behalf of that snow sound.  Every day, walk the same road, doing the same thing, week and circulation, has not changed.So for those superficial, without much gratitude.Year after year are to be so, spring and winter, but also the future and tenderness that touch of pear rain, already Mei Xiang Mu snow season is the end of the year, Akimitsu water day and night, why am I still struggled to live.All thoughtfully alive every day, sometimes busy, sometimes stared and, after a few years to sigh life is a dream difficult to consider.  I, in the name of the wind, blowing through Mo, passing seasons, only to find the missing figure.  Early spring, perhaps yourself strolling down a small road in the field.Mo snow, just ablation, dark green malt also revealed the new attendants.Gentle wind, clear float through the hair, the mixing of the shallow grassy.Ignorant of the spring season, catkins flying, I sat quietly on the ridge, with a share of his own warm bunk, waiting for the TV drama romance spring field has nothing to do, just want to give yourself a promise expectations.Sauna net midsummer, should lie on the roof looking up at the night sky, at that time, the sky is very clean.Faint cicadas in the night, to subvert the hustle and bustle of day.Floating light flow of I, was finally fixed as the stars in the Weimang.Cowherd, has been in the interpretation, Nagqu never varies embroidery Tsing Yi.My shallow sleep, dream star turn one hundred fight, but always language Mo Mo Yan, who is raving whisper?  Late autumn, petioles break moment people are distressed.Sink deadwood, and instantly collapsed downtown.Fold neck leaves, dried up the outline, full of haggard voice.Accompanied dandelion wander around the village inn guest, I put that parchment filled with thoughts.Hesitant pen, but also the future and the end of the paragraph fall, already anxious I do not know what year placed, can only see an empty horse messenger and over, is survived by a ground clouds.  The depths of winter, snow across the glass to listen to the voice very quiet.Falling snow day, holding a cup of warm Qingming, also always let yourself forget the warmth.Quietly standing on the white city, the passage of time, while cool tones over the ear, but also do not know Wang Chuan years is enough.Overnight Ice, frozen whisper rain, snow scene qi night, the Allure thoughts, submerged space dyed several times?  I wrote a lot of words, used many pen, but the memories of each segment, each of the text, but still can not get rid of you.  Palm palm, squandered a wound trace trace.Admit that he is a weak person, always fit those memories scattered and fragmentary, indulging himself in a river Autumn, the fondly written between the lines.They say, you saw a lot of text, it will fall.Ms sister also said: dedication of before, is executed jump.Many times, want to try other pen wind, but then nothing own language, perhaps, really put down that part of the past, those memories will bid farewell to all the writing.  Three years ago, if you wind, I just wanted you to the ground, run to rhetoric only to win the roots of smile.  After three years, you have to dust, but I would like to have the wind in the name of light streaming Yan wrote turnover ask to borrow only for lonely hearts.  Day, also gradually shallow breathing, I, along with a wisp of wind, listening to the quiet of snow, blissful silence.

Traveled together youth is the most beautiful memories of these signs of life

Particularly cherish the past, different people have different ideas, there will be different approaches, and treasure the past, but also a mood and mind.Increase youth together through the day, there are some people would cherish such memories, together with such people will feel more happy.See which constellation cherish old friends now.  Taurus: Like all good youth season of Taurus is a very nostalgic feeling, so in their view, the most beautiful memories in life is to walk with youth, such youthful longer the more I remember clearly.  Virgo: sweet memories of the past to feel more Virgo people are very nostalgic, like to enjoy the last beautiful, but also willing to recall the good old days, and think this would be very sweet treasure.  Scorpio: People used to the good places are always the weakest Scorpio, treasure old friends, memories of the past, once thought of youthful memories, always within his own heart the most vulnerable place.  Pisces: memories of youth is an important part of the reality of life was as good, not as good as memories of youth in mind even more reluctant to forget, forgive and forget love and cherish the past, Pisces like to rely on memories of the past and enjoy life.  People these signs in the past to cherish this matter, also did better than the average person, but the most beautiful love heart to cherish the memories of his life, always liked every minute of their youth in memory.You might also like: Children’s Day _ Zodiac most look forward to hearing what you should gift winter sleep, hibernation constellation they have a tendency to guard the five constellation most in need!When Zodiac man will give his first pay check constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Treat cancer treat cold as

Treat a cold treat cancer as text / Nie Shengzhe Jack came back from the hospital to the office, always and always, go to the company’s public bar pour a cup of coffee.A cup of tea before he went to the desk to sit down, calmly told me that he had cancer, we should always go and see a doctor.  Suddenly heard in daily life colleagues got ill, my heart sad and sorry imagined.From that day on, I became cautious and Jack contacts together, for fear of an unintentional, then hurt his fragile.  A week later, he did see Jack leave.I thought to myself, this guy money to life, with the same right?However, I can only whispered in my heart, I made up my mind, any of his behavior, I will accommodate.Since then, Jack is always right, he was right not to go to work, his work is right; speak loudly when he is working, he is silent on the.My principle is that all along he was, as long as he pleased.  One day, Jack shaved their heads, suddenly changed a look, some colleagues asked him, why should shave their heads?He replied that the recent hot weather.Later, he told me, when hair falls out because doing radiotherapy, so ahead of her hair shaved off slowly get time-saving, trouble.As a result, the company was a young man afraid of the heat of Mexican Jose, also ran a shaved head, came back Dahushangdang, that big California sun, shaved their heads hotter.Jack listened, laughed quietly.  One day, Jack did not come to work, executives said Jack off to the hospital for surgery.I’m sorry to hear that, I thought, I might participate in addition to the day of the funeral, and I never see the nearly five years of work with a friend.They want more I sad heart, even before the regret and Jack get along day, I do not have a lot of good and I’m ready to owe at the courtesy of asking Jack staying at the hospital, then went to visit him on weekends.  On the third day, Jack actually came to work.As usual, Jack went public bar for a cup of coffee, sat down quietly told me that yesterday anesthetic vigor not seen, head a little faint, or come to work yesterday.  The surgery done?I asked in surprise.  Jack said: done, all the infected gland cancer cells are taken out, the medium term, the doctor said do not do radiation therapy, and chemotherapy can be timed doing.  I ask: do not rest after surgery?  Jack replied: doctors not to say I kept on working to recover more favorable.Then he showed me his wounds, knife-edge as terrible as you’d like, the traditional surgery did not see the kind of ugly, like a centipede, like sewing pins, there is only a transparent Velcro straps attached to the top , very kind of modern feeling.  2056 passed, and Jack has grown a hair, the body is also stronger than before.Jack the treatment of cancer as we, like colds, left me a very deep impression, in addition to advanced health care outside the United States, what it seems to have a bit.(Inspirational story)

Red Salute message of death

Murder entrepreneurs are white and one dark green and their own chess.Magnet chess he always carry a compact, when feelings of agitation and while his next move will be better.  The door opened.  you?  Today is your next year’s anniversary of the death.  Keke cough as a pale white to her mouth suddenly coughed up, pick up the table a glass of water and drink this calm down, why go ask Hades.  Gunfire.  Scene detective and assistant dialogue.  Shot and killed, the scene was not suspicious traces.  Really do not?check it out.  Portable chess ah, really rich, I’m stronger than before at the flea market to buy a.  Look pieces, the red side of the gun is not a.  He fell to the ground?  I have found a near dead who did not, in which it will be?  Could it be that the murderer took?  This did not not possible, having said that, although the entrepreneur, but it seems a little culture, on the shelves there are “source” of this book ah.  Office assistant comes into the room.  Autopsy report came out, the bullet hit the heart, shot and killed.  The thing to know in the field.  There is a strange thing, anatomical process in the stomach discovered the dead.  The missing piece ah So, in order not to be swallowed so goes the murderer destruction, death really is safe message.Remember there are several suspects it?  I look for, a twilight brother dead white male secretary Lin exhibition, as well as her relationship with the deceased Wei Long seems unusual.They are not reliable when three of the incident alibi.  Ah, I already know who the murderer is.  what?A white twilight, forest exhibition, Wei Long, with a red gun have to do it?  Which question suspects a white Cang what point does the message of death?  Yaya issue a message of death detective agency Red Salute answer: the murderer is white scene.The key is to put the puzzle deceased ‘gun’ swallowed the stomach, next month to represent words in Chinese characters in word and body-related, but also referred to the Ministry of flesh month.Gun swallow the pieces, look at it as a part of the human body, it is imperative radical change for months.Combination of both, resulting only one word, that is, the cell.That is, the murderer is the brother of the deceased meaning.

