Family wings in the side, away from the unit so close, got dressed and ran also up to ten minutes.

  Chen diving along the way are driving fast, but unfortunately the rainy night on the road too slippery, he did not dare to open too fast, these days most of the night afraid encounter drunk looking devil, these people will not only create a traffic hazard deceptive it.
  When Chen came to the vice squad diving, power and Zhoucheng Xuan Tu Jia has launched an investigation, Chen came to the door, someone diving led him directly to the Office of the coating’s good work.
  Bureau personnel on duty along been monitoring the investigation, and soon found the situation wisely and Yu Gou stay at the hotel tonight.
  After targeting, and Tu Jia Gong immediately led several people began to move, and Zhoucheng Xuan Chen originally wanted to go diving it, but Tu Jia did not let them go to work, they say this thing is something Suzhou, Suzhou will give them people do.
  Chen diving this number still do not worry, but Zhoucheng Xuan no longer insist, stay glued to that hotel direct real-time monitoring screen.
  Zhoucheng Xuan Chen know diving worry, this critical moment, Chen diving will certainly be wise to worry about someone tipped off to the situation, ah, although Tu good work this person is credible, but who knows what they Interpol team will someone have that kind of idea ah.
  Chen diving doubt really true, is a pity that people in this situation a wise buy when