Do not cherish the love horoscope boys

In love and everyone has its own unique charm, it has an unusual side.Love to pay most of the people tend to get good results, and this one certainly missed these do not cherish the other half of the boys.  So, take a look at the current constellation boys do not know how to cherish the love.  First: treat male lion male lion love really really paid a lot, but only to find when you are wholly owned, perhaps around you that people are not as good as you previously thought.You will even find it too before you make a choice, so you will gradually give up.When this feeling fleeting, you found out that deep inner desire that person is beyond imagination.You do not know how to cherish, mainly because you own a strong sense of superiority, conceited that has caused you made the wrong choices in love, perhaps time to return to the original, you will not be so proud of it!  Second: Gemini men Gemini Yixing Yuan so good, you really know how to make a girl happy, so you never lack the pursuit of other people around, your heart the desire to have a strong expansion around you think there are so many girl.Emotional aspects are not using special treasure whose existence, but because of this, you just lost a beautiful love.Maybe your girl in the pursuit of which has been a very suitable candidate, but you do not want to believe that this is what you usher in love, together with the Gemini people really want to know quite what type of love of.Age, is the character, or even the appearance of these factors you are unsure of Gemini, so you will continue to find, but it has not met the right person.Still cherish the people around it!  Third: Scorpio Male sharp tongue, can be described as the Scorpio man through some personality traits.But your mouth is too hard, even if it is people like this that you will be hurt profits mouth.Many times you just to protect yourself, do not let yourself hurt in love will do so.When you hurt like, deep down there will be a lot of hate, this may be a poor quality of Scorpio men in love can not be changed.That is, you have a loved one to a strong abuse the practice, but also for their masochistic tendencies, you knew you loved one to cherish, but you happens to twist his head dry.Do you really need a change of duplicity in order to win a better love oh!  Fourth: Taurus Male Who is the best time to give your love, and the Taurus man in love is because there are too many tests, pondering uncertain just missed a beautiful love.When you want to treasure, I used to love people have because of your indifference and left early.You give up a little earlier guess of love, love you will have better results, in fact, the couple were not tested too much, but you mishandled scale, so that the suffering of a loved one sad to leave.This is not the outcome you want, but you have not changed your final thoughts, so you better a little more tenderness of a loved one.He gave little hint of it, maybe this is a cherished feeling it!  Fifth: If Aries Aries men active pursuit of love, he may also know the treasure, but to pour Tieshanglai woman Aries never cherish, even if they pay this woman a lot, Aries will turn a blind eye.Aries people treat love is possessive and has a strong desire to conquer, and if things can not get because he was deep inside this man regarded as better.But sometimes is not what you get is the best, when you really have found each other and have a lot of drawbacks, you will be turned away from.When you leave, you regret that make their own decisions.In fact, Aries really need to think about it calmly, as a fire sign, is the first of the twelve constellations of you, really easy to do something to make yourself regret the impulse thing.

The Tyrant constellation Bi Gelang station also Stingy

The poor will certainly do Stingy?Does not necessarily mean, on the contrary, some people wealthy, but is a Grandet, even though the money and how to become a stingy tyrant also is not necessarily a matter of honor, twelve constellations, there are these constellations Ge Long table, see if you have the list right.  No.1: Speaking to pull every Taurus, came in first place is you, but yet you feel that this is not called stingy, but nothing more budget-conscious, people will live or not the local tyrants, we must uphold the good thrift character, not the money there is no moral ah!  You have to pull the rankings, you have the same rankings Tyrant, a Tyrant is very pull your own adjective, insisting life is plain and simple, not extravagant waste not, but also to pull money than the average masses!  No.2: Gemini you make money very powerful, but that does not mean you have to spend money very much, you have to be jealous of their labors, bit by bit, all this pain, no gain, and can not resist to a local tyrant of course, be nor Prodigal.  You enjoy watching the deposit numbers rising sense of superiority, so you gradually develop a habit only to spend less money, or even a local tyrant worth cheek Cengfan eat, you could save a little bit of ah!  No.3: Virgo, in your opinion, is another name Tyrant effort, when you work hard enough, things can become among the Tyrant is expected, does not need to show off what, low-key life, low-key things to borrow money in order to avoid being the eye!  Pull both your instincts, but also deliberately, strong your self-protection awareness, the more likely the higher the tune of a local tyrant thing, but it did not pull the tyrant who will find you have a tyrant, a tyrant took their possessions to live ordinary pull day is the most practical!You might also like: small mind these signs, as long as you live good and I did not own a set of principles, its own way of Zodiac constellation difficult to overcome psychological problems first big Secret Star Games: Sagittarius 2016 fortune full version

