This same season.When bungalow, yard planted a fig, after the beginning of summer, every day you can eat fresh figs.After the fight live from the building, only the copies of nostalgia.    I do not know anybody actually, in the yard planted figs, can purify the air.People from fig trees and cut down a branch, on a piece of vacant land outside the living room window, press the branches in the soil.After a few spring rain, and tender branches will be bursting soil, thrive and decorated with window.    Unlike camphor, as large as the crown cap, shade overlapping; unlike Metasequoia, straight up, Wei handsome.It is called the tree, but in reality the trunk boneless, whims and is only on long slanting.In fact, it is a fruit, though shelter and other plants with all the functions, and from summer to autumn, fruits of the earth, for people to enjoy free of charge, the spirit of selfless dedication, an exercise similar to the shame.    It never seems to please people think.Crosswise escape branches, opposite the large and thick leaves, in addition to shade, almost without the slightest sense of beauty.The yard with it, only adding to the number of green, it is difficult to find some of the aesthetic elements of life.However, nighttime attack on the sulfur smoke, choking people will wake up from a dream, tree leaves, paulownia night browned leaves fall to the ground, a stretch of green vegetables have all Danian, only it “and I shall stays”, still held up Ilex green leaves , declaring unyielding.    Figs, flowering really is not seen, but bear a string of purple fruit like football.With his class different fruit without flowering advertising, no color charming, silent place in the fruit, the stone actually there’s a great friend and brother.According to scientists, the fig is not without flowers, flowers in the child’s room inside, the naked eye can not see, so called “fig”.Seen in this light, the fig, the fruit is really true gentleman, can do, “Is it not resentful,” few people can Kazuya!    Fig does not look like the United States, and even a bit like cotton bolls.If no one recommendation, I am afraid no one would dare to eat.Stripped of skin, eat up, at first somewhat astringent taste, but sweet as honey and then, if eat more, some sweet.At that time, just know that it can cure sore throat, do not know what are the benefits.After investigation, it can be anti-cancer, detoxification diarrhea, skin care beauty, function and so forth, actually known as “the patron saint of human health in the 21st century.”.    Not only people like to eat, like to eat mice.Thus, a human-mouse battle started this.In the evening, saw cooked, or guarding it, as soon as you come off it a little soft; or remember it, get up early the next morning to pick.Nevertheless, it is still less than half the people to grab, often eating too many mice are only a few remains.I can not help but think silly, rats eating figs, if immortal, then how can we do?But the fig is innocent.The result is its duty.As for Win, or pawed mice, this is not its choice.    More than a decade did not eat figs, figs have not seen the.Occasionally a vegetable market in the morning peasant woman selling figs, as seen years of lost brothers, hearts filled with unlimited love.(943 words.As on October 17, 2011)

