Ink rhyme poem sequential open, meaning brilliant pen of customs intelligence (reporter’s notes)

Prior to the interview, Zhao Wu reporter accidentally saw Yang Huanting teacher speak to his collection of poems “wild flowers open” in the preface: “His poetry as mountain daisy-like simplicity.Although there is no elegant apricot, peach blooming, peony rich, but in the autumn air blows into the open in the cliff road, in the humble place exudes a faint, carrying earthy fragrance.”After seeing him, the reporter found, in fact, reveals this simple temperament not only his poetry, and his calligraphy, his life.    Perhaps, in the Holy Land Xi’an Royal Park this sage Masatoshi giving birth, he is not the most prominent of a reputation that, but he Chiai life was enough for us to see his great love of mind and tension of life, and whom deeply moved.    Laying paper, grind, consider, pen.When his ink mutiny was a handsome one font, reporters seem to feel this way he dedicated to study and adhere to the book arts.”Badly written, write about.”His words, though not much, but it reveals a sincere and kind.Brow, people feel there is always a noble emotion in slowly flowing.In this hot summer day, he was silent as a reed, moved to reporters his party to see the poetry and beauty of life.So, this refined amazing young poet calligrapher ink exactly how to rhyme, feeling sort of shut?With these questions, this reporter approached Zhao Wu’s inner world.    Wonderful place in life, it is to find or create a suitable stage, put their talents and potential vividly played out, I do not care about the outside world praise or destroyed, not because of changes in the external environment, the satisfaction of all heart are in the process among the.Valuable point in life, but also that stick to their spiritual home, to maintain personal independence and freedom of thought.Although Zhao Wu intersection before and not very deep, but when his meditation chat, he’s the “wonderful” and “valuable” natural or revealed in his conversation, his look, even, in the glow of his brush in his writings.    The artist’s works have a kind of open north and rough weather in the author’s impression, much like the word Dongpo.In this hot summer, reading works of calligraphy Zhao Wu, gave the author presents a delicate and graceful artists north side, as if this time I approached a roll of antique books that linger like a dendrite, and as if the clear spring water more like a silent guxiang owned by people ringing sound of the door.Perhaps the style is the man, Zhao Wu Qian Qian elegance and personality as it should be.    Book as it were, that is true.Zhao Wu calligraphy with affection visibility, pen passionate emotion, candidly reveal the nature of the paper.The pen is the kind of elegant and timeless style inherited the aesthetic qualities of the natural joy of Chinese traditional calligraphy art.His calligraphy, giving the impression that a prominent ink rhyme poem, look good.Visible, Zhao Wu word is carefully written out.Its creation is by looking for words mood of the release process, it is to reveal the true nature of Emotion.Days down like a waterfall, Vientiane confused flow, the state proceeds to a pen, brush does not stagnate informal, casual run dry, natural blurring video tapes, one go.He advocated calligraphy aesthetic and taste in the first place, calligraphy writing of send pregnant.It shows the bosom of the Spirit from his work, he was indifferent to a detached, creating a colorful world of calligraphy.    Commenting on the way the process of learning calligraphy, Zhao Wu emotion.All the way to the bitterness, all the way to adhere to, when those memories slowly spread in the road of expansion has gone, he’s fine, clear words after all.    20-year-old Zhao Wu learning calligraphy, all the way to study, through ups and downs.Initially due to limited economic conditions, only through on waste paper, cement floor exercises and write calligraphy couplet to upgrade their skills, and there is no professional guidance, everything all by itself groping.He has dampened with water on the concrete floor exercises, a stick is more than a decade, but had to squat on the ground too long to write dizziness fell, scraped his forehead, but the face of these hardships, he has never regretted it, never I never had to give up the idea.Him most was pleased that, over the years, his wife always been quietly support him, so that he had to be able to ink a bold swipes at everyone in sight, from mid-1995 onwards, he worked in his wife’s the support and assistance of the couple sold the decade-long couplet.Now, he and his wife ran a painting mounting the pavement, so that not only can supplement income of life, but also for his knowledge and learning more works of art of calligraphy has facilitated.Hard work pays off, more than ten years of experience, his maturity level of the book arts, won everyone’s praise.Now everybody says he is promising calligrapher.    Turning to the understanding of the art of calligraphy, Zhao Wu deep feelings.He said that calligraphy is the carrier of culture, calligraphy is not only to write, but writing is a kind of cultural heritage.A real calligrapher should have deep cultural accomplishment.In his perception, the calligraphy known as calligraphy, calligraphy way of writing is not simply the pursuit of high spirits, and describe the soul is always pursued the highest level calligrapher.In calligraphy, look above the “form quality” form of quality is look for the existence of the prerequisite and basis, during calligraphy, only to reach the heart hand double smooth, two things I forgot to write the truth Emotion, financial into their knowledge cultivation and aesthetic taste.”Art is not everyone’s leaving their appreciation of the art of calligraphy belongs to all mankind, rather than an individual.So, when he performed calligraphy, he has been in pursuit of “the look is, form quality, followed by” artistic effect.    ”Calligraphy is the best shortcut does not cut corners,” which is a summary of Zhao Wu brilliant way of calligraphy.He said: “When the ink excellent pleasure in life, changes in temperament deep knowledge” of a person if only focus on temporary posts, write, do not pay attention to their own cultural enrichment, it can not be called calligrapher, only natural outpouring of the spirit of sincere, can produce arts , writing in a general sense function can only be called “writing craftsman”.Thus, Zhao Wu Chiai and understanding of the art of calligraphy is has a master’s touch of.    Having a book of Zhao Yi Wu things, reporters have to talk about his feelings document intended, because he was a quite well known young writers, poets.Before only know that he was a calligrapher, but the review before the interview, I was surprised to find his relevant information, he is a poet.So, he and literature, recalled the story also became a focus of attention of reporters.    Zhao Wu grew very fond of literature, from the primary school there is a literary dream.It is because of harbor dreams, he never gave up in the face of heavy pressure of life, still adhere to by listening to the radio, read a book to enrich themselves, accumulated bit by bit life.Childhood misery, let Zhao Wu early to start thinking about life, feelings freehand.    Wu Zhao mid-2006 published his first book of poems, “wild flowers open”.His collection of poems which he covered in bits and pieces from 1983 to 2006 in mid-life, from small to large can be described as a life experience, from life occurs in heart.”Wildflower open” can be said that he has accumulated in the decades after the Beginning of a masterpiece and, through this collection of poems we hear the symphony of the country in his eyes, but also smell the fragrance of the air after the open floor wildflowers, heavy feeling after feeling the earth close.These poetic language fresh and bright, true feelings, a little more pure, simple.As the saying goes, “it is a gorgeous beauty, dull is a beauty.The difference is that our hearts are not the same sentiment Bale.”In short, peruse Zhao Wu, is embodied in him self into the realm of art from the music, whims and way of life, the natural harmony of the wisdom of life.    As someone once said in an article he wrote it: “Zhao Wu never self-proclaimed poet of the times, but he always was the son of a farmer in a gesture, a land of Rye angles observation of life , understanding life, celebrate life.”Chinese men of letters has always been quiet and tranquil for the United States, in terms of Zhao Wu calligraphy works, or from his literary works, we are able to read this beauty.We believe, rustic tranquility is a poem on the Roads and speeding live together, if the language is lit, desolate will be warm.

