Winter small shadow

[Stone] you get cold? Half-naked gazing back down, despite the blustering cold wind messy sleeves rotation does not move eyebrow heart hidden spring and autumn handle partly concealed in your heart not cover half years of uneven wear tranches stone carved out of a stone point Delicate heart into a gold waiting for you in a pink and leaves it cute baby cuddle in your arms I heard my mother call you pretty girl you kissed your forehead, like the Mona Lisa smile shyly hid quietly into space camera in the years I envy you do anything in front of you [confetti] I hate north, meaner they are too hard to beat your petite body one by one somersault until black and blue wheel pulling your shoulder and you desperately to break free after hiding the fate of the rolling billboard scarred feet, breathing and panting, then Su Zhaotou see snow night who is owned by a few people who could read a few words on that rusty ruins you I’m so distressed that you can only watch you shiver [such as] snow gradually enveloped the dark to give you the name of pioneer snow, not a state is a desire and anxious mood in the snow waiting for you to say Yellow River bank, run to the vines as Rouchang I ask you snow there Northland corner, I eagerly look forward to ignite the boiling pot of warm friendship never cold street lights] [old wine sunset little lover gave birth to a posthumous night feasting ambiguous escape your eyes that you can not see the sun night of your site like ghosts in ghost Story, I call the shots you and your elongated shadow Huzuohuyou folding a consistent loss of a small sparrow met [love] piercing their friends love ah, lost his way home that snow still blame grain shriveled grain rice with poppy lure you looking for Sixin unwilling to cry cry cry less than miracle or no you do not know it she mistakenly broke into the dense network of small building built sorghum rod imprisoned her freedom as well as her love for you you Tears of Blood crow in a cage in the woods there are a hundred thousand turn back kind of love that she suffocated her small feather freedom is your title back to air leakage around the love nest over and over again with the tongue comb to comb not a fly in the face of icy salt water Shuangsushuangfei my smile frozen snow [ ] Baby cold Xiaonan afraid you wear a little red jacket to put on your mother, I want to take my mother home snowman, let them look warm Xiaonan ah, you do not know the snow is the home of some of these dolls outcome is bound to be love snow hurt baby tears away Xiaonan tears over and over again to look at “snow White and the seven villain”] [Xue-lin vast woodlands lying still hear the wind whispers, watching the snow dance village at the foot of the cow roared volume since snow spray 39 winter training is not the old days of rumors a few inches of crushed shallow slender branches a few lines of chaos and orderly footprints trod one intersection Linhaixueyuan the story in addition to flying sleigh and sledge pulled by dogs also there is a song called “about in the winter”

you left

“You go,” You go bleak wind blowing bursts of yellow leaves falling piece of blown away the clouds the sky will lose color, pale leaves great, full of earth road feel a sad, melancholy and my it should also melancholy heart pale pale melancholy than the earth than the pale sky of the sky without a flying bird so melancholy sky more pale earth laid hold children to play it, the earth increasingly melancholy and my heart wrapped in melancholy pale, melancholy invasion pale like badly because you’re gone you’re gone, far away, disappeared you, I will no longer watery gentle touch of me, but you never know in the midst of the tumult ever since then, pale Since then mark my emotions, melancholy is the symbol of my life since then, my world is a long winter you go


At dusk, dressed in wedding dress waiting cuckoo in the past against the wall waiting for the rain waiting for the palace is not a reckless who promise the moon with your swing thoughts climb hills as darkness spread the pain I had given you my promise the lingering over who now fell into the marshes I finally want to die like a cuckoo you are dressed in heavy snow slowly come your eyes bright as snow snow engulfed troubles you figure you swallowed my heart since I like a cuckoo singing every night I sing you sing your young face Allure snow onions fingering Sentimental fleeting sing your noble Weifei previous years, I bet the king fagot inferior to a war drama, you smile Allure him when I finally saw transformed into smoke signals moment of your peerless face I crawl a hundred years in tears waiting for a hundred years in the ground again I hear you walk – you abandon the country to give up my life for you hit gem with the sound of the plane-tree you come to bury me said to me something, just lightly said I gave up coming century enlightenment repair together with you in the fire Nirvana, like a The most beautiful Phoenix I sing that I, we ashes with the fire of love today, I hold you in my arms your lips slightly parted kiss you like to kiss the World Gold Indus fire of love that you asked remember the world, then whether you bow shy moment, the sun has melted remember that the world can you say cuckoo would like to do, and I fly and fly?

Written before “labor”

Written before “labor issues” Remember last summer when living in Beijing, I met Zhang Jun right, I heard him say so meant by the words: “Chinese people seem to forget that Taiwan [2], and nobody mentioned between.”He is a young Taiwanese.  I was just as affected by the traumas like, a little pain; but the mouth but said: “No.It is not necessary and will not in.Just because the country is too shabby, internal and external, very much, a leg to stand on, so these things can only be put aside in Taiwan..”But we are young hardship in Taiwan, but the Chinese do not put aside.They often hope that the success of the Chinese revolution, sponsored by China’s reform, try some total force in China now and in the future be beneficial, even if she is still a student.  Jun Zhang Xiuzhe is that I met in Guangzhou.We talked a few times, know that he has translated into a “labor issues” [3] to China, I also want to do some brief preface.I was not good preface, we are opposed preface; moreover for labor issues, ignorant, there is no particular qualifications openings.I can say it is responsible, but Zhang Jun of China and Japan in the text, all very proficient, very reliable translation will certainly fills this.  But this time I was very willing to write a few words before this one translation, as long as I can.Although I do not know labor issues, but the translator in the study tour yet people try to hard work and sincerity, I think the.  I can only these words Expressed my personal gratitude.But I believe that this effort and sincerity, readers will surely feel the.This is really powerful than whatever preface all.  April 11, 1927, Lu Xun knowledge to Zhongshan University in Guangzhou.  [1] Benpian originally printed in “international labor issues,” a book, the original entitled “<国际劳动问题>Foreword “.  [2] Taiwan recovery in 1894 after the Japanese occupation Sino-Japanese War, in 1945 after the victory of Anti-Japanese War.Zhang said that the text of my rights, when Zhang army (1902-1955), who BanQiao.Beijing Normal University student was.  [3] Zhang Xiuzhe Taiwan Province.At that time he graduated from the University of Guangzhou Lingnan, who co-authored “not to forget Taiwan,” a book.”Labor Issues”, formerly known as “international labor issues,” Japanese Asari along with Jiro.Zhang Xiuzhe translation in 1927, published by the Guangzhou International Social Research Society, the Department of Zhang Yuecheng translation.

Garden fun calligraphy (cultural essays)

Many calligraphy and art is connected, such as garden art.  In the garden, you can see various rockery stone, very charming.These rocks, or because of the shape or because of certain situations in life quite similar physical image, and let our imagination.Tang Dynasty poet as world and where he wrote the “Taihu mind,” Cloud: public this matter, not only humility, south east of the villa, the home of the columns, rich almost holy stone.Jue like a non-: a disk showed off the bend as lingqiu fresh cloud who have official end majestic stand as true man of God who have whittled such as Gui Zhen Yun-chan who have sharp edges Lian Ji Jian Gui, such as those.Qiu Feng, such as there are, if curl up if the move will Xiang will leap like a ghost like beast, if the trip if suddenly, the fight to grab the.Wind strong rain the evening dark, cave open chin, if He cloud puff \ Lei, Yi Yi however have expected and those who fear.Once the smoke Ji Jing Li, Yan denseness of clouds E, when the brush flutter Dai Lan, Ai Ai sex though there may be those who play.Once the turn faint, indescribable not.Summary concerned, the high mountains, one hundred one thousand sink hole, Luo strand clusters shrink, all in one.One hundred yards punch, Trinidad moment, sit derived from the.This they also think that the public amenity purposes.  Calligraphy, too, because taking heterogeneous, or those linear shape or quite similar life situations, can also trigger our association.Today to see “Calligraphy psychology” in the network, he said it well: “It is also noted that the ancients would like to take heterogeneous form of ‘like’ into abstract of the ‘like’ and the figurative ‘like’.Abstract pursuit of the elephant is quite similar, as is the pursuit of figurative shape.The former water-repellent derived from goose Wang Concept strokes and Zhang Gongsun aunt sword is obtained Concept cursive method, Huang obtained Concept Woodman rowed gesture, and the like; the latter point, such as a so-called rock, finger, almonds , Globus, head crab, turbot and other meters, such as vertical needle hanging, hanging exposed, colt, iron posts, etc..The former is to create imaginary function, the function of which is to re-imagine.”It seems that the potential of calligraphy association triggers, the United States and calligraphy, strengthen Lenovo in; calligraphy taste, chewing Lenovo in; calligraphy love, moved in the association.  Chinese classical gardens those with strong ethnic style of the various buildings, such as kiosks, Taiwan, House, House, Gallery, Terrace, Villa, Fang, museum, bridges, each with attitude, demonstrated by the performance of the Han nationality shape intelligence and wisdom.Calligraphy also spoke styling, involving lines, knot word, word, line and plate and other aspects of modeling.For example Gallery, “Yuan Ye” said: “Gallery who veranda is also a step, or as long as appropriate song should win.Ancient Qulang, all Colt song.The Qulang to this configuration, the song’s words, with the shape and curved, according to potential curve.Or Pan mountainside, or poor water occasion, flower crossing the gully, winding endless, Sri Lanka http Park’s ‘seal cloud’ also.”You see Cursive in the book, that ‘vertical line’ styling, generally referred to as row axis, but also as ‘Gallery’, like, pay attention to the ‘song’, the calligraphy of the song, or significantly lively, Yun or tenderness, or was intense, but also the eyes of the “gallery”, a step by step guide aesthetic vision.Another example is “Pavilion”, “COLLATION palace” that “: Ting who is also set to stop people, transmissible also.People cease away, come again later, around legend, Lord impermanence.”This kiosk can rest, overlooking the, point of view may be, triangular shape, square, polygonal, fan, circular, semi kiosk, kiosk single, double kiosks, kiosks set various forms, like calligraphy this” book Eye “it is our eyes stopped place, it is a point of view as a book, is rich in meaning, while ‘overlooking’ around the ‘scenery’, will appreciate the taste of a different kind.  Stress rhythm is garden, garden material, shape, color, line, structured with a recurrent law, there will be rhythmic.For example, the same element is continuously repeated rhythm, the opposite contrast prosodic elements repeatedly, different elements are alternately repeated rhythm, tapered elements decrease gradient prosody.Car wind righteousness “Landscape in the rhythm of beauty,” he said: “Whether a garden with a sense of rhythm is the key to its ability attractive tour, different rhythm melody to bring people of different aesthetic experience, or serious, or lively, or winding streets, or small size, will be the owner of the emotional landscape blend in the garden space.The rhythmic patterns to create a garden, visitors will gradually into a state, in which the play makes people no longer rely solely on visual observation of the garden, but be evolving into a rhythmic melody, but also to their feelings into the environment “calligraphy, too, such as official script silkworm head dovetail rhythm repeated continuously, repeatedly wet dry ink rhythm contrast, text trapezoidal, triangular, boxy repeated alternating rhythm, writing gradually increases gradient rhythm, etc..These rhythm, will give a different aesthetic experience, which triggers a corresponding emotional people.For example, calligraphy pen intended to break even or even of rayon with gossamer real, there are connected to every word rolling, I have seen some that cursive strokes to Emotion to repeated continuous rolling rhythm to create “too proud Horseshoe disease,” the books for, to those who enjoy vigorous and imaginative, bold and uninhibited aesthetic sense, thus encouraging people to appreciate the pride of psychological.It is said that when Yun emotional rhythm is rhythm.Let me make this quite understand.  The actual situation in the garden, is a relative concept, is solid as a mountain, water is imaginary; is a real wall, that is, the virtual doors; Fang bridge is solid, the water film is imaginary; construction is a real, virtual space is.We can say that there is no actual situation, there is no garden art.Chuang Tzu have such a fable: “Yellow Emperor north Chishui travel almost, almost Deng Kunlun Hill and South Point.Also go, leaving its Xuanzhu.Knowledge of the cable and not, and not from the Jusoh, the cable of the sense of shame and not to eat too.Naishi like indiscriminately, as was the neglect of.Yellow Emperor said: “Zai different, can be obtained as the almost ignored is the?”Lvhui Qing comment goes:” Like the non-free, non-ignored then there is not sparkling Bumei, was also the reason why Xuanzhu.”” It seems ‘like’ is real, ‘indiscriminately’ is true, one visible, one invisible, and only a combination of both, will have a brilliant artistic Xuanzhu.For example, Gardens by the King, Ji Cheng said there is much to borrow, o borrow, overlooking borrow, Yang borrow and should sometimes take, and that neighborhood by the mirror borrow, Yuan Mei Sui Yuan there, you see “through the gallery Gordon small Cangshan room, Chen abbot large mirror three crystal clarity, flowers and trees and rocks in court, write shadow in the mirror, another world.”One example of this is the actual situation with.Calligraphy the reality, is a relative concept, such as a solid black, the white is imaginary; secret is a real, that is sparsely false; dark ink is solid, and that is a virtual light ink; visible ink is real, the invisible look that is false, etc..We take a look at Lin Bu “Three Gentlemen Tie” flavor of the actual situation.Patients gave, from the point of view of white cloth, like ice upside down, the natural line of multi-word, a line of words less, uneven.This leaves a large gap underneath written, and each line spacing and large, become increasingly Lichtung.This gives Lichtung tranquil, indifferent, elegance, but rather he “slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening” the poem mood.It can be said there was a clear air, high-Jane Apprehension, especially the real tricks under virtual layout, the more people a sense of lofty.It is really wonderful for the actual situation with.  Zhang Dai Ming Dynasty in the “mountain roar,” a text Cloud: “roar Hill marble, larger, such as Chicago, small in size as bacteria, solitary Lu Jie Li, meaning even superficial.Dow House to protect the Shochiku, possession with winding paths, the mountain people of the shallow and deep also.······ who build houses only for the jungle, not landscape.Kitchen and kitchen have wonderful to landscape, landscape to corridors and Miao corridors, rooms and with a curved floor to floor curved landscape room Miao.There Lin Fung, free Patios month.Gully solitary night, Gow Fushui, naturally Once upon a time, by no means the world.”There nursing loose, winding paths, corridors, all for a deep hidden subtle beauty.”Yuan Ye” is not there “to vaguely walls between dill, Jia Wu winds at the end of the wood,” the United States do?There are also subtle Seeing impressionistic beauty, from the punch and see Shanhe majestic stone weather, from a spoonful of clear water and see the vast rivers and lakes.Subtle beauty, the mood is higher realm, Du Daoming “aesthetic conception of Chinese classical gardens,” he said: “The basic features of mood is a tangible manifestation invisible to the physical manifestation of the spirit to the infinite finitely presented to reality show virtual environment, so infinitely rich concrete image and the image of the limited imagination of unity, the real picture and what it implies, a symbol of the virtual environment integration.Chinese classical gardens in dealing with the issue of time and space, with poetry and painting have in common.Because landscaped and Poetry, painting throughout, as in the common pursuit of aesthetics ‘was born as foreign territory’ artistic realm, so these three principles of artistic creation in order to have a description of the limited space of infinite space.”As to the count of said ‘has caused Katayama, hygiene conditions inch stone’ may be an image; ‘rain banana, like shark’s weeping tears heteroaryl; Xiaofeng willow, if the turning of the waist Mannv’ is a kind of interesting artistic conception.  Calligraphy, but also pay attention to subtle.Neo in “three stages of historical development of ancient Chinese calligraphy aesthetics,” said: “Jin calligraphy ” bone ‘, is’ ‘shape’, but also ‘God’; the ‘meaning’, but also ‘law’ “.Obviously, this form of possession of God, in the possession of Italian law.Hsiung Ping Xu Wei said that the evaluation of calligraphy in the “theoretical system of Chinese calligraphy” in: “” The word suddenly large and small, grass suddenly Kai suddenly, suddenly overlook heavy strokes, suddenly dry suddenly wet.Always make people unexpectedly, deliberately anti-order, anti-integration, anti-harmony.Chih show cynicism to in item Mu ‘drunk witchcraft’ of the so-called pen.”This is a mood of performance.Pay attention to subtle, Yun look there is a calligrapher mature performance, he said Mr. Lin Sanzhi, calligraphy is a form of juvenile write, write potential middle-aged, elderly freehand, but also in that sense.Li Zehou “aesthetic three books”, said: “Although there is no form to leave the United States, but can not be the only form of beauty.”For example, blank, also a form of aesthetic value implicit in this form.Zong said: “The infinite meaning of the words to have to do, so there are a lot of meaning, self-evident.The reason why the United States literature, not only in words have to do, and in particular in the infinite meaning.”Blank is the way it looks like ‘silent’, but in calligraphy can show Xiao Shu, Jane away, Seiitsu, or just relaxing, pure, calm, can also be expressed emptiness, silence, dismal, etc..Song “Snowy River fishing alone”, can be subtle with a blank expression boundless Qing Ji, Liu calligraphy writing of “Jiang Xue” also with the same blank expression mood.Zen always say: “color does not vary empty, empty is not heterochromatic; sex is zero, Kongjishise.”Home Books written: ‘Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, had no one first.where’ can also use a blank, suggesting futile, ethereal.Blank what means, and content writing always linked, Cai Yongjie in the “town square,” said: “the definition of space is inseparable entity, the entity can be perceived quality of the space plays a decisive role.”In this case, we are very instructive for.  There are many gardens and similar artistic calligraphy and artistic taste.Line face a little garden, pavilion point is the Pavilion Hall, the line is winding paths, corridors, streams, surface lakes, lawns, gardens; calligraphy course, a bit line and plane.The shaft construction, such as the Imperial Palace; freestyle building, such as left Park Suzhou gardens, the corresponding row calligraphy pen straight and curved axis.Beijing Yuanmingyuan Articles Ann complex plane is the swastika shape; Anyang, Henan museum plane is text book character modeling; Sun Yat-sen, symmetrical pattern, a huge mountain, the shape of the alarm, the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen is the steeple bell, dome tomb like a pendulum, like half-moon square top arc portion; calligraphy tricks, the profile of the overall shape of the text can also be such as statues, shaped like a heart, like horses, may be not only a sector or other shapes may also be.Forbidden City, closed space have put, put Wo front of the hall space, but also show a grand breadth of spirit, and not only pay attention to black calligraphy retractable, but also pay attention to the retractable white, has a similar taste.  Yes, facing the garden, calligraphy, natural people always think of calligraphy.  2015.09.13 was written in the early Yulin (cultural essays)

Sit with a spring breeze through

Perhaps no one can be more special than her, and get to know in my female friends, she is not the only true and I talked to a girl was able to maintain a permanent contact, and it is the first time I go to see the eyes of a girl.    At that time I saw her too mature characters, so I think she must be a bit deep life experience of people.    May result made me greatly was an accident she was only eighteen-year-old girl, this way, I am most ashamed of place, even with only words to guess your age and experience, to infer your real life cases, this can not be said to be a kind of self-confidence I have always been against.    But what really surprised me was the way she treats and outlook on life, although I am not against the existence of her life in such a realistic point of view, but the real fell to her body, made me feel real surprise, because for a not really understand the cruelty of her real life, I do not know is an improvement of life, or a life of frustration?    Although I believe has the right to choose their own way of life and perspectives of each person, and only such a choice does not affect the normal life and the crisis of others, nor cause some harm to the feelings of others, if not in other people’s pain any behavior, not to harm to the vital interests of others as their own happy way of life, others blameless and slander Yee.    But I still do not agree, she’s way of life, even though she’s no truth to choose one.    I also believe that it was her first encounter in life the truth of love, she is serious about the arrival of this love, though she knows this love without any results, as there will be no hope for her to, she love can not really grasp the reality of the track, but she still threw away down.    I do not know the love that brought her happiness than sadness?More than happy or sad?    But I believe she and the man she loved together, at that moment she was happy and happy, she is full of female-specific gentle and warm, she felt the other side of her infatuation and sincere.    Each time she was very lonely and lonely, especially in her sick very sad moment, I know she will think of my call, she wanted me some comfort and care.    Despite this concern and care for her very far away it is also very realistic, and I hope she can dialogue can relieve the pain when you’re sick.    She will fight with every call a long time, the phone is also the shortest of at least half an hour or more, she had never taken the initiative to blame me she came to the phone, laughing at me saying that I’m afraid too expensive long-distance phone charges, she has said this of your anger and dissatisfaction, if I say that’s the case, she would send the cost when I talk to you.    Admittedly for the level of long-distance telephone costs, I do not have not considered, but a true friend, I have not really mind, as long as I think it is worthy of a place I would not stingy color.    That’s why she calls most of the time is not convenient, and her habits and I have very different each time, on several occasions she was three or four in the morning to call, but I was already shut down.    So she and I talk much more than a dialogue on the Internet, with the heart, the women in her writing should be very good, even though her experience and her writing is far disproportionate, but also with her real situation It does not correspond, but she made me equally surprised by the dedication and love infatuation, which many people think of her nice contrast.    In the forum she is a very active and very cheerful girl, but it is also a forceful and the wayward women, and even in my conversation, she is full of this kind of personality in front of me, from the dialogue with her You can see her side of things catch on, she rarely showing her fragile place in front of others, she is not willing to let her know more details.    Just yesterday with my call, I clearly felt one kind of desire she urgently needed care when sick a gentle look forward to the truth needs to be a need to get the true feelings of longing, but also feel her helpless lonely and helpless, to feel pain and sorrow cut around her when she was eager to get rid of disease.    While you disappear for a long time from the forum of interest, but I know you can not really leave the network, you can not like me just to vent feelings of your heart in the network, just so in reality not to let others know of their minds a a show in front of strangers, you do not want to make their voices have more viewers and readers unfamiliar, you rely on the network far greater than the reliance on emotion.    Because of her unique personal experience and life experience, so she is a woman more realistic than others, for the reality of survival, she has more say than others, but I do not know her way of life can support to what time?She did not know any better so do not see the result of love for her, the truth is worth the negative?    Not that she did not think of the future results to her intelligence and wisdom, I believe she was seeing the future outcome, maybe she needs love so no results to support her current way of life, the need for such temporary gentle, so her smooth out the ups and downs of the emotional heart, good for her after finding emotional for her, make a useful exploration, or a better future for her and abundance of material life, and lay a good foundation, I think perhaps there there are many reasons I do not know with her peers.    What other people think of her way to survive, she did not mind not value her own way is the kind of lone women on their way, but also a secular view is not easily swayed by a girl, she will not be easy for others slander Yee and change their lifestyle, she will not be because of the constraints of traditional point of view and the hope of lowering their standards in her character embodies you note interpretation and understanding of fashion.    But her personality was stronger, I see her a lot of very fragile, she hopes for a better future, she can only be a beautiful dream, her feelings toward the future, she is difficult to know the real clear her desire for true love, but her way of life dependent on a form of transformation, the reality of life for comment, but she is wishful thinking thing, over-reliance on the network, at a loss to fully explain her life.    Her age is still very small, there is still a way to go will be a long, long, two huge contrast to her not a bad thing, she would all hope, the only place she did not have any result on love, will only make her lose more things in life, the way to survive in their own youth price, in exchange for the current peaceful life, her future will only make life there more unrest.His bright future lies in the care of love is difficult to determine, it will only make her dream of becoming an unrealistic fantasy.    Never had a good conversation with her outlook on life, I know you want to change a person’s life and influence opinions and attitudes is difficult, and often can not truly won, I still hope she can get rid of some of your complete love of reliance and fantasy, not a completely economically independent women, can not find their true truth, a woman can not receive the respect of each other in personality, true happiness can not pursue their own hope, and not allow ourselves to make a Lord of women, less likely to find a sincere love for a long time but, of course, there will not be really happy and happy days.

You go, do not forget I’m still waiting

A quiet lamp, flickering every night piano sob.  Rouge, coated with a layer by layer, and finally left tears mottled.  * There is a pain, and my heart is pierced needles, pain to biting his lips, still choose to forbear, silent.  * Who said, I will always be your kite, blossom fate will not be missed?  Today, the wedding dress was covered with dust, how to straighten the eyes of reflection?  * Heard, you are still a person, I am reluctant to throw you a token gift.  Fall leaf door, always write not a happy word.  * This love, I paid careful, even to the sounded wrinkles, I still deeply rooted love root, do not want to get out in the bonds of this world do not dream.  * Your kiss, I carefully sealed.  Your photos, I touched day.  Even former loving hard to relive, I still offer secluded grove of wind.  * Yellowed notebook, penetrating, always the oath confirms.  A desolate place no say in the end is flourishing after the fireworks easy to cold.  * A long lane in the rain, misty rain have, do not forget, I’m still waiting!  For you to write a song I still hum, even if I still sing out of tune spirit.  * I got drunk, trying to forget the hate, I sink, only to hold the faithful love.  Because your sentence possible, I, negative Shaohua, will live this life!  * – text: Rain robe solo, QQ group: 317085764,273371033, rain robe solo collection “half-curtain misty rain” and “deep cloud water” has been published.

Fifty-one Guangzhou, Shenzhen and then do

Rare a three-day holiday break even, this just put the factory for two days, but I insist myself off three days.Because before I expect a day off work and I will not let too busy with trips colleague Li Changan a person Dinggang.That day I was talking to Guangzhou Li Changan said I want to yonder May Day, of course, do not need so he will be very happy to accept my stuff means has bought his ticket at the station before Shiyan, in the past many times I was afraid to fight card late for work or want to take up multi-point leisure time, I let him give me a punch and not a euphemism to speak bluntly.    That day, a dense mass of a number of streets full of people in Shenzhen, per bus people inside are tightly, Jiju worried expression revealed a large number of Shenzhen’s population, and a strong desire to leave the moment people.I am very clear that the holiday indulgence to Guangzhou to play for three days, who knows the way to go can be strenuous, grievances, from the first transfer, waiting for the bus, on the train let me become very impulsive.Lined up to buy the team barely 2:30 pm the car, listening to people standing in the front of the queue when pitted say they buy is twelve now not turn on the car from the Longhua intersection to catch the bus station Shiyan, Click the situation to me on the train on time can be more slim, I hasten to extricate yourself from a ticket window back.I squeezed into a bus station north to the Komeito, the situation here is very bad, very crowded, it was fortunately just hit a bus bound from New Komeito, Dongguan Humen, Humen I want to leave Guangzhou near point, multi-point trips it does not squeeze, directly on the car, but I finally get off election in Chang’an North station, stop very well be able to buy tickets.Soon the car turned a corner directly out of the station on State Road 107 to smooth the way to reach the Guangzhou station on schedule.Guangzhou has to get off is 7pm and more, gradually deep night, I careless edge of the square at the train station to buy a pack of cigarettes, and soon high school classmate Liu Weijie call came, many physically and mentally relaxed, squeeze all the way to see downtown Guangzhou also bored.    My schedule was full line in Guangzhou three days, there is the Tianhe Sports West that suffered Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan Food Festival, numerous specialty snacks and a lot of classic diners can try to taste; there is a repeat of the Asian Games opening ceremony in the Pearl River New City ; then there is the Pearl River Night cruise sightseeing, visiting Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Chen Clan Temple, etc. these are all well-known attractions project, to see so many local Guangzhou to play, can not help but feel that people living in Guangzhou is so happy.This compared to a lot of advantages in Shenzhen than one hundred kilometers is obvious, Take transportation and cultural life, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the gap is still there, and Guangzhou Metro Express transportation network throughout the city of Guangzhou, recreation and cultural distribution is more uniform, these are the current life and relatively close to Shenzhen this development was not obvious, the opening of the subway line are not many, are mostly concentrated in the play off within and along the coastline, customs all over the industrial zone, the distribution of low-density recreational park.In Guangzhou three days I have been a man ride out to play, because the students went to the Zhongshan Xiaolan his family there, because time is short, and what do they want to go, but where did not have a real play, is a spot about a walk small circle, then hurried to the next spot to go, so it feels very sloppy attitude, no other place to go back and think about what characteristics played, but also back to Shenzhen.    No. 3 car at noon that day I began to return to Shenzhen, I chose a special journey from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is going to change the whole bus experience is the extent of the east coast of the Pearl River Delta traffic integration progress can also provincial toll.Many times I like to sit in the car, like the Buddha mind to watch the flow of people and cars outside the car, especially on night lights in the streets.So, this time I chose to transfer back to Shenzhen bus, subway starts from the Milky Way to the development of Huangpu District, and from here there is a bus Dongguan, Dongguan, giving the impression that very old bus exhaust smoke injection, change from zone Dongguan bus ride across the East River Bridge is the case of Dongguan Machong, the town hall to the station after I transfer to the bus station in Dongguan, Chang’an station finally just sit directly.Who would have thought that day to a Changan car, it suddenly short of torrential rain, the clothes are wet too late to shelter a half, this time a bit boring, feeling weak.Wait until the bus is bound for Shenzhen traffic jam, due to the recent issue of highway toll station rectification, loose long toll station revoke fees, so that under the overpass serious traffic jam, the driver is to save money to go around here, cars on the clogged, traffic congestion kind of jaded, disgusted and swarmed the heart.The car all the way only a snail’s pace as the front line, it took more than three minutes before the Longhua, then has five in the afternoon, I hurried home to pack simple, hurry to go to work.    To the factory and office colleagues gather together to talk about their fun May Day, but many of my colleagues are staying at home is to eat sleep, attitude adjustment nutritional supplement, and not to talk about high tide, soon followed by work.I turn on the computer for a long time to enter the working state, but suddenly received a phone Yunpeng, head high, then there is very rapid and surprised that my examination results came out a few days ago and this one is not normal in the liver, and then tomorrow I want to authoritative hospital re-examination will be reconfirmed, I hear that as high transaminase even I was scared, then head full of doubts, also not in the mood to go to work, so I was quite contradictory reports together, values temporarily changed sharply , repentance and self-deprecating ever haunting me, I do not calm down.I suddenly thought a lot in family relations I am no longer bearers, they became a burden to the family, to work more than a year of tightening did not remitted a penny, dragging sick, remaining the hands of a few Zhang shy bills, I really do not know how to arrange to do.One kind of embarrassment to the family phone, I lost my nerve and show the family dialogue.The examination results I had expected, I still very question, I have a suspicion that hospitals and doctors, because in a market economy servants in pursuit of profit is unscrupulous, I chose to re-examine.    The next morning, depressed mood sitting K318 fast lane of life suddenly feel sad things happen more in the moment, more a result of our ignorance is not a defense, but the tragedy was raging attack.Want to come too, and lately I have not that kind of self-love before, I ignored the body was too far, and are also a lot of people around me to work in the same factory in Shenzhen can only numb to work every day.The “first wealth is health” occasionally seen repeated in the book over and superstition, but rush back to reality repressed reality has been difficult to believe and pay attention to it.By repeated transfer finally to the First People’s Hospital in Shenzhen Luohu District, the morning accident deserted hospital, a few numbers to see a doctor who can handle themselves seriously busy doctor program, the doctor is not hurriedly buried in his work.When I finished the registration, payment, blood sampling, the doctor told me to come and collect sampling report in the afternoon, out of the hospital door I still pray.In front of the hospital is busy Shennan Avenue, full of luxury and seeing a hurry, I have not the slightest interest.I crossed the road to the seat next to sit down across from flower column, I looked very quiet, eyes focused forward, but my heart was cranky, career, life, intertwined with the future, I know this a big impact, I have to change and before a lot of different ideas.But I’m not willing to give up the ideal, people should have ideals, and fulfilling life because of ideal diversification.After a long time I stood up and from Chunfeng Road, guests walked the road, this is the business I walked around sensitive areas.I love downtown here, I can not bear to say here, I had to leave the city, away from the bustling and I envy these people.After leaving here, I do not know when it’ll come back, after re-examining the results to be short, I come out I will resign to go home, temporarily had an extraordinary life of the country, which proved vulnerable at this time I.Time soon after eleven o’clock, my heart is difficult to calm panic, go back to the hospital on the road constantly disturbed.Finally walked into the hospital to the front counter that I took the sampling results, my alanine aminotransferase is still high, this unlucky number, I am ignorant, I do not have room for the body in question, and finds this result.I quickly asked the hospital specialist, but let me say often hospitalized.I did not answer the doctor’s opinion, a heavy heart, could not say a word, I did not listen to medical advice immediately hospitalization procedure, because I have no money, only enough for fare to go home, I can finally get out of despair hospital, will leave Shenzhen at once.Of course, I’m not here because of this and hate, hate the city.Because I understand that in this imperfect legal system of market economy and society, sometimes only weak to fend for themselves.I took the physical examination alone went to Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, located in the Futian District, and finally went to the Second People’s Hospital to let consult a specialist medical advice, let me say very much the same results immediately hospitalized shall not evading, this is how resolutely Views.    In the evening, I returned to the factory and the relevant physical examination a few colleagues to discuss, this also means to respectively, which are understood Mr. Cheng, and soon the next day all the relevant separation procedures run by Mr. Cheng for me to do, boss batch down.Shenzhen leaving that day, Mr. Cheng invited us to a meal on the table they are struggling to comfort me, I am still and quiet as usual.Maybe you can say I did not enrich the material life in Shenzhen, but to get to know a few savvy colleagues, so that I can earn in Shenzhen for so long, and now my heart has been to treat them as real friends.    It was May 7 I boarded the bus to leave Shenzhen fast, this is the second time I leave Shenzhen, but also my heart how firm it up.    July 21, 2011 in Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City. 14 Village:

Mother can’t surf the Internet. She can’t feel’ filial piety’ in her circle of friends.

Today is May 14, 2017, Mother’s Day in Western culture. It has also become popular in China in recent years. When I got up in the morning and opened WeChat, I saw countless sons and daughters in the circle of friends. Many people are expressing their gratitude to their mother in very emotional words..     As the saying goes, ” Sheep have the grace to kneel and milk, crows have the meaning to feed back.” In the animal world, we should be grateful in our human society. We should always remember the hardships of mother’s pregnancy in October and the pain of childbirth once.. Our gratitude to our mother and filial piety not only stay in the festival, but must be practiced in our life all the time..     I believe that in China, many parents are farmers, and only a few mothers can use the Internet to brush up friends. Many parents are getting up early and greedy every day, busy and busy, and don’t have much time to pay attention to what happens on the Internet.. Our most practical way is to call my mother at night when she is not busy and tell her about her recent work and life. So that mother can hold snacks for us less. If we have more time to wait by our mother’s side, then go and talk to her about family life and watch a TV set that you may have watched many times to make her less lonely and happier.. This is perhaps our most pragmatic ” filial piety”.     With the development of modern society, many young people are far away from their hometown, from their mothers, and struggle in big cities. They can count the days when they can get together with their mothers all the year round with their fingers.. Many young people always think that they send money to their families on time every month, and it is good enough to buy food and clothing for their mother’s big bags.. Who knows, this is not what the mother wants most. She hopes to meet her children in big cities more often and make more phone calls so that her heart will not be so lonely.     Mother does not need your grandiloquence in the circle of friends, but needs a phone call in your spare time. Mother doesn’t need you to give her much alimony, but hopes her children can take more time to go home and have a chat with her. Mother doesn’t need your big bags to mail things home, but hopes her children will always report peace to her home so that she won’t worry so much..     Mother won’t be able to surf the Internet. She doesn’t feel’ filial piety’ in our circle of friends. Please use our more pragmatic and effective way to express affection and nurturing kindness to mother.! ( Wen / Zhonghua Aoxue Hanmei ) ) Author QQ: 951043575

City beautician

[Abstract] Videos a street poetry, or thick or thin, or dynamic, static or.When a stray puppy from across the street, like a leisurely walk in the forest, a stray wildcat dragging a long tail, but also stiffly shake two.      Soothing rustle, rhythmic sounds, lights in gray, lightly shrouded in light fog streets, fallen leaves and garbage from the other end of the street, was flying broom to catch, like a flock of stray lamb, He has been thrust confusing.  Which head, very beautiful, bleached concrete floor of the street, like beauty, like white Piave.In the lamplight, in a light mist, like just the same as putting on makeup.Early morning streets are quiet like that, which only strong rustle, like spring rain, nourishing the city, Piave city more beautiful, he (she) had to sprinkle blood youth are on the streets.  That leaves the air every now and then, occasionally in the street, like a moth.With flying posture, and he landed on the ground just swept, like a text written on the ground Emotion strong.Just like one kind of tell, is the interpretation of ecological business card of an eco-city, but also the city, representing the true green city.  If the city is not garbage, only that piece of remarkable elegance to the green leaves, soft ground floor on the street.That this is a realm of how beautiful scenery, birds floating down from the trees, riding in the dappled sunlight of people walking among the leaves, but also doubled leisurely mood.  Looking at the leaves of the street, and some white trash, there are scavengers who get up early, carrying a woven bags, mineral water bottles and easy to pick up garbage cans.That bag of cans crashing sound, is so crisp and sounded, like a morning song, the city’s iconic birds, gently swept over the city’s abdomen.  That wonderful rustle, I really like early spring rain, flickering sounded in the streets Street Lane.Only people with insomnia to get up early to appreciate this city’s wonderful music.Standing under the trees, listening to the wind shook the city of leaves rustling, see street lights shed, looking hunched dancing brooms on the streets, I really like to write a “word art” of everyone, where his brush as large rafter.  A poetic streetscape, or thick or thin, or moving, or static.When a stray puppy from across the street, like a leisurely walk in the forest, a stray wildcat dragging a long tail, but also stiffly shake two.Mimi called in twice, and from behind that person’s street sweeping slowly through.After blurting or “dead cat” of condemning, only sweeping sound of rustling on that street.And occasionally bursts of chatter while shoveling garbage, and that a three-wheeled garbage truck and move forward shadow.As the city’s poem eye, clearly meet the dawn, the dawn of the city clean and tidy, and as good a dressing beautiful, beautiful people standing in front of.  Maybe you walk down the street, you ignore it behind the United States, that is a beautiful city and the people are now silently Bong.When you’re lying in bed, he (she) who also took to the streets in sweat for their special positions in the dressing to a city.When the people of the city opened his eyes in a comfortable environment to live, learn, work.It is as if he (she) who work for granted.  When that rustle in the streets sounds, when those seasons when replacement; it is the voice rustle season blare music.Again and again to play, crop after crop, like life, “Song of Youth” constantly write the city clean tomorrow.  When you walk through that clean streets, do you praise too?Did you see the sanitation city of angels, you watch the scenery that road with sincere eyes do?When the car stinking garbage that come from your side, you pinch the nose over it?You drink it from the heart?City sanitation workers to pay the hard work of the greatest.  ”rustle.rustle.”That sonorous notes, swept over my heart when, from my heart pours out of an impromptu poem:” Which head rustle, rustle from street to street and sweep the horizon all the way wind and rain hard all the way to the city ga ga angle angle brush into elegant painting dipped into the blood only for the youth of the city swept away with anything elegant sweep to sweep away the sunrise off the sun as long as the city beautiful regrets Bong-blooded “ah!What a beautiful city with your escort, cities have a beautiful day glory.