Your sign is part of several levels

First Constellation: Scorpio (foresight, hidden, crafty, bold, ambitious, strong will, insight, strong, real stars of the crown 12!) Capricorn (hard, late bloomer, ambitious, bite the bullet, perseverance, indomitable will, after the constellation Scorpio Excellence!) Aquarius (weird thought, the very people who can and, unusual calm, unique and eccentric, unpredictable.An extremely attractive alien constellations) second sign: Leo (with leadership skills, have courage, dare dare, the disadvantage is arrogant, do not listen to persuade them) Libra (elegant and gentlemanly, handsome, friends numerous.But the star without assertive, good to enjoy) Taurus (stable, practical, artistic cells, more honest man.But the star mostly miser, and his hard work for money) Gemini (one to mince words, quick thinking, anti-X swift pace, communicative ability.But the star said that more mistakes, of two minds, no qualitative) Sagittarius (Zhixing Zi, called the most communicative competence of the 12 stars, many friends, like the unfettered freedom life, but nothing of this star patient, do things give up halfway.And helping them, not practical, dishonesty Third Constellation: Aries (the stars are mostly impulsive person, no brain, naive, aggressive.) Cancer (this star only know her mother, children, love.Cry…Male crab is so, good for nothing) Virgo (analities king, nervous, preoccupied with cleanliness, is not gregarious.Comparison of unpleasant constellation) Pisces (living in a dream among the 12 constellations of the most vulnerable constellation, not assertive, mercy.Alcohol, tobacco, drugs.Tongshi this constellation of stars in the crime rate is also 12 first)

The autumn rainy season

Last night dream world you and I have in hand Meet in the rainy season of autumn when you have laughed and told me that you had forgotten the Meet My heart was trembling trance you say I need to warm your cold hands let go out tonight bleak rainy autumn I feel alone autumn of your smile appeared in my window but reflect the hearts of thousands of miles apart autumn night alone in the cool autumn rains with tears of remorse was not able to just hold your hand is the rain fine but very unhappy hid my tears in your heart when I have no choice but to read tomorrow you will remember that you have a love idiot waiting for your return [editor: tree man]

I buy lipstick, you give these women love like constellations

About love, and how would you look forward to, is only just want pure love, affection and bread are still spoiled for choice, some girls are constellation Love Me, Love My Money, as long as there is love what they are able to overcome the difficulties, and some constellations girls will love the desire to have a good mix of substances before they can be regarded as a good feeling.Today, we take stock of what, what constellation or female, you can buy your own lipstick, her boyfriend just give love feeling like the only faction of it?  Aries women: The substance is not too high expectations forthright nature free and easy, do not care about the fire signs like Aries girl, treat love view is that as long as there are real feelings, others say all is well.Although Aries woman warm and cheerful, vibrant character often dubbed nickname woman man, but they also love in the face of the sensitive and delicate, a pure desire only good feelings.Aries woman is happy with you and are willing to accompany you suffer with one good girlfriend, they think that as long as the feelings of true enough, the material conditions of two people can create together.  Pisces women: the purest longing for romantic love beautiful naive idea of water as the constellation Pisces woman who they want is not doped with any impurities purest aesthetic love.The so-called love, as long as the truth in love with one another in truth it is sufficient to each other, while those fundamental matter what the conditions would no longer within the scope of consideration Pisces woman.Pisces girls treat love is the most solid, most single-minded kind of person, they can really do Love Me, Love My Money, will not go too much to consider external factors, on the contrary, they will think, if blending more other factors, this feeling is not they want of it.  Female lion: domineering do not need to do more to explain the Leo girls as a fire sign, their hearts full of domineering, they search for love just about feelings, so-called lipstick, bags, clothes and so on, whether they are simply not considered appropriate objects factors within the.Because they are very confident of their own, they feel that these substances completely self-sufficient, do not need to see each other face to live.Love they most care about is the feelings of both the fit, the rest is not important for them.You might also like: rain doctors entrepreneur Zhang Rui’s death, which Constellation will to start a business and sleepless nights once more and tolerate excessive constellation after the holiday syndrome, a constellation of female never get up in mid-2017 the first twelve constellations of fortune constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Life was not destined to little guilty constellation

Some people can live life a little guilty, carefree, but also optimistically as if nothing can stop himself as.And some people from birth condemned to a life have to shoulder various responsibilities and burdens, zodiac who is condemned to a life not so hard to do a little guilty.  Third: Scorpio Scorpio is very good to put too much of their own shackles, and obviously also be chic ah, look at some of the open, let go of some, not anything to back their back, they can have say stay away trip, you can also have a love of lovers love.But they can not really little guilty, too strong sense of character, only struggling with.  Second: Capricorn when it comes to struggling with tangled, Capricorn time too?And they are more serious, because they are the people who keep our noses to the heart, with the idea of what is chic, only on the mind, say not say it, not to go practice.Capricorn on family, work both care about, like to do the kind of people taking on everything, so it is not simply chic.  First: Virgo mind as the most delicate and most sensitive, and quite Mensao Virgo, even if he wanted chic, this will be the way to a variety of critical details, care about this and that, there can not be solved obsessive-compulsive disorder to obliterate passion.If some people because of heavy sense of responsibility, can not go chic, Virgo is purely their own personality problems, can not go chic.You might also like: To amused friends, will be funny in hand with systemic constellation warm Meng small fresh meat, the ancient constellation of female beauty on behalf of twelve constellations of the man’s second change Meng Mei What constellation women will be turned into slag slag male female

With his son through the test (8) mixed

No. May 4 close to the work, and her husband called to say just received an SMS, the son of English listening, speaking out in the examination.I am full of joy, I said out on the Well!In front of a mold out, and when the two-mode is read to listen to the teacher, speaking son had six points, those days he was a fever linked to the water, down to test the teacher send text messages that unsatisfactory results.He asked his son said it was expected the worst class, and it was a bit worried.Later in the exam to be officially, I say you can not be careless, and this is related to your studies ah!Son nodded solemnly.Overnight in the exam is still practiced on a computer, there will be unexpected afraid exam.And when he came out oral exam blushed when asked he said everything is normal.Now we see is out, and I was also at ease.In case if listening, speaking also lose points, it will definitely affect the back of his son exam.Now the heart can be put down.    The teacher sent text messages received from work when the car rental to say the quality of work the holiday boarders significantly higher than non-resident students and non-resident students in certain job has a job cut corners.The actual test from the school only 31 days, and do not strive too late.A total of six students by name, son’s name is listed among.Let me just happy heart is what gave clench.    See this message, then felt his son did not seriously these days, came back still thinking about computers, televisions, No. 3 in the evening also saw him in writing what work, when he saw me he took the job Note cover up.I asked: “You do not work ah?”He told me well.    SMS heart to look at gas, thinking how his son did not know better, or do not take the initiative to learn, but also nagged to do.After the first round from test mode into the state seems to be no, but my body has been poor.First, the face of pollen allergy, who later have played hives, then later follow toothache while cough and cold, was really linked to water and medicine injections.At this point they saw the teacher criticized hair, and so renowned for his son really wanted to call him a good meal, scolded him sober.    This is the end of my night classes to pick up his son, he can Education.Out of the car, then bursts of cold wind blowing, let me coughing, think, or let her husband pick up.And I also rare to bed early.    Et son back, came over to me, looked at him like, I really do not have the heart to blame him.In fact, he has also been studying very hard, and I do not want to hurt him, afraid hit his passion for learning.Spoken English to ask his son to know the results yet?He said knew.I asked out of the class were many.He said more.Then he said: “I was so bad also read aloud out of.”My heart thumped, originally said his son before all normal circumstances is a lie, he was afraid I was afraid I worry about him or blame him.    He went on to say that he read all read twice, the first pass read error to re-read it, and find acceptance sonic seems not very high jump.As long as required to read through it.Fancy this can get out of.Son said his face showing a shy smile.I said that in any case, as long as out on the line.Then I said the teacher send text messages that your work is so good, how is it ah?He said: “I will not do it and some empty.”” Oh, this is so.”I said:” Then you must strive to ah later, from the test did not have much time, the teacher told you to say it!””Yep!”My son nodded.    After a while my son took to help him to sign the papers.That is the holiday of work, above a wrong title has been revised.Anyway, I can not read, just looked at the whole situation noodles, he asked his son to understand the topics are now not to give him a positive answer to help him sign his name.    As a parent, I want her son to understand the importance of this study can be a little harder, look at the last sprint stage, to test their ideal school.

Walk the hundred feast

Feast on a hundred and fifty years of aging around and not enough taste that only a hundred years before the cattle on the cattle two hundred feast Wang Zhuoshang pendulum that is considered auspicious double hundred refreshing tick.Through the wine mellow strong sip a sip sweet and delicious to drink a glass has a progressive nirvana Bei Bei you’ll feel your eyes are dim already is the soul walk.Think of childhood laughing slapstick remember reading meticulous double hundred school grades to parent.The mother is loving eyes you see enough of the class of small red flag on one side and one side you get a lifetime you never lose.        Youth through tragic road early to be inundated yellow water soaked desert mountains and rivers do not forget that it is people love to stay not go all the way to the road jolted but never out of date will not get lost.        I looked at my long-year-old brother Oh Yeah!I was still so smug ninety-nine you everywhere Jiongran an achievement no crutches but valiant extraordinary style optimism.Honest and full of energy.        Big brother, please take a seat here we talk about family about your five-generation family happiness beautiful, good weather without seeking something interesting joke!        Looking at this you’ll feel full of snacks have no desire to just looking at the Qinge hot sister Xiandi one silver-haired young girl floating clouds a bit if the wire as thin beard flow capacity without having to arm or sleeve or that every move she makes that temper.Show of hands.        Banquet got the idea has been thought: Yesterday in your own soul die from calling you all year round on sixty-four worse thirty-six hundred coming feast must not go.        You alive.I helped hand in hand with a smile one hundred worry about losing optimistic attitude to life will not forget to have your chunk of meat dishes drinking bowl than 65 degrees Shaodao Zi Yang Bo on a belly crooked meet again next year to pull back together again today on two hundred feast do not go a hundred hook.

Pool storm

Three battalion commander Lu Jiuyi very depressed.After the foot of the battalion do not know ye these night time to time there is abnormal sound came from there, he has twice sent the daytime to go there to see what can ultimately nothing.After the foot was originally a battalion headquarters of the Eighth is a resident.When troops disarmament, Eighth whole company were laid off, the original old barracks, in addition to those at the end of the baby girl Military Region, sports team even when gilded sojourn there for a while, no one will go off.    They may always have inexplicable sounds coming from there at night these days.At the beginning he did not believe, that is the battalion communications class nonsense of these soldiers, these two can be late, he was hear to see.Are those really the grapevine whispered about the camp in recent days, saying that even a chair in the barracks at night Skiles would go bed will shift?It is really nonsense!Skiles even though the camp was originally built unmarked graves, do not leave the field open, which it can do with that?Grandma, here is the barracks, get the gun dance stick is Chengri place, a place under the sun killings gas heaviest!Devil that innocent people would also like to stay here and not go?He thought of his belly full of fire here on the straight run.He went to see this spread of gossip in the end that is coming?Shasha also like to take to the camp in recent days of this unhealthy trend, grab a typical living!    After the evening of that day, Lu Yingzhang used the dinner, as usual, played a pass fist, then browse under Zhou Junzheng organization of work each day even sent in the house.I do not want this mountain of abnormal sound sounded again.His mother, which had won, just backwards.He no longer sit still.Shouted the messenger, bring a flashlight, two people will quietly towards the foot of touching up.Eighth road leading to the old barracks of fact, not far from the battalion, but Skiles even at the time, about this camp before and after, four clean.And now this tree-lined trail around sticks and dry leaves, sand residual sludge, heavy rain washed the pavement Montreal various obstacles, potholes.Alas, this long, Renzouchaliang ah!    Luying Zhang joined the army in Eighth points year on, he is now in the Eighth go step by step.Eighth special feelings can be said for him a kind of speechless.Plants and trees here are very familiar with him, even with closed eyes, she says that what could look like.But now, Huang West, people walking the floor space, time is never found again.This time, after another foot of abnormal sound in his ears, the sound seems to still play and laugh vague noises.This really evil door, Lang Lang events as well as such things?At the moment he is another doubt, anxious, anxious to plug in the wings, non-stop over, back foot of the mountain to check it out.Just at that moment, I saw him in a low voice called out, “fast” toward the messenger after, the two will foot wind sprang wildly back foot of the mountain.When the two flashlight suddenly open, direct beam shining spot, a sight that stunned him.    I saw the patron after the flood filled lake Skiles even barracks, scattered clothes piled in one place.This pond full of water, seven or eight soldiers being naked in the water too rough play!This is Lu Jiuyi not see already, saw the seven holes anger smoke.Moment, head straight to take the surge of blood, bits and pieces of his pock-marked and more become a flower, which was originally on the black face look up into the maroon.Simply outrageous!Soon, the group of seven soldiers naked communis company commander called to the scene.It stood naked beside the pool watching a slide of their own soldiers, he felt that everything superfluous.    Night, Lu Yingzhang faint light through this carefully staring at all familiar with this head, and my heart like a spilled bottle Gomi, this time his meal only solution to this hate in my heart he just wanted a severely kicked.To tell the truth, is a group of seven with him the past two years most appreciated one class, the camp also proud of a class.Not to mention the class in the regiment, the division, as well as in the military camp to regain much honor, one that also monitor individual camps rare talent, the camp would have to add him as a seedling cultivation.    But this, he was the class actually make such a thing to.There are these soldiers simply Guards?Do not they know that the Eighth large pool being attached to a small pool battalion, battalion which fifteen or twenty people’s daily eating and drinking water rely on this large pool of water flowing down Eighth.Mother, my battalion drinking water these days actually are these kid’s bath and foot-washing water!    In fact, this matter can not be attributed with seven intervals, but can not put their squad something to do (even seven soldiers know that it was time to make a squad leader appendicitis are 303 hospital has not come back yet), they really do not know Eighth battalion attached to the large pool small pool, but do not know to eat and drink water shed of this battalion is above.They only know that the abandoned barracks of thin air found a Renjianyaochi, who think so much of it going to study and research?Besides each moment even living environment is not to say all my heart also understand that the camp environment in the camp on the surface sweep like a flower, can be life short board has been out there for many years have not been solved.Soldiers daily training, sunny sweat, wet mud, although troops stationed in the South, hot days better deal in the winter, that taste is not so good about.    So every year on the occasion of spring, there are always individual soldiers, sneaking into large wells in the floodplain outside the barracks bath, it is an open secret well-known.The difference is that the big flood wells in the bath, although an open secret, but everybody dumb, people did not pit the sound.Skiles and even within a group of camp life and the pool bath that’s hit the muzzle, it’s not from a court death ah!To make people understand is that a group of seven with the class in the camp pool Skiles even bathe the issue, after Jingmei below.But the camp of the human heart is like a mirror-like.Class finished, a squad leader never expect to have any more good fruit to eat.Although he was still in hospital, but these two soldiers he brought out, saying “the godfather of the child does not over”, he had to escape this class of long dry Ito?Besides Luying Zhang Dengxianzhibei?The veteran sharper even met yet fear-thirds of the battalion commander not only hemp powerful style, its own military quality is the number one hard.    Do not believe, look up his attack Lili Ma pot, enough for you to drink a pot.Overlord move on disabilities, you really do not know the horse princes have three eyes?The results may surprise people.Seven communis company commander, instructor Ouyang South not only safe and sound, and therefore not subject to any criticism, and a group of squad leader also calm, unscathed lamb.    Just seven with the whole company these days, showing that the whole company down a full three days to conduct an internal study, education, rectification, and made a disgraced, disgruntled soldiers secretly cursed group of this nest eggs, depriving this is useless by the whole company unprovoked crime.More well-informed people say: “come back after the head of a hospital monitor, called political commissar went, but told what to do, what to ask, a squad leader did not say, and no one knows.”Later, the soldiers in it and my heart slowly to light, and then later no one talks about the matter and the New Year’s Eve but this year it has been I do not know who turned out, and the hubbub.It turned out that the regiment newly built bath house, New Year’s Day will be officially put into use.    This transformation of the old warehouse-style bath house greenhouses Although the appearance of simple, but the internal water heating system which is quite good.Two huge vertical boiler, while the work for hundreds of people every day bath.The provisions of the regiment, every Saturday, Sunday, each battalion dry war by the whole group take turns bathing unified arrangement.This is really out of the sky a forest sister, recruits eggs felt commonplace, not to mention that, while veterans like ecstatic but as the holidays.    However, we feel hurried and a group of squad leader or a dear, did not think so hateful.And seven with a group of soldiers can not help even more, to sing, sweeping away the past six months of bad luck.Nine old barracks pool bath thing as a nightmare as the weight of their time to breathe, they feel go on like this, not the class of non-suffocated.    Years later, a group of these soldiers have left the company.And their story has been circulating in the barracks.That next term of veterans later in the meal Chayu to talk about the recruits always a look of mystery.And some exaggeration, embellishment to the scene was blown far-fetched, marvelous, continue to perform and add the new content…

If the dream

Winter, with rain still falling in the day, four cottages, the hustle and bustle of the streets, eyes closed, I deeply.    Listen, there is a vaguely voice, are like big waves wash the sand, see, dotted with shells on the beach, with the sky still flying seagull.    Hazy, I do not know I entered a dream, or am I awake in another world.  A boat walk on water, the water becomes very quiet.  Rewinding yellow leaves blowing in the wind residues, fall into the water as a mirror, lit thin ripple.  Boat walking, starting to get the slightest ripple, I wrapped a rain clothes, wore hats, insisted on a long pole, looked up at the distant landscape, far from the mountains, the water between the mountains and I, have a head golden leaves, then go up that blue sky, no clouds.  In this unique deserted my world, wash my soul in the clear lake.  Suddenly want to sing, I want to release cozy hearts.  Wind, from the song, with Fung Mo leaves, water and a half boat move.  I like singing, row boat on the way forward.    Silence is most likely to break, suddenly remembered the ringing of the phone, will I wake from another world.    I sleep over there, but here sober.  Out of the window, or the cold winter rain, or the hustle and bustle of words.

I was in Malawi – a teacher of foreign language text (bis)

[REVIEW] Chinese people do you have to do this to ourselves compatriots?In contrast, foreign embassies it makes me feel more warm, more gentle attitude.Borrowing recently popular word “two devils dog days” to express anger in my heart.    Fifth, the two devils dog days from the submission of the original passport to get a visa for a whole has spent the last month.During that time every day to stay at home or go to school to help, and my heart has been thinking about his own Beijing that little red books and 1000 yuan in the offer of the ocean.In the embassy’s visa was written on the notes, passports take one to two weeks, but the real start only to find the so-called one to two weeks is just wishful thinking.    Malawi is a poor country, although the embassy is also Dongzhimen Wai Street, but with Canada, the Australian embassy in the hundreds of thousands of square meters of complete scale seemed to be somewhat suppressed compared.It is located off the east diplomatic buildings, the use of a building together with several other African countries and some international companies.The so-called common use of a building is actually nice to say, it actually occupies only area in which the floor of a room.Plug door with a nameplate that read “Malawi Embassy of People’s Republic of China” in Chinese and English.”Hall” stood a little bit orange with brown leather sofas, a secretary desk is opposite the sofa, with offices around the common white plastic, which is sitting in a Chinese woman.Some lordosis woman forehead, long hair tied, eyes slightly concave, height probably about 160, voice is always full of impatient.Before coming to Malawi Embassy, several women called to ask give this information and the specific location of the embassy need to carry, for a never out of a nation of people it is very necessary.However, each result is that, even though I was a long distance phone call, she was always before I started to feel bad for my phone bill I would hang up the phone.    Embassy came and saw this woman, I personally and Guo Guang said that she had a look of Quebrada phase, a look that is vicious, not a good person.Sure, we come to apply for a visa, he said we do not like not even let us go to the Hanban issued proof of English.I think we can find a place to issue proof of English, if those migrant workers, where they went to prove issued in English.This is just being difficult.I would like to ask her to help translate, but then I thought, if she is willing to help translate would not embarrass us.Before coming to the embassy, I’ve heard that argument to give tips secretary, for her we have no such behavior.Later, after we prove that the English letter somehow, she looked at our invitation, and that requires an invitation issued proof of identity.At that time we hit the roof, you had failed to make it clear to me now said to be proof of identity, how do I go and get, tone of voice high up significantly.This is a black out in the embassy, and saw our emotions wrong, so after consultation with the Secretary, we looked at the invitation told her this is no problem.Let us put the material here and pay a thousand dollars can go.I saw a little impatient secretary of the material we accept her left leg into a side drawer.Wait until the embassy staff to 1,000 yuan receipt to us, let us leave the secretary.    A week later, no news.I would like to say on the file one to two weeks, and so it.Two weeks later, no news, I am a little uneasy, I think probably something they delayed it.Three weeks later, no news, I finally called and asked to, she said, the embassy to call you yet, do not hit you wait.Pam, the phone while busy.The fourth week, once again called to ask, and so she said, hanging up again.Such is not always the way to go and so on, so I give Chinese Embassy in Malawi sent an e-mail, tell this side of the case.A few days later, the embassy people to call me, so I went to get a visa.    Later, he came to Malawi from Yang learned, these African countries invited Peru (Chinese secretary) are very hateful, will all be consumed, if the visa fee is 1000, then you have to give him only two thousand OK, otherwise she’ll embarrass you in countless ways.In fact, time-consuming visa requirements of the Government of Malawi $ 100 asking price has been higher than the 1000.Damn two devils.Yang said at the time after you sent me an email, I called the embassy area there a question, Ambassador simply do not see your passport, said he rushed to deal with us, I know it must have been these two devils buckle did not give them lived.These two devils know that you are appointed by the state, I am not looking for you to tip, but he can deduct your passport.    Chinese people does it have to do this to ourselves compatriots?In contrast, foreign embassies it makes me feel more warm, more gentle attitude.Borrowing recently popular word “two devils dog days” to express anger in my heart.[Editor: Can children]

Winter small shadow

[Stone] you get cold? Half-naked gazing back down, despite the blustering cold wind messy sleeves rotation does not move eyebrow heart hidden spring and autumn handle partly concealed in your heart not cover half years of uneven wear tranches stone carved out of a stone point Delicate heart into a gold waiting for you in a pink and leaves it cute baby cuddle in your arms I heard my mother call you pretty girl you kissed your forehead, like the Mona Lisa smile shyly hid quietly into space camera in the years I envy you do anything in front of you [confetti] I hate north, meaner they are too hard to beat your petite body one by one somersault until black and blue wheel pulling your shoulder and you desperately to break free after hiding the fate of the rolling billboard scarred feet, breathing and panting, then Su Zhaotou see snow night who is owned by a few people who could read a few words on that rusty ruins you I’m so distressed that you can only watch you shiver [such as] snow gradually enveloped the dark to give you the name of pioneer snow, not a state is a desire and anxious mood in the snow waiting for you to say Yellow River bank, run to the vines as Rouchang I ask you snow there Northland corner, I eagerly look forward to ignite the boiling pot of warm friendship never cold street lights] [old wine sunset little lover gave birth to a posthumous night feasting ambiguous escape your eyes that you can not see the sun night of your site like ghosts in ghost Story, I call the shots you and your elongated shadow Huzuohuyou folding a consistent loss of a small sparrow met [love] piercing their friends love ah, lost his way home that snow still blame grain shriveled grain rice with poppy lure you looking for Sixin unwilling to cry cry cry less than miracle or no you do not know it she mistakenly broke into the dense network of small building built sorghum rod imprisoned her freedom as well as her love for you you Tears of Blood crow in a cage in the woods there are a hundred thousand turn back kind of love that she suffocated her small feather freedom is your title back to air leakage around the love nest over and over again with the tongue comb to comb not a fly in the face of icy salt water Shuangsushuangfei my smile frozen snow [ ] Baby cold Xiaonan afraid you wear a little red jacket to put on your mother, I want to take my mother home snowman, let them look warm Xiaonan ah, you do not know the snow is the home of some of these dolls outcome is bound to be love snow hurt baby tears away Xiaonan tears over and over again to look at “snow White and the seven villain”] [Xue-lin vast woodlands lying still hear the wind whispers, watching the snow dance village at the foot of the cow roared volume since snow spray 39 winter training is not the old days of rumors a few inches of crushed shallow slender branches a few lines of chaos and orderly footprints trod one intersection Linhaixueyuan the story in addition to flying sleigh and sledge pulled by dogs also there is a song called “about in the winter”