This is already beyond the boundaries of interpersonal first meeting, but the two men are talking did not seem to notice.

  Dong Jianan look, and turned red Shen Yung wink, with a lip, said: “The girl you introduce good ah, this is obviously Hang Bo spotted.”
  Hang Bo enthusiasm on the considered response, Shen Yung relief.She did that深圳桑拿网 one thousand white flowers, light snow in the general population is absolutely dazzling presence, and this beautiful girl, most men could hold.This does not even always enigmatic Hang Bo also caught, and see beautiful girls move without opening the eyes.
  Next, he will certainly be a good girlfriend to pursue, which also concern themselves with Dongjian An Xianxin broken things ah.This variable did not, she can concentrate on dealing with the Dong Jianan.
  Shen Yung quietly in their hearts for himself made a point of praise.
  Drink half a pot of tea, Hang Bo and snow has chatted up, from the technical to the artistic chat, talk.
  At first need to Shen Yong Dong Jianan buffer, Sparks, but now she felt Yung Shen and Dong Jianan like excess.
  Chahe more on the go to the bathroom, Shen Yung stood up, took the package, said: “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  She calculated that she go to the bathroom linger for ten minutes, it is estimated that it had enough tea, then she can take Dong Jianan perfect exit, and the future no longer have to deal with the Hang Bo A man of.
  The restaurant’s restroom in this layer, Shen Yung into the time people do not have a.She leaned against the wall, took out his cell phone, playing games to kill time.
  To苏州夜网day she’s good luck seems to burst, have won three in a row, happy to have Shen Yung blow the whistle.
  ”you are happy?”Suddenly, a deep voice brushed her ears.
  Shen Yung shocked, quickly turned, one saw Hang Bo stood behind him, his arm supported at the top of her head, looked condescending, it looks like, like, like her lap in his arms.
  Shen Yung was out of his mind the idea shocked.She quickly moved two steps to the side, with the distance of Hang Bo, Samsam smiled: “how do you come?Thi

the case of bank loans to get down, only to still be valuable to the mortgaged house.

“Mom, so let me go to Gu Yun Sheng?But she.”杭州桑拿Gu Fifi although the last was severely Zheru once, but the first thought of the idea of Gu Yun Sheng wealthy!

Huan Ping said, “Gu Yun Gu Sheng is bent on leaving, and I have seen a couple of days ago.Sunrise thing she will not control, but she meant, Sunrise fortune is from Hua vampire, at least, make Sunrise stripped off a layer of skin.”

In the old days shy little girl a gentle smile, her eyes with a little naive and very ruthless.

Huan Ping waited listening to her with a smile, “what a small tail Sunrise.”Her white hand in the void in a catch,” I would like to catch, and now only the first step.Hua is a family effort, but Gu Jinsong and you have to live my mother.Gu Fifi has been born, she can not plug back, Gu Jinsong crazy things is an established fact.The rule of law does not say anything Causing loss of lives, and 北京夜网that too not respect the law, and I’m a good citizen.Gu Jinsong supposed to be nothing out of their own business, Sunrise, right?”

Her eyes bent, continue sweet smile, reminiscent of the beautiful and fragile poppy ·.

Huan Ping could not help but shudder, this sense of contrast let her hairs are standing up.

Su exquisite: “Sunrise can develop, the beginning is sucked the blood of Hua.I have to peel back the layer of skin, Gu Jinsong if there is a skill, then nothing entrepreneurship ah, then I will not do to something.”Her hand of a film,” Hu aunt, before you make moves and are Gu Jinsong, I fight back.”

Huan Ping came to the Soviet Union was exquisite, the sound is recorded, until Gu Jinsong heard the recording, came to the Soviet Union to scrap the idea of exquisite.

As a pillow of Huan Ping know, Gu Jinsong this is regret, regret that year soft-hearted moment did not let her miscarriage, leaving the care of Fifi handle this, now the Soviet Union caused the exquisite crazy bite.

