His love for you to see through the twelve constellations male kiss your way

Kissing in many children it appears to be both sweet and a little shy, lingering French kiss, a kiss secretly touched, long romantic kiss, tell you that today is through the twelve constellations male kiss you way to see his love for you.  Aries men: impatient Aries male child in the corresponding impatience hot, Aries men kiss you the way you can reflect this.He will be very eager to want to kiss, this time you completely do not hesitate, you have to do is close your eyes to accept him this passionate kiss.  Male Taurus: Taurus men probably go beyond the superficial meaning as it passed, a lot of times you’ll make them think, “This is the end?”But the fact is that, Taurus men feel that Japan, longer Well do not care about these details just begun.  Gemini men: sweet attack twelve constellations Gemini man regarded as the most trivial of a man than a conventional view of the kiss he prefers to attack oh.He may be on the street or in public places to suddenly give you a kiss and then pretended nothing had happened and put on a cool look.  Cancer Man: Private domesticated man Cancer men do not like to go out or when you kiss, he kissed you when there is mostly just the two of you and then when you looked shy gently kiss up, probably his kiss It is floating, and then immediately blushed.  Lion male: male lion overbearing overbearing president doctrine led him to kiss our way are very high-handed, can refer to specific scenes in major television show, overbearing kiss people like Kazakhstan President.Maybe he would leave the matter in his own imprint but also makes sense in your body.  Virgin male: Wipe your mouth over the top of a virgin male love and kisses think these two things are very pure and sacrosanct, so when you find a virgin male carefully wiping his mouth, and often when we should Minzui he was ready to accept this affectionate kiss it.

Mainland actor: Maya Shu constellation is what?

In recent years, the role of the drama’s “Big maidservants”, “Chun Tao of War” and Modern emotional drama, “the story of her family,” the plight woman appeared in numerous TV series, Maya Shu, Chinese actress.She is a promising actress, her eyes very clear, which means the audience from her eyes to see the movie.She created many roles, her acting is very good.Then the image quality is very good acting school, Maya Shu is what constellation the star constellation of it?  Constellation: Aries Performing experience in mid-1988 the Maya Shu starred in the first movie, “Beijing chick”; 1995’s first mid-starred in the TV series “Legend of life”; in 2000 starred in the costume drama of God “Journey to the West after the transfer” in the corner of the white lotus and popular; in 2007 starring Republican drama “Shun Niang” and “rather be a woman” to get a higher profile; in 2010 with “big maidservants” won the Golden South Television Festival Award for most popular actress.  2011 starring Maya Shu “home Story” series third broadcast, the show won with Maya Shu Youku video index Festival opened in strength Actress Award; the same year appeared in emotion fantasy drama “lock Dream House”; the 2012 war drama starring “The Mission”.Almost all of the plight of woman role.  Aries women always insist on their own, doing their own distinctive personality, is not very good control type, so they get along with the need for more inclusive.When talking about the impact of the plight of the drama for her, Maya Shu said, “In fact, my life is not a man crying in front of people always glossy, not immersed in sad mood.”Personal life December 12, 2006 and Maya Shu Wu and artists and married to August 11, 2009 Divorce.2010 Maya Shu and James Robert married and on November 25, 2014 gave birth to a girl.  Xiao Bian Analysis: Aries girls Ganaiganhen, have their own attitude clear, unequivocal, treat their own interests will whole-heartedly, very focused, but also a natural optimist, happiness is the main theme of life, sad tears just episode.These features in Maya Shu who have reflected most vividly.Take for filming, “is interested in filming, viewers do not mind being stereotyped.”In recent years, Maya Shu in more than play both as a female lead, but the characters addition to the plight of women, always appeared in the same type of subject matter of the play the audience will inevitably be finalized, however, did not mind Maya Shu.This is the simple pursuit of Aries woman and optimism, all the troubles are throw away the rest happiness is best.  You might like: Taiwan artists: Matilda Tao is what constellation is what constellation University “on” the famous singer Li Yuchun is what constellation?  Moon Sign What does it mean?

Which constellation is most likely to refuse a promotion?

In the workplace, opportunities for advancement that everyone should strive to get even crush.The reason is simple, promotion often represents a raise, you can get more benefits.But there are some people, the face of such opportunities even rejected, take a look at what constellations are most likely to refuse a promotion?  While the Taurus is the Taurus for promotion really means being able to make more money, but they know promotion also means that the responsibility will be borne by increasingly heavy workload will be growing, will make more astray the company suffered heavy losses, it is the pursuit of stable work life Taurus do not want to see, so the face of Taurus are promoted, they would be more rational manner, depending on their ability to be, and will not make more money and barely own.  Cancer Cancer Although the performance is not very prominent in the workplace, but in the workplace, long working hours, promotion is a matter of course, but the face of a promotion, the family as the most important of them will consider first the family, after all the work will be promoted busier, more or less working time will increase, Cancer is my family have to do things, if conditions allow, they will accept or not accept, then Cancer will automatically turn down.  Capricorn is a re-dedication of the people in the workplace to work hard and finally usher in opportunities for promotion, which for them is undoubtedly good news, but Capricorn who is also supremacy of reason, they more than anyone else aware of their good location, deficiencies, so their view is not so simple for promotion, their ability to undertake this task can also Capricorn will consider the issues people think otherwise insufficient capacity to fight but will also trouble for themselves and others, they will depending on their circumstances to accept or reject a promotion.  You may also like: the concept of time ranking zodiac sign of what has delusions of fame and fortune as a constellation of 12 female index number?  Difficult to make friends in the constellation Revealed

Short-lived, really beautiful

People often “short-lived” to describe the fleeting good things.There is a moment of good things and regret the demise of regret.Flash in the pan really so beautiful it?I could not help but lead to curiosity, once “Baidu”, finally got to see “blip” of the charisma.Exclaim: What a beautiful flower!White petals bathed in fresh white moonlight, the lotus-like shape reminiscent of “lightness finds” the lotus, Shoushenruyu, it is lovingly.    I did not personally see witnessed a “short-lived” scenario, but for her beauty and admiration.    ”Flash in the pan” What part of speech?neutral.Some derogatory meaning but slightly, I could not help some disaffected as night-blooming cereus.    Ten years of turmoil during the Cultural Revolution, I have a neighbor was a comic book home, because transcriptions posters inadvertently “poor peasant” written in the “greed lower-middle peasants” was beaten into a rightist.Since then, the reclusive do not want to relate to people, devote themselves to gardening.    One day, a group of Red Guards broke into his home, saying that those flowers are “closed-owned repair” poisonous weeds, without any explanation, while thwarted, will spend a pleasant fresh Bobo smashed all over the floor and stepped on their feet straining.Those poor elves so reluctantly wither until death.This is a group of innocent souls!    Soon, the family also was dismissed to the countryside.    Ten years later, this family went back to her homeland, the former vegetable garden had become.But who would have thought that a night-blooming cereus miraculously survived.Owner marvel, will spend cautiously re-implanted flower pot, to impose fertilizer, water, intensive care.In a country with bright moonlight night, when the night-blooming cereus actually survived after decades quietly blooming flowers!    Who can not tell this strain of night-blooming cereus, or that its children and grandchildren how to survive, we only know that she really survived!    I could not help but for her vitality and emotion, feelings of admiration the wells of night-blooming cereus.    In fact, the “short-lived” just was friends and dedication to tolerance!    Child, heard the adults told the story about the night-blooming cereus: According to legend, night-blooming cereus was originally a small Huaxian heaven, her avatar, Four Seasons open small, white flowers, faint aroma and lingering.A young man named Veda meticulous care of every day with beautiful flowers and earnings weak, give her fertilization, catch the worm, watering.Later, the night-blooming cereus fairy heart sprout in spring, fell in love with this flower lovers teenager.The Jade Emperor was furious after that, he gave the night-blooming cereus banished under the mortal, giving her only a daily hour of flowering.Epiphyllum very fairy infatuation, whenever clear, bright night, while Whitfield water down a passing time of graceful charming garden in full bloom, just to be able to take the side to see sweetheart.Thus, there is a “flash in the pan, only for Veda,” the legend.    The beauty of night-blooming cereus, not only in appearance, more beautiful in character, spirit.    Although today, night-blooming cereus no longer suffering ten years of turmoil, no longer subjected to harsh torture of the natural environment, but it still has a touching quality.Reasonable manner, not to show off wealth, just as gracefully celebrate the great life of bloom.    In fact, the night-blooming cereus is not a national product, but Exotic species, which is native to distant lands.


I do not have much impression of the grandfather, in the second year I was born, and he died; the only impression was when I was a full moon, his old holding a photograph of me, on his black and white photographs, bald, wearing a pair of glasses, a black cloth jacket, his hands holding me, for the left chest and the other side is the grandmother, from the photo, I like them, like the apple of his eye; What impressed me most was his grandfather’s eyes, Although he was wearing a pair of glasses, but it looks like eyes still so resolute, deep, giving a feeling of anger from the prestige.This is my most intuitive impression of grandfather.    Grandpa Deng’s hometown in Henan county luozhuang people, bitter childhood home, no way to give people an apprentice (just dinner, not to wages, to craft their own willing to learn the job, the master is not taught), mixed bowl of rice to eat ; the end of the apprenticeship, set up an affair, selling more Zhentouxiannao what became of a street peddler; thus, we went all the way to my grandfather’s hometown —- Xixia County, settle down; liberation after my grandfather entered the factory, when a worker, then, we have the family; not blame the old grandmother nagging listen: I have to thank the Communist Party, thanks to Chairman Mao; many years, my grandmother insisted portrait of Chairman Mao’s day on a former Hong Zhu Er, kid, I laugh at her superstitious then, and now think is really going on is that children.     Grandpa good record straight, good friends, it is a name, until now, I met some old neighbors back home, talking about my grandfather, also erected thumb, boast that he is a man; neighborhood weddings and funerals, invite him to do presided over the orderly arrangement of the size of things, all kinds of contradictions, but also to bury the hatchet; but the grandfather also has a bad mistake because it is easy to drink too much, and people of a mood, they will drink, stumbled back home, see who do not pleasing to the eye, this noisy, scolded the children scared and avoided him, really family are not quiet; therefore the family are opposed to him out drinking, he does not listen, he likes that occasion, like the kind of atmosphere , people like to compliment him; think also, my grandfather did not culture, when the factory is not an official post, but he resigned under public – spirited nature and people, so to neighbors for help in this matter, so he found the occasion to show their best; I like to listen to my grandmother and my father told me the things my grandfather, my father used to say my character too, like my grandfather, and indeed, my character, like my grandfather, sense of justice, Cool, even drinking is the same; heart disease grandfather probably due to excessive drinking caused by the sudden death of my father I have been opposed to this end excessive drinking, but I forgot to drink up, but the good thing is that I drank too much go to bed, do not make trouble; unconsciously, as if my grandfather became my idol, became my refuge God, unfortunately, I can not face to face communication and grandfather, not to listen to his teachings, not to see his style, so every time I go to my grandfather’s grave, I will point a cigarette inserted in front of his tombstone, a bottle of wine, slowly pour in a pile of loess, devout kneel, knock on nine head, then I would sit there, also point on a cigarette, and grandfather talk, talk about work, talk about life, will talk about the distress, like a summary of the year, finally, I would ask him to bless our family flat Ann; she’s like a memorial ceremony, once every year, or New year’s Eve, or Dragon Boat Festival, or no matter what time, as long as I return home, I will go.    Spring Festival is coming, this year, what are my progress, but also those mistakes, I will go back and talk about the good grandfather.

Your “Goof” my “Money”

Zhao is ChangBanPo battle, the sky suddenly appeared a helicopter; Cao Cao, Guan Yu Red Horse gave him discovered the English number; when Liu Bei go to the league, went so far as to say after 1,000 years disintegrating fortunes of responsibility.The new TV series “Three Kingdoms” After the premiere, users immediately raised a lot of questions.To eliminate these flawed, director Gao Xixi before the second round of the broadcast, hesitate to spend eight million yuan for the play to be modified.Some people say that if the earlier invited Zhao Xue checks, these ridiculous mistakes will not appear on the lens!Zhao Xue who is?She engaged in a fresh, professional drinking coffee every day, watching the release of foreign TV drama yet, you can easily get more than 20,000 yuan monthly salary.She has a fashion career title correct passenger, dedicated to the production of finished films and television shows just prick, find out which Goofs.Zhao Xue child is like watching a movie, and later the family had VCD, and close to home there is a video store across the street, which made her ecstatic.Usually whenever rent some discs look.Once, while watching a large, Zhao Xue found something interesting: in ancient Greece on the battlefield, the two sides are fierce competition, a Boeing 747 aircraft suddenly appeared in the sky.Zhao Xue find it very interesting, simply to get his findings published online.I did not expect this Goofs caused a lot of people’s interest, we sometimes discussion going.Because look at movies and television are the main form of Zhao Xue spend my free time, and later she inadvertently put the focus on this area.You never know the full extent of things until you see them!Zhao Xue found that domestic films and TV series, there are a lot of hilarious Goofs.Even some so-called boutique blockbusters often some low-level errors, such as Datang general armored Executive Rui, immediately when the fight with the enemy, pants actually exposed the US Apple jeans.Fallen soldier beside a bottle of drink people can immediately see that it is Wong Lo Kat herbal tea!And friends to see such a scene full of loopholes, but also turned the music days.Since then, Zhao Xue find another error correction pleasure from watching movies!Later, a well-known Web site hosted a correction for film and television awards event.Zhao Xue Entries for the competition is very funny, in the TV series “Water Margin” Li Kui carries a bag of beef stride on the road, suddenly a paper package of meat is blown open corner, four characters eye-catching “Legal Daily”!This is a correction Zhao Xue to get her first prize, only 800 dollars in prize money, as well as honorary certificate bright red.In early 2008, Zhao Xue learned on the Internet, she accidentally engaged in such activities, called off correction in the United States, is a very fashionable career.Just as there are newspaper proofreading, factory quality inspector, the customer is correct in the film and television critic.They specifically looking for film and television work in the wrong lens, these were ignored directors, producers errors and vulnerabilities, mercilessly through networks and newspapers and other publicly available.In May 2008, Zhao Xue often hang around a website forum moderators suddenly found her, saying that domestically produced military just fixing piece, the film’s director noted the recent hot on the network movie Goofs posts, looking for people to himself the movie prick, avoiding the official release time, some mistake.Xiao Zhao went, she felt it was their own interest.At the same time the scene was also active in other forums finding fault pie.True to the scene, and director, the stars together, a lot of people have actually lost at the computer’s usually calm, he was anxious to look for stars at home sign pen, some stars, and a photo with.Probably too excited mood, after the movie starts playing, even showing signs of collective sharp eye crash.The only exception is Zhao Xue, after she arrived at the scene, he sat in the corner playing with his mobile phone.Until the beginning of the movie, be considered into the state.After a one and a half hour movie has finished playing, there is not even a middle man stopped.Proud of the extraordinary creative film, the director said: It seems that we are making this film was the most serious.The so-called Goof scene did not occur, we are over-cautious His words were interrupted Zhao Xue, her voice cold: rewind, 28 minutes and 10 seconds and 43 minutes 21 seconds.People’s Liberation Army experts female combat boots worn by 1980s last century, the Italian brand; the contents of confidential documents is “really miss you,” the lyrics; small warrior riding a white horse halfway turned into a maroon Finally, movie director Zhao Xue sincerely ask them to carefully check the movies!Hollywood Chinese drama criticism rougher quality, many of which are due to the fact the director is not caused serious.Zhao Xue example, there was a big star wearing a Swiss watch shooting costume martial arts film; anti-Japanese hero killed in the streets, behind the wall that says here is prohibited trash!And offenders fined chased!More shocking is concentrated in a series of 25, the Emperor defeated the Huns ambush in the sky to help the general Weiqing, came to a people by the Great Wall, hospitable owner called his wife as they made a pot of chili oil surface.The audience suddenly cried: you look, Emperor and ministers ate instant noodles!There’s a TV series about Yang, the external walls of the palace even a train roared past, we do not have a train Tang?The most dumbfounding is that in the CCTV version of “Swordsman” in the small junior sister apprentice stopped Yilin Linghu said: Linghu Brother, your name?Zhao Xue said, to find if the film was finished a few off the correct check, like this fool God completely avoidable lower Goof.Zhao Xue prick and harsh on the Internet is a name, which also contributed to the emergence of a new industry.Since the military part of that piece in person prick, under the director who introduced continue to have movies and TV group invited her to check and finding fault.Because finding fault involved in many aspects of professional knowledge, the spring of 2010, she gave birth to the idea of a team Zhao Xue do.Who later played a lot of advertising candidates.Later, after a rigorous screening, hundreds of experienced users in finding fault, only 20 people are hired.Zhao Xue built China’s first film studio Correction.

