It could never be as good as the Chu Shen’s wish.

  Let her ask the people, I am afraid not born?
  Chu Shen hung up the phone, they immediately call Tan Yin Lu Huainan.
  ”I know.”
  ”You have made little progress there?”
  Tan Yin hear a call back directly to the point, I would not feel strange land Huainan.Because before the broker had told him, but did not expect to land in Huainan broker was able to conceal  Yin.
  Tan Yin just so calm reaction of some pretty contrary to his expectations, her voice calm as if she is not abusive users, but others.
  He is really getting to like her.
  Lu felt Huainan fifth hearts light up, raised an eyebrow slightly Yin Tan.
  Lu Huainan mouth fills with gentle and doting smile, his gentle voice with the most magnetic Tan Yin told his side of the case.
  Since Tan Yin calm, Lu also faithfully inform Huainan.
  ”Now the situation is not very good for you.Gu Mingxin said those words during the interview are small problems, the most important thing video.”
  ”I’ve been looking through the hospital surveillance video over who shot video of the onlookers passers-by, but unfortunately, those who have been bribed in advance Chu Shen, video destroyed.Even if they are willing to testify, but there is not enough evidence to prove or no way..”