Self-righteous (prose)

Three cup writer said: “Everything a see through, passion will fade, but who knows whether it will see through the so-called self-righteous.The letter and the suspect, hot and cold, human life always on the same thing about cognitive swing varies, often only in the transition between an idea, “self-righteous” first source is “Zi self overthrow, overlapping coverage until acknowledge the universe disorderly life no solution.”Honor” chapter: “Where the self-righteous who must fight, but human-Definitely.”Reads:” Where the fighting who will be self-righteous, and to the man-made Definitely.Cheng is also already, people honest Definitely, it is the villain who has been a gentleman and also.Gentleman and the Villain phase to also damage the thief, to forget their lower body, within which affinity to forget, to forget the monarch, had it not Shen Yi zai!Who is also the so-called father of Ge to Fox also chop cow vector.”Vernacular translation roughly means this:” Almost all the people who love the battle, must have thought he was right, and the other is not correct.If she really is right, the other side is really wrong, then he is a gentleman, the other is a villain.With the virtues of a gentleman villain hurt to talk to each other, regardless of their reputation, relatives and friends do not consider the harm suffered, but do not consider the monarch, it’s not too much yet?This man, as they say is the same with Fox to stab the father of Ge cow dung is not worth it “real life, we can always have access to such people and things.Ordinary people “self-righteous” We can laugh, can also be used as a meal Chayu joke; and for public officials, especially some real power of leading cadres otherwise it on the.Not long ago, a city in Jiangsu put on a main road a few decades removed trees, sparked strong opposition from local people.Of course we propose is removed or the relevant authorities leadership, the original intention is to facilitate people travel problems, and do practical things for the people, how can the people will oppose it?The same is for the people to do practical things, a Beijing street, not in this spacious, non-motor vehicle lane road when another designated parking fee, although convenient parking of a motor vehicle, but riding a non-motorized trap people in danger, when when CCTV reporter went to interview, a street pushing five hundred twenty-six.This self-righteous, harm the interests of the people, the damage to the image of the government and the leaders of.    Come talk about the April 30 National Bureau of Statistics 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 2015 first quarter GDP data.Data show that a quarter of the country’s 15-year GDP was 14.0667 trillion yuan; and 31 provinces in the first quarter GDP is the sum of 14.3072 trillion yuan, 240.5 billion yuan more than the national total.(People) statistics clearly incompatible, fight.Well, the same statistical standards, the same statistics object, every year the statistics, every year “fighting”, in which part exactly is the problem?This is the administrations and leadership of local self-righteous.    As we all know, the situation of the local fiscal revenue, expenditure accurately reflect the situation of the local economy, people’s livelihood and development, national economic data for statistics, published and so have clearly defined.It stands to reason, the data should be the objective truth of the basic requirements, some local government departments, in order to create the illusion of prosperity, playing the numbers game, with gorgeous figure whitewash performance, data fraud is serious, completely disregard the laws and regulations set.    False revenue and other economic data, not just higher levels of government departments, the State, the people of deception, it is a reflection of individual leaders, “the official figures,” the idea of deformity and deviation of Populism, imagine the next, when economic data not to reflect reality, provide the basis for scientific decision-making, but to whitewash the official performance, the weight to be promoted when the political interpretation of the concept of so officials can serve the people wholeheartedly?In fact, this is not just self-righteous individual officials, but rather bottom-style fraud rampant, so statistical deviation from the original intention, and thus any spread of unhealthy tendencies, suffer must be the whole country, the people still the masses.    Xi put forward cadres greatly during the two sessions last year can not work this new concept of “willful,” I understand one of which means that we do not let the “self-righteous”.I think many of the country’s civil servants, especially leading cadres should take comprehend.Not because of his “wayward” so that a good thing into a bad thing; let their actions to cover up a bad thing; even do bad things do not even know how big consequences.    (Author: Jiangsu Yixing Zhao full) essays online in June 2015 (HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM) starting URL: HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / add / FIG..PHP?Aid = 284634

Muling river anglers

Memory, that is passing through the afternoon hours of Muling River, a river that saw angler, sitting calmly, a leisurely look, he saw a long rod with the ups and downs of the river, shift drift drift…    Muling river gushing, painstaking better tomorrow, washing her best days of suffering for thousands of years, ushered in a dawn of a life.  She is like a fairy valiant and heroic, flowing from the horizon from, leisurely away to the horizon, sing with joy joy, happiness beautiful wander.  Her magic is always the pursuit, never give up.  Day and night care of you, always in love with you, day and night care of you, miss you every second.  She was so quiet, so amazing, amazed.    Glowing red sunset sky reflected in the river, anglers and swayed one glorious, still a focus on the way, he did not catch gold, silver is not fishing, he was happy to catch a basket, a basket of happiness, a basket of health, a beautiful basket, give a loved one, so she did not cry, not hard, do not sigh, not frustrated.  Anglers that soft, delicate, bright, deep look, people may think Christine respectable, epic.  He is so elegant, so air, envy.    Muling River magpie like a beautiful girl, with graceful posture, slim, well-behaved flying.    Angler, you look like engraved in the sunset by the river Muling Muling River, you beautiful legend for thousands of years in the memory of the heart anglers.

Midnight the doorbell rang

Su Shan is a special police, investigators often during the night, came home late, you can come back no matter how late, his wife always small pieces to fall asleep until his safe return, since this habit to get married now, flash is three years.That day in the evening, small pieces and receive SMS husband: My dear, I have a mission tonight, you cheer up a person to eat.Go to bed earlier, do not wait for me.For three years, countless small pieces receive SMS like this, each received small pieces always replied: Yes, I wait for you to come back in his sleep.This time, when small pieces back to the message happens to be a friend to see the next, friends make fun of her, said: are an old married couple, and also how acid?Subparagraph smiled, said nothing.She knows that others can not know the danger when her husband faced heinous criminals, can not understand the role of this message to her husband.Late at night, when Su Shan quietly returned, still very small pieces to wake up on time.She poured a cup of tea together, Su Shan said: I am the footsteps of your sensitive, woke up to a.Su Shan was very puzzled, every home himself softly, but every time his wife would wake up, get up to give him a cup of tea, she does not sleep, or are there other reasons?Su Shan do not understand.Later, Su Shan found the secret: this night, no attendance Su Shan, stay at home, small pieces go to the hospital to see a sick friend, back when she heard the voice of the Soviet Union Hill struck the door with a key, at that time, on the bed at the same time making noises of Ding Dingding, Sushan Ming white, the original wife asked people placed a special doorbell, every time he came back, as long as a toggle key locks, the doorbell rang, his wife always knew back in time.Later still, as long as the Soviet Union mountains at night to go home, small pieces can always wake up in time.Su Shan repeatedly to persuade his wife not to wait for him, myself go to bed early, his wife smiled: Only you back, I can sleep better.Su Shan drinking hot tea to his wife fed, and my heart was touched.One night after approximately six months, small pieces went to see an old classmate from afar.She and her classmates not seen for years, knew what to talk to the middle of the night.Su Shan while lying in bed reading a book while waiting for his wife to come back.Waiting, waiting, Su Shan sleepy, anyway, I thought back to a wife that special doorbell will ring, there is no Qiangdajingshen their teeth, unwittingly fell asleep.Who would have thought that sleep until he woke up the next day, when Su Shan opened his eyes and found his wife with breakfast are ready, he ate breakfast, puzzled and asked: When did you last night back?How the doorbell did not ring ah?Subparagraph smiled and said: the doorbell Yeah, bad for months.Su Shan a shocked: Just the day before yesterday, Su Shanling more than two in the morning came back, took out the key locks wave, immediately woke up his wife.This time he considered really understand: even without the original doorbell, he returned home, his wife can wake up on time!

Thank essays online!

Essays online, I dropped a seed, and look forward to her hands wide rooted system, panoramic view of the beauty of the prose drunk, stand among the world, great strides forward!    She it grow into towering trees?  Or a flower?  Quietly, aryl Rui spit?    Bathed in the spring chapter, engraved green, filled with blue flowers!  In purgatory sweat, exhaustion prose poems, starry!  Following the fall of Alice Dancer, was to make the bleak years of mildly poignant!  And winter snow elves exploration bloom, wrapped in white, blush Fifi fly sky!    What a beautiful platform ah!  Thank you!Thank you!    You can describe nature, leaving a beautiful calm.  The world can express their emotions, mutual learning Humian.  Philosophy of the world, the essence of the request.  World novel, written by who is who!    What a broad platform ah!  Thank you!Thank you!

Love Tears

Everyone has a blind spot, get out themselves, others break do not go.  I have the deepest secrets in there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has a wound, or deep or shallow, covered with cloth, that does not exist.  I painted the most of bright red blood in there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has a love, heart, soul, hard, touched and sentimental.  I put the most hot mood hiding there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has a line tears, drink cold water, brewing into tears.  I have wronged the most sad exchange there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    Everyone has some confession, apprehension, anxiety, but full of heart and courage.  I put the most lyrical language used there.  You do not know me, I do not blame you.    You never see I love you, because I only see you when we come to love you.  Also, you never see my most lonely, because I only you can not see me, I was the most lonely.    Perhaps I too would hide their grief.  Perhaps I too will comfort their wounds.  Perhaps, in your eyes, I will take care of themselves too, so you never consider my feelings.    Do you think I can recover very quickly, some selfish thought.  Come from the sun, rain, muddy I passed, passing wind.  Along the way, you did not know me, I do not blame you had.  I was not to show their generosity, nor to reflect their generous.  Just wanted to let you know, not feeling, there is no blame.

Gorgeous in your dreams

I was a beautiful snow crystal in your dreams your dreams really cold cold frosty mountains and roaring rivers to stop the loss of beauty moonlight night star eyes covered with frosting you say your dreams aromatic beautiful bloom everywhere, but Falling petals narrative your cold cold night sometime ask Qin Sese trembling notes shining coldness accompanied by floating in the sky meteor shower of your dreams really cold but I still like to snuggle in your dreams with elegant white the prime US decorate your dreams of dancing with light warm your lonely soul because I am also your dream snow

Liu military career

Former deputy political commissar of the Military District of Jiangxi Province Liu, a lifetime adhere to serving the people, the party contributed their most valuable Love for the people, the New Fourth Army in the history of writing a glorious chapter.  Suffering teenager born in August 1921 in Suining County, Jiangsu Province, a sharecropper family of Liu, whose parents rented landlords landlords can not afford paying the money owed land, often arrested and beaten landlord of Jia Ding, forced to borrow money to repay.In the press landlord, the family lived extreme dark days.  At that time, Suining rural poor still giving her long braids, the girls will have bound feet, who can not resist.Liu’s sister as bound feet often crying like tears.  Liu’s father was a strong-minded person, he hopes that he can come away from this environment, and try to let Liu read a five-year private school.In mid-1937, his father sent him to the Suining City butter oil miscellaneous goods shop as an apprentice.  One day, a Kuomintang security team to buy soy sauce, pickles, given by his boss premium offer truthfully, was hit by security firm responsible for the price hikes, disrupting financial, was master “blame” and was supporting face.February 1940, the Japanese devils arrive Suining county where the rich and the owners have ducked the countryside to flee, as the apprentice Liu had to stay to guard the shop.  After the Japanese devils into the city, near the intersection of them stationed in the store, and set up checkpoints, crossing guard.Every day people in and out of the junction must be searched.One day, Liu saw devils search a big girl’s pocket, and insulted her, and my heart is very angry.  Another day early in the morning, Liu opened the door, he lifted the Devils to bar the door, he turned and ran scared, Oh annoyed devils, and to catch up to beat him.He walked around the left and right vat hiding hide, devils angry squeak wow barking, the master seeing, desperately bowed apology, and that makes Liu escaped.  Since then, Liu hated the Japs.  Defected to the revolution saw the Japanese aggressors violated their homes, Liu could scarcely keep.He asked to be the boss’s cousin Communist Party, and in Yan’an.He knew there Yenan Communist Party to fight the Japanese devils.  So he determined to follow the Communist Party go Dagui Zi.At that time, someone spoke to him about the KMT, he can not heart, because before the Devils did not come, the city of Suining County Kuomintang security group is not out to grab the dark Pirates, that misbehave.He finds that the KMT is not good.  At that time, the boss’s son and named with the rehabilitation of the villagers had come to the New Fourth Army base, and the boss’s son because the going gets tough, running back, with rehabilitation insisted the regional party committee in Jiangsu and Anhui, Jiangsu and Anhui Anti-Japanese Military school , the New Fourth Army after graduation to work in radio, and come back often to purchase radio parts, etc..  Liu received the news, waiting for him to go out into the streets.Mid-19402 months, Liu saw him, they urged him to take him to join the revolution.After Liu was taken to the New Fourth Army base, it was placed into the Suwan Anti-Japanese Military training school for three months.In May 2009, he joined the Chinese Communist Party.  After graduating from school experience war, Liu distributed to local security forces, guerrillas Jiangsu and Anhui District Party Committee Hongze County Battalion 3 re-election culture teacher.With this job, he was very happy, very high work ethic, teach soldiers to sing, read, talk politics, he Footloose.  1940 mid-autumn, the regional party committee to go to northern Jiangsu, but to some people to leave the countryside spraying fire of revolution, there is the list of Liu.That situation, Liu requested to go along with troops.Followed by the regional party committee came after District Huainan, Liu and appoint cadres to the countryside, to mobilize the masses, and served as the ninth district Shuyang guerrilla brigade squadron instructor 8.During which he learned to obey orders, to learn what it meant to the revolution, what is the party’s work required.  After “Wannan Incident” occurred, according to the team where Liu party arrangements, while counter-raids, while guerrilla, while the countryside to do mass work.They are from the initial 20 a few people, the development of hundreds of people, a battalion, three companies, and incorporated a contingent of mutinous troops, as well as a mayor with a company to go over their troops to fight the Japanese devils.  After the party’s education, training, Liu not only learned how to do the political and ideological work, but also to troops in war.In mid-1942, their troops with 28 groups merge, Liu not only became a deputy battalion commander, also when the Organization Chief.  Liu said that the revolutionary ranks is a great place to train a person.  Huaiyin Huaihai Battle Military, Liu has served as deputy battalion commander spy 3rd Battalion, Suqian County deputy brigade commander, Huaihai Military Detachment 3 8 Youth League secretary, Donghai County Corps instructor, county branch secretary Corps, the East China Sea guards regiment instructor, Chief league organizations, Huaihai Military 1 new 1st battalion instructor.  The fall of 1945, Liu at 10 brigades either 30 group camp instructor Huang Kecheng 3 New Fourth Army Division, received a superior command refers to: 30 battalion and a regiment 28 regiment two battalion attack Huaiyin.  At that time, the beautiful Huaiyin being occupied by the Kuomintang troops giant Pan dry, and mustered four or five corps of regular troops, plus 6,7 landlord security regiment stationed Huaiyin City.Face of the enemy than their own situations 7,8 regiments, Liu in the mobilization meeting, said: This is the Japs to surrender, we fought the first battle with the Kuomintang army, we must win!  Most of the 30 regiment of soldiers is a camp in northern Jiangsu locals, before joining the army, mostly dry suffered bullying Pan giant troops, suffered the ravages of the Japanese invaders and traitors team.Blow dry for Pan giant, the soldiers morale high.Plus Pan Ganchen troops during the night provocative, insulting, abusive New Fourth Army soldiers, more aroused the soldiers filled with hatred for the enemy, the soldiers have said: that sacrifice, we should also play down Huaiyin.  A few days later, troops stationed in a city east of the temple, choose a good terrain, good machine gun rack, waiting for 28 second battalion regiment blasting.After the order, all the machine guns, grenades join hands marching enemy bunker.In the dense cover of bullets, root echelon floating directly to the walls, broken its suspension bridge, the bridge lying on the river, the successor forces rushed to the city, ladder climbing walls.  At this time, the enemy machine gunners began to move toward echelon swept.Shashi, from relying on board the city’s ladder, turned down, the New Fourth Army soldiers killed and some were burned, some shot wounded.May the mercy of the enemy and not intimidated by the New Fourth Army soldiers, they fought very bravely, and on the wall with the enemy launched a war of Xue Ren.About two hours, gates have been overcome.Liu’s group 28 and the second battalion of troops divided the south gate advance, and grappling with the head of the giant Pan dry troops, the New Fourth Army with lightning speed defeated the enemy, wiped out a regiment, and captured a head.  He exchanged fire with the enemy in South Gate South Gate Guardian, the New Fourth Army.Due to attack South Gate blasting spy mission did not succeed, the army suffered heavy casualties: the remains of the martyrs has been stacked to the walls, siege soldiers stepping on the bodies of the martyrs of the walls to be grappling with the enemy.  Liu after the troops arrived, and with the spy mission to wipe out the huge dry pan troops seized dozens of very heavy machine guns, light machine guns, hundreds of very light on the mission to destroy the enemy Liu 30 thousand people, Pan giant is dry alive.  After the battle, the quiet open woods, there has been a large tomb of the martyrs, looking at the grave, his comrades with a heavy heart.  After that, the higher Liu also ordered troops to fight in Huai’an.But when they came to Huai’an, the enemy had become scared frightened, fled as a result, became a hit Huaian Huaian defense.At this time, Huang Kecheng also to Huai’an, and instructed Liu let seven brigades to serve as the task of defending the Huaian, Lianyungang and ask them to play.Strangely, the KMT head of Lianyungang Xu also too panic-stricken, ran away.  At that time, a time when late autumn, in order to catch fleeing enemy, Liu troops walk through the cold water pressed hard.Huji troops arrived, a little rest, and into the Northeast, with remnants of the Kuomintang launched a desperate contest.  Playing high-Zhen Liu said, since ancient times is the high-Zhen Jiangsu salt, cotton base, also contested the size of the war.  Before playing high-Zhen, the New Fourth Army guerrillas are other villages to do mass work.Suddenly, the villagers ran for two: there is a group of diehard reactionaries went to the high-Zhen to harass people.  These bad guys not only stationed in the town refused to go, and the whole town deserted and made.New Fourth Army determined to destroy these bad guys.Liu and two instructors to lead a platoon and even went along with fellow high-Zhen, and soon ended the fight.  However, these guys and not willing to fail, soon with local shrimp soldiers and bandits from various quarters rotten Kuomintang will, traitor counterattack back, and first of all aiming to guard the ship’s bridge-watchers militia retaliation.Militias who quickly abandon Funabashi, return to their barracks report.  At that time, two platoons of the New Fourth Army troops to be singled out several times Dudou my enemy is very difficult.New Fourth Army had retreated to the town, behold, the enemy will surround the New Fourth round, full confrontation between the two sides for three days and three nights.On the third day to dawn, the enemy that they need not fight, the New Fourth Army will starve to death.Liu think the time has been ripe, we decided to break.  So, Liu asked us to swim across the river to break out of the water.But when the soldiers had just swim to the other side, the enemy suddenly alert and fired at the soldiers, Liu river flashed a wall with the enemy crossfire, and eventually break through.Unfortunately, because the instructor is from the north, can not swim, was swallowed up at the expense of the river; correspondents also because of age is too small, too slow captured.  From another seven soldiers in the northeast corner of breakthrough led by platoon leader, hidden in a large lotus leaf in the river waiting in the wings broke through the siege of the enemy.Several villagers discovered the secret, quietly brought them food, the soldiers insist on a full day in the large lotus leaf.After the dead of night, seven soldiers under the leadership of the platoon, pretending enemy sentry fool out of the encirclement.  That night, even the whole collection, in addition to the two casualties comrades in attendance.Captured a small correspondent, also received a gun bandits, the team let him go.The breakthrough has not only been informed of praise Military, platoon and that seven soldiers also known as “high-ditch eight warrior.”Then seize the northeast, Liu led troops in eastern theater again and again defeated the KMT armed forces, headed northeast.From the East to the northeast, they spanned almost half of China.  Liu said that they had the Longhai Road to Linyi, Linyi went to Shanhaiguan, Shanhaiguan do not fight, they arrived at the Jinzhou to snatch the Kuomintang and the Japanese devils left behind Arsenal.  Arsenal because there are all kinds of equipment, the KMT also informed intelligence rob, to be a destination, only to find the Devils and did not leave anything to the Chinese army.  From south to warm the cold northeast, the New Fourth Army was wearing a heavy burden to small cotton-padded jacket, cold really hard.To make matters worse, the Northeast is not the New Fourth Army base, local people had never heard of the New Fourth Army these three words, because there is no mass base, lack of public support, life into a corner.In eliminated some enemies, after playing some blocking action, it has been recognized by some people, and forces renamed the “Northeast Democratic coalition,” northeast of the political situation gradually improved.  After the founding of People’s Republic of China, Liu has served 391 regiment political director, deputy political commissar of the 44th Army 131 division, director of the Central Military crash immediate political culture at the school, 43 507 artillery regiment 127 division political commissar, political director of Hainan Yulin garrison 21 divisions , deputy political commissar, political director of Yulin fortress area, deputy political commissar.  Yulin on Hainan Island in the fortress district office, Liu worked hard, and wait for them in the shortest possible time, our military will build a strong defense of the sea.  In the Cultural Revolution, Liu had to face some setbacks, but he always adhere to serving the people, obey the organizational arrangements, and ultimately stay in the deputy political commissar of the Military District of Jiangxi Province, until December 1983 retired.

Silent tolerance

REVIEW be tolerant to diversity, which have vast oceans.Vaster than the ocean is the human heart.But life, in addition to the relationship between colleagues and other than husband and wife, frequent frictions and argue.    What is the tolerance, maybe you can make a verbal answer from.When some of the problems encountered in life, or even the husband and wife quarrel Cross colleagues when tolerance becomes very important.  When you wrote at read books, I noticed a Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The old man is always wrong.”.After reading, meaning you will certainly be the implication of the works to inspire.  Content of the work is extremely simple, the story of a rural poverty of the couple, the family wanted only valuable a horse to the fair exchange for something else.Old man lead a horse to the fair, first with a horse in exchange for a cow, and then use a cow for a sheep, followed by sheep in exchange for a fat goose, but with a fat goose for a hen Finally, with the hen for a bag full of rotten apples.He wanted to use it to his wife in exchange for a surprise.He carried the big apple tape came to rest in front of a small hotel.Then we met up to two Britons.Two said the Englishman, in exchange for your horse today, be sure to beat his wife at home you can not.Said the old man, no matter the.Two British refused to accept, then bet with a bag of money with him, and went to his house with the old man actually get hold of study.  After home.The old man tells today’s exchange through.His wife rapt.From time to time, “we have to drink milk!”” Too good to drink goat’s milk!” Chicken feathers Haopiaoliangya ‘when it comes to now we have a bag full of rotten apples, the woman not only did not get angry, but said, tonight we have apple pie!  Sure enough, two Britons lost a bag of coins.The chance to read this point, many people will be interpreted as the author is mocking those stupid people.In fact, work is precisely the implication of the most precious things between people – tolerance.  What is the tolerance?Tolerance is a character, but also a man of accomplishment.Fairy tales old woman did not go blame the old man, that is, a person will have to admit the faults and mistakes Yeah, tolerance is the best glue.Can not be without their fault between husband and wife, the key you what kind of attitude towards be tolerant to diversity, which have vast oceans.Vaster than the ocean is the human heart.But life, in addition to the relationship between colleagues and other than husband and wife, frequent frictions and argue.Some people in the altercation was verbal abuse superposition, or even a potential upside down.Not only hurt the self-esteem, but also hurt the gas.If a man has a forgiving heart, it is perhaps the best way to solve the problem.  Life different attitude.There are some things, then width of the tolerance; tolerance of some things they Hiroyuki.Tolerant tree is an advocate of self-esteem.Sincerely, pro-life, with a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere, there is a beautiful living space.  Tolerance is silent life!


This same season.When bungalow, yard planted a fig, after the beginning of summer, every day you can eat fresh figs.After the fight live from the building, only the copies of nostalgia.    I do not know anybody actually, in the yard planted figs, can purify the air.People from fig trees and cut down a branch, on a piece of vacant land outside the living room window, press the branches in the soil.After a few spring rain, and tender branches will be bursting soil, thrive and decorated with window.    Unlike camphor, as large as the crown cap, shade overlapping; unlike Metasequoia, straight up, Wei handsome.It is called the tree, but in reality the trunk boneless, whims and is only on long slanting.In fact, it is a fruit, though shelter and other plants with all the functions, and from summer to autumn, fruits of the earth, for people to enjoy free of charge, the spirit of selfless dedication, an exercise similar to the shame.    It never seems to please people think.Crosswise escape branches, opposite the large and thick leaves, in addition to shade, almost without the slightest sense of beauty.The yard with it, only adding to the number of green, it is difficult to find some of the aesthetic elements of life.However, nighttime attack on the sulfur smoke, choking people will wake up from a dream, tree leaves, paulownia night browned leaves fall to the ground, a stretch of green vegetables have all Danian, only it “and I shall stays”, still held up Ilex green leaves , declaring unyielding.    Figs, flowering really is not seen, but bear a string of purple fruit like football.With his class different fruit without flowering advertising, no color charming, silent place in the fruit, the stone actually there’s a great friend and brother.According to scientists, the fig is not without flowers, flowers in the child’s room inside, the naked eye can not see, so called “fig”.Seen in this light, the fig, the fruit is really true gentleman, can do, “Is it not resentful,” few people can Kazuya!    Fig does not look like the United States, and even a bit like cotton bolls.If no one recommendation, I am afraid no one would dare to eat.Stripped of skin, eat up, at first somewhat astringent taste, but sweet as honey and then, if eat more, some sweet.At that time, just know that it can cure sore throat, do not know what are the benefits.After investigation, it can be anti-cancer, detoxification diarrhea, skin care beauty, function and so forth, actually known as “the patron saint of human health in the 21st century.”.    Not only people like to eat, like to eat mice.Thus, a human-mouse battle started this.In the evening, saw cooked, or guarding it, as soon as you come off it a little soft; or remember it, get up early the next morning to pick.Nevertheless, it is still less than half the people to grab, often eating too many mice are only a few remains.I can not help but think silly, rats eating figs, if immortal, then how can we do?But the fig is innocent.The result is its duty.As for Win, or pawed mice, this is not its choice.    More than a decade did not eat figs, figs have not seen the.Occasionally a vegetable market in the morning peasant woman selling figs, as seen years of lost brothers, hearts filled with unlimited love.(943 words.As on October 17, 2011)

Shanxi Notes (f) – Last walls

Shanxi Notes (f) – the last of an ancient city walls , in fact, an ancient books, once the storm clouds quietly embedded between the lines, so that people standing near its sudden entrance of history, from the folds of time in read of the past and its vicissitudes. no matter what state of mind of tourists come to Pingyao ancient city wall once stood six hundred years after this Xingfeng snow and rain, staring, way back with, watch the time, approximately only one emotion: the sky above has not changed, at the foot of the land has not changed, but the change of the hustle and bustle of traveling, bustling crowd.Look down from the walls, plaster, like brick paved streets, the same gray walls and black tiles of the courtyard off, make you feel this is surrounded by a nearly 7-kilometer-long ancient city walls up, clearly is a town of ancient Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasties miniatures.Battlements still on the wall, in particular, forts, gates, turrets, watchtowers, bunkers and other protection, it is still the appearance of the year. original walls not a rare thing.However, thinking of the ancient city wall of Pingyao after a century of war, natural weathering, even more destructive than the war of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution intense, but still surviving so far, what the people have a consternation ah. Pingyao ancient city wall have exact records of the building dating to Hongwu years.Then the walls no shape now complete, the main walls of rammed earth, experienced magistrate thirty times thicker solid training, wall to wall build, and build turrets, towers from its current size.Check the information, I see the following set of numbers: 10-meter high ancient city wall, top width of 3-6 meters, watch tower 71, 3000 multiple pile wall, with nearly 170 million tons of soil, brick 65,000,000.Behind these figures are countless flowing blood and tears and sweat builders.More than 6000 ten thousand embryos hit the wall, firing, carriage, then a piece Diego grading stack, which is also a modern view of how vast the project.Hardships and long ancient city in the region now called kilns still a street names remind me of manpower and resources are spent for the construction of the walls of the vast and fired bricks.Walk along the city walls, gray earth walls swayed afternoon sun, whole body reveals an ancient atmosphere.Tour guide pointed to a tower in the distance, we begin LUO verse: mountains and rivers Trinidad map, Que Nine city gates.Imperial Palace is not strong concept, know that the world respect.I wonder if the concept does not change after the two Pingyao city, know that the statue of the ancient walls may be more appropriate. Chinese, including urban and city walls of double semantics.Construction of the walls not only strengthened the city’s defenses, but also portray a specific area on the geographic location.A populated place, no matter how prosperous and prosperity, if not determine the scope of its walls, and it surrounds it, this place can only be regarded as a general sense of the city, not the city.Like Shanghai, this evolved from a small fishing village neighborhoods or large commercial port, we can only call it Shanghai, instead of Shanghai City.In fact, before the founding of New China, more than 1,400 county administrative exact establishment, there must be the county town, the walls of the city shall have.In China, almost no city walls is not.Dr. Joseph Needham had this passage in his “History of Chinese Civilization” in: When you arrive at a Chinese town, you notice the first scene is built around the original thick walls of residential areas.These walls look like the famous section of the Great Wall of China, the above observation tower, faintly visible protective shelter.That is, until the war, the Chinese towns walls, is still curing people’s eyes a horizon, a landscape without a break.It is this round after round, thick layers of walls, constitute the historical architecture of each city, which is flowing in these cities genetically related fresh blood. However, these fresh blood today has basically dried up.Beijing more than 70 km long ancient city walls have all gone does not exist, Chong Yuan once stood, towering enumerate a century unharmed ancient city wall of Nanjing was demolished, and Xi’an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Hangzhou….Now, a city in the county to see if it still stands some walls, can not do very much dismayed?Since the early days of liberation, almost all the walls of the city were destroyed as a whole is to overcome the remnants of feudalism.then.Beijing people involved in the demolition of the city demolish an old man recalls the ancient city wall scenes: at sea, fog, dim light, Beijingers flocked to the walls, with a shovel crowbar struggling to pick dismember this sadly silent queue.Each unit labor competition, we invited for the dry strength, strong people and equipment than anyone else, more than a meter long bricks demolition does not move with the staves pry with hammer…At night, desperate Allende Professor Liang Sicheng stroking the broken wall, shed hot tears. ancient city wall of Pingyao was more fortunate.Pingyao economic development slower, less urban construction, it is a modern urbanization is a beat slower than other cities.However, after the reform and opening up, Pingyao is also not far behind in 1981 in the ancient city in the its overall planning of urban construction included in the plan: two wide road will cross the city, the ancient city of the southwest corner of the building public parks.Fortunately, a professor at Tongji University in Taiyuan after being informed edgy rushed to Pingyao.He saw, plan is not approved, the ancient city of the east have been clawed a big hole in the road is widening, some houses have been demolished.Fortunately, Pingyao County finally listened to expert opinion, according to the ancient city of retention, another new plan to build a new town of the original plan have been adjusted.Today, come from all over the country flock of tourists how becoming a deep sigh as thrillers this sword stay in the city of marvel! We took a different mood to Pingyao, also, with the same frame of mind searching through the other city, but not the expression of the ancient city of Pingyao traveled a completely different feeling.Here, our attention is not just a particular deposit of the ancient city, not just the ticket number, Escort, Rishengchang Land of Wealth of legend, as well as on a national study still life and customs of the recall, and not some somewhat dare to think dare look back in history. real Pingyao is actually hidden in her external beauty, and some run-down old streets and courtyards, an ancient city wall can not substitute.Pingyao people are today open its arms to meet all directions visitors to visit to enjoy this World Heritage Site, If only the walls of this last one we can keep those genetically related wire once held and will continue to lead our national culture to the world wire strands of memory.