Writing health benefits, the operation of the Essay

[REVIEW] The so-called US text is from the thoughts and feelings into art forms, from language to writing all aspects of beauty, but also for the requirements of article.Essay its “beauty” and can be pleasant people, infected people, to impress people..  Seasons gone through years of healthy life is important, disease-free without disaster is of supreme happiness.As long as better for your health is our only choice in life.Since fond of literature, I chose writing, of course, involve writing to the level of the problem, the average person as competent, because people should take appropriate actions, complement each other for the gifted.Writing is good for health experts recognized, writing can be released temperament, reduce stress, eliminate trouble, get help.No matter what kind of life have this kind of trouble and misfortune, ordinary people may worry more trivial, more particularly unfortunate.Who have a natural talent and not unsuccessful, have refused to accept the fate of those born misfortune, but unfortunately there is suddenly the fate of mutation, there can not be a bed of roses in the most common family problems, children’s problems and complaining, more lonely journey who alone singles.No matter who we are the same, take care of their most delicate feelings in the world, has its own most vulnerable sensitive nerve, we need to resolve themselves through a way to ease yourself, relax, so that their clear up, ease up.”Smoldering into the illness” depression, boredom is a malignant tumor, it will swallow your health, destroy various parts of your body, so you unknowingly damaged and Gaobing.    So, write it, put their troubles headlong all out, just gets rid of trash, pour out, you’re relaxed, not to mention in this harmonious society, we will help How about you, greeting, will warm your heart, make you a timely advice enlightened.We are a network of people, you do not have to worry about who will laugh at you, accusing you, do not doubt who would take advantage of your vulnerability split your table, to embarrass you.Moreover, through writing, you give yourself a organize your thoughts, to appease the soul of the process, allow yourself to wise and peaceful in writing, so avoid rash and impulsive, let yourself mature and rational.So, writing this really wholesome, why not do it?    Perhaps to my age, people would become increasingly nostalgic up.Always in the memory of all the past.Toys, at the same table as a teenager, when a friend of the young child, and when the number of adult love affair.Memories of things like wine, always the more experienced years of burial, become more mellow overflowing due to fermentation.Screen from time to time emerge mind, really teach unlimited aftertaste, the temptation could not help heart, when once you opened the seal of memory, this old conception of incense, they have to nostrils, ecstatic.But all in all this in the past among the most cherished, or that today already disappeared in the winter.Cold, heavy snow or winter, really tempting, Do not you see, global warming is not a good thing ah!.Chinese historical record high temperatures this year, so that people deeply feel the destruction of the global environment has become a very serious problem.In the early nineties, just to hear the word of global warming.At that time, scientists are still debating whether the planet really warming.One of the negative attitude of thought in the history of the Earth in the past billions of years to form, the temperature rise to two degrees within a few decades it is more normal.Positive attitude is believed that this time of global warming in the past greatly different from the past are warming the Earth’s own adjustment, