Ling a frowned, staring across the floor and fell rotten peaches, turned to look at the side of the shed to watch.

  Second floor front cross bar only to see the studio wearing a dark blue silk stand up straight Duo middle-aged – when the Korean Grand Secretary Wang Yongkang, before tumbling out to watch young men and women, which has long been IIC to look back to the shed.
  Ling is not in the eyes of a Wang Yongkang and pause, he looked directly over a week before the matter lightly cross bar on the third floor, and knelt beside him scared Huarong pale gorgeous woman.
  ”That woman is the rush you hit peaches?”Only one will understand a thing Ling after.
  Tong Meng nod, a look of aggrieved Ling with a complain, “I followed Xugong Gong came here, I heard on top of a few women mentioned my title, said I was the mud foots, it stinks like of.
  Angry I looked in the past, we see that vicious woman stared at me, and then she took a bite of peach to hit me over the.”
  Ling looked up at the third floor of a shed before the week to see what light, cold and said: “Happy Royal Highness, how do you say?”
  Zhou pick things gently smiled, glanced at the interest quite Meng Tong, Ling before the eyes fell upon a slow strip wire management, said: “Ling generals, the king’s concubine hand sliding moment, only let peaches fell out, who knows what could a coincidence, but also almost hit people.”
  ”Since Royal Highness will be easier to recognize the.”Ling simply a matter of weeks things lightly defended straightforward nod, waiting at the side of Chong Wei Kingo waved and said,” Come on, a few people up, to dare to assassinate the princess woman took, drag chop.”
  ”I do not want to die, help princes, princes save undefined status ah.”Kneeling in the week things lighter feet of gorgeous woman heard that, scared immediately hugged week things lighter legs cried.
  Kingo guard of soldiers not care Happy king’s concubine howl do not howl, they got the order, the number of people out immediately, the husband starts to see shed three rushed.
  On the second floor of the shed to see Ling Wang Yongkang see eleven people want to say is out of the chop, can not help but sink his face, said: “Ling generals, even if this woman is suspected of murdering Princess, also referred to the supreme court investigating you must open the people out of the chop, too trifling matter whether the?”
  Ling Wang Yongkang a look not only cold and on the third floor of weeks things light on the TV, while replied: “Wang adults, princes concubine hand if really slippery, she fell into the hands of the king peach adults only look shed, without grief at his feet hit the Princess.So obvious stab in the back move, do not immediately cut what needs investigating?”
  Meng Tong Ling pretending to ask a naive, “Wang adults feel supreme court could there who are too busy, and they wanted to find something to do it?”
  Surrounded by silence, whether it is around the stands, or the promise of a large examination room where all the students, almost everyone held their breath, quietly watching developments.
  Meng Tong Ling said that asking a, that may not sound small, meaning a run is much too obvious, obvious Wang Yongkang want to pretend not to hear the line.

  ☆, 514 hit to you

  ”When the officer told the supreme court of the people are too busy, then the?Bereavement Prin南宁夜网cess must not misinterpret the meaning of this officer.”It’s a large crowd from beneath, Wang Yongkang also not neglect befitting road,” the officer just told Ling general law in the land, family rules, this woman even wanted to stab in the back princess, also referred to the supreme court after investigating re-judgment, not by General Ling said the killing to kill.”
  Kingo Wei four soldiers rushed to the shed to see three, red light a week thing Bao Quan said: “Royal Highness, I’ll wait for ordered warrant assassin, please princes Xinggefangpian, they must do to stop me and other poor.”

  Evening dinner, just drunk men approached, began to stand on the table bacchanal.

  Typically not get you, I will des杭州桑拿洗浴troy you.
  ”But she is the illegitimate daughter!What can Joe!”
  ”Su is now empty shells, I’d like to see, what means something to her foothold!”
  The air full of loud, attracted the most viewers.
  Eat melon look different masses, most or gloat, sit on the sidelines type.
  As well as the suicidal type.
  ”Squeak” sound, the door is opened, the first to come out of a man dressed in a black suit.
  Look sharp knife, with an elan casual.
  Behind him is a beautiful physique Jiaoruan.
  Quiet and picturesque, such as fog light.
  It is equipped with antique Zhaizi eyes looked, felt himself crossed.
  Drink horse urine of men accosted oversized guts, is not counseling.
  He held his hand red bottle smashed in the past.
  The man suddenly reached out his arms to hug the Soviet Union rain.
  ”Popping” sound, red wine bottles broken.
  Fine pieces burst open, eat melon masses have run away screaming.
  Lu horizontal raised his face, at the end of eye was cut open a hole.
  There are blood spread.
  He was raising his hand, touched the wound, pulp Department has bright red blood.
  Men accosted still talk nonsense, foul-mouthed.
  Lu cross took off his suit, hooded Su rain, then heels, and walked over to the man accosted.

  Thanks to cast [mines] little angel: soy sauce w 3; a small West 1;

  Thanks to small irrigation [nutrition] angel:
  Wang Shu 19 bottles; a small 15 cc bottle; 5 bottles broken memory; Bucheon Little Prince 3 bottle; Allure small lion,!!, 1 bottle of soy sauce watts;
  Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!

Chapter 172 of the birth of idol
  Gu sleep quietly knocked on the door into the time, Li Chuze asleep on the couch, and even knock on the door did not hear.
  Gu went to sleep softly edge of the sofa, crouch down, carefully looked at Li Chuze.
  Look so close, only to find he seemed thinner, and it looks a bit tired, eyebrows slightly folded, at the moment there are shallow green, thick and long eyelashes, thick cover down.
  Such heat with her now, just two months on the job a bit too much.
  Let alone been red from the debut to the present Li Chuze.
  Li Chuze asleep but I did not make it seem unattainable.
  His good skin white, skin is also very good, even the pores are not, make the skin delicate girls are jealous.
  Gu sleep raised his hand, and with the back of his face for comparison and found that he could not tell her face, white, white hand.
  Li Chuze suddenly opened his eyes, and squatted on the edge of t佛山桑拿网he sofa to sleep care as a right.
  Both were stunned for a moment.
  Then you see Gu Li Chuze sleep being on hand in front of him, it seems, as if to touch him, but have not met him, he woke up.
  Li Chuze face heat a little, frowned.
  Gu sleep instantly drew back, embarrassed, said: “Are you awake?”
  Li Chuze sat up, looking a little stiff: “Something?”
  Gu watched him sleep a little stiff there is a clear complexion ears turn red heart with the number, she did a half upturned face makeup extraordinarily pure, blinked, he said:
  ”Nothing, that is a little like you. ”
  Li Chuze the people are froze, completely Gu sleep this sentence to overawed.
  Gu sleep lips sip out of a smile, peering at Li Chuze, without any tweaking shy: “Li Chuze, I love you.”
  This is the first time she called his name, speaking fluent, but with广州桑拿网 a soft tone.
  Li Chuze pupil contraction are up, their whole face tends to solidify status.
  ”How about you?”Gu sleep crooked head tilt:” Do you like me?”
  Li Chuze the Adam’s apple rolling a bit tough, ears heat quickly spread to the face, the pale skin gradually began to fill.

d and erect, he found the room Ruanta, obscure shadows, as if sitting in a vague voice.

  Meteors heart was in his throat: “little lady?”
  ”Ok.”Jiang Rou should be the sound.
  Meteors quickly lit candle, bright moment came, repel the darkness, only to see her couch si杭州桑拿tting in a white dress girl.
  The little girl seemed to have been waiting for a long time, barefoot, black hair hanging sof北京桑拿tly behind her hand, carrying a teapot.
  Rou Jiang shook teapot: “I am thirsty middle of the night, it will come to you no water to drink.”
  Meteors did not dare to the effect, she took the teapot ginger Rou hands, with fingertips touching, just touch her cold hands.
  ”You wait a long time yet?”She asked cautiously.
  Almond-eyed girl black and white, look to when water Wet, very soft.
  She shook her head: “also did not take long.”
  Meteors quickly took the teapot his room, poured a warm ginger tea and handed Rou.
  Rou drank ginger breath, it seems the thirst.
  She rubbed at corners of the mouth, barefoot jumping to stay: “I go back to sleep, you have early rest.”
  Meteors fingers trembling, she did not know ginger Rou you will not see anything, tunnel: “I send little lady back.”
  Jiang Rou never refused, until she retur深圳桑拿网ned to the room and lay back in a warm blanket, still he muttered: “Meteors, hard some of you, help me to see the talent of tomorrow fighting Yan wear costumes and craniofacial there is no mistake, I’m worried.”
  Meteors face is no different, she returned ginger Rou tucking: “Rest assured, I went to count properly and then rest.”
  Ruannuo waxy little girl to be the sound, and then turned over to self-indent warm bedding inside, close their eyes to sleep.
  Meteors and sat at the edge of the bed will determine ginger Rou really asleep, she got up, took a thin poin

e and want to stay away?