Huan Ping sighed, then left Gu Fifi is a step risky move, if care is not Fifi, there is no way she and Gu Jin

once.If a finish, it is inevitable that some of the embarrassment of shame.

  In particular Mu child star, intercede when the face is not red, just the thought of what I just said, face whizzed on the red.
  Mu child star got up from the sofa and began to ease the chaos that came in my mind of shame in the house, double Cheng laughed: “shy?”
  She shy ass.
  Mu child just went to the window, into the heart of the city once again the beauty of the eyes, she replied: “Paris so romantic, I can not help.Like this, you can hear a lot in the future, not to accidentally.”
  ”I will wait and see.”Cheng double and denied:” Oh no, it should be all ears.”
  ”.”I got cheaper still cold.
  Knock sounded on the door, the child star Mu ear tip end of the line to hear, just want to hang up the phone: “someone knocks on your door.”That can only be pleased to hear.
  ”I heard.”Cheng double move towards the door to go.
  ”Then I hung up.”
  ”and many more.”Cheng double stopped her:” You’re a romantic Paris, before hanging up the phone felt nothing can not help but want to send, then?”
  Mu child star sip open mouth smile: “There.”
  ”I hung up.”
  Cheng double helpless laughing, hands at this time opened the door, at the door of Cheng Wei just saw new smile on her face,

What kind of house does not look at the alley, the door actually did not expect such a large-scale.

  Vestibular backyard, flowering trees.
  Cheng double carefully in a circle, see the staff still is not enough, and called a few people came in from outside.
  Who knows at this time, Zhang Bing was also the end of that battle back home.
  Seeing double Cheng group of people rummaging in his home, he shouted: “Today you which groups of people are crazy right?Court death is not it?”
  He closed the door copied from a shovel in his hand, walked over aggressive, see Zhou Yang also turned over the wall after storage cabinets directly call a spade in the past.
  Zhou Yang to escape in time, it did not hurt by this shovel.
  But after this one fell swoop, everyone stopped.
  Cheng will be on hand to catch the double throw open the frame, walked straight in front of Zhang Bing was: “Sir, we talk about.”
  Bing Cheng was only a neat double straightforward scared, holding a shovel began to force the hand, fingers white, his eyes glared drive double, growled: “You fucking away from me!”
  Chengshuang Gang took out a check, payable heard looked directly into his eyes: “Are you sure?”
  Cheng shook double check, he looked down and asked: “How much you want?”
  ”.Ok?”Bing was a moment waver.His eyes flashed a light touch of greedy,

!”Jiang Rou resounding said Ruannuo little face tightened, very seriously,” If I have mercy, that is the biggest insult you!”

  The statement is, almost did not choke vomit blood Muqing Yao.
  She sounded little finger, barely grazing the ear coming down fine ha苏州夜网ir: “I want to discuss a few of my artist.”
  Rou Jiang nodded casually how she negotiated.
  Jin Ming Yu’s Remarks on the field, once proudly own the home next genius, now looks a little more tightly over the Yu Shen, when a pair of eyes looking at Muqing Yao, and then not the original fanatical love, but a as people like deep beneath the abyss of stagnant water surging terrified.
  Muqing Yao near, shimmering eye color: “Kim Yu, I can not fail here, you understand me?”
  Jin Ming Yu nodded blankly, her utilitarian heart, he naturally understand better than anyone else.
  Muqing Yao came forward half a step, as if the sound, graceful pathos, said: “Kim Yu, then you help me, OK?I can not lose ginger Rou, you do not want to lose Hatano right?I used to be more than there is something wrong, that is no way I ah, I’m a depend on ot杭州桑拿hers orphan, do not work hard to find a backer, I’m alone, this face, sooner or later a calamity.”
  Heard these words, Kim 苏州桑拿网Yu Ming cents pen clenched his hands: “there is no patron Jiang Rou.”
  ”That’s not the same!”Muqing Yao annoyance, she still patiently to persuade,” Qin wild ginger Rou able to kill, but this world no one is willing to do this for me.”
  ”I can!”Kim Yu Ming eyes burning as flames burst a kind of spark, a single word he’s saying, ‘I have, you can die for your life.’
  Muqing Yao chord fretting, she stared looking at Yu Ming Kim: “Kim Yu.”
  Jin Ming Yu low laugh or two, it can not tell the mood of sadness inside laughter and ridicule, he waved and said: “I will give you

To son?”