Mount Hope Women

[Editor’s note] that girls love Mount Hope, it is a different girl.This paper to write the story of a working girl using the labor gap studious, offer inspiration. Acquaintance plum, ten years ago.At that time, I was sweating naked on a construction site, an old man led a peasant girl came to the foreman, said to be working.Later, the girl will be left on site.Initially, we are very strange, did not say much to each other, as time goes by, they will be cooked, then also multiply.The girl said her name is Mei, who lives in the valley in the far, just finish high school.Perhaps born in the mountains because of it, especially in the mountain plum love.QUICKER gap, often gaze up that faint shadow of the mountain meditation.We will call her daughter Mount Hope.Mei very lively, love love to laugh love to sing.Her arrival, no doubt to the monotony of the site added a ray of sunshine.Mei with his hands, work very Maili Qi.Despite this, not as foreman of Italy.Foreman is a very selfish person mean, every time I see Mei Lookout Mountain, there is always went over fiercely scolded: “What made his mother to stay, but for people Valentine’s face, you get out early to catch!”At this time, then two plum full of tears, quietly got up and left without a word.After a few times after this curse, plum still not change the habit of Lookout Mountain, just wasting more, always I love love to laugh and she became silent, meaning a gnawing books.I learned later, Mei participated in the self-examination.One day, Mei excitedly came, pulled me into a secluded place hastily said: “I, I passed!”Oozing fine layer of sweat on the forehead bright.”What passed?”I very much doubt took her red handed me a book.”Diploma” four golden characters come into view.I understand everything.Mei eyes looked a trace of surprise in beating the face of such a living off others, unwilling to sink the girl, what can I say?”You really simple!”Besides, I can not say another word.Time is like flowing water, long gone, gone with the plum are already more than a decade.I “Zi” career, whenever frustrated Gordon comes, I always think of Mei, a girl who loved to Mount Hope.[Editor: Butterflies]

Co-plate analysis: the other side of Saturn into their own seventh house

In astrology among the seven palaces imply that any object, any object called here, is free to represent in each case, how easily accessible to non-specific object, but a person can understand the seven palaces.So, go astrolabe co-plate analysis to see the other side of the seventh house Saturn into their own how?  This is a difficult, but very difficult to get rid of “difficult” relationships to house.If both sides are seldom associated with other planets, resulting in up to seven palaces are always unclear due to “hate” this side of Saturn, Saturn reluctant to close.  If only so be it, but why this position very often on behalf of their fate edge, especially when there are other planets parties involved, both sides always take care of some unknown force in one, perhaps co-workers, family members, perhaps, the worst husband and wife.The more intimate the relationship, the more serious problem, always separated by a layer visible and invisible barriers between each other, causing difficulty getting along.  Often Saturn this party is a person intentionally or unintentionally manufacturing obstacles, they may be extremely strict and pessimistic worry about disturbing people, maybe they really have mental or physical defects, while killing seven people feel burdened Palace.  Normally this relationship is no joy, life is only suffering, patience and accept the reality.This is often a so-called “heavy karma” relationships, people often difficult to get rid of seven palaces control of one of Saturn.  When the other horoscope Saturn seventh house and Saturn into their own phase in good pairing disk, the other party can give a sense of stability in a marriage or partnership relationship, but this combination is not pleasant to get along together, always with a cold, repressed or restricted sense; on the contrary, if the Saturn phase of the poor, the other party will have a negative impact on your partner in terms of marriage, the other pessimistic, conservative, traditional or actual tendency is likely to cause unpleasant relationship to each other.You might also like: Southern Cross legends, from romantic to speak, the smell of the eight planets and the sun, with a more than a distant planet in the solar system with eight planets proportional to the size of the first Horoscope: Leo Horoscope 2016

