Self-righteous (prose)

Three cup writer said: “Everything a see through, passion will fade, but who knows whether it will see through the so-called self-righteous.The letter and the suspect, hot and cold, human life always on the same thing about cognitive swing varies, often only in the transition between an idea, “self-righteous” first source is “Zi self overthrow, overlapping coverage until acknowledge the universe disorderly life no solution.”Honor” chapter: “Where the self-righteous who must fight, but human-Definitely.”Reads:” Where the fighting who will be self-righteous, and to the man-made Definitely.Cheng is also already, people honest Definitely, it is the villain who has been a gentleman and also.Gentleman and the Villain phase to also damage the thief, to forget their lower body, within which affinity to forget, to forget the monarch, had it not Shen Yi zai!Who is also the so-called father of Ge to Fox also chop cow vector.”Vernacular translation roughly means this:” Almost all the people who love the battle, must have thought he was right, and the other is not correct.If she really is right, the other side is really wrong, then he is a gentleman, the other is a villain.With the virtues of a gentleman villain hurt to talk to each other, regardless of their reputation, relatives and friends do not consider the harm suffered, but do not consider the monarch, it’s not too much yet?This man, as they say is the same with Fox to stab the father of Ge cow dung is not worth it “real life, we can always have access to such people and things.Ordinary people “self-righteous” We can laugh, can also be used as a meal Chayu joke; and for public officials, especially some real power of leading cadres otherwise it on the.Not long ago, a city in Jiangsu put on a main road a few decades removed trees, sparked strong opposition from local people.Of course we propose is removed or the relevant authorities leadership, the original intention is to facilitate people travel problems, and do practical things for the people, how can the people will oppose it?The same is for the people to do practical things, a Beijing street, not in this spacious, non-motor vehicle lane road when another designated parking fee, although convenient parking of a motor vehicle, but riding a non-motorized trap people in danger, when when CCTV reporter went to interview, a street pushing five hundred twenty-six.This self-righteous, harm the interests of the people, the damage to the image of the government and the leaders of.    Come talk about the April 30 National Bureau of Statistics 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 2015 first quarter GDP data.Data show that a quarter of the country’s 15-year GDP was 14.0667 trillion yuan; and 31 provinces in the first quarter GDP is the sum of 14.3072 trillion yuan, 240.5 billion yuan more than the national total.(People) statistics clearly incompatible, fight.Well, the same statistical standards, the same statistics object, every year the statistics, every year “fighting”, in which part exactly is the problem?This is the administrations and leadership of local self-righteous.    As we all know, the situation of the local fiscal revenue, expenditure accurately reflect the situation of the local economy, people’s livelihood and development, national economic data for statistics, published and so have clearly defined.It stands to reason, the data should be the objective truth of the basic requirements, some local government departments, in order to create the illusion of prosperity, playing the numbers game, with gorgeous figure whitewash performance, data fraud is serious, completely disregard the laws and regulations set.    False revenue and other economic data, not just higher levels of government departments, the State, the people of deception, it is a reflection of individual leaders, “the official figures,” the idea of deformity and deviation of Populism, imagine the next, when economic data not to reflect reality, provide the basis for scientific decision-making, but to whitewash the official performance, the weight to be promoted when the political interpretation of the concept of so officials can serve the people wholeheartedly?In fact, this is not just self-righteous individual officials, but rather bottom-style fraud rampant, so statistical deviation from the original intention, and thus any spread of unhealthy tendencies, suffer must be the whole country, the people still the masses.    Xi put forward cadres greatly during the two sessions last year can not work this new concept of “willful,” I understand one of which means that we do not let the “self-righteous”.I think many of the country’s civil servants, especially leading cadres should take comprehend.Not because of his “wayward” so that a good thing into a bad thing; let their actions to cover up a bad thing; even do bad things do not even know how big consequences.    (Author: Jiangsu Yixing Zhao full) essays online in June 2015 (HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM) starting URL: HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / add / FIG..PHP?Aid = 284634

“Latent” in the days of the NPC graduate’s apartment.

Never went too high and other institutions, I am envious around someone’s child admitted to the university, his life dream is that one day I could enter university, students experience the campus life, really did not expect this dream realized , although only a short period of three days, made me never forget.    Recently, by training and learning units assigned to Beijing, the address is in Beijing Jiaotong University, only two days of training is over, because to go with colleagues has never been to the capital, so we decided to stay in Beijing for three days, but then residence brought us some screenwriters, in order to save money, I choose to live in the NPC attending graduate cousin dorm room.    Especially girls apartment and strict management of the National People’s Congress, the apartment manager every day as punctual as goalkeeper standing in the doorway, visited the students in and out, but, visitors must register go down, never allow outsiders to stay, and even the parents visit, in the evening also go to hotel accommodation, although barely stay in the dormitory cousin, his heart was not so practical, and good students where there are people like me so much older, so, felt like “agents” as when out of the apartment to pretend nothing had happened, a good administrator that escaped the sharp eyes.    In addition to dinner at noon, I’ll stay in the dormitory cousin, her roommate was a university teacher, but when Bo A year to the school, so usually only a cousin who lived in the spacious dorm room, so I also I did not think of myself as an outsider, learning fast-paced cousin went out at noon every day to participate in academic activities, and I swim in the network, tired, lying in bed for a while, or standing on the balcony to watch the basketball court a lively boys fighting.In the afternoon, the cousin took me to Tsinghua or Peking University campus visit, come back at night, diminished interest cousin also took me to their campus life experience.When I first exposure to that set of books, reading, exhibitions, research, office as one of intelligence, information, digital library, and I feel very excited, I was hit by an imposing architectural style that impressed, cousin I quickly pressed the shutter will read books that brief and beautiful moment freeze, the students surprised eyes, we reluctantly left the library came to the English corner playground, where a foreign language is to strengthen the students before going abroad park, many student and teacher here in their way mutual exchange of learning.Not far from melodious music, tracks the sound away, it turned out to be several female students are taught to practice under the lights at zither.In the dormitory of the street passing the playground, the left is the endless stream of exercise figure on the playground, on the right of the small square is a group of people dancing with music.I feel as if living in a small community which can be lights in the teaching of reading voice coming from inside the building and took me back to reality.what!Nice college life!    Three days as if flies, have not had time to savor college life, we must embark on his way home, could not help some regret, though cursory visit, however, Peking University Weiming Lake, Bo Yata; Tsinghua, near Spring Garden and the National People’s Congress that the magnificent new library at Tsinghua University; as well as college students a variety of campus cultural performances, gave me left a deep impression, still come to my eyes.Once upon a time, dreaming he can take a dip in the university campus, a time when dreams of his head Bachelor cap, wearing a Bachelor of service of mighty way.Today, I really had a chance to University of addiction, I feel really good, but, the passage of time, this life will never have such an opportunity, and the hearts and felt sad, I hope, can often brief recollection of that university life in a dream.

my Chinese dream

Dream of a great nation’s history spanning thousands of years into the future from the imprint bronze color ceramics here, everywhere filled with our name – we traveled east to sing Chinese dragon in the vast expanse of mountains towering Jianghai color marks banner here, tall Mount Everest have our name – a dream of China spans over thousands of years I am your Yangtze you are my affectionate memories of how much how much happiness Yellow Cantabile here, have our majestic Great Wall name – China ah, China China I am your Yangtze you are my Yellow River China, there is a dream of the future, like the sky, like the vast China, has a dream of happiness like the ocean wide we have a dream, mind like a prairie as wide

Mother can’t surf the Internet. She can’t feel’ filial piety’ in her circle of friends.

Today is May 14, 2017, Mother’s Day in Western culture. It has also become popular in China in recent years. When I got up in the morning and opened WeChat, I saw countless sons and daughters in the circle of friends. Many people are expressing their gratitude to their mother in very emotional words..     As the saying goes, ” Sheep have the grace to kneel and milk, crows have the meaning to feed back.” In the animal world, we should be grateful in our human society. We should always remember the hardships of mother’s pregnancy in October and the pain of childbirth once.. Our gratitude to our mother and filial piety not only stay in the festival, but must be practiced in our life all the time..     I believe that in China, many parents are farmers, and only a few mothers can use the Internet to brush up friends. Many parents are getting up early and greedy every day, busy and busy, and don’t have much time to pay attention to what happens on the Internet.. Our most practical way is to call my mother at night when she is not busy and tell her about her recent work and life. So that mother can hold snacks for us less. If we have more time to wait by our mother’s side, then go and talk to her about family life and watch a TV set that you may have watched many times to make her less lonely and happier.. This is perhaps our most pragmatic ” filial piety”.     With the development of modern society, many young people are far away from their hometown, from their mothers, and struggle in big cities. They can count the days when they can get together with their mothers all the year round with their fingers.. Many young people always think that they send money to their families on time every month, and it is good enough to buy food and clothing for their mother’s big bags.. Who knows, this is not what the mother wants most. She hopes to meet her children in big cities more often and make more phone calls so that her heart will not be so lonely.     Mother does not need your grandiloquence in the circle of friends, but needs a phone call in your spare time. Mother doesn’t need you to give her much alimony, but hopes her children can take more time to go home and have a chat with her. Mother doesn’t need your big bags to mail things home, but hopes her children will always report peace to her home so that she won’t worry so much..     Mother won’t be able to surf the Internet. She doesn’t feel’ filial piety’ in our circle of friends. Please use our more pragmatic and effective way to express affection and nurturing kindness to mother.! ( Wen / Zhonghua Aoxue Hanmei ) ) Author QQ: 951043575

[Right and wrong] impression Anyang Cao Cao tomb

Anyang as a people, as a special Anyang write a book, it seems that there is not a non-writing, I must say the theme, and that is Cao Cao and his grave.    In fact, I heard the beginning of Cao Cao’s tomb in Anyang, I, like most people in Anyang is both excited and agitated, around the field to call friends, send text messages, online chat forget to remind users, concerned about the tomb of Cao Cao.For me, a citizen Anyang, it is an honor and pride ah!As for the foreign friends, they showed great calm, I tend to be irrepressible excitement, said half a day, they only use two words to respond to me, “is not it?”.    Later, with the further excavation of the tomb of Cao Cao, about the right and wrong tomb of Cao Cao even more, voices of doubt continue.    From a historical point of view, from an objective stance and to see a notary, an archaeological discoveries, controversial criticism is natural that there are things again, let alone such a historical celebrities like Cao Cao, Cao Cao tomb like this millennium puzzled mystery of.What happened a thousand years ago, from scratch, from break to stand, how to speak with one voice?In my layman, I do not understand the archaeological, historical research is not deep person, that if there is no dispute, it should not be a normal thing.    Debate, screening, confirmation, and even criticism, the original is a normal thing academically, if only to determine Cao Cao in the end buried there, without any utilitarian or economic benefits, in any case are considered normal debate.The key is to debate the debate by those who have the attitude and purpose, if not originally added some archaeological stuff, the problem is complicated, but also make people feel normal.As previously reported the Guangzhou Daily: is not difficult to get a glimpse of the moment around the “tomb of Cao Cao,” the so-called academic debate, it seems not out to reveal the truth, defend the truth and to carry forward the spirit of science, but for the interests of the factions of the dispute, Face abacus.Academic dispute not only to play down or even give up the spirit of science, also abacus crackle.Around the “tomb of Cao Cao,” from start to finish, inside and out, all trace of smoke flavor competing interests of a son.    ”Cao Cao’s tomb” is true or false, is still uncompromising, put aside some “vivid detail” whether its true or false, just showing a genuine dispute behind it, enough eye-opener.A grave, put the kind of current scientific decay of society, impetuous, mercenary state of the world to show its head.    When suddenly remembered just got this message, I am thrilled and excited to, if I am not a citizen of Anyang, Anyang I do not live in this land, heard the news about Cao Cao’s tomb in Anyang, I will be so thrilled and excited it?So, some things figured out, I want to open, like open-minded, and also be able to far fewer of right and wrong.Some things are indisputable fight does not come, noisy quarrel is not the.History This is how is how, Cao Cao If that is buried in Anyang, either you then wonder what “Wang Wei Wu often used by cell Tiger Euphorbia” The tune is false, no matter how you put fake process and place To put a nose with eyes, it also could not conceal the truth of history.If that is not, but what use is it fraud?As people often say, hide can only be temporary, but I will not be.I can not really fake, can not really be false.As our modern, state of mind or the flat bar, wait time and history, we believe that history and time will make the most fair award.    I suddenly felt, for me, an ordinary school literature for people who do not go to see the tomb of Cao Cao, the book I say that Cao Cao, also irrelevant.The most authoritative and most official of Cultural Relics and Archeology of the Chinese Academy of Social conclusions are questioned, a layman I said what kind of strength?Who would care about how I say the people who engage in literature?    (August 2010 Friday 27th)

Rethink the value of the countryside behind

Countryside ago, I saw a circle of friends in our school house teacher forwarded a wave tweets “aunts and uncles, summer vacation, do not come here to support education of the”.Wave home teacher and attach a section of text: “Although the summer countryside has a very good mind, do not deny that has a positive effect, but the article pointed out that the problem is an objective reality, and even long been neglected.Three rural areas to participate in activities of the organization and personnel of arbitrariness and non-professional, led to many questions: for example, disrupted the original teaching school teaching ecology, alienation classroom instruction form.Teaching process, the team outdated words and deeds, impairment of social understanding and evaluation of the student population.So the follow-up survey of summer countryside activities worthy of study.”At that time, I did not understand the teacher did not these words.But after a few days of teaching activities, I suddenly remembered this passage teacher, thought-provoking.On reflection these days, in my opinion, the summer countryside activity does provide a workout in us a platform for college students.It is undeniable, but also no doubt.But let’s not ignore the problems.Some students participate in three activities in the countryside just to complete the credits, take a practice scores.In addition, I can not help but ask: “We have this short 10 days can change anything.”?There may be some changes, but into the long history of life is nothing but a spray.As the teacher said, countryside arbitrariness participants and activities organized and non-professional.Many people participated in three rural areas are freshman students, lack of teaching experience, even if it is not the normal professional wishful.So this way, the situation is serious nonsense seriousness of our team on the podium, or in the classroom is unrealistic ideas.Is not that the students listened to sleep, listening to the teacher wants to beat.Indeed, where students sleep on, not entirely to blame the students, the teachers also may be a problem.Summer, a semester, this is the most fun holiday, and our teachers are teaching new knowledge in knowledge or Chaogang do not know how many students can absorb?I’m not entirely deny the significance of three rural areas.Of course, like second class offered such courses sign language, hand, martial arts, paper cutting really broadened their horizons.I write to you, I can not help but think, 10 years ago, I participated in the activities of three rural areas.At that time, there are also a team practice three rural areas to support education in our small town.I, as a student, in retrospect, events of little significance.Although we had a lovely pleasant 10 days with the students, but short-lived, as we go, what they can really left?Two days ago, and three rural areas to participate in a chat with the students, he said, “officials is to help people take care of children fills special dignity it did not.Parents do not pay attention, no formal school, the teacher did not dignified, not educated students.”Perhaps, he said, he has gone too far, but he pointed out that the problem is an objective reality.Therefore, we see the positive side of three countryside activities at the same time, we must rethink and re-evaluate the value of three rural areas. I do not know what I said the idea, whether “inappropriate”? Author / Huangcheng Ping Qiu Rui Huang Xiaofang Source / South China Normal University, “China Green Sparkle” social practice squad

Fish on a chopping block

A fish a fish out of water lying on the chopping block I twisted my body jumping around like a restless soul a fire was burning bright already boiling pot of water I took office I was lying on the chopping block in the heart of this arbitrary mercy fish hypocrites remembered reborn curse even feel ashamed of a dying fish a fish how struggle can not break also on the chopping block butchered ending as I face the fate of the fish had stopped breathing lying on a cutting board cold dead body tell me nothing in the world than death and I am more close to life regardless of whether I agree this is a positive and eight common sense because this fish lying on the chopping block is my own October 18, 2015

Consumer lonely

It was so silent at you, do nothing, say nothing.I dreaded light gesture will flush parting wings, pack away your tears of sorrow, stolen your fragrance.At this moment, joy is also bitter, and your gentle charm, so dark amnesia.Not to mention who will?I can with the same dedication, from thousands of miles away, for you to skim ray of sunshine, decorate your little room, red sunset greed, to park your future moon.Or move all your lonely, let your dreams of the season, to speak, to make a brilliant spring, bright exercise powers.Say nothing, quietly listening.Wind and rain of birds, as you recover lost notes, flying posture, shining green leaves singing, charming the direction to you.In front of you water tenderness, love is still young, I would never dare leave maturity.You and I do not want to say, parting destination.Only the warmth of spring to know that only the sun would clearly affectionate.Like your laughter, like the peace of the sun, to all the birds, coated with a layer of warm colors.Let’s look through the autumn, thus young, clear water, such as the fields of the mind, the urge to fall ripe for harvest to Japan of a full, busy season.Let the leaves cover the sadness, left to page through the spring, with the green grass.Polish flying willow, like your quiet, is a maple leaf sunset a cool after burning.Warm dark vision, so parting crossing, choose their own dream season, holy your return.Like your thoughts, like gardenia floral open, let the tears at the moment of reunion, lose quietly slipped fate, so boundless gentle, lively again.Like you care, to the memory of the piece of river, adding a sub Jiaoyue Gambhir, one point Sauvignon Blanc, a sub-ethereal.Alone into the darkness of the night waiting for you, individually, they are not to feel lonely.Put aside all unhappy and busy, with your generous laughter, warm with love, say so desire Acacia, rain or shine, met do not want to loose.Let the winter cold, persistent ripple Mu love, youth ripple Mu love, so love the elegance breeze experience, you experience the passion in full bloom.You have to wait for the night.Care, as the night the same deep thoughts, the same night as the vast true love, not a flower of fresh flowers, because flowers only bright spring season, only temporary decorative kind, gentle abundance only moment of truth.Love is just a small trickle of river water, travel and so many homeless people in general see the virgin in the water bed, lifted Acacia fatigue.Water is not noble birth and reputation, not soak into the depths heart of the fragrance.Water everywhere, clear and transparent.Like you every day of sun and air, for the importance of life, though dull, but it will not be missing.Water real love of your life, like privacy, you maintain absolute sincerity, so that in the spring of soft, moist your beauty, so that the flower of life for your enduring infatuation, your brilliant skies, and look forward to your beautiful.Love like water, clear and virginal.Water purification in life, unfortunately, the rain can dilute the pain.Water rising to the desired life blood, restore the pristine love, to let the truth of running water, no more slipping away from your side, to make desolate winter, you no longer picked piece of rosy youth.Every day, people were forgotten me.There are many things, my memory is fading out, there are many nameless sadness, being withdraw withdraw from the bleak winter.Except I can not forget you, just as the spring, the flowers are not worried about the loss of darkness can not lose the love of the sun.I only know that you categorically leave, not because due to forget, as you come, the same is not to leave, not to enjoy the beauty of love, death-dimensional.In the strange faces, it is often found that I am familiar smile.I knew it was not you, but I really hope that in the shadows in the sun, you can still find past gentle, still retain your breath, and you still lost it means, in my quiet close.In warm my lonely idle, become a verdant spring comes, and you will be a drop of dew on green leaf.Readily cut a love of the sun, brighten your room alone with me.Use your sincere dizzy, get rid of loneliness in the winter retained, so that our thoughts act as a temporary marriage bed.Covered with a thick layer of gentle, so full of mellow wine in the spring, filled with flowers Qing Fang.Let kiss lip spring, open your passion, let the sun’s soft finger, wake up your sweet, toast to the truth, love drinking, love swig initial shyness.Let regret this life, become Guangmang to Japan to become the future period of wind and rain, so sad years of weathering.Years later, I sit in the sun, silent dialogue with the past period.You okay away from home?I do not know, really do not know.Just want to use the most sincere blessing, I have come to see that part of the loss of love, most just want to use plain language, to touch the corners when the first love, enjoy the tranquility brought about by love, and you’re still warm.I believe that you still look like pure, or as persistent, lifelike, as yesterday.You do not smile faded, still always in touch with my mind and let my thoughts so far wetting.Romance has long gone with youth, love in plain repeatedly tortured, yet still blooming flowers first love, in your desire Lin Xing.Ode to love, let love be the owner of the truth.Sing the praises of those who not only enjoy the warmth, but also enjoy the quiet and dull love.Let the bleak winter, spring and warm as the sun caress had been a blessing for some, also had love flowers care.Let the dull days of love, life has become an important festival.You run out of your life energy, nor from grief, extricate yourself.All your sadness, all live in flying smile, live in a shy, beautiful night, you actually become painful spring days, endless trickling out of you, the dawn of each blood loss.Despite years of loneliness, misery is lit, let the darkness brilliant self-immolation, in a time of death at encirclement, only your Yoshina, again and again to escape, incinerated fate.And your laughter is always the one on the grass, in a unique position, pointing to the center of charming spring.Unfortunately you with beautiful brilliant life, and to fulfill the afterlife.You use a touch of laughter, to spend endless solitude.No, you fold sadness, loneliness make you fall in love, do not account for too many places, to make room for easy entry and exit of spring.So the night, try to come in late some go a little earlier.Warm length, season disenfranchised, only to fold the way, love each other.The leaves of laughter, charming as you take off the first piece of spring, let thoughts run away, become simple.Spring greeting, make your dedication, moved the sun and emit a warm and bright, so that spring to stop, patiently waiting for you, get together, go with the fragrance of that mountain, you leave drunk, and your heart sad.