When winter comes, how can you sleep without sleep?

When winter comes, how can you sleep without sleep?

Proper sleep is a necessary means of restoring strength.

However, if you sleep too much, it will break the body’s biological clock, which will make the body unable to make correct self-regulation.

Moreover, the blood circulation of the human body loses its original regularity, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain tissue.

Therefore, I feel dizzy and weak.

In severe cases, it will lead to unfragrant eating, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc.

銆€銆€Some experts have said: “In the deep sleep, human body secretes growth hormone, promotes protein synthesis, and accelerates cell renewal.

“This simple and natural method has no effect on mental fatigue.”

銆€銆€The mental stress caused by troubles is that it is difficult to get into a state of deep sleep. Those so-called supplements will only be more serious, and they will be intermittent, and when they sleep, they will cause great mental damage.

In addition to winter, the night time is much longer than that of summer and autumn. People who get up early are often too late to adjust the biological clock and wake up by the alarm clock, so there will be an old saying that “the winter is not awake.”

銆€銆€How can I sleep well and sleep well?

銆€銆€First, let your body relax before going to bed.

A good guarantee of sleep quality is a relaxed physiological state.

People who have high work pressure and high mental stress do not want to think about work before going to bed at night. They will clear their minds to fall asleep quickly.

銆€銆€Do some soothing exercise before going to bed.

Many people can’t sleep and can’t sleep. There is another reason, that is, the amount of activity during the day is too small, and there is no consumption.

If this is the case, you may wish to do some proper exercise before going to bed. It is good to have a slight sweat on the order of magnitude.

銆€銆€Go to sleep, don’t stay up late.

Experts suggest that the time to promote the secretion of sleep substances in the body is about 10 o’clock in the evening, while the best sleep time for adults over 20 years old is 6 hours and 30 minutes.

In order to allow the brain to have enough time to rest, the mental state is adjusted to the best during the day, so it is recommended that everyone sleep at around 10 pm.

Health care mouth 诀 360, the articles are the essence, learned to be able to top half a doctor, the collection slowly look (5)


Health care mouth 璇€ 360, the articles are the essence, learned to be able to top half a doctor, the collection slowly look (5)

I shared the first four parts of 360 health care videos in the first two days, and continue to share parts 5 and 6 today!

21, expected four not four balance, four low four life expectancy.

Four types of food should be eaten less, and there are four treasures for health and fruit.

The price is not balanced.

Not greasy, not partial eclipse, not greedy, not greedy; acidic alkaline balance (slightly weak base), five flavors balanced, three to four balance, demand consumption balance.

Helium, starch and protein are the three major energy elements; vitamins, cellulose, macroelements and trace elements are various functional elements.

Four low four feet.

Low content, low content, low salt, low sugar; foot protein, foot water, foot vitamin, foot cellulose.

The method of low-level precipitation is recognized as the longevity.

Four types of food should be eaten less.

Deep-fried, marinated, frozen, and simmered.

For four types of food, it is better to eat less and not to eat.

Because they contain carcinogens such as nitrite, aflatoxin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and benzopyrene.

Advise the king not to listen to evil, not to listen to evil and bite.

Fruit and vegetable four treasures.

The holy fruit walnut is a treasure, nourishing the liver and nourishing the kidney and brain; correcting the seaweed water treasure, purifying the blood health care; black fungus wood Shengbao, replacing the blood thrombolysis.

Carrots are underground treasures, which are fat-lowering and prevent colds.

Five raises: keep eye, nourish the skin, raise skin, raise hair, raise mucous membranes, girls eat carrots, and naturally beautiful from the inside out.

Save money than make-up, better than beauty.

22, four meals before meals to benefit health, four to do after dinner.

Supplementary health care is not as good as it is, and usually eats well.

Four before meals.

Exercise before meals, wash your hands before meals, eat fruits before meals, and drink soup before meals.

Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy.

Four after dinner.

After the meal, you should have a stomach, and you should make anger after the meal. You should gargle after the meal and walk after the meal (after half an hour).

Drink soup after a meal, the more you drink, the more fat you drink.

The price is not as good as four.

Food is not as good as omnivorous food, food is not as good as eating less, fine food is not as good as coarse food, land food is not as good as sea food, refined food, disadvantages in refining, multi-slag food, expensive in slag.

Extremely good to eat.

Eat wild rickets fitness, eat mixed nutrient balance, eat raw cancer and anti-aging, eat rough and healthy longevity.

23, carefully eat four Bailey health, there are four implanted anti-cancer.

There are four things in the soybean plan, and it is not good to eat four.

Eat four white carefully.

That is to say, carefully eat white rice, white flour, sugar, white salt, it is estimated that it should be coarse and not fine, and the diet should be miscellaneous.

Refined food, defects in refining, containing additives, lack of four elements: multi-slag food, expensive in multiple slag, waste pollution, rich in four.

Eat less white rice, eat more corn, eat less white noodles, eat more bran, eat less sugar, eat more brown sugar (not too much), eat less white salt, eat more coarse salt (6 grams per day).

There are four precipitation prevention cancers.Do not drink thousands of rolls of water, drink cold boiled water; do not eat hundreds of fried oil, eat low-temperature oil (vegetable oil); do not eat marinated ice (long-term), eat more fresh food; do not eat smoke and mildew.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Soybean plan.

The Ministry of Health proposed the 鈥淪oybean Action Plan鈥?

Request for non-staple food every day.

Its content is: “a handful of vegetables, a bean, an egg and some meat.”

Chinese people have a bad habit of eating good things and eating them.

Eat four strange.

A strange fish does not eat meat, two strange vegetarians can live longer, three strange fruits as a meal, four strange melons can be filled.

Eat one-sided.

The correct way to eat is to have more than enough sputum, more fish and less eggs, more fruits and vegetables, and three (starch, protein, glutinous) must be enough.

The amount is small, seven or eight full, more soup and less dry, youth is not old.

Japan is the world’s longest-lived country.

They eat very “heavy” and eat 40 kinds of food per person per day.

24, the golden section of the four match, basically good nutrition.

Supplementary health care four elements, four or three health people are not old.

Golden section four match.

That is, fine grain four coarse grains six, staple food four non-staple food six, animals four plants six, land vegetables four sea vegetables six.

Description: 鈮?.


The overall ratio is about 4:6, which is called the golden section value.

The wonderful thing is that many things in the world follow the golden rule.

Absolutely contrast good nutrition.

Shrimp is better than fish, fish is better than poultry, poultry is better than livestock, and livestock is better than eggs.

(The egg yolk contains cholesterol).

Small fish and shrimp are best, and even the head and tail are all better.

The high-quality protein supplements calcium and softens blood vessels and blood plugs.

In the Arctic Circle, the Eskimo stapled fish and shrimp did not have a heart and cerebrovascular disease. The 60-year-old blood vessels were as smooth as 20 years old.

Some people eat fish and don’t eat their heads. Some people eat shrimp without skin. This type of eating is full of “civilization”, and it is a pity to lose calcium.

Four or three health people are not old.
A three-piece ginger, healthy for many years; a three-piece ginger, anti-cancer and health care; three times a day, no longer old; three spoonfuls of honey a day, lung health body.

25, millet health care has four benefits, corn health has four treasures.

The lipid-lowering food has four sputum, and the sedimentation health care is four.

Millet health four functions.

Dehumidification, spleen, calm, sleep.

Eat more millet people to increase their lives, eat more millet and strength.

The author used the millet to cure it and was insomnia.

The self-made mouth is as follows: Xiaomi health has the effect, the spleen and strong heart help sleep, the treatment is thinner than the drug, and the treatment of insomnia is better than medicine.

As long as you eat millet every day, you will see the effect after half a year.

Corn Four Treasures: Golden crops of old corn, containing four treasures to you: cereal alcohol, lecithin, linoleic acid and VE.It has four major health benefits: protecting the heart, brain healing, softening blood vessels, and lowering blood lipids. German scientists, in an experimental report, pointed out that in all food crops, the health benefits of corn are far above other foods.

The rich spend money to buy lecithin, and the poor eat corn as well.

Of the six health staples recommended by WHO, there is no white rice.

However, the way people eat is that every day, white rice, tons of rice, grains do not eat, miscellaneous grains do not eat.

How can you not get sick?

Really, “I would rather get cancer, not let my mouth suffer; I would rather have a cerebral thrombosis, but also relieve my mouth.”

Fat-lowering foods are four.

The Chinese (especially the northerners) are too salty and too oily. The blood lipids are too sticky and too thick. Forty or fifty years old, the heart stalk is tied, and it is often crippled in advance.

Reduce fat and reduce viscosity, the first choice.

The appropriate memory, the mouth is as follows: corn oats, soy beans, celery, three onions, rabbit meat, ginger seaweed, black fungus, green tea, mountain musk mushroom.

The health budget is four.

More beans and less salt, more vegetarian and less meat, more coarse and less fine, more vinegar and less oil.

The four health effects of soybeans: anti-cancer, calcium supplementation, lipid-lowering, high-quality protein is better than meat, meat has the advantage of meat, no meat abuse; adult 32 teeth, 4 canine teeth, the ratio of prime to 7:1The coarse grain taste is not as good as the fine grain, and the nutrition is worse than the fine grain; the vinegar can soften the blood vessels, sterilize and reduce inflammation.

Ok, today’s health knowledge is shared here!

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Will not lose weight and cause the skin to become orange peel

Will not lose weight and cause the skin to become “orange peel”

People often think that weight loss helps to eliminate the “orange peel” phenomenon, but a recent research report pointed out that the women with less obesity problems lose a lot of fat, the “orange peel” phenomenon will be aggravated.
銆€銆€The report was published in the latest issue of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Journal of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery.
The researchers studied 29 women who participated in a medically guided weight loss program.
These weight loss programs include low-fat diets and extreme measures in obesity surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding surgery.
Among these people, the appearance of 17 people with cellulite has improved, and the situation of 9 people is more serious.
銆€銆€Relatively speaking, women who lost the most weight and had a significant decrease in the proportion of thigh fat had higher body mass index (bmi) and more cellulite before losing weight, while those who lost less weight and had no change in thigh fat ratio wereThe bmi index before weight loss is significantly lower, and the cellulite is more serious after weight loss.
銆€銆€One of the authors of the report, Plastic Surgeon John?
Kitts Miller said: “About 85% of women are affected by cellulite.
Cellulite is not unique to overweight people, but overweight can make things worse.
For most patients, losing weight does not eradicate cellulite.