I know XIA far away in the United Kingdom.

  In addition to XIA away just did not know then and Cheng Cen wave winter to fight the causes and effects that thing.
  Winter does not process all the things the past few years, XIA away know go know, clearly go clear, but the distance across the oceans, even if there is a network can contact at any time, but now stood face to face, with the eyes looking really, forest summer away could not help but think, Cheng Dong and her memory of the image, seems to have had little subtle bias.
  Although when she returned five years later, Cheng Dong stood opposite her laugh the way, the total is still to make her think of when the shadow Cheng winter boy, speaking voice are still the winter Cheng brother as gentle, his mouth laughing Taohua Yan is intended as a teenager and still clear.
  But perhaps because the winter away this time been sitting in the room, surrounded by lawyers against the terms of the acquisition agreement to talk about, so wearing a suit and also the name of the seriousness of the cause tie.
  Let this image XIA away very well aware that the process is no longer the winter that her memory neighbor years, and he now has a young man.

  ☆, forehead kiss

  Chapter 63 forehead kiss
  Cheng Dong know roommate during Dr. XIA Wen Yan away, while Yan and Wen