I was in Malawi – a teacher of foreign language text (bis)

[REVIEW] Chinese people do you have to do this to ourselves compatriots?In contrast, foreign embassies it makes me feel more warm, more gentle attitude.Borrowing recently popular word “two devils dog days” to express anger in my heart.    Fifth, the two devils dog days from the submission of the original passport to get a visa for a whole has spent the last month.During that time every day to stay at home or go to school to help, and my heart has been thinking about his own Beijing that little red books and 1000 yuan in the offer of the ocean.In the embassy’s visa was written on the notes, passports take one to two weeks, but the real start only to find the so-called one to two weeks is just wishful thinking.    Malawi is a poor country, although the embassy is also Dongzhimen Wai Street, but with Canada, the Australian embassy in the hundreds of thousands of square meters of complete scale seemed to be somewhat suppressed compared.It is located off the east diplomatic buildings, the use of a building together with several other African countries and some international companies.The so-called common use of a building is actually nice to say, it actually occupies only area in which the floor of a room.Plug door with a nameplate that read “Malawi Embassy of People’s Republic of China” in Chinese and English.”Hall” stood a little bit orange with brown leather sofas, a secretary desk is opposite the sofa, with offices around the common white plastic, which is sitting in a Chinese woman.Some lordosis woman forehead, long hair tied, eyes slightly concave, height probably about 160, voice is always full of impatient.Before coming to Malawi Embassy, several women called to ask give this information and the specific location of the embassy need to carry, for a never out of a nation of people it is very necessary.However, each result is that, even though I was a long distance phone call, she was always before I started to feel bad for my phone bill I would hang up the phone.    Embassy came and saw this woman, I personally and Guo Guang said that she had a look of Quebrada phase, a look that is vicious, not a good person.Sure, we come to apply for a visa, he said we do not like not even let us go to the Hanban issued proof of English.I think we can find a place to issue proof of English, if those migrant workers, where they went to prove issued in English.This is just being difficult.I would like to ask her to help translate, but then I thought, if she is willing to help translate would not embarrass us.Before coming to the embassy, I’ve heard that argument to give tips secretary, for her we have no such behavior.Later, after we prove that the English letter somehow, she looked at our invitation, and that requires an invitation issued proof of identity.At that time we hit the roof, you had failed to make it clear to me now said to be proof of identity, how do I go and get, tone of voice high up significantly.This is a black out in the embassy, and saw our emotions wrong, so after consultation with the Secretary, we looked at the invitation told her this is no problem.Let us put the material here and pay a thousand dollars can go.I saw a little impatient secretary of the material we accept her left leg into a side drawer.Wait until the embassy staff to 1,000 yuan receipt to us, let us leave the secretary.    A week later, no news.I would like to say on the file one to two weeks, and so it.Two weeks later, no news, I am a little uneasy, I think probably something they delayed it.Three weeks later, no news, I finally called and asked to, she said, the embassy to call you yet, do not hit you wait.Pam, the phone while busy.The fourth week, once again called to ask, and so she said, hanging up again.Such is not always the way to go and so on, so I give Chinese Embassy in Malawi sent an e-mail, tell this side of the case.A few days later, the embassy people to call me, so I went to get a visa.    Later, he came to Malawi from Yang learned, these African countries invited Peru (Chinese secretary) are very hateful, will all be consumed, if the visa fee is 1000, then you have to give him only two thousand OK, otherwise she’ll embarrass you in countless ways.In fact, time-consuming visa requirements of the Government of Malawi $ 100 asking price has been higher than the 1000.Damn two devils.Yang said at the time after you sent me an email, I called the embassy area there a question, Ambassador simply do not see your passport, said he rushed to deal with us, I know it must have been these two devils buckle did not give them lived.These two devils know that you are appointed by the state, I am not looking for you to tip, but he can deduct your passport.    Chinese people does it have to do this to ourselves compatriots?In contrast, foreign embassies it makes me feel more warm, more gentle attitude.Borrowing recently popular word “two devils dog days” to express anger in my heart.[Editor: Can children]

