The curved

Oh, the weather here really like the spoiled child, the day before yesterday or snow, just calm day, early in the morning and off the floor in tears, like those of an adult bird’s tiresome, high upon the branches, twittering , laugh non-stop, “the boy” had been crying child mouth nose, stubborn toot up from time to time also angrily looking white children, blowing does not yield the heart, it seems, it is not short-lived fad. ” cool down “the.  Swagger with impunity branches outside the window, it seems a little too afraid leadership serious face, he just willful drilled into my eyes.This is the only green and which still damp from the influx of meaning, suddenly reminds me of home, “the curved”.  ”The curved” is a dialect term for the soft scientific name, also known as the ear, to see skin, to tread vegetables, edible fungus land.Most often it appears on a heavy downpour uncontaminated mountain grassland.  For the curved, “Wuzhou House” has such a record: “sphaeroides.This valley is a non-original, but rice is named, legend says: This hidden Jin Ge Hong, lack of food, that food taken, hence the name.” ‘Sphaeroides’, so a beautiful name, really contributed ah!    Home in a small place Gansu Province, each finished under the rain, the valley will be on the wet everywhere, although the northwest, but compared to Inner Mongolia, the character is much more gentle, as Castle after the rain just left bath girl, the graceful Body shy around a few Miao Xiao Bai Bing, not like the southern quiet soft hills, hypocritical dressed in heavy mist of rain shirt; unlike the mountains of Inner Mongolia, I do not know shy bare rigid lines, yellow skin and do not show the perfect body.But that time is not old enough to appreciate the scenery, unique find interesting, is that several small partners together and surmise a few plastic bags, yelling to the mountains to pick up the curved.  Every time picked up the curved, the mother will give us pack into a bun, my brother and I always stood beside the chopping board, looking at a large piece of dough into pieces one by one, and then into a smile Zhangtai Yang later he became one mouse-like and vivid dolphin exquisite small pomegranate-like mother like a magician’s hands.Ranging from the pot too, our mouths just thrown the saliva.To be one of the hot pan buns, we have endured hot mouths.The curved buns taste very good, run without delay, smooth but not greasy, cool comfortable feeling we have a unique.  Remember to eat the curved buns, we also ugly group of “big kids” made up songs: “a fool, to pick up some curved, large steaming pot, small pot warm, the baby’s full emergency jump up.Chou Chou left and right to see, Mom, Mom, cooked yet?His baby melon anxious yet?”Suddenly, I twenties, but the songs still with me to this day, from time to time as relatives and friends laugh at my jokes.  The curved end is not so easy to pick up, then once I screamed curved buns to eat, my mother would lie to say that is curved to become sheep balls, dirty dead.Still later, he can not anymore to pick up too curved, nor eat the curved buns.As for why the mother lie to me, I think, is probably too busy because of it!  A few days ago, in a small company cafeteria to eat authentic Sichuan’s curved, before we know it can eat salad, canteen aunt told me that there are many approaches to curved, can be fried, salad, distillates , braise, you can also make soup.  Affected “A Bite of China”, I specifically checked the information on the curved, just know that many health recipes, such as: the ear scrambled eggs, buns to the ear, the ear ribs potato soup, carrot soup ribs to ear , the ear ribs yam soup, salad the ear, the ear tofu, fried leeks the ear, the ear like pork.Its therapeutic effect is not all, not only lipid-lowering eyesight, heat fire solution, but also rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., can provide a variety of nutrients for the body, with Qi tonic, nourishing the liver and kidney effects.  There is information that, due to the curved very rare.Often referred to as foreign or fallenstar starjelly, but is mistaken for the heaven down so.The restaurant industry is known as “Lover’s Tears” is a very tasty dish.The Aborigines called it “God’s tears.”.    However, because of the long-term growth in a cool, damp slopes and rivers edge.Lubricate and cool texture, spleen and stomach diarrhea were not greedy oh ten million!  Yang is said to have been only like a lychee.However, as a common ground curved, such as lychee and not as well received by the imperial bedroom “favorite” glorious history.But “ancient litchi and Yang, and now I have to curved”.Indeed I am deeply curved to the left and taste memories of childhood hometown.  Really want to eat a mother to hand-made curved buns, but this annoying “baby” began to shed tears, I do not know the family did not rain?

