Precipitation time

How to describe nostalgia, those annals always covered with text back and forth in the open desert, the Gobi Desert and the moon glide quietly, eyes covered repeatedly expanded miss repression of loneliness and humble, so jumping scattered loved ones the heart of all the mundane world far off Weimang, thousands of miles away to catch the wind whistling in Yehan lights drip slowly with a glass of liquor as they watch the misty dream that boat Zuiwo, as well as cold Yan Gean weeds are at this point sound off cloud water, to give smell Chapman Coolness soon bark ahead in west, desolate be reined Qianshanwanhe faint crow Shouma cry a deep fade into the twilight, only the long sand Road close to the sky through the time, touch the End of the World is urging whip off peacefully snoring kings, doomed woke thousands of nostalgia for many years outside of Jiayuguan passed, how many people still marvel at all the emotion of their homes, perhaps not worth mentioning reading the fate and vicissitudes linked in the eyes of history, if only a few lines of verse wrote drop in the ocean [editor on those famous or unnamed tombstone: Children]