But now this environment and to talk about, she did not dare open.
  Li Qin Yue did not touch them smoke, quietly curse the sentence.
  Cho Chih looked at her, in a heartbeat, in addition to stress, as well as fear.
  Li Qin Yue gave up smoking, long legs draped, cross in front of her.
  After a while, she asked Cho Chih: “This aptitude thing, you do not listen to me, listen to others?”
  ”No no no, I did not.”Cho Chih quickly denied,” he said, I did not believe, I am my sister’s publicity department.”
  ”I did not believe what a good reminder.”Li Qin Yue looked at her,” you pondering, this thing is for me to remind you, or they want to know.”
  Cho Chih Min Chun sip, lowered his head.
  Next to the cat stretch, mouth punched a big yawn, “Meow ~ ~ ~ ~” sound, ease the tense atmosphere.
  Zhuo juvenile pull the pull finger, I think it is to be sincere, then a small channel: “I want to know.”
  ”Oh.”Li Qin Yue suddenly laughed,” Do you think this aptitude thing, how determined?”
  Zhuo juveniles looked up to see her, gloomy: “I do not know, I’ve never thought about this issue.”
  ”What do you think about now.”Li pointed Qinyue

The “five-good drive on behalf of the youth of Bangkok” –

  Garbage heap best invitation is 3 million production costs, but the impact of delusion Golden Dragon Award for “Fall to Beijing”.
  Ah, very ideal.
  Script clearance.
  Talented director.
  Seemingly fly.
  In fact, most do not fly.
  This is the most impossible jobs rubbish appeared on the screen.
  Took a waste of time, Donna did not hesitate to choose the Empty mailbox.Let them all go to hell garbage.
  A lot of work, a good job is hard to find.
  Worry duck, duck worry.
  How to do, to make Yu Chak received a let him work it to the next level?
  In the evening, Zhuoyu appear in Donna’s home.
  ”My demon also let you satisfied with it?”
  Donna sat on the sofa, staring at the sight of the hands of mobile phones, said absently, “okay.”
  Zhuo Yu asked, “Where are my goods in?”
  Zhuo Yu looked several times, disbelief picked it so casually thrown on the coffee table coat of arms.
  Last at least there is a cardboard box, this time even cardboard boxes are gone.
  The coat of arms is also down with potato chips slag.
  Zhuo Yu would like to say a few words, think this is a monopoly business, can only put up with.
  He tried to look inside poured magical powers, soon sent the coat of arms

If you knew grams company, Mr. John Martin.When I first acquired company computer garden, one of the partners is Martin’s.But his hand only 10% of the shares.

  Computer Corner was Millard company’s other major shareholder, has put another 90% of the shares are all sold me.So Martin was forced sale of shares in the hands of.At that time he was prepared to resign, but I managed to retain him!I told him.Even if he did not have a little bit of the shares, if he wants to stay, people can still become a gram company really call the shots!
  So Martin chose to stay, and now he had the right choice has been rewarded.He is now one of the most famous National Retail managers, popular pursuit of capital on Wall Street.Grams last year to pay his salary, bonus and equity worth more than $ 15 million, can be described as fame and fortune!
  And today I also want you to stay, because I think Blockbuster company can develop into the next one gram company in the Eastern bloc!You sell the entire equity interest of choice is very wise, because Blockbuster now is too small.
  Even if you keep a stake, after a lot of capital into the Eastern bloc, these shares will be diluted quickly to negligible proportions!But you should stay because the resulting company Blockbuster massive blood transfusion after the Eastern bloc, the next time it is a grand exhibition!
  You absolutely do not need to worry about their future work, I will not be a handicap.I can say something not very nice words, Eastern Group, as a total of up to several hundred billion dollars of assets over

If the lost and lonely, you will not see prosperity

People will always be setbacks, there will be low tide, when there will not be understood, this is precisely the most critical time of life, at this moment, we need to be patient, to wait with confidence, I believe that life will not abandon you, fate will not abandon you.If the lost and lonely, you will not see prosperity.

Strive to be a strong person inside

[Strive to be a person of strong heart] 1, no matter what, remember do it for yourself, then complain.2, the face of difficulties, do not pessimism.3, life is not absolutely fair, but relatively fair.On a balance scale, the more you get, you must have to bear more than others.4, at any time in life are not afraid to start over, each seemingly low starting point, is the only way leading to greater heights.

Not everyone, are worthy of our trust

Not everyone, are worthy of our trust; not every thing that can make us liking.There are attitudes of people, there are all sorts of things, everyone has their own situation, everyone has their own thoughts, life is impossible, everyone will trust, for their own, are in the minority of.What we do, liking a lot of, a lot of bother.Life has taught us to understand things, to understand others, to look at the pros and cons of mind dull.

Life, need down to earth, no so-called empty illusory dream

Harbor a dream of course is a good thing.However, when we clearly recognize that there is no ability to complete their dreams, it is better turned to choose a more realistic goal.Life, need down to earth, no so-called empty illusory dream.Find their own way, not necessarily a pleasure.We pursue any dream, but ultimately the pursuit of happiness, not because of those distant dream, happiness destruction and discarding what they have.

Do not cherish the love horoscope boys

In love and everyone has its own unique charm, it has an unusual side.Love to pay most of the people tend to get good results, and this one certainly missed these do not cherish the other half of the boys.  So, take a look at the current constellation boys do not know how to cherish the love.  First: treat male lion male lion love really really paid a lot, but only to find when you are wholly owned, perhaps around you that people are not as good as you previously thought.You will even find it too before you make a choice, so you will gradually give up.When this feeling fleeting, you found out that deep inner desire that person is beyond imagination.You do not know how to cherish, mainly because you own a strong sense of superiority, conceited that has caused you made the wrong choices in love, perhaps time to return to the original, you will not be so proud of it!  Second: Gemini men Gemini Yixing Yuan so good, you really know how to make a girl happy, so you never lack the pursuit of other people around, your heart the desire to have a strong expansion around you think there are so many girl.Emotional aspects are not using special treasure whose existence, but because of this, you just lost a beautiful love.Maybe your girl in the pursuit of which has been a very suitable candidate, but you do not want to believe that this is what you usher in love, together with the Gemini people really want to know quite what type of love of.Age, is the character, or even the appearance of these factors you are unsure of Gemini, so you will continue to find, but it has not met the right person.Still cherish the people around it!  Third: Scorpio Male sharp tongue, can be described as the Scorpio man through some personality traits.But your mouth is too hard, even if it is people like this that you will be hurt profits mouth.Many times you just to protect yourself, do not let yourself hurt in love will do so.When you hurt like, deep down there will be a lot of hate, this may be a poor quality of Scorpio men in love can not be changed.That is, you have a loved one to a strong abuse the practice, but also for their masochistic tendencies, you knew you loved one to cherish, but you happens to twist his head dry.Do you really need a change of duplicity in order to win a better love oh!  Fourth: Taurus Male Who is the best time to give your love, and the Taurus man in love is because there are too many tests, pondering uncertain just missed a beautiful love.When you want to treasure, I used to love people have because of your indifference and left early.You give up a little earlier guess of love, love you will have better results, in fact, the couple were not tested too much, but you mishandled scale, so that the suffering of a loved one sad to leave.This is not the outcome you want, but you have not changed your final thoughts, so you better a little more tenderness of a loved one.He gave little hint of it, maybe this is a cherished feeling it!  Fifth: If Aries Aries men active pursuit of love, he may also know the treasure, but to pour Tieshanglai woman Aries never cherish, even if they pay this woman a lot, Aries will turn a blind eye.Aries people treat love is possessive and has a strong desire to conquer, and if things can not get because he was deep inside this man regarded as better.But sometimes is not what you get is the best, when you really have found each other and have a lot of drawbacks, you will be turned away from.When you leave, you regret that make their own decisions.In fact, Aries really need to think about it calmly, as a fire sign, is the first of the twelve constellations of you, really easy to do something to make yourself regret the impulse thing.

