All-Star player Vucevic enters the stadium for training, the NBA is expected to open 22 teams next week

All-Star player Vucevic enters the stadium for training, the NBA is expected to open 22 teams next week
Vucevic entered the hall for training, and the assistants stood in the distance. Figure / social media Recently, some NBA teams have opened training halls successively, players can volunteer to train in the halls.Although some players have doubts about the safety of admission training, there are also players from some teams who are actively involved in preparing for the rematch.On May 14th, local time in the United States, Orlando Magic uploaded a video of players entering the training hall on official social media, with a text, “Magic center Vucevic today conducted a separate training to maintain social distance.”In the Air Force, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Jazz, Raptors, Heat and other NBA teams, the main players entered the training hall.The video shows that in the Magic training hall, the team is the star and the all-star player Vucevic has been shooting. On the entire field, only Vucevic and the assistant coach must comply with the rules and wear masks.And gloves, and has been passing Vucevic near the sideline or midfield.Vucevic also updated social media afterwards. He said, “I am very happy to return to the training ground. I hope you will listen to the experts’ opinions and pay attention to safety during this special period.”” The Cavaliers were the first team to open the training hall. Cavaliers player Larry Nance entered the training hall on the day of the opening. He admitted in an interview that the various safety facilities adopted by the team made him feel at ease.”I took two basketballs myself, and the coach put on masks and gloves and practiced one-on-one.When using fitness facilities for physical training, if I use any equipment, other people will stop using it again until the staff sterilizes.”The Miami Heat may be the most active team for admission training. On May 13, local time, the day the team opened the training hall, there were 12 Heat players entering the training hall, especially the captain Haslem, who was 6 this year.He is about to turn 40 years old and is the oldest player on the team. Although he is only training on a small scale, he is also actively involved.It is also reported that after more and more teams open the training hall, more and more players and even All-Star players enter the hall for training, which proves that the safety of this step is initially guaranteed, and there will be a lot of 22 teams from next weekNBA teams have successively opened open training halls.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread Li Lijun

Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team won four straight victories, the second round of the first round of Shandong

Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team won four straight victories, the second round of the first round of Shandong
Beijing women queuing team celebrated the victory.Picture / Sports After today’s 3-1 victory over Bayi Women’s Volleyball, Beijing Women’s Volleyball ended the first stage with four victories in the Chinese Volleyball Super League 2019-2020.In fact, before this campaign, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team and the Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team entered the quarterfinals in advance. This round of the game should have been a relatively relaxed one. I did not expect to play abnormally.Breakthrough, the two sides face off for the first time, the Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team was 0 to 3 by the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team. The former strived to achieve “vengeance” in this round; merger, according to the format, the result of this game will be brought to the second stage of the rematch, directly related toThe two sides are competing for the prospect of the top four places.However, the Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team failed to be ashamed, and it was nearly destroyed and continuously blocked.As soon as the game came up, the Beijing women’s volleyball team, which had won three consecutive victories, showed great self-confidence. Facing Buck and Zeng Chunlei’s strong points on both sides, the Beijing women’s volleyball team quickly took the initiative to show the defending champion.Courageous.Although the Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team pulled back a game, the Beijing women’s exhaust was like a rainbow, and they no longer let the opportunity slip away.In the end, after four rounds of battle, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team defeated the old opponent Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team 3-1 and achieved a four-game winning streak.On November 30, the new season of the Chinese Volleyball Super League will enter the second stage of the game, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball team will first welcome two home games, respectively, against the Shandong Women’s Volleyball Team and the Shanghai Women’s Volleyball Team.”Four straight victories are very important for building our confidence. Later, we also hope to improve ourselves through the practice of competition.”Liu Xiaotong, head of the Beijing Women’s Queue, said after the game.

Zhou Qi took the initiative to take responsibility: I have a lot of responsibility for the mistakes in the last few rounds

Zhou Qi took the initiative to take responsibility: I have a lot of responsibility for the mistakes in the last few rounds
The Chinese men’s basketball team went to Wukesong Gymnasium for training today at noon to greet the life-and-death battle of tomorrow’s group match with Venezuela.Zhou Qi, who had a serve error last time, took the initiative to take responsibility in an interview today, stating that he will go all out to win the game.Zhou Qi was surrounded by reporters.In the sauna, the other three teams of Group A in the night net Xu Bangyin canceled today’s morning training, only the evening training.The Chinese men’s basketball team lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes last night and set the training time to start at 12:30.Zhou Qi appeared on the training ground today, and the last 5 minutes of free throw practice are still done with great concentration.After the mixed interview area, Zhou Qi stopped and faced the media.He said that he had spent a difficult night: “I have a lot of responsibility for the mistakes in the last few rounds, and I was not particularly good in overtime.”After regretting the defeat, Chinese men’s basketball team members have posted on social media to support their teammates, showing” carrying together “, Zhou Qi also said that this mutual encouragement swapped the game and the post-match.”Me and Zhao Rui have also been communicating with the ball on the court. Anyway, the ball is in my hand, and my responsibility is definitely the biggest.”” He also admitted that he learned growth through such a lesson.”For me, the last key moment of such a stalemate game is that I have encountered relatively few (number of times). My mentality and on-the-spot thinking will definitely change and improve a lot.”The” knockdown “with the Venezuelan team is coming. Zhou Qi stated that he would come out of his self-blame.” All he has to do is prepare for the next game with all his strength, hoping to win the next game. “”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Guo Li