  Under not fully grasp, he tends to the conservative strategy the defenders, mostly from the majority of people live their lives.After a moment of emotional than try to be brave, people’s safety is the most important, even if it was ridicule timid, fear war, he also insists.
  But after a successful harvest twenty-five thousand enemy’s life, under the premise of their Meng toward the dominant, Daiqin Why so confident that you can get out?
  On the basis of Kaifeng hold on, his goal is to wipe out another Mongolian Jijun, they will forever remain in the land of Bangladesh towards.
  This is to protect the Mongolian grasslands will return all the way through the city without being the other’s attack looting, want to know how Mongolia Jijun after the北京夜生活网 setback would be crazy, is bound to anger to vent to the ground state capital.Furthermore their long journey also requires materials supply, do not need to know that they will want to Bangladesh from the city towards the plunder supply itself, only to suffer when people along the way.
  How can people watched the tragic fate imminent killings, not just Kaifeng should be protected, those weak defense forces belong to the same city towards Bangladesh, and also subject to the court’s attention.
  Furthermore, it will also be a warning to the Mongol court, and towards Bangladesh from time to time they coveted!
  Mongolia’s former military move, the army ready to go, after the team’s Jijun being quietly waiting for the team before moving.
  Although the withdrawal, but all busy but not chaotic, Daiqin not fixed Mangfu art of war.It seems杭州桑拿 cynical, but secretly been wary of action towards Bangladesh.
  The current team rushed all the way to the moment you are going to start, when he was relieved to think that Bangladesh towards the timid dare out of the city, suddenly raised the birth foreboding, that he suddenly creeps.
  ’Squeak’ drawbridge is lowered 上海夜网voice, like thunder resounded through the ears, Daiqin disbel

GB-2 in a game machine (game wave Y-2) on the line!”Liu Chang looked at his watch, then reminded everyone.

  ”You’re really not ambition, but my students Lee directed to the car!”Han Ying dissatisfaction patted her boyfriend said,.
  See Zouwen Rong Cai Tong and next to a very confused look, and he began high Kiki to their colleagues explained: “From one o’clock start.Each hour will conduct a lottery!Presumably you have just checked in time, it should have been notified!
  The biggest surprise of all prizes is a yellow sports car snow 佛兰科迈罗!Do you think that this civilian Ke Mailuo sports car, priced at just 100,000 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong.Less than the BMW, Mercedes Benz luxury cars these!
  But there is a very special significance today brought this car to do the prizes Kemai Luo, he is born Lee purchased the first car, but also his home garage only had himself been born Lee opened the road car!It is said that Li Sheng is driving this car had yellow Kemai Luo.Go to Ms. Chung happen, no matter!”
  Li Xuan family with multiple cars parked in the garage luxury sports car, but Li Xuan personally ever driven not only his former fame.Buy the bike snow 佛兰科迈罗 sports car, which is later in the “Transformers 1” Hornet.Later, for security reasons.Li Xuan riding trips are a variety of luxury armored car.
  So this car has been parked Ke Mailuo dust in Lee’s garage!Not long ago, Li Ke Li Xuan brother purchased a new Ferrari.But Lee has been parked in the garage, so he and his brother greeted old car ready to families

on the upstairs down, face some not so good look.

  See three men see themselves, Zhou Zhou Ji barely smiled: “I am sorry to let everyone waiting, we cut the cake it.”
  ”okay!B北京夜网ook tired Happy Birthday!”Ye pour show off to take the knife and fork, a few people were around in the past, Zhou Zhou Ji slightly relieved, thought of just test out the results, a time some absent-minded.
  Today, when she went to the pharmacy, in addition to buying a Jianweixiaoshi film, also bought a pregnancy test, is to confirm his guess what.And while she goes to the bathroom after just test a little, to see the results long while to speak.
  Guess pregnancy is one thing, she had really seen is another matter, and now she is really full of complex.If you are tired of the usual care book, now will be able to see her strange, yet he himself absent-minded, and therefore not aware of what.
  After birthday, leaves and pour a hurry to leave the Cham Chu, Zhou Zhou Ji went to bed early because drowsy, had still entangled want to sleep before the book do not tell Gu tired, but after seeing his face the moment unable to speak.He said I did not want, and if they insist born, not fair to him, she had better knock.She could not bear, not willing to.
  Gu book without the slightest sleepy tired, fell asleep after watching Zhou Zhou Ji, head is full of leaves,苏州桑拿 then pour, and finally he could not help but opened the maternal Forum, point into the birth of the plate.
  There are a lot of plates affixed to experience more of a sun baby, he felt a lot of good-looking kid, as if an angel mother in the mouth, which made him feel confused, do not understand why people became a father and mother, and even the basic aesthetic are gone.
  Although not understand, but still could not help but look down, I imagined interesting until the wee hours barely put the phone down, holding the little girl fell asleep..
  The next few days, two people a forum addicted mother, a tangle always hesitated, and finally on the same day


  But now this environment and to talk about, she did not dare open.
  Li Qin Yue did not touch them smoke, quietly curse the sentence.
  Cho Chih looked at her, in a heartbeat, in addition to stress, as well as fear.
  Li Qin Yue gave up smoking, long legs draped, cross in front of her.
  After a while, she asked Cho Chih: “This aptitude thing, you do not listen to me, listen to others?”
  ”No no no, I did not.”Cho Chih quickly denied,” he said, I did not believe, I am my sister’s publicity department.”
  ”I did not believe what a good reminder.”Li Qin Yue looked at her,” you pondering, this thing is for me to remind you, or they want to know.”
  Cho Chih Min Chun sip, lowered his head.
  Next to the cat stretch, mouth punched a big yawn, “Meow ~ ~ ~ ~” sound, ease the tense atmosphere.
  Zhuo juvenile pull the pull finger, I think it is to be sincere, then a small channel: “I want to know.”
  ”Oh.”Li Qin Yue suddenly laughed,” Do you think this aptitude thing, how determined?”
  Zhuo juveniles looked up to see her, gloomy: “I do not know, I’ve never thought about this issue.”
  ”What do you think about now.”Li pointed Qinyue

The “five-good drive on behalf of the youth of Bangkok” –

  Garbage heap best invitation is 3 million production costs, but the impact of delusion Golden Dragon Award for “Fall to Beijing”.
  Ah, very ideal.
  Script clearance.
  Talented director.
  Seemingly fly.
  In fact, most do not fly.
  This is the most impossible jobs rubbish appeared on the screen.
  Took a waste of time, Donna did not hesitate to choose the Empty mailbox.Let them all go to hell garbage.
  A lot of work, a good job is hard to find.
  Worry duck, duck worry.
  How to do, to make Yu Chak received a let him work it to the next level?
  In the evening, Zhuoyu appear in Donna’s home.
  ”My demon also let you satisfied with it?”
  Donna sat on the sofa, staring at the sight of the hands of mobile phones, said absently, “okay.”
  Zhuo Yu asked, “Where are my goods in?”
  Zhuo Yu looked several times, disbelief picked it so casually thrown on the coffee table coat of arms.
  Last at least there is a cardboard box, this time even cardboard boxes are gone.
  The coat of arms is also down with potato chips slag.
  Zhuo Yu would like to say a few words, think this is a monopoly business, can only put up with.
  He tried to look inside poured magical powers, soon sent the coat of arms

If you knew grams company, Mr. John Martin.When I first acquired company computer garden, one of the partners is Martin’s.But his hand only 10% of the shares.

  Computer Corner was Millard company’s other major shareholder, has put another 90% of the shares are all sold me.So Martin was forced sale of shares in the hands of.At that time he was prepared to resign, but I managed to retain him!I told him.Even if he did not have a little bit of the shares, if he wants to stay, people can still become a gram company really call the shots!
  So Martin chose to stay, and now he had the right choice has been rewarded.He is now one of the most famous National Retail managers, popular pursuit of capital on Wall Street.Grams last year to pay his salary, bonus and equity worth more than $ 15 million, can be described as fame and fortune!
  And today I also want you to stay, because I think Blockbuster company can develop into the next one gram company in the Eastern bloc!You sell the entire equity interest of choice is very wise, because Blockbuster now is too small.
  Even if you keep a stake, after a lot of capital into the Eastern bloc, these shares will be diluted quickly to negligible proportions!But you should stay because the resulting company Blockbuster massive blood transfusion after the Eastern bloc, the next time it is a grand exhibition!
  You absolutely do not need to worry about their future work, I will not be a handicap.I can say something not very nice words, Eastern Group, as a total of up to several hundred billion dollars of assets over