Compose a solid stand on the Earth – Ma Lihua prose revelation

Ma Lihua, female, Jinan, the Communist Party.In mid-1976, he graduated from the Chinese Department of Shandong Linyi Teachers College in 1990, graduated from Peking University Department of Chinese writers class.A writer, editor, editor in chief of the China Tibetology Publishing House.Author of long reportage “vast Qinghai-Tibet – Tibetan Plateau Research Expedition fifty years,” essays “chase you to the plateau”, “ultimate landscape”, “Tibet” tour, long essay “tour of northern Tibet,” “Ali westbound” , “the soul like the wind,” “Across Tibet,” and so on.Had mid-1992, twice in 2001 to get Tibet Qomolangma Literary Award, in 1994 by Chung Wen Prize for Literature in 1997 “Across Tibet,” won the National Outstanding Award for best-selling book, etc..Another namesake Lishui, Zhejiang Agriculture Office deputy director Ma Lihua, etc..    Prose: Writing prose standing firmly on the earth as a writing flashed his soul, it should be said, in essence, is a true writing, both real and spiritual, it is also true of secular description of.Ma Lihua’s prose, full of emotion and intensity, novel and unique perspective, concise language sleek, shining everywhere the true color of the soul, it is a solid stand on the earth Writing prose.  Ma Lihua is a piece of the East China Sea to the mysterious land of Tibet, by writing poetry into prose, poetry for her, Professor Xie Mian has long been talked about, “Ma Lihua’s poem was read.Of every story is autobiographical, “” she has someone else elusive generous place.That was her contact with each subject, and have relatively established upon the cultural contrasts and clashes “(” My sun-sequence & # 8226; put “life).Her prose is also adhering to this, the magic and beauty of Tibet brought her new inspiration, rivers and mountains of Tibet, Tibetan culture and customs, gave Ma Lihua, a new presence and grasp the fate of the way and writing way, this is true.We can say that Tibet’s unique style and physical properties of the human spirit, created a Ma Lihua prose distinct regional characteristics and true color.Among them, she with her personal experience, language consciousness, showing the difficulties and newborn Tibetan people’s livelihood, honest interpretation and persistence of the people, the folk chant sigh of love and concern singular.This paper reflects the broad depth of aesthetics and values, all reveal the true thoughts of the rich, the text in the field of care.    Ma Lihua’s essay is a close to the essence of true writing.Her natural scenery and human landscape of Tibet to describe objects, and melt themselves in which, immersed in them, breathing with the piece of land with strange and familiar, so her characters every tree, every strain of grass, even every grain of sand, all contain scalding her own life.It is this deep affection made her jump the river in the face of the vitality of the wilderness, when the Pentium, with a special soul, her blood clean and full of true colors.  Sometimes I think that if a work lacks the fear of noble, lack of divine piety, lack of humane feelings and beliefs of enthusiasm, especially the lack of a real, then it has a soul inside it?Ma Lihua prose this really smooth, no carving, almost washed the kind of sour gas and female prose writers of prose often common kind of squeamish, which has a strong explosive power and penetration, it should be noble outside shot of human feelings.So, she is bound to her real prose essays in virtually increases the intensity of performance, thickness and strength to make it like a symphony of a mighty force, natural, full of tension and elasticity of the flow of fresh vitality.She wrote: “a little in-depth look at northern Tibet, will be strongly felt here coexist two worlds: the physical world of reality and non-reality, surreal spirit world.After a world, still active in the rich world have as much of the population, ghost, demi-gods, half-human half-demons, benthos.Also battle also killed, also love also birth, noble, humble, cold, sad.In short all the earth may have all the emotions.The presence of such legends just as the meaning of existence Qilin Lake is consistent, is a full and a landscaping, a kind of sustenance.Imagine, if there is no Qilin Lake, this vast grassland and more monotonous; but not the shining light of the myth, many nomadic life will dim.At least, people will feel lonely.”I think this prose big momentum, generous, great awareness, great care is a necessary precondition, that is true.Guren Jiang “Where the text to meaning-based”, which means, in fact, is to make our heart has been touched something, so we thought something suddenly sublime, so our feelings more pure things, which are of true color.In Ma Lihua’s prose, every picture, every ray of light and shadow, all with a touch of flesh and blood, real soul.She takes you with her prose with visiting Lhasa, Ali walked together, together to enjoy the daily life of Northern Tibet, together with the pack to see the wave of another wave of salt team, and go on the lake pyramid mounds Quest hoist the flags of colored rags, went close on a hundred miles long big caoba Ministry of wilting Jiang Ma grass, pilgrims go to worship.In between the lines of her prose, although the full significance of intuition and insight to write, write individual experience, write a separate self, to write the piece reflects the life of life, but all with real features, her deep grasp and arrived by deep experience, mood, worry, pain leaching of fresh life.  ”I’m a heavy brotherhood of man, Tibet treated me well, I am writing in return, wanted to talk about it and therefore better for me, I had to return again, and the cycle, I can not leave it, it can not but continue to praise.As long as life permits, I will be doomed before it was to look up to see high.Practice their own promises.As for passion, it is the same God-given gift of life, as the accelerant of life, its abundance and scarcity determines your life is burning or a bottle of wet firewood will fume.”Ma Lihua wrote.    Mr. Lu Xun On the Road: “What is the real realism?True realism is his own soul light out for others to see.”That is a kind of prose should be true writing.In the usual course of reading, we find that writers attitudes and trends in the creation of authenticity: some writers, soft generous, full of affection for nature, for real people devoted a great deal of effort; and some writers, just focus on the immediate interests of the secular, or has been affecting these interests.And to establish a true creation, including prose, writing requires real mind, seeking truth content of consciousness, documentary vision intake, as well as a moral beliefs.Mr. Sun Li in “To Zhengyun Yun” in said: “I am old mind, that should also write essays real number.That is drawn to be real, but also real performance practices.It is to write the real thing, with real ink.”Said is such a reason.Ma Lihua writing and writing is a kind of see love to see nature, her writing everywhere flashed an authentic stuff, Tibet has a unique rich, deep and vast artistic heritage, as well as a magnificent and melancholy lyrical realism Features , always aroused tremendous yearning and thinking.  ”Farstriders, always taking a trip of a person, with the best life two decades back and forth in time between the high days of open land in the mountains..Ming mountain in Mongolia, herders winter nest in our yard Shaocha farewell.Iron furnace of cow dung fire shiny, shines as a picture of the earth as the years face.Butter tea aroma overflowing small space, this is the last warm in front of the long distance, the picturesque engraved in my heart like a..At that moment, I think what’s positive in life away from me, forever into the patch of tundra.”Ma Lihua wrote.

At sixteen I went to school (under) at Springfield High School

Chunhui middle school campus, near a lake, the distant mountains; reading environment like “Xanadu”.As a student, reading the mind should be pure, be quiet, to be spotless; the heart of this study should be constant, and is designed, to perseverance.Cultural learning, this should be the main theme of our high school life.But our generation can not take sitting in a classroom in the classroom, seriously listen to the teacher to learn cultural knowledge.Because the “Cultural Revolution” of the students can not “ears do not hear out of the window, one read only the books of sages.”We are busy all day to participate in political campaigns, to participate in social activities, go to ‘school work, study agriculture, Xuejun’.As I read in high school that year, 1973, August 24 to 28, the CPC Central Committee held a party of ten, Lin Biao Lin Biao fled Group sink like a stone and failed, and the “Gang of Four” group was riding high.The situation is not much change, or “insist on continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat,” and “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”.    At this point, Shangyu rebels to “against the tide” in the name, organization what “petition group”, “charged group”, and held in the county Pilinpikong General Assembly on a large scale, and even set up a batch of county forest grant hole leading group, the “double lot” movement, criticizing “No one down two” (negation of the Cultural Revolution, deny the socialist new things, restoration back), so that once Shangyu improved social order fell into chaos faction.Schools closely follow the situation, we often organize students to convene denounced the General Assembly, approved a Confucius, and Confucian batch, too busy.Because I am a member of the class and learn with and on behalf of language lessons, writing critique draft okay, so the teacher always let me carry criticize draft took the floor, the meeting approved the team is not enough, they go to the school’s General Assembly approved, and sometimes even also go to social grant.    Anyway, every time denounced the General Assembly and ultimately, for my sake.All previous political movements of our students always are in them.”Cultural Revolution”, then one is often “Yikusitian” so that our students receive education class struggle.We do not know to listen to the “Yikusitian” on how many times the poor and lower classes, we do not know how much to eat meal “Yikusitian” meal.At that time, Chairman Mao advocated “student giving priority to study, and learn a different kind, school work, study agriculture, science Army” mode of education.In Springfield campus, each of our student class under the leadership of the Labor members take turns managing the school’s large tracts of farmland, vegetables, watering, fertilizing do anything.In addition to participating in the school’s production of labor, but also to the nearby village to participate in “Robbery and Snatching” to help farmers pull up seedlings, planting, cutting rice.These were not enough, the school also stopped to class, set aside a time to “learn farming”.Things many years later, I left the memory of the most impressive is that we have to the next tube soo Creek Township brigade to participate in “learn farming ‘activities.Where there was a party branch secretary called Renmeng Song, it will do ideological work, the educated youth arrange a bang.Later, we also end up with a pair Springfield High School, graduated from the school of “educated youth” are directed to soo Creek brigade to Chaduilahu.It is said that graduate school “educated youth” Finally, there is someone to replace Renmeng Song soo Creek brigade Party branch secretary did, of course Renmeng Song secretary is “higher level” promoted to the village to do the Party secretary went to do.This is something.    Educated city youth, is a special way in the special historical background of the “Cultural Revolution” to provide for the generation of youth.On this road, there are abandoned precious youth, there is a better disillusionment, have shaken confidence in life, more generation “educated youth” struggling performance.In the country’s most difficult years, they together with the local population.With their diligence and wisdom, supporting the building of the Republic.Later than the young, some of them more difficult to comprehend life, a character with a more hard-working.In a late autumn season, the weather has been very cold, we came soo Creek brigade “agricultural science”, the labor training, full for a week.We participate there with the peasants ate, lived with the work in the fields, re-education by poor peasants.Soo Creek brigade “agricultural science” days, Renmeng Song secretary also let us boarded the Lushan, which is the highest pipe under a mountain peak.Village deep in the mountains there are also working with farmers, live.Soo Creek brigade “agricultural science” days, Renmeng Song secretary also allow our students to participate in their brigade of militia live ammunition target practice, this is my first time in life holding live ammunition fire a gun.    Soo Creek brigade “agricultural science” days, I have done a good thing.One evening, my classmates and Zhuzhong Qin standing in front of a shop, I picked up a wallet on the ground, which has tens of dollars.The amount of money, though not much, but in that impoverished era, the money is not a small number of.I picked up the wallet to the teacher, returned to its owner.To this point fart big thing I’m soo Creek brigade, many times in the school was praised Congress.I say this is Shijinbumei!I have to praise embarrassed, as if I like how high the ideological level.    In addition to organizing our school students to “learn farming”, but also organize our students to the “five husbands barracks” Yu People’s Liberation Army troops stationed there “to learn the military,” military training, learning Liberation Army “fearing neither hardship nor death” spirit.We in the playground, under the scorching sun, in the People’s Liberation Army led by instructors, and sometimes lined with uniform team, heads held high, kicking goose.Sometimes four row tandem forward trot, running while his mouth kept shouting “one two one”.Students then there is no uniform standard conditions for the allotment of military clothing, so we, dressed in the costume of military training in the playground is a colorful exhibit.Despite this, our People’s Liberation Army training instructors, or very seriously asked us to every student must rise, chest, abdomen, keeping neat formation and pace, to show good Junzi.Down week of military training, everyone’s face and tan skin are jet black jet black, although military training bitter tired, we still full of energy avid.When we students really envy those soldiers.    At that time, every school in every semester there are plans to organize students out of school, to carry out “science engineering, agricultural science, military science” activities.Some things in people today seems unimaginable, but you can not deny that we have done in these activities the students also get some exercise and sharpen.Specific experience of many secondary school in later life is more or less came in handy and played a role.Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold to.    Only after a person has experienced hardships, we will have a rich experience of life.At that time, in spite of our students “ought” to participate in so many activities and labor, although learning has also brought serious impact, but fortunately our school has not abandoned all.We must thank our teachers Chunhui!Many teachers in the continuous movement of the era still insist on rigorous teaching, there is an opportunity to engage in competition, even to risk scores do list.Some teachers let us huh extracurricular interest groups, some teachers as much as possible the number of labor and open education content and teaching activities combined.Our teachers really in those days was not easy!    During the Springfield campus to study, teach us to count the teacher is not less down, but left me most impressed by my homeroom teacher, teacher humorous Xuru Zhen.From the teacher who we learned a lot textbooks did not learn, so that we a lifetime.And friendship between teachers and students as a jar of old wine, the longer the precious markedly effective.    The teacher then in their prime, and now some are old age, and some have died, and then we was young, and now has entered the fourth decade, I would like to thank all the teachers for my teachings and culture!Springfield campus during the school also has a lot of interesting stories.”Cultural Revolution” had a late movie “Chunmiao”, talking about the countryside barefoot doctors and hospital capitalist roaders story of class struggle.Starring are often expressions and Xiuming, as well as movie stars such as Zhang Yu.There are a good listen to the “Chunmiao unearthed welcome the Rising Sun” movie soundtrack.Some of these scenes is at our White Horse Lake at the foot of Xiangshan Chunhui Middle School shooting.Lift director Xie Jin, Chunhui students are all proud of, because “Xie is our alumni.”.Xie Jin went to school because I have been in the Springfield High School, his alma mater have Sincere feelings, so I chose here as a location to.It is mid-winter in January 1975, the Shanghai Film Studio director Xie Jin with a film crew came to our Springfield High School filming the movie “Chunmiao”, which has taken two scenes I still have not forgotten.There is a scene under the three large camphor tree in front of the school, take a one square house, beside it dug a well, above the three branches logs.Xiuming played barefoot doctors Chunmiao squatting pit, counted as participating in digging wells.While Zhang Yu plays the female members gasping ran over, ran screaming: “Chunmiao sister, sister Chunmiao.”There is a Xiuming played Chunmiao, wearing a straw hat, hand-held lantern, walking on the road, probably counted for the masses to see a doctor on call at night meaning.This is a small bridge in front of the school, was also shot in three large camphor tree.The shooting, many students in our school, the teacher was chosen to do extras, I still remember two.One is the three classes of Jiachao Ying, plays a young farmer (members), one is the king of the school’s accounting department plays a rural Aunt.    The last movie a shot, Xiuming play barefoot doctors Chunmiao Huazhexiaochuan, lopsided lens is shot on the White Horse Lake.At the time of the shooting scene to a lot of police to maintain order, while The crowd is packed, even the mountains were filled with people watching.This film is about class struggle is complex, with strong political overtones, did not put a few games it was banned in the shadow above the community.    Speaking of movies, one evening we take a lot of hiking uphill mountain road, Wang Tong watched a title to “scout” the movie, back to school because of the way the world is heavy rain, the students all the rain just like a wet “drowned rat” like a school canteen did give us a big pot fend off the cold ginger soup.I had a classmate named Lu Ban put, an excellent memory, after seeing this movie, the “Scout” movie lines one does not leak to recite them, I am impressed.    Thirty years ago, in order to watch a movie, we ran tens of miles back and forth in the dark mountain road, even if the rain wet clothes or spirits excited.Today I sit comfortably on the couch watching a movie, you can also freely change the channel by pressing the remote control, sometimes bored, it really can not compare the.A squad of our high school, many students, there are fifty or sixty people, and now I have not remember their names.Learning in Springfield campus students together, play together, tense and lively always floating in the air around us.High school years, we’ve been through hardship, I learned to live, learn self-reliance, self-reliance.    The deep friendship between the students, but also the best.Then our squad leader Chen Wei Quan is like one of our big brother, always quietly, meticulous care about every student in our class.High school life is on the road most exciting one, full of struggle that the above hardships, filled with joy and hard work, full of sentiment to start life.    Years long, lengthy past.Whenever I recall two years time spent in Springfield high school, high school that difficult but happy life, always makes me excited, excited.And students in daily life situations, as well as their smiles, conversation is still fresh in our memory surfacing.My alma mater, Chunhui middle school, I never forget you, and I’m dreaming, but also I will never forget.