[Lithium fish practice Daquan home cooking]_How to_Making method

椴ら奔鏄垜浠钩鏃剁敓娲诲綋涓父鍚冪殑涓€绉嶆贰姘撮奔锛屼篃鏄垜鍥藉洓澶ф贰姘撮奔涔嬩竴锛岄奔鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊兼瘮杈冮珮锛屽懗閬撻潪甯哥殑椴滅編锛岄菠楸肩殑鍋氭硶涔熼潪甯哥殑澶氾紝姣旇緝甯歌鐨勬湁绯栭唻椴ら奔锛屾补娉奸奔鎴栬€呰眴鑵愰菠楸肩瓑绛夛紝鍦ㄥ仛椴ら奔鐨勬椂鍊欙紝棣栧厛瑕佺敤娌规妸楸肩殑涓ら潰鐓庝竴涓嬶紝鐒跺悗鍐嶉厤涓€浜涢鏉愬拰璋冩枡杩涜鍒朵綔锛屽懗閬撻潪甯哥殑椴滅編锛岃惀鍏讳环鍊间篃闈炲父鐨勪笉閿欍€傛补娉奸菠楸兼潗鏂欓菠楸间竴鏉★紝钁变笣锛屽涓濓紝骞茶荆妞掍笣锛岀洂锛屾枡閰掞紝鑺辩敓娌归€傞噺锛岄叡娌归€傞噺锛岄鑿滄閫傞噺锛屽仛娉?.Hao sorrows and sorrows Ben Tao  袱 渚 2.鐐掗攨娣婚€傞噺娓呮按锛屾斁鍏ラ菠楸肩儳寮€3.鎾囧幓娴搏鍚庯紝鍔犲叆鐩愩€佹枡閰掋€佸懗绮俱€侀叡娌癸紝鐢ㄥ皬鐏儳寮€4.What are you looking for?.What’s the matter? Do you have a hard time? Han Jing?.鐐掗攨娉ㄦ补鐑ц嚦浜旀垚鐑紝灏嗛攨閲岀殑娌瑰潎鍖€娴囧湪鐩樺唴鐨勯奔韬笂锛屾拻涓婇鑿滄鍗虫垚璞嗚厫椴ら奔鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氬寳璞嗚厫300鍏嬶紝椴ら奔800鍏嬶紝璋冩枡锛氬ぇ钁?0 鍏 嬶 甏 界 毊 擶 ц 描 10 鍏 嬶 溮 濮?0 鍏 嬶 纴 Pu 嗚 湚 湚 i 睿 15 鍏 嬶 閴 閰 訰 計 計 30 鍏 嬶 麴 揂 欓 痓 5 鍏 嬶 鐴 鐩?0鍏嬶紝鍛崇簿10鍏嬶紝铓曡眴娣€绮?Sorry, the girl is rugged?5 What are you talking about?.The patents are simple and easy to use, and they are very simple. They are actually the same as those on the back * 1.5 铡 樼 back 勄 粏 粀 銆 浔 銆?.椴ら奔鍘婚碁銆佸唴鑴忔礂鍑€锛屽皢楸艰韩涓ら潰鍚勫垝2鍒€銆?.Do you want to make up for it? Do you want to know what you can do? Can you tell me what you want to do? Can you make up for it?.Do you want to make up for it?。You can make up for it, and you will be able to find out what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?叆璞嗚厫銆侀叡娌广€侀厭銆佺洂銆佸懗绮俱€侀珮姹や竴璧风叜寮€锛屽ぇ绾?Technetium?鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝灏嗛奔鎹炲嚭锛岀疆浜庣洏涓€?。姹ゆ眮鐢ㄦ穩绮夋按10鍏嬶紙娣€绮?鍏嬪姞姘达級鍕捐姟鍚庯紝娣嬪湪楸艰韩涓婂嵆鍙€傝眴鐡i菠楸兼潗鏂欓菠楸?What’s the matter?0 鬏 嬶 璂 滀 粊 4 beautiful 璞 璴 钁?Liao Guiqu A.詴 霴 鐡 鐡 i 睿 2 澶 у pet: Do you know how?What’s wrong with you?What’s so darling?/ 2 How do you like it?What’s your favor?50 kilograms of Xingjing B.Press  槠 Qi Xuan by pressing 1/2 揶 у pet: 岄  娌?樭 硶 pet pot 氭 桶 1.椴ら奔娲楀噣娌ュ共锛屽湪楸艰韩涓ら潰鍚勫垝2鍒€锛涘銆佽挏浠佸垏鏈紱钁辨礂鍑€銆佸垏缁嗗鐢ㄣ€?.鐑攨锛屽€掑叆绾?澶у寵娌圭儳鐑紝鏀惧叆浣滄硶1鐨勯奔鐓庤嚦涓ら潰鐒﹂粍锛屽彇鍑哄鐢ㄣ€?.鍙︾儹閿呭€掑叆灏戣娌癸紝浠ュ皬鐏垎棣欏銆佽挏锛屾帴鐫€鍔犲叆杈h眴鐡i叡灏忕伀鐐掗锛屽啀鍔銲 叏 多 粏 璬 咨 揗 杝 銆?.Huan yao?Upset, unhealthy, and upset?Do you want to go?0 Rouxianzhanie Chongbaochaquan Chanqiancharen Suisipiqiu hard  Suiraorenwen Chi Fu Ji ╀ Dafeibaojuan Chahenghuchan  Zhuqiqunan Junjuanchouqu ★ Ren Diyuwandi欐补锛岀洓鍑烘穻鍦ㄩ奔涓婏紝鏈€鍚庢拻涓婅懕鑺卞嵆鍙€

[How to make hawthorn stuffed cucumbers]_Home-made practice of hawthorn stuffed cucumbers_How to make hawthorn stuffed cucumbers_How to make hawthorn stuffed cucumbers

[How to make hawthorn stuffed cucumbers]_Home-made practice of hawthorn stuffed cucumbers_How to make hawthorn stuffed cucumbers_How to make hawthorn stuffed cucumbers

As people’s living standards improve, they begin to pay attention to health care.

However, many people have a huge misunderstanding about health, and health is not a health medicine, or it costs money to maintain it.

So, now I will introduce the recipe of hawthorn stuffed cucumber.


Wash the hawthorn, remove the seeds and stalks, cut into small pieces, and steam in the upper drawer for 20 minutes until soft and rotten.

1 Take a clean pot, stir the hawthorn puree and sugar together and boil until thick 3.

2 Take out the cold, remove the seeds with a fruit fork, and use a cooking machine to make mud (add a little water) 4.

1Cucumbers are washed, peeled, cut into inch segments, and the middle part is removed with a curved spoon (do not hollow out the bottom) 5.

2 Add an appropriate amount of honey to boil to turn off the fire, cool and pack it to seal.

Fry or fry the pine nuts with a small amount of oil and remove the oil control.

Mix the slag sauce and pine nuts thoroughly and drizzle on the cucumber to serve (if the hawthorn sauce is thick, you can dilute it with an appropriate amount of pure water) The detailed methods and steps of the hawthorn-cooked cucumber have been introduced, all you have to do is practice, believe yourselfStart practicing.

[Can Ejiao nourish the kidney]_Efficacy_Nutritional value

闃胯兌鏄竴绉嶈嵂椋熷悓婧愰鐗┿€傚緢澶氱殑濂虫€т細瀹氭湡椋熺敤闃胯兌鏉ヨ繘琛岃皟鐞嗐€傚洜涓洪樋鑳跺叿鏈夊緢濂界殑琛ヨ鏁堟灉锛屾墍浠ユ洿鏄彈鍒颁汉浠殑闈掔潗銆傞偅涔堬紝闃胯兌鑳借ˉ鑲惧悧锛熷叾瀹炰竴鑸潵璇达紝闃胯兌鐨勮ˉ鑲炬晥鏋滃苟涓嶆槸寰堝ぇ銆傚鏋滃ぇ瀹舵兂瑕佽ˉ鑲剧殑璇濓紝鍙互澶氬悆涓€浜涢粦鑹查鏉愶紝渚嬪榛戣眴鎴栬€呮槸鍔ㄧ墿鍐呰剰銆?.瀵硅缁嗚優褰卞搷澶ч噺鎶借閫犳垚鐘け琛€鎬ц传琛€鍚庯紝鐢ㄩ樋鑳舵憾娑茬亴鑳冿紙30鍏?╋ What’s wrong?0澶╋級锛屽叾绾㈢粏鑳炲拰琛€绾㈣泲鐧藉鍔犵殑閫熷害姣斿鐓х粍蹇€?.瀵归挋浠h阿鐨勫奖鍝嶉樋鑳惰兘鏀瑰杽鍔ㄧ墿浣撳唴閽欏钩琛°€傜敤闃胯兌鐏岃儍锛屽悓鏃跺湪椋熺墿涓姞纰抽吀閽欙紝鑳藉鍔犻挋鐨勫惛鏀跺拰鍦ㄤ綋鍐呯殑娼寸暀锛屼娇琛€閽欑暐鏈夊楂橈紱杩欑閽欒川杞借繍浣滅敤鍙兘涓庨樋鑳朵腑鎵€鍚敇姘ㄩ吀鏈夊叧銆?.闃叉不杩涜鎬ц倢钀ュ吇闅滅鐥囩殑浣滅敤鐢ㄧ壒鍒ゲ鏂欏杺鍏昏睔榧狅紝浣垮叏閮ㄩ€犳垚杩涜鎬ц倢钀ュ吇闅滅鐥囷紝鍔犵敤闃胯兌鑰咃紝浠?0%鍙戠敓锛屽鏁扮殕鍋ュ叏鏃犵棁鐘躲€傚凡鍙戠敓姝ょ棁鍚庯紝鍐嶇敤闃胯兌锛屼害鍙娇鐥呯棁閫愭笎鍑忚交銆備綔鑰呰涓虹淮鐢熺礌E鍙槻娌绘鐥囷紝闃胯兌鏈夋晥鍘熷洜锛屽彲鑳戒笌鍏惰兘闃叉楗叉枡涓淮鐢熺礌E鐨勬哀鍖栫牬鍧忔湁鍏炽€傝鐗规畩楗叉枡閲屾湁涓瓑閲忕殑缁寸敓绱燛锛屼絾鍥犱害鍚姩鐗╂€ц剛鑲紝鏄撲娇缁寸敓绱燛姘у寲澶辨晥鑰岄€犳垚姝ょ棁銆?.This is the best way to find out how to do it. If you want to know how to do it, you will be able to find out how to use it.锛屾敞灏勯樋鑳剁簿鍒舵憾娑诧紝鍙娇琛€鍘嬩笂鍗囪€岃浆鍗变负瀹夈€傜敤甯傚敭闃胯兌浜?渚嬭儐鍥婇€犲奖鑰咃紙15锝?0How do you press the button?What are you looking for? Three bundles of sorrows?

[How to prepare dried prawns?

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to prepare dried prawns?
】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

There are many types of prawns. Basically everyone can belong to the type of prawns. River prawns are widely distributed in many rivers and lakes. The prawns are very soft and easy to digest after eating, especiallyIt is suitable for people who are recovering from a serious illness to take care of their bodies. In addition, eating prawns can supplement rich magnesium elements and regulate human heart activity. So if it is dried prawns, what should be done to make them delicious?

First, how to prepare the dried prawns?

Ingredients Ingredients 500g dry shrimp Method / Step 1 First chop the ginger and garlic into pieces, cut the dried chili into sections, cut the onion into fine shapes, and prepare the tomato sauce and hot and sour sauce.

2 Soak the dried shrimp with water and wine, it is best if it can be soaked for a long time. It is good for the dried shrimp to be thoroughly penetrated. If the time is tight, do not soak for two hours.

Clean up the soaked dried shrimp and remove the head.

3. Oil the pan, fry the shrimps over low heat, and wait until the color turns golden.

4 Finally, add the onion, ginger, garlic, dried pepper, dried pepper, tomato sauce, hot and sour sauce, stir fry over high heat, add dried shrimp, pour red wine, water, no shrimp, add sugar, turn to low heatCover it.

5 When the soup becomes less, add chicken essence and stir fry. Remove the shrimp and put on a plate. Then copy the sauce, pour the sauce on the shrimp, and sprinkle the green onions to make a delicious braised dried shrimp.

Note: Dried shrimp should be soaked for a while, it is best to soak it.

The time for frying should not be passed, otherwise it will burn and affect the taste.

Make the soup thicker.

Second, the dried shrimp and radish soup first said the main ingredients: about 3 white radish (cut into strips) and dried shrimp (big) about 15 ingredients: ginger, spring onion and chicken essence 1, boil the water, add red dates and ginger slices,Cook over medium heat for 3 minutes, fully boil the ginger juice and the water will cook to a light yellow color.

2. Add the sliced white radish strips and cook on medium heat for 3 minutes. At this time, the white radish is basically crispy. 3, add the dried prawns that have been soaked, because the shrimp is salty, so there is basically no need to put salt, which is moderate to your ownThe taste is set. Add chicken essence and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. Add the green onion and it is ready to cook. If you like the flavor of the sesame oil, you can also add a few drops of sesame oil.

A delicious dried shrimp and radish soup made the third, fried shrimp burdock ingredients: 1 cup of dried shrimp, 60 grams of burdock, 40 grams of garlic moss, 1/2 red pepper, cooking oil 1.

5 cups, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tbsp of water, 1 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of cooking wine.

Method: 1. Peel burdock and shred in water, shred garlic garlic and red pepper and set aside.

2. Add dried shrimp to the pan and simmer on low heat. Add sirloin to the pan and stir-fry.

3. Add sauce, sugar, cooking wine to the fried sirloin for a while, add garlic moss and dried shrimp to continue frying.

4. At the same time, add sugar and red pepper, and finally drop sesame oil and sprinkle sesame seeds.

Tip: Dried shrimp are red shrimps with transparent whiskers and tails, which are good shrimps.

Fry the dried shrimps before frying them with the burdock. This will remove the shrimp’s ties, and the final dish will be more neat.

When peeling burdock, use the back of a knife or a potato peeling knife. Soaking the water after peeling can make the burdock not change color.

Do not add dried shrimp to the soy sauce at the beginning, so that the shrimp will turn black and the soy sauce will be added to a certain extent.

[How to deal with the meat before cooking]_How to deal with_Processing method

銆愮倰鑿滃墠鑲夊簲璇ユ€庝箞澶勭悊 銆慱濡備綍澶勭悊_澶勭悊鏂规硶
姘戜互椋熶负澶╋紝浜轰滑姣忓ぉ鍚冮キ閮介渶瑕佽彍锛岃€岃彍鍙堣鑽ょ礌鎼厤鎵嶈兘璁╄惀鍏绘洿鍔犵殑鍧囪 锛屾墠鑳戒繚璇佷汉浣撴洿鍔犵殑鍋ュ悍锛岃€岃倝灏辨槸鍏朵腑鐨勮崵銆傝倝涔板洖鏉ュ悗璁稿浜洪兘浼氭斁鍏ュ啺绠憋紝绛夋嬁鍑烘潵鐐掔殑鏃跺€欏嵈涓嶇煡閬撳浣曞鐞嗐€傞偅浠婂ぉ灏辨暀澶у鍦ㄧ倰鑿滃What is the best way to do it? Do you want to know how to do it? Do you want to know how to do it?銆佹嬁鍒颁竴鍧楄倝瑕佸厛鎬庝箞澶勭悊鍛紵棣栧厛鎴戜滑瑕佹妸鑲夋竻娲楀共鍑€锛屽彲浠ョ敤鐑按娲楀畬鍐嶇敤鍐锋按鍐叉礂锛岀劧鍚庤偉鑲夊拰鐦﹁倝鍒嗗紑锛屾妸鑲ヨ倝鍏堝垏鎴愬皬鐗囥€?銆佹垜浠竴鑸鍏堝鐞嗚偉鑲夛紝鑲ヨ倝瑕佸厛鍒囧ソ鏀惧埌閿呴噷骞茬倰涓€涓嬶紝鎶婇噷闈㈢殑娌规斁鍑烘潵锛岀幇鍦ㄤ篃鍙互鍔犲叆涓€鐐硅彍绫芥补浠ュ厤绮橀攨浜嗐€傜槮鑲夊彲浠ヤ竴杈瑰垏锛屽垏鎴愬皬鏉$姸姣旇緝濂斤紝涓汉鍠滄鍚冨皬涓€鐐圭殑銆?.鍒囧ソ浜嗙槮鑲変互鍚庯紝鎶婅倝鏀捐繘纰楅噷锛屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勭洂锛岃厡鍒朵竴灏忎細锛屽彲浠ユ洿鍔犲叆鍛筹紝杩欐槸閿呴噷鐨勮偉鑲夊凡缁忓樊涓嶅浜嗭紝娉ㄦ剰涓嶈鐓庡お涔呭摕锛岄偅鏍蜂細澶共銆傛柟娉曚簩锛氳倝鍒囧ソ鍚庯紝鍔犵偣鏂欓厭鐢熸娊鑵屼竴浼氾紝涓€鏂归潰鍘昏叆鍛筹紝涓€鏂归潰鏇村叆鍛炽€傝厡鍒剁殑鏃跺€欎篃鍙互鍐嶅姞鐐归浮铔嬫竻锛岀倰鍑烘潵浼氱壒鍒粦瀚┿€備絾鏄厡鐨勬椂闂翠篃涓嶈兘澶暱锛?5鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸灏辫浜嗐€傛柟娉曚笁锛氶鍏堬紝鎬庝箞鍒囧緢閲嶈锛佽椤虹潃鎻夋弶鐨勭汗鐞嗗垏锛佸湪纰椾腑鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐨勬按鍜屾穩绮夈€侀叡娌广€侀鐩愶紝璋冩垚娉ョ姸銆傚啀鎶婅倝鍒囧ソ鍚庢斁鍏ョ涓媽鍧囧寑銆傜瓑鑿滅倰鑷充竷鍏垚鐔熸椂鍔犲叆涓€璧风倰灏变細寰堝浜嗐€傚彟澶栵紝濡傛灉涓嶆€曡垂娌癸紝鍙互鍏堢敤娌规妸鎷屽ソ鐨勮倝绋嶇◢鐐镐竴涓嬶紝鐪嬭鑲変笣锛堢墖锛夋垚涓€鏉℃潯锛堟垨鐗囩墖锛夋椂灏卞彲浠ユ崬璧凤紝绛夎彍鐐掕嚦鍏垚鐔熸椂鍐嶅姞鍏ャ€傜敤杩欑鍔炴硶姣斿墠涓€绉嶅姙娉曟洿濂姐€傛柟娉曞洓锛?Do you want to read it? Are you afraid to read it?鍔犻€傞噺鐨勭敓鎶?Last tree?Forge Chongbiao (when the temperature is ℃ 斁 楦 峲 咓 咃 參 珏 揤 揤 楦 $ 书 钖?, 呼 呮 妈 鍧 囧 团 厼 嬷 笁 Thanks to 鍒 嗒 嗛 銆?銆傜倰閿呴噷鏀炬补,8鎴愮儹鐨勬椂鍊欐妸鑲夊€掓椂鍘伙紝杩呴€熸粦寮€锛屽彉鑹插悗鍗虫崬鍑虹敤纰楄濂藉鐢ㄣ€?Replacing oneself with another, with the help of the rudder, with the rudder, with the rudder in the world, and with each other, and with each other, with ammonia, with each other.嗐€傚鏋滅倰涓や釜鑿滐紝鏀捐倝鐗囨洿鏂逛究銆傜敤姝ゆ柟娉曠倰鍑烘潵鐨勮倝鐗囷紝寰堝寰堟粦銆傛垜浠ュ墠鏈夌敤瀚╄倝绮夛紝鍛抽亾寰堝ソ锛屼笉杩囧悗鏉ュ惉浜鸿缁忓父鍚冨鑲夌矇瀵硅韩浣撲笉濂斤紝鎴戝氨鏀圭敤楦¤泲娓呬簡銆?

[Can cod liver oil and d3 be eaten together-]_ vitamin d3_ 同 吃

銆 愰 奔 閇 樇 荜 卒 3 鑳 紴 瑴 Bifeng 漆 钖?銆 漱 缁 缁 璓 绱 耀 3_ 钖 屽 悆
楸艰倽娌硅繕鏈塪3鏄彲浠ュ湪涓€璧峰悆鐨勶紝骞朵笉浼氬嚭鐜颁粈涔堜笉濂界殑鍙嶅簲锛屼絾鏄竴瀹氳鎸夌収瑙勫畾鐨勯噺鍘绘湇鐢ㄤ笉瑕佺鑷姞澶ф湇鐢ㄧ殑閲忥紝鍚﹀垯鏁堟灉寰堝鏄撻€傚緱鍏跺弽锛屽The chain of disease and disease is very difficult to read and read. It ‘s easy to use the tweezers. The awards are presented. The awards are made in the world. The world is filled with problems.This is the best way to deal with this problem. It ‘s a great deal. It ‘s rich and flawed. It ‘s a lot of flaws. It ‘s not easy to fix it. It ‘s not a good idea.鐢熺礌D缂轰箯鐥囥€?The problem is that the Guihuai River is not a good place, it is a big deal, it’s a bad thing, it’s a lot of flaws, it’s a lot of flaws.讹纴鍙紩璧风毊鑲ゅ共鐕ャ€佹瘺鍥婅鍖栥€佸共鐪肩梾鍙婂鐩茬棁绛夈€傜淮鐢熺礌D鏈夊府鍔╅挋鐨勫惛鏀跺拰淇冭繘楠ㄩ閽欏寲鐨勫姛鑳姐€傜淮鐢熺礌D缂轰箯鍙骇鐢熺淮鐢熺礌D缂轰箯鎬т綕鍋荤梾銆傞櫎椋熺墿澶栵紝姝e父浜虹毊鑲や腑鍚湁涓€绉?”I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how to do it.”槻姝綕鍋荤梾鐨勫彂鐢熴€備富娌诲皬鍎跨殑楠ㄩ澶勪簬鐢熼暱鍙戣偛锛屾瘡澶╅渶瑕佷竴瀹氶噺鐨勭淮鐢熺礌D銆傚浜庡皬鍎挎潵璇达紝姣忓ぉ鏈嶉€傞噺楸艰倽娌?姣 忓 ぉ 逆 嶆 卢 缂 ╅Ben inlay to repair 3?prostitute?You will be able to find out whether you are at the helm or at the helm, or if you want to go to the office, or if you ca n’t do it, or if you ca n’t do it, or if you ca n’t do it. 逮 殮 擮 撴 鍙 鍙 创 哯 哭 喭 Key 屽 啾 銆 傜 傜 Huai 熺 礌 A 銆 丏 钖  噺 姣姣 槴 杩?Technetium?戭?鐨勯奔鑲濇补闀挎湡鏈嶇敤鏄撳鑷寸淮鐢熺礌A鎽勫叆杩囬噺鑰屼腑姣掋€傘€€鍏蜂綋鏈嶇敤鏂规硶璇﹁鍚勪骇鍝佽鏄庝功鎴栭伒鍖诲槺銆傝櫧鐒舵湇鐢ㄩ奔鑲濇补鍙互棰勯槻鍜屾不鐤椾綕鍋荤梾锛屼絾杩欏苟涓嶆剰鍛崇潃姣忎釜灏忓効閮介渶瑕佹湇鐢?I’m not sure how to deal with it. It’s just a matter of time. It’s a lot of time.閲嶈鐨勮瘽,閭e皬鍎夸篃瀹屽叏鏈夊彲鑳戒笉闇€鏈嶇敤鐨勶紝闇€瑕佹湇鐢ㄩ噾濂囦粫楸艰倽娌圭殑4 绉嶆 儏 鍐 碉 细 1.If you are frozen, how will the peak of Didi Peak be effective?2. You can’t wait for a while. The temperature is 0 ° C. The temperature is high, the temperature is low, the temperature is high, the distance is high, the distance is high, the distance is high.Destroy the survivor?3. It ‘s hard to make a difference, and it ‘s hard to make a living, and it ‘s hard to get out of the way, and it ‘s a lot of sorrow.鍎 開 銆?. 瓒充笉鍑烘埛灏戞檼澶槼;娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」濡傛灉濠村効姣嶄钩涓嶈冻鎴栨柇涔冲悗鏈強鏃舵坊鍔犺泲榛勩€佸姩鐗╄倽鑴忕瓑瀵屽惈缁寸敓绱燗鍜孌浠ュ強瀵屽惈鑳¤悵鍗滅礌鐨勮敩鑿溿€佹按鏋滅瓑椋熷搧;鎴栬€呮偅鏈夋參鎬ц吂娉汇€佽倽鑳嗙柧鐥呯瓑褰卞搷缁寸敓绱燗鍜孌鐨勫惛鏀?鎴栬€呮偅鏈夋參鎬ф秷鑰楁€х柧鐥呬娇缁寸敓绱燗鍜孌鐨勬秷鑰楀澶?鎴栬€呯己灏戞棩鐓?浠ュ強鐢熼暱杩囧揩浣块渶瑕侀噺澧炲绛夌瓑鍥犵礌閮藉彲浠ュ紩璧风淮鐢熺礌A鍜屾垨D鐨勭己涔忋€?It ‘s a lot of fun. It ‘s hard to read. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s so cold. It ‘s so cold. It ‘s so cold.缁寸敓绱燗澶у鑳芥弧瓒冲┐鍎跨殑闇€瑕併€傝€岀淮鐢熺礌D鍦ㄦ瘝涔冲拰鐗涗钩涓兘杈冨皯锛屾墍浠ユWhat’s the effect? The effect is very strong. The altar is very powerful. What is the effect of the village? Adorable. What is the effect?-3 forging and ramming: soreness and soreness “笐 欇 漇 缁 經 燚 燚 400 鍗 盚 綅 雄 可 啩 鏒 阒 閒 透透 庥 炵 炵 炵 炵 炵 璵 璏 璏 遏 炏鏃╀骇鍎裤€佸弻鑳庡拰鏈変笂杩板紩璧风淮鐢熺礌A鍜孌缂轰箯鍥犵礌鐨勫皬鍎匡紝鏇撮渶瑕侀澶栬ˉ鍏呯淮鐢 熺 礌 A 鍜 劈 銆?銆?It ‘s a good idea to make sure that it ‘s very effective, and it ‘s very difficult for you to make a difference. It ‘s a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan, a fan and a fan.厖楸艰倽娌硅€佸勾浜洪暱鏈熷閲忔湇鐢ㄩ奔鑲濇补涓革紝鍔垮繀澧炲姞鏈轰綋瀵归挋銆佺7鐨勫惛鏀躲€傚翱璺粨鐭充笌灏挎恫涓殑閽欍€佺7澧炲鏈夊瘑鍒囧叧绯汇€傝娑插唴閽欍€佺7杩囧锛屼細澧炲姞灏垮唴鐨勯挋銆佺7锛屽鏄撳彂鐢熷翱璺粨鐭炽€傛墍浠ワ紝鑰佸勾浜烘湇楸艰倽娌瑰墏閲忓垏鍕胯繃澶с€備竴鑸鏉ワ紝姣忓ぉ鏈?娆 ★ 庴 姣 忔  chain?Trickle the chain?Forge ㄥ?鍛ㄣ€傚钩鏃跺楗按锛屽鍔犲翱娑叉帓娉勶紝闃叉閽欒川娌夋穩銆傛偅鏈夊翱璺粨鐭虫垨浣撹川铏氬急鐨勪汉锛屼笉瀹滄湇鐢ㄩ奔鑲濇补锛岃皑闃插姞閲嶇粨鐭崇棁鐘舵垨鍙戠敓涓瘨銆?

[How to remove the white tendon of pork loin?】 _How to deal with_Processing method

鐚叞瀛愪笉鏄皬鍝佸綋涓棤缂樻棤鏁呭嚭鐜扮殑涓€涓瘝姹囷紝瀹為檯涓婂畠灏辨槸鐢熸椿涓父瑙佺殑涓€绉嶉鐗┿€備笉杩囧浜庡緢澶氫汉鏉ヨ锛岀尓鑵板瓙姣曠珶涓嶆槸涓€绉嶇粡甯稿悆鐨勯鐗╋紝鎵€浠ヤ拱鍥炲涔嬪悗鍐嶅鐞嗚繖鏂归潰杩樻槸绋嶆樉绗ㄦ嫏涓€浜涳紝灏ゅ叾鏄尓鑵板瓙閲岄潰鐧借壊鐨勭瓔What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?娌跨潃绛嬬殑鏂瑰宝氨悜鍒囧紑锛屽互鎷衰嚭绛嬩简銆效厛鎶婄尓罐板钩鏀链粠链夌槠绾跨殑鍦版楠灏嗙尓罐扮牬寮€鎴愪袱鐗囷紝杩欐椂浼氱湅鍒颁腑闂存湁寰堝鐧借壊鐨勪笢瑗匡紝鐢ㄥ垁骞宠璐寸潃鐚叞鎱㈡參鎶婄櫧鑹茬殑涓滆タ鍏ㄩ儴鍓旈櫎骞插噣灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆傚瓡濡囧彲浠ヤ緷鎹嚜宸辩殑韬綋鎯呭喌鏉ュ悆鐚叞銆傚埄寮婏細鐚叞瀛愬叿鏈夎ˉ鑲炬皵銆侀€氳唨鑳便€佹秷绉粸銆佹娑堟复涔嬪姛鏁堛€傚彲鐢ㄤ簬娌荤枟鑲捐櫄鑵扮棝銆佹按鑲裤€佽€宠What is it?鐩稿叧浜虹兢涓€鑸汉缇ゅ潎鍙鐢ㄣ€?. 閫傚疁鑲捐櫄涔嬩汉鑵伴吀鑵扮棝銆侀仐绮俱€佺洍姹楄€呴鐢?閫傚疁鑰佸勾浜鸿偩铏氳€宠亱銆佽€抽福鑰呴鐢?2. 琛€鑴傚亸楂樿€呫€侀珮鑳嗗浐閱囪€呭繉椋熴€?.鐚叞瀛愮敤浜庣倰銆佺垎銆佺偢銆佺倽銆佹媽锛屽鈥滅倰鑵拌姳鈥濄€佲€滃淇濊叞鍧椻€濄€佲€滅儵妗冧粊鑵板嵎鈥濈瓑;鐐掕叞鑺辨椂鍔犱笂钁辨銆佸鐗囧拰闈掓锛屽懗閬撻矞缇?3. What are you going to do? Do you know how to do it? How to do it? How to do it? Do not worry about it 2 Do you know how to do it? Click on the button啫鑳€鍗虫垚;4. 鐚叞璐ㄨ剢瀚╋紝浠ヨ壊娴呰€呬负濂姐€傞鐤椾綔鐢ㄧ尓鑵板瓙鍛崇敇鍜搞€佹€у钩锛屽叆鑲剧粡;鏈夎ˉ鑲俱€佸己鑵般€佺泭姘旂殑浣滅敤銆傛嫇灞曡祫鏂欙細鐚偩鏄寚鐚殑鑲撅紝鍙堢О鐚叞瀛愶紝鍛崇敇鎬у钩锛屽叿鏈夎ˉ鑲剧枟铏氥€佺敓娲ユ娓寸殑鍔熸晥锛屽彲鐢ㄤ簬娌荤枟鑲捐櫄鑵扮棝銆佹按鑲裤€佽€宠亱绛夌棁銆?