Winter small shadow

[Stone] you get cold? Half-naked gazing back down, despite the blustering cold wind messy sleeves rotation does not move eyebrow heart hidden spring and autumn handle partly concealed in your heart not cover half years of uneven wear tranches stone carved out of a stone point Delicate heart into a gold waiting for you in a pink and leaves it cute baby cuddle in your arms I heard my mother call you pretty girl you kissed your forehead, like the Mona Lisa smile shyly hid quietly into space camera in the years I envy you do anything in front of you [confetti] I hate north, meaner they are too hard to beat your petite body one by one somersault until black and blue wheel pulling your shoulder and you desperately to break free after hiding the fate of the rolling billboard scarred feet, breathing and panting, then Su Zhaotou see snow night who is owned by a few people who could read a few words on that rusty ruins you I’m so distressed that you can only watch you shiver [such as] snow gradually enveloped the dark to give you the name of pioneer snow, not a state is a desire and anxious mood in the snow waiting for you to say Yellow River bank, run to the vines as Rouchang I ask you snow there Northland corner, I eagerly look forward to ignite the boiling pot of warm friendship never cold street lights] [old wine sunset little lover gave birth to a posthumous night feasting ambiguous escape your eyes that you can not see the sun night of your site like ghosts in ghost Story, I call the shots you and your elongated shadow Huzuohuyou folding a consistent loss of a small sparrow met [love] piercing their friends love ah, lost his way home that snow still blame grain shriveled grain rice with poppy lure you looking for Sixin unwilling to cry cry cry less than miracle or no you do not know it she mistakenly broke into the dense network of small building built sorghum rod imprisoned her freedom as well as her love for you you Tears of Blood crow in a cage in the woods there are a hundred thousand turn back kind of love that she suffocated her small feather freedom is your title back to air leakage around the love nest over and over again with the tongue comb to comb not a fly in the face of icy salt water Shuangsushuangfei my smile frozen snow [ ] Baby cold Xiaonan afraid you wear a little red jacket to put on your mother, I want to take my mother home snowman, let them look warm Xiaonan ah, you do not know the snow is the home of some of these dolls outcome is bound to be love snow hurt baby tears away Xiaonan tears over and over again to look at “snow White and the seven villain”] [Xue-lin vast woodlands lying still hear the wind whispers, watching the snow dance village at the foot of the cow roared volume since snow spray 39 winter training is not the old days of rumors a few inches of crushed shallow slender branches a few lines of chaos and orderly footprints trod one intersection Linhaixueyuan the story in addition to flying sleigh and sledge pulled by dogs also there is a song called “about in the winter”

Sit with a spring breeze through

Perhaps no one can be more special than her, and get to know in my female friends, she is not the only true and I talked to a girl was able to maintain a permanent contact, and it is the first time I go to see the eyes of a girl.    At that time I saw her too mature characters, so I think she must be a bit deep life experience of people.    May result made me greatly was an accident she was only eighteen-year-old girl, this way, I am most ashamed of place, even with only words to guess your age and experience, to infer your real life cases, this can not be said to be a kind of self-confidence I have always been against.    But what really surprised me was the way she treats and outlook on life, although I am not against the existence of her life in such a realistic point of view, but the real fell to her body, made me feel real surprise, because for a not really understand the cruelty of her real life, I do not know is an improvement of life, or a life of frustration?    Although I believe has the right to choose their own way of life and perspectives of each person, and only such a choice does not affect the normal life and the crisis of others, nor cause some harm to the feelings of others, if not in other people’s pain any behavior, not to harm to the vital interests of others as their own happy way of life, others blameless and slander Yee.    But I still do not agree, she’s way of life, even though she’s no truth to choose one.    I also believe that it was her first encounter in life the truth of love, she is serious about the arrival of this love, though she knows this love without any results, as there will be no hope for her to, she love can not really grasp the reality of the track, but she still threw away down.    I do not know the love that brought her happiness than sadness?More than happy or sad?    But I believe she and the man she loved together, at that moment she was happy and happy, she is full of female-specific gentle and warm, she felt the other side of her infatuation and sincere.    Each time she was very lonely and lonely, especially in her sick very sad moment, I know she will think of my call, she wanted me some comfort and care.    Despite this concern and care for her very far away it is also very realistic, and I hope she can dialogue can relieve the pain when you’re sick.    She will fight with every call a long time, the phone is also the shortest of at least half an hour or more, she had never taken the initiative to blame me she came to the phone, laughing at me saying that I’m afraid too expensive long-distance phone charges, she has said this of your anger and dissatisfaction, if I say that’s the case, she would send the cost when I talk to you.    Admittedly for the level of long-distance telephone costs, I do not have not considered, but a true friend, I have not really mind, as long as I think it is worthy of a place I would not stingy color.    That’s why she calls most of the time is not convenient, and her habits and I have very different each time, on several occasions she was three or four in the morning to call, but I was already shut down.    So she and I talk much more than a dialogue on the Internet, with the heart, the women in her writing should be very good, even though her experience and her writing is far disproportionate, but also with her real situation It does not correspond, but she made me equally surprised by the dedication and love infatuation, which many people think of her nice contrast.    In the forum she is a very active and very cheerful girl, but it is also a forceful and the wayward women, and even in my conversation, she is full of this kind of personality in front of me, from the dialogue with her You can see her side of things catch on, she rarely showing her fragile place in front of others, she is not willing to let her know more details.    Just yesterday with my call, I clearly felt one kind of desire she urgently needed care when sick a gentle look forward to the truth needs to be a need to get the true feelings of longing, but also feel her helpless lonely and helpless, to feel pain and sorrow cut around her when she was eager to get rid of disease.    While you disappear for a long time from the forum of interest, but I know you can not really leave the network, you can not like me just to vent feelings of your heart in the network, just so in reality not to let others know of their minds a a show in front of strangers, you do not want to make their voices have more viewers and readers unfamiliar, you rely on the network far greater than the reliance on emotion.    Because of her unique personal experience and life experience, so she is a woman more realistic than others, for the reality of survival, she has more say than others, but I do not know her way of life can support to what time?She did not know any better so do not see the result of love for her, the truth is worth the negative?    Not that she did not think of the future results to her intelligence and wisdom, I believe she was seeing the future outcome, maybe she needs love so no results to support her current way of life, the need for such temporary gentle, so her smooth out the ups and downs of the emotional heart, good for her after finding emotional for her, make a useful exploration, or a better future for her and abundance of material life, and lay a good foundation, I think perhaps there there are many reasons I do not know with her peers.    What other people think of her way to survive, she did not mind not value her own way is the kind of lone women on their way, but also a secular view is not easily swayed by a girl, she will not be easy for others slander Yee and change their lifestyle, she will not be because of the constraints of traditional point of view and the hope of lowering their standards in her character embodies you note interpretation and understanding of fashion.    But her personality was stronger, I see her a lot of very fragile, she hopes for a better future, she can only be a beautiful dream, her feelings toward the future, she is difficult to know the real clear her desire for true love, but her way of life dependent on a form of transformation, the reality of life for comment, but she is wishful thinking thing, over-reliance on the network, at a loss to fully explain her life.    Her age is still very small, there is still a way to go will be a long, long, two huge contrast to her not a bad thing, she would all hope, the only place she did not have any result on love, will only make her lose more things in life, the way to survive in their own youth price, in exchange for the current peaceful life, her future will only make life there more unrest.His bright future lies in the care of love is difficult to determine, it will only make her dream of becoming an unrealistic fantasy.    Never had a good conversation with her outlook on life, I know you want to change a person’s life and influence opinions and attitudes is difficult, and often can not truly won, I still hope she can get rid of some of your complete love of reliance and fantasy, not a completely economically independent women, can not find their true truth, a woman can not receive the respect of each other in personality, true happiness can not pursue their own hope, and not allow ourselves to make a Lord of women, less likely to find a sincere love for a long time but, of course, there will not be really happy and happy days.

