Traveled together youth is the most beautiful memories of these signs of life

Particularly cherish the past, different people have different ideas, there will be different approaches, and treasure the past, but also a mood and mind.Increase youth together through the day, there are some people would cherish such memories, together with such people will feel more happy.See which constellation cherish old friends now.  Taurus: Like all good youth season of Taurus is a very nostalgic feeling, so in their view, the most beautiful memories in life is to walk with youth, such youthful longer the more I remember clearly.  Virgo: sweet memories of the past to feel more Virgo people are very nostalgic, like to enjoy the last beautiful, but also willing to recall the good old days, and think this would be very sweet treasure.  Scorpio: People used to the good places are always the weakest Scorpio, treasure old friends, memories of the past, once thought of youthful memories, always within his own heart the most vulnerable place.  Pisces: memories of youth is an important part of the reality of life was as good, not as good as memories of youth in mind even more reluctant to forget, forgive and forget love and cherish the past, Pisces like to rely on memories of the past and enjoy life.  People these signs in the past to cherish this matter, also did better than the average person, but the most beautiful love heart to cherish the memories of his life, always liked every minute of their youth in memory.You might also like: Children’s Day _ Zodiac most look forward to hearing what you should gift winter sleep, hibernation constellation they have a tendency to guard the five constellation most in need!When Zodiac man will give his first pay check constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Treat cancer treat cold as

Treat a cold treat cancer as text / Nie Shengzhe Jack came back from the hospital to the office, always and always, go to the company’s public bar pour a cup of coffee.A cup of tea before he went to the desk to sit down, calmly told me that he had cancer, we should always go and see a doctor.  Suddenly heard in daily life colleagues got ill, my heart sad and sorry imagined.From that day on, I became cautious and Jack contacts together, for fear of an unintentional, then hurt his fragile.  A week later, he did see Jack leave.I thought to myself, this guy money to life, with the same right?However, I can only whispered in my heart, I made up my mind, any of his behavior, I will accommodate.Since then, Jack is always right, he was right not to go to work, his work is right; speak loudly when he is working, he is silent on the.My principle is that all along he was, as long as he pleased.  One day, Jack shaved their heads, suddenly changed a look, some colleagues asked him, why should shave their heads?He replied that the recent hot weather.Later, he told me, when hair falls out because doing radiotherapy, so ahead of her hair shaved off slowly get time-saving, trouble.As a result, the company was a young man afraid of the heat of Mexican Jose, also ran a shaved head, came back Dahushangdang, that big California sun, shaved their heads hotter.Jack listened, laughed quietly.  One day, Jack did not come to work, executives said Jack off to the hospital for surgery.I’m sorry to hear that, I thought, I might participate in addition to the day of the funeral, and I never see the nearly five years of work with a friend.They want more I sad heart, even before the regret and Jack get along day, I do not have a lot of good and I’m ready to owe at the courtesy of asking Jack staying at the hospital, then went to visit him on weekends.  On the third day, Jack actually came to work.As usual, Jack went public bar for a cup of coffee, sat down quietly told me that yesterday anesthetic vigor not seen, head a little faint, or come to work yesterday.  The surgery done?I asked in surprise.  Jack said: done, all the infected gland cancer cells are taken out, the medium term, the doctor said do not do radiation therapy, and chemotherapy can be timed doing.  I ask: do not rest after surgery?  Jack replied: doctors not to say I kept on working to recover more favorable.Then he showed me his wounds, knife-edge as terrible as you’d like, the traditional surgery did not see the kind of ugly, like a centipede, like sewing pins, there is only a transparent Velcro straps attached to the top , very kind of modern feeling.  2056 passed, and Jack has grown a hair, the body is also stronger than before.Jack the treatment of cancer as we, like colds, left me a very deep impression, in addition to advanced health care outside the United States, what it seems to have a bit.(Inspirational story)

Red Salute message of death

Murder entrepreneurs are white and one dark green and their own chess.Magnet chess he always carry a compact, when feelings of agitation and while his next move will be better.  The door opened.  you?  Today is your next year’s anniversary of the death.  Keke cough as a pale white to her mouth suddenly coughed up, pick up the table a glass of water and drink this calm down, why go ask Hades.  Gunfire.  Scene detective and assistant dialogue.  Shot and killed, the scene was not suspicious traces.  Really do not?check it out.  Portable chess ah, really rich, I’m stronger than before at the flea market to buy a.  Look pieces, the red side of the gun is not a.  He fell to the ground?  I have found a near dead who did not, in which it will be?  Could it be that the murderer took?  This did not not possible, having said that, although the entrepreneur, but it seems a little culture, on the shelves there are “source” of this book ah.  Office assistant comes into the room.  Autopsy report came out, the bullet hit the heart, shot and killed.  The thing to know in the field.  There is a strange thing, anatomical process in the stomach discovered the dead.  The missing piece ah So, in order not to be swallowed so goes the murderer destruction, death really is safe message.Remember there are several suspects it?  I look for, a twilight brother dead white male secretary Lin exhibition, as well as her relationship with the deceased Wei Long seems unusual.They are not reliable when three of the incident alibi.  Ah, I already know who the murderer is.  what?A white twilight, forest exhibition, Wei Long, with a red gun have to do it?  Which question suspects a white Cang what point does the message of death?  Yaya issue a message of death detective agency Red Salute answer: the murderer is white scene.The key is to put the puzzle deceased ‘gun’ swallowed the stomach, next month to represent words in Chinese characters in word and body-related, but also referred to the Ministry of flesh month.Gun swallow the pieces, look at it as a part of the human body, it is imperative radical change for months.Combination of both, resulting only one word, that is, the cell.That is, the murderer is the brother of the deceased meaning.

Love pig Xiaozha (a)

2013.01.232 013.01.252 013.02.05 I made a lot of people get the kind of magnificent myth or miracle admired like a dream.  City lights into a syrup.Mariposa flying into the rainbow.Dessert world into full bloom of fireworks.Cappuccino volcanic eruption.The ocean is someone tears collection.Everest mermaid sitting like a fairy-like Elegy, then blue sky crack collapse.  Life is not as spectacular miracle myth or dream, but the United States and more people aftertaste.The intersection of two parallel lines.You let me worry thousand thoughts can not find a reason to come we will meet, whether reasonable or whether unreasonable, yet we met; I can casually listed numerous reasons we do not love each other, but in the end we opt for falling in love.This is not common sense interpretation of the myth or miracle.  You have said, I am your miracle.And so on, you are my myth.Miracles and myths about the world is not a good fit who and who better than us right.  2013.01.232 013.01.242 013.01.25 I never thought a woman could really dressed so of earth, so good interpretation of what is a country girl.I never thought a woman’s eyes get really beautiful as the sun tranquil ocean.I never thought a woman could really pure smile like a child grow up.I never thought a woman really can not recognize the stranger confided half-day.Especially the last, far beyond my surprise, approximately 123,456.78 Jiu Gongli.  You like a generous collectors, cut open his heart for a very grand exhibition, the finished pieces on display the most valuable curiosities to play for visitors to enjoy.  The first time we met, sitting opposite your broken to himself his own story, every word seems to blur into the light rain in the scenery, feel a bit like a poem next to the ink, wrapped in a burnout, loneliness emotions.I also own a long bare their minds is magnum opus of the vicissitudes of a people, I know that you need one pair of ears to listen in silence, so I’m listening to you attentively.Speaking of sad, your eyes will glitter, blue light, but also pure than Lantian, too pure, I always consider themselves invulnerable, chest pain up some faint.So there is a moment, you can not help the tears fell down, my world from that moment he began to fall.The Great Wall, an impregnable fortress, are gone.  I think you like a noble Suzaku.Suzaku is one of the four sacred animal, sits south of Bird, also known as the Phoenix.Zhu is red, die or perish.Suzaku has a characteristic rise from the ashes, in the suffering and the pain she experienced the test of fire, perhaps you will ignore her presence, but she out of Nirvana when the flame from this world, she will be supreme attitude deeply impressed.Is that how you, the fire was waiting at a Suzaku Nirvana.You hold a similar utopian fantasy, to go to the pursuit of pure love.For this reason, your fire burning in general is more than hot, you suffered the torment and pain more deeply than others.But when you are born again successful, your feathers will be more dazzling than the midday summer sun, I believe that time, the world’s eyes will be focused to your body, to applause praise you to sing your verses, with flowers bless you.  The next few days we’re on the phone at night to talk to the stars are falling down, I can even see when asleep soft horizon at dawn.There is no dream that you do not remember, but I know, not until you rise from the ashes, bird Pro World, I have been impressed you, I willingly pay homage to you under the.  Yes, I love you.I just do not love you.  2013.01.262 013.02.05: 2013.02.06 very short time we were together, I never forget things there too, so often there will be a wrong impression: We are a couple in love seven years.To say, we go around the circle around the town, like satellites around the track around, walk for three hours.Another example, the first intimate contact with lips and teeth, and that makes me dizzy feeling, opened his eyes in time to see the city lights, as if melting into sky syrup.Also, for example, you across the Internet and sang me a song all night, you said you went out of tune can not explain, but I know that it is called the sound of nature.Etc., etc.  It is impressive to be a very ordinary little things, or after a period of time speaking you have forgotten, but it will always be like the most beautiful patterns imprinted in my heart wall.  That we walked to my friend’s house for dinner, after dinner eaten, you deft hands and feet packed dinner table, racing swept the living washing dishes.I gently hugged from behind you.If I do not say that you will not know at that moment in my mind the idea, because the idea, and in fact you do not have much time to contact.It just does not make sense to a eureka moment, I looked at the back of your washing dishes suddenly there is this idea: many years later, I came home from work, just take off your shoes, not enough time to say “I’m back” you already live live jump jump to flutter up, hanging on my neck, eyes blink blink, his face is child-like innocence and artless smile.  You say, “Honey, welcome home.”.

