Red love eternal life in the spring

Stick to this love, do not forget the promise promise you my love will spring brilliant, hand in hand swim along in love, we dress up for the blue sky, white clouds blossoming as we cheer, green banks of our youth a symbol of eternal love red hot heart, accompanied by life in the evening and watch the sunset of life fame magnificent, fiery love eternal life in the spring.Welcome to the official micro Quotations concern Tencent Weibo: HTTP: // t.QQ.COM / iweiyulu

Many people feel that something is not the best, so always kept looking and looking

Many people feel that something is not the best, so always kept looking and looking.Looking at those things seem close to us, in fact it is not readily available, look for something unattainable, such as Flower in the Mirror, water month.In fact, its not touch those things, not as happy to hold hands and cherish the existing, well loved, happy friends, good health, these are not real happy right?

Low-key, not to say it is throwing out

Psychological stresses “most people can not afford, they often exhibit excessive degree of confidence most.”Because nothing, it is possible to imagine any.Unknown world, people always have no doubt they will succeed.The more to give, say of the less.Along the way knowledge Xin know bitter, bumpy road trip through the feet, lips are general iron door, thus doubling not arrogantly.—— low-key, not to say it.Low-key, is throwing out.

The people of the past reluctantly, not future achievements

The people of the past reluctantly, not future achievements.The world’s only not change, the world is changing all the time.You have to believe in the power of time, so please come out as soon as possible from the past, let go of the past, summing up the past, rather than all day long wondering back to the past.All the past, right now you have no sense, a Yang Yang your head, look at the front rough road, then forward it properly.

Worth of real mother stepmother

Lu Xiaoli want to take year-old daughter Tong Tong, married his wife died two years ago, the same village, surrounded by a large king-year-old son along with strong.  Lu Xiaoli her family tried to persuade her not to marry Wang Zhuang, Wang Zhuang is not to say bad character, he is the son of Wang Xiaohu trifled.  His son, had someone said, he had only his mother, any woman to marry his father, he will not call out your mother.Otherwise, he would let our biological mother.  Because of the reasons Xiaohu, there were several widows with small children, under the auspices of the matchmaker, Wang Zhuang visited several times, to experience the true Xiaohu trifled with, and gave up the idea of marrying Wang Zhuang.  Now Lu Xiaoli friends regardless of persuasion, just married with a young daughter Wang Zhuang, do stepmother of Xiaohu.She thought, as long as they really treat Xiaohu, took him as his own son, the biological mother also pro than he did, he would accept her stepmother’s do this.  Wang Zhuang told her to marry him is to prepare bullied ah!The son gave his biological mother spoiled, especially from small biological mother, all of a sudden he was not able to accept the stepmother of the child and not play him, playing cow.  He wants his son to change slowly with Lu Xiaoli, so he really from the heart to accept Lu Xiaoli stepmother, and his sister, the new Tong Tong.  Lu Xiaoli said: Do not worry, you just do what men do, things at home, son, and I will do a good job.  Wang Zhuang to the new marrying wife was very optimistic about.He heard someone say, her former husband in the man’s home, her husband paralyzed in bed sick, staying with her until after her husband’s death, many times to persuade her in-laws while still young people find.  She also filial piety in-laws-laws very emotional.Her mother is also a reasonable person, looking at the young, she can not always keep in her husband’s family, she should have future life, so hard her mother at heart, with a small son live together, persuaded her to remarry.She also listened to her mother’s words, Wang Zhuang came safely home.  Something that day she went to the street, several kilograms of bananas Shunpian Mai.Come back only to see his daughter Tong Tong at home, but not Xiaohu, Lu Xiaoli asked her daughter: Tigers still in school?  Tong Tong said: long back, gone home to play I do not know, Mom, I eat a banana bar?  Your brother eat together.  Mom, you taught me to call his brother, but he never called you a mother, he would not call you Mom, he is not my brother, why do I’ll call him brother?Tong Tong said angrily..  Lu Xiaoli patiently told her that her brother because Niangqin not born, but also a good point for him, called his brother was right, he would not listen, but also told him to.  Tong Tong know your mother’s heart, nodded.But she could not help but reach out and took out a banana to eat fruits Lou Zili.  Lu Xiaoli said, and so my brother came back to eat together.Tongtong thought, or peel a banana, he said: I ate this one ah!  Tong Tong just peel this banana being sent to the mouth, the door opened, the Tigers rushed in, a look at the Tong Tong in bananas.Then Lu Xiaoli took out a banana and handed the waiter Lou Zili Tigers said: eat fast, I just bought on the street.  Tigers took the floor and cried angrily threw the banana, then got into his room.  Lu Xiaoli did not know he was born sort of gas, but also into his room and asked him how, Xiaohu is not the answer, and pushed her door.  At noon, Wang Xiaohu father came back from the field call it a day, Xiaohu father put aside and whispered a few words.  Dad shook his head, said: your mother is not the kind of person, she likes you.  Tigers see my father did not believe him, push the door slammed, to go out.  Lu Xiaoli hurried outside to ask him: lunch, where did you go?  Xiaohu put her hand push, said: none of your business?!Well then bang away, and walked toward the western end of the village.  Wang Zhuang Lu Xiaoli came to say: He said he had just come home, see you holding a banana to her daughter to eat, did not give him to eat.  Lu Xiaoli faithfully the situation just told Wang Zhuang.  Wang Zhuang nodded and said: I had any brains, you are not the kind of person, my son is deliberately looking for your ballast, if you stand it no longer and gave him angry, he just grab your tail in front of me three four.Do not look at others small, but a lot of heart trick, his family went to his aunt complain.  Lu Xiaoli smiled, did not make a sound.  The next day, the Tigers did not go home, Lu Xiaoli aunt thought he was from there directly to the school, there is no say in the matter, but said at the Wang Zhuang.Wang Zhuang said his aunt and your mother also like tigers, this nephew is serious, certainly from their home to the school.  In the afternoon, the school teacher called Li Lu Xiaoli, ask how the Tigers their son did not go to class.  Lu Xiaoli put down the phone, hastened to the West Village home of his aunt, aunt saw the door closed, no one at home.Lu Xiaoli very strange, hit in the fields of work of Wang Zhuang phone, Wang Zhuang, said on the phone, he will not go to his grandmother and aunt?Do you want to find her, and so he received at work, riding a motorcycle to see at a glance.  The sun went down, Wang Zhuang busy living home from the fields, to Lu Xiaoli said: I take you with me to Yuemu Jia look, anyway, not far away, you enter the door, I had not been to his wife’s maiden it.  Lu Xiaoli said: I go to suit you?  How inappropriate?Not you come to my house, my family also like a home yet?You mother and daughter came home lively, someone to wash dirty clothes, do not eat cold rice, the family also have to pick up orderly.No woman home ah, not like a home.  Wang Lu Xiaoli see such a strong say, I was very happy, his face bright.  They came to the grandmother’s Tigers, a mother your mother to see him with a woman, and my heart to know tigers stepmother, his face suddenly overcast down, said Wang Zhuang: With the bride, do not pro-son?  Wang Zhuang said: Mom, you say where to go?Not the Tigers said, you can not listen to this nonsense child, I had an idea.  Well, to buy several kilograms of bananas, but also to make different from you so that when the mother right?People’s son is also a son, your daughter is his daughter, do not you think the same?  Wang Zhuang baby grandson-in-law listened to one side of the case, and before Lu Xiaoli said clear things she do this to Lu Xiaoli meal chatter.  Grandma to be tigers finished, Lu Xiaoli Renzhao Qi put the situation truthfully say to her, the old man shook his head.  Lu Xiaoli went up to her and said good words: next time, as long as the family has good food, I will not give my daughter to eat, such as tigers must come back to eat together.Do not worry, I’ll Tigers as their own son look.  Lu Xiaoli said a lot of good things, but just hard to get her to forgive.  Tigers mother to spend a few days at his grandmother.Wang Zhuang had to agree, and that must let him go to school, homework, school can not lose.  On the way home, Lu Xiaoli sitting on the motorcycle in the back seat, one hand holding her husband’s waist.Wang Zhuang said: My mother, you do not keep in mind, right when she did not say.  Lu Xiaoli Wang Zhuang face close to the back, said: As long as you have my heart, you understand me just fine.  Since this incident, Lu Xiaoli who buy delicious food, allowed her to reach out, not wait for the Tigers returned home to eat together, and even buy new clothes, but also give the Tigers buy delicious food is always the first place Tigers in front of.Wang Zhuang said she can not do to the Tigers, spoil him too bad.  This went on for six months, Wang Xiaohu Lu Xiaoli on this stepmother is still very cold attitude, I never called her mother cry.  One day, a grocery Lang came to their door to do business, there are many small grocery bear little girl like decorations, which look great with a pair of fake gold earrings, just five dollars.Tong Tong saw I liked it, he scrambled to buy your mother.Mother daughter to see some hesitation, but still a bargain price a Ternary bought it for his daughter to wear.  Supper at the right time, Tong Tong eating rice, gold earrings on both sides of shaking, twinkling shone.Then the Tigers saw the time he got a bowl push, he said: do not eat, dad, people people buy gold earrings, I have no one to help me to buy a small pistol?  Then Lu Xiaoli busy patting his head and said: I’m sorry, Tigers, I have not remember how you like to play it small pistol, into the street tomorrow I designed for you to buy a.  I do not, I do not want you to buy, I want my dad to buy.Tigers face with a straight face say.  At this time, Wang Zhuang said: your mother bought better than I buy, I do not have time to say, there are many job fields to do it.  Even if you do not buy, I do not want!Tigers angrily left the table.  The next day, when the family lunch, Lu Xiaoli suddenly took out a small pistol and handed Tigers, he said: Do you like it?This is just for your mom to buy.  Tigers took the floor and cried lost pistol, said: Who cares you buy, I do not!Then under the table.  Wang could not stand on the side of strong, very angry, he walked in front of his son, a slap in the face played in the past, and said: This is terrible, you are so good for your mother, she never sent a temper on you, but you did not like this big or little treat her, apologize to your mother!  Tigers handle a sudden push, and soon jumped to the door, I ran.  Lu Xiaoli to chase him back, Wang Zhuang said: Do not chase, and he certainly went to my aunt told there like.  Lu Xiaoli husband heard it, he just catch aunt home, aunt of the house can be closed and no one at home, where he went?  She had to go home and folding said Wang Zhuang.Wang Zhuang said, leave him, is bitter to eat his self-inflicted.  When fast dinner, did see the Tigers came back, Lu Xiaoli said with worry: Tigers gone?Is not he went to grandmother?  Wang Zhuang said: Do not mind him, too disobedient!  Lu Xiaoli came to the room, sit for a while, went to the closet to get clothes to take a bath, but do not want to see commitments under the wardrobe with a photograph of a woman, took a look, a woman and tiger in the photo looked like this I am sure it is the biological mother Tigers.If the Tigers in the biological mother, watching the tigers gone I do not know, certainly anxious, I’m anxious why the absence of such psychological it?  Thought here, Lu Xiaoli feel his face red burst of heat up, she said to herself: No, I want to come back Tigers.Otherwise, how doing a disservice to my biological mother, ah Tigers!  Her breath went grandmother tigers, tigers grandmother told her that he did not come to their house, but also with worried, angry from time to time to say to her: You again bad for him, otherwise how could away from home it?If the Tigers have anything happens, I’ll get you.  Lu Xiaoli do not have time to explain, and a trial of strength to the home run.  Wang Zhuang was not at home, my daughter did not in.Zhang said the neighbor, father and daughter have also watched it at home, I heard that went to the Tigers.  Do they also went to his grandmother’s Tigers?Call Wang Zhuang, but his phone has been ringing at home, not with me.  She is not a person in the village to find the target.A pond after she came to the village, then, two naughty child from the pond over there ran out of breath, said Lu Xiaoli: aunt, Kuaiqu Jiu people, Tong Tong fell into the pond and Tigers in the.  Lu Xiaoli one, face went white, desperately ran to the pond direction.  To a pond, really see her daughter and the Tigers are struggling in the water, she thought he had learned to swim, it jumped down, thought nothing, first Tigers hold up, pushed ashore.  Then who heard Wang Zhuang, seeing this, also jumped, one will be rescued Tong Tong.Fortunately, two people fall in the water a short time, the two children also informed in a timely manner, was saved.  Wang Zhuang Lu Xiaoli looked, I was very touched, asked her: a critical moment, why did you choose to save tigers?Tigers not your own son ah!  She said: Tigers is my own son, I can only say rescued a first, a second and then save, save which are the same, I should say, my little daughter, she do not look, I taught her to swim it, she will be a little bit of water.  It turned out that this was a house on the Tigers and several small partners to play with, and I do not know who holds the head, to the landscape pond to play, Tong Tong and small partners previously been to the pond to play, think small and Huge family losing his temper, he would not go play with the pond?  At Wang Zhuang discount to another trail at the right time, she was a person went to a small pond, where the result to look, tigers and two children arguing positive, positive push you push him, unwittingly pushed to the pond side, Tigers a distorted body, fall in the pond, then reach out and pull Tong Tong, he slipped and fell down also.  Tigers grandmother about the incident, was very sorry, and Lu Xiaoli Wang Zhuang say a secret hidden in her heart.  She said that the attitude of Xiaohu Lu Xiaoli, in fact, she taught, she wanted to test whether this really Lu Xiaoli Wang Xiaohu when the son, wanted to do before several Xiaohu stepmother, in the same temptations gas was gone, visible they do not mean it to Xiaohu, Lu Xiaoli now not only gas to go, but at the crucial moment to save Xiaohu, although this was an accident out of the water, who do not want to happen, but Lu Xiaoli behavior earned her recognition.After listening to Tigers grandmother Lu Xiaoli remarks, did not have any idea of blame, because her mind is clear, as long as she is sincere, it will eventually be accepted and recognized.  After these things, Xiaohu Lu Xiaoli finally recognize this mother.

A hug for these constellation women is better than 10,000. I love you?

Between lovers, a hug and a loving eye can move you all your life. True love is not based on money, because your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t need much material foundation you bring to them, but a strong spiritual foundation that moves them all their lives. Fate has brought you together and confirmed each other. Then please hold hands of thanks and go along together..   Let’s see if the following constellations have you. One hug can surpass 10,000 I love you..   The following contents of two children: sweet, petite and sweet Gemini girls give people a kind of protection from succumb to. They have strong dependence on each other and hope that they can give themselves enough sense of security. In the face of such little girls, whether she is angry or playing coquetry, a hug can often solve the problem. Gemini girls are so likable and are definitely the sweet little girlfriends of the god girls.   Scorpio girl: Scorpio girl, who has always been highly effective as an activist, is delicate in appearance and tall. she is the dream lover of many otaku. if you have such a perfect goddess girlfriend, you should remember the following words! Scorpio women are absolute activists. They don’t like too many sweet words. When they are sad and painful, too many comforting words are not as real as a hug for them..   Aries women have the following contents: gentle Aries girl is gentle and treats people sincerely. One of their greatest advantages is understanding. When men’s tickets are sad, they will do everything possible to make them happy. When their boyfriends are angry with them, they will silently accept it. Such an Aries woman is worthy of every boy’s protection. They do not require much return. Aries girl is the easiest of all constellations to satisfy because they dare to give everything they have for each other..   When their objects are tired, pinch their shoulders and give them a warm hug when they encounter setbacks. This is the best comfort for them. Learn each constellation degree and it will greatly add points for you.. You may also like the following contents: How did the 12 constellation women find out that their boyfriend wanted to break up and forced them to cheat? Please contact the website administrator for reprinting the original article, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..

Angelababy profile Detailed Angelababy’s astrolabe

Angelababy, the Chinese name Yang Ying, Chinese film and television actress, is a new generation of “four little star” in the first, but also the hearts of a new generation of the goddess.In the “Hurry Up, Brother”, the goddess Fan of her unpretentious, able to switch freely between a man and woman goddess, and therefore more popular with audiences.  Then let us go together to see how the star chart analysis of the chart, right Angelababy.  Personal information Nickname: Angelababy Birthday: February 28 1989 22 58 minutes Birthplace: Shanghai, urban Longitude: 121.48 (121: 29E) Latitude: 31.22 (31: 14N) time zone: 8 (difference 0: 5: 55), planetary sun position: Pisces 10 degrees 01 minutes 4th house Moon: Sagittarius 07 degrees 37 minutes house 1 Mercury: Aquarius 15 degrees 23 minutes 3 Gong Venus: Pisces 01 degrees 10 minutes fourth house Mars: Taurus 23 degrees 31 minutes 7 Temple of Jupiter: Taurus 28 degrees 40 minutes 7th house Saturn: Capricorn 11 degrees 37 minutes second house Uranus: Capricorn 04 degrees 40 minutes 2 Gong Neptune: Capricorn 11 degrees 52 minutes second house Pluto: Scorpio 14 degrees 59 minutes 12 house rise: Scorpio 16 degrees 21 minutes zenith: Leo 22 degrees 01 minutes each house position of the first house: Scorpio 16 degrees 21 minutes (up ) house 2: 15 degrees 49 minutes Sagittarius third house: 18 degrees 06 minutes Capricorn fourth house: 22 degrees 01 minutes Aquarius (nadir) house 5: 24 degrees 22 minutes Pisces house 6: 22 degrees Aries 30 minutes 7th house: Taurus 16 degrees 21 minutes (decrease) 8th house: Gemini 15 ° 49 9 house: Cancer 18 degrees 06 minutes 10 house: Leo 22 degrees 01 minutes (zenith) 11 house: virgin when the truth and beauty zodiac constellation of 12 male gods eat dinner with his girlfriend when: Block 24 degrees 22 minutes 12 house: Libra 22 degrees 30 minutes you might also like!  Twelve constellations to marry and to what country the twelve constellations match index look-up table

Tsai Kee rice ancient village visits

Tsai ancient village farm visits remember November 12, 2017, I followed the mountain folk songs delegation commandant Poetry Society organizations to Lake County’s first hot spring village to watch local culture festival.Early winter morning, the sky overcast, no sun no rain, it was warm weather in early winter, when little like the beginning of spring, neither hot nor cold very suitable for tourism.In the morning, we set off from the front of the store all the way south, approximately 1 hour drive to reach the 362 provincial road leading to the village of Tang Quan Township Golden Eagle fork in the road, and then take the bus along the rugged winding mountain road towards the destination.About 6 km winding road, winding, various obstacles, narrow concrete road surface being disseminated rotting weed leaves, seemed so dark, speckled traces the vicissitudes of life.The car occasionally through the forest trail, add a bit of mystery. 10 am, the first cultural festival in the village of Golden Eagle Square opened nearly a thousand visitors from inside and outside the county to watch the wonderful cultural performances.Cultural programs full of local culture, greet the audience roared its approval, more than one hour of the opening ceremony and cultural performances soon ended. Lunch will be arranged in the ancient village of Tsai farm farmhouse dishes are all city people eat very few non-polluting, low-fat, high-fiber green healthy foods, such as konjac, sweet potato, pumpkin leaves, konjac Wo…Very tasty, for three high-population is a rare meal.After the meal visit ancient houses. According to statistics, a model farm Tsai ancient houses built in the Ming Dynasty, to date more than 500 years of history, style architecture with a combination of residential local Dabie Mountain, is the portrayal of ancient houses Dabie Mountain area in the long process of historical development is a reflection of paleo village tortuous change the context of a living fossil.Anhui Province in 2012 was designated as the cultural relics protection units, it is December the same year was selected by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Finance jointly named the first batch of Chinese traditional village List .Tsai ancient farm houses, in fact, all surnamed Yin, early living legend indeed Tsai family, and later Tsai male dating from Yin surname nephew living in harmony.Today, Tsai farm-preserved ancient houses more than 300, construction area of 14,600 square meters, housing 70 families, basically surnamed Yin.Scale and massing village view, should have their own history of prosperity.Tsai ancient houses farm northwest toward the southeast, hillside, surrounded by three mountains, across the lush bamboo forest, mountain verdant trees, vivacious scene agreeable environment, living environment seemed so gentle, elegant and comfortable.Creek through residential areas and over, gurgling water.We Leiqi walked along the banks of the ancient quartzite small populations that are civil engineering structures, brick wall head Vama small, simple and elegant appearance.After the low-ordinary residential high even before into a unified whole, every household has to get interlinked Road.In the era of no glass material, between households and households using natural light patio, at the time of this design it is very reasonable, clever.The internal structure of columns, beams pack, beautifully engraved doors of the gate, contains the classical arts and culture.It is said that these Huizhou Architecture and Art Dabie old residential buildings together form a scale with a high body mass cultural value and historical research value. Frankly, I have little knowledge of antiquities, but I deep accumulation of these representatives of the long years, these old-fashioned feel appreciation for a stable, harmonious, lasting, quiet, peaceful.Into ancient houses, so I had a shuttle to produce in the long tunnel of time in feeling, brought back recollections of fleeting taste of conditions.My childhood is living in a double into the old house, a dozen families living together in the same clan, neighborhood get along, regardless of the good living conditions and poor, without distinction, not snobbish, respect each other, failing to help each other do not speak any condition, kind and sincere, harmonious, friendly, gentle feeling is still fresh.Later improved rural landscape, every household demolition dispersed build houses, those ancient houses slowly disappear, the feeling will slowly past alienated.Concrete structure covered with small buildings long history of imprinting, construction materials and it was replaced by reinforced concrete, although strong, but has no kind of rustic nature. Ancient residential buildings, but is a carrier of Chinese traditional culture, while Tsai farm ancient residential buildings hundreds of years of vicissitudes been well preserved, contains Tsai farm people from generation to generation, create and follow folk and world situation, it is a celebration of simple Traditional Culture.Now, with modern, rapid progress of urbanization, the rural living conditions greatly improved, people’s attitudes have changed, but I still thought we were in pursuit of a better life, not lose the traditional culture of our ancestors left behind.Nearly two-hour visit with a beautiful sigh with sadness emotions left, Tsai farm ancient villages, goodbye! Nie Xian Lin

Fresh beauty

I heard the bear wood Anri song “July の Friends da ち” So introduce this song to me of her and this song is the same as fresh, head of the tune is a fresh start, as if the early summer morning, I hope every day wake up you can hear the music, you can have a fresh day.    In July, when the morning like a fresh summer beauty, like that wake me up in the morning, she called me up to see a summer landscape.    I think I love summer morning, at that time everything was not so noisy every morning, the dew of the morning, there is fresh fresh trees, the fragrance of flowers, as in the morning, if there really is a fresh she has a small blog as fresh girl wake me up in the morning like that, I would certainly appreciate her silently, silently praying, you must never be so beautiful like she was my lucky God do?    So quiet summer morning, after I got up, time to prepare the day’s work, I am a hard worker, in fact, summer morning, I usually get up early to stop, prepare the day’s schedule, it is like that with a good mood, They had finished the day fresh.    And generally the summer, I will be extraordinary play, ah, college entrance exam is also good, in the summer there are many, many good memories ah… Anri wooden bear many of the songs are very fresh, pleasant, you can then carefully listen to “summer cicada”, then open those “wind of memory”, “summer break” and so you will feel life is so original s nice, Ada Xi garrulous, Friends of July, the emergence of a truly fresh beauty bar.    Small blog, you do a goddess?

Zhu door

This is a two small two-story building, half of the front wall is the small white tiles, the lower half is a long width 90 cm square tiles big scarlet, red and white control, sunny day, whiter white, red redder.Door wooden doors are common in rural areas, but more wider and thicker, also painted a thick red, lock ring, lock, lock all is golden yellow, seen from afar, very atmospheric door Wong.The whole building is small, located at the foot of the mountains, hills and calm embraced, can serve as farm rural atmosphere.    Common in front of a woman, a girl of 60 years before the project, it is seen that she kept busy all day throughout the year, this small building to witness her glory competent life, as well as her sons face when talking about the pride proud mother interpretation.    (A) pig time turning back to the years when women do at home girl.She ranked third at home, born with a stubborn temperament, known as the “three dead son,” but especially the hardworking, industrious and more.She used to say: rice can not eat, can not drink water, do not do.Otherwise, it is also as people do?This life criteria, keep the woman’s life.20 years old, the matchmaker, she married her husband.It is said “Look at home”, the family seems to be prearranged wildly, shaking his head consistent.Her husband had very poor, beyond their imagination beyond all: four brothers and sisters, plus old grandmother, a total of six people, but only four Maocao Peng, a pig outside the door, in addition they have nothing.She went to look, just ask: where to live?The answer: a Mao Caopeng.A question and answer, so simple, simply, without the slightest disguise, artificial.The presence of people, ear has not tired, but all his brow wrinkled up, the mouth also set off a contempt.Only her face pale, his tone no doubt: can!So, her family fell relentless: After the blessed you enjoy, when you are in trouble, then walked away, never get married on.Thus, in winter the twelfth lunar month that year, she made the bride’s house boss.Xu conscience is touched, an old married couple at home trying to shift the only property – the pig outside their allocated.Since then, a cottage, a broken bed, a stove, a pig, two people, started a new life.Perhaps bowed labor but I know life is not easy, the woman living nervous in front of a long weeds are also afraid of being seen, so women do not trust what the total pig, a total start to go home View ran several times, began to feel a dreadful thing, simply a long rope tied to the house, and then a big lock, a woman peace of mind.At first, the men and the neighbors oppose, they say, pig in front of her had not been tied to the outside, never produced a thing.Her face still pale: Not anymore.In addition it many words.Neighbors finally hear the voice-over: Now it belongs to her a pig.It is linked to her stubborn temperament weekdays, so the neighbors they are dumb mouth, shaking his head disperse.This fall hard on the man, the man is a village supply and marketing cooperatives, in addition to honest part to work every day on time point, not the more “perimeter” half an inch.And all the way home just across the supply and marketing cooperatives, can meet the eye, the ear can hear, but the man never once back home during working hours, even if it is to look on a direction of home.One day, a man arrived home from work, women still work in the fields.Just a man’s feet down into the house, slipped and came up on his back, head pounding on the floor, eyes open ready to take a closer look, standing face to face head-on with the pig, pig mouth hot breath enveloped his face, even more exasperating is that even still grinning pig him, a sudden surge of ignorance in the fire industry has never been restless man crackling steaming body burning up, he was ready to play quite a carp stand up I do not want to just hand shore ground, and a sliding, he felt his half of his face was bored in the water, and it seems also with this water point temperature, nose sniffing, it seems also with a bit of smell, difficult looked up and saw that he was sleeping in a pig gave him hot springs.For a time, the man seems to be no clear industry fire hot springs annihilation, he Yangtianchangtan, he hugged pig, shed tears of rain.After that, men are more reticent, a home has become a length of wood, despite the woman’s chatter rainstorm point, Pente bombs or guns, but he said nothing, occasionally scratched pig, Han Han laugh it off.A long time, a woman found him and this fight is the world’s most boring waste.Then she decided that since then might as well spend time on a pig, anyway, he rarely go home, go home and without a word.After that, the woman really and pigs had played the day before the day come down to earth, back down to earth, never forget to eat a little pig, pig on the premises touch his head, scratched his pigs lice, a long time, in order to hum pig escape Well chirp to echo her mumbling.Back to the fields of grass from green to yellow, dry change pig gradually grew up, grew up and became a pig, each time pulling out the door almost enough on its wide body of.And she also learned to plow, harrow, planting, to close wheat ? all a bear.She turned from a stubborn woman into a woman also capable than men.For that put his career as their life, above all the men, women just one: he is public.Not salty not pale tone, not angry not angry.    Soon, she sold the pig, again pulled back from the hills and felling of bamboo gravel and mud with hands pitched a pig, and beat with wire nails ocean for a long time, to get a more solid circle door.The next day, a woman bought a four piglets.In the afternoon a winter of unemployment, a woman leaving the basket, peel the peanuts, sitting in front of the pigpen, four pig, eat belly full, he is basking in the sun comfortably asleep, looking at the woman, suddenly inexplicable He laughed: it seems that I fell in love with a pig?!    (B) four baby pig grew larger, her belly began to grow, until one day, when she was less than waist bent to end hogwash, she flashed a thought: little thing goes certainly is a man baby!Because he heard a pig called merry move it!Thinking, such as the glow of her smile gradually blooming face.The following spring, four pig child has grown, the little things her unborn were born – a stout, fat, cute male baby!Woman happy too confusing, while not yet open eyes to see the arms of the baby, while Chou Chou pig limbs robust, mouth actually muttering: really like, what are the real fat!Happy face dripping water.    Since women are more busy, more tired.The fields of farm work, home chores, four pigs, a Milkman.A woman without a word, single-handedly manage, the family was well-organized.    Soon, the woman began to dream, this is the woman for the first time about life dream: build a bigger house!Once this dream seed breeding, it can not wait around the corner, think first emerged.A woman’s heart is a dream seed insisted bulging, like wind sails, anchored only to be able to rapidly set sail.Frustration, lack of water, soil barren, wind does not come, the seeds had hard doing soaking up the sun in the darkness of the Spring and Autumn Dream.A woman carrying a child to start up the mountain to cut firewood for cooking, come down to earth farm work, mowing pigs, Tangshui wipe shrimp fishing in troubled waters to improve the food doll, pulling scooters can be used to pick up rocks in the valley walls group ? finally, another crop of pigs to be able to sell weight, a woman with a pig money selling please the capitalists six men, made from the four foundations with rocks, above mixed with clay tile.The original Maocao Peng pigs do home.    With decent house, the woman began to dream of a journey: to a baby girl!In this way, a man and a woman, how good!With this dream, the first woman to start up a woman: she began to weave girls sweaters, caps, shoes, small but also specifically on the market to buy a baby girl painting on the wall, gaze several times a day , are journeying to laugh every time, like painting the baby girl cried as her mother happy.Lunar New Year in August, osmanthus fragrance, woman smelling the faint fragrance, was flattered prepare for her dream.Again and again pains, as an avalanche hit her body, that moment, the woman did not smell the fragrance of osmanthus.Then once again put the throes of rotation with teeth, twisted into a painful flower, to be on the face.And sprinkle with heavy dew on petals each layer, then, she became a woman giving birth in bed wet painful flower.As the pre-dawn darkness experienced when I heard a baby’s cry came, the woman woke up again, his face painful layers of petals blooming, the woman saw a flower – heavy, and a solid, fat, cute male baby!At that moment, a woman passing touch of disappointment heart, his face still wet sweat, baby girl painting the walls began to blur, with a sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance that dream began to blur, hazy, lopsided this also my baby!For the maternal instinct, the woman smiled, even though my heart with tears.Although years away, still unconscious woman muttered: There are many good daughter!