If you were reincarnated two

“If there is one Afterlife” If you were reincarnated I would like a piece of ice is not contaminated layer of pure and noble dream Firestone crystalline layer is a layer of water-free paradise there is a layer of blue sad longing If you were reincarnated, I want to do a tree, stand in eternity, no joys and sorrows of posture.  Half in the earth serene, half flying in the wind, floating down a cool half and half soak up the sun, very very proud of silence, never rely on never find.    If there is an afterlife, there is no love, I have to work hard to do a lovely person who does not complain, who do not laugh, do not envy who, under bright sunshine, wind and rain running, doing their own dreams, go its own way.    ”If you were reincarnated two” if there is an afterlife, over the moon, Yunfeng summit, the wind raised my stud hair, putting my thoughts flow away, I Zhang Kaijie white light plumage, across my silent grief with a blue wind cleanse, where planting a tree in the spring, I draw on permanent attachment and longing smile, If you were reincarnated, I would like to meet you, give you my love, my love to you, to you I am gentle and romantic, let you in my arms and singing heating, then take your hand again and walked highest power if there is an afterlife, I like a fog of white lotus, marching study on three watertight, wear dust it off, send you graceful smile, and depending on the phase of this moment, subtle fragrance flow, infinite affection.  Is the twinkling of an eye, it is forever.    If you were reincarnated I will let the warm breeze blowing song sent moonlight hearts and move it out of the long and close look at the stars smile as cowherd emotional, listen to exhort from the blue water, and let the mood exile during which all disputes are like the world will also light opened, the scenery never let the mood is still brilliant.

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Time folding umbrella

Some people have already disappeared in your life, but the habits they have brought you have become a permanent indelible brand in your life..   – Remember that time, I loved you for the heat of the light permeates the day and night, and someone whispers in the quiet world that disturbs the Qingming Festival in the time gap between waking up and dreaming. Life on the balcony is withering away. Passengers outside the window silently sigh that the years have taken away everything but every suddenly remembered past. Remember that I loved you this May, Pingbian Town was eventually hit by a heat wave even though there are lush Dawei Mountain forests in the rear area..   At first, although it was hot and troublesome, I was always reluctant to take umbrellas. Later, after walking in the sun for a long time, my head hurt, I went back to the dormitory, opened the box, and saw the neatly folded parasols at the bottom of the box, some of them dazed..   In 2008, when May was full of scores, it was six years away.. The young and immature self who was overwhelmed by the pain was finally brought to the moment when the next second could not be predicted.. In that story, which has already been completed, the protagonist took eleven years to appear and disappear. Later, the so-called deep-rooted pain and the so-called unforgivable person in this life were all brought by time to the other shore where they could not see each other again..   But after all, there are still some things that have been doggedly left behind in the erosion of time.?   For example, folding umbrella.   The umbrella has been used. Don’t throw it in a mess. Fold it neatly along the leaves of the umbrella and put it in a fixed position..   This sentence has been remembered for more than ten years, and one day, after all, has become a habit at hand..   Over the years, countless umbrellas have been exchanged, some of them have been carefully purchased, some have been given away when shopping, others have been given away inadvertently or after careful selection, and some of them have been exchanged on a rainy day and finally don’t know who they are. Although the umbrellas are close to each other, each time they are folded, they all look like they are folding the time..   Ten percent, in the years, those wisps of pain that once thought could not be resisted were finally covered by more things later. Twenty percent discount, once thought that it would cross the difficulties in life forever, suddenly it was really nothing at all one day later.. No matter how hard it is to predict, what a huge and unexpected surprise will be sent to you in the next second..   The folding of umbrellas finally became the mark of that time in life, and every time they were folded lightly, they seemed to offer sacrifices and prayers, always looking back at the past and looking forward to the future..   Walking life, gradually like a used umbrella, always needs to be sorted out, even more important than that.   I love to look back on my life path, read quietly and sort it out carefully. Even if all the experiences are like rain and fog, there will always be a sunshine that penetrates everything badly. The raindrops and sunshine that rotate with the umbrella will set up a rainbow bridge with a quiet smile at the intersection of the past and the reality..   This light may be a habit of folding an umbrella left for you by a lover who has long been a stranger, a hand that friends stretch out to snatch when you lift a coffee cup when your stomach is bad in memory, or a shy smile of the teenager who blocked the wine for you in the crowd..   It will make you smile and warm after many years.   Perhaps, up to now, each of us has quietly depicted our own life path in the designated life circle, and we are no longer lovers, friends or sisters, but after all, we have warmed up our memories and lit up the direction of each other’s progress in those ordinary times..   It has always been believed that although there are countless you, who have become us and who have become them, there will still be countless people, from them to you and to us..   So, what has always been to do is to stroke the years, look for light, walk calmly and smile calmly..   Occasionally, occasionally, remember, at that time, I love you, Zhan Yan, laugh, warm as light, and so on.

Soul singer

Soul singer
I am a soul singer. I walk freely between heaven and earth. I don’t want to startle my feelings or disturb my dreams. I just use my pen and ink to remember your smile of yesterday and the taste of this youth..     It was night, the breeze rippled gently, the ripples were broken by the small steps on Bibo Lake, and the hazy past life was so gently strolling in the world of mortals that it was shallow wandering at the intersection where you were always there.. Do you remember the moonlight I accompanied you that night, and the light that spilled all over the place.     Quiet night quietly pieced together a bit of time. Will the promise of keeping the millennium be swayed gently with the breeze. The Sanskrit sound curled up and wound in and out. Has the warmth that lay dying at the fingertips been in my heart for thousands of years?. Whether the scenes of joy and parting sentimentality towards the DPRK after the fading of the curtain color have already mottled the whole spring flowers? There are also the thoughts of the minutes and the sentimental reverie whether they would also like to walk gradually along the cloud end and the sea string along with the dust and wind.? I’m here, where are you? Where will your soul be laid again?     Sweet ballad, the world of mortals of the whole life looks back on the smoke waves, and whether the memory that once fell has been washed away by such a pot of spirits.. Is the warmth of the light embrace so easy, so difficult to give up, so that you can be easily and lightly embraced in your arms by loneliness.     In the past, godliness kept an aesthetic feeling; This life, make you a cavity of tenderness. Perhaps, just like this, I have rubbed my heart like silk like hemp into your life and gradually into your dream.. So, then, I also had to, willing to turn into a breeze to accompany you, bringing you fragrance of soil in spring, blowing away plumes of heat in summer, enjoying a good harvest in autumn, and driving away the warmth of the silk for you in winter.. Did you ever remember that every breeze is my yearning for you, every feeling is my infatuated attachment waiting for you to land at the ferry of the world of mortals?.     The waiting alone, waiting alone, looking forward to alone, but what does it matter? The call of the holy hand, Hao Miao, who was wounded in the dark center, even if he had temporarily gone to grief, how could he be so deeply attached to his obsession and infatuation that he was far from being long-lasting in the past??     Stranded past, mournful and sad. This feeling can also be remembered and can also go with the flow.. But the glimmer of memory still occasionally ripples in the heart, and the hot tears did not also burn the eyes calmly.. Will the wandering Sanskrit flower really pass in front of your eyes like snow? Do you understand this is a real life without regret? That this sad and joyous reunion can only be understood as a pain rather than a satisfaction? As for me, I can only fly into the dust again, perch on the top of the wind, smoke dimly and wait for you at a distance until dawn..     The past is like smoke, missing is always the deepest memory in my heart. Remember, when I passed you by, I was utterly confused. That even though several generations have passed quietly, this dusty memory still does not want to be wiped away. Also, although the heart ping, which once shattered the ground, has poured out its lead and faded, the rainbow after the rain is still hanging in the sky of the heart in Ran Ran..     In the quiet night, the moonlight gradually became like ink, and the words of memory also condensed in sadness and settled in the memory, spreading over the mind of the implicated thoughts, and only the beauty of yesterday could not be erased.. As for me, I can only send it from a distance between words, leaving the hands that once dragged memories to stir up the calm heart lake time and time again.. After that look back, will a piece of wet eyeground really pass by like the wind with this happiness, and the hearts of the dribs and drabs will also go to the distance with you.     I have written countless touching stories, but I still live at the top of an empty world. It seems that I can only forget myself again. I am happy and free in this lonely world with a smile, not because of the shackles of this world of mortals, but because I am me.     Years of free walking, we hold tight, can not stay, also can not see firmly. However, the things buried deep in time are getting thinner and thinner in the sun, and she slowly flies past us without any trace and lost her mind..     The hope of falling leaves the flowers everywhere. Perhaps the blood and tears dripping from the world of mortals soak up a beautiful flower of the heart.. It’s also good. Maybe that flower should be called: Soul Singer.     ( Finalized in Zhongmou, a small town in Henan Province ) QQ / 863680510