I used to love your life (see crying)

I used to love your life (see crying) Click on the “tree child micro Journal” free attention to her 30-year-old, who pretty, white skin, thin waist.However, she was in life, first gave birth silly girl, and later, 29 years old, her husband died.            Later, she chose to remarry, married older than her 15-year-old man.      She gets tough, not to mention there stupid girl.Importantly, he was the miners, the level of income does not say, if an accident, the general miners will lose three four hundred thousand yuan.      She scared the poor, otherwise, why so juicy legs will marry something wrong person.He was old and ugly, crooked eye and mouth oblique.      He also knows himself unworthy, he still had a treasure like the same.            He earned half a lot of points to give her, but 1,000 yuan a month, in addition to food and clothing left much less than.What she could not, silly girl in the future have to use the money, I do not want to tell him so over a lifetime.Everywhere is mine, why he would not encounter it on?Her thought was that three to four million, if he died, she would roll the money and run.This is a very wicked idea, but it is most true.      She bought clothes rouge pink dress themselves, and men flirt neighbors.Some say he see your wife, take your money and dress the man fooling around!He just chuckled, she Mende Huang, let her play.In fact, his heart is in pain, she did not want to go crazy.            She said something to eat tangerine, he went to town to buy, of course, did not tell her when to go.      Mine accident, her first thought was, this is just great, the 300,000 yuan at hand!      Out a lot of dead bodies, she has a look, he did not see, I was extremely disappointed.I look back, she saw he was holding a tangerine came to it, naive like a child.      For, he says, I’ll go to town to buy tangerine, and shift the others!Wow she’s crying, but because of hopes dashed.He advised, I’m fine, do not be afraid.He thought she was scared.Eating tangerine, her heart do not feel a thing.      He hurt her, but also distressed girl.Secretly, he went to the mountains to plant trees, species forty-five month.He was asked, what do trees?He answered with a smile, give them Niangliang species, after I die, these trees are grown up, they can feed.Indeed reached her ears, her heart a sour, tears almost fall.            Later, she contracted a cold sick, to serve him with a puzzled her clothes.Middle of the night woke up and found him holding her foot.She asked, why you hold my feet?He said, as you wake up, I will know that you want to save nobody helped relieve themselves.She really cried, sobbed, you silly.      After getting better, she said, we do not mine, and mine is always an accident a few days ago has died several people, I’m afraid.This time she was sincere, because I wanted to understand, people are the most important people did not, you got nothin ‘.      After that, she honest, not going anywhere, no longer dressed like fairy.She opened a small shop, guarding him live.      Soon after, he suddenly felt chest pain, a little while to do things, large drops of perspiration will fall, so steal to eat painkillers, a kind of ten dollars, and a food that is fifty-six, can chest JINWOZI or pain.He went to town to steal speaking doctor.The doctor says, liver cancer, advanced, up to three months to live, want to eat anything eat anything it, do not wronged ourselves.         Walk along the street, he brought all the money spent, bought a lot of things, her new dress, flower girl gown, rouge perfume, but did not buy yourself something.      The next morning, he said he also intends to work the mine boss to find him.She said, not too easy to crash, do not go, determined not to!He chuckled, in the end still went.He said to his boss, give me a hard living, tired I am not afraid.Of course the boss is willing, I sent him to the deepest underground.Pain when he cried her name in the dark.      On the third day at work, underground water seepage began, he would have a chance to run away, but he thought that, with three to four million, and her daughter a lifetime is enough.So he did not run, did not call for help.      After that message, she did not comb ran to the head, hands clinging to the wellhead, flow of blood hand.Looking at his body, she shouted his name, teeth, I will not let you come, do not let you come, they will not let you come!      Pulls out of hospital medical certificate from his pocket, she came to understand that man is his own life last love her once.         Women need to be hurt, so the greatest desire of love is a woman’s husband.Money, status..After all, women want is a man’s love and care.   Men need to be understood, it is best to comfort his wife’s understanding is the man.Beauty, desire.The last men want is a woman of tenderness and companionship.   ?Original works (public No. Reprinted with authorization) Photo Source: Original article read [email protected] clicking on the left read: If the network involves copyright issues, please contact the public number editor: Tree children shu9882 text editor: light ink Xuan li913124 Submission E-mail more Past Essay

Wake up the dream grain is red

The main varieties are red food grain wake dream of: yellow rice, white rice.However, how many times I dreaming, food is red.My dream, the food is pink, warm and sweet; after waking up, food is deep red, mature and dignified; even in the future, food is bright red, beautiful and bright.  Why not red food?Red is the hope of jump.When we are stuck in a stretch of rainy or suffering to the bitter cold, the Eastern horizon Shu sun rose, the red dazzling bring us what kind of surprise and emotion!We will never forget the early days of our country’s grain output was only 1.100 million tons, while last year, the country’s grain output reached 5.700 million tons, an increase of 3.83 times.You know, China is the world’s first large-population countries, food security is a problem, no one can save us.We will not forget that a few decades ago in China, many of our compatriots still hungry, can eat are luxury.Today, too many grain varieties, too strong food nutrition makes us dazzle, difficult to choose, there is no prosperity food, there is no political, economic, cultural, ecological prosperity, economic construction and social development is the castle in the air.It gave us food at ease and stability, it is food gives us hope and future, would it not red it?  Why not red food work?As we all know, China’s revolutionary history is a history of red, countless people with lofty ideals, revolutionary martyrs one after another, stained with blood and lives flag, national flag colors.The planned economy period, our food purchase and sale main line work, in conditions of material deprivation, and effectively protect the final victory of the revolution throughout the country to overcome the well-known difficulties in three years.Since the reform and opening up, we work to coordinate the food excellent situation in the country in full swing with the times.From the fourth to complete a separate grain purchase and marketing, our food work while undergoing a heartbreaking biting pains, but brave and strong who survive food, and walked steady pace towards the advancement.Farmers face sent food, we are still due diligence, efforts to improve their service, pick-income, according to quality, abide by ethics, fairness and justice, farmers should be our laughter shadow.To face the task manage reserves to stabilize the market of government, our food workers in perpetuity, dare not have the slightest slack?Take it where I City Grain and Oil Corporation and the valley rice industry now, as the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises in Jiangxi Province, the first provincial business and state-owned grain enterprises, we have never seen what winning, but endless responsibility and mission.Our one attached to the majority of grain farmers, one attached to the vast food market, we always become close friends and people who appreciate the farmers market.According to incomplete statistics, nearly 10 years, our company through the acquisition of food to help farmers achieve a total income of nearly $ 10 million to try upgrading cooperation and business model of the valley rice processing equipment industry, but also enable enterprises to adapt to the market, to the sound development of the road.It is our food work their own homes and small office show consideration for the overall situation, it is the work of our food difficulties, the spirit of flying, is it not red it?  Yes, the food, the food is working as well as food business red.Any industry has its ups and downs, we can not because of temporary difficulties and can not see the vigor and vitality, we can not because the current weaknesses and deny our past, our future pessimism.Stormy hero character.Any success in overcoming difficulties are created, only the tough difficult life could never be forgotten, wonderful unlimited.Bar with open arms to our enthusiasm and solid, with our efforts and wisdom to meet the food business-like red spring sun!    September 9, 2012

[Dan] poetry water Sentiment heart of Rye

The depths of the mind there is left to a virgin has long been deserted long ago covered with thorns prehistoric grand ambitions bottom surviving faint breath once activated wake poised to make a comeback that will no longer be unknown that will no longer be the on their own they would no longer be a man unknown to it will no longer be silent in the quiet light of hope kindled inside of sailing once again raised shoulder hometown folks dare to call the sun and the moon mission impulse to change the world, like heart like a lion through the thorns in front of the trap must be the life of every student in lightning time in neigh Lingual standing in the East what the smoke haze miasma what I heard shouts ghastly ghosts and goblins will obediently gone

If you never leave

In your life, there are some chores around you every day, and these are always let you headaches.Until one day, you met her, she was attracted to you.You’ve been sitting in the classroom of the window silly fantasy: “Everyone will not leave, do not know the day off, we are not tired.”But you remember in the ‘she’, no one could make you never forget ‘her’.If you never left, so this is not my world dark.You were like a wounded deer, ran to my side, said: “We are good friends can do?Do not separate, not to become the most familiar stranger, okay?”I am pleased I nodded, probably because you do not hold anything against me, but the first person willing to be my friend, you know it?When we go to school, school, class, class is inseparable.I always listen to your side with your sweet song, singing that song: “We are all children start the beginning of the last final desire to become an angel ballad songs hidden in the shadow of fairy tales to the children’s children that fly to?”I’ll follow you sing a few words from time to time, you not only do not hold anything against me sing ugly, did not hold anything against me sing out of tune singing bother you.Will continue to encourage me, I believe I’ll sing better next time listen!Until February of that year, that was my saddest day.I will not play with you, come home, probably because it is a fight, you and I ferocious fights, and today has been in the Cold War.Until last night, you personally put forward: “We no longer are good friends now, not ever meet again.”To hear you, I live a self Xinrusihui tired day, I would say that sentence:” Why are you doing this?Had promised me, are you kidding me?”I have these questions even my close friends can not answer.A week later, you want to transfer, and never come back.My classmate, I shouted: “Wang Qi, to transfer, and now not on the car, you want to go to deliver what people.”The whole class the students are gone, only one person I did not go, I was sitting in a classroom with headphones listening to your favorite song.Later, my classmate, told me: “She do that, just do not want to see you are not allowed to see her crying transfer, just want you happy every day.She did not expect to make the most of your friendship have been imprinted in your heart, you can not forget.”I let the same table, then the heart becomes very confusing, my questions are solved all these words, and I apologize for the TV drama quarrel recall.My memory of the girl, there are numerous dark night, I cried out from the dorm room to find you.If you have to leave, I believe we are now well and certainly, certainly once again singing, dancing bar.I would like to go a little faster graduated from that city to find you, I will accompany you to spend every night in a noisy that city.Wang Qi, do not know if you remember that a school of willow, beginning that you made good friends, is the witness of our friendship, but also you personally raise last no longer friends place.Now, I will, as always, under the willow tree, watching your favorite book, waiting for you strange from that city back.The girl’s memory, your sweet smile, your sweet voice, I can not forget.If you never left, that nice ah!I’m lonely, I’m lonely, perhaps only you know, maybe only you will be with me the very quiet.If you never left, so this is not my world dark.3846176 /

Sweet Hope reason why so confident, because this is Lu Lu Jia Nailiang

Sweet Hope reason why so confident, because Gunai Liang Lu Lu is such a culture which is before a picture, a lot of people know.Sweet Xin Wang Fan TFBOYS source, before Lu Lu Xin sweet together to participate in activities, group photo with Wang Yuan, Xi Yi smelt one thousand, small sweet Xin has been Behind his shy, embarrassed look into the camera.In a look at these two pictures.Small sweet Xin very graceful idol of sitting around, laughing like flowers, so, so confident lovely daughter, Lu Lu Jia Nailiang is how to bring out of it?It turned out that they are so cultured.Hope to small sweet childhood fully aware of the love and acceptance and support from family.The famous psychologist Eriksson raised a total of four times to form personality from birth to school age and growth problems encountered, and build self-confidence are related, parents and children can join in four stages well to solve a given problem to grow, then the child will gain self-confidence and self-esteem.The first period is infancy, in the neonatal first came to gnaw, he resolved to build a sense of trust in this world, so that they fully positive optimism, when they have confidence in themselves and the world, will not easily be defeated despair and frustration.To help children build enough trust in this period, the mother’s care is essential, this is not a nanny can be replaced, the child will not worry about the outcome, will gradually formed his conviction, my mother has been by my side meet I need this faith will slowly open to expansion, we feel that this world is a safe and loving.Therefore, during this period to help children build a sense of trust, let him gain confidence and makes him optimistic and full of hope, lay the foundation for confidence.The second period is the early childhood, the child is 1-3 years old, this time the child has an obvious feature is the enhanced autonomy, the ability to have a child for independent thinking and the ability to act in the awareness that this period, most of the growth to solve the problem is the right to guide their children’s self-awareness.This time, parents should not blindly arranged so that the child will fully complete loss of control, the child will form a dependency, nor should totally do not help, after all, limited the ability of children, vulnerable to setbacks, will appreciate the free and brave, the correct approach is gentle support parents so that children can have a certain degree of autonomy to support the hungry, to help children slowly build independence and self-confidence, self-control when the child has adequate experience and confiscated, naturally will be conducive build self-confidence.The third period was the beginning of school age, the child is 3-5 years old, it is bursting with creativity and imagination of a child when, this time the main task is to help children build and create their own unique life initiative.If parents do not support this time the innovative behavior of those childish and unreasonable child, the child will feel frustrated, lose self-confidence will slowly break through and create, grow up there may not motivated, very obedient What parents say is what, in a narrow circle, not their ability to solve problems independently, parents should go this time to encourage children’s curiosity and exploratory behavior, and provide new opportunities to participate in such activities, patiently accompanied them and answer questions they raised, so that the child will continue to take the initiative to create and innovate, to achieve the goal to experience the joy of success, self-confidence will slowly be raised.The fourth period is of school age, that is, children 6-12 years old, at this time, the children’s intellectual development has been rapid, the school became a place to play their access to knowledge and intellectual skills, this time the child’s main task is to experience the joy of hard work to complete their education, when grades achieved, will feel a sense of joy diligence brought them confidence in the future.When the child is just entering school, are hard-working, but different academic make them have a different feeling for hard work, this time to keep their sense of hard work and self-confidence, we need to encourage parents and teachers and peers, and perhaps they may encounter setbacks on their studies, but others recognized that allows children think hard work is useful.Thus, during this period the parents should actively encourage children, especially in learning, so that they get a higher confidence in the future of independent life and work.And Lu Lu and Jia Nailiang is to develop self-confidence through the sweet Hope to get her so cute and self-confidence, so that so many people like her, I believe that your child can do, the key is to look at how do parents.This article headline numbers released by the author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.

Road can look back, I can not go back

Road can look back, you can not walk back can look back, you can not go back, as I do not seek meaning, but for the worthy of my heart!Lost heaven and earth, not lost traces of heart, the wind and the rain stopped, can not stop the slightest idea of the meaning.Do not tie themselves of course there is no possibility to fly, no rough experience no colorful life, not real impressed would not always successful, no pains, no regrets brilliant life.The face should have to cherish, could not get without having to go demanding, life is like a never to return one-way ticket, no rehearsal, every game is broadcast live, a good grasp of every performance is the best cherish the life bit by bit past thin aftertaste, tears when sad, happy when drunk, because the pursuit and valuable, not the fault of the sunset years, the wind is not too woods, as long as the love of heaven paid a laugh sound is not a legend.We are missing something every day, miss, he was not aware, wise man said, best not to miss two things: the last one home, car and a love you man.Encounter really like to strive for the opportunity and his forever, because when he left everything will hate late.Met trustworthy people to get along well with him, because human life is not easy to meet friends.Elegant encountered a good to remember to thank him, because he is a turning point in your life.I encountered who have loved to remember grateful to him, because he lets you know how to love.Encounter people who hated to smile and say hello to him, because he makes you stronger.Once you encounter treacherous people to take over and talk to him, because if it is him you would not understand this world.I met once secretly like people to remember to wish him happy, because you love him hope he is not too happy right?I encountered a hurry to leave people remember to thank him through your life, because he is part of your wonderful memories seize every moment, cherish every owner.Do not let yourself live in the painful memories do not let yourself regret it if they work hard in life would be so much regret Is ah.Worthy of himself worthy of the world.Worthy of the heart.