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●● this book every family, and quickly look for, worth tens of millions!!!Welcome to click on the top blue word free subscription!  Tips: Please click on the blue font collection is hand made, and then click on the attention, so that you can continue to receive free content the wonderful hand-woven.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured concern.Business cooperation inquiries, please add QQ: 363680351 last book of life, well maintained!  His wife was the last audience husband’s life, the husband is the wife of the last book of life.   The so-called final audience, refers to a man’s life is spent in any case, you really see life the moment the curtain call is not others, but your wife; the so-called last book, refers to a female after entering old age, Although five-generation, children and grandchildren around the knee, but really no regrets fight you to the last moment of life is none other than your husband only.  Throughout the world the couple, both because of and in conjunction with the development because of love, because love and long-term.  This situation is the affection and kindness.  Physical appearance contrasts couple one pair has been able to grow old, a pair of poles apart heaven knowledge of the couple was able to lifetime experience, one pair of young couple fooling around but after entering old age suddenly courteous up, in large part, not much love between them have developed, but because they are long-term profound feelings of everyday life, stored at how much kindness.  Such kindness, is usually not the icing on the cake from the stage a couple of lucky, but timely help from frustrated stages: rescue or risk one’s life when one party in trouble, or well-served during the illness of a party, or in the bleak days of no regrets, or when deserted and so never betray.  This feeling is any material interests and the lure of fame and fortune can not be replaced.The reason why the world is loving couple Grace on the front, put love back, because kindness between them, already far more than the components of love.  Due to live a long time, their body potential fatherhood and motherhood will inadvertently show it, and gradually evolved into the role of other parents, like care of his children from the care of his life partner, no matter how many disadvantages and other body insufficient, no matter how many mistakes they committed unforgivable at a young age, or had given how much is too self-inflicted injuries, are able to accept a broad mind down, down tolerance.  Strictly speaking, this is the love.  Although the number of components of this romantic love does not, but because it is full of affection, kindness, love and mutual aid, so, even if not much love, it still makes marriage a warm and happy.  What if there is not a good companion, nor did nothing good old age.

Sweet Hope reason why so confident, because this is Lu Lu Jia Nailiang

Sweet Hope reason why so confident, because Gunai Liang Lu Lu is such a culture which is before a picture, a lot of people know.Sweet Xin Wang Fan TFBOYS source, before Lu Lu Xin sweet together to participate in activities, group photo with Wang Yuan, Xi Yi smelt one thousand, small sweet Xin has been Behind his shy, embarrassed look into the camera.In a look at these two pictures.Small sweet Xin very graceful idol of sitting around, laughing like flowers, so, so confident lovely daughter, Lu Lu Jia Nailiang is how to bring out of it?It turned out that they are so cultured.Hope to small sweet childhood fully aware of the love and acceptance and support from family.The famous psychologist Eriksson raised a total of four times to form personality from birth to school age and growth problems encountered, and build self-confidence are related, parents and children can join in four stages well to solve a given problem to grow, then the child will gain self-confidence and self-esteem.The first period is infancy, in the neonatal first came to gnaw, he resolved to build a sense of trust in this world, so that they fully positive optimism, when they have confidence in themselves and the world, will not easily be defeated despair and frustration.To help children build enough trust in this period, the mother’s care is essential, this is not a nanny can be replaced, the child will not worry about the outcome, will gradually formed his conviction, my mother has been by my side meet I need this faith will slowly open to expansion, we feel that this world is a safe and loving.Therefore, during this period to help children build a sense of trust, let him gain confidence and makes him optimistic and full of hope, lay the foundation for confidence.The second period is the early childhood, the child is 1-3 years old, this time the child has an obvious feature is the enhanced autonomy, the ability to have a child for independent thinking and the ability to act in the awareness that this period, most of the growth to solve the problem is the right to guide their children’s self-awareness.This time, parents should not blindly arranged so that the child will fully complete loss of control, the child will form a dependency, nor should totally do not help, after all, limited the ability of children, vulnerable to setbacks, will appreciate the free and brave, the correct approach is gentle support parents so that children can have a certain degree of autonomy to support the hungry, to help children slowly build independence and self-confidence, self-control when the child has adequate experience and confiscated, naturally will be conducive build self-confidence.The third period was the beginning of school age, the child is 3-5 years old, it is bursting with creativity and imagination of a child when, this time the main task is to help children build and create their own unique life initiative.If parents do not support this time the innovative behavior of those childish and unreasonable child, the child will feel frustrated, lose self-confidence will slowly break through and create, grow up there may not motivated, very obedient What parents say is what, in a narrow circle, not their ability to solve problems independently, parents should go this time to encourage children’s curiosity and exploratory behavior, and provide new opportunities to participate in such activities, patiently accompanied them and answer questions they raised, so that the child will continue to take the initiative to create and innovate, to achieve the goal to experience the joy of success, self-confidence will slowly be raised.The fourth period is of school age, that is, children 6-12 years old, at this time, the children’s intellectual development has been rapid, the school became a place to play their access to knowledge and intellectual skills, this time the child’s main task is to experience the joy of hard work to complete their education, when grades achieved, will feel a sense of joy diligence brought them confidence in the future.When the child is just entering school, are hard-working, but different academic make them have a different feeling for hard work, this time to keep their sense of hard work and self-confidence, we need to encourage parents and teachers and peers, and perhaps they may encounter setbacks on their studies, but others recognized that allows children think hard work is useful.Thus, during this period the parents should actively encourage children, especially in learning, so that they get a higher confidence in the future of independent life and work.And Lu Lu and Jia Nailiang is to develop self-confidence through the sweet Hope to get her so cute and self-confidence, so that so many people like her, I believe that your child can do, the key is to look at how do parents.This article headline numbers released by the author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.

To every mother: Do not mouthful of love, but grim.

To every mother: Do not mouthful of love, but grim.Our life is filled with the language of violence, abuse, slander, contempt, ridicule.In many cases, verbal violence from unequal relationship, victims often lack the ability to self-defense, a minor fall into this category, and cast their violence, often those who kept their good people. – 1 – two true story of 15-year-old Wang, grade point average, his mother always scolded him one day know to eat.  On one occasion, Wang dispute in school and who see the other side of his body fat scolded him: you know what to eat.Years of repression into a spur of the moment, Wang mad blinded the other’s eyes.Yuan Lin (a pseudonym) parents divorced, his mother a hostility: how do you not die, these words like a spell as haunt him.  After high school dropout Yuan Lin gives shampoo, accidentally burns the customer, not the boss scolded him how you die.This sentence completely aroused hatred Yuan Lin heart, after he missed the irrational boss killed. – 2 – Even more frightening mental harm Chinese parents harm common language, few people realize that the language of violence than physical harm to the child how deep the damage caused.2013, Safekids released the following three public service poster: On the surface, the language of violence than corporal punishment appears to civilization, but it will not hurt to bring a child less than corporal punishment, and possibly more so.  Corporal punishment harm a child’s body, that pain may be short-lived, but the language of violence is harm the child’s soul, their suffering is long, not only an insult to the child’s personality, damage the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence, can lead to serious child mental disorders, loss of life courage, lead to weariness, truancy, delinquency, suicide and other serious consequences.  - 3 – the language of violence is the gun, the murder of the child’s life and dignity in order to allow more parents understand the dangers of verbal violence, the artist Xie with the common language of violence like, made one by one will be deformed mold: It is said that these works inspiration from the juvenile detention center, the reason they turned to crime, violence, language with their childhood by a great relationship.  (Here is the complete video presentation works, please watch in WIFI.) – 4 – Please stop verbal violence shameful waste pig brain is stronger than the people you do not know how to eat to die how stupid you really regret it gave birth unpromising cry killed how you keep your such a thing if I were you , to find a floor jump.According to statistics, 48% of primary school students, 36 percent of junior high school students, 18 percent of high school students said that in families and schools suffer from different degrees of verbal violence layers, is now the language of violence has been a major new issue of Chinese education.  I believe none of the parents do not love their children cut, tough love!But please do not mouthful of love, but grim!Scold him (her) to think about before leaving to heal the wounds you can do?  Perhaps many mothers will complain: sometimes really do not want to get angry at the child’s performance is really bad, not bad at learning seriously, mischievous yet polite, how do you say?In the end how to communicate with him!  Yes ah, children do not learn from it, should really naughty education, but ask yourself: How often do we accompany them?Do you often say in their learning?How often exchange experience with them?If so, what qualifications we have to get angry, what hideous face!  Mothers, put away your right to violence and acrimony, a lot to learn parent-child communication methods and techniques, like the famous child psychology expert Fan Wei teacher’s “parent-child communication training camp,” says the same: happy and want children communication, put into his own, and then try to talk to him!  Here also introduce Fan Wei teacher’s “parent-child communication training camp,” which is a column dedicated to teach parents to communicate with their children, which includes micro-section 6 online classes for children do not listen, lying, communication and common problems and difficulties, cut into the parent-child communication problems from different scenes, allowing you to master the secret of parent-child communication, good mother achievement boy.(End of the course, you can listen to unlimited return) will communicate understand the child wanted to be a good mother Click below to read the original text quickly join it!

Time folding umbrella

Some people have already disappeared in your life, but the habits they have brought you have become a permanent indelible brand in your life..   – Remember that time, I loved you for the heat of the light permeates the day and night, and someone whispers in the quiet world that disturbs the Qingming Festival in the time gap between waking up and dreaming. Life on the balcony is withering away. Passengers outside the window silently sigh that the years have taken away everything but every suddenly remembered past. Remember that I loved you this May, Pingbian Town was eventually hit by a heat wave even though there are lush Dawei Mountain forests in the rear area..   At first, although it was hot and troublesome, I was always reluctant to take umbrellas. Later, after walking in the sun for a long time, my head hurt, I went back to the dormitory, opened the box, and saw the neatly folded parasols at the bottom of the box, some of them dazed..   In 2008, when May was full of scores, it was six years away.. The young and immature self who was overwhelmed by the pain was finally brought to the moment when the next second could not be predicted.. In that story, which has already been completed, the protagonist took eleven years to appear and disappear. Later, the so-called deep-rooted pain and the so-called unforgivable person in this life were all brought by time to the other shore where they could not see each other again..   But after all, there are still some things that have been doggedly left behind in the erosion of time.?   For example, folding umbrella.   The umbrella has been used. Don’t throw it in a mess. Fold it neatly along the leaves of the umbrella and put it in a fixed position..   This sentence has been remembered for more than ten years, and one day, after all, has become a habit at hand..   Over the years, countless umbrellas have been exchanged, some of them have been carefully purchased, some have been given away when shopping, others have been given away inadvertently or after careful selection, and some of them have been exchanged on a rainy day and finally don’t know who they are. Although the umbrellas are close to each other, each time they are folded, they all look like they are folding the time..   Ten percent, in the years, those wisps of pain that once thought could not be resisted were finally covered by more things later. Twenty percent discount, once thought that it would cross the difficulties in life forever, suddenly it was really nothing at all one day later.. No matter how hard it is to predict, what a huge and unexpected surprise will be sent to you in the next second..   The folding of umbrellas finally became the mark of that time in life, and every time they were folded lightly, they seemed to offer sacrifices and prayers, always looking back at the past and looking forward to the future..   Walking life, gradually like a used umbrella, always needs to be sorted out, even more important than that.   I love to look back on my life path, read quietly and sort it out carefully. Even if all the experiences are like rain and fog, there will always be a sunshine that penetrates everything badly. The raindrops and sunshine that rotate with the umbrella will set up a rainbow bridge with a quiet smile at the intersection of the past and the reality..   This light may be a habit of folding an umbrella left for you by a lover who has long been a stranger, a hand that friends stretch out to snatch when you lift a coffee cup when your stomach is bad in memory, or a shy smile of the teenager who blocked the wine for you in the crowd..   It will make you smile and warm after many years.   Perhaps, up to now, each of us has quietly depicted our own life path in the designated life circle, and we are no longer lovers, friends or sisters, but after all, we have warmed up our memories and lit up the direction of each other’s progress in those ordinary times..   It has always been believed that although there are countless you, who have become us and who have become them, there will still be countless people, from them to you and to us..   So, what has always been to do is to stroke the years, look for light, walk calmly and smile calmly..   Occasionally, occasionally, remember, at that time, I love you, Zhan Yan, laugh, warm as light, and so on.

Purify language of the heart

◎ language purify the soul One today is worth two tomorrow.Tore a calendar, a very simple, seize the day, it is not easy.  ◎ intentions of living each day like it was the last day of your life.The day when my life with it!  ◎ Human life is composed of numerous sum from today, each of which had substantial today, life will enrich.  ◎ opportunity to grow and learn is not the future, but at the moment every living.  ◎ regret the past, it is better grasp now, struggle for the future!.  ◎ most beautiful moment in life is – now.Do not waste your life!  There is no so-called small ◎ universe is ‘small’ ring made contact.  ◎ Time is our present breath, every moment must serve life.  ◎ The future belongs to the hard-working people now.In this day through the ages.  ◎ realized that every day is the best moment of life, in order to be considered to understand the life of people.  ◎ want to dream weaving the future, now is the time to grasp now, with everything that has life.◎ selfishness fields, never grows no sympathy flowers.  ◎ proper motivation is more important than proper behavior.  ◎ life is composed of a smile and weep.  ◎ efforts may not be successful, but we must strive to succeed.  ◎ real success is to make its own success, but also to the success of rivals.  ◎ greatest gift we have received from the hands of nature is life.  ◎ only to make money and people who work, can never be like those people who love the work of general investment.◎ work hard to ‘achievement’ something, not ‘get’ something.  ◎ pure mind, make up the most minute actions noble.  ◎ We prefer to use an active midget, nor a giant snooze.  ◎ ‘sure it’ is the power from the introspective; and ‘own expansion’ is the result of external comparison.  More wisdom to share, please pay attention to the light of wisdom public micro signal: zhzg2013 ◎ ‘fame’ is just another man you; ‘character’ is the real you.  ◎ people do not have to be born beautiful, but it must be nice to live.  ◎ practice famously, one thousand is more useful than watching.  ◎ angry tend to blind our judgment.  ◎ Anger is the lamp of the soul winds blow.  ◎ noblest vengeance is to forgive each other.  ◎ forgive others in order to release their own.  ◎ hate crazy heart.  ◎ hate is an arrow, eventually shooting himself.  ◎ Because mercy, so forgive; because forgiveness, so relief.In order to escape, so forgive; to forgive, so compassionate.  ◎ forgive is to learn to put down, do not allow resentment control of your life again.  ◎ ‘forgiveness’ for our lives increases the space.  ◎ potbellied world affairs, laugh with broken past and present worry.  ◎ full of life, that forgiveness, tolerance, love and wait, if not all of this, you have all, is nothing.  ◎ forgive is to resist hatred, hatred of medicine to heal.  ◎ angry is to take someone else’s mistake to punish oneself.  ◎ spend some time each day to think about who should be grateful.  ◎ happiness comes from a grateful mood to accept immediate life.  ◎ With a grateful heart, forget the faults of others, right!

Road can look back, I can not go back

Road can look back, you can not walk back can look back, you can not go back, as I do not seek meaning, but for the worthy of my heart!Lost heaven and earth, not lost traces of heart, the wind and the rain stopped, can not stop the slightest idea of the meaning.Do not tie themselves of course there is no possibility to fly, no rough experience no colorful life, not real impressed would not always successful, no pains, no regrets brilliant life.The face should have to cherish, could not get without having to go demanding, life is like a never to return one-way ticket, no rehearsal, every game is broadcast live, a good grasp of every performance is the best cherish the life bit by bit past thin aftertaste, tears when sad, happy when drunk, because the pursuit and valuable, not the fault of the sunset years, the wind is not too woods, as long as the love of heaven paid a laugh sound is not a legend.We are missing something every day, miss, he was not aware, wise man said, best not to miss two things: the last one home, car and a love you man.Encounter really like to strive for the opportunity and his forever, because when he left everything will hate late.Met trustworthy people to get along well with him, because human life is not easy to meet friends.Elegant encountered a good to remember to thank him, because he is a turning point in your life.I encountered who have loved to remember grateful to him, because he lets you know how to love.Encounter people who hated to smile and say hello to him, because he makes you stronger.Once you encounter treacherous people to take over and talk to him, because if it is him you would not understand this world.I met once secretly like people to remember to wish him happy, because you love him hope he is not too happy right?I encountered a hurry to leave people remember to thank him through your life, because he is part of your wonderful memories seize every moment, cherish every owner.Do not let yourself live in the painful memories do not let yourself regret it if they work hard in life would be so much regret Is ah.Worthy of himself worthy of the world.Worthy of the heart.

Life is a duty

Life is a duty
A woman with children to go traveling, leaving the man alone at home.The woman was not at home, men drinking beer, and kept changing the TV channel.At this time, the girl’s phone call, she said, I have nothing to do, Jia Zuozuo it to you.The man said, this.No, I was going out.In fact, the girl has been in a man’s downstairs.  The girl is a man of his men, girls many times he expressed a favorable impression on, men are skillfully refused.Men know that the young girl’s heart is a blank sheet of paper, he did not leave any ink in the above qualifications.  Hand girl carrying a lot of things, and a bottle of red wine, standing in the man’s doorstep.The man said, then I cook it.The girl said, no, they get busy in the kitchen.Men scurried to clean up the house, he happened to see the back of a busy girl, suddenly had a kind of moving.Just a moment, he will immediately feel the pressure of this moment in the bottom of my heart.  In another a house, he began to call about familiar friends over to dinner, but his friends are in.After a while, the girl has been shouting at him, he suddenly froze to the kitchen, the girls giving it to him is a hot dumplings.His favorite dumplings, but usually he and the woman are too busy, no time to dumplings.  Two dumplings, plates of side dishes, a bottle of red wine, the girl’s face smiled softly, stirred his heart.Hard to explain why, he do not pay attention when the girl, turned off the phone, pull up the curtain of the balcony.He could hear my own heart beat.  Drinking a bottle of red wine, the girl said the dizziness, it fell limply in the arms of a man.Men admit girls are beautiful, he held her in his arms, it was in that moment, he felt the girl’s body is so weak, his broad shoulders like a child asleep inside, like his daughter, his heart suddenly shocked.  Girl in his bed to sleep, he gently strip the door.At this time, the living room phone rang, a call from a woman and child.  Men still drinking beer, and kept changing the channel, he clearly heard a slight breathing girl, however, he tried to let his mind calm and cool again.  Girl woke up the next morning already.Man a sleepless night.Men prepared breakfast for girls.Dinner, she asked, you do not like me?The man said, like.That you do not lonely?A little bit, but.I’m afraid you dwell?Girl’s mouth like Beng ask questions like beans.  The man said seriously, life is a responsibility, like bowl of porridge and fried eggs, although the old to eat that little taste, but you have to do every day, have to eat, and sometimes even find it unpalatable, but do not eat my heart empty.  Girl silent.Off the girl, men feel that there has never been easy.  Love is a faith, is a price to pay, if not love, or can not afford, then do not easily open their own heart.Grounds the temptation and loneliness, this is not love.

Marriage, one half is associated with

Marriage, one half is associated with
Marriage, one half is associated with Taozai heavy duty, she wanted me to do what I do.She wanted me to talk about marriage feelings, to talk about it!Anyway, I would have to speak the truth a little, but the young people listen to age.I’m in love with his wife eight years of marriage, she married seventeen years, met a total of twenty-five years.Such a long time accompanied day and night, without her beside him occasionally, I feel so cool, if not her life thereafter, must not.Like a while ago to see a survey, asking young girls, family, parents, children, husband and career, if you insist on choice, which will first give up?The girl chose the election, to give up the cause, then the family, parents, leaving her husband and children in a dilemma, the final choice to give up the child, leaving her husband on the grounds that the family, parents, children eventually left side, but her husband would be life partner.Very cruel, but also very true.Chinese word meaning far-reaching, with, is one half, just to get together complete.Many people today do not marriageable marriage, the elderly looked strange, never happened in the past had a similar situation.This phenomenon represents the five or six years there is no war, young people growing up process enjoys the warmth of family and family support, so that single could live well, whether singles or a lost dog, do not have to feel a partner, is historically the first time a person can live in peace years.Even before the arrival of aging, not years of pressure, such as the age arrived, began to feel lonely, afraid of being alone, looking for someone to share, still need a partner.To enter the marriage, quote a phrase irresponsible cliché, rely on fate, and fate in addition to feeling emotional, but also rational choice.Marriage really need a rational, if his daughter discussed marriage, I have requested to see the other families, what kind of family would keep out what kind of child.Of course, there are broken families, children work harder to maintain their happy family, but it must be carefully observed.While the other is commonplace marriage requires two people have the same values, but this is not to say that I love how you have to like it, but I do not hate you like it.They can compromise, can compromise, willing to try to contact with his natural dislike to see if it really can not accept, so the mood is willing to compromise, it is easier to maintain feelings.The biggest difference between marriage and love, is willing to change.To the other side is willing to change themselves, true love, do not want to change themselves from beginning to end, this affair at best, but the other you love.Love is wanted after a brief rendezvous together beginning, we wanted to end the flash.At the beginning of Dry Wood Fierce Fire, pay attention to authentic, everything is good in front of him, the coolest, the most beautiful, do not need to change, but until tired love, only to find it cool to unreasonable people, the United States was too smug even tattoos position right, and quickly pushed to the sub-personality flash people.So love the emphasis is on how good terms.Enter the marriage, of course, there will still be many conflicts, the focus is the art of learning to get along.The first lesson to learn is that the boys have to lift the toilet toilet lid, a very habits began to change, then into the body, as natural as eating and drinking.But recently my wife say just lift the lid and urine also want to finish my toilet to get toilet paper to wipe around the ruins left behind.In accordance with past temper, I certainly would love to, but now I will listen to the views of his wife, as the word love has had a heart, and not light brain wondering what to give her, to heart.A man in Taipei before development, to take care of themselves, but also fame and fortune, not their own selfish difficult achievement in a short time.Learn to call his wife’s mother mother after marriage!, There is food, not to put it in his mouth, his wife and children to eat Guzhe.I began to feel bad and know how to cherish, because his wife well, will not make her uncomfortable, reluctant to let her sad, I am naturally reluctant to let them learn to let, learned to love, but also to change their nature, from selfishness to become generous.Road marriage is similar to the landscape every day, the same process, a touch of.To get along well, really rely on by nature, so one can not find the object trying to find a big leg milk babes, or like Takeshi Kaneshiro guy, remind yourself to find him sweet heart, I looked back, the man in dim light, this is the best target.The so-called other half, nor is it fit the outset, the correction is constantly running, you little me little, the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, to live a life together.Of course, years of relentless, life is finally separated.Like my mother married my father sixteen years old, spend a lifetime of love, after my father passed away ten years ago, my mother really like less than half, often staring into the distance, like my father on the other side of the day, it is sad.But if life is less a marriage, less illness and death attendant ups and downs, fewer children continuation of family values and feelings, it really would have lost a lot of taste.Text / Wang Wei

Soul singer

Soul singer
I am a soul singer. I walk freely between heaven and earth. I don’t want to startle my feelings or disturb my dreams. I just use my pen and ink to remember your smile of yesterday and the taste of this youth..     It was night, the breeze rippled gently, the ripples were broken by the small steps on Bibo Lake, and the hazy past life was so gently strolling in the world of mortals that it was shallow wandering at the intersection where you were always there.. Do you remember the moonlight I accompanied you that night, and the light that spilled all over the place.     Quiet night quietly pieced together a bit of time. Will the promise of keeping the millennium be swayed gently with the breeze. The Sanskrit sound curled up and wound in and out. Has the warmth that lay dying at the fingertips been in my heart for thousands of years?. Whether the scenes of joy and parting sentimentality towards the DPRK after the fading of the curtain color have already mottled the whole spring flowers? There are also the thoughts of the minutes and the sentimental reverie whether they would also like to walk gradually along the cloud end and the sea string along with the dust and wind.? I’m here, where are you? Where will your soul be laid again?     Sweet ballad, the world of mortals of the whole life looks back on the smoke waves, and whether the memory that once fell has been washed away by such a pot of spirits.. Is the warmth of the light embrace so easy, so difficult to give up, so that you can be easily and lightly embraced in your arms by loneliness.     In the past, godliness kept an aesthetic feeling; This life, make you a cavity of tenderness. Perhaps, just like this, I have rubbed my heart like silk like hemp into your life and gradually into your dream.. So, then, I also had to, willing to turn into a breeze to accompany you, bringing you fragrance of soil in spring, blowing away plumes of heat in summer, enjoying a good harvest in autumn, and driving away the warmth of the silk for you in winter.. Did you ever remember that every breeze is my yearning for you, every feeling is my infatuated attachment waiting for you to land at the ferry of the world of mortals?.     The waiting alone, waiting alone, looking forward to alone, but what does it matter? The call of the holy hand, Hao Miao, who was wounded in the dark center, even if he had temporarily gone to grief, how could he be so deeply attached to his obsession and infatuation that he was far from being long-lasting in the past??     Stranded past, mournful and sad. This feeling can also be remembered and can also go with the flow.. But the glimmer of memory still occasionally ripples in the heart, and the hot tears did not also burn the eyes calmly.. Will the wandering Sanskrit flower really pass in front of your eyes like snow? Do you understand this is a real life without regret? That this sad and joyous reunion can only be understood as a pain rather than a satisfaction? As for me, I can only fly into the dust again, perch on the top of the wind, smoke dimly and wait for you at a distance until dawn..     The past is like smoke, missing is always the deepest memory in my heart. Remember, when I passed you by, I was utterly confused. That even though several generations have passed quietly, this dusty memory still does not want to be wiped away. Also, although the heart ping, which once shattered the ground, has poured out its lead and faded, the rainbow after the rain is still hanging in the sky of the heart in Ran Ran..     In the quiet night, the moonlight gradually became like ink, and the words of memory also condensed in sadness and settled in the memory, spreading over the mind of the implicated thoughts, and only the beauty of yesterday could not be erased.. As for me, I can only send it from a distance between words, leaving the hands that once dragged memories to stir up the calm heart lake time and time again.. After that look back, will a piece of wet eyeground really pass by like the wind with this happiness, and the hearts of the dribs and drabs will also go to the distance with you.     I have written countless touching stories, but I still live at the top of an empty world. It seems that I can only forget myself again. I am happy and free in this lonely world with a smile, not because of the shackles of this world of mortals, but because I am me.     Years of free walking, we hold tight, can not stay, also can not see firmly. However, the things buried deep in time are getting thinner and thinner in the sun, and she slowly flies past us without any trace and lost her mind..     The hope of falling leaves the flowers everywhere. Perhaps the blood and tears dripping from the world of mortals soak up a beautiful flower of the heart.. It’s also good. Maybe that flower should be called: Soul Singer.     ( Finalized in Zhongmou, a small town in Henan Province ) QQ / 863680510