Love Tears

Everyone has a blind spot, get out themselves, others break do not go.  I have the deepest secrets in there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has a wound, or deep or shallow, covered with cloth, that does not exist.  I painted the most of bright red blood in there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has a love, heart, soul, hard, touched and sentimental.  I put the most hot mood hiding there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has a line tears, drink cold water, brewing into tears.  I have wronged the most sad exchange there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has some confession, apprehension, anxiety, but full of heart and courage.  I put the most lyrical language used there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    You never see I love you, because I only see you when we come to love you.  Also, you never see my most lonely, because I only you can not see me, I was the most lonely.    Perhaps I too would hide their grief.  Perhaps I too will comfort their wounds.  Perhaps, in your eyes, I will take care of themselves too, so you never consider my feelings.    Do you think I can recover very quickly, some selfish thought.  Come from the sun, rain, muddy I passed, passing wind.  Along the way, you did not know me, I do not blame you had.  I was not to show their generosity, nor to reflect their generous.  Just wanted to let you know, not feeling, there is no blame.

Liu military career

Former deputy political commissar of the Military District of Jiangxi Province Liu, a lifetime adhere to serving the people, the party contributed their most valuable Love for the people, the New Fourth Army in the history of writing a glorious chapter.  Suffering teenager born in August 1921 in Suining County, Jiangsu Province, a sharecropper family of Liu, whose parents rented landlords landlords can not afford paying the money owed land, often arrested and beaten landlord of Jia Ding, forced to borrow money to repay.In the press landlord, the family lived extreme dark days.  At that time, Suining rural poor still giving her long braids, the girls will have bound feet, who can not resist.Liu’s sister as bound feet often crying like tears.  Liu’s father was a strong-minded person, he hopes that he can come away from this environment, and try to let Liu read a five-year private school.In mid-1937, his father sent him to the Suining City butter oil miscellaneous goods shop as an apprentice.  One day, a Kuomintang security team to buy soy sauce, pickles, given by his boss premium offer truthfully, was hit by security firm responsible for the price hikes, disrupting financial, was master “blame” and was supporting face.February 1940, the Japanese devils arrive Suining county where the rich and the owners have ducked the countryside to flee, as the apprentice Liu had to stay to guard the shop.  After the Japanese devils into the city, near the intersection of them stationed in the store, and set up checkpoints, crossing guard.Every day people in and out of the junction must be searched.One day, Liu saw devils search a big girl’s pocket, and insulted her, and my heart is very angry.  Another day early in the morning, Liu opened the door, he lifted the Devils to bar the door, he turned and ran scared, Oh annoyed devils, and to catch up to beat him.He walked around the left and right vat hiding hide, devils angry squeak wow barking, the master seeing, desperately bowed apology, and that makes Liu escaped.  Since then, Liu hated the Japs.  Defected to the revolution saw the Japanese aggressors violated their homes, Liu could scarcely keep.He asked to be the boss’s cousin Communist Party, and in Yan’an.He knew there Yenan Communist Party to fight the Japanese devils.  So he determined to follow the Communist Party go Dagui Zi.At that time, someone spoke to him about the KMT, he can not heart, because before the Devils did not come, the city of Suining County Kuomintang security group is not out to grab the dark Pirates, that misbehave.He finds that the KMT is not good.  At that time, the boss’s son and named with the rehabilitation of the villagers had come to the New Fourth Army base, and the boss’s son because the going gets tough, running back, with rehabilitation insisted the regional party committee in Jiangsu and Anhui, Jiangsu and Anhui Anti-Japanese Military school , the New Fourth Army after graduation to work in radio, and come back often to purchase radio parts, etc..  Liu received the news, waiting for him to go out into the streets.Mid-19402 months, Liu saw him, they urged him to take him to join the revolution.After Liu was taken to the New Fourth Army base, it was placed into the Suwan Anti-Japanese Military training school for three months.In May 2009, he joined the Chinese Communist Party.  After graduating from school experience war, Liu distributed to local security forces, guerrillas Jiangsu and Anhui District Party Committee Hongze County Battalion 3 re-election culture teacher.With this job, he was very happy, very high work ethic, teach soldiers to sing, read, talk politics, he Footloose.  1940 mid-autumn, the regional party committee to go to northern Jiangsu, but to some people to leave the countryside spraying fire of revolution, there is the list of Liu.That situation, Liu requested to go along with troops.Followed by the regional party committee came after District Huainan, Liu and appoint cadres to the countryside, to mobilize the masses, and served as the ninth district Shuyang guerrilla brigade squadron instructor 8.During which he learned to obey orders, to learn what it meant to the revolution, what is the party’s work required.  After “Wannan Incident” occurred, according to the team where Liu party arrangements, while counter-raids, while guerrilla, while the countryside to do mass work.They are from the initial 20 a few people, the development of hundreds of people, a battalion, three companies, and incorporated a contingent of mutinous troops, as well as a mayor with a company to go over their troops to fight the Japanese devils.  After the party’s education, training, Liu not only learned how to do the political and ideological work, but also to troops in war.In mid-1942, their troops with 28 groups merge, Liu not only became a deputy battalion commander, also when the Organization Chief.  Liu said that the revolutionary ranks is a great place to train a person.  Huaiyin Huaihai Battle Military, Liu has served as deputy battalion commander spy 3rd Battalion, Suqian County deputy brigade commander, Huaihai Military Detachment 3 8 Youth League secretary, Donghai County Corps instructor, county branch secretary Corps, the East China Sea guards regiment instructor, Chief league organizations, Huaihai Military 1 new 1st battalion instructor.  The fall of 1945, Liu at 10 brigades either 30 group camp instructor Huang Kecheng 3 New Fourth Army Division, received a superior command refers to: 30 battalion and a regiment 28 regiment two battalion attack Huaiyin.  At that time, the beautiful Huaiyin being occupied by the Kuomintang troops giant Pan dry, and mustered four or five corps of regular troops, plus 6,7 landlord security regiment stationed Huaiyin City.Face of the enemy than their own situations 7,8 regiments, Liu in the mobilization meeting, said: This is the Japs to surrender, we fought the first battle with the Kuomintang army, we must win!  Most of the 30 regiment of soldiers is a camp in northern Jiangsu locals, before joining the army, mostly dry suffered bullying Pan giant troops, suffered the ravages of the Japanese invaders and traitors team.Blow dry for Pan giant, the soldiers morale high.Plus Pan Ganchen troops during the night provocative, insulting, abusive New Fourth Army soldiers, more aroused the soldiers filled with hatred for the enemy, the soldiers have said: that sacrifice, we should also play down Huaiyin.  A few days later, troops stationed in a city east of the temple, choose a good terrain, good machine gun rack, waiting for 28 second battalion regiment blasting.After the order, all the machine guns, grenades join hands marching enemy bunker.In the dense cover of bullets, root echelon floating directly to the walls, broken its suspension bridge, the bridge lying on the river, the successor forces rushed to the city, ladder climbing walls.  At this time, the enemy machine gunners began to move toward echelon swept.Shashi, from relying on board the city’s ladder, turned down, the New Fourth Army soldiers killed and some were burned, some shot wounded.May the mercy of the enemy and not intimidated by the New Fourth Army soldiers, they fought very bravely, and on the wall with the enemy launched a war of Xue Ren.About two hours, gates have been overcome.Liu’s group 28 and the second battalion of troops divided the south gate advance, and grappling with the head of the giant Pan dry troops, the New Fourth Army with lightning speed defeated the enemy, wiped out a regiment, and captured a head.  He exchanged fire with the enemy in South Gate South Gate Guardian, the New Fourth Army.Due to attack South Gate blasting spy mission did not succeed, the army suffered heavy casualties: the remains of the martyrs has been stacked to the walls, siege soldiers stepping on the bodies of the martyrs of the walls to be grappling with the enemy.  Liu after the troops arrived, and with the spy mission to wipe out the huge dry pan troops seized dozens of very heavy machine guns, light machine guns, hundreds of very light on the mission to destroy the enemy Liu 30 thousand people, Pan giant is dry alive.  After the battle, the quiet open woods, there has been a large tomb of the martyrs, looking at the grave, his comrades with a heavy heart.  After that, the higher Liu also ordered troops to fight in Huai’an.But when they came to Huai’an, the enemy had become scared frightened, fled as a result, became a hit Huaian Huaian defense.At this time, Huang Kecheng also to Huai’an, and instructed Liu let seven brigades to serve as the task of defending the Huaian, Lianyungang and ask them to play.Strangely, the KMT head of Lianyungang Xu also too panic-stricken, ran away.  At that time, a time when late autumn, in order to catch fleeing enemy, Liu troops walk through the cold water pressed hard.Huji troops arrived, a little rest, and into the Northeast, with remnants of the Kuomintang launched a desperate contest.  Playing high-Zhen Liu said, since ancient times is the high-Zhen Jiangsu salt, cotton base, also contested the size of the war.  Before playing high-Zhen, the New Fourth Army guerrillas are other villages to do mass work.Suddenly, the villagers ran for two: there is a group of diehard reactionaries went to the high-Zhen to harass people.  These bad guys not only stationed in the town refused to go, and the whole town deserted and made.New Fourth Army determined to destroy these bad guys.Liu and two instructors to lead a platoon and even went along with fellow high-Zhen, and soon ended the fight.  However, these guys and not willing to fail, soon with local shrimp soldiers and bandits from various quarters rotten Kuomintang will, traitor counterattack back, and first of all aiming to guard the ship’s bridge-watchers militia retaliation.Militias who quickly abandon Funabashi, return to their barracks report.  At that time, two platoons of the New Fourth Army troops to be singled out several times Dudou my enemy is very difficult.New Fourth Army had retreated to the town, behold, the enemy will surround the New Fourth round, full confrontation between the two sides for three days and three nights.On the third day to dawn, the enemy that they need not fight, the New Fourth Army will starve to death.Liu think the time has been ripe, we decided to break.  So, Liu asked us to swim across the river to break out of the water.But when the soldiers had just swim to the other side, the enemy suddenly alert and fired at the soldiers, Liu river flashed a wall with the enemy crossfire, and eventually break through.Unfortunately, because the instructor is from the north, can not swim, was swallowed up at the expense of the river; correspondents also because of age is too small, too slow captured.  From another seven soldiers in the northeast corner of breakthrough led by platoon leader, hidden in a large lotus leaf in the river waiting in the wings broke through the siege of the enemy.Several villagers discovered the secret, quietly brought them food, the soldiers insist on a full day in the large lotus leaf.After the dead of night, seven soldiers under the leadership of the platoon, pretending enemy sentry fool out of the encirclement.  That night, even the whole collection, in addition to the two casualties comrades in attendance.Captured a small correspondent, also received a gun bandits, the team let him go.The breakthrough has not only been informed of praise Military, platoon and that seven soldiers also known as “high-ditch eight warrior.”Then seize the northeast, Liu led troops in eastern theater again and again defeated the KMT armed forces, headed northeast.From the East to the northeast, they spanned almost half of China.  Liu said that they had the Longhai Road to Linyi, Linyi went to Shanhaiguan, Shanhaiguan do not fight, they arrived at the Jinzhou to snatch the Kuomintang and the Japanese devils left behind Arsenal.  Arsenal because there are all kinds of equipment, the KMT also informed intelligence rob, to be a destination, only to find the Devils and did not leave anything to the Chinese army.  From south to warm the cold northeast, the New Fourth Army was wearing a heavy burden to small cotton-padded jacket, cold really hard.To make matters worse, the Northeast is not the New Fourth Army base, local people had never heard of the New Fourth Army these three words, because there is no mass base, lack of public support, life into a corner.In eliminated some enemies, after playing some blocking action, it has been recognized by some people, and forces renamed the “Northeast Democratic coalition,” northeast of the political situation gradually improved.  After the founding of People’s Republic of China, Liu has served 391 regiment political director, deputy political commissar of the 44th Army 131 division, director of the Central Military crash immediate political culture at the school, 43 507 artillery regiment 127 division political commissar, political director of Hainan Yulin garrison 21 divisions , deputy political commissar, political director of Yulin fortress area, deputy political commissar.  Yulin on Hainan Island in the fortress district office, Liu worked hard, and wait for them in the shortest possible time, our military will build a strong defense of the sea.  In the Cultural Revolution, Liu had to face some setbacks, but he always adhere to serving the people, obey the organizational arrangements, and ultimately stay in the deputy political commissar of the Military District of Jiangxi Province, until December 1983 retired.