Written before “labor”

Written before “labor issues” Remember last summer when living in Beijing, I met Zhang Jun right, I heard him say so meant by the words: “Chinese people seem to forget that Taiwan [2], and nobody mentioned between.”He is a young Taiwanese.  I was just as affected by the traumas like, a little pain; but the mouth but said: “No.It is not necessary and will not in.Just because the country is too shabby, internal and external, very much, a leg to stand on, so these things can only be put aside in Taiwan..”But we are young hardship in Taiwan, but the Chinese do not put aside.They often hope that the success of the Chinese revolution, sponsored by China’s reform, try some total force in China now and in the future be beneficial, even if she is still a student.  Jun Zhang Xiuzhe is that I met in Guangzhou.We talked a few times, know that he has translated into a “labor issues” [3] to China, I also want to do some brief preface.I was not good preface, we are opposed preface; moreover for labor issues, ignorant, there is no particular qualifications openings.I can say it is responsible, but Zhang Jun of China and Japan in the text, all very proficient, very reliable translation will certainly fills this.  But this time I was very willing to write a few words before this one translation, as long as I can.Although I do not know labor issues, but the translator in the study tour yet people try to hard work and sincerity, I think the.  I can only these words Expressed my personal gratitude.But I believe that this effort and sincerity, readers will surely feel the.This is really powerful than whatever preface all.  April 11, 1927, Lu Xun knowledge to Zhongshan University in Guangzhou.  [1] Benpian originally printed in “international labor issues,” a book, the original entitled “<国际劳动问题>Foreword “.  [2] Taiwan recovery in 1894 after the Japanese occupation Sino-Japanese War, in 1945 after the victory of Anti-Japanese War.Zhang said that the text of my rights, when Zhang army (1902-1955), who BanQiao.Beijing Normal University student was.  [3] Zhang Xiuzhe Taiwan Province.At that time he graduated from the University of Guangzhou Lingnan, who co-authored “not to forget Taiwan,” a book.”Labor Issues”, formerly known as “international labor issues,” Japanese Asari along with Jiro.Zhang Xiuzhe translation in 1927, published by the Guangzhou International Social Research Society, the Department of Zhang Yuecheng translation.