The Tyrant constellation Bi Gelang station also Stingy

The poor will certainly do Stingy?Does not necessarily mean, on the contrary, some people wealthy, but is a Grandet, even though the money and how to become a stingy tyrant also is not necessarily a matter of honor, twelve constellations, there are these constellations Ge Long table, see if you have the list right.  No.1: Speaking to pull every Taurus, came in first place is you, but yet you feel that this is not called stingy, but nothing more budget-conscious, people will live or not the local tyrants, we must uphold the good thrift character, not the money there is no moral ah!  You have to pull the rankings, you have the same rankings Tyrant, a Tyrant is very pull your own adjective, insisting life is plain and simple, not extravagant waste not, but also to pull money than the average masses!  No.2: Gemini you make money very powerful, but that does not mean you have to spend money very much, you have to be jealous of their labors, bit by bit, all this pain, no gain, and can not resist to a local tyrant of course, be nor Prodigal.  You enjoy watching the deposit numbers rising sense of superiority, so you gradually develop a habit only to spend less money, or even a local tyrant worth cheek Cengfan eat, you could save a little bit of ah!  No.3: Virgo, in your opinion, is another name Tyrant effort, when you work hard enough, things can become among the Tyrant is expected, does not need to show off what, low-key life, low-key things to borrow money in order to avoid being the eye!  Pull both your instincts, but also deliberately, strong your self-protection awareness, the more likely the higher the tune of a local tyrant thing, but it did not pull the tyrant who will find you have a tyrant, a tyrant took their possessions to live ordinary pull day is the most practical!You might also like: small mind these signs, as long as you live good and I did not own a set of principles, its own way of Zodiac constellation difficult to overcome psychological problems first big Secret Star Games: Sagittarius 2016 fortune full version

Mount Hope Women

[Editor’s note] that girls love Mount Hope, it is a different girl.This paper to write the story of a working girl using the labor gap studious, offer inspiration. Acquaintance plum, ten years ago.At that time, I was sweating naked on a construction site, an old man led a peasant girl came to the foreman, said to be working.Later, the girl will be left on site.Initially, we are very strange, did not say much to each other, as time goes by, they will be cooked, then also multiply.The girl said her name is Mei, who lives in the valley in the far, just finish high school.Perhaps born in the mountains because of it, especially in the mountain plum love.QUICKER gap, often gaze up that faint shadow of the mountain meditation.We will call her daughter Mount Hope.Mei very lively, love love to laugh love to sing.Her arrival, no doubt to the monotony of the site added a ray of sunshine.Mei with his hands, work very Maili Qi.Despite this, not as foreman of Italy.Foreman is a very selfish person mean, every time I see Mei Lookout Mountain, there is always went over fiercely scolded: “What made his mother to stay, but for people Valentine’s face, you get out early to catch!”At this time, then two plum full of tears, quietly got up and left without a word.After a few times after this curse, plum still not change the habit of Lookout Mountain, just wasting more, always I love love to laugh and she became silent, meaning a gnawing books.I learned later, Mei participated in the self-examination.One day, Mei excitedly came, pulled me into a secluded place hastily said: “I, I passed!”Oozing fine layer of sweat on the forehead bright.”What passed?”I very much doubt took her red handed me a book.”Diploma” four golden characters come into view.I understand everything.Mei eyes looked a trace of surprise in beating the face of such a living off others, unwilling to sink the girl, what can I say?”You really simple!”Besides, I can not say another word.Time is like flowing water, long gone, gone with the plum are already more than a decade.I “Zi” career, whenever frustrated Gordon comes, I always think of Mei, a girl who loved to Mount Hope.[Editor: Butterflies]