Do not talk to enlarge guns reliable

Attitude to life: Do not cut corners, otherwise it will Baipao.Do not go the long way, or else you will be late.Do not go evil ways, otherwise they will go to jail.Do not go the underworld, otherwise the pay, no gain.Do not rush to be, we must quit impatient.Do not expect anything in return, to which the natural.Do not rush to give, then there is no calm angry.Do not afraid to laugh, laugh to see who is old.Do not install know, do not know to ask.Do not talk to enlarge guns reliable.Welcome to the official micro Quotations concern Tencent Weibo: HTTP: // t.QQ.COM / iweiyulu

From the ground to carry a gift, he handed it to her, “some time ago to go abroad, and this is a gift to your belt before you’ve always wanted.”

  ”Thank you, sister.”
  ”I can not get you.”She Yangnu angry at her.
  A short period of time, and He feels Mu child star then click on closer relations, it is probably thanks to HE who ran the unique qualities approachable, she feel a little strange.
  She spoke to mentioned double process, then it is the mention: “I heard that girls are way home amnesia.”
  Mu child star impression Cheng family still in the stage of being unreasonable, playful tongue: “That’s their home should we blame these things in my head.”
  He ran his face appeared somewhat embarrassed: “Although I did not see, but there are also heard, Cheng family attitude is really quite.That’s what.”
  ”You think too much, have a good rest.”He then touched her shoulder and ask her wide.
  Mu child star thus worse perception of the way home, just curious voice: “His wife, who called dual process in the end is what people ah?”
  ”I’m not familiar with her, she was a good girl and Ding that relationship, our family is Italian and Ding Jiasheng head, it is difficult to talked together.I met her at the party several times, the process actually looks pretty double.”
  Mu child star of the outcome to be excited: “I am better than that and

Buddhist Buddhist classic quotations

1.Buddha Dharmakaya, Zhan not move like void, such as void so, so fill the all, so it is full, i.e. infinite so empty, i.e. empty immeasurable.Really deserted, nothing is over.2.More than one hundred kinds of knowledge, it is better without seeking the most first.3.Buddhas true language, to heart cases.Channel beings, as a warning in cases.4.No negative emptiness that is equal bodies of law, Aware origin, then to law, from the heart.All without leaving, no memory.Fives.Without seeking heart that is not life, not the heart that is immortal, no birth and no death that is also Buddha.6.Zhu Taoist school, Ruoyu was Buddha, the Dharma everything, do not always learn, but learning without seeking Asanga.7.Weishan Zen master says: “If we can reclaim life and life, may decide the order of the Buddha.8.All That law, are not born from the heart, heart, law Wu Suozhu.Live method who wears empty mind that according to see also.9.Yogis like a million people and the enemy, and if riding a boat.

Nice time to verify the people to witness humanity

Nice time to verify the people to witness the humanity, to understand really understand the fake, no untied problem, only unresolved emotional state of mind.The experience did not make life difficult, and only get out of their own.I always worried about who would lose, but I forgot to ask, who would be afraid of losing me?Life, hard, cherish, and a clear conscience, so, it was very good.

Happy tree crevices of the sun, mottled floating down in life

Happy tree crevices of the sun, mottled floating down in life; worries are outside of the breeze from the window quietly slipped.We do not need to cut down trees and sunshine, there is no need for a peaceful and closed the window frames.We are happy with the worries of the wound in the front row, and then a big pleasure, will precipitate as in the past, the greatest worries, only embellished pieces, frustrated not proud, not rude failure, is the wise choice.Welcome to the official micro Quotations concern Tencent Weibo: HTTP: // t.QQ.COM / iweiyulu

His love for you to see through the twelve constellations male kiss your way

Kissing in many children it appears to be both sweet and a little shy, lingering French kiss, a kiss secretly touched, long romantic kiss, tell you that today is through the twelve constellations male kiss you way to see his love for you.  Aries men: impatient Aries male child in the corresponding impatience hot, Aries men kiss you the way you can reflect this.He will be very eager to want to kiss, this time you completely do not hesitate, you have to do is close your eyes to accept him this passionate kiss.  Male Taurus: Taurus men probably go beyond the superficial meaning as it passed, a lot of times you’ll make them think, “This is the end?”But the fact is that, Taurus men feel that Japan, longer Well do not care about these details just begun.  Gemini men: sweet attack twelve constellations Gemini man regarded as the most trivial of a man than a conventional view of the kiss he prefers to attack oh.He may be on the street or in public places to suddenly give you a kiss and then pretended nothing had happened and put on a cool look.  Cancer Man: Private domesticated man Cancer men do not like to go out or when you kiss, he kissed you when there is mostly just the two of you and then when you looked shy gently kiss up, probably his kiss It is floating, and then immediately blushed.  Lion male: male lion overbearing overbearing president doctrine led him to kiss our way are very high-handed, can refer to specific scenes in major television show, overbearing kiss people like Kazakhstan President.Maybe he would leave the matter in his own imprint but also makes sense in your body.  Virgin male: Wipe your mouth over the top of a virgin male love and kisses think these two things are very pure and sacrosanct, so when you find a virgin male carefully wiping his mouth, and often when we should Minzui he was ready to accept this affectionate kiss it.

Mainland actor: Maya Shu constellation is what?

In recent years, the role of the drama’s “Big maidservants”, “Chun Tao of War” and Modern emotional drama, “the story of her family,” the plight woman appeared in numerous TV series, Maya Shu, Chinese actress.She is a promising actress, her eyes very clear, which means the audience from her eyes to see the movie.She created many roles, her acting is very good.Then the image quality is very good acting school, Maya Shu is what constellation the star constellation of it?  Constellation: Aries Performing experience in mid-1988 the Maya Shu starred in the first movie, “Beijing chick”; 1995’s first mid-starred in the TV series “Legend of life”; in 2000 starred in the costume drama of God “Journey to the West after the transfer” in the corner of the white lotus and popular; in 2007 starring Republican drama “Shun Niang” and “rather be a woman” to get a higher profile; in 2010 with “big maidservants” won the Golden South Television Festival Award for most popular actress.  2011 starring Maya Shu “home Story” series third broadcast, the show won with Maya Shu Youku video index Festival opened in strength Actress Award; the same year appeared in emotion fantasy drama “lock Dream House”; the 2012 war drama starring “The Mission”.Almost all of the plight of woman role.  Aries women always insist on their own, doing their own distinctive personality, is not very good control type, so they get along with the need for more inclusive.When talking about the impact of the plight of the drama for her, Maya Shu said, “In fact, my life is not a man crying in front of people always glossy, not immersed in sad mood.”Personal life December 12, 2006 and Maya Shu Wu and artists and married to August 11, 2009 Divorce.2010 Maya Shu and James Robert married and on November 25, 2014 gave birth to a girl.  Xiao Bian Analysis: Aries girls Ganaiganhen, have their own attitude clear, unequivocal, treat their own interests will whole-heartedly, very focused, but also a natural optimist, happiness is the main theme of life, sad tears just episode.These features in Maya Shu who have reflected most vividly.Take for filming, “is interested in filming, viewers do not mind being stereotyped.”In recent years, Maya Shu in more than play both as a female lead, but the characters addition to the plight of women, always appeared in the same type of subject matter of the play the audience will inevitably be finalized, however, did not mind Maya Shu.This is the simple pursuit of Aries woman and optimism, all the troubles are throw away the rest happiness is best.  You might like: Taiwan artists: Matilda Tao is what constellation is what constellation University “on” the famous singer Li Yuchun is what constellation?  Moon Sign What does it mean?

Which constellation is most likely to refuse a promotion?

In the workplace, opportunities for advancement that everyone should strive to get even crush.The reason is simple, promotion often represents a raise, you can get more benefits.But there are some people, the face of such opportunities even rejected, take a look at what constellations are most likely to refuse a promotion?  While the Taurus is the Taurus for promotion really means being able to make more money, but they know promotion also means that the responsibility will be borne by increasingly heavy workload will be growing, will make more astray the company suffered heavy losses, it is the pursuit of stable work life Taurus do not want to see, so the face of Taurus are promoted, they would be more rational manner, depending on their ability to be, and will not make more money and barely own.  Cancer Cancer Although the performance is not very prominent in the workplace, but in the workplace, long working hours, promotion is a matter of course, but the face of a promotion, the family as the most important of them will consider first the family, after all the work will be promoted busier, more or less working time will increase, Cancer is my family have to do things, if conditions allow, they will accept or not accept, then Cancer will automatically turn down.  Capricorn is a re-dedication of the people in the workplace to work hard and finally usher in opportunities for promotion, which for them is undoubtedly good news, but Capricorn who is also supremacy of reason, they more than anyone else aware of their good location, deficiencies, so their view is not so simple for promotion, their ability to undertake this task can also Capricorn will consider the issues people think otherwise insufficient capacity to fight but will also trouble for themselves and others, they will depending on their circumstances to accept or reject a promotion.  You may also like: the concept of time ranking zodiac sign of what has delusions of fame and fortune as a constellation of 12 female index number?  Difficult to make friends in the constellation Revealed

Short-lived, really beautiful

People often “short-lived” to describe the fleeting good things.There is a moment of good things and regret the demise of regret.Flash in the pan really so beautiful it?I could not help but lead to curiosity, once “Baidu”, finally got to see “blip” of the charisma.Exclaim: What a beautiful flower!White petals bathed in fresh white moonlight, the lotus-like shape reminiscent of “lightness finds” the lotus, Shoushenruyu, it is lovingly.    I did not personally see witnessed a “short-lived” scenario, but for her beauty and admiration.    ”Flash in the pan” What part of speech?neutral.Some derogatory meaning but slightly, I could not help some disaffected as night-blooming cereus.    Ten years of turmoil during the Cultural Revolution, I have a neighbor was a comic book home, because transcriptions posters inadvertently “poor peasant” written in the “greed lower-middle peasants” was beaten into a rightist.Since then, the reclusive do not want to relate to people, devote themselves to gardening.    One day, a group of Red Guards broke into his home, saying that those flowers are “closed-owned repair” poisonous weeds, without any explanation, while thwarted, will spend a pleasant fresh Bobo smashed all over the floor and stepped on their feet straining.Those poor elves so reluctantly wither until death.This is a group of innocent souls!    Soon, the family also was dismissed to the countryside.    Ten years later, this family went back to her homeland, the former vegetable garden had become.But who would have thought that a night-blooming cereus miraculously survived.Owner marvel, will spend cautiously re-implanted flower pot, to impose fertilizer, water, intensive care.In a country with bright moonlight night, when the night-blooming cereus actually survived after decades quietly blooming flowers!    Who can not tell this strain of night-blooming cereus, or that its children and grandchildren how to survive, we only know that she really survived!    I could not help but for her vitality and emotion, feelings of admiration the wells of night-blooming cereus.    In fact, the “short-lived” just was friends and dedication to tolerance!    Child, heard the adults told the story about the night-blooming cereus: According to legend, night-blooming cereus was originally a small Huaxian heaven, her avatar, Four Seasons open small, white flowers, faint aroma and lingering.A young man named Veda meticulous care of every day with beautiful flowers and earnings weak, give her fertilization, catch the worm, watering.Later, the night-blooming cereus fairy heart sprout in spring, fell in love with this flower lovers teenager.The Jade Emperor was furious after that, he gave the night-blooming cereus banished under the mortal, giving her only a daily hour of flowering.Epiphyllum very fairy infatuation, whenever clear, bright night, while Whitfield water down a passing time of graceful charming garden in full bloom, just to be able to take the side to see sweetheart.Thus, there is a “flash in the pan, only for Veda,” the legend.    The beauty of night-blooming cereus, not only in appearance, more beautiful in character, spirit.    Although today, night-blooming cereus no longer suffering ten years of turmoil, no longer subjected to harsh torture of the natural environment, but it still has a touching quality.Reasonable manner, not to show off wealth, just as gracefully celebrate the great life of bloom.    In fact, the night-blooming cereus is not a national product, but Exotic species, which is native to distant lands.


I do not have much impression of the grandfather, in the second year I was born, and he died; the only impression was when I was a full moon, his old holding a photograph of me, on his black and white photographs, bald, wearing a pair of glasses, a black cloth jacket, his hands holding me, for the left chest and the other side is the grandmother, from the photo, I like them, like the apple of his eye; What impressed me most was his grandfather’s eyes, Although he was wearing a pair of glasses, but it looks like eyes still so resolute, deep, giving a feeling of anger from the prestige.This is my most intuitive impression of grandfather.    Grandpa Deng’s hometown in Henan county luozhuang people, bitter childhood home, no way to give people an apprentice (just dinner, not to wages, to craft their own willing to learn the job, the master is not taught), mixed bowl of rice to eat ; the end of the apprenticeship, set up an affair, selling more Zhentouxiannao what became of a street peddler; thus, we went all the way to my grandfather’s hometown —- Xixia County, settle down; liberation after my grandfather entered the factory, when a worker, then, we have the family; not blame the old grandmother nagging listen: I have to thank the Communist Party, thanks to Chairman Mao; many years, my grandmother insisted portrait of Chairman Mao’s day on a former Hong Zhu Er, kid, I laugh at her superstitious then, and now think is really going on is that children.     Grandpa good record straight, good friends, it is a name, until now, I met some old neighbors back home, talking about my grandfather, also erected thumb, boast that he is a man; neighborhood weddings and funerals, invite him to do presided over the orderly arrangement of the size of things, all kinds of contradictions, but also to bury the hatchet; but the grandfather also has a bad mistake because it is easy to drink too much, and people of a mood, they will drink, stumbled back home, see who do not pleasing to the eye, this noisy, scolded the children scared and avoided him, really family are not quiet; therefore the family are opposed to him out drinking, he does not listen, he likes that occasion, like the kind of atmosphere , people like to compliment him; think also, my grandfather did not culture, when the factory is not an official post, but he resigned under public – spirited nature and people, so to neighbors for help in this matter, so he found the occasion to show their best; I like to listen to my grandmother and my father told me the things my grandfather, my father used to say my character too, like my grandfather, and indeed, my character, like my grandfather, sense of justice, Cool, even drinking is the same; heart disease grandfather probably due to excessive drinking caused by the sudden death of my father I have been opposed to this end excessive drinking, but I forgot to drink up, but the good thing is that I drank too much go to bed, do not make trouble; unconsciously, as if my grandfather became my idol, became my refuge God, unfortunately, I can not face to face communication and grandfather, not to listen to his teachings, not to see his style, so every time I go to my grandfather’s grave, I will point a cigarette inserted in front of his tombstone, a bottle of wine, slowly pour in a pile of loess, devout kneel, knock on nine head, then I would sit there, also point on a cigarette, and grandfather talk, talk about work, talk about life, will talk about the distress, like a summary of the year, finally, I would ask him to bless our family flat Ann; she’s like a memorial ceremony, once every year, or New year’s Eve, or Dragon Boat Festival, or no matter what time, as long as I return home, I will go.    Spring Festival is coming, this year, what are my progress, but also those mistakes, I will go back and talk about the good grandfather.