Mao, deputy commanding surprising authentic: “Fear is the little emperor of punishment, he would like to engage in these!”Mao could not understand deputy commanding emperor cruel act, simply quit personnel, but in the end has supreme Emperor Jia Andi identity, the general mean as long as he stayed Anfen palace, other random as possible, so even then disgust the emperor’s vicious brutality, they can only be indifferent, it will not intervene where!

  Han Zhen had been expected, but the words of Mao, deputy commanding confirmed his guess from.
  In fact, around the Emperor and Empress have a dedicated team responsible for monitoring their every move from Yongning Hou trusted confidant to perform, as long as no exceptions once in January they would report it, the emperor is not the behavior of the rest of their range of reports Inside!
  The Han Zhen took over the imperial guards of time, or too short, too many things involved his mind, but also attend to Jia Andi things around!
  He knew Jia Andi Palace would abuse people, but do not know if this is inhuman practice, is simply not the people!
  ”Command, how do they?”Mao, deputy commanding looked embarrassed rescued out of the house a few people.
  Han Zhen took a deep breath: “The first wounded, to look at is where they went, according to the house rules processing!”
  In fact the palace is the most do not speak the local rules, because he is the emperor is the supreme rule, as long as he wants you to die even if you are right also Feisibuke!Han Zhen say, in essence, dignity offended Jia Andi.
  But Mao, deputy commanding shrugged, who cares?The reason why flies so miserable Palace, which is also the reason Yongning Hou left南宁夜网 unchecked, those who humble ordinary paternity look in the eyes of the dead died chant!
  Han Zhen since now want to intervene, they would not disobey, rescued several people, how the hell?
  Shi Zhen Han looked at those people kneeling on the ground very weak, eyes desperate, even if escaped death there is no trace of happy expression, as if their fate-like, does not seem to think they can really alive!
  Han Zhen did not go on tour again, but returns office space, access to the information he got the number of the palace eunuchs ladies, in particular, serveJia Andi’s Palace people, they found that the frequency of the number of supplementary frighteningly high.Almost every few days will disappear batch, and Internal Affairs will promptly send new house people!
  About the disappearance of people, whether it is a simple roll 苏州夜网face of weak serve, simply circle behind a ‘dead’ word, whether it was killed, killed, or feed the beast, through a common word summarizes everything!
  Han Zhen shut dossier, complex eyes, he can not imagine how many there are blood and tears of sorrow, how many more people can not see the dark!Even in this era of knowledge distinct class, the host who did not take human life seriously, it is still felt unable to accept!
  Li Lan cursory turn again to the staggering death toll, Jia Andi really will toss ah!
  ”You want how do?”Han Zhen Li Lan is now a grown up, will know Han Zhen problems – good heart, this is not the heart of the!He turned from his brow, “after all, it is the emperor.!”Not afraid to say, but in the end some sensitive!
  Han Zhen extensor stroking a thick dossier, whispered: “Can not let him kill!”
  Li Lan frown: “Do you think it over, he is still the emperor, if you do something immediately there is a bunch of pedantic courtiers came Waichan forever.”Indispensable to the crown on charges of disrespect to the emperor defiant, especially now that special moment I do not know how many pairs of eyes watching both inside and outside the palace, fell off the eyes of the inevitable trouble!

  Yes, this is not wrong.

  ”I just take a look, here you go a step further?”
  Han Yu Yun was a little surprised, Lin Mei beads could this opening.But looking at the way the beads Lin Mei, Han Yu Yun know they should be chance encounter.
  As beads Lin Mei want to see who does not know Han Yu cloud.
  ”How do you still want to find the prefect Xu.”
  Han Yu Yun did not want to beat around the bush, if Lin Mei beads really do, then they really are enemies, whether she is not the junior sister apprentice Linxuan month.
  In fact, Lin Mei Pearl is not so vicious, she wants to do is take home their senior sister apprentice, Lin Mei beads did not want to implicate innocent people, but has chosen not to cooperate Linxuan month.
  So he Lin sister Pearl had the idea one kind of vengeful, fishes and Paul Chun Han Yu cloud hands.
  Han Yu looked at his eyes cloud graceful woman hearts are full of awkward Paul Chun shadow in prison, more so, Han Yu cloud the mood a little more anxious and angry.
  Han Yu said the cloud that has been said, he did not want a repeat.”No way, are you senior sister apprentice Linxuan month.”
  After a pause, Han Yu Yun continued: “This time I say no more, and finally advise you one, to solve their own thing, why bother to implicate others, you have not a child.Even if no matter how you want your senior sister apprentice back to the martial art, nor should such a sordid means.Besides everyone has the right of every person to do things, why do not you ask why on earth do not want to go back Linxuan month instead been forced to go back Linxuan month.”
  Strode stride on the left after saying Han Yu cloud, he does not want to waste time here, there are more important things waiting for him to do.
  But Lin Mei beads was stunned at home, a little cloud Han Yu said, she seemed to treat senior sister apprentice on this matter too self, and never understood the real thoughts of senior sister apprentice.
  After Lin Mei beads followed up with a reminder of one of the people said, “Master, we have to go there yet prefect Xu?Appointment time almost over, wait too long there is not a good prefect Xu.”
  They had come to the past to find that Xu prefect, since the masters do, they can not stop.However, no one thought met Han Yu cloud.
  Pearl Lin Mei Yu Han turned and looked at the direction of a cloud away, silently shook his head and said: “Let’s go back.”
  That being the case, she does not mind giving him time, but also the way to give yourself another chance and senior sister apprentice.
  While the other side, cloud Han Yu did not return to leave in a hurry after the Han, or immediately rush to another place.
  Xu to the House after the北京桑拿 heavily guarded yard, and everyone seems to have known his identity, Han Yu cloud that seemed to be fully aware of the people of Alex
  It seems that they are very familiar with Han Yu cloud, immediately went to see him to inform the.
  And not a moment, someone came with a cloud Han Yu went to see the master went to see Alex.But after Han Yu cloud named Alex to see the old lady, who was busy informed about it, and finally Han Yu cloud brought the old lady in front of Alex.
  ”Long time no see, your body is better.”
  Han Yu sat beneath the cloud, first saw the old lady when Alex said such kind words.
  Such courtesy is not without reason, the last time he came in when Alex Xu old woman’s body is completely like a talent that some elderly.
  But now Han Yu cloud can obviously be able to feel her whole body are filled with the breath of vitality, although Han Yu cloud does not know why this is, but still polite to say something.

  Shangqi Wen accused, and did not hesitate to kill Shangqi Wen, Yan Wei did not directly Shangqi Wen told a polite – attempted murder.

  Shangqi Wen is already in a small fire when Yan Ye’s wife, a short time later and mix of entertainment, and is now out of this thing, the Internet became a mass of trouble.
  Before the police informed out online dis佛山桑拿网cussions on this temporary burst of news
  [My God, kill ah!She really dare???]
  [I do not believe I do not believe I can not do this goddess, she is definitely someone slander.]
  You dirty horse ah [!Witnesses are there, also slander.]
  [Her rich color, will have nothing to go kill a pregnant woman?There must be reversed, wait.]
  No amount of online discussion, Yan Wei also not to pay attention, he did not care, his purpose is to kill off dangerous it.
  But attempted murder, after all, not a small case, the whole process is not a short time can be the result, but all right, they are still a long time!
  Yan Ye received the news of the time, the people are ignorant, disbelief asked him to send a message to Gu Baoshan: “You said, Who kill?”
  Gu Baoshan also feel very surprised about this incident, he said: “Miss ah yet!I heard that went to the hospital with a knife to kill large lady.”
  Yan Ye took a deep breath, carefully asked: “You say Shangqi Wen knife, kill my sister-in-law – Jojo Week?”
  Baoshan Gu nodded and said: “Yes, yes, such a thing.But do not worry Yan always heard great lady all right.”
  Yan Ye strange week Jojo that actually nothing insensibly?

tour and then add extra money consistently.

