Used to keep a distance from those changed things.

We used to keep a distance with those changed things, such as love a person, full of variables, so step back quietly watching, until you see the sincere feelings.So, stalemate, hope to see you work harder, and then nearer, and so I convinced myself desperate to be with you, however, some people are second, before I reached down and turned.Perhaps we can take courage, I believe that happiness, we are still young, even if the trust inhuman, but also retreat.

Life, need down to earth, no so-called empty illusory dream

Harbor a dream of course is a good thing.However, when we clearly recognize that there is no ability to complete their dreams, it is better turned to choose a more realistic goal.Life, need down to earth, no so-called empty illusory dream.Find their own way, not necessarily a pleasure.We pursue any dream, but ultimately the pursuit of happiness, not because of those distant dream, happiness destruction and discarding what they have.

His love for you to see through the twelve constellations male kiss your way

Kissing in many children it appears to be both sweet and a little shy, lingering French kiss, a kiss secretly touched, long romantic kiss, tell you that today is through the twelve constellations male kiss you way to see his love for you.  Aries men: impatient Aries male child in the corresponding impatience hot, Aries men kiss you the way you can reflect this.He will be very eager to want to kiss, this time you completely do not hesitate, you have to do is close your eyes to accept him this passionate kiss.  Male Taurus: Taurus men probably go beyond the superficial meaning as it passed, a lot of times you’ll make them think, “This is the end?”But the fact is that, Taurus men feel that Japan, longer Well do not care about these details just begun.  Gemini men: sweet attack twelve constellations Gemini man regarded as the most trivial of a man than a conventional view of the kiss he prefers to attack oh.He may be on the street or in public places to suddenly give you a kiss and then pretended nothing had happened and put on a cool look.  Cancer Man: Private domesticated man Cancer men do not like to go out or when you kiss, he kissed you when there is mostly just the two of you and then when you looked shy gently kiss up, probably his kiss It is floating, and then immediately blushed.  Lion male: male lion overbearing overbearing president doctrine led him to kiss our way are very high-handed, can refer to specific scenes in major television show, overbearing kiss people like Kazakhstan President.Maybe he would leave the matter in his own imprint but also makes sense in your body.  Virgin male: Wipe your mouth over the top of a virgin male love and kisses think these two things are very pure and sacrosanct, so when you find a virgin male carefully wiping his mouth, and often when we should Minzui he was ready to accept this affectionate kiss it.

Do not cherish the love horoscope boys

In love and everyone has its own unique charm, it has an unusual side.Love to pay most of the people tend to get good results, and this one certainly missed these do not cherish the other half of the boys.  So, take a look at the current constellation boys do not know how to cherish the love.  First: treat male lion male lion love really really paid a lot, but only to find when you are wholly owned, perhaps around you that people are not as good as you previously thought.You will even find it too before you make a choice, so you will gradually give up.When this feeling fleeting, you found out that deep inner desire that person is beyond imagination.You do not know how to cherish, mainly because you own a strong sense of superiority, conceited that has caused you made the wrong choices in love, perhaps time to return to the original, you will not be so proud of it!  Second: Gemini men Gemini Yixing Yuan so good, you really know how to make a girl happy, so you never lack the pursuit of other people around, your heart the desire to have a strong expansion around you think there are so many girl.Emotional aspects are not using special treasure whose existence, but because of this, you just lost a beautiful love.Maybe your girl in the pursuit of which has been a very suitable candidate, but you do not want to believe that this is what you usher in love, together with the Gemini people really want to know quite what type of love of.Age, is the character, or even the appearance of these factors you are unsure of Gemini, so you will continue to find, but it has not met the right person.Still cherish the people around it!  Third: Scorpio Male sharp tongue, can be described as the Scorpio man through some personality traits.But your mouth is too hard, even if it is people like this that you will be hurt profits mouth.Many times you just to protect yourself, do not let yourself hurt in love will do so.When you hurt like, deep down there will be a lot of hate, this may be a poor quality of Scorpio men in love can not be changed.That is, you have a loved one to a strong abuse the practice, but also for their masochistic tendencies, you knew you loved one to cherish, but you happens to twist his head dry.Do you really need a change of duplicity in order to win a better love oh!  Fourth: Taurus Male Who is the best time to give your love, and the Taurus man in love is because there are too many tests, pondering uncertain just missed a beautiful love.When you want to treasure, I used to love people have because of your indifference and left early.You give up a little earlier guess of love, love you will have better results, in fact, the couple were not tested too much, but you mishandled scale, so that the suffering of a loved one sad to leave.This is not the outcome you want, but you have not changed your final thoughts, so you better a little more tenderness of a loved one.He gave little hint of it, maybe this is a cherished feeling it!  Fifth: If Aries Aries men active pursuit of love, he may also know the treasure, but to pour Tieshanglai woman Aries never cherish, even if they pay this woman a lot, Aries will turn a blind eye.Aries people treat love is possessive and has a strong desire to conquer, and if things can not get because he was deep inside this man regarded as better.But sometimes is not what you get is the best, when you really have found each other and have a lot of drawbacks, you will be turned away from.When you leave, you regret that make their own decisions.In fact, Aries really need to think about it calmly, as a fire sign, is the first of the twelve constellations of you, really easy to do something to make yourself regret the impulse thing.

With these signs together, it seems to look young

There are many friends, some people make you deep, some people will bring you happiness, some people will make people look younger.And different people together and have different harvest, and people with young vibrant, harvest will be more.Happy people do, not only their own lives comfortable, will give the people around them to bring more happiness.And look at what constellation together, and you will suddenly young.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  Aries: Simple Pleasures vitality four large influence particularly simple pleasures constellation Aries, and willing to do anything they want, but also to have a more clear criteria for their pursuit.Especially the simple pleasure of characteristics, not only is such a life they can have fun, also because of the influence vibrant people around.  Gemini: A total renovation sample varied life is a particularly strong infection Gemini constellation like the pursuit of new ideas, nothing like to point tricks to make themselves more happy, also because a lot of their tricks, life is full of novelty and fun, so infection to the side people, let the people around will become more young and energetic.  Libra: warm sunshine to give you more passion Libra constellation is a very passionate, particularly willing to act on their own under the sun, bring more people around appeal.Especially warm sunshine of characteristics, let them always full of boundless passion, and more passion infected people around, will be more active capacity.  Sagittarius: to let you motivated passionate vibrant constellation Sagittarius is a courageous effort, and passion, and the ability to have unlimited potential, especially in the face of any of the things that will make more efforts will show was particularly active, and passionate vitality, will have a more direct impact on the people around.  Like attracts like, people in groups, who make Zhu Chi, to ink were black, positive energy and positive people together, you get more positive energy.Especially the young and vibrant and attractive people together, the people will be infected was younger, and said a few constellations together, people will be happier.You might also like: twelve constellations of the concept of time Top 12 constellation love constellation moon resolve the five bad habits that best suits your family knows better than love!In the name of a friend in love with your sign

365 days a year wore lovers constellation pairing

Every time I see those wearing lovers of lovers holding hands walk the streets at the time of happiness, a single moment of dogs will be ten thousand points of damage.But is there any way, in this world there is always another wave of people, their own little happiness in addition to family and friends know, I also like to tell the world a way to wear lovers.However wear lovers and also not a bad thing, as long as the well-dressed, spectators eyes is full of love and warmth.  After some constellation pair of lovers obsession is unprecedented, they might in a year in addition to lovers no longer willing to wear other clothes, take a look at you and your lover in which it is not.  Aries VS Sagittarius – Dry Wood Fierce Fire burning inside of endless love always energetic Aries and Sagittarius romantic yearning for freedom after the encounter, and instantly wipe from the spark of love can be described as splendid, they will create many small and romantic love together small surprise.Lovers to wear this thing for them must be a very important thing in the process of love, not just lovers to wear out, even home apparel, it is not hard to find with a good pair.  Aquarius VS Gemini – is the secret love fresh and interesting Aquarius to accept new things very fast, they grasp the trend is quite true.Gemini young and fashion very seriously, for them to know how to make their own destiny when also looks like shallots Love is the ultimate goal.When Aquarius Gemini met, they quickly will continue to spice up the lives of two people in love on the run on the road, let love fresh.So wear lovers this matter as a matter of course, in general, I think they wear off you need courage.  VS Scorpio Pisces – emotional and delicate in heart care Pisces and Scorpio love are all very emotional sign, they treat love easiest to pay all of their feelings.For them, love not only have ideas of romance and heart-warming surprises, but also everywhere to be a relationship lasting care.Wear lovers of Pisces and Scorpio is also a very necessary thing to do, two people with the same expression pretended to care for each other is the most warm care of the details, so they always wear lovers.  Wearing only a form of lovers, really good feeling in addition to the formal recognition and care, more important to pay attention to it in his heart, only the honest feelings of each other in order to have a happy ending.You might also like: Zodiac on behalf of the fairies who are?How zodiac female face jealous boyfriend reason to pursue spiritual good match constellation couple broke up these signs may be the first gay constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Your sign is part of several levels

First Constellation: Scorpio (foresight, hidden, crafty, bold, ambitious, strong will, insight, strong, real stars of the crown 12!) Capricorn (hard, late bloomer, ambitious, bite the bullet, perseverance, indomitable will, after the constellation Scorpio Excellence!) Aquarius (weird thought, the very people who can and, unusual calm, unique and eccentric, unpredictable.An extremely attractive alien constellations) second sign: Leo (with leadership skills, have courage, dare dare, the disadvantage is arrogant, do not listen to persuade them) Libra (elegant and gentlemanly, handsome, friends numerous.But the star without assertive, good to enjoy) Taurus (stable, practical, artistic cells, more honest man.But the star mostly miser, and his hard work for money) Gemini (one to mince words, quick thinking, anti-X swift pace, communicative ability.But the star said that more mistakes, of two minds, no qualitative) Sagittarius (Zhixing Zi, called the most communicative competence of the 12 stars, many friends, like the unfettered freedom life, but nothing of this star patient, do things give up halfway.And helping them, not practical, dishonesty Third Constellation: Aries (the stars are mostly impulsive person, no brain, naive, aggressive.) Cancer (this star only know her mother, children, love.Cry…Male crab is so, good for nothing) Virgo (analities king, nervous, preoccupied with cleanliness, is not gregarious.Comparison of unpleasant constellation) Pisces (living in a dream among the 12 constellations of the most vulnerable constellation, not assertive, mercy.Alcohol, tobacco, drugs.Tongshi this constellation of stars in the crime rate is also 12 first)

This constellation over a range of four to speak at what time will be filled with arts

In the course of conversation to communicate with others in a person’s conversation can often reflect a person’s overall quality and temperament.For many people, giving the impression is the most intuitive of others and their own conversation and instrumentation, and process and communicate with others, to give the other point of view we are also often the importance of.In the four constellation will be at what time to make their own way of speaking it becomes theatrical?  Leo: Do not pushy when Leo man is very low key, so for some lively scenes often do not see the figure of Leo.Leo not pushy, so in the face of unnecessary attended the scene, courtesy Leo might go to, but this is the way of speaking Leo will become art, on the other hand it reflects the personality by Leo constraints, because under normal circumstances, manner of speaking Leo is rational and intuitive.  Taurus: Taurus borrow money when money has a great obsession, love of money is a manifestation of the most prominent Taurus for.But the Taurus and not because of their characteristic love of money and become stingy, generous in the face of Taurus will lend each other when someone borrows money from Taurus, Taurus but this time not as straightforward explanation intention with others as usual, but we will speak with a more literary way to indicate their attitude, which indicates that the Taurus is not a mindless show their deep pockets, but has its own principles.  Scorpio: Scorpio is not like other people when too many romantic factor, and therefore have a defect in emotional expression.Scorpio for a person like each other often do not feel the obvious, but one thing is certain is that, at this time of the Scorpio way of speaking will change.Scorpio usually gives the impression is the direct reason, but in the face of people like Scorpio’s speaking style is theatrical, it is because the Scorpio suppress their emotions.  Pisces: Pisces is infected when the environment often moved by the occasion at some point, the face of the whole body of beauty and touching stories often exhibit their own emotional side.Especially in the face of beauty, powerful environment will appeal Pisces manner of speaking have changed, when the Pisces tend to give some usual and some are not evaluated, and this evaluation also reflects the unusual dramas.

Revenge for the husband Liang

There was a man named Dai ten, did not know his history, only know that after the war, he lived in Zuojiazhuang southeast of Luoyang, in order to give the helpers do for a living.Mao fall of that year, in August, a concierge courtiers put the horse in the bean fields, the crops are trampled, wearing a ten put the horse kicked him out.This porter fury, horse whip chaos pumping wearing ten, even killed him.Dai ten wife surnamed Liang, carried the bodies to the camp appeal.This concierge is a rich and powerful family of slaves, the owner is very reliance on him, with two cows, a handful of silver, the whereabouts of Liang apologize, and said to her: Your husband is dead, and this is destiny.Your two children are still small then, took the money, they can feed their families.Even the people who killed your husband killed, your dead husband what good is it?Liang said: I have not done anything wrong husband, was killed, how can you say this is about the money thing?As long as I subordinated his life, our mother is begging, also willing!People see to convince her, he said to Liang: Do you want to kill this person is not a person?Liang said: What are afraid of!Said picked up the knife, should get involved.We are a little afraid of this woman, but also hate the murderer, he ordered put to death immediately killed him.Liang is really a brave woman!She not only not afraid of the powerful people, but also resolutely refused their bribe.Because money bought, is that the wicked life, he Liuzaishishang, it may have to ride roughshod, dry wicked things.Liang before money manifested integrity, really Jiaoren admiration!This story comes from the Jin Dynasty scholar Yuan wrote “added Yi Jian Zhi”, the original is this: I do not know what kind of people wearing ten, after the chaos, ranking Luoyang southeast Zuojiazhuang to commission for the industry.Mao fall in August, a soybean fields Interpreter Wrangler, wear eviction of.Interpreter anger, chaos hammer horse died policy.Liang’s wife, dead lift Yi camp appeals.Interpreter of your slaves is the owner of the Forest.Because two cattle, a platinum Wat, Liang atonement, Miller says, saying it: thy man dead, also destiny.Two sons are young, you can have the money to self-support.This will make it kill people, what benefits the deceased?Liang said: my husband die innocent, how can they made profits?But was this slave for death, my mother begging, also willing points!The public can not be won, that Liang said: Runing who want to commit suicide yeah?Liang said: How dare!Due to take the knife, to be self-chop.Public fear this woman, resentment Interpreter, ordered that is dead, is to kill it.