In the Super League’s difficult delivery, who holds the knife for cutting the cake?

In the Super League’s “difficult delivery”, who holds the knife for cutting the cake?
R & F boss tension (middle).Picture / Visual China An interview with Guangzhou R & F Club Investor Tension released by XX media today caused heated discussion in the Chinese football circle.As the leader of the preparatory work of the Chinese Super League, Zhang Li said that the preparatory work of the league has been at a standstill. In the process of football reform, some people are unwilling to decentralize and lead to difficult preparations.On the Internet, netizens used “tension to bombard the Football Association” to describe the attitude of the leader of the alliance.This picture is a bit familiar-in 2004, the “G7 Alliance” composed of 7 Super League club investors, including Guoan and Shide, had the following demands: Separation of management and management to establish the Super League.After being sealed for more than ten years, the establishment of the Chinese Super League was considered to have seen the dawn last year. The Chinese Football Association made a clear statement at the press conference on October 16, 2019. The professional league will complete the approval in November 2019 and end its listing.On January 9 this year, Liu Yi, the secretary general of the Football Association, once again said that due to the need for multiple approval procedures, the Chinese Super League replaced the listing as scheduled, but is “relentlessly pushing forward.”The same attitude can be seen in the “Notes on Promoting Professional League Related Work” released today by the Football Association.But what is the timetable for the establishment of the Chinese Super League?not at all.The time required for legal proceedings is not necessarily the most fundamental reason for the establishment of the Chinese Super League.From 2004 to the present, the reasons for this have not changed: the Football Association and the club have always had differences on the formulation of regulations and management methods.From the standpoint of the two parties in different positions, the “principle issues” are also different.For example, the most mature Premier League is in charge of the league ‘s business affairs and overall promotion, while the Premier League rules change and the new chairman of the league, the new CEO appoints the FA with a veto, in addition to training, allocation of referees and competition.Players (clubs, players, coaches) are disciplined and will not participate in the daily operations of the league.When returning to Chinese football, people will find it difficult to imagine that the Chinese Super League will show the same situation.Zhang Li said in an interview that “maybe they don’t want to lose the cake of the Chinese Super League”. From the survey and evaluation of various professional institutions in recent years, although the bubble of “Golden Football” has gradually faded, the Chinese Super League is still the domestic sports market.The biggest IP, benefits and performance are two flowers that are inseparable from one vine.Whoever holds the knife for cutting the cake becomes meaningful.Beijing News Sports commentator Zhou Xiao editor Wang Chunqiu proofread Zhao Lin

The Ruixing incident fermented the Chinese car and was run against Huaping. Can the rescue of the Chinese department be saved?

The Ruixing incident fermented the Chinese car and was run against Huaping. Can the rescue of the Chinese department be saved?
Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud is unprecedented, and China’s companies are closed to crisis: it has continued to fall, and its rating has been downgraded, “run by financial institutions and suppliers” . Acquisition of Shenzhou car rental held by China Automobile17.11% stock.Since Lu Zhengyao established Shenzhou Rent-a-Car in 2017, every ride in the mall has been inseparable from the assistance of “Mr. Key” Li Hui. The resources he has held, Huaping Investment and Dazheng Capital, have successively blessed the China Department.The old shareholder Huaping Investment hurriedly “fire fighting”, can Lu Zhengyao survive this?Huaping took over some of the car rental equity held by China UCAR. China UCAR, the major shareholder, finally “handed out” some of China Car Rental’s equity.The sale proceeds are used to repay many of the existing financing of UCAR.Affected by Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud, the market rumored that Shenzhou Car Rental was acquired.Immediately, Ctrip Group and Geely Group quickly cleared.In response to media reports that the company intends to transfer the shares of Shenzhou Car Rental, on the evening of April 13, Shenzhou UCAR said that the company is currently in contact with potential investors, but the relevant matters are still in the preliminary negotiation stage.No specific agreement reached.On the evening of April 16, Shenzhou Car Rental announced that Amber Gem, the company ‘s main shareholder, and Shenzhou Ucar bought and sold the company ‘s shares from the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Ucar.Certain existing financing of UCAR.The two batches of acquired shares accounted for approximately the entire issued share capital of the company (Shenzhou Car Rental).65% and up to 12.46%.Prior to the signing of the sale and purchase agreement, China UCAR and Amber Gem respectively owned a total accumulated share capital of China Car Rental of approximately 25.92% and 10.11% equity.According to Wind data, as of December 31, 2019, UCAR Technologies, the shareholder of China Car Rental, holds 2 shares.600 million shares, accounting for 12.29%, Lu Zhengyao and his wife Guo Chunli hold 6 shares.3.1 billion shares, accounting for 29.76%; amber gems account for 10.11%.In this way, Amber Gem’s shareholding in car rental in China will exceed that of UCAR, the top shareholder.On the evening of April 20, CICC, a brokerage firm sponsored by UCAR, issued a notice saying that after UCAR applied to the stock transfer system, the transfer of UCAR shares would resume on April 21.If the transaction with Amber Gem, the shareholder of China Auto Rental, is fully settled, the proportion of China Auto Rental’s shares in China Auto Rental will drop to about 8.81%.Sauna, Yewang noticed that Amber Gem is a subsidiary company of Huaping Investment.Founded in 1966 and headquartered in New York, Warburg is a private equity investment institution. Since its establishment, Warburg has raised 19 private equity funds, and has expanded more than 895 companies to invest more than 83 billion U.S. dollars.More than 40 countries around the world.Huaping Investment entered China in 1994. It was the initial stage of coming to China and one of the largest international private equity investment institutions in China.Since entering the Chinese market, Warburg has invested in more than 100 companies.Warburg currently invests in 50 Chinese companies, covering the five areas of consumption, healthcare, financial services, real estate and technology, media and communications.Investment companies include Zhongtong Express, Dasouche, Uxin, Hunting, e-driving, ape coaching, Ziru, Ant Financial, etc.When talking about Huaping’s investment, Li Hui cannot be bypassed.Li Hui has worked hard in the US investment banking field for many years and joined Goldman Sachs (Asia) in 2001 as an executive director.A year later, Li Hui entered Huaping Investment and was in charge of Huaping ‘s investment business in China for a long time. He became a member of the Huaping Global Management Decision Committee in 2012 and was promoted to president of the Asia Pacific region in 2013.During this period, Li Hui, Lu Zhengyao, and Liu Erhai met each other, and the three were called the “iron triangle” from the outside.In September 2014, Shenzhou Car Rental, which was established 7 years ago, was listed in Hong Kong and became the first car rental company in China.At the time, Huaping invested in Li Hui to bless Amber Gem all the way.In May 2015, Shenzhou Car Rental announced that it held 18 shares.17% of the majority shareholder Amber Gem announced the first-level.5 HKD to be sold to a third party 1.6.8 billion shares, cash out 31. 