  Although the use of this thing is to discuss the tone, but no one knows, certainly not appropriate to refuse.
  Wang Xiangqin actually does not matter, Zhu mother then i南宁桑拿mmediately promised down, one to go back for fear the other side looks like: “Cheng Cheng!This would be in accordance with, where to go to have!”
  Zhu Zhu Shiro staggering to see the mother, could not help but remind her: “Mother, plowing after the work is a lot less, can not no job ah!Lang and I are gone, the home of the family who did?Full Jiaodie to dry?”
  It is impossible, exhausted Zhu father are able to fulfill.
  However, Zhu mother is not worried: “It’s not there yet Jiro?Goro is not busy, he even told me that yesterday stature, something he had to call.Saburo home to many of the estimated busy.But all right, and if it is not a big deal to hire Well!”
  Think about it, once a speaking tour and more consistent subsidy money!That is, one or two silver, am an afternoon game, then one day just to earn money twenty-two.Even if苏州桑拿网 one day two rush too good day, one or two silver also very nice!Human edge of the country and not worth the money, 南宁夜网even if the harvest is the busiest period of time, a strong labor wheat harvest day, has only one hundred text.
  Zhu Ning’s mother is not so will be calculated, but she is not bad, even if the interest rates between a few pros and cons to, turned to comfort Shiro: “Do not worry out speaking tour Well, do not worry about the family thing, your mother will arrange proper.”

Chapter 078
  Zhu Zhu mother’s words did not make rag Shiro brothers get psychological comfort, home Well, nature is a good Cean, Pa Zhipa They have to bad.
  Fortunately, the county magistrate was very kind, and did not let them come on to neighbo

i Xuemei discuss, “they go to the mountains tomorro杭州桑拿w Jianxun catch wild boar, I am going to go catch it, we ask relatives for a meal, let it rain mixed with a Lianshu.”

  Li Xuemei think this is it, hand drawn Xiao Ming and his money, he pulled too tightly, Li Xue m not too hard, for fear the money Chelan, and Lu Ming said, “I did not have to ask Hongying time, she took to the rain, helped to pack the house out of the job.”
  Drizzle born too plump, Li Xuemei Lu Hongying often helped take him, this child is very like.
  Li Xuemei took over from the hands of the rain, she Dian Ledian up, the rain was too excited to open his mouth, smiling eyes narrowed crack, Lu Hongying call them to dinner at noon, Xiao Ming followed the stuff they went to visit relatives, noon come back.
  ”No, Lu Ming wash the stove, and we just get something to eat at noon, rain hungry, then you called me.”
  Li Xuem都市兔兔体验网ei went into Yuanba, but to hear the sound of chattering inside, and Lu Hongying said the reason of things, Lu Hongying totally do not care, “said said the chanting, but not a big deal, did not see my brother smile mouth all Bulong ah.”
  Luming Wen Yuan Ba in sharp cut bamboo, suddenly stopping by to a few women, sit down after Luming Wen asked how not to objects to take home.
  Her mother did not worry about these things, they have to ask what qualifications, pure fed nothing to do.
  Change for her, and she certainly does not speak a word of impatience, Luming Wen more than a simple man, he can not wait to tell the world fall in love, do not give them the opportunity chipped from awareness to determine the interaction, to see the other parents, one thing did not fall, vivid and fluent than telling stories.
  Li Xuemei necks forget his eyes, Luming Wen upright, can sit upright, and la

t, always felt everywhere flaws.

  The other did not say, alone Wang sister.
  If you say she will be transported in th广州桑拿网e future be able to buy a home production, or to go to town to live a good life, so, we all can believe, Wang sister will be happy to meet new life.What the hell can they married woman?Or courtiers soul mate?
  If we say that someone is puzzled, then Winchester is not hate Sahua celebrate.
  Wen’s sister took the king’s hand, his face could not conceal his joy: “That liar is used to say nice words, only flatter my younger siblings silly to give money to him helplessly.You can not believe him, do we save some hard-earned money easy?To coax a few words as people go, and so went back to taste the more distressed it!You are not busy?If you are not busy, I went with my stupid brothers and sisters, you can not call her a liar and then every few days to give money to the!”
  With Wen’s different, Wang Ning’s sister was disgusted, because of co苏州夜网urse that is Wangxiang Qin Ning’s henchman.
  But this thing with something else different, Wang pondere杭州桑拿d a sister, who was cheated when certainly do not feel angry, cheated and so found himself back, and also sacrificed a lot of money, that is the thing that upset the children.Such a thought, she immediately exposed smile, nodded, he said he was willing to be cheated people out of parts of force.
  Deceived the people – Ningshi could have been in a pigsty with Wang Xiangqin talking, maybe it was the result of enemy called out to speak.
  Listen Wang Wen’s sister and you made me a language, her face so discredit Liu god, oh Ning’s really good gas.She Gas is mainly Wen, Wang sister, she decided to patiently endured the wrath persuade a carefully advised.
  Of course, not to the king sister, but to Liu gods.
  ”How come yo

A week now got the time and vague talk ah, now the fire is not too big, she’ll go down with a lengthy peace, if the fire is too large while up, did not say she can not go up, nor down, ah lengthy sure.Moreover, she would also prepare for the worst ah.In case the ocean has now been.