Love pig Xiaozha (a)

2013.01.232 013.01.252 013.02.05 I made a lot of people get the kind of magnificent myth or miracle admired like a dream.  City lights into a syrup.Mariposa flying into the rainbow.Dessert world into full bloom of fireworks.Cappuccino volcanic eruption.The ocean is someone tears collection.Everest mermaid sitting like a fairy-like Elegy, then blue sky crack collapse.  Life is not as spectacular miracle myth or dream, but the United States and more people aftertaste.The intersection of two parallel lines.You let me worry thousand thoughts can not find a reason to come we will meet, whether reasonable or whether unreasonable, yet we met; I can casually listed numerous reasons we do not love each other, but in the end we opt for falling in love.This is not common sense interpretation of the myth or miracle.  You have said, I am your miracle.And so on, you are my myth.Miracles and myths about the world is not a good fit who and who better than us right.  2013.01.232 013.01.242 013.01.25 I never thought a woman could really dressed so of earth, so good interpretation of what is a country girl.I never thought a woman’s eyes get really beautiful as the sun tranquil ocean.I never thought a woman could really pure smile like a child grow up.I never thought a woman really can not recognize the stranger confided half-day.Especially the last, far beyond my surprise, approximately 123,456.78 Jiu Gongli.  You like a generous collectors, cut open his heart for a very grand exhibition, the finished pieces on display the most valuable curiosities to play for visitors to enjoy.  The first time we met, sitting opposite your broken to himself his own story, every word seems to blur into the light rain in the scenery, feel a bit like a poem next to the ink, wrapped in a burnout, loneliness emotions.I also own a long bare their minds is magnum opus of the vicissitudes of a people, I know that you need one pair of ears to listen in silence, so I’m listening to you attentively.Speaking of sad, your eyes will glitter, blue light, but also pure than Lantian, too pure, I always consider themselves invulnerable, chest pain up some faint.So there is a moment, you can not help the tears fell down, my world from that moment he began to fall.The Great Wall, an impregnable fortress, are gone.  I think you like a noble Suzaku.Suzaku is one of the four sacred animal, sits south of Bird, also known as the Phoenix.Zhu is red, die or perish.Suzaku has a characteristic rise from the ashes, in the suffering and the pain she experienced the test of fire, perhaps you will ignore her presence, but she out of Nirvana when the flame from this world, she will be supreme attitude deeply impressed.Is that how you, the fire was waiting at a Suzaku Nirvana.You hold a similar utopian fantasy, to go to the pursuit of pure love.For this reason, your fire burning in general is more than hot, you suffered the torment and pain more deeply than others.But when you are born again successful, your feathers will be more dazzling than the midday summer sun, I believe that time, the world’s eyes will be focused to your body, to applause praise you to sing your verses, with flowers bless you.  The next few days we’re on the phone at night to talk to the stars are falling down, I can even see when asleep soft horizon at dawn.There is no dream that you do not remember, but I know, not until you rise from the ashes, bird Pro World, I have been impressed you, I willingly pay homage to you under the.  Yes, I love you.I just do not love you.  2013.01.262 013.02.05: 2013.02.06 very short time we were together, I never forget things there too, so often there will be a wrong impression: We are a couple in love seven years.To say, we go around the circle around the town, like satellites around the track around, walk for three hours.Another example, the first intimate contact with lips and teeth, and that makes me dizzy feeling, opened his eyes in time to see the city lights, as if melting into sky syrup.Also, for example, you across the Internet and sang me a song all night, you said you went out of tune can not explain, but I know that it is called the sound of nature.Etc., etc.  It is impressive to be a very ordinary little things, or after a period of time speaking you have forgotten, but it will always be like the most beautiful patterns imprinted in my heart wall.  That we walked to my friend’s house for dinner, after dinner eaten, you deft hands and feet packed dinner table, racing swept the living washing dishes.I gently hugged from behind you.If I do not say that you will not know at that moment in my mind the idea, because the idea, and in fact you do not have much time to contact.It just does not make sense to a eureka moment, I looked at the back of your washing dishes suddenly there is this idea: many years later, I came home from work, just take off your shoes, not enough time to say “I’m back” you already live live jump jump to flutter up, hanging on my neck, eyes blink blink, his face is child-like innocence and artless smile.  You say, “Honey, welcome home.”.