Midnight the doorbell rang

Su Shan is a special police, investigators often during the night, came home late, you can come back no matter how late, his wife always small pieces to fall asleep until his safe return, since this habit to get married now, flash is three years.That day in the evening, small pieces and receive SMS husband: My dear, I have a mission tonight, you cheer up a person to eat.Go to bed earlier, do not wait for me.For three years, countless small pieces receive SMS like this, each received small pieces always replied: Yes, I wait for you to come back in his sleep.This time, when small pieces back to the message happens to be a friend to see the next, friends make fun of her, said: are an old married couple, and also how acid?Subparagraph smiled, said nothing.She knows that others can not know the danger when her husband faced heinous criminals, can not understand the role of this message to her husband.Late at night, when Su Shan quietly returned, still very small pieces to wake up on time.She poured a cup of tea together, Su Shan said: I am the footsteps of your sensitive, woke up to a.Su Shan was very puzzled, every home himself softly, but every time his wife would wake up, get up to give him a cup of tea, she does not sleep, or are there other reasons?Su Shan do not understand.Later, Su Shan found the secret: this night, no attendance Su Shan, stay at home, small pieces go to the hospital to see a sick friend, back when she heard the voice of the Soviet Union Hill struck the door with a key, at that time, on the bed at the same time making noises of Ding Dingding, Sushan Ming white, the original wife asked people placed a special doorbell, every time he came back, as long as a toggle key locks, the doorbell rang, his wife always knew back in time.Later still, as long as the Soviet Union mountains at night to go home, small pieces can always wake up in time.Su Shan repeatedly to persuade his wife not to wait for him, myself go to bed early, his wife smiled: Only you back, I can sleep better.Su Shan drinking hot tea to his wife fed, and my heart was touched.One night after approximately six months, small pieces went to see an old classmate from afar.She and her classmates not seen for years, knew what to talk to the middle of the night.Su Shan while lying in bed reading a book while waiting for his wife to come back.Waiting, waiting, Su Shan sleepy, anyway, I thought back to a wife that special doorbell will ring, there is no Qiangdajingshen their teeth, unwittingly fell asleep.Who would have thought that sleep until he woke up the next day, when Su Shan opened his eyes and found his wife with breakfast are ready, he ate breakfast, puzzled and asked: When did you last night back?How the doorbell did not ring ah?Subparagraph smiled and said: the doorbell Yeah, bad for months.Su Shan a shocked: Just the day before yesterday, Su Shanling more than two in the morning came back, took out the key locks wave, immediately woke up his wife.This time he considered really understand: even without the original doorbell, he returned home, his wife can wake up on time!

Gorgeous in your dreams

I was a beautiful snow crystal in your dreams your dreams really cold cold frosty mountains and roaring rivers to stop the loss of beauty moonlight night star eyes covered with frosting you say your dreams aromatic beautiful bloom everywhere, but Falling petals narrative your cold cold night sometime ask Qin Sese trembling notes shining coldness accompanied by floating in the sky meteor shower of your dreams really cold but I still like to snuggle in your dreams with elegant white the prime US decorate your dreams of dancing with light warm your lonely soul because I am also your dream snow

Life, never ill-treated every person up efforts.