  ”You let go first, Le My back pain.”Lu seventy-one suddenly calm down, despise looked vague week,” I do schoolbag?Lost you give me a month to write a job!!”
  ”.”Vague week froze, crumpled to smile, how is he wrong?Obviously you are throwing a pick me up.Although I gave throw.But looking at seventy-seven like this, it should be really calm down, “then I let go, ah, ah you stop jerking.”Tentatively, slowly release Miao Zhou Lu withhold their hands seventy-one.
  And in the weeks vague open arms the moment a seam, land seventy-one aimed at, like the wind rushed out.
  He was dumped face ponytail weeks vague subconscious also caught up.
  Drive over land and weeks pass on to watch as their own daughter and son rushed into the building fire.
  The other side, running off fishing breathless, also see figure rushed two small, face slightly changed, called a cry, “July!!!”
  Lu went to the entrance seventy-one discovered weeks vague chase came, she was pale gas, idiot!!!Turn around and kick forced him to fly, “go home!!!”
  Just to catch up


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銆€銆€So, apart from a very few Sima sky with relatively deep friendship martial arts people, other people do not dealings with him.
銆€銆€Sima sky is martial arts myself to isolate the!The novel had this thing has happened, but much later than now, when Sima sky sophisticated martial arts, martial arts heroes already be on the issue of the number, but he stirred up together with the Evil Joan, who attracted the right way have his crusade.Later Evil League against Extr

  The phone rang Su Yuan’s voice.
  Fu raw cold smile: “Film burst, congratulations ah.”
  ”The same with hi.”Su Yuan and now she is happy with, nor be bound by the past with a sense of alienation to poor Fu,” Yes, how much money you invested in the movie?According to two billion box office to calculate the final, you make a lot of.”
  Fu is poor and can almost imagine Su Yuan looks like at the moment.
  He smiled slightly: “can also.”
  ”I knew I should invest a little.”
  This sentence did not get much regret, Fu raw cold eyes smile deepened, he said: “When are you free, in order to express gratitude, I invite you to dinner.”
  Su Yuan wondering: “Why thank me?”
  Because he is the only investment for her film.
  Fu raw cold in my heart silently answered, his mouth was: “Because you are my lucky star ah, if the movie is not for you to join, may not be so critical as it is now.”
  Su Yuan self-knowledge, there is no film she will join burst.
  ”Do not treat it, the film can have such a result, with everyone inseparable from the efforts, I can not claim credit.”
  ”I still do, to not talk to you, bye.”
  Su Yuan Hang up the phone,

Captain, Shushan priests etc..

  Once humble hidden door, once the door upright people these contemptuous.
  But now, hidden door actually never thought there are so many masters!
  Dozens to order, can be described as immediate comeback.
  That dozens of people flying in the sky, and did not fall, but said for the following.
  ”I have no intention to go to war hidden door, but the main door Feng’s life, to pick Ye Pingsheng.”
  Pack cold teeth, if let go of Ye Pingsheng today, next time to find his words can be difficult.
  And Ye Pingsheng onto his thigh hidden door, that entrance Xuan Huang world, maybe this will open up.
  Ye Pingsheng throw sword, direct leap, step on the sword into the sky.
  He was gone, this war will cease.
  Ye Pingsheng With the time you master the hidden door to leave, looked back and saw his front foot left, rear package immediately cold hands!
  Ye Pingsheng frowned, “No, I’m going down with my son to go with!”
  A master hidden door and he said, “Yep, I’ll wait for instructions from the main door command, that you can only save one person.”

552 Chapter fatherly

  Ye Pingsheng frowned, these people can save him is already hidden door to the face.
  After all, to Ye Ping