Captain, Shushan priests etc..

  Once humble hidden door, once the door upright people these contemptuous.
  But now, hidden door actually never thought there are so many masters!
  Dozens to order, can be described as immediate comeback.
  That dozens of people flying in the sky, and did not fall, but said for the following.
  ”I have no intention to go to war hidden door, but the main door Feng’s life, to pick Ye Pingsheng.”
  Pack cold teeth, if let go of Ye Pingsheng today, next time to find his words can be difficult.
  And Ye Pingsheng onto his thigh hidden door, that entrance Xuan Huang world, maybe this will open up.
  Ye Pingsheng throw sword, direct leap, step on the sword into the sky.
  He was gone, this war will cease.
  Ye Pingsheng With the time you master the hidden door to leave, looked back and saw his front foot left, rear package immediately cold hands!
  Ye Pingsheng frowned, “No, I’m going down with my son to go with!”
  A master hidden door and he said, “Yep, I’ll wait for instructions from the main door command, that you can only save one person.”

552 Chapter fatherly

  Ye Pingsheng frowned, these people can save him is already hidden door to the face.
  After all, to Ye Ping

The side of a villa with four floors and two basement bar game room gym readily available, the bedroom is the bed KINGSIZE.

Different styles of painting hung on the wall, but could see all the copy for.

Mu spend carefully looked for a moment, he recognized several pairs of masterpieces.

There Turner “from the Vatican overlooking Rome”, pale golden sun and blue sky at the same time rendering the bustling town promenade eye can see.

There Rufus Shen “garden path”, the processing catechesis and light brush strokes of light and shade reflects the typical characteristics of Impressionism.

He quietly looked at the painting, the more distant the night also just picked out two baseball caps.

“This is your picture of it?”He turned to look at him and laugh a lot of soft facial features are:” Samuel?”

“I smashed it to draw with my dad have to hang up,” the more the later also handed him a baseball cap, murmured: “the proportion a little collapse, this is an open sentence.”

“Painting looks good, squiggle signature is also very nice.”Flower Mu sighed and said:” You’re a what will be a little.”

Although the night also got used to the fancy Prince encouraged him, this time my heart is still some small proud smile Hey, he took went to the night market.

Business does not blow each other to talk about love.

Everything outside, it seems

This is the world’s most tired thing, none other than watch their own heart is broken

At that time, I was very tired, I used to pretend to be strong, accustomed to a person face all, I do not know in the end go nuts.Sometimes I can be very happy and everyone to speak, can be very presumptuous, but no one knows, but that is disguised, it is deliberately disguised; I can make yourself very happy very happy, but can not find the source of happiness just giggle.This is the world’s most tired thing, none other than watch their own heart is broken, had to take it a piece of yourself glued together.Life is like a dance, original dance of your church who are rarely able to accompany you come to finish!Those who can together cherish.Some people want to be together, but can not.

With a pure heart to see the world just normal life touching

I love Benedict starry night, that air of solitary, Xu will be covered their own clouds, Xu will be flash-light snatch.Packed up mood, to continue to go, miss the flowers, you will harvest rain, missed this one, you will encounter next.Nowadays, crowds, noise bird Hong poly, playing the scheming, who cherish a stride?With a pure heart to see the world, to live a life loving heart, just normal life touching, in addition to soft heart Guaai.But, also true, it is also narcissistic!

Can you hear about my expectations, I do Acacia

Day and night in the river waiting, hope you come back.Day and night, hold a bright peach, I hope you come back.Xie it to be, you have not yet seen, you know my despair?If you see a peach floating in the river, and you can know my expectations, I do Acacia?At that time, I have learned that, at the present monarch has not returned.

Away from the so-called best-selling book of vulgar, choose a good book is the first step

Away from the so-called best-selling book of vulgar, choose a good book is the first step.Reading, do not think practical, not utilitarian heart.Reading only for its cultivation.Encounter a good book as encounter a friend, he met a perfect person.Sometimes Heart respect, and sometimes eyebrows.If your heart buried for many years, then, the authors say for you out of your sight in the depths of time to meet the moment, fall in love, relaxed and happy.

Your sign is part of several levels

First Constellation: Scorpio (foresight, hidden, crafty, bold, ambitious, strong will, insight, strong, real stars of the crown 12!) Capricorn (hard, late bloomer, ambitious, bite the bullet, perseverance, indomitable will, after the constellation Scorpio Excellence!) Aquarius (weird thought, the very people who can and, unusual calm, unique and eccentric, unpredictable.An extremely attractive alien constellations) second sign: Leo (with leadership skills, have courage, dare dare, the disadvantage is arrogant, do not listen to persuade them) Libra (elegant and gentlemanly, handsome, friends numerous.But the star without assertive, good to enjoy) Taurus (stable, practical, artistic cells, more honest man.But the star mostly miser, and his hard work for money) Gemini (one to mince words, quick thinking, anti-X swift pace, communicative ability.But the star said that more mistakes, of two minds, no qualitative) Sagittarius (Zhixing Zi, called the most communicative competence of the 12 stars, many friends, like the unfettered freedom life, but nothing of this star patient, do things give up halfway.And helping them, not practical, dishonesty Third Constellation: Aries (the stars are mostly impulsive person, no brain, naive, aggressive.) Cancer (this star only know her mother, children, love.Cry…Male crab is so, good for nothing) Virgo (analities king, nervous, preoccupied with cleanliness, is not gregarious.Comparison of unpleasant constellation) Pisces (living in a dream among the 12 constellations of the most vulnerable constellation, not assertive, mercy.Alcohol, tobacco, drugs.Tongshi this constellation of stars in the crime rate is also 12 first)

The autumn rainy season

Last night dream world you and I have in hand Meet in the rainy season of autumn when you have laughed and told me that you had forgotten the Meet My heart was trembling trance you say I need to warm your cold hands let go out tonight bleak rainy autumn I feel alone autumn of your smile appeared in my window but reflect the hearts of thousands of miles apart autumn night alone in the cool autumn rains with tears of remorse was not able to just hold your hand is the rain fine but very unhappy hid my tears in your heart when I have no choice but to read tomorrow you will remember that you have a love idiot waiting for your return [editor: tree man]

I buy lipstick, you give these women love like constellations

About love, and how would you look forward to, is only just want pure love, affection and bread are still spoiled for choice, some girls are constellation Love Me, Love My Money, as long as there is love what they are able to overcome the difficulties, and some constellations girls will love the desire to have a good mix of substances before they can be regarded as a good feeling.Today, we take stock of what, what constellation or female, you can buy your own lipstick, her boyfriend just give love feeling like the only faction of it?  Aries women: The substance is not too high expectations forthright nature free and easy, do not care about the fire signs like Aries girl, treat love view is that as long as there are real feelings, others say all is well.Although Aries woman warm and cheerful, vibrant character often dubbed nickname woman man, but they also love in the face of the sensitive and delicate, a pure desire only good feelings.Aries woman is happy with you and are willing to accompany you suffer with one good girlfriend, they think that as long as the feelings of true enough, the material conditions of two people can create together.  Pisces women: the purest longing for romantic love beautiful naive idea of water as the constellation Pisces woman who they want is not doped with any impurities purest aesthetic love.The so-called love, as long as the truth in love with one another in truth it is sufficient to each other, while those fundamental matter what the conditions would no longer within the scope of consideration Pisces woman.Pisces girls treat love is the most solid, most single-minded kind of person, they can really do Love Me, Love My Money, will not go too much to consider external factors, on the contrary, they will think, if blending more other factors, this feeling is not they want of it.  Female lion: domineering do not need to do more to explain the Leo girls as a fire sign, their hearts full of domineering, they search for love just about feelings, so-called lipstick, bags, clothes and so on, whether they are simply not considered appropriate objects factors within the.Because they are very confident of their own, they feel that these substances completely self-sufficient, do not need to see each other face to live.Love they most care about is the feelings of both the fit, the rest is not important for them.You might also like: rain doctors entrepreneur Zhang Rui’s death, which Constellation will to start a business and sleepless nights once more and tolerate excessive constellation after the holiday syndrome, a constellation of female never get up in mid-2017 the first twelve constellations of fortune constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Life was not destined to little guilty constellation

Some people can live life a little guilty, carefree, but also optimistically as if nothing can stop himself as.And some people from birth condemned to a life have to shoulder various responsibilities and burdens, zodiac who is condemned to a life not so hard to do a little guilty.  Third: Scorpio Scorpio is very good to put too much of their own shackles, and obviously also be chic ah, look at some of the open, let go of some, not anything to back their back, they can have say stay away trip, you can also have a love of lovers love.But they can not really little guilty, too strong sense of character, only struggling with.  Second: Capricorn when it comes to struggling with tangled, Capricorn time too?And they are more serious, because they are the people who keep our noses to the heart, with the idea of what is chic, only on the mind, say not say it, not to go practice.Capricorn on family, work both care about, like to do the kind of people taking on everything, so it is not simply chic.  First: Virgo mind as the most delicate and most sensitive, and quite Mensao Virgo, even if he wanted chic, this will be the way to a variety of critical details, care about this and that, there can not be solved obsessive-compulsive disorder to obliterate passion.If some people because of heavy sense of responsibility, can not go chic, Virgo is purely their own personality problems, can not go chic.You might also like: To amused friends, will be funny in hand with systemic constellation warm Meng small fresh meat, the ancient constellation of female beauty on behalf of twelve constellations of the man’s second change Meng Mei What constellation women will be turned into slag slag male female