Life, never ill-treated every person up efforts.  1, the targeted person, go more slowly, but also progress; wandering tangle of people, then the heart anxious, vain vain; do not let the low quality of diligence ruin you in the wrong direction, stop that progress.  2, do not start too late, it is better to act today, one day, that little by little the foreseeable future will be in your heart, but also your feet slowly, clear, life, never ill-treated every effort people up.good Morning!  3, the face of misunderstanding, unnecessary to argue, in the face trouble, avoid unnecessary, the face of failure, unnecessary bow, the face of success, needless carried away, life on the road more of a thinking, so carefully, so stick.  4, carries the dreams of the future, in every ordinary and not dull days, will smile more brilliant, I do not give up, nothing to make their own retreat; just strong enough, nothing can defeat their own!  5, do you think that all make life difficult in the past, will be the last, you do not have to try to be brave, time will heal you.I would like someone to accompany you back and forth, and if not, may you become yourself from the sun.Good morning, time!  6, there is life there is hope.Life is not a fairy tale, to learn to grow up and not even arrived in the dream, we must strive to grow, the road to success, can only finish on their own.Encourage each other, good morning!  7, many various obstacles in life always been to own.Anyone got to help you for a while, I can not help you.Do not rely, not to pray, to rely only make yourself weak, pray for just a comfort.  8, happiness does not depend on foreign substances and vanity, but by their inner self, a person only feel beautiful image to see the beauty of the window, open the window of heart power, that is your smile will never fade.  9, if your life has been two years, and in the third decade, please put down your lofty, put away your self-esteem, shed your ignorance, put on your reality, your out bloom, go out of your life!  10, strong self-control people are not poor, can persist up early, to exercise, to keep reading, do not consume their own and others time to argue, do not waste too much energy to please unrelated person.

Lake trip (poems)

First, the “Lake, I’m coming.”  . . Longing drove a car wheel rolling out of hope tied a handkerchief soft Qiannian with Wings  . . Illuminated eye happy with my happiness shaded smile flashing infinite light  . . Do not remember when it had been promised to the promise of life must come to you I do not know why this desire at the moment is so restless now finally fulfilled expectations  . . The rainy season in July we drive to carry the dreams of countless lovestruck drunk beside flowers  ..  . . Second, the “first saw the beautiful Lake”  . . Mountain peaks sunset twilight glow of the sky away the tears dried up a rainbow  .. That will sunset intoxicating breeze charming mottled shade of the cool breath shaking  .. Lakeview appeared tired moment moment to empty  .. Lake reflecting the sky clouds of dense smoke curl out Feelings vacated eye followed the impulse waves rippling out  .. This is the nature outline of the distant mountains indigo ink volume which is deduced wonderful qualities  .  .. Third, the “Lake Overview”  .. Lake 1078 islands dotted with 3184 times the water capacity of the West Lake  .. Not only do you have magnificent sea more handsome lake you not only have more mountains shade of green hills scattered high and low long sleeves, three-dimensional have caused the lake serene, stretch into the distance there was a yellow ribbon in rendering the junction of the island and the lake on  .. Lake unreservedly support you with all creatures you no regrets dedication youthful you with this affair lasting enduring Chun, ah, a long history  .  .. Fourth, the “charming lake.”  .. This natural swimming pool in layers of blue and white clouds the impact of the surging graceful weaving around the green yurt  .. There was maneuvering the boat Knight drove to marry Count No. beloved girl on the lake in the back and forth like a Prince Charming singing Swagger  .. Walk in this misty lake loving eyes that read the heart Kuang layers of clouds rolling waves one after another in waves up and down in the water play  .. Gentle eyes overflowing with open lips and teeth together again attempt to reach out to catch this wonderful illusion overlooking a tangled and locked eyes  .. The dreamlike bright in the vast waters outside the clouds are cloud Way back deeply, is the swan song of eye-catching pearl-like ballet-like dance  .  .. Fifth, the “enjoy daylight.”  .. The sun broke through the clouds out of the heart of the mighty pray rainbow across the sky depict returning to the arc  .. Blue sky clear lake in colorful green graceful shape shine in the hearts  .. Enjoy the ride in this lake breeze, enjoy enjoy cultivate micro-Yang, enjoy the comfortable Millennium enchanted to find that you feel is the most beautiful smile is still a favorite fragrance  .. If Guolao spirit in heaven will not know how to write some of the chapter  .  .. Six, “an invitation to go to you.”  .. Come here just to shake hands with you just for a meet here to share with you a Reiki  .. Breathe your breathing smiled and your love in the moment you look back I saw the warm affection  .. Remember if you forget mentioning bike proves to me I was in the scene with their lives to go to you go to enjoy the twinkling of an eye and you will never drink offerings  .. Whether I’m kind of a grass resplendent in my sincerity will blossom in whatever you know and do not understand my verses will accompany the morning sun and the moon bursting out in every different kind of charm  .  .. Seven, “Rain Lake”  .. Lake in the rain like a curtain cloudland swaying my eyes edification of my mind  .. Suspected skiff stop listening to them tell old stories looking at the lake on a group exercise in which they slowly waterfowl mallard pan-sharing  .. Hiding in the lake raindrops under a pergola and moisture from the idea gently waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle slowly rolled up his hands umbrella walking in the quiet little road  .  .. Eight, “Meifeng Island, Lake View Range Rover”  .. Drizzle Kuril King show, fragrant grass like a group of ballet in mind how many women seem charming stretch  .. The wind slowly in and cleaned up the mist, soft heart that razed a lengthy flute curl scattered verses that picked up in the lake in a puff of smoke  .. A lotus-like floating islands as a loving heart harbor a baptism that millions of years gathering dust clouds ah changes in this Fifi rain glorified  .. The islands, it seems even the non-connected lakes and lakes, vast and far-reaching different width like the sea at bay in the near Miankuo open as if dripping romantic  .. I love any thoughts leisurely beautiful breeze clear shadow Who in Merry uninhibited  .  .. Nine, “Lock my life easy.”  .. Throw a coin into the bottom of your belly desire that the giant lock can lock my life easy  .. I do not yearn for freedom is not just the wealthy crave your pet standing proudly in his arms as lotus-like  .. I do not want many do not pursue this life just to give me a rare unique to you I survived affection  .. He locked me into the heart and soul you hide your dependent quiet hinterland accompany you to grow old together  .  .. Ten, “he asked joking”  .. Asked joking, joking how this world lovers get married squinting, smiling as long as this life Lianzhao a person will be able to take root in this heart wishful  .. He asked joking, what on earth can be the most lasting love joking read the “Marriage Book”, smiled really honest with each other as long as they will be able to last forever Xiangruyimo  .. Asked joking, how can two people on earth fused into a person joking put a red line marked on the knot, just smiled through thick and thin, mutual tolerance will be able to get  .  .. XI, “May the ancestors bless.”  .. If there is no such Zhaoqian Sun Lee I do not know how to distinguish between those who own the surface mourner mourning people do not know how to sleep ancestors  .. Family Names shrine stood in the archway to find ancestors quietly blissful silence  .. Hold fast to his arm, looking carefully search the rows of a column is removed suddenly looked up and caught your attention  .. Hands clasped, praying that I would like ancestors bless bless my family and brothers all around  .  .. Twelve, “red carp, indulge jumping”  .. Lake bathed in pure red carp pond lying central hang some colorful dress passage of any city scenery  .. Soft blue is their comfortable beds passionate breeze and they were wandering around  .. Shy, the shallow green water will smile a little bit dense joyous playfulness, the microwave will indulge jumped waving out the sound of the water slapping  .. Qing Yun red building in the landscape in gorgeous singing them blowing wind, facing the sun enjoying the tourists feeding the fish they eat beyond the extraordinary growth of too many blessings to put into my heart to stay together every day for people to watch in this place  .  .. Thirteen, “Longshan reverie”  .. Wow tire of listening to the wind Yin Water Barilla products endless life  .. Prone to fly a dragon live out their years where spiritual cultivation  .. Lake turned into a unique landscape of ancient Lake turned into a dream buried here, I do not want to wake up  .  .. Fourteen, “Goodbye, Lake”  .. Look endless glittering stocked kept empty mountains at dusk let do let sobering backdrop parting sublimated into the most beautiful dreams  .. In this gentle scenery of the lake in the lake left read like this dreaming of love long left in the clear lake demure leave my most beautiful memories worthy of love in this lake I came to stay fragrance  .. Goodbye, goodbye Lake, Xin’anjiang season no matter what changes you’ve taken root in my heart no matter how long years, and I have to keep in mind your appearance