Report – Years scratches thirty-four

Report – Years scratches thirty-four after work, unit leaders to use my heavy, he had some ideas also work with me to talk about, listen to my views.Once, he asked me if you hear talk about certain units of housing?I heard say, leaders said, why do not you tell what I do?I was stunned, I do not know how to answer, because I never even thought I had this obligation.Since then, the leadership would give me the important work arrangements, but his thoughts rarely talk to me say.  This thing makes me very uncomfortable, because the leadership of the eyes revealed a distrust of me.I could not help reflect on why I did not think to report?I think the report will?  Finally, I dug up roots of thought, because I think to do that is to the informant, the informant and shame that I bothered to do.Of course, it concluded, after still not reporting.  My “informant shameful” Where do ideas come from?Think about it, should come from the propaganda, books, movies, and even my comic, the informers are not all bad guys do Zhangtoushumu?Of course, from the practice in elementary school when there was love playing the “Report” students, by people in contempt, and therefore finally beaten.  That was in mid-1962, I was in Baoding thick Fu Ying primary school, where classes are Bingban, the class teacher is Liu.  Liu is a young teacher, fat, short braids tied very thick, not married.A good relationship with her students, many students are looking for her to play her dorm, I’ve been to, but also gave her painted beetles.Former teacher seems more like girls, because the girls obedient, do not make trouble.And Liu is treated equally, even some of the boys seemed to prefer.  She teaches a good lesson, temper, what we all like her, of course, looking forward to her like us.Let us worry that we are on the instructor’s class, or on self-study courses, did something bad she can know, often have criticized.So strong suspicion up atmosphere in the classroom, people want to ferret out that playing the “Report” bad guy.  People first suspected a large squad.We also have before class monitor, but basically no matter what, is shouting numerous “Stand,” “salute” when the teacher came into the classroom, so the squad leader not spectacular.And now the squad is particularly serious and responsible, the teacher is not a teacher she is the agent, who is not disciplined, she will stand up tube.  The squad leader, surnamed Li, the largest and look high in the class age, quite powerful, fear of her classmates, she also served pipe.In people’s minds, she pipes up, you served, the thing is over, she will not tell these teachers.Because of her academic performance is not very good, her students learn well, naughty students, not stigma, so his classmates regarded her as a sister look of love affairs, no one hostile to her.  After a period of observation, it ruled out the suspicion of a large squad.Because something big pipe squad before, when Liu critics are not mentioned, and Liu mentioned are big pipe squad had no.A large squad of personality, if she found out, it must be corrected on the spot, rather than to criticize the report by the aid Liu.So Liu criticized those things, no big squad should be observed.Since she did not find, of course, it is impossible for her reporting of.  Spy pulling out, Liu also released “crimes”.Our class had a “prince,” Xu students, most are named, what playing tricks with other students ah, deliberately put a loud fart funny class people laugh ah, playing the flute buried under the table, ah, to name a few.I estimate that the informer must have put him as the focus of a marking target.  After Prince redeployment, although there is no such class name “Prince”, but also to follow the prince’s gang, Xu students become their backbone.Xu classmates tall, always wear dirty clothes is broken.He does not love a fight, love plays the fool.He is funny tricks dancing jokes, do not even listen to the people a laugh, he can own their own funny laugh doubled up, shed tears, and finally people will laugh because of his posture ridiculous and laugh.  Another class of students surnamed Xu, also points over name.He sub relatively short, all the class he called the Little Xu tube, and the tube former “prince” called the big Xu.  Another class of students named Ann, naughty, often named.For example, he caught earthworm (farmland in the small lizard, chameleon hemp scientific name) hidden in pencil boxes, such as study hall when suddenly released, scare girls.  I also had the name of the point, guilt is self-study courses are not doing their homework, playing grasshopper.I actually want to paint it shining.  Of course, there are many, and not enumerate.The person named more, people will have a basis for pulling spies, often named can be ruled out, never to be named the prime suspect.  Big Xu hate this informer, so he began to arrange for someone to man-mark the key suspects – while it is not, turn their desk.Marker soon receive results, it was discovered that some students remember disciplinary matters in the long note of the desk classmates.  Long students in the class can be considered cattle.His father is one of the best in the old Baoding Red Army, serving what I heard he took office, but light enough to awe the identity of the.At that time the old Red Army’s political status can be high, almost a symbol of the revolution, aiming at his head like a halo, like.He had such a father, arrogant smelling, it is understandable.  Long classmates tall, white face up against, straight nose, very spiritual, but the words would focus on children nasal.He was always dressed opt for whole, just like the movies, like New China Children.He does not love a joke, always serious, and not very willing naughty children to play with, so much his friend.He is not proud, nor brag, never talking about his father is an old Red Army to do, so we do not know what the heroic deeds of his father.  The school also organized the Red Army to the students to make a report, but not his father.Just remember an old Red Army (surname like mine) say took part in the battle Pingxingguan in the report, but said he was speaking on the books and not the same as.Later the students talk, which makes up the old Red Army how it?Students are looking forward to be able to make primary school students to Long’s father, but also to increase our class honor, may our will has not been achieved, Long classmate’s father also has maintained a mysterious unknown.  Because of this background, the students lessons on how this spy, and lost it.After some discussion, Xu big final decision, wait and see, continue to monitor.But there are also students did not follow the “prince” of the instructions of, the dragon classmate takes a side swipe.  Soon, the dragon of monitoring the students, there has been new progress.Monitoring of the students found from Long desk in the diary, although there is no evidence of a hurry to play the “Report” to find, you can see the content enough to make students angry, there was a diary, wrote: “Today I went to see Liu teacher, sent her a packet of brown sugar and four peaches.”So, people have a new material dragon attack the students, not only calling him ‘lackeys’, also calling him ‘fawn dog’.  Later, surveillance has progressed, watching his man and found in his desk in a note addressed to girls, though not nauseating, but also wrote “love”, “love” and so on.So people gave him an exaggeration, he said he wrote a love letter.  From Prince set the boys and girls are not allowed to speak rules, there has been compliance with the good, the prince is transferred, and no one destroy this rule.But by the sixth grade quietly changing circumstances.Big squad with big sister itself, unashamed to speak with the boys, the boys feel no taboo to speak with her, and opened the first of its kind male and female students talking.Subsequently, little boys and girls whispered words (boys and girls in our class at the same table), and everyone is tolerated, at most, gave them booing.Long naked students can write a love letter, it is difficult to be accepted everyone.  Long classmate of the girls love, from the fifth grade is transferred outside of school.Cadres family, little Miss temper, quite love face rejection child, we are at arm’s length, the dragon did not expect the students but want to get close to her.Long love letter written by the students who eventually sent to the hands of the girls, who can girls looked very angry, the note handed over to Liu.  In fact, the desire has never been seen boys and girls intercourse, because to graduate, do not exchange too late.Long classmate people move antipathy, mainly that the purpose of his impure ulterior motive, of course, there is more based on his “lackeys” and “curry favor with dog” criminal record.So, people attack on him from the “dog” to “Wolf”, calling him a “pervert”.  At this point, the students also large Xudui Long lost patience, because the students after the dragon attack by innuendo others, and there is no convergence, “Report” is not wrong according to play.  Xu big decision lessons learned dragon classmates, so make plans to launch everyone.Discuss the results is to engage in “Zangtu dustpan smashed head” action for Long classmates.We were in the classroom is that between the west monomer old building, and the door was two off the tall carved wooden doors, the top can form an angle to the inside when the door ajar, just to put the stability of the installed dustpan Zangtu.We can put away long before the students dustpan door, waiting for him when he hit the door.  The next day, a bunch of us who are involved in the development program to advance to the school and arrange for someone leaked at the school gate.Students who test the waters to see the dragon came, immediately ran back to report that we immediately put into a dustpan with a Zangtu the classroom door unlatched.Everyone is sitting in his seat, staring at the classroom door, waiting to be spectacular.  Long students naturally do not know it all, humming a ditty on the door as usual into the.At that moment his door, a dustpan Wow falling down, throwing out all Zangtu buckle in his head, dustpan also smashed his shoulder.This scene also exciting than expected, the classroom suddenly brought down the gallery.  Long Shan head student while wiping the face, while squalling.Looked at his face wipe the more flowers, more people with awkward smile.  Long classmate angry cry, squalling increasingly point: “Do not pretend you did grandson, you have the ability to stand up!”Also a a ‘Fuck’, one a ‘turtle’.  Listening to him shouting, people involved in the matter can not afford to laugh out, his face is getting ugly.The last big Xu stood up, livid face he said: “I did it, you are his mother how the?”Having decisively went over, caught hold of the neck collar Long classmates, shaking and said:” scold one, I will catch you face!”Dragon is no longer squalling students, but hard to catch his bird chest breaking hand.Xu big can of grip tightened and brought students to the premise of the dragon, mentioned almost face to face, and then things by the book and said: “You listen to me, if you dare and then the teacher told the black-like, I put you can not afford to play three days to climb to kang!”Then he let go back to their seats.  Long the students did not do any resistance, he froze for a moment, went out to look wash water pipe.Long into the classroom when the students again, no one to laugh again.  I am worried that students will matter told Long Liu, leads to much controversy, but things actually passed quietly.After Liu no longer name and shame people, it seems the dragon students did not resort to “Report”.  Long classmates and I had a good relationship.He lived in the compound next to child health bureau in Baoding new outpatient department of the North, we were the way to go after school, cooked after he invited me to their house to listen to the “little horn” radio show, they have a radio at home.  They house a large house, the house is also very particular about furnishings.The old Red Army his father does not seem to work, every time I go to his house after school, I was able to find his father to stay at home.His father does not like to talk, we saw these kids these policies, we will save trouble, do not call him directly with the students to play the dragon on the line.Long students home toys, go to their house to play is very interesting.When students play together and the Dragon, he was very easy-going, very sincere, not at all superior means.  Then just a show called “mine warfare” of the anti-Japanese war theme of the film, after seeing the dragon students also want to create their own mines.He said he had found a formula for manufacturing explosives, sure to make explosives.And so do the explosives, they dig into a big hole in the brick, put on fuse firecrackers, he will create a landmine.  May at this event occurred during the informant, I greatly dislike him, leaving him play.Of course, how his progress in research and development work, also no way of knowing.  Later I also think, it is not Liu arranged for him the task of monitoring the students do?If so, he should not be doing that in the end it?

29 square meters of warm

Less than thirty square meters of cabin cottage, packed exquisitely delicate, warm considerable.This is a friend of the little house, the couple with smart brain and dexterous hands, stunned is to become a full run-down hut delicate and elegant two-bedroom suite.Bedroom living room kitchen range, although very small, but functional, like a lot, “small but perfectly formed.”Wall & Floor missing black face, the whole body together with mosaic tiles, smooth white, all windows replaced with aluminum windows, not only to expand the use of space, even more pale and bright.Actually, this lodge to sit dark, but now they can not feel a thing, subtly reflecting sunlight to come in added warmth.Flat ceiling, rejected the previous uneven, before rain to leak, there scratching cats running and jumping on the roof does not leak now, and also the noise isolation.    It was the middle of the living room of the house, which is irregular, narrow point, it is estimated to have about 6 square meter.This can be used as entrance door, shoe tightly embedded in the side of the door, looking top right, below the ceiling there is a fine display stand, a detour to some beautiful crafts.Dining table can be folded up, it does not account for terrain.    Corner is a freshman small two-bedroom, 18 square meters will add up how to make a fuss?How to put furniture, clothing necessities?May wish to look up, have developed into the air, hanging cabinet, extension of the peripheral wall designed to be very simple shelf wall cabinet style, surrounded by a curtain flounced pull, OK, elegant warm immediately embraced this article do very beautiful!    Nearly 3 square meters kitchen, where pots and pans can accommodate so many, but also to move upwards, extended semi-circle wall cabinets are open, rice cookers, microwave ovens do not carry out their duties a little crowded, gas stove vegetables pool, as are a lot.Next is the bathroom, to 2 meters may not, cottage is no toilet, it can magically appeared in the same pattern and building bathroom.This is the most expensive engineering effort, is said to be dug ditches along the river leading to the sewage tanks.This is the not the idea, since you can feel at ease export problems to solve in the house, but no longer carrying a jar of public toilets, which is the most technical transformation, is transformed into a small cottage suites.    Walk outside, who can see the original that this is very rotten hut?After the liberation of public housing, age, and later because of restructuring financing to buy low-cost workers, mostly employees and then changed hands to sell, rent or else go, rarely live alone.Such a small house, how it shelter?Friends can be a family of three lived down.Thick warmth of their home, is a good daughter framed calligraphy on the wall, somewhat elegant, occasionally dotted with ornaments and trinkets so many hut joy of life, very elaborate layout!Give me double the square area, to draw up such an effect.    Decoration is really too valuable.They originally lived in the remote rural areas, house condition good facilities, much the couple income, also support school daughter, house prices are now so high, that is, two suites can not afford to sell new houses, old houses would live it, why bother swollen face to charge fat, the taste of house slaves do feel better?Because her daughter to school in the city, nearby to care for his daughter, choose to move back to the hut, some brains transformation, achieve this novel today, a family of three enjoyable.29-square-meter house, in no way inferior to the high-rise estates China.    Their mini nest is not is another living law?From a practical, tailored based on the original, new look.Went out, I hesitated up previously is wrong?From out of their home, to go through a warren, dark or dirty and messy, as people could not believe their home is right here?    Friends say that this renovation really took some effort, beating it!Oh, install wall cabinets hands are breaking a few times it.Aside from the necessary labor, her husband is single-handedly built!She proudly.In fact, the house is really not too much love in it is like, to build a warm.Sit in that period of time, the hostess talked about her daughter education employment and longer-term issues, citing her husband said to her daughter’s words — we do not expect in the future count on your wealth, your mother and I just have beds (so much to children) will do.This is the most simple words, who can carefully try to figure out which Jervis?Now Tiantian Han high prices, there are a number of man-made it?Those who do not understand the force of the law to buy a house wife’s mother, house prices boost hand, developers carefree and happy.People always make unremitting efforts for the home, some effort can be achieved, which determined a strong man act now!Simple, local conditions, life is a palette depends on how you tune out the most suitable color.Some efforts are out of reach, no matter whether to give up!    Friends of the 29 square meter dwelling, the home is warm colors, winter will not be cold feeling.

Hateful crime

This hateful crime is a new “sophisticated”.  I think a lot of charges on the law, all the rhetoric, as long as to include the phrase, said: abominable crime.  For example, some people feel a hateful person, give him some bitter strike, so there is another way.If in Guangzhou, but before the “purge”, it can secretly promote his anarchists.So, naturally communist youth said he was “******”, guilt.If after the “purge” it, to say that he is CP or CY, there is no evidence, you can refer to as a “pro-Communist faction”.So, party purge Committee [2] naturally said he was “******”, guilt.Then a last resort, we have to find some other subject matter, resort to the law of the.But comparatively trouble.  I previously always thought people are guilty, it is shot or sent to prison.Now I know many of them, is to be considered as “hateful”, this finally committed a crime.Many sinners, should be called “hateful man”.  Ninety four.  [1] Benpian originally published on October 22, 1927 “Tattler” magazine first fifty-four.  [2] clear mechanism Chiang Kai-shek of the Kuomintang Party Committee repression of communists and support for the Sun Yat-sen’s three policy within the Kuomintang leftists established.May 5, 1927, the Standing Committee of the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee and the joint meeting of Ministers decided to appoint seven people DENG Ze organizations such as the Central Party Committee cleared.May 17, which will be formally established, composed of the provinces also has its subsidiary bodies.

The curved

Oh, the weather here really like the spoiled child, the day before yesterday or snow, just calm day, early in the morning and off the floor in tears, like those of an adult bird’s tiresome, high upon the branches, twittering , laugh non-stop, “the boy” had been crying child mouth nose, stubborn toot up from time to time also angrily looking white children, blowing does not yield the heart, it seems, it is not short-lived fad. ” cool down “the.  Swagger with impunity branches outside the window, it seems a little too afraid leadership serious face, he just willful drilled into my eyes.This is the only green and which still damp from the influx of meaning, suddenly reminds me of home, “the curved”.  ”The curved” is a dialect term for the soft scientific name, also known as the ear, to see skin, to tread vegetables, edible fungus land.Most often it appears on a heavy downpour uncontaminated mountain grassland.  For the curved, “Wuzhou House” has such a record: “sphaeroides.This valley is a non-original, but rice is named, legend says: This hidden Jin Ge Hong, lack of food, that food taken, hence the name.” ‘Sphaeroides’, so a beautiful name, really contributed ah!    Home in a small place Gansu Province, each finished under the rain, the valley will be on the wet everywhere, although the northwest, but compared to Inner Mongolia, the character is much more gentle, as Castle after the rain just left bath girl, the graceful Body shy around a few Miao Xiao Bai Bing, not like the southern quiet soft hills, hypocritical dressed in heavy mist of rain shirt; unlike the mountains of Inner Mongolia, I do not know shy bare rigid lines, yellow skin and do not show the perfect body.But that time is not old enough to appreciate the scenery, unique find interesting, is that several small partners together and surmise a few plastic bags, yelling to the mountains to pick up the curved.  Every time picked up the curved, the mother will give us pack into a bun, my brother and I always stood beside the chopping board, looking at a large piece of dough into pieces one by one, and then into a smile Zhangtai Yang later he became one mouse-like and vivid dolphin exquisite small pomegranate-like mother like a magician’s hands.Ranging from the pot too, our mouths just thrown the saliva.To be one of the hot pan buns, we have endured hot mouths.The curved buns taste very good, run without delay, smooth but not greasy, cool comfortable feeling we have a unique.  Remember to eat the curved buns, we also ugly group of “big kids” made up songs: “a fool, to pick up some curved, large steaming pot, small pot warm, the baby’s full emergency jump up.Chou Chou left and right to see, Mom, Mom, cooked yet?His baby melon anxious yet?”Suddenly, I twenties, but the songs still with me to this day, from time to time as relatives and friends laugh at my jokes.  The curved end is not so easy to pick up, then once I screamed curved buns to eat, my mother would lie to say that is curved to become sheep balls, dirty dead.Still later, he can not anymore to pick up too curved, nor eat the curved buns.As for why the mother lie to me, I think, is probably too busy because of it!  A few days ago, in a small company cafeteria to eat authentic Sichuan’s curved, before we know it can eat salad, canteen aunt told me that there are many approaches to curved, can be fried, salad, distillates , braise, you can also make soup.  Affected “A Bite of China”, I specifically checked the information on the curved, just know that many health recipes, such as: the ear scrambled eggs, buns to the ear, the ear ribs potato soup, carrot soup ribs to ear , the ear ribs yam soup, salad the ear, the ear tofu, fried leeks the ear, the ear like pork.Its therapeutic effect is not all, not only lipid-lowering eyesight, heat fire solution, but also rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., can provide a variety of nutrients for the body, with Qi tonic, nourishing the liver and kidney effects.  There is information that, due to the curved very rare.Often referred to as foreign or fallenstar starjelly, but is mistaken for the heaven down so.The restaurant industry is known as “Lover’s Tears” is a very tasty dish.The Aborigines called it “God’s tears.”.    However, because of the long-term growth in a cool, damp slopes and rivers edge.Lubricate and cool texture, spleen and stomach diarrhea were not greedy oh ten million!  Yang is said to have been only like a lychee.However, as a common ground curved, such as lychee and not as well received by the imperial bedroom “favorite” glorious history.But “ancient litchi and Yang, and now I have to curved”.Indeed I am deeply curved to the left and taste memories of childhood hometown.  Really want to eat a mother to hand-made curved buns, but this annoying “baby” began to shed tears, I do not know the family did not rain?