Helpless blind date

Medina began to take a glimpse of strangers, strange places, strange smell rotate back and forth in the house, to look at a loss where to put? Strange feeling hit, somebody has to step in to resolve this embarrassing opening scene, I looked at him in silence, most people, dress is not good, are not really casual, even a bit like work at home, I thought it would live, then he asked how many mirrors degrees, 400 degrees, than his uncle solemnly told me a lot of 1200, things do not look pasted on the computer screen, from the strange to come to understand a little understanding, paving the way step by step, so it is still weird feeling again and again, to brief each other, a person monologue, a little knowledge of people, watching each other face expression and discourse, the rapid transformation to decipher the brain as a computer, the so-called care about details, details reflect the true feelings of a person, to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses from , disturbed the mood, suffering process, I deeply understand ignorant of each other from the first conversation to the surface, there are a number expected to more than disappointed, they first met afraid of hurting other people, I am not a person worships money, but I need a sense of security, no more than the money, just give me a stable, not eating the old, energy independence and self-reliance, not well educated, we Can test, but people can not afford not without ambition, a man talking conversation, between the forehead and affectionate demeanor on behalf of a tutor, the details of life and interaction with others, do not need more than excellent results, but the young people have to have courage and courage into the world , professional ability, not mediocrity, from scratch, when opportunities arise around you to see how you catch, if hesitant expression is unclear, change the subject, lose the opportunity to live up to the trust in leadership, will have no chance opportunities.As the saying goes: “Mo bully juvenile poor”: “Opportunity is always ready,” This man should have dared Ganpin spirit from scratch. A person is not planning for the future, submissive, what breath, the company once the computer happens, people get cut you cut, not technical, interpersonal not work hard hands which point the little things, will become dispensable, a who only learned knowledge into the brain is just not take away his “skills are more than body”, “a list of technical areas of the body are difficult to do, to learn always harmless, have a sense of crisis, social innovation fast, easy to make people fall behind, the workplace like a battlefield step by step through the clutter, step by step falls getting up, only you can make the strong stronger, Young is the capital, men should indomitable spirit “, to be responsible for their future, not to mention the girl pick, we put lifelong happiness is betting all entrusted to you, will be responsible for both the faith, do not need more than money, as long as you have the ability and talent, the ability to support the family, which is the maximum “security”, “a sense of comfort,” we need to work work, family is family, not too much with the girl repeated over and over again is boring things, looking for a boyfriend want a life, not a brick an aunt More on.   The other party when the phone constantly ringing, I’d say you are very rude tutor, fear of wounding the boy instantly self-esteem, fear not say rude lady tutor, had a fiery temper abruptly drag worn silent, not necessarily professional learning used in this work, but the masters stop off in front of the public, because it is my field of learners, two years transferred to this department, you do not thoroughly understand these data, the job content, the report said only, only know one Second, I do not know the waste material, might as well not say, Now that the line is necessary to understand science through books, this is their own, not the students have triumphantly for me to share, speed and excitement when you are prepared out of time, others travel training and learning, and you transferred the small office from the high post, not entertainment, not interpersonal, professional knowledge base does not work, their work does not work now, but also myopia, once unemployment there is any advantage, people are too comfortable, will be social and workplace eliminated, show off is not wrong, you have a stable job, but there is no competition, and strive to the upper reaches of consciousness, Xuehaiwuya life-long learning.Floating exaggeration unfamiliar areas, sincere man introverted, ask answer one, this short brief, leaking issue 100, even if you listened carefully to my brief, Guan Gong not the masters, I do not know as I do not know, that is knowledge.Total did not ask a few words, as the phone rings, really feel exhausted, I had an excuse to go out to breathe, but he will take the side followed him, my heart is not depressed, do not ask specific circumstances, return home can not cross, this sense of helplessness that everyone may have, thanks to the elders did not dare to resign, to do nothing, I had to bite the bullet and go back, the phone can understand leadership, work requirements, parents and relatives also poured call, which is dragging tactics, educated girl can only be resistant to this temper, maintained that some tutoring, try not to lose face to the elders, but the phone rang episode is repeated, this man really downright rude, I leave breathable Yi Tangtang do not disturb each other, do not snoop other people’s privacy, but always take the side while chasing, fire clay figurine as well as one-third, I calmly looked at him, he began to no words to find words, Zhichang Zi me bluntly: today, so be it, he was about to say, the phone started again, be liberated me, finally ended, I went home furious, deuce blind date.

Life is a duty

Life is a duty
A woman with children to go traveling, leaving the man alone at home.The woman was not at home, men drinking beer, and kept changing the TV channel.At this time, the girl’s phone call, she said, I have nothing to do, Jia Zuozuo it to you.The man said, this.No, I was going out.In fact, the girl has been in a man’s downstairs.  The girl is a man of his men, girls many times he expressed a favorable impression on, men are skillfully refused.Men know that the young girl’s heart is a blank sheet of paper, he did not leave any ink in the above qualifications.  Hand girl carrying a lot of things, and a bottle of red wine, standing in the man’s doorstep.The man said, then I cook it.The girl said, no, they get busy in the kitchen.Men scurried to clean up the house, he happened to see the back of a busy girl, suddenly had a kind of moving.Just a moment, he will immediately feel the pressure of this moment in the bottom of my heart.  In another a house, he began to call about familiar friends over to dinner, but his friends are in.After a while, the girl has been shouting at him, he suddenly froze to the kitchen, the girls giving it to him is a hot dumplings.His favorite dumplings, but usually he and the woman are too busy, no time to dumplings.  Two dumplings, plates of side dishes, a bottle of red wine, the girl’s face smiled softly, stirred his heart.Hard to explain why, he do not pay attention when the girl, turned off the phone, pull up the curtain of the balcony.He could hear my own heart beat.  Drinking a bottle of red wine, the girl said the dizziness, it fell limply in the arms of a man.Men admit girls are beautiful, he held her in his arms, it was in that moment, he felt the girl’s body is so weak, his broad shoulders like a child asleep inside, like his daughter, his heart suddenly shocked.  Girl in his bed to sleep, he gently strip the door.At this time, the living room phone rang, a call from a woman and child.  Men still drinking beer, and kept changing the channel, he clearly heard a slight breathing girl, however, he tried to let his mind calm and cool again.  Girl woke up the next morning already.Man a sleepless night.Men prepared breakfast for girls.Dinner, she asked, you do not like me?The man said, like.That you do not lonely?A little bit, but.I’m afraid you dwell?Girl’s mouth like Beng ask questions like beans.  The man said seriously, life is a responsibility, like bowl of porridge and fried eggs, although the old to eat that little taste, but you have to do every day, have to eat, and sometimes even find it unpalatable, but do not eat my heart empty.  Girl silent.Off the girl, men feel that there has never been easy.  Love is a faith, is a price to pay, if not love, or can not afford, then do not easily open their own heart.Grounds the temptation and loneliness, this is not love.