Rethink the value of the countryside behind

Countryside ago, I saw a circle of friends in our school house teacher forwarded a wave tweets “aunts and uncles, summer vacation, do not come here to support education of the”.Wave home teacher and attach a section of text: “Although the summer countryside has a very good mind, do not deny that has a positive effect, but the article pointed out that the problem is an objective reality, and even long been neglected.Three rural areas to participate in activities of the organization and personnel of arbitrariness and non-professional, led to many questions: for example, disrupted the original teaching school teaching ecology, alienation classroom instruction form.Teaching process, the team outdated words and deeds, impairment of social understanding and evaluation of the student population.So the follow-up survey of summer countryside activities worthy of study.”At that time, I did not understand the teacher did not these words.But after a few days of teaching activities, I suddenly remembered this passage teacher, thought-provoking.On reflection these days, in my opinion, the summer countryside activity does provide a workout in us a platform for college students.It is undeniable, but also no doubt.But let’s not ignore the problems.Some students participate in three activities in the countryside just to complete the credits, take a practice scores.In addition, I can not help but ask: “We have this short 10 days can change anything.”?There may be some changes, but into the long history of life is nothing but a spray.As the teacher said, countryside arbitrariness participants and activities organized and non-professional.Many people participated in three rural areas are freshman students, lack of teaching experience, even if it is not the normal professional wishful.So this way, the situation is serious nonsense seriousness of our team on the podium, or in the classroom is unrealistic ideas.Is not that the students listened to sleep, listening to the teacher wants to beat.Indeed, where students sleep on, not entirely to blame the students, the teachers also may be a problem.Summer, a semester, this is the most fun holiday, and our teachers are teaching new knowledge in knowledge or Chaogang do not know how many students can absorb?I’m not entirely deny the significance of three rural areas.Of course, like second class offered such courses sign language, hand, martial arts, paper cutting really broadened their horizons.I write to you, I can not help but think, 10 years ago, I participated in the activities of three rural areas.At that time, there are also a team practice three rural areas to support education in our small town.I, as a student, in retrospect, events of little significance.Although we had a lovely pleasant 10 days with the students, but short-lived, as we go, what they can really left?Two days ago, and three rural areas to participate in a chat with the students, he said, “officials is to help people take care of children fills special dignity it did not.Parents do not pay attention, no formal school, the teacher did not dignified, not educated students.”Perhaps, he said, he has gone too far, but he pointed out that the problem is an objective reality.Therefore, we see the positive side of three countryside activities at the same time, we must rethink and re-evaluate the value of three rural areas. I do not know what I said the idea, whether “inappropriate”? Author / Huangcheng Ping Qiu Rui Huang Xiaofang Source / South China Normal University, “China Green Sparkle” social practice squad

Wake up the dream grain is red

The main varieties are red food grain wake dream of: yellow rice, white rice.However, how many times I dreaming, food is red.My dream, the food is pink, warm and sweet; after waking up, food is deep red, mature and dignified; even in the future, food is bright red, beautiful and bright.  Why not red food?Red is the hope of jump.When we are stuck in a stretch of rainy or suffering to the bitter cold, the Eastern horizon Shu sun rose, the red dazzling bring us what kind of surprise and emotion!We will never forget the early days of our country’s grain output was only 1.100 million tons, while last year, the country’s grain output reached 5.700 million tons, an increase of 3.83 times.You know, China is the world’s first large-population countries, food security is a problem, no one can save us.We will not forget that a few decades ago in China, many of our compatriots still hungry, can eat are luxury.Today, too many grain varieties, too strong food nutrition makes us dazzle, difficult to choose, there is no prosperity food, there is no political, economic, cultural, ecological prosperity, economic construction and social development is the castle in the air.It gave us food at ease and stability, it is food gives us hope and future, would it not red it?  Why not red food work?As we all know, China’s revolutionary history is a history of red, countless people with lofty ideals, revolutionary martyrs one after another, stained with blood and lives flag, national flag colors.The planned economy period, our food purchase and sale main line work, in conditions of material deprivation, and effectively protect the final victory of the revolution throughout the country to overcome the well-known difficulties in three years.Since the reform and opening up, we work to coordinate the food excellent situation in the country in full swing with the times.From the fourth to complete a separate grain purchase and marketing, our food work while undergoing a heartbreaking biting pains, but brave and strong who survive food, and walked steady pace towards the advancement.Farmers face sent food, we are still due diligence, efforts to improve their service, pick-income, according to quality, abide by ethics, fairness and justice, farmers should be our laughter shadow.To face the task manage reserves to stabilize the market of government, our food workers in perpetuity, dare not have the slightest slack?Take it where I City Grain and Oil Corporation and the valley rice industry now, as the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises in Jiangxi Province, the first provincial business and state-owned grain enterprises, we have never seen what winning, but endless responsibility and mission.Our one attached to the majority of grain farmers, one attached to the vast food market, we always become close friends and people who appreciate the farmers market.According to incomplete statistics, nearly 10 years, our company through the acquisition of food to help farmers achieve a total income of nearly $ 10 million to try upgrading cooperation and business model of the valley rice processing equipment industry, but also enable enterprises to adapt to the market, to the sound development of the road.It is our food work their own homes and small office show consideration for the overall situation, it is the work of our food difficulties, the spirit of flying, is it not red it?  Yes, the food, the food is working as well as food business red.Any industry has its ups and downs, we can not because of temporary difficulties and can not see the vigor and vitality, we can not because the current weaknesses and deny our past, our future pessimism.Stormy hero character.Any success in overcoming difficulties are created, only the tough difficult life could never be forgotten, wonderful unlimited.Bar with open arms to our enthusiasm and solid, with our efforts and wisdom to meet the food business-like red spring sun!    September 9, 2012

Another year of autumn

Although coming Mid-Autumn Festival, the South in the evening, the setting sun was scorching so hard to Pusa with countless gorgeous colors in the hot breeze stirred in the air gradually volatile exhausted.Perhaps still remained a trace of mist misty reverberates across the dust, so that busy people are not feeling himself to feel worried about it every day. So the day passed, like the wind from time refers to the interstitial stroll away, to catch, but helpless.Every day life has become accumulation of years, while he was busy in this day do not know yet done.A bit melancholy, a bit disappointed, but also has expectations of how many. Disturbed heart can no longer calm, with Xin out the door, chatting children are all topics, unknowingly came to the patron of the park, go for a while on the mountain, into the jungle room, mountain breeze, see the front of the lush green leaves with dark green cross swaying slightly, and “Wow, Wow” to ring, the birds occasionally Ming too, though sweat is constantly flowing, but my mind was gradually subsided.I heard the sound of water gurgling in front, came closer, a little mountain stream meandering trip in the valleys flowing, heart suddenly see the light, Xin smiled and pulled a small hand, a brisk walk up, hand skim holding slapping his face, cool cool Dayton, drink, clear, sweet.The rise of micro eyes closed enjoying, when my mind suddenly emerge sentence often said: “The man, the most important thing is the real alive.”I am sitting in the stream, watching the water looming like a foam-like picture of the bread, ‘Oh.’I can not help but sigh, smile Minzui.At this point, the cool wind blowing gently from side brush test over, let me forget that this is a hot autumn in the high-temperature, long time did not want to leave; a ray from penetrating between the thick clouds and dense foliage but after the rays, fired my eyes, that was reddish yellow mixed with some dark glow, I know that the light is about to leave after all, it is to go home.

Lovelorn daughter like a poem

[REVIEW] therefore my heart hanging up, because I simply do not know the childish snow Ni, in this materialistic society, the ability to avoid injury to find the real emotional end; because I do not know when the love of old bread where snow-ni can break through the emotional life of this important pass.I have a lot daughter, but that does not mean that I was able to bounce guerrilla leader, because many of the girls, only one is my daughter, that her daughter are.    Daughter like flowers dotted all over the country, have not met accounted for more than half.Although they come from different places and family, but I can hear the same voices from different directions, they call my father in unison.This makes me very popular with middle-aged, very intoxicated, like being like flowers in the garden very graceful.I also feel a great responsibility and important because my young daughter is like a blossoming flower, and flowers need human love, care and grooming, otherwise these flower-like daughter might get lost, been injured, or even sink.This is a situation I do not want to see.So many of the trivialization of the day, I seriously answer every phone call from them, read every letter they sent, and then give the necessary guidance or counseling.    To be honest, I do not want to impersonate her daughter’s life these teachers, I’m just worried they hurt.For example, a few days ago I received a letter from her daughter Xueni guest in Guangzhou, she Tiantadixian wrote in the letter: Dad, I’m falling out of love!I am suffering!I’m desperate!what should I do?.Lost sad reading this text, my mind emerge out of the streets at midnight Huacheng Qing Ji bleak, blurred under the scattered lights, lone delicate and charming with a fat girl.The girl called snow-ni, five years ago, the first time a letter from my father to call the girl from the countryside Shanwei, Guangdong.    Xueni not an ordinary rural girl, I say unusual, one of her heart and mind, and second, she looks like.Speaking of heart and mind, it should be Xueni Emotion Shigeyoshi good girl, said she was pure and noble is not excessive.Xueni to study two brothers, 16-year-old initiative to give up their studies to the field work.A young girl living away from home alone, own some Unspoken pain and frustration, but the ups and downs stumbling, still succeeded in pulling Xueni.Two years ago, a special cold of winter, snow ni wrote that a mountain wish to travel long distances to see me, but she was the unfulfilled.At first I did not take it seriously.Until two weeks after Xueni in front of me, I was touched by her sincerity mess.    Speaking Xueni appearance of unusual, does not refer to how my daughter is beautiful, is not, in fact Xueni is a very fat girl, with less than six meters tall, it is more show its fat the.But Xueni does not seem to worry about their own fat, in a moment in time where mountain snow Jenny said she most admired singer is Han, and also eight children to sing a few songs first Han children.Hey, really like it happened.It should be said, Xueni is a versatile, rich emotional girl, she was not only singing, but also well written article.As can be seen, when the snow-ni and did not tell the truth, in fact, she hated own fat one, because not long ago a crush on her handsome boy, because obesity rejected courtship signals emitted Xueni.I did not expect two years Xueni because the same reason, ending a vigorous romantic love.This twenty-two strong self-esteem Xueni is undoubtedly a big hit hard.    As Xueni this short-lived love, I know some, because in recent months Xueni call letter, full of a pure country girl longing for love, the infinite happiness.She told me bluntly: be like their boys love how sweet!Of course I am pleased to Xueni, and hinted that she too romantic love is dubious, but Xueni over the phone can not buy any smile, as if I am jealous of her happiness like.    Now, read a letter from the snow-ni heartbroken, my sense of foreboding was truly happened.In fact, the tall, handsome boy, perhaps out of boredom or loneliness, he does not love the snow-ni, just for fun, and infatuation persistent snow-ni but moving the truth.This Xueni enclose herewith the text of two small, can be fully confirmed.One is “waiting” is a silly girl waiting for missed appointments arrival of Prince Charming, Prince Charming but that did not come, the girl’s heartache and loss fleshed out; another article, “Thank goodness,” Let me read I was getting scared, because the soul is very single-minded girl, while waiting for Prince Charming who dream, out of compassion beggar alms two 200 dollars, which saved her own!The boy has not played since, but the snow-ni locked prey, when he saw the girl’s kind-heartedness, was ashamed to recover the unpredictable heart!If I’m not mistaken, that silly waiting for the boys to be girls against the law of prey, is Xueni own!    Therefore my heart hanging up, because I simply do not know the childish snow Ni, in this materialistic society, the ability to avoid injury to find the real emotional end; because I do not know when the love of old bread, the snow Nicole could break through the emotional life of this important pass.I do not know, struggling in the pain of lost love, snow-ni is also the brilliant sunshine girl with the innocent look of it?I do not know, I just begged God in silence, for this kind of heavy feeling a little fat girl gift.Read this point, it is how I do this manuscript ending unable to do anything, I grabbed a jingle ringing phone.Xueni phone call was actually, first of all a bunch of cheerful clear laughter, and then I heard Xueni said: Dad, I know you’re worried about me.Please be assured that I will not commit suicide, these days I was busy writing love poem.Put down the microphone, I’m quite a while back, but God, I can not understand why Xueni become so fast, while the wind while rain!It seems lovelorn daughter really like a poem, like a can not be read through thoroughly read the Obscure.Anyway, I was relieved, because I am worried about people purely on the snow-ni’s Qi.1800 words

Tianchi Dutch rhyme

In order to see the grace Tianchi lotus, the day I whim Tianchi early taxi to the park, I have been stubbornly believe that only thin cloud Willow Lakeshore savory taste in the morning.My heart is kept praying under light rain, so perhaps better appreciate the heavy mist Chutian wide, the mood among the rain water cloud of smoke.    Tianchi Park, I come to you and I go about unfinished.    Get into the park, wall paintings, bamboo washed walls, pavilions, flowers Shigeki, bridges WIND eleven came into my eyes, from which, if suddenly across from the tall buildings of modern to ancient Intrigue.Slowly along the banks of the venue, for fear of breaking the quiet of the park, afraid to miss a scenery.Park ancient Pujing Ya, lotus bloom, fine Liufu embankment, water trough full of water, green grass, that bloom is unknown trouble branches of trees and flowers, the dew faint splendid.Humid air wearing a flower Vanessa deep see, some water sections dragonfly fly, still faintly heard the crisp sound of birds and the intermittent sound of the erhu.The wind is very small, Lanlansansan bypass the willow branches, even the most delicate branches and the wind seemed reluctant to talk softly, just want to continue to catch up on sleep.Such a micro can not feel a little wind, it can really make people unwilling to.Overcast at the moment was right, exhibited the influence of slight rain means, but will not fall off, making the lake shrouded in fog on a thin layer, it still pond as the general picture in front of me started to shop is not exhaustive.Lotus immersed in the heart continuously, it is refreshing.Blossoming or small size, or gentle and elegant, soft or tall or have a dignified appearance of static load, but at the same time make people feel pleasing enough, to see for a long time will inevitably feel fly in the ointment, not the high level of picturesque beauty, Smart escape of viable beauty can really touch people’s souls, and the human mind fit.Wind, ah, you’re too violent it!Let bidet Kingston engine jade plate, painstakingly save the world Sincere heart of the lotus dance to it!Let me see that ten thousand ares spectacular dance bar fight!    Blazing stroll, look pond quiet beauty; journeying to wait, when Xu breeze?I was waiting for so anxious and sweet, but fortunately Faith will move mountains to open, the long-awaited wind.Wind off, the lotus and dances, the tallest building in Pitt leaves the next day off, Barbara is beautiful.That stubborn struggling Praise aloof pure bud, that half-opened.Full of ignominy with mood.Water fairy endless thrill like lotus: when the wind is too Xu Tong, also want to say shame, fascinating and charming; when the wind destroyed the pond, boundless expanse of bow, though, do not discount the strength of character.No exaggeration, not artificial, since the foot of dirt, cleaning from the inside, light but not cold, and not the United States and China, do not let me how to love?    I can see God, even silky drizzle followed along for the ride have never found that when I have to be aware, is already a dense rhythm of the rain curtain.Refreshing breeze coming through the flowers and trees, people passing the dough surface, Qin Qin cool rain Zhanyi wet, almost confused people get comfortable.Then Hawthorn also told me to show another a style, Bik leaves are wet rain Run in the oil-like green, in this thick green in contrasting been spotlessly clean faint light pink two color, different shades but echo each other, complement each other.Amidst the Rain, waterfowl tilted the Fangfei.Dutch petals falling, and the poor without chasing butterflies!From a horizontal boat, no crossing, who suffer Hou?Outside the boat, blue Yang Yang, from shore to shore bridge, greeting sent, how many people proud?Dash off sad?    Along the road of flowers and King lost to the human eye, quiet people, my heart seems to have been more Qingming rain washed more flexible.More rain curtain thin, rain was also deserted if it appears, and tourists in twos and threes park, the park becomes noisy up.Look around, Zhu deep, shallow red, thick film, optical light, densely intertwined with the overlap.Turn a blind eye, and told all collection between heart, Tianchi Dutch rhyme in my heart quietly flowing.

29 square meters of warm

Less than thirty square meters of cabin cottage, packed exquisitely delicate, warm considerable.This is a friend of the little house, the couple with smart brain and dexterous hands, stunned is to become a full run-down hut delicate and elegant two-bedroom suite.Bedroom living room kitchen range, although very small, but functional, like a lot, “small but perfectly formed.”Wall & Floor missing black face, the whole body together with mosaic tiles, smooth white, all windows replaced with aluminum windows, not only to expand the use of space, even more pale and bright.Actually, this lodge to sit dark, but now they can not feel a thing, subtly reflecting sunlight to come in added warmth.Flat ceiling, rejected the previous uneven, before rain to leak, there scratching cats running and jumping on the roof does not leak now, and also the noise isolation.    It was the middle of the living room of the house, which is irregular, narrow point, it is estimated to have about 6 square meter.This can be used as entrance door, shoe tightly embedded in the side of the door, looking top right, below the ceiling there is a fine display stand, a detour to some beautiful crafts.Dining table can be folded up, it does not account for terrain.    Corner is a freshman small two-bedroom, 18 square meters will add up how to make a fuss?How to put furniture, clothing necessities?May wish to look up, have developed into the air, hanging cabinet, extension of the peripheral wall designed to be very simple shelf wall cabinet style, surrounded by a curtain flounced pull, OK, elegant warm immediately embraced this article do very beautiful!    Nearly 3 square meters kitchen, where pots and pans can accommodate so many, but also to move upwards, extended semi-circle wall cabinets are open, rice cookers, microwave ovens do not carry out their duties a little crowded, gas stove vegetables pool, as are a lot.Next is the bathroom, to 2 meters may not, cottage is no toilet, it can magically appeared in the same pattern and building bathroom.This is the most expensive engineering effort, is said to be dug ditches along the river leading to the sewage tanks.This is the not the idea, since you can feel at ease export problems to solve in the house, but no longer carrying a jar of public toilets, which is the most technical transformation, is transformed into a small cottage suites.    Walk outside, who can see the original that this is very rotten hut?After the liberation of public housing, age, and later because of restructuring financing to buy low-cost workers, mostly employees and then changed hands to sell, rent or else go, rarely live alone.Such a small house, how it shelter?Friends can be a family of three lived down.Thick warmth of their home, is a good daughter framed calligraphy on the wall, somewhat elegant, occasionally dotted with ornaments and trinkets so many hut joy of life, very elaborate layout!Give me double the square area, to draw up such an effect.    Decoration is really too valuable.They originally lived in the remote rural areas, house condition good facilities, much the couple income, also support school daughter, house prices are now so high, that is, two suites can not afford to sell new houses, old houses would live it, why bother swollen face to charge fat, the taste of house slaves do feel better?Because her daughter to school in the city, nearby to care for his daughter, choose to move back to the hut, some brains transformation, achieve this novel today, a family of three enjoyable.29-square-meter house, in no way inferior to the high-rise estates China.    Their mini nest is not is another living law?From a practical, tailored based on the original, new look.Went out, I hesitated up previously is wrong?From out of their home, to go through a warren, dark or dirty and messy, as people could not believe their home is right here?    Friends say that this renovation really took some effort, beating it!Oh, install wall cabinets hands are breaking a few times it.Aside from the necessary labor, her husband is single-handedly built!She proudly.In fact, the house is really not too much love in it is like, to build a warm.Sit in that period of time, the hostess talked about her daughter education employment and longer-term issues, citing her husband said to her daughter’s words — we do not expect in the future count on your wealth, your mother and I just have beds (so much to children) will do.This is the most simple words, who can carefully try to figure out which Jervis?Now Tiantian Han high prices, there are a number of man-made it?Those who do not understand the force of the law to buy a house wife’s mother, house prices boost hand, developers carefree and happy.People always make unremitting efforts for the home, some effort can be achieved, which determined a strong man act now!Simple, local conditions, life is a palette depends on how you tune out the most suitable color.Some efforts are out of reach, no matter whether to give up!    Friends of the 29 square meter dwelling, the home is warm colors, winter will not be cold feeling.

Hateful crime

This hateful crime is a new “sophisticated”.  I think a lot of charges on the law, all the rhetoric, as long as to include the phrase, said: abominable crime.  For example, some people feel a hateful person, give him some bitter strike, so there is another way.If in Guangzhou, but before the “purge”, it can secretly promote his anarchists.So, naturally communist youth said he was “******”, guilt.If after the “purge” it, to say that he is CP or CY, there is no evidence, you can refer to as a “pro-Communist faction”.So, party purge Committee [2] naturally said he was “******”, guilt.Then a last resort, we have to find some other subject matter, resort to the law of the.But comparatively trouble.  I previously always thought people are guilty, it is shot or sent to prison.Now I know many of them, is to be considered as “hateful”, this finally committed a crime.Many sinners, should be called “hateful man”.  Ninety four.  [1] Benpian originally published on October 22, 1927 “Tattler” magazine first fifty-four.  [2] clear mechanism Chiang Kai-shek of the Kuomintang Party Committee repression of communists and support for the Sun Yat-sen’s three policy within the Kuomintang leftists established.May 5, 1927, the Standing Committee of the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee and the joint meeting of Ministers decided to appoint seven people DENG Ze organizations such as the Central Party Committee cleared.May 17, which will be formally established, composed of the provinces also has its subsidiary bodies.

Shanghai Museum of Natural History Travels

I was born like quiet, all right, when in his own house party world where they like to do chores, combing their messy thoughts, now has climbed the forehead wrinkles, this character has not changed.Shanghai came more than three months, and stay at home, do not want to go somewhere.In begged her daughter, December 27, 2015 early in the morning, and her son went to play with the Shanghai Museum of Natural History.    Since New Year’s Day is coming, everywhere decorated, lively scene.Although there are psychologically prepared before you go, but to the scene, crowded scenes shocked me, crowded around the entrance, it is a long row of long team, a scene no less than a few years ago Expo.    Museum of Natural History New Building layer 6, the ground layer 3, the ground layer 3, the overall shape of the building from the Nautilus housing; clever enclosed elliptical pool to become the central focus of the building visited flow line, a symbol 71% Earth’s surface covered by water, bring the water ripples, texture, movement, sound and reflected waves, then become an important part of the museum experience.    Three of us with the crowd into the exhibition, catches my eye is the huge dinosaur skeletons, as well hanging in the air of the big shark specimens, field of view, a mix of a variety of plant and animal specimens, vivid, lifelike.    When the venue, see a few specimens of birds of paradise.Bird of paradise, only when the courtship will show its most beautiful side, these specimens all seem to enjoy the most beautiful, I think, if even more beautiful live up.Unwittingly entered the world of butterflies, in this exhibition, demonstrating the thousands of butterflies of different times around the world, especially in a circular pattern on the wall with different sizes, different colors of butterflies, composed of lead many tourists away, I quickly put beauty into the camera.    The most striking is the central hall of the door closing Chuanma Long Creek and the Yellow River, Howard Johnson, the former length 22 meters tall at the shoulder 3.5 meters, weighing dozens of tons, is the world’s largest dinosaur; the latter 8 meters long, four meters tall, a pair of front teeth there are three meters long, in addition, Hsu Lufengosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus Long, Westergren dsungaripterus, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur footprints, basaltic frogs, fish and dragons, Brontotherium, giant rhinoceros and other ancient animal fossils.    In animal exhibition galleries, a variety of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.Including China protected animals gibbons, golden monkey, panda, leopard, tiger, Asian elephant, wild ass, deer, wild camels, Chinese alligator and so on, as well as China and two protected species extinct wild elk (ie ” grotesque “) and many rare birds and animals; in addition, also features a number of foreign well-known animals such as African lions, giraffes, baboons and chimpanzees, Australia’s platypus, kangaroos and emus, American lion, Japan’s high crab etc..    Look at the time knew more than 12 points, the stomach is also hungry, so, with her daughter-in-law to a fast-food restaurant in the museum had something to eat, tired legs a lot easier, and then continue the tour.    The eye is most absorbing is to look at the Big Bang, the Big Bang is a 4D ball round screen, broadcast regularly, we happen to catch, so squeeze in a crowd watching intently, looked over one hour.4D reading come before a showcase, cabinet decorated with red coral, gold nugget, ruby, Guangxi Wuzhou rhodochrosite, also saw Russian opal raw ore.The history of human development display area, with a large number of objects, models, archaeological finds and King box early ape living conditions of two or three million years ago, reveals the human origins, formation and development of human society, and people are showing Australopithecus evolved from the human society is developed from apes from video, also watched the evolution of the road to escape the Cretaceous exhibition, stirring scenes to understand the process of human formation and ways to survive , as well as the growing wisely.    Mummy Mummy showrooms were on display 5, which region of Xinjiang Loulan Loulan unearthed body of a woman, is China’s earliest known Mummy in a.Mummy exhibition hall in ancient China, there are also on display dating back 3,000 years ago unearthed in Xinjiang Hami Mummy and Tang, Song and Ming dynasties Mummy, a little scared after watching.    Africa into the theater, you can directly view, scene, with perfect lighting, but a taste of the wild prairie.The story went Shanghai exhibition, the middle of a large theater, forming a loop in Shanghai, Shanghai introduced the local geology and biological species.Read a long time I’m tired, and her son into the cafe for coffee, rest for a while continue to tour, this time has been more than 4 points.    Jane earth exploration.Describes the Earth is our home survival, minerals and rock not only constitute the lithosphere, more faithful record of the Earth billions of years of evolution and change.Cast aside the years of dust, embodies the essence of the world’s geological treasure, lit the torch of human civilization, it exudes eternal light; and water and wind carved the face of the earth all the time, offers a colorful big stage of life, is big Seven Wonders of nature to create our unique and beautiful home.I think, as people on earth should cherish everything can cherish.    Shanghai Museum of Natural History “natural?people?Harmony “as the theme, through the” evolution of the movement “,” picture of life “,” epic “civilization, showing the mystery of the origin, the long history of life, the evolution of the road, the earth exploration Jane, colorful life, ecology Vientiane, living wisdom, 10 people to the edge of the permanent exhibition, Shanghai story, such as the way forward; there are temporary exhibition hall, 4D cinema, discover the function of supporting regional centers, exhibition displays more than 11,000 specimens from seven continents model, in which rare specimens of species near one thousand.    There are nearly 1,500 square meters of walk-recovery scenarios, realistic reproduction of vibrant African savanna; “across time and space of gathering” a large array of specimens, brought together more than 200 ancient and modern flora and fauna star; “escape from the Cretaceous” and other 5 an immersive theater, reproduction big event in the history of evolution; “Natural window” and other ecological restoration King box set of 26, 400 and a set of online visual media museum system to meet the demand from the public media era; 1500 scientific group painting, visually show the combination of art and science; 300 square meters of living culture zones, natural touch distance; 1,200 square meters of “discovery Center”, observed that building, hands-on experiments to explore dialogue paradise; “natural epic” show to create science and technology, humanities in one of the art in the world.Place in them, we learned a lot from very distant nature connotation seven continents.    And finally back to the ground floor souvenir shop, stroll for a while, buy souvenirs, three people slowly with the crowd out of the museum, and I feel especially happy because the museum shocking scene, no less beautiful spring , mountains, colorful beauty.

[Dan] poetry water Sentiment heart of Rye

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