Wrong phone

In mid-June 1995, one evening, I was alone in the light preparation, suddenly sounded a burst of rapid ringing of the phone.  I picked up the phone several times, fed, there was a timid voice heard: You are right mom?mom!  A girl’s voice, tender and low-wan.  Who are you looking?Perhaps encouraged by the voice of the infection, the end of the line may be afraid frightened child, I used a very light fine voice asked.  I find her mother, mom you are right?Sound extremely stubborn, filled with a desire, showing a bit bleak.  I understand that this is the mother of the child is looking for a.I deliberately prolonged the sound: ah you is that I’m Ann!Obviously, the children can not wait, because they are afraid I hung up the phone, the sound is also big up.  Ann, where are you then?Inquiries to my mother’s feelings.  I heard the other side of the phone wow is heard, the girl burst into tears grief.I shouted: boy, tell Mom, where are you now?  I hear trained, trained, sob, choked her and said: Mom, I am a person at home, to fear.Do not eat, my father does not come back.My job also done.I’m very obedient.Mom, why do not you go home?Dad said you went to a place far, far away, that I know better, you will come back.Mom, I’m wiser, all the subjects of my first class is full, how can you not come back yet?  I was tugging at heart finally fell down.But if the child made me into a sadness and confusion.  I looked out the window hit the heavy twilight, I do not know how the end of the talks,.Just remember me with motherly mercy on the phone said: boy, if you are afraid, if you want Mom, give me a call, remember, my mother always think of you.  She was happy.She told me that she was through the phone book to find my name, to identify phone numbers.She was very proud to say: Mom, you’re hard to find.Once, I heard the grandmother’s voice, she immediately put down the phone.Once again, is an uncle’s voice, I said I’m looking for my mother, he shouted wildly open, good sound fierce yo, I’m almost scared to cry, but I am not afraid, you are I dialed the ninth phone to find the.I’m so happy ah!  I can not bear to listen to them, this is how a child has suffered too?Her how?which grade?But all lived where I do not dare ask.Since my mother does not know how it all daughters?The child will doubt.  Since then, several days, home phone rang, I would rush to pick up.Gradually I know what girls.She Wuchang a primary school sophomore, and my daughter the same size.Every day to take the bus for an hour to go there to study, eat lunch at noon with a dollar, my father often came home late.She is the best student in the class, math class representatives and I know her name King Tong Ying, named Ann milk.Ann sings well, often just learned how to sing a new song on the phone to me.  In August, after the school holidays, my husband and I travel to Beijing with her daughter, a whole month.  Travel back that evening, the phone rang, is Ann!The other end is very wronged her voice.She said she gave me a call every night, that is no answer.  She asked: Mom, where did you go?School holidays, other children, and some went to summer camp, and some travel with her mother to go.I always someone at home, people do not even talk, so lonely.Mom, I really want you to take me to play, the students have seen Yangtze River Bridge, Kanla say these days, no one can take me to.  My heart is trembling, she can answer is silence.Poor child, I can tell you that I bring her to Beijing yet?I began to fabricate lies to play: Mom too busy summer vacation, a business trip.With time later, I must take you all the places you want to go play.  Shortly after the mid-term exam, Ann came to report to me phone her performance of.She said language exam, 99 points, is the first class.Ye Lili is second, 98 points, her mother also award her a large piece of chocolate.Her classmate, Zhang was to test 72 points, suffered a father’s fight, ass beaten red.  I asked: What do you reward father?  There was a silence over the phone.For a long time, she said: My father never matter, there are a few teachers to parents in the work of this sign, may my father came back late, I would imitate his handwriting signed, results of the teacher severely criticized me, saying that I child is lying dishonest.Mom, I will never have dared.Mom, when will you go home?You come back, I’ll sign someone up.  My tears uncontrollably streaming down: Ann, good boy, learn, and so my mother came back, we reward you with a lot of chocolate, will sign.Of course, if the result is not good, my mother will spank you oh!  There is a burst of cheers.Followed by sweet cry: Mom, bye!  Two weeks later, Ann called and she was in a joyous voice said to me: Mom, math test paper sent down, and I just took the test 72 minutes.Really, Mom, you come back to spank me now!  I was shocked by this joy.I understand Ann’s efforts, for mother spanking punishment.How obsessed with innocence ah, to dream of a warm, actually made such a heroic feat!  Naturally, I was severely criticized Ann.She did not understand how to blame her mother, her mother worry about her learning.And again he lied and said I have to travel, simply did not have time to come back to see her.  She was crying, crying very aggrieved.She sobbed and said: I was wrong.Actually, I lied, originally, I wanted to test a 70-point, but I still took the test 97 minutes.I just want to see my mother was lying.I guarantee that no longer called her mother to worry about for five days, every night I sit waiting for a phone call late at night two sixth day, the phone suddenly rang haste.A man is awkward and halting voice: Excuse me, I’m sorry to ask Ann’s father.Child sick, high fever, delirium he kept calling to give my mother I know this is too presumptuous, but we never met, I do not know how Ann firmly remember your phone number, she said this, there are a few days day, November 13th birthday, she said she wanted to, she would like to see my mother’s heart suddenly pulled up: Ann her, how is she?Tell me, do you really is a kind of situation?Why why her mother is not around?  End of the line suddenly down the volume: Please, please do not worry, Ann is suffering from pneumonia, the situation has improved.We’ll tell you to do.But, I’m sorry I was a child.  I say: Shut up, let Ann answer the phone.  mom!I heard the long-awaited cry, cry my heart broken.Mom, I was sick in the hospital.Other kids have mothers, cried injections.I’m strong, just want to, want to spend time with my mom.Mom, can you come back to see me?  My throat choked.A long while, I stammered out a sentence: a good boy my mother will come back to see you.  I decided to Ann’s birthday, she bought a lot of gift.  13, Thursday afternoon in November, I bought a large box of chocolates, with a beautiful color wrapped in paper that read: Happy birthday my beloved Ann Ann!I came to Ann’s primary school, found her homeroom teacher YANG Yu-xia.I explained what I also said Ann’s Romance and Telephone, the entire office a serene.Young teacher told me: Huang Ying students is her most loved student.Not only academic performance is good, sensible people.Unfortunately, at 2 years old, her mother by a relative guarantee to study in the United States, in terms of good this year after her husband and daughter to do in the past, but two years later she filed for divorce.Since then, Huang Ying situation became very sad.Her father thus becomes depression, alcoholism, regardless of the child, few parents are gone forever.Huang Ying completely rely on their own willpower to learn, no one to guide her, she was conscious, determined effort to learn, really rare girl!  Yang handed me out of a composition book.This is a graceful essay writing.Entitled “My Mom”: I have not seen my mother, my father said she went to a place far, far away.But I often heard my mother’s voice on the phone, her mother’s voice sweet sweet, also nice than sound Jupingjiejie.I think my mother must be beautiful, but also the United States and certain Bi Suya’s mother.She said she would come back from far away to see me.She said I was the most sensible girl.  I have a desire, this desire can only tell Yang, is that one day my mother to sign my exercise book, I could see the troupe’s performances, my mother will be happy.    He began to read, my vision blurred.I told Yang: Can you find all the Ann exercise books, my all to sign it.  I was in the back of that composition, wrote some comments: daughter, your essay written great, my mother saw all my heart to tears.Boy, you have to believe, my mother all the time around you.Your birthday, my mother gave you a box of chocolates, this is the best reward you.  Next year your birthday, my mother will come to you.  I do not know, I can do that gives them some comfort, but I swear in the days after, I’ll try to share a little bit of warm motherly way into the child’s mind to go.