0.8 billion.After completing the above transaction, the share of amber gem car rental in Shenzhou will drop to 11.08%.After the amber gem was cashed out, Li Hui also left Huaping Investment.In April 2016, Li Hui became the vice chairman of China Automobile, responsible for the company’s strategy and capital operation.Luckin’s financial fraud, Dazheng Capital cleared its relationship, and it has significantly reduced its holdings. Since then, Lu Zhengyao started the operation of the second listed company, China UCAR. In July 2016, the main body of the Shenzhou special car operator, China UCAR, listed on the new third board and becameThe first share of the special car. “Prior to this, in June 2017, Li Hui stepped down as Vice Chairman of China Automobile and was appointed Chairman of China Automobile Strategy Committee.Since then, Li Hui and Lu Zhengyao still have cooperation.In May 2018, Ruixing Coffee became famous after the “bucket” of Starbucks. In June 2018, Ruixing Coffee completed a $ 200 million A round of financing. The investment institutions were Dazheng Capital, Joy Capital, and Junlian.Capital and Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC).Since then, Dazheng Capital has overweighted several times.Dazheng Capital was created by Li Hui.Founded in February 2017, Dazheng Capital currently manages more than US $ 3 billion in assets and has gradually invested in more than a dozen companies in the areas of consumption, services and medical care.As an investor, Dazheng Capital issued a statement weighing on the financial fraud of Ruixing Coffee, and blamed all forms of corporate fraud and fraud, which completely harmed the interests of all investors and seriously violated what we have always adhered to.Core values and professional ethics.The concept and evaluation of Dazheng Capital is committed to supporting invested companies to establish a strong and transparent corporate governance system and responsible management structure.Dazheng Capital expert, as a financial investor of Ruixing Coffee, Dazheng Capital firmly supports the decisions and measures adopted by Ruixing Coffee’s board of directors and special committees, and supports independent investigations involving the special committees to protect the interests of shareholders.Interestingly, on January 8 this year, Dazheng Capital reduced 38.4 million shares of Ruixing Coffee, with a shareholding ratio of 14.79% dropped to 12.15%, cash out 2.300 million US dollars, after the reduction of shares has recovered the original investment in Ruixing Capital.The impact of the Ruixing Coffee incident on car rental in China is real.First-level agencies have downgraded China Car Rental’s rating. Moody’s has downgraded China Car Rental’s corporate family rating and senior unsecured rating from “B2” to “Caa1”.The outlook is adjusted from “rating watch list” to “possibility”.S & P Global Ratings reduced the credit rating of the issuer of China Car Rental from B + to B-, and added it to the credit watch list.This completely affected the financial channels of Chinese companies.On the evening of April 17, China Auto Rental, a shareholder of China Auto Rental, admitted that financial institutions and suppliers have run out of money. The company is actively communicating with all parties to avoid impacts as much as possible, and strive to maintain normal capital cooperation. The specific debt repayment is still itemized.arrangement.However, if crowding occurs, it will cause great pressure on the company’s cash flow and even affect the normal continuous operation.Some people believe that the transfer of part of China Auto Rental to China Ping Investment Subsidiary Fund is also to a certain extent to give the market a little confidence and stabilize the current operation of China Auto Rental.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Yue Caizhou Proofreading Wang Xin

Alipay upgraded to an open platform for digital life, intending to create a new infrastructure for the service industry

Alipay upgraded to an open platform for digital life, intending to create a “new infrastructure” for the service industry
Under the impact of the epidemic, concepts such as the digital economy and “new infrastructure” are more respected.At the Alipay partner meeting of antiques on March 10, Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Financial, announced that he will build an open platform for Alipay digital life, focus on the digitalization of the service industry, and set a goal-in the next three years, work with 50,000 service providers to help 40 millionService industry merchants have completed digital upgrades.Hu Xiaoming said that the new service era is accelerating, but 80% of China’s service industry has not been digitized.Upgrading Alipay to an open platform for digital life is to create a “new infrastructure” for the digitization of the service industry.Through the upgrading of its own platform and continuous ecological opening, it will work with service providers to accelerate the transformation of the offline service industry.It is reported that with the new platform positioning, Alipay App will be upgraded and upgraded to strengthen the mentality of life services. The homepage adds takeaway home, fruit and vegetable merchants super medicine and other convenient life sections, and recommends favorite services for users based on intelligent algorithms, allowing each userHave more intimate and exclusive Alipay.At the same time, from “people looking for services” to “services looking for people” to improve the efficiency of business services distribution.”To build a digital life platform, openness is our constant pursuit.”Hu Xiaoming revealed that Alipay will come up with an unprecedented speed of ecological opening. After the App upgrade is completed, the Alipay family platform traffic will be fully open to the outside world.”At the same time, the two major policies of the DT digital era business transformation plan and the small program promotion plan have been introduced, so that the efforts of merchants and service providers to digitize their business are closely related to the Alipay platform dividend rate.In short, at Alipay, good service means good rights and interests.”Alipay believes that only by working with service providers to serve good merchants can they ultimately serve consumers well.”Hu Xiaoming said.In order to help the service provider group achieve digital transformation, Alipay has launched a package of partner growth assistance programs, including the development of digital value-added service capabilities, the opening of multiple loan and home loan service capabilities, Alipay University growth courses and many other alternatives.The open platform of Alipay service providers has also been launched simultaneously, providing one-stop services for service providers.At the Alipay Partner Conference on the afternoon of the 10th, many industry merchants and service providers participated in the conference through live broadcast cloud.Liu Chuanjun, founder and CEO of Meicai, said in the video connection of the conference, “Alipay has more than 900 million domestic users, and the service mind is deeply rooted. Alipay can open up the platform and create a digital life service market.It’s a big plus.According to his introduction, Meicai Mall opened the Alipay applet during the epidemic and exposed through Alipay’s centralized traffic entrance. It attracted more than 800,000 new users in a week, orders quickly covered 80 cities across the country, and the average daily active users exceeded 100,000.Editor Xu Chao proofreading Wang Xin

Yang Dechang directed the masterpiece One One on December 31, launched Naifei

Yang Dechang directed the masterpiece “One One” on December 31, launched Naifei
Sauna Night News directed by Yang Dechang, screened by Wu Nianzhen, Jin Yanling, Li Kaili, Zhang Yangyang and others, the movie “One One” will be available on Netflix on December 31.The respective trajectories of their lives explore family love and meaning of life.The film premiered on May 14, 2000 in France. In the same year, it was nominated for the Best Director Award at the 53rd Cannes Film Festival and nominated for the Best Film of Palme d’Or.Stills of the movie “One One”.It is reported that because Yang Dechang was deeply dissatisfied with the fact that the distribution of Chinese Taiwanese movies was controlled by a small number of people, he was worried that the film would be wasted and was therefore not chosen to be released in Taiwan.On November 6, 2009, to commemorate Yang Dechang who died on June 29, 2007, the digitally restored version was officially released in Taiwan, China.Sauna Night Editor Huang Jialing school against Wu Xingfa

Nanning Sugar intends to sell the two companies to optimize the asset structure, previously riding a roller coaster

Nanning Sugar intends to sell the two companies to optimize the asset structure, previously riding a “roller coaster”
After anticipating rising and falling, Nanning Sugar issued an announcement on the evening of March 12 that it plans to list and transfer its shareholding company Nanning Bali Building Materials Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Bali Building Materials) 48.03% equity and holding subsidiary Nanning Natural Paper Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Natural Paper) 90.79% equity.Nanning Sugar said frankly that both equity allocations will have a certain impact on the company’s profits.From the performance point of view, neither of these two companies is a high-quality asset. “Bali Building Materials is a cement production enterprise that has a backward production capacity and needs to be eliminated. It is no longer self-operated.The assets as a whole are leased out.”Natural paper industry has continued to make breakthroughs for the time being. Currently, it has no self-operated production, and some assets are leased out.”Nanning Sugar weighed in, and the transfer of the equity of natural paper held by the company was conducive to reducing the adverse impact of natural paper on the company; the transfer of the equity of Bali Building Materials held by the company was conducive to a reasonable adjustment of the company’s investment structure.All in all, starting from the equity transfer, both of them are conducive to further optimizing Nanning Sugar’s asset structure and improving the operating efficiency of the company’s assets.The official website shows that Nanning Sugar was established in July 1996 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 1999; it is a large-scale enterprise that develops a variety of businesses with sugar as its main industry.”In April 2019, Guangxi Rural Investment Group Co., Ltd. became the new controlling shareholder of Nanning Sugar. It will make full use of the internal and external resources of Guangxi Agricultural Investment Group to lead Nanning Sugar to further increase industry concentration and enhance its comprehensive competitiveness.”Nanning Sugar said.According to the performance forecast, in 2019, Nanning Sugar achieved a turnaround.Regarding the reasons for the change in performance, Nanning Sugar explained that in 2019, the company’s main product mechanism sugar price gradually recovered, the raw sugar contained sugar, the sugar production rate gradually increased with the increase in production, the cost of sugar per ton exceeded the decline, and the sugar price andThe phenomenon of inverted sugar cane prices has been alleviated.At the same time, the company strictly controls budget expenditures, effectively reducing costs and expenses, and reducing sugar business expenditures.In addition, Nanning Sugar’s non-recurring profit and loss for 2019 will affect net profit by approximately 5.5.2 billion yuan.Among them: transfer of equity in Guangxi Huanjiang Yuanfeng Sugar Co., Ltd. to obtain investment income of about 1.7 trillion; transfer of equity of Hubei Qiaofeng Trading Investment Co., Ltd. to obtain investment income of 0.22 ppm; received rent subsidy for land circulation of sugarcane “double high” base2.2.7 billion US dollars, received discounts on concurrent and restructuring project loans1.100 billion yuan, received a discount of 0% for the 2018/2019 sugar-pressing sugar companies.1.2 billion, received the return of social security and stability of the difficult enterprises, etc. 0.2.1 billion yuan.Sauna, Yewang noticed that recently, Nanning Sugar has been on a “roller coaster”.From March 2nd to March 9th, Nanning Sugar continued to grow continuously, gaining 5 rising stops in 6 trading days; March 10th to March 12th, Nanning Sugar continued to decrease, 3 transactionsHarvest 2 daily limit stops.On the evening of March 9th, Nanning Sugar issued a notice of abnormal changes in stock trading, and mentioned that “after the outbreak, Shuya Company (Nanning Sugar’s holding subsidiary, main sanitary napkins, etc.) carried out technology at the request of the government.Renovated and increased the mask production line. After the mask line is put into production in March, the daily production masks are expected to be 100,000-150,000 pieces. Disposable general protective masks can be produced at the initial stage of production. Only after obtaining the medical mask production qualification can the disposable medical protective masks be produced and sold.As of the date of termination of this announcement, Shuya Medical Mask has not officially approved production, and the relevant production license disposal is in progress.”” After the outbreak, Qiaohong Company (a subsidiary of Nanning Sugar), at the request of the government, was transformed into a production line capable of producing medical grade meltblown cloth materials for masks through technical transformation and process adjustment.The reserves and production capacity of medical melt-blown cloth are accumulated. Currently, the daily output of melt-blown cloth is about 2 tons, and the estimated annual output is about 800 tons.Nanning Sugar said: Shuya’s medical mask business and Qiaohong’s meltblown fabric business will not have a significant impact on the company’s financial position.Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Yan Xia Yue Caizhou proofreading Li Xiangling