  Guards ignorant, these days there are people pretending to pick manure old man’s son?
  Angry old man really want to put the pole fell, “This year, there are people who steal even excrement, her mother really angry!”
  The old man down the mountain, river speech also did not put the ten pieces of silver to come back, but his face was not quite right.
  Of course, the river still maintained a kind of clear sky resigned smile, that smile does not look good.
  Zhu Xi trembling, his face next to concerns about the color, this is the first chief in the hands of others suffer ah.
  It has always been the chief negative people taking other people as a pawn, when the chief was seen overcast, who was also acting as a proxy of?
  That kid, quite two down ah.
  Jiang’s remarks stand in Pingdingshan, down from the mountains to see, hands carrying a white cloth bag child leaves.
  Despite numerous wash in the river, but still leaves white look of dislike this cornucopia.
  ”I say you are a girl, actually can come up with such a disgusting way, not really a festival parade.”
  Jiang resigned sneer, “or Day parade leaves adults but did not even have to steal dung.”
  ”steal?Oh, what is stolen?Fish in the water no master, you say catch to catch up,

, But also to laugh, smile more kindly as possible.”

  Several people were very angry to seize the studio, readily obeyed.
  No matter from which direction the division Xuan can feel that a few eyes, looked up, they smile at you, really goose bumps.
  Itchy throat, also recorded a song does not go, cold face from the inside out, sneered: “Joe, Long time no see ah, what are you doing it?”
  Sheng Joe felt extremely gentle smile: “Can not you see?Yeah cheer for you.”Then also cheer than a month of action,” Come on yo.”
  Teacher Xuan: “Thank you for your good intentions, but many people I do not sing it, also ask you to take your man out.”
  Sheng Joe: “How you talk, you can sing many people do not go, then you as a singer, performing on stage in the future how it?Viewers who do not?”
  Teacher Xuan: “You!”
  Sheng Joe lips still smiled, her eyes cool down, nodded his chin: “Go, continued to record.You want to use between my recording, I give you a.Let me hear, stolen equipment, recorded sound is not out to better listen to some.”
  Xuan face white gas division.
  They confrontation for a long time, her teeth and said: “Do not recorded!let’s go!”
  Joe Sheng smile: “Farewell, do not send.”
  Division Xuan aggressive away, down the empty studio, Sheng Qiao Xiaorong gentle, warm voice turned around and asked the assistant: “We can now open

Tidy up the feelings of loss, transports and collects slowly, or their own

Tidy up the feelings of loss, transports and collects slowly, or their own, day or that day, the heart is still in place, I did not lose myself.This is good, it is better to forget, Take It, everyone should learn in cold weather days, take good care of themselves from frostbite, treat yourself, call us occasionally wandering mind, the home is a starting point, but also an end in where to start, where to let her take with a loved one to an end.

A good mood, not only can change themselves, but also can be contagious

Sometimes feel like a tree, straight trunk is happy, when the spring comes, shook happy branches, those yellow leaves and gloom would be lost were numerous.When spring comes, shook happy branches, life will unfold beautiful smile.A good mood, not only can change themselves, but also can infect other people, if you want to be a happy person, then you must keep the mood of eighteen.

Friends, faint cross, slowly, the long-lasting

Concerned, no sweet, sincere like; friendship that does not day and night, I remember like; beautiful greeting, no statement is really like; love does not require some sort, like a warm.People alive, not too big circle, only put yourself like; how many friends are not, like natural random.Some people, only a distance, not close look; some things just can not be said about the slow speech.Friends, faint cross, slowly, the long-lasting.