Revenge for the husband Liang

There was a man named Dai ten, did not know his history, only know that after the war, he lived in Zuojiazhuang southeast of Luoyang, in order to give the helpers do for a living.Mao fall of that year, in August, a concierge courtiers put the horse in the bean fields, the crops are trampled, wearing a ten put the horse kicked him out.This porter fury, horse whip chaos pumping wearing ten, even killed him.Dai ten wife surnamed Liang, carried the bodies to the camp appeal.This concierge is a rich and powerful family of slaves, the owner is very reliance on him, with two cows, a handful of silver, the whereabouts of Liang apologize, and said to her: Your husband is dead, and this is destiny.Your two children are still small then, took the money, they can feed their families.Even the people who killed your husband killed, your dead husband what good is it?Liang said: I have not done anything wrong husband, was killed, how can you say this is about the money thing?As long as I subordinated his life, our mother is begging, also willing!People see to convince her, he said to Liang: Do you want to kill this person is not a person?Liang said: What are afraid of!Said picked up the knife, should get involved.We are a little afraid of this woman, but also hate the murderer, he ordered put to death immediately killed him.Liang is really a brave woman!She not only not afraid of the powerful people, but also resolutely refused their bribe.Because money bought, is that the wicked life, he Liuzaishishang, it may have to ride roughshod, dry wicked things.Liang before money manifested integrity, really Jiaoren admiration!This story comes from the Jin Dynasty scholar Yuan wrote “added Yi Jian Zhi”, the original is this: I do not know what kind of people wearing ten, after the chaos, ranking Luoyang southeast Zuojiazhuang to commission for the industry.Mao fall in August, a soybean fields Interpreter Wrangler, wear eviction of.Interpreter anger, chaos hammer horse died policy.Liang’s wife, dead lift Yi camp appeals.Interpreter of your slaves is the owner of the Forest.Because two cattle, a platinum Wat, Liang atonement, Miller says, saying it: thy man dead, also destiny.Two sons are young, you can have the money to self-support.This will make it kill people, what benefits the deceased?Liang said: my husband die innocent, how can they made profits?But was this slave for death, my mother begging, also willing points!The public can not be won, that Liang said: Runing who want to commit suicide yeah?Liang said: How dare!Due to take the knife, to be self-chop.Public fear this woman, resentment Interpreter, ordered that is dead, is to kill it.