National CPI rose by 3 in April.3% increase fell for three consecutive months

National CPI rose by 3 in April.3% increase fell for three consecutive months
The price of pork in a supermarket in Beijing in early April.  The increase in pork prices fell to less than 100% for the first time this year; the increase in non-food prices hit a 10-year low; the second half of the year is expected to return to the “2 era” sauna night network news (Reporter Hou Runfang) Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics yesterday showed that the national CPI in April(The consumer price index) returned to the “3 era” after 5 months, and the CPI growth increased in 4 months.3%.Among them, pork prices fell by 7.6%, the decrease is increased by 0.7 averages.  From the core CPI, it increased by 1 in 4 months.1%, the second lowest since statistics in 2013, shows that demand is clearly insufficient.At the earliest, the April PPI (Industrial Producer Ex-factory Price Index) has been increasing year-on-year.  Regarding the future trend of prices, there is a view that the prices of pork and fresh vegetables will continue to decline in May, and the CPI will continue to maintain a downward trend. The CPI trend in the second half of the year is expected to return to the “2 era”.In May, PPI turned positive from the previous month, but the situation of deflation in industrial products is difficult to improve.In this context, what might be the macro policy orientation?There is a view that the long-term rate-cutting rhythm may be moderately accelerated, and it is expected that there is still a downside to replace the general low loan interest rate.  The rise in CPI fell for three consecutive months. Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that CPI rose in April.3%, close to 3.0% target level.CPI fell for three consecutive months.  Among them, food prices are the main factors driving CPI growth, but the level of increase is rapidly declining.Food prices rose by 14.8%, an increase of 3%.5 averages, affecting the rise of CPI by about 2.98 averages.The decline in pork and vegetable prices in food, coupled with the higher price base in the same period last year, has driven the continued decline in food prices this month and even the overall CPI increase.  For the first time this year, the increase in pork prices fell to less than 100%. CPI is closely related to pork.The reporter noticed that the number of capable sows continued to increase after the end of September 2019, and the number of live pigs increased from -27 in the fourth quarter of 2019 every year.5% effectively narrowed to -14 in the first quarter of this year.At 4%, live pig supplements and pork supply increased, driving CPI pork items to decline 7%.6%, the decrease is increased by 0.7 averages.From the highest prices, pork prices rose by 96.9%, the increase fell by 19.Five blending, this is the first time that the price of pork has risen to within 100% for the first time.  ”In April of last year, there was a jump in pork prices, and the increase in the base also pushed back the increase in pork prices in April this year.5 averages.Wang Qing, chief analyst of Oriental Jincheng Macro said.  As the weather gets warmer, the supply of fresh vegetables increases, and the price of fresh vegetables decreases by 8%.0%, which means that vegetable prices have been increasing negatively for two consecutive months.In addition, the supply of fresh fruit and eggs was sufficient in April, and the prices both fell by 2 month-on-month.2%, previously -2.7% and -10.5%, the price increase rate has a significant fluctuation compared with last month.  Non-food prices rose by a 10-year low, and gasoline prices fell by 7.5% non-food prices fell by 0 month-on-month.2%, the decline narrowed by 0.2 averages.The previous increase in non-food prices fell to zero.4%, a low of nearly 10 years.Among them, the price of gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas decreased respectively due to the fluctuation of international crude oil prices.5%, 8.2% and 3.7%; through the resumption of production and accelerated production, the demand for travel increased, and the price of air tickets increased by 5.6%.  The core CPI for food and energy prices increased by 1 in April.1%, a decrease of 0 compared to last month.One digit, the second lowest since statistics in 2013, only surpassing February’s 1 this year.0%.”This reflects the contradiction that the resumption of production and the orderly progress of production but insufficient terminal demand, and the core CPI may even continue to be low.Li Qilin, chief economist of Guangdong Development Securities, said.  ■ Looking forward, what will the future trend of pork prices, which is “the CPI in the second half of the year, is expected to return to the 2nd era” attract the market’s attention?  According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the number of live pigs increased by more than 10 million heads at the end of the first quarter, an increase of 3 over the same period last year.5%; the number of capable sows has increased by more than 3 million heads, an increase of 9 over the same period last year.8%.”Marked by the continuous increase in the number of capable sows, and the marked decline in the past few years, the impact of the swine fever epidemic situation will be further alleviated in the future, which means that pork prices will continue to decline in 5 months.”Qing Wang said.”  In terms of non-food prices, as the current international oil price is already below the “floor price” of US $ 40 per barrel, domestic refined oil prices will not be further lowered, and after the epidemic has stabilized, residents ‘consumer demand for services and goods will gradually recover.The downward price trend is expected to slow, and the quarterly increase will remain stable.  ”Pork and fresh vegetable prices will remain the main factors affecting CPI.”It is expected that the CPI will further increase to 3 in 5 months.0% is close, maintaining the downward trend since February.Wang Qing judged that the CPI is expected to return to the “2 era” every year in the second half of the year.

