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Child, animal husbandry, Wu very naughty days.Playing with his children, he did not eat a fist.Summer Feng Wan, near the school, only to find a job not done.Sixth grade elementary school summer vacation, my mother Wu Mutian sent to the countryside aunt, thinking away from the city, Wu-day animal husbandry, the convergence of the bar.Unexpectedly, a week later, Wu Mutian familiar with the new environment, unruly habit betrays the kids my age bruising.What a shame, a city people, not as a country baby.Neighbor aunt’s words, deeply touched him.From that moment, Wu Mutian secretly determined: resist the temptation, be a good boy.Have not had time to turn over a new leaf, aunt complain a phone, the Wu-day animal husbandry played back.This feeling of being swept out, let his little pride and frustration for a while.Back home, he is like a new man.In order to make a point like to confirm that they really can manage yourself, he went to cast a newspaper essay.This essay, he spent two days to write, has been amended six times.Two weeks later, a newspaper article was published, later was “excellent essay election” Selected.This made him the class actually a red.Resist the temptation, on its own is not enough, parents have to intervene where.One day, my mother asked him: animal husbandry day, do you want to be a general ah?When you want it, you have to be trained a little earlier.There is a military camp, I’ll go Baoge Ming, OK?What teenager does not want to be a general?Look visibly pleased to see his son, the mother said: military camp bitter, adhere to one week no problem?In this way, step by step, day, animal husbandry, Wu mother is deceived into a military camp.May come into the camp area less than half an hour, he wanted to escape, but was recaptured instructor, and finally he only accepted reality.He was deeply aware of: my mother did it not want me in a more favorable environment to grow up.What body missing, what gave up, so I gradually moving towards self-management.When the day was sent to Wu, animal husbandry science experiment class Lushan International Experimental School in a full score, the score suddenly suffered a late spring plummeting.The sudden drop in grades, a mother than the son is still anxious.To find ways to correct the child’s attitude towards learning.Son of a child to think of a small change in the country, my mother managed to touch on a Pingjiang outstanding results in a very poor family, but the students, let Wu go to their house, animal husbandry day experience life, to see how people are learning.In the students home, animal husbandry, Wu-day heart once again been a great shock: old house, eat well wear well, sleep well even sleep.Students not only learn, but also to do farm work, while never falling grades.Since then, Wu has become more hard days of animal husbandry.In 2012, Wu Mutian admitted to Purdue University Department of Physics, known as the mother of the American aerospace.Wu mother exclaimed: offer all kinds of forced worth coax, it is better to understand their own children!The best education is self-education, self-management is the best management!March 2013, Wu Mutian book “will be able to manage their fly”, which once again demonstrates the best management is self-management point of view.The book listed the second month before entering the 10 National Excellent bestseller list, and won the 2013 annual Bing Xin Children’s Book Award.You will be able to fly themselves and their!18-year-old Wu Ya, animal husbandry, Changsha manage their day, really let myself fly up.In an interview, he said: From hate being parents and teachers managed to gradually learn self-management, self-management and even fall in love in the process I realized the joy of growth.