The taste of home

I do not know why, I love to write articles associated with the taste of home, wrote “Dazeshan grapes,” “Hometown of celery” “Way back when neighbors Claret”, “off the apple”, “the ginger”.These do not all taste of home?Read, read, do not want to “meet nothing in big witch”, and this is not, comes just October, the monsoon harvest floated slowly today, “the first Chinese Health Food Festival” at the opening of the home, suddenly opened feast on the tongue.I drove the car and his wife arrive in high spirits and health food culture festival scene, feel the taste of another round of home. The taste of home if you want to use one word to describe it, it is “food in the roughness”, this word has become a media and hometown idiom, and it gives the connotation of the brand: “Food in the roughness” is Pingdu deep rooted diet, dietary culture, play a roughness modern agriculture advantages, to create a “food + ingredients + dietary food, food + tourism,” featuring integration of the development of related industries of tourism destination brand, purpose in the area for visitors to create a full, full time and space, the heart and soul travel experience. The taste of home exactly how the media friends for me to say: “The real life experiences need time and space health food, water needs to be nourished, cultural heritage needs, we need to infiltrate people’s hearts.When the name of a national event focused on this piece of land, we know that the food here has passed the test of history, it has the connotation of culture, and certainly at this time of the event is rising.”China’s first health food culture festival kicked off in the home, Highstreet, Gloria Food Street, the dining and outstanding brand with the four food and other tribes Street and opened at the same time, the various tribes cuisine scene is decorated, flowers, wonderful scene, always put on its holiday best, truly beautiful.I see people such as tide, crowds; I was thinking, my friends from all over the world, in this unique event, it will feel what is delicious, what is feast and what is healthy.I set their sights colorful brand, we are greeted by out-of flatness specialty, dazzling, dizzying, deeply moved by the taste buds, touched thoughts.Let me again in this great all-round experience 19 different scene “the signs” hometown flavor, really had a handful of addiction. At the head is the “Dazeshan grapes,” Dazeshan grapes planted with 2100 years of history, from Li Shimin to the given name “Lions Eye” began, China has become the Royal tribute; Then there is the “roughness beef”, it represents Warring States period, Qi popular since the brave and resourceful people “adapters” spirit become stories; “Majiagou celery” does not show weakness, Majiagou celery seed had in 2008 aboard “Shenzhou VII” into space in 2011 by Ministry of agriculture registration of geographical indications; enjoy the reputation of the port as well as cherry rhubarb, tomatoes, watermelon, scored both domestic and foreign markets.There are sub shop autumn peach, peach ginger, Pingdu peanut, ginger Jiabu green onions, spinach Hong Lan, old shop apple, cherry Yunshan.The taste of home fragrance have national, world-renowned.Watch the taste of these hometown flavor, deep inside of Health issued with deep feeling: “hometown taste really, really thick, in the past I did not feel so much.”In the health food scene festival, I also felt the hometown ‘perfect’ taste, that is ‘top ten Cuisines’ and ‘top ten dishes’.Let me talk about the “Ten Cuisines” it, there are: shop fire, Jian Bao Village, Daejeon tofu, and with clever face, wax pole chicken, Sirloin old shop, new and green onion sauce, steamed flower, garden Chinese garlic dumplings, Shredded Beef.I ate most of these in the past, but not so complete today, really opened my Pleasant. “Ten dishes” will be different, I eat less, did not eat much, it felt more fresh.Are: Pingdu hot mix cold, open the New River Ling shuttle, Dasan pigs, soaring steak, pepper chicken, swine balls, grilled pig face, black tea smoked hooves, Silk Ribs, health pumpkin.These not only make your eating appetite, and round after round of dishes allusions. Said it has a rich authentic taste hometown dishes, “roughness hot mix cool” it: According to legend, the ancient city has a dutiful son Mao Zhu good at cooking techniques, care of his mother out of business.Seeing old mother growing old and feeble, with good reason, worried all day long for the old mother’s body.Between the summer, think of old mother’s favorite fresh vegetables, we chose the most fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, add egg cake, jelly roll, sesame paste and mix well with cold dishes fear, hurt the stomach, you fry some delicate meat silk and cool in the dish, the end to the old mother.Old mother a look at this colorful dish will have a loss of appetite, his son asked: “What is this dish?”Dutiful son exclaimed:” Hot Mix cold.”Old mother heard of this dish, specially designed for his son to know to do their own, tasted, felt especially good, then told his son, said:” do more this dish, so that more elderly delicious.”Filial compliance mother lives, well-produced, marketed, has become Pingdu an ever-popular dishes.Home proverb is almost a household name, is: “hot mix cold, without taste.”It is the best interpretation of this dish. “Soaring steak” more legendary history: Warring States Period, Yanzhao Wang Fa Qi, Qi troops capture more than seventy cities, only Jimo, Jucheng not take.279 BC, at the time of the attack Jimo City, Jimo City defenders know Tiandan was a resourceful warrior, he was acclaimed as a great general defenders.Tiandan the city collected more than a thousand head of cattle, to put on their colorful dragon suit, tie sharp knife on horns, filled with good beam oxtail fat dry reeds, then along the walls of the root chipping through dozens a big cave.Tian radio a dark night, the order, will be lit with oxtail, from chipping through the cattle cave release, “five thousand warrior with Thereafter, oxtail heat, anger and Ben Yan Jun.”YAN Jun woke up, saw a large group of colorful monsters, scared the run.He was killed “AC adapters,” the Tisi, and was hacked together a number of soldiers.Tiandan and win the capture of all the cities.After won the battle, people killed a cow, beef grilled, put some seasoning, sent to celebrate, Tiandan liked this approach, it is known as: “the sky steak”, this dish at home is widely spread.Eyes watching the road this hometown dishes, I was reminded of the story of 2,000 years ago in the “Tian Dan fire bulls” hometown occur, dish let my thoughts across 2,000 years of time and space, although “fire Tiandan cow array “story has gone, but the continuation of its hometown dishes of history. “Planted plane trees, attracted Golden Phoenix.”Taste of home a well-known, it is helping to create a” Chinese Health Food Festival ‘brand, with this’ card’, would attract a wide variety of delicious cuisines around the world, engaged in a health food culture festival scene, I see to the past never seen before, never heard of domestic and international cuisines, really saw the big world.Here, I have to watch to the “Thai squid burn”, “Australia’s deep sea octopus foot”, “Indian snack”, “Korean rice cake”, “Malaysian Nyonya”, “Italian fresh juice”, “Brazilian barbecue”, “European potato Article King “,” starch-free Polonia Sausage ‘.I also watch to the ‘Bong tea on Taiwan’, ‘Taiwan fish tofu’, ‘Hong Kong twelve flavors’.There are “old soup taste of old Beijing ” Tianjin ignore the dog buns ‘,’ Changsha big sausage ‘,’ Caiyunzhinan osmanthus cake ‘,’ Chongqing hot and sour powder ‘,’ Mei Love ‘,’ Guangdong crystal shrimp dumplings ” crab shrimp along the way. ‘ “Wuhan dry noodles,” “Changshu Beggar chicken”, “Hainan Pingtung coconut milk” .These have already overwhelmed me. I stopped in the “Brazilian barbecue shop,” I saw the guy in Brazil skillfully grilled chicken, I put the camera on him, and “hey” a cry, the Brazilian guy turned around, and report to an understanding smile, I lost no time “click, click” frequently to press the shutter, and then they attract a lot of buying, “Brazilian barbecue”, his business explode, I also bought a few strings of high spirits, “Brazilian barbecue”, savor, barbecue fresh, delicious, mouth aroma; before the “Korea House”, I see a Korean or Chinese guy was waving a large wooden hammer hit the “Korean rice cake”, I took a vivid he beat cake at home from different angles screen, which is normally invisible to the exotic style; in front of “Changshu Beggar chicken” Museum, “Beggar chicken” these three words caught my interest, I bought spend 40 yuan to buy a only, go home taste good taste, picked up a paper bag look, ah?The original is a must Jiangnan, called “Hong Qigong Beggar Chicken”, look at one side, and “Hong Qigong Beggar Chicken allusions,” his wife take over to look, read out: “Southern Song Dynasty, Jiangnan celebrities – Gai Qigong walking dead, cold and hunger on the occasion, even have a chicken farm, with the lotus leaf, yellow mud wrap and burn it, bursts of fragrance nostrils, Wong went to eat the leaves, odd very fragrant, flavorful and tender skin, long aftertaste, endless aftertaste, Zhennai delicious world cuisine.Eight hundred years has been enduring.’Chewing’ Qigong Beggar Chicken ‘, my mind is endless aftertaste. Visit the “China Health Food Festival” Return, I think, take these brands Cuisines “Chinese Health Food Festival” attracted once “settled” roughness, that does not make the taste of home has flourished, more yuan technology, and will become the home of the taste, the taste of home is changing, in development.To be next year, not to be in the future, the taste of home will be more plentiful and better! Everyone will feel the taste of home, it is the distinctive flavor.And my taste of home, only to melt into the history, but also into the taste of the world, the taste of home flavor thicker, deeper love. Qiaoxian De

you left

“You go,” You go bleak wind blowing bursts of yellow leaves falling piece of blown away the clouds the sky will lose color, pale leaves great, full of earth road feel a sad, melancholy and my it should also melancholy heart pale pale melancholy than the earth than the pale sky of the sky without a flying bird so melancholy sky more pale earth laid hold children to play it, the earth increasingly melancholy and my heart wrapped in melancholy pale, melancholy invasion pale like badly because you’re gone you’re gone, far away, disappeared you, I will no longer watery gentle touch of me, but you never know in the midst of the tumult ever since then, pale Since then mark my emotions, melancholy is the symbol of my life since then, my world is a long winter you go