Helpless blind date

Medina began to take a glimpse of strangers, strange places, strange smell rotate back and forth in the house, to look at a loss where to put? Strange feeling hit, somebody has to step in to resolve this embarrassing opening scene, I looked at him in silence, most people, dress is not good, are not really casual, even a bit like work at home, I thought it would live, then he asked how many mirrors degrees, 400 degrees, than his uncle solemnly told me a lot of 1200, things do not look pasted on the computer screen, from the strange to come to understand a little understanding, paving the way step by step, so it is still weird feeling again and again, to brief each other, a person monologue, a little knowledge of people, watching each other face expression and discourse, the rapid transformation to decipher the brain as a computer, the so-called care about details, details reflect the true feelings of a person, to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses from , disturbed the mood, suffering process, I deeply understand ignorant of each other from the first conversation to the surface, there are a number expected to more than disappointed, they first met afraid of hurting other people, I am not a person worships money, but I need a sense of security, no more than the money, just give me a stable, not eating the old, energy independence and self-reliance, not well educated, we Can test, but people can not afford not without ambition, a man talking conversation, between the forehead and affectionate demeanor on behalf of a tutor, the details of life and interaction with others, do not need more than excellent results, but the young people have to have courage and courage into the world , professional ability, not mediocrity, from scratch, when opportunities arise around you to see how you catch, if hesitant expression is unclear, change the subject, lose the opportunity to live up to the trust in leadership, will have no chance opportunities.As the saying goes: “Mo bully juvenile poor”: “Opportunity is always ready,” This man should have dared Ganpin spirit from scratch. A person is not planning for the future, submissive, what breath, the company once the computer happens, people get cut you cut, not technical, interpersonal not work hard hands which point the little things, will become dispensable, a who only learned knowledge into the brain is just not take away his “skills are more than body”, “a list of technical areas of the body are difficult to do, to learn always harmless, have a sense of crisis, social innovation fast, easy to make people fall behind, the workplace like a battlefield step by step through the clutter, step by step falls getting up, only you can make the strong stronger, Young is the capital, men should indomitable spirit “, to be responsible for their future, not to mention the girl pick, we put lifelong happiness is betting all entrusted to you, will be responsible for both the faith, do not need more than money, as long as you have the ability and talent, the ability to support the family, which is the maximum “security”, “a sense of comfort,” we need to work work, family is family, not too much with the girl repeated over and over again is boring things, looking for a boyfriend want a life, not a brick an aunt More on.   The other party when the phone constantly ringing, I’d say you are very rude tutor, fear of wounding the boy instantly self-esteem, fear not say rude lady tutor, had a fiery temper abruptly drag worn silent, not necessarily professional learning used in this work, but the masters stop off in front of the public, because it is my field of learners, two years transferred to this department, you do not thoroughly understand these data, the job content, the report said only, only know one Second, I do not know the waste material, might as well not say, Now that the line is necessary to understand science through books, this is their own, not the students have triumphantly for me to share, speed and excitement when you are prepared out of time, others travel training and learning, and you transferred the small office from the high post, not entertainment, not interpersonal, professional knowledge base does not work, their work does not work now, but also myopia, once unemployment there is any advantage, people are too comfortable, will be social and workplace eliminated, show off is not wrong, you have a stable job, but there is no competition, and strive to the upper reaches of consciousness, Xuehaiwuya life-long learning.Floating exaggeration unfamiliar areas, sincere man introverted, ask answer one, this short brief, leaking issue 100, even if you listened carefully to my brief, Guan Gong not the masters, I do not know as I do not know, that is knowledge.Total did not ask a few words, as the phone rings, really feel exhausted, I had an excuse to go out to breathe, but he will take the side followed him, my heart is not depressed, do not ask specific circumstances, return home can not cross, this sense of helplessness that everyone may have, thanks to the elders did not dare to resign, to do nothing, I had to bite the bullet and go back, the phone can understand leadership, work requirements, parents and relatives also poured call, which is dragging tactics, educated girl can only be resistant to this temper, maintained that some tutoring, try not to lose face to the elders, but the phone rang episode is repeated, this man really downright rude, I leave breathable Yi Tangtang do not disturb each other, do not snoop other people’s privacy, but always take the side while chasing, fire clay figurine as well as one-third, I calmly looked at him, he began to no words to find words, Zhichang Zi me bluntly: today, so be it, he was about to say, the phone started again, be liberated me, finally ended, I went home furious, deuce blind date.

Life is a duty

Life is a duty
A woman with children to go traveling, leaving the man alone at home.The woman was not at home, men drinking beer, and kept changing the TV channel.At this time, the girl’s phone call, she said, I have nothing to do, Jia Zuozuo it to you.The man said, this.No, I was going out.In fact, the girl has been in a man’s downstairs.  The girl is a man of his men, girls many times he expressed a favorable impression on, men are skillfully refused.Men know that the young girl’s heart is a blank sheet of paper, he did not leave any ink in the above qualifications.  Hand girl carrying a lot of things, and a bottle of red wine, standing in the man’s doorstep.The man said, then I cook it.The girl said, no, they get busy in the kitchen.Men scurried to clean up the house, he happened to see the back of a busy girl, suddenly had a kind of moving.Just a moment, he will immediately feel the pressure of this moment in the bottom of my heart.  In another a house, he began to call about familiar friends over to dinner, but his friends are in.After a while, the girl has been shouting at him, he suddenly froze to the kitchen, the girls giving it to him is a hot dumplings.His favorite dumplings, but usually he and the woman are too busy, no time to dumplings.  Two dumplings, plates of side dishes, a bottle of red wine, the girl’s face smiled softly, stirred his heart.Hard to explain why, he do not pay attention when the girl, turned off the phone, pull up the curtain of the balcony.He could hear my own heart beat.  Drinking a bottle of red wine, the girl said the dizziness, it fell limply in the arms of a man.Men admit girls are beautiful, he held her in his arms, it was in that moment, he felt the girl’s body is so weak, his broad shoulders like a child asleep inside, like his daughter, his heart suddenly shocked.  Girl in his bed to sleep, he gently strip the door.At this time, the living room phone rang, a call from a woman and child.  Men still drinking beer, and kept changing the channel, he clearly heard a slight breathing girl, however, he tried to let his mind calm and cool again.  Girl woke up the next morning already.Man a sleepless night.Men prepared breakfast for girls.Dinner, she asked, you do not like me?The man said, like.That you do not lonely?A little bit, but.I’m afraid you dwell?Girl’s mouth like Beng ask questions like beans.  The man said seriously, life is a responsibility, like bowl of porridge and fried eggs, although the old to eat that little taste, but you have to do every day, have to eat, and sometimes even find it unpalatable, but do not eat my heart empty.  Girl silent.Off the girl, men feel that there has never been easy.  Love is a faith, is a price to pay, if not love, or can not afford, then do not easily open their own heart.Grounds the temptation and loneliness, this is not love.