Garden fun calligraphy (cultural essays)

Many calligraphy and art is connected, such as garden art.  In the garden, you can see various rockery stone, very charming.These rocks, or because of the shape or because of certain situations in life quite similar physical image, and let our imagination.Tang Dynasty poet as world and where he wrote the “Taihu mind,” Cloud: public this matter, not only humility, south east of the villa, the home of the columns, rich almost holy stone.Jue like a non-: a disk showed off the bend as lingqiu fresh cloud who have official end majestic stand as true man of God who have whittled such as Gui Zhen Yun-chan who have sharp edges Lian Ji Jian Gui, such as those.Qiu Feng, such as there are, if curl up if the move will Xiang will leap like a ghost like beast, if the trip if suddenly, the fight to grab the.Wind strong rain the evening dark, cave open chin, if He cloud puff \ Lei, Yi Yi however have expected and those who fear.Once the smoke Ji Jing Li, Yan denseness of clouds E, when the brush flutter Dai Lan, Ai Ai sex though there may be those who play.Once the turn faint, indescribable not.Summary concerned, the high mountains, one hundred one thousand sink hole, Luo strand clusters shrink, all in one.One hundred yards punch, Trinidad moment, sit derived from the.This they also think that the public amenity purposes.  Calligraphy, too, because taking heterogeneous, or those linear shape or quite similar life situations, can also trigger our association.Today to see “Calligraphy psychology” in the network, he said it well: “It is also noted that the ancients would like to take heterogeneous form of ‘like’ into abstract of the ‘like’ and the figurative ‘like’.Abstract pursuit of the elephant is quite similar, as is the pursuit of figurative shape.The former water-repellent derived from goose Wang Concept strokes and Zhang Gongsun aunt sword is obtained Concept cursive method, Huang obtained Concept Woodman rowed gesture, and the like; the latter point, such as a so-called rock, finger, almonds , Globus, head crab, turbot and other meters, such as vertical needle hanging, hanging exposed, colt, iron posts, etc..The former is to create imaginary function, the function of which is to re-imagine.”It seems that the potential of calligraphy association triggers, the United States and calligraphy, strengthen Lenovo in; calligraphy taste, chewing Lenovo in; calligraphy love, moved in the association.  Chinese classical gardens those with strong ethnic style of the various buildings, such as kiosks, Taiwan, House, House, Gallery, Terrace, Villa, Fang, museum, bridges, each with attitude, demonstrated by the performance of the Han nationality shape intelligence and wisdom.Calligraphy also spoke styling, involving lines, knot word, word, line and plate and other aspects of modeling.For example Gallery, “Yuan Ye” said: “Gallery who veranda is also a step, or as long as appropriate song should win.Ancient Qulang, all Colt song.The Qulang to this configuration, the song’s words, with the shape and curved, according to potential curve.Or Pan mountainside, or poor water occasion, flower crossing the gully, winding endless, Sri Lanka http Park’s ‘seal cloud’ also.”You see Cursive in the book, that ‘vertical line’ styling, generally referred to as row axis, but also as ‘Gallery’, like, pay attention to the ‘song’, the calligraphy of the song, or significantly lively, Yun or tenderness, or was intense, but also the eyes of the “gallery”, a step by step guide aesthetic vision.Another example is “Pavilion”, “COLLATION palace” that “: Ting who is also set to stop people, transmissible also.People cease away, come again later, around legend, Lord impermanence.”This kiosk can rest, overlooking the, point of view may be, triangular shape, square, polygonal, fan, circular, semi kiosk, kiosk single, double kiosks, kiosks set various forms, like calligraphy this” book Eye “it is our eyes stopped place, it is a point of view as a book, is rich in meaning, while ‘overlooking’ around the ‘scenery’, will appreciate the taste of a different kind.  Stress rhythm is garden, garden material, shape, color, line, structured with a recurrent law, there will be rhythmic.For example, the same element is continuously repeated rhythm, the opposite contrast prosodic elements repeatedly, different elements are alternately repeated rhythm, tapered elements decrease gradient prosody.Car wind righteousness “Landscape in the rhythm of beauty,” he said: “Whether a garden with a sense of rhythm is the key to its ability attractive tour, different rhythm melody to bring people of different aesthetic experience, or serious, or lively, or winding streets, or small size, will be the owner of the emotional landscape blend in the garden space.The rhythmic patterns to create a garden, visitors will gradually into a state, in which the play makes people no longer rely solely on visual observation of the garden, but be evolving into a rhythmic melody, but also to their feelings into the environment “calligraphy, too, such as official script silkworm head dovetail rhythm repeated continuously, repeatedly wet dry ink rhythm contrast, text trapezoidal, triangular, boxy repeated alternating rhythm, writing gradually increases gradient rhythm, etc..These rhythm, will give a different aesthetic experience, which triggers a corresponding emotional people.For example, calligraphy pen intended to break even or even of rayon with gossamer real, there are connected to every word rolling, I have seen some that cursive strokes to Emotion to repeated continuous rolling rhythm to create “too proud Horseshoe disease,” the books for, to those who enjoy vigorous and imaginative, bold and uninhibited aesthetic sense, thus encouraging people to appreciate the pride of psychological.It is said that when Yun emotional rhythm is rhythm.Let me make this quite understand.  