Freezing point and boiling point

Some people like ice cold, because calm; but not close, but also because of the cool ice.Some people like the fire of fanaticism, because enthusiasm; more not close, or because the fanatical fire.In clear natural body, there is the boiling point and freezing point of the perfect combination.New Year’s Day each year, the school and the students always want to organize Youth League?Times a variety of activities, although busy, but very few new ideas.This year, the playground became an unprecedented price student booth, CD, tapes, books, games flying.3-day business, let us light a lot of pressure on the stock.When the fast end of the day, there is always a bespectacled boy to disappointing: a fast closing Taner, pack up and go back to school, come back next time.Who is he?We grade?Ah, the Communist Youth League.He’s kinda funny, every time when people are sullenly boom, strong Renzhao Xiao.It is clear then to my first impression.Since then, found graded teaching, I and his English in a class.Closing of Arts and placement, he assigned our class.Winter holiday, I interviewed Benson finalized, I ran to get clear.School, class teacher and then as a designated clear language class representative, eye-popping his appearance is typical of the type of science, is not genteel.Surprisingly, he was very competent representative of this class, often stunned language lesson.Two days ago, “Thunderstorm” in our class staged.He decorated ZHOU, wearing a dark blue robe, still wearing glasses, gestures reveals an old China capitalists gentleman gas.ZHOU dilemma, his look is wavering; his sullen when voice full of explosive.Curtain fell, waves of applause.He once said he liked Slam Dunk, bought a VCD.Yingmuhuadao Xipixiaolian like to say: I am a genius!I’ve seen them play basketball together.I belong to watch outsiders, but insiders say he was like a general technology.Lessons learned, and technology needs to be improved.There are a classic special physical education, we girls playing volleyball, the ball fly, side Picking a girl shouted: Yeah this is what Big Brother?!I followed her finger, see the rebound, a black youth, on the grounds of sitting cross-legged, holding a black book, a closer look: turned out to be high school physics Reading!It is clear then black youth.Basketball flying in front of him will be as nothing, this man frowning, still see with relish.I had to give him!A fierce woman can not help but sigh.Sleepless nights as he did bite physical nature fruitful.Not only the physical, the whole science are accomplished.Recently, he participated in the mathematics competition, all multiple-choice questions per FECT; aldehyde chemical talked about silver mirror reaction, demonstration test done after the teacher, looking for someone to do another one.In view of formaldehyde reputation is not very good, or for other reasons, under the silence.I come!Then, clear then strode podium, taking the tube, was added dropwise a solution, there might be a kind of mold.With a good solution, use your hand over the heat, to appear silver mirror.He stood there with a straight face, carefully clutching a test tube, after a while child, he let go, a layer of silver mirror appear in the test tube wall, the effect is even better than the teacher’s demonstration test.Under the laughter.Possible, above plot can occur in many people’s stories, so I want to tell someone to tell me the story of his winter vacation.I was about to send to send him across the North Star Mall thinking.I point to the card, from the overpass, did not see him, just relax, I would see a person in the bridge, head to the fast food outlet, from memory, then this person is cleared.Hi!Hello, you’re clear then it?Very tacky and very useful opening remarks, let’s go inside.To the second floor, a glass of Coke, a cup of lemon tea, conversation began, first chat.I noticed one of his clothes, from jackets to sweaters are all black; neither burly stature, nor weight loss; facial features nothing special, but quite angular face; speak a tepid, not wide not sound fine, but with a special tail.The question first, I ask the story of his junior high school.Intuitively, that he is not very smooth 3 years.I was in junior high school?In the.My elementary school graduation exam before the exam 177.5 points, mathematics 80 points on 93 languages.5 points.I just junior high school, the results quite times.Our school principal called the old war, is said to be veterans, we are very strict tube, do not wear uniforms rushed us on the playground shouting you do uniforms?!Wear to!I was in the second class, the teacher called Wang Jun, Yang and Wu is a group of the couple, then the two of us split classes, and engage in different levels of teaching pilot.After the sub is over, we learn together, and the atmosphere is better.Because the couple is taught Well, who then had to listen, both of which are class teacher, they have also very strict tube.The teacher told me to stay a fairly long time, they would teach me how to behave, rather than always telling me how to learn, talk to the teacher exchange feelings.At that time just out of school, in their words, it is one of the foul problems.They say a lot of things, I do not particularly acceptable, for example, quick exam, they always let us define the back, get a foundation.I think the problem is not going to do it on the line!The teacher may also capacity constraints it, academic performance has been stagnant.Wait until the first two days, come up academic performance.In any case, they help to me particularly large, or else not on?in.Junior high school, what do think is very handy, physics, chemistry competition I must take the first, did not run!The first two days, I took part in the HM group.A man named Sun Ming and I learned together, very good relations.The two of us together in the Science and Technology Museum of these people..Summer vacation, busy national game, do not go home every day, all day with the teacher work together, then take a train to Henan game.Because the model aircraft can not match in the city, in the vicinity of the airport, or where there is a large lawn, it is especially difficult conditions.That I took the gold medal, but also thanks to Sun Ming.We do aircraft ignition launch, the rocket and then fall off and let it glide in the air.Once flight, wind, fly the aircraft lost.That is what I do best aircraft, light aircraft several grams than others, or to see it fly lost.At that time he went to the wilderness, climbing room to find the aircraft, particularly miserable.Even helicopters were spent, still can not find.I had brought two aircraft, there is a bad fly.Sun Ming time did not participate in the competition, in order to help me, and lend me his plane took.That aircraft flying is not very good, the two of us working towards the same night, the next day flight, the third day of the tournament, did not expect success, but also quite easy.That felt everything without effort, really can not do it.If you are not experiencing difficulties, you do not let God into!Like on ‘day to drop any man also, we must first suffer their aspirations’, in particular those remarks justified.At the museum, our teacher turned out to be the national team, the day he learned to follow the model aircraft, learned a lot, but now is no time, and so can only be finished university in order to continue the.

Qixia leaves

Yilianyoumeng, mountain leaves.    Over the pages of the calendar, Chongyang today, tomorrow is the frost.Friendly, cool, soft sun, casual autumn is almost complete.A strong urge to go out of their own desire, wanted to drive Qixia, take a look at leaves, autumn chase tread the footsteps that come and gone.    Qixiashan ancient name of the mountain taken, because there were Qixia Temple, named.There is a saying, the mountain leaves the habitat, it is called Qixia.Qixia autumn: sky blue, Bai Yunfei crossing; Fenglin bright, Danxia one; from afar, such as blood, Yanhong Yao head; like fire, burning desire to be jump.It is not only pay tribute to the men of letters, but is also the land of emperors Fortunately tour.”Parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February,” No wonder the late autumn, the maple leaf that Qixia, not only their own drunken cheek red, the more fascinated thousands of tourists in the past.    I love Qixia leaves, from the occasional necessity to have a process.Father vindicated complaint three years, no one to turn sued, 1989 late autumn, the mother led the family came to the mouth of the old fifth Qixia Temple to burn incense and pray.Perhaps sincerity can affect even the Lord Buddha bless; perhaps we again appeal for his father’s reasons and evidence are very well; perhaps because of things right in line with the policy; perhaps met enforce the law, pragmatic good.A few years later, although the twists and turns, finally rehabilitated father miscarriages of justice.Or fall leaves mountain, or a family of five, we relaxed, full of love to Qixia Temple votive.That year the red Maple Leaf is more than the cherry, peach and more dense than that, it seems that where they do not compare it lively spring.Emerald pine trees and pine in a red backdrop, the Mau is particularly lush green.Always say “safflower needs green leaves” by mutual pine leaves and bring out the beauty that shades affordable, creating a unique “Autumn in Spring”.Since then, I believed in Buddha, and Qixia, and leaves the indissoluble bond.    Later, whenever golden bright, blue sky high Miao, distant land, I like to climb afar, walking Maplewood, you will feel comfortable and cheerful.Or trivial to break free of the fetters and find a broad mind; or subjected to unbearable grievances, ironing wounded soul; and the face of the sky was clear autumn fruit laden autumn, no longer their own setbacks and sink.This year out of a personal essays album, there are three essays appeared in the “Famous Chinese writer to appreciate” and “China Selected Essays,” which “recover peace of mind” also won the first prize, with my personality not play the success to nature, the more joy a trace of harvest.    I silently walk through the maple, white-haired old man next to some maple chatting, laughing, jump, jump, kick the legs, joints Events.More then chose the mountain, and some Emotion, some stumble, and some unhurried, steep place, each arm, silver-haired Hao must dotted with mountain leaves from afar, just like a stop egret among the layers of Maplewood.    Sky, bright and clean porcelain general; as brilliant hillside, dream.    Fenglin still stroll today, feeling very unique.Sunset – the elderly – Dan, Chung Yeung Festival blend together, never had a tragic sense of pessimism, lingering.    In this Dutch chrysanthemum withered old late autumn, autumn frost unexpected, but also at many plants season to life overnight haggard, spilled into the crevices of leaves rustling broken shadow, rustling in the breeze, the trembling uncertainty, this Reflected dying species forced fragile life makes me pity and regret, and felt a chill soak into the skin.    And each piece of maple leaves sprout experience tender green, light red stretch, slowly turned into a thick red infiltration, frost season is about to enter the end of life, but as the furnace of fire, gives a warm and imaginative.Maple Leaf is not gray, black, withered as desolately.It turn red, become red, lending a golden hillside.At this point, every leaf, bright red fruits are like, proud and mighty hung in the branches, this delightful deeply shocked me.    Every old man from dew like crystal smug teenager to young people across the wheat-like dignified middle-aged until doddering old age, dedication light and heat of life, to social, to future generations, like silkworms spin silk, candles burn, no regrets.    Ancient poetry there are many words of encouragement elderly, such as “old steed, high aspirations.Martyrs old age, mistakes, and apologized. “.”God pity You Cao, human re-Reaching”.”Xia Yu Shang sky”, reads, encouraging the elderly.Can pause and ponder carefully between the lines, it is not difficult to find, these verses is to give encouragement and comfort to the elderly.Whenever the leaves scatter, people always can not help but sprouted inexplicable melancholy.I think that is over sixty, seventy, a ripe old age for the elderly, perhaps more will breed a touch of desolate and lonely.Can now, the old man did not mind forever young decadence and sink, no muddling along, but in the mouth of the river stretch and majestic posture smile for the future, live healthy, live smart, live gusto, as if they life really began from here.Sunset affectionately kissed the earth, breeze scattered purple save the falling clouds and a touch of red dye cream Yanlong of one thousand Dan, deep and shallow woven into the late autumn brocade.    I picked up a Ye Hongfeng, it actually is not inferior to the red tree.Yes, or how long, it will be ups and downs all the leaves in the autumn wind, dying himself, left the nutrients and light branches, bred and look forward to another vibrant spring.And now, they are chic and have a rhythm, to visit and pay respects to those who played a farewell dance.    Perhaps, life and should be like this Ye Hongfeng.    Perhaps, leisurely life on the way.    I do not know how, I some moist eyes, to say goodbye to this tragic and beautiful, this is always red.Zhu Qing was written in mid-2004 Chung Yeung Festival

So ordinary happiness

Cook woman has just put into the pot, the man’s phone call came: wife, did not sleep?So ordinary happiness, contentment you do not, it was about hot dishes.Not hot, we go out to eat.Yeah all night.Put it down coat, I’ll wait for you.Man in tone stubborn and full of expectations, a woman can not bear refused, softly A: Good.Corridor silence, the woman just under half floor, I heard a man intentionally Qing Ke.Woman whispered: how on coming?Are you afraid of fear.Yuehua Jian has come near to men, two people hand down.The doors of the parlor, a red taxi was parked at the door.Sat in the car, the woman frowned: how not any lock the car ah?Man patted his head, said: Hey, just think you’re scared, anxious to pick you up.Wife, do not get angry ah, I could not even go out usually spit phlegm will cover the floor of the lock.Woman Puchi laughed: Do not loquacious, which most of the night to eat what food it?Kids are in elementary school, you want to save more money, mother in poor health, but also save some money, there are not afraid, let’s eat a bowl of noodles.By the way, do not say let you sleep for my own hot dishes on the line right?The man said, putting aside the direction of the woman’s’ll only easy way to eat cold.You work so hard every day, do not say much good to eat, always eat it warm.You ah man shook his head, his face was hanging spoiled satisfaction and happiness.Streets empty silence.People are really small, warm bed in it.The woman said, increasingly distressed men, repeatedly said: Do not out of the city at night, how much money does not work!Ah, I remember the.This has been asked countless, and every man should have affirmed and solemnly, he will try to give a woman a peace of mind!Seven Shui 8 rpm, the car stopped at a nearby noodle shop alley.Locked car, the gap between men and women have to stop the disorder from the front of the taxi through.Eat so many drivers face?Woman was surprised.Yes, this beef noodle specially Road side, not expensive.Once seated, forthright man to place up: the boss, to two bowls of beef noodles, a son tendons, a cauliflower, a beer, a bottle of Coke.Woman a little anxious: not to say that driving do not drink it?How so expensive dishes point?Men did not explain, just smile Oh front of the cup with a napkin and carefully wipe good woman.End wine, the wine man placed in front of a woman, put Coke in his face, smiled and said: I totally remember your words, wine is for you.I?Woman was surprised.Customers shop almost all men, some focusing instead eat, drink and talk about just pull some live, noodle shop only own one woman.Woman whispered: I am sorry in this drink it.What are they afraid ah.The man said to open a beer, filling the cup to a woman.Woman smiled, no longer a dispute, but also to the men pour cola.Beef noodles arrived, hot, tangy flavor.Incense!Like light woman.Ah, this is the secret of the soup to cook, I found a long time to find this.A man.Woman chopsticks to stir up a little face, said: taste can be really tempting, saliva must flow out.That fast food, delicious hot.Men eagerly looking woman, woman to face into the mouth, chew or two on just could not nod: Well authentic, tasty beef noodles in my hometown.Men seem to have been waiting for this, the woman had finished speaking, men relaxed against the back of a chair, fun exhales from the chest.You also eat ah, look at me doing silly.Woman hurried.Well, well, eat together.The man should, but does not move chopsticks, but took out his cell phone to see.A woman was about to ask, but suddenly excited face man stood up and said loudly: here man child, now is 11:00 midnight on the 24th 59 minutes, One minute is 25.No. 25 is a good day was my wife’s birthday, 30th birthday!Radio always say that women particularly valued 30-year-old’s birthday, in the hope that one day some special celebrations.I was a brother, had the home under the old and small, not to engage in big, to think with my wife to eat a bowl of longevity noodles taste of her hometown, the first time this point, the man stared at the woman, He said with deep feeling: wife, first time, wish you a happy birthday!Yanba, a man Yang Bo, drink it a cup of cola.Noodle shop where people first curious to listen, they will erupt in applause, he looked at a friendly woman.Woman’s fair face became red apple, children floating body became clouds.A 50-year-old brother Duanzhebeizi came and said to the woman: sister happy birthday!Subsequently, the man came to congratulate the whole, their hands, some holding a mug, some holding mineral water.The boss also to congratulate, announced tonight that the birthday noodles beef noodles can be made fresh, all free single.The car, the man asked softly: wife, happy you?Ah, a woman should quietly.Man while driving the pleasant humming “Happy Birthday”.Woman mouth Qing Yang, Yang Qi smile, a beautiful circle of ripples in the cheeks, Suri life full of heavy and tired cleared.At the moment, women feel that they are so light, joy and happiness.

Liar game

Cousin divorced three years ago,.  She made a personal web page, put your own data into them, including better glamorous glamorous sexy pictures.High popularity website, reportedly it did not take long to reach hundreds of thousands Visitors.  Her busy enjoying themselves, the QQ head flashes, requiring entrants one after another, as if he suddenly became Snow White.After months of Ebb Tide, eventually locking the heart of Prince Charming.This is the person allegedly a lock industry in Zhejiang company executives, rich, the annual party in his early forties, orphans, retired naval officer, adoptive parents in Beijing, like to do charity, his wife died and so.  After making out on the network, and finally Prince Charming to come to Changsha to see the Snow White.Cousin abnormal excitement, ahead of a lot of preparation reception.First Musical dinner with a future colleague, a person must be gentle, decent conversation, generous, younger sister to make a lot of fight in front of colleagues face.  Cousin or to the audience, a phone, we had at home waiting for the VIP visit.First door greeting, hands carrying large bags, take off your shoes, then put himself in the shoes neatly on the shoe display extraordinary upbringing.Later I was with God and sky talk, talk about the history of entrepreneurial experience and management companies.My self-proclaimed eclectic, heaven and on earth, ancient and modern, macro and micro, dog, Wolf and humanity, as long as you like, I will fight.Walking eloquent, really eloquent, and talk to him there is a sense of sympathetic Brief Encounter, no wonder the younger sister fascinated ecstasy.Ask for a business card, failed, just look at him to bring enterprise data, they remember the name of the company.  Meet with Prince cousin to the county parents, scored high.  After all, just a liar is a liar, he is good flicker, you may also underestimate my IQ and EQ.You’re so big company CEOs, does not have any outstanding young local women make you crazy, do women around you’ll miss you this diamond bachelor, insisted through a network fabulous to Changsha to find that you had not the slightest connection origin and woman?I check in online, the company’s legal representative is simply not the gentleman.Call again, the company did not have this man.I put the results of the survey informed the parents and cousin, shocked parents, younger sister was vague, unwilling to believe.  Cousin parents regardless of age, together Sunday night and I went to a local police station.By half an hour to argue, finally agreed to the police station police.Three policemen and cousin came to our house to check on the grounds of Prince Charming temporarily permit cross-examination, I saw that the king made a sudden his face pale, flustered, and finally can not be justified, fled.  And so as soon as possible to inform the police station when the phone call two days, the original light proud attitude apologize requirements prince again.Three days later the Changsha Political Science Channel also report this fugitive, I saw on television the pictures of the prince, is a rich woman killer, designed to cheat rich woman color of money, just like Zhong Qing flower poisonous cousin, addicted dream too deep, long time did not return to God, I do not want to believe.


This same season.When bungalow, yard planted a fig, after the beginning of summer, every day you can eat fresh figs.After the fight live from the building, only the copies of nostalgia.    I do not know anybody actually, in the yard planted figs, can purify the air.People from fig trees and cut down a branch, on a piece of vacant land outside the living room window, press the branches in the soil.After a few spring rain, and tender branches will be bursting soil, thrive and decorated with window.    Unlike camphor, as large as the crown cap, shade overlapping; unlike Metasequoia, straight up, Wei handsome.It is called the tree, but in reality the trunk boneless, whims and is only on long slanting.In fact, it is a fruit, though shelter and other plants with all the functions, and from summer to autumn, fruits of the earth, for people to enjoy free of charge, the spirit of selfless dedication, an exercise similar to the shame.    It never seems to please people think.Crosswise escape branches, opposite the large and thick leaves, in addition to shade, almost without the slightest sense of beauty.The yard with it, only adding to the number of green, it is difficult to find some of the aesthetic elements of life.However, nighttime attack on the sulfur smoke, choking people will wake up from a dream, tree leaves, paulownia night browned leaves fall to the ground, a stretch of green vegetables have all Danian, only it “and I shall stays”, still held up Ilex green leaves , declaring unyielding.    Figs, flowering really is not seen, but bear a string of purple fruit like football.With his class different fruit without flowering advertising, no color charming, silent place in the fruit, the stone actually there’s a great friend and brother.According to scientists, the fig is not without flowers, flowers in the child’s room inside, the naked eye can not see, so called “fig”.Seen in this light, the fig, the fruit is really true gentleman, can do, “Is it not resentful,” few people can Kazuya!    Fig does not look like the United States, and even a bit like cotton bolls.If no one recommendation, I am afraid no one would dare to eat.Stripped of skin, eat up, at first somewhat astringent taste, but sweet as honey and then, if eat more, some sweet.At that time, just know that it can cure sore throat, do not know what are the benefits.After investigation, it can be anti-cancer, detoxification diarrhea, skin care beauty, function and so forth, actually known as “the patron saint of human health in the 21st century.”.    Not only people like to eat, like to eat mice.Thus, a human-mouse battle started this.In the evening, saw cooked, or guarding it, as soon as you come off it a little soft; or remember it, get up early the next morning to pick.Nevertheless, it is still less than half the people to grab, often eating too many mice are only a few remains.I can not help but think silly, rats eating figs, if immortal, then how can we do?But the fig is innocent.The result is its duty.As for Win, or pawed mice, this is not its choice.    More than a decade did not eat figs, figs have not seen the.Occasionally a vegetable market in the morning peasant woman selling figs, as seen years of lost brothers, hearts filled with unlimited love.(943 words.As on October 17, 2011)

