wheelchair, began to talk about sex: “Young man, this is how?”

  Even Feng: “.”
  ”Wounded.”Jiang Mian smiling for Interpol father answered,” Grandpa, you do.”
  ”its me.”The old man smiled, opened blankets legs,” You see.”
  The ol深圳桑拿网d man’s knee with one leg cut off, he said, smiling: “A few years ago in an earthquake is not, and was to save a little girl like you so much.”
  Jiang Mian awe.
  Old continued: “And then the little girl became my friends wife Sun.”It sounds to be proud of it.
  Jiang Mian: “.”
  Elevator to reach the first floor, open, a twenty-year-old young girl stood there and saw the old man, relieved: “Grandpa, how you yourself came down.”
  ”Nothing, I’m so yet, do not worry ah.”The old man kindly voice, pushing the old man left the young girl.
  A young man ran away, the wheelchair to his own hands, touched the young girl’s head, a family of three smile Yan Yan left.
  ”Is there a favorite person?”Interpol father’s voice rather abruptly remembered.
  He noted that Jiang’s eyes fall to sleep alongside you open the door for young girls and y杭州夜网论坛oung men, chill eyes of floating – Gu habitat article appeared in front of three words.
  Jiang Mian just think just three grandparents and grandchildren get along with the picture is very warm, so saw two more, so ask Interpol to hear, loss of “ah” sound.
  Interpol father all at once Mei Feng, Jiang Mian said: “There is a small gar深圳桑拿网den over there, Dad, let’s go there now.”
  Jiang Feng thought even sleep did not want to talk about it, but to continue to remain silent.
  Interpol pushing father in a small garden in a circle, has been approaching seven, thought, Jiang Mian directly to Interpol father to the hospital cafeteria push.
  But just taken two steps, the phone rings, is the local tyrant father to fight over, ginger sleep laughed.
  ”Mian Mian, a busy father today everything ahead of time, can you see my little princess?”
  Jiang Mian to Interpol father who Miaole Yan, honest to say this: “Dad, I accompanied my father

People froze, Song Yanqing stood up and angrily: “You give me!How to speak?!”

  Teenage management are ignored, turned away.Song Yanqing and Zhao Yang Lan were a little embarrassed, Zhao Yang Lan quickly said: “That, Wei, this is your Song Zhe Gege, after you go to school with him and.His good-natured, it is today a little upset, you do not mind ah.”
  Yang Wei nodded and did not say much.
  This is her first met and Song Zhe.
  Song Zhe is young Master temper, arrogance was not a cent cover.He looked down on her, it was openly despised, not completely take into account the feelings of others and a half points.
  He laughed her to eat street stalls, ridiculed her love stories, comics, chasing love beans, all her teenager would do in his eyes is not inflow.
  In order to integrate into the Song, in order to please him and Zhao Yang Lan’s like, she will give up his hobby all these.
  She has been learning how to be a “decent man”, she cello, learning French and Latin, the results always come first, do not eat all like to eat.
  Her self-discipline, restraint, like a taut string from time to time, never self-indulgent moment.
  Song Zhe can never liked her.
  They go to school together every day after school, reading together cram schools, he never gave her a good face


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銆€銆€So, apart from a very few Sima sky with relatively deep friendship martial arts people, other people do not dealings with him.
銆€銆€Sima sky is martial arts myself to isolate the!The novel had this thing has happened, but much later than now, when Sima sky sophisticated martial arts, martial arts heroes already be on the issue of the number, but he stirred up together with the Evil Joan, who attracted the right way have his crusade.Later Evil League against Extr

GB-2 in a game machine (game wave Y-2) on the line!”Liu Chang looked at his watch, then reminded everyone.

  ”You’re really not ambition, but my students Lee directed to the car!”Han Ying dissatisfaction patted her boyfriend said,.
  See Zouwen Rong Cai Tong and next to a very confused look, and he began high Kiki to their colleagues explained: “From one o’clock start.Each hour will conduct a lottery!Presumably you have just checked in time, it should have been notified!
  The biggest surprise of all prizes is a yellow sports car snow 佛兰科迈罗!Do you think that this civilian Ke Mailuo sports car, priced at just 100,000 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong.Less than the BMW, Mercedes Benz luxury cars these!
  But there is a very special significance today brought this car to do the prizes Kemai Luo, he is born Lee purchased the first car, but also his home garage only had himself been born Lee opened the road car!It is said that Li Sheng is driving this car had yellow Kemai Luo.Go to Ms. Chung happen, no matter!”
  Li Xuan family with multiple cars parked in the garage luxury sports car, but Li Xuan personally ever driven not only his former fame.Buy the bike snow 佛兰科迈罗 sports car, which is later in the “Transformers 1” Hornet.Later, for security reasons.Li Xuan riding trips are a variety of luxury armored car.
  So this car has been parked Ke Mailuo dust in Lee’s garage!Not long ago, Li Ke Li Xuan brother purchased a new Ferrari.But Lee has been parked in the garage, so he and his brother greeted old car ready to families

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Do not the joy of.”

  System: “that he particularly severe blind?”
  Oct-long burst of micro angina: “rub!You’ll chat with you??”
  My life was quickly raised her foot almost, also went to the back to school time, she told The Study Of special mention it, his response was beyond her expectations.
  ”The school where I can help you leave a.”
  ”why?The doctor said that I hurt not ready yet?”
  Get along with him for so long, was found by Li Ji Xin micro long had a special characteristic, that is, when he did not want to lie to her and would not compromise, they usually are silent on this, and if she persisted, he would hold her doom rushed over kiss her until she was afraid of not dare mention.
  Think of a lesson, Xin long micro shiver, quietly sad tears shed two lines.
  Now the school has a curriculum almost finished, there will be able to graduate a semester, do not go or not the so-called.
  Systematic accompany her, Actually, I’m bored, Li Ji Shu noticed her attitude is very soft, it is clear she agreed, very happy for days, the evening meal, he took her for a walk down the stairs digestion, just like love is like a couple of small.
  Sidelined support

do not embarrass yourself, do not toss their own, and now this day we have been very good, and your mother than anyone else contentment, this money is to Shashi Hou earned endless, you do not force yourself too, you know?”Zhang was Sumi jaunty laugh, and he said then.

  ”Mother, do not worry, I know how they should do, even if it is not for their own reasons, and I will not think about Chengzhi and blossoming?I’m not going to make money in life are not.”After all, the body is the capital of revolution, this child Sumi heart door clear.
  ”You’re doing now to help my sister Zeyang?Tired?What I do not understand?”
  Here, Zhang Yuyu also chat and talk to Benji.
  Benji eating rice, is also not impatient: “not tired, basically you can get to understand, you do not know me?Most are smart however, where there is not clear what to do?”Xiaohe said Shi南宁夜网 Lei.
  ”To know bragging, I really do, and you say, now you can help the sister, and you can be hard to spot, helped by sister dessert, if something could not understand and asked directly, we are one of the family , nothing embarrassed, know?”Zhang Yuyu smiled, could not help but asked the Benji.
  There are more and more looking at the potential of small young married woman housewife, Benji feel a little special enrichment.
  The kind of happy feelings unspeakable, as is already floating a lifetime of heart suddenly there was a landing.
  ”Ah, lady say what is what, after ah, I heard the lady wants.”Shi Lei put down the chopsticks, looking serious, said Zhang Yuyu.
  Shi Lei Zhang Yuyu is so carefully looked at, you can always think of those things between husband and wife in the evening, want to say panic among decent thing we w广州桑拿网ill have forgotten.
  ”Come eat your dinner, where they come from so many words it.”Zhang Yuyu said snappily.
  Obviously in good equipment but was a good show to their young married woman scolded, Shi Lei said he was a little innocent.
  But then how can like it?Who he is like the wife does?
  No matter how she, still like it, even if it is to be scolded or, by turning a few dirty looks good, how are like.

once.If a finish, it is inevitable that some of the embarrassment of shame.

  In particular Mu child star, intercede when the face is not red, just the thought of what I just said, face whizzed on the red.
  Mu child star got up from the sofa and began to ease the chaos that came in my mind of shame in the house, double Cheng laughed: “shy?”
  She shy ass.
  Mu child just went to the window, into the heart of the city once again the beauty of the eyes, she replied: “Paris so romantic, I can not help.Like this, you can hear a lot in the future, not to accidentally.”
  ”I will wait and see.”Cheng double and denied:” Oh no, it should be all ears.”
  ”.”I got cheaper still cold.
  Knock sounded on the door, the child star Mu ear tip end of the line to hear, just want to hang up the phone: “someone knocks on your door.”That can only be pleased to hear.
  ”I heard.”Cheng double move towards the door to go.
  ”Then I hung up.”
  ”and many more.”Cheng double stopped her:” You’re a romantic Paris, before hanging up the phone felt nothing can not help but want to send, then?”
  Mu child star sip open mouth smile: “There.”
  ”I hung up.”
  Cheng double helpless laughing, hands at this time opened the door, at the door of Cheng Wei just saw new smile on her face,

on the upstairs down, face some not so good look.

  See three men see themselves, Zhou Zhou Ji barely smiled: “I am sorry to let everyone waiting, we cut the cake it.”
  ”okay!B北京夜网ook tired Happy Birthday!”Ye pour show off to take the knife and fork, a few people were around in the past, Zhou Zhou Ji slightly relieved, thought of just test out the results, a time some absent-minded.
  Today, when she went to the pharmacy, in addition to buying a Jianweixiaoshi film, also bought a pregnancy test, is to confirm his guess what.And while she goes to the bathroom after just test a little, to see the results long while to speak.
  Guess pregnancy is one thing, she had really seen is another matter, and now she is really full of complex.If you are tired of the usual care book, now will be able to see her strange, yet he himself absent-minded, and therefore not aware of what.
  After birthday, leaves and pour a hurry to leave the Cham Chu, Zhou Zhou Ji went to bed early because drowsy, had still entangled want to sleep before the book do not tell Gu tired, but after seeing his face the moment unable to speak.He said I did not want, and if they insist born, not fair to him, she had better knock.She could not bear, not willing to.
  Gu book without the slightest sleepy tired, fell asleep after watching Zhou Zhou Ji, head is full of leaves,苏州桑拿 then pour, and finally he could not help but opened the maternal Forum, point into the birth of the plate.
  There are a lot of plates affixed to experience more of a sun baby, he felt a lot of good-looking kid, as if an angel mother in the mouth, which made him feel confused, do not understand why people became a father and mother, and even the basic aesthetic are gone.
  Although not understand, but still could not help but look down, I imagined interesting until the wee hours barely put the phone down, holding the little girl fell asleep..
  The next few days, two people a forum addicted mother, a tangle always hesitated, and finally on the same day

Ye Xue Fu diving dial phone, told her the status quo, so that they do not wait for him.

  ”Then you must pay attention to safety.”Ye Xue Fu learned that they go to KTV to grab the hard drive, I could not help a bit worried.
  ”There I am, Su Qing is not in danger.”Chen diving assured:” There are things you want trouble, you can send Bi Ying home, I do not trust her own one.”
  Ye Xue Fu thought: “So, after dinner we took back to my first Bi Ying, who lives a few days, and so thoroughly deal with this matter, you followed her home.”
  ”This will not bother you too?”Chen diving startled a little, which for him is the holy grail.
  ”No, goblins holidays have been very boring, just to be with them.”Ye Xue Fu smiled:” That such a deal.”
  Chen diving just hung up the phone, Su Ching appear in the cell mouth, Chen diving off quickly open the door and asked: “how can get it.”
  ”Can be restored.”Su Ching nodded:” Just a little longer, at least until full recovery noon tomorrow, or even longer.You go back, I will do so on their own.”
  ”Then take it again tomorrow at noon.”Chen finished diving, but also a little worried and said:” Yes, your classmates will not give you this director to call it?”
  ”This is not, I told him, and he promised.”Su Qing shook his head:” But Ken Lee Sung