The actual situation in the garden, is a relative concept, is solid as a mountain, water is imaginary; is a real wall, that is, the virtual doors; Fang bridge is solid, the water film is imaginary; construction is a real, virtual space is.We can say that there is no actual situation, there is no garden art.Chuang Tzu have such a fable: “Yellow Emperor north Chishui travel almost, almost Deng Kunlun Hill and South Point.Also go, leaving its Xuanzhu.Knowledge of the cable and not, and not from the Jusoh, the cable of the sense of shame and not to eat too.Naishi like indiscriminately, as was the neglect of.Yellow Emperor said: “Zai different, can be obtained as the almost ignored is the?”Lvhui Qing comment goes:” Like the non-free, non-ignored then there is not sparkling Bumei, was also the reason why Xuanzhu.”” It seems ‘like’ is real, ‘indiscriminately’ is true, one visible, one invisible, and only a combination of both, will have a brilliant artistic Xuanzhu.For example, Gardens by the King, Ji Cheng said there is much to borrow, o borrow, overlooking borrow, Yang borrow and should sometimes take, and that neighborhood by the mirror borrow, Yuan Mei Sui Yuan there, you see “through the gallery Gordon small Cangshan room, Chen abbot large mirror three crystal clarity, flowers and trees and rocks in court, write shadow in the mirror, another world.”One example of this is the actual situation with.Calligraphy the reality, is a relative concept, such as a solid black, the white is imaginary; secret is a real, that is sparsely false; dark ink is solid, and that is a virtual light ink; visible ink is real, the invisible look that is false, etc..We take a look at Lin Bu “Three Gentlemen Tie” flavor of the actual situation.Patients gave, from the point of view of white cloth, like ice upside down, the natural line of multi-word, a line of words less, uneven.This leaves a large gap underneath written, and each line spacing and large, become increasingly Lichtung.This gives Lichtung tranquil, indifferent, elegance, but rather he “slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening” the poem mood.It can be said there was a clear air, high-Jane Apprehension, especially the real tricks under virtual layout, the more people a sense of lofty.It is really wonderful for the actual situation with.  Zhang Dai Ming Dynasty in the “mountain roar,” a text Cloud: “roar Hill marble, larger, such as Chicago, small in size as bacteria, solitary Lu Jie Li, meaning even superficial.Dow House to protect the Shochiku, possession with winding paths, the mountain people of the shallow and deep also.······ who build houses only for the jungle, not landscape.Kitchen and kitchen have wonderful to landscape, landscape to corridors and Miao corridors, rooms and with a curved floor to floor curved landscape room Miao.There Lin Fung, free Patios month.Gully solitary night, Gow Fushui, naturally Once upon a time, by no means the world.”There nursing loose, winding paths, corridors, all for a deep hidden subtle beauty.”Yuan Ye” is not there “to vaguely walls between dill, Jia Wu winds at the end of the wood,” the United States do?There are also subtle Seeing impressionistic beauty, from the punch and see Shanhe majestic stone weather, from a spoonful of clear water and see the vast rivers and lakes.Subtle beauty, the mood is higher realm, Du Daoming “aesthetic conception of Chinese classical gardens,” he said: “The basic features of mood is a tangible manifestation invisible to the physical manifestation of the spirit to the infinite finitely presented to reality show virtual environment, so infinitely rich concrete image and the image of the limited imagination of unity, the real picture and what it implies, a symbol of the virtual environment integration.Chinese classical gardens in dealing with the issue of time and space, with poetry and painting have in common.Because landscaped and Poetry, painting throughout, as in the common pursuit of aesthetics ‘was born as foreign territory’ artistic realm, so these three principles of artistic creation in order to have a description of the limited space of infinite space.”As to the count of said ‘has caused Katayama, hygiene conditions inch stone’ may be an image; ‘rain banana, like shark’s weeping tears heteroaryl; Xiaofeng willow, if the turning of the waist Mannv’ is a kind of interesting artistic conception.  Calligraphy, but also pay attention to subtle.Neo in “three stages of historical development of ancient Chinese calligraphy aesthetics,” said: “Jin calligraphy ” bone ‘, is’ ‘shape’, but also ‘God’; the ‘meaning’, but also ‘law’ “.Obviously, this form of possession of God, in the possession of Italian law.Hsiung Ping Xu Wei said that the evaluation of calligraphy in the “theoretical system of Chinese calligraphy” in: “” The word suddenly large and small, grass suddenly Kai suddenly, suddenly overlook heavy strokes, suddenly dry suddenly wet.Always make people unexpectedly, deliberately anti-order, anti-integration, anti-harmony.Chih show cynicism to in item Mu ‘drunk witchcraft’ of the so-called pen.”This is a mood of performance.Pay attention to subtle, Yun look there is a calligrapher mature performance, he said Mr. Lin Sanzhi, calligraphy is a form of juvenile write, write potential middle-aged, elderly freehand, but also in that sense.Li Zehou “aesthetic three books”, said: “Although there is no form to leave the United States, but can not be the only form of beauty.”For example, blank, also a form of aesthetic value implicit in this form.Zong said: “The infinite meaning of the words to have to do, so there are a lot of meaning, self-evident.The reason why the United States literature, not only in words have to do, and in particular in the infinite meaning.”Blank is the way it looks like ‘silent’, but in calligraphy can show Xiao Shu, Jane away, Seiitsu, or just relaxing, pure, calm, can also be expressed emptiness, silence, dismal, etc..Song “Snowy River fishing alone”, can be subtle with a blank expression boundless Qing Ji, Liu calligraphy writing of “Jiang Xue” also with the same blank expression mood.Zen always say: “color does not vary empty, empty is not heterochromatic; sex is zero, Kongjishise.”Home Books written: ‘Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, had no one first.where’ can also use a blank, suggesting futile, ethereal.Blank what means, and content writing always linked, Cai Yongjie in the “town square,” said: “the definition of space is inseparable entity, the entity can be perceived quality of the space plays a decisive role.”In this case, we are very instructive for.  There are many gardens and similar artistic calligraphy and artistic taste.Line face a little garden, pavilion point is the Pavilion Hall, the line is winding paths, corridors, streams, surface lakes, lawns, gardens; calligraphy course, a bit line and plane.The shaft construction, such as the Imperial Palace; freestyle building, such as left Park Suzhou gardens, the corresponding row calligraphy pen straight and curved axis.Beijing Yuanmingyuan Articles Ann complex plane is the swastika shape; Anyang, Henan museum plane is text book character modeling; Sun Yat-sen, symmetrical pattern, a huge mountain, the shape of the alarm, the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen is the steeple bell, dome tomb like a pendulum, like half-moon square top arc portion; calligraphy tricks, the profile of the overall shape of the text can also be such as statues, shaped like a heart, like horses, may be not only a sector or other shapes may also be.Forbidden City, closed space have put, put Wo front of the hall space, but also show a grand breadth of spirit, and not only pay attention to black calligraphy retractable, but also pay attention to the retractable white, has a similar taste.  Yes, facing the garden, calligraphy, natural people always think of calligraphy.  2015.09.13 was written in the early Yulin (cultural essays)

The Iron Fence of Guangming Road

Within the iron fence on Guangming Road, under a row of tall poplar trees, is a row of rare but clean red brick masonry buildings. At the door of a room, my son will carry water here. At that time, the street was full of city noises, bustling, indescribable, vulgar and mysterious..     The worry is, son, hurry up and get well, the potions that are infused into these different liquids. The figure of my son, who was still jumping, was watching a few black cat police chief on TV in the house, but now he said again and again: ” I’m getting taller”,’ I can’t understand anything. I’m nearly four years old? I can’t understand anything. I’m four years old? The adults did not dare to look at it, but it was dangerous. Spider – Man was changed by spiders. He sat under a tall poplar tree, in a chair welded with steel bars, waving his left hand without a needle, with a serious manner, as if without any pain. When I saw the liquid drop in the last dropper, I was urged to pull out the injection. Ah, child suffering.     My heart was in a panic. I don’t know what to do. My son’s fever was low and he lingered melancholy between 37 and 38 degrees. He has been carrying water for nearly half a month. He changed three clinics and still lingered melancholy.. Several doctors have no other way to ask the elder sisters of the unit, saying that when children were young, they always kept low fever and couldn’t find the cause and effect, although they all survived well in the end.. I have no choice but to feel anxious.     After pulling out the needle tube, Gao Yang, a health care hospital, saw that the sunset in the distance had gradually fallen into twilight. On the huge western sky wall, in the corner of the heavy twilight, there are not many sunset glow, like a weak child’s light color smeared casually, telling me that the secret unknown is hidden in the depth of the child’s handwriting and in the colorful sunset glow.. How to get inside the child’s body? And the child’s heart? So many mysteries? Melt yourself into wisps of wisps of thread, or crush it into air to enter the deep field or space and time?     But the son is also good at forgetting, that is, tolerant and fearless, the pain of acupuncture and the difficulty of transporting water not only forget, but also quickly forget my reprimand to him in anxiety. He does not care about me and brings me a bowl of maroon mung bean tea: ” Dad, you drink it.”! ‘ words and deeds like a clever sensible young man. I took it, said thank you and drank it off. Ganlin is thirsty for irrigation.     In the evening when the anguish was slightly alleviated, outside the place where they lived, the noisy voices were already close to the tail, and they could be seen dropping on the ground one after another and ending up. Hear the sound of their decay has begun to ring. Scaffolding in the distance is still rising day after day, without standing up and studying or looking up, it can be seen with its arms outstretched as soon as it looks up. After lowering the head, the family’s potted plant has also grown up, as if in a split second, the blade is like a sword, and the sword heart is held up, shining with a light that is not bright but solid..     Everything is rotting, everything is growing. Like my son, no illness or harassment can stop his growth, including the inexplicable illness and reprimand from even his father..     Today is about to pass and evening is coming. The Light of Childhood