What can you eat to improve your body fat?


What can you eat to improve your body fat?

Is it a fat body?

What is the cause of easy fat body?

How to easily change the fat body?

Below, we will know that weight loss does not actually require a painful diet, do not have to sweat in the gym, as long as the food is balanced by acid and alkali, eating will be thin!

銆€銆€Are you a fat body?

銆€銆€If you meet the following three items, it is a fat body.


There is often a dry mouth feeling B.

The urine is less yellowish in color C.

Often constipated, the stool is dry and hard D.

Very afraid of heat E.

The body often has puffiness.

Like to eat cold drinks G.

Often face red ears H.

Muscle strong and thick body acid and alkali affect our body. Our body is divided into acidic and alkaline. If it is acidic, it is easy to gain weight. It can change the acidity and alkalinity of your body through diet.

The pH in our blood is 7.


5 is relatively normal, higher than this value is better, it is also relatively healthy, below this value is more acidic and more fat.

銆€銆€There is no direct relationship between the acidity and alkalinity of the food and the acidity and alkalinity of the body. Many people will say that eating a lot of sour foods will make the body acidic.

Actually not, there is no necessary connection between the two.

What we often eat, such as rice white noodles, poultry meat, seafood, and nuts, eat too much food that we become acidic, while vegetables and fruits can make our body alkaline.

銆€銆€Physique adjustment meal promotion The following are some of the better physique adjustment meals that the teacher brought to us. If you are interested, do it yourself!

銆€銆€Cold fungus main ingredient: fungus cucumber carrot accessories: salt vinegar sugar sugar olive oil practice: fungus with warm water soaked, cucumber and carrot slices and put together with the fungus, and then put the salt, sugar, vinegar and olive oil, mixJust fine.

銆€銆€Efficacy: fungus high protein, low feces, more water, more minerals, has the title of human scavenger.

銆€銆€Milky seaweed soup material: kelp honey milk cucumber cucumber salt practice: kelp pre-open with boiling water, cucumber slices.

Pour the milk into the pot and cook. When the milk is cooked, pour the kelp, then add the cucumber slices, add the salt, and finally add the honey.

銆€銆€Efficacy: diuretic, renal toxins, have an auxiliary effect on the treatment of breast hyperplasia.

銆€銆€Beautiful stickers: Some people joked that there are “soup, sugar, lying, hot” lifestyle habits people will be more likely to gain weight, that is, love to drink soup, love to eat sugar, love to lie down after a meal, love to eat high temperature things.

We should try to avoid these four words!

銆€銆€Comprehensive detoxification juice material: watermelon celery leaf carrot cucumber cucumber practice: cut the watermelon and the outer skin diced, carrot and cucumber slices, and then work with the celery leaves into the juicer.

銆€銆€Efficacy: watermelon diuretic everyone knows, and the effect of carrot and celery clearing liver and water, can help toxic substances excreted through the urine; cucumber also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification.

銆€銆€Beautiful stickers: We go to the supermarket to buy celery dishes, often see only the remaining celery sticks, the leaves are often removed when eating celery at home, in fact, this is a big waste, the nutrition of celery leaves is very rich.

Moreover, when eating too much meat, it is also good to eat some celery. There are many people in western food who take celery and eat it directly.

銆€銆€Hawthorn lotus leaf tea material: Hawthorn dry lotus leaf practice: put appropriate amount of hawthorn and lotus leaf with hot water can be brewed.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Hawthorn has a digestion effect, lotus leaves can clean up the stomach waste.

銆€銆€Beautiful stickers: Nowadays, many people who are more concerned about health care should choose some “powder” to drink, besides drinking tea, like green tea powder and bitter melon powder.

In the summer, we can use a large measuring cup to make a cup of bitter gourd powder, add a little honey or rock sugar, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it. It is full of sweat and return home. Drinking a cup is quite cool.
You can also eat ice cubes with bitter gourd, which is quite good for your body.

How to care for trigeminal neuralgia in winter?


7 nursing methods for trigeminal neuralgia

How to care for trigeminal neuralgia in winter?
7 nursing methods for trigeminal neuralgia

Patients with trigeminal neuralgia should try to avoid cold, but what better way to care for the cold season in winter?

Let’s take a look at it together.

7 major care methods for trigeminal neuralgia 1. Do not wash your face with cold water. Do not wash your face with cold water. Because cold stimulation can cause pain, it is best to wash your face with warm water.

2, to avoid cold wind blowing cold in the face of the winter, the wind is cold, patients with trigeminal neuralgia should avoid blowing the face directly, so as not to cause pain or catch a cold.

3, diet light trigeminal neuralgia patients eat more nutritious and light food in the fall, do not smoke or drink, because smoking and drinking may cause blood vessels to dilate, thereby compressing the nerve roots and causing pain.

4, to avoid fatigue, trigeminal neuralgia patients should avoid overwork in the fall, enhance physical fitness is the key to prevention.

5, prevention of arteriovenous sclerosis Middle-aged patients with trigeminal neuralgia should also actively prevent the emergence of arteriosclerosis, because hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure sometimes cause nerves to cause compression, leading to trigeminal neuralgia.

6, to avoid infection in winter, the virus and bacteria are more active, once infected, the recombinant nerve produces bad stimulation, which causes trigeminal neuralgia, so patients with trigeminal neuralgia should pay attention to hygiene, to prevent oral or nasal infections and facial infections.

7, exercise masticatory muscle trigeminal neuralgia patients should always exercise masticatory muscles, maintain good chewing habits, when there is a lack of occlusion, it should be corrected in time.

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Diet three and three bogey

Health two gold scheduling, grasp well, can be healthy and less sick


Health two gold scheduling, grasp well, can be healthy and less sick

Health is a thing that people are now pursuing. If our life is good, we will unconsciously pursue health and longevity.

It is not just the middle-aged and old people who know health care now. Many young people have begun to notice health care. When they are fine, they will soak in the vacuum flask.

Health care has time to pay attention to, the sooner you start to maintain your health, the healthier your body will be.

In fact, health care is not only to be early, but also to grasp the best health time of the day, in order to achieve twice the result of half the effort.

Today, I will introduce you to the golden period of the two health days of the day. If you grasp it well, you can get sick and get sick!


Gold Health Time 1: Half an hour after meals every day is a top priority for health and wellness. The same time we take after eating every day is also a very important golden time for health.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch and half an hour after dinner is a crucial time for health.

Every day after we have finished eating, our stomach will begin to work to digest these foods, and the body’s blood will flow to our stomachs. If we can rest and relax during this time, let the blood run to the stomach.To digest food, it is very healthy for our stomach, while relaxing the brain, the brain also gets a rest.

In addition, if we can gargle after a meal, clean the environment of the mouth, it will help our mouth health and health.

If you grasp it for half an hour after a meal, it will be helpful to our stomach, brain and teeth.

If you drink some tea after a meal, it will be very helpful for us to prolong life.

Gold Health Time 2: At 9:00 pm at 9:00 pm, we almost finished the busy work and life of the day. We need to be ready to go to sleep. This time is our golden health time.

First of all, if we can bubble foot or take a hot bath to help clean the dirt of our body, it can help us promote the body’s blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

Let the body and brain get a rest and relax.

After cleaning, we can massage our feet, which is very helpful for us to promote body circulation and detoxification. It can also help us to sleep better, improve sleep quality and benefit our physical health.

In addition, our body began to prepare for detoxification and rest at this time. We went to sleep in time, and the body can guarantee a sufficient sleep while fully detoxifying. It is very burdensome for our health, spirit and skin, so we graspIf you live this time, it can help us to delay aging and have a good health effect.

In addition to the health of gold, we must grasp, people who want to maintain health, usually also pay attention to develop some good health habits.

The following are some good habits that are good for your health. You may wish to check out.

Ample sleep does not stay up late: Above we said that nine o’clock is the health time of gold, and going to bed in time is very helpful for us to maintain health.

Early sleep does not stay up late, our body will get enough rest, blood circulation is smooth, our immunity is high, the probability of high immunity is reduced, it is very healthy.

Light and moderate diet: Now our diet is relatively high in oil, high in salt and high in sugar. Although it is delicious, it is not healthy, and many people are going to overeating because of good food.

If we want to maintain our health, we should have a light and proper diet, eat healthy vegetables and fruits, and eat less aggravated and heavy food.

Moderate exercise: Moderate exercise is also an important means to help us maintain our health.

Proper exercise can help us improve our body’s metabolism, help us reduce excess aunts, help us secrete dopamine to improve mood, and help us improve immunity and reduce illness.

So the right amount of exercise is very helpful for our health.

If you grasp the health of two golds and stick to some good habits that help us to maintain our health, the health effect may be more effective, and longevity may also favor us.

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