Compose a solid stand on the Earth – Ma Lihua prose revelation

Ma Lihua, female, Jinan, the Communist Party.In mid-1976, he graduated from the Chinese Department of Shandong Linyi Teachers College in 1990, graduated from Peking University Department of Chinese writers class.A writer, editor, editor in chief of the China Tibetology Publishing House.Author of long reportage “vast Qinghai-Tibet – Tibetan Plateau Research Expedition fifty years,” essays “chase you to the plateau”, “ultimate landscape”, “Tibet” tour, long essay “tour of northern Tibet,” “Ali westbound” , “the soul like the wind,” “Across Tibet,” and so on.Had mid-1992, twice in 2001 to get Tibet Qomolangma Literary Award, in 1994 by Chung Wen Prize for Literature in 1997 “Across Tibet,” won the National Outstanding Award for best-selling book, etc..Another namesake Lishui, Zhejiang Agriculture Office deputy director Ma Lihua, etc..    Prose: Writing prose standing firmly on the earth as a writing flashed his soul, it should be said, in essence, is a true writing, both real and spiritual, it is also true of secular description of.Ma Lihua’s prose, full of emotion and intensity, novel and unique perspective, concise language sleek, shining everywhere the true color of the soul, it is a solid stand on the earth Writing prose.  Ma Lihua is a piece of the East China Sea to the mysterious land of Tibet, by writing poetry into prose, poetry for her, Professor Xie Mian has long been talked about, “Ma Lihua’s poem was read.Of every story is autobiographical, “” she has someone else elusive generous place.That was her contact with each subject, and have relatively established upon the cultural contrasts and clashes “(” My sun-sequence & # 8226; put “life).Her prose is also adhering to this, the magic and beauty of Tibet brought her new inspiration, rivers and mountains of Tibet, Tibetan culture and customs, gave Ma Lihua, a new presence and grasp the fate of the way and writing way, this is true.We can say that Tibet’s unique style and physical properties of the human spirit, created a Ma Lihua prose distinct regional characteristics and true color.Among them, she with her personal experience, language consciousness, showing the difficulties and newborn Tibetan people’s livelihood, honest interpretation and persistence of the people, the folk chant sigh of love and concern singular.This paper reflects the broad depth of aesthetics and values, all reveal the true thoughts of the rich, the text in the field of care.    Ma Lihua’s essay is a close to the essence of true writing.Her natural scenery and human landscape of Tibet to describe objects, and melt themselves in which, immersed in them, breathing with the piece of land with strange and familiar, so her characters every tree, every strain of grass, even every grain of sand, all contain scalding her own life.It is this deep affection made her jump the river in the face of the vitality of the wilderness, when the Pentium, with a special soul, her blood clean and full of true colors.  Sometimes I think that if a work lacks the fear of noble, lack of divine piety, lack of humane feelings and beliefs of enthusiasm, especially the lack of a real, then it has a soul inside it?Ma Lihua prose this really smooth, no carving, almost washed the kind of sour gas and female prose writers of prose often common kind of squeamish, which has a strong explosive power and penetration, it should be noble outside shot of human feelings.So, she is bound to her real prose essays in virtually increases the intensity of performance, thickness and strength to make it like a symphony of a mighty force, natural, full of tension and elasticity of the flow of fresh vitality.She wrote: “a little in-depth look at northern Tibet, will be strongly felt here coexist two worlds: the physical world of reality and non-reality, surreal spirit world.After a world, still active in the rich world have as much of the population, ghost, demi-gods, half-human half-demons, benthos.Also battle also killed, also love also birth, noble, humble, cold, sad.In short all the earth may have all the emotions.The presence of such legends just as the meaning of existence Qilin Lake is consistent, is a full and a landscaping, a kind of sustenance.Imagine, if there is no Qilin Lake, this vast grassland and more monotonous; but not the shining light of the myth, many nomadic life will dim.At least, people will feel lonely.”I think this prose big momentum, generous, great awareness, great care is a necessary precondition, that is true.Guren Jiang “Where the text to meaning-based”, which means, in fact, is to make our heart has been touched something, so we thought something suddenly sublime, so our feelings more pure things, which are of true color.In Ma Lihua’s prose, every picture, every ray of light and shadow, all with a touch of flesh and blood, real soul.She takes you with her prose with visiting Lhasa, Ali walked together, together to enjoy the daily life of Northern Tibet, together with the pack to see the wave of another wave of salt team, and go on the lake pyramid mounds Quest hoist the flags of colored rags, went close on a hundred miles long big caoba Ministry of wilting Jiang Ma grass, pilgrims go to worship.In between the lines of her prose, although the full significance of intuition and insight to write, write individual experience, write a separate self, to write the piece reflects the life of life, but all with real features, her deep grasp and arrived by deep experience, mood, worry, pain leaching of fresh life.  ”I’m a heavy brotherhood of man, Tibet treated me well, I am writing in return, wanted to talk about it and therefore better for me, I had to return again, and the cycle, I can not leave it, it can not but continue to praise.As long as life permits, I will be doomed before it was to look up to see high.Practice their own promises.As for passion, it is the same God-given gift of life, as the accelerant of life, its abundance and scarcity determines your life is burning or a bottle of wet firewood will fume.”Ma Lihua wrote.    Mr. Lu Xun On the Road: “What is the real realism?True realism is his own soul light out for others to see.”That is a kind of prose should be true writing.In the usual course of reading, we find that writers attitudes and trends in the creation of authenticity: some writers, soft generous, full of affection for nature, for real people devoted a great deal of effort; and some writers, just focus on the immediate interests of the secular, or has been affecting these interests.And to establish a true creation, including prose, writing requires real mind, seeking truth content of consciousness, documentary vision intake, as well as a moral beliefs.Mr. Sun Li in “To Zhengyun Yun” in said: “I am old mind, that should also write essays real number.That is drawn to be real, but also real performance practices.It is to write the real thing, with real ink.”Said is such a reason.Ma Lihua writing and writing is a kind of see love to see nature, her writing everywhere flashed an authentic stuff, Tibet has a unique rich, deep and vast artistic heritage, as well as a magnificent and melancholy lyrical realism Features , always aroused tremendous yearning and thinking.  ”Farstriders, always taking a trip of a person, with the best life two decades back and forth in time between the high days of open land in the mountains..Ming mountain in Mongolia, herders winter nest in our yard Shaocha farewell.Iron furnace of cow dung fire shiny, shines as a picture of the earth as the years face.Butter tea aroma overflowing small space, this is the last warm in front of the long distance, the picturesque engraved in my heart like a..At that moment, I think what’s positive in life away from me, forever into the patch of tundra.”Ma Lihua wrote.