Jiang Mian anxious to make this, presumably not a small thing, put forward after help was rejected, the ginger to sleep, he left a “need to call for help,” no clear-cut left.

  Jiang Mian took a deep breath, entered the cell floor, which would like to do like an elevator with her, displayed the highest floor, looked at her without hesitation toward the stairwell.
  She referred to the fastest speed, breath ran up, into the purpose of the screen to let Jiang Mian eyelids hop – Qi Yan book strangling his neck Silver Fox will put up.
  ”Qi Shushu!”Jiang Mian shouted a voice.
  Bang, Silver Fox fell to the ground, his coughing, intermittent say a word: “You.Do not come back.I finished.”
  He turned to lie, long sigh of relief: finally back.
  ”Qi Shushu?”Qi Yan eyes to see strong book about overflow of blood, Jiang Mian hearts of a lag, to test out loud.
  Scarlet eyes of Qi Yan book Immediately the disappearance of clean, he looked Jiang Mian, pull lip smile, ranging from ginger sleep talking, he suddenly came up, a ginger sleep in my arms.
  He used a lot of force, as if holding a baby regained, tight like you want to incorporate her into his flesh, ginger sleep to struggle, but Yan Qi unusual book she restrained.
  ”Qi Shushu.”She lowered voice, hands on waist Qi Yan book, conciliatory pat.
  ”you are still alive.”Ears a Dinan, the next second, buckle at the waist forces disappear, suddenly the weight of the pressure of Jiang Mian took a step backward.
  ”He had not slept for a week, and should be tired asleep.”Silver Fox haunt voice sounded, with dull.
  Jiang Mian let Qi Yan silver fox leaning on books, she opened the door, a silver fox, rub the long jump, mad shake his head: “You unlock password to me, I came to the door.”
  Jiang Mian is also ignorant head, forget this crop, field day, managed to get into the book Yan Qi in the room, lying in bed off.
  She checked the book Qi Yan, indeed, as the Silver Fox said, the book is only limited Qi Yan into slumber, but his previous abnormal –
  ”There will be a beginning of better times in the forbidden, then he knows it is wrong, just say want to see you, good to see you will.Mention your name, he will stabilize for a while.”Silver Fox Yan Qi a few words the situation described in the book,” Left master, that is, your father said it was the curse of power remaining in his body mischief.”
  Jiang Mian mind some chaos, Fearless heard the name of the father, pinched eyebrows: “My dad does?”
  Silver Fox: “Master nothing left, he and Ji Hyun Masters in Hospital.”
  ”hospital?!”Jiang Mian voice rose eight Baidu, shock of silver fox smile,” is really all right, they lack some nutrients in the off-limits, the Qi Yan book to send them t广州桑拿网o the hospital nutritional supplements.”
  He put the phone charging power on, a small point video, Fearless father lying in bed, eyes closed sleeping.
  ”When you came out of the forbidden?”