Producer starring in Bridge of Sighs, Lin Baoyi: Every character is not me

Producer starring in Bridge of Sighs, Lin Baoyi: Every character is not me
The love suspense drama “Sigh Bridge”, which was produced and starred by Lin Baoyi, began to be launched on Youku on March 28. The play tells the protagonist’s love and friendship in the love and friendship for decades. In the end, he couldn’t help but exchange a sigh.Lin Baoyi served as the producer for the first time.Lin Baoyi’s Air Force once starred in classic TVB TV series such as “Zhuguang Baoqi”, “Forensic Records”, “Benevolence” and “Golden Branches”.However, “Sigh Bridge” is a “different style” work, and the previous Hong Kong drama index, “Sigh Bridge” there is no gun battle, no speed, no investigation, the focus is on human nature.Lin Baoyi said frankly that when he first watched the plot, he did feel that his rhythm was a bit slow. “Every episode of us is shot from the perspective of a character. The audience must think with their heads to see if you understand what we want to express.”” The Bridge of Sighs “stills.The picture comes from the narrative style of the previous Hong Kong drama “Bridge of Sighs” on the Internet. In different clues and the interlacing of time and space, the emotions of the characters in the script are conveyed through the details that are not conspicuous.For the story of the love and love of men and women in Hong Kong today. “In Lin Baoyi’s view, “Sigh Bridge” is also a work with certain risks.”The general audience is accustomed to fast-paced TV shows that we can understand with our eyes, but instead of copying the previous TV series, we hope to shoot some new styles of TV series.We made “Bridge of Sighs” hope that the audience will use their brains.”Lin Baoyi said that when he filmed” Sigh Bridge “, he didn’t want to take care of the audience who watched Hong Kong drama before.” What we want to do is tell a good story, which is the most important thing.Everyone is used to the TVB style, which is not bad, but I hope to create some different TV series, watch TV series from another angle, and do something new.”The Bridge of Sighs” stills.The picture comes from each episode in the online “Sigh Bridge” “ambush” some less noticeable plots, but these insignificant small details are the important clues that finally strangle the whole story and the development of the protagonist’s destiny.Therefore, if you do not pay attention to every detail while watching the script, you may need to “look for clues” in the previous plot while watching.Lin Baoyi said that he had forgotten many details in the first script after reading it himself. He needed to read the second time to understand that the original story was like this, but he did n’t think it was a “to the current audience.”Obstacles “,” Our previous TV series was broadcast on TV stations, and we didn’t have to watch them over and over again, but now it’s different. It’s easy to watch the third episode and want to watch the first episode. The first episode of the mobile phone came out again.I hope that if the audience does n’t understand it, you can click back to look at it once more and find the answer yourself.”This drama is also the first work that Lin Baoyi has served as a producer after setting up his own company. When talking about his” producer “status, Lin Baoyi admitted that the company’s main personnel are only himself and two directors. Everyone is equal. The director,Producer, there is no difference between actors on the scene.In the filming, Lin Baoyi will first arrive at the scene, watch the scripts of each scene with the two directors, and communicate with them when the actors arrive, and then study the focus of each scene, how to interpret each sentence,”I have been an actor for 20 years. I have more experience in this area. I’m going to help detonate every scene of the actors.”-Quick Q & A-Sauna Night Net: You said before that Hong Kong audiences prefer literary and artistic films. Do you intend to consider Hong Kong audiences when creating” Sigh Bridge “?Do you think this is the style of Xingang films?Lin Baoyi: What elements do you think Hong Kong films should have?I think love is the common language of the whole world. Both good and bad people need love.Another important point is that you can see human nature from love, see how much your boyfriend and girlfriend love when they want to love you, and how much they do n’t love when they do n’t love you.Sauna Night Net: From “Margaret and David” to “Sigh Bridge”, why do you love this complicated love so much?Lin Baoyi: I think that between people, including brothers and sisters, lovers, and friends, there must be very complicated things, especially love, love becomes fun.In Bridge of Sighs, there are other feelings besides love. Sometimes family love, the role played by Wu Yongwei and her son also have a beautiful plot.Sauna Night Net: Many viewers now miss the glory of Hong Kong dramas in the past. Do you have such memories?Why don’t Hong Kong dramas have good works now?Lin Baoyi: Hong Kong drama is TVB’s drama, there are many classic works, I am also lucky to have a role show in it.You asked me if I missed it. Actually I did n’t miss it. I always look forward, because in the future we should have some new concepts, new techniques, and new performances to express each different story. It is now 2020.Too.Lin Baoyi’s “Golden Branch Desire” and “Mother’s Heart” are classic Hong Kong dramas.The picture comes from the online sauna night net: You are one of the benchmark Hong Kong opera actors in the audience’s heart, including “Sun Baiyang” and other characters are all fresh to everyone’s memories. What kind of self do you want you to see in your current creation?Lin Baoyi: Actually, Lin Baoyi has never appeared in any TV series characters. Every one is not me, David is not me, nor is the character in “Sigh Bridge”.If you have the opportunity to visit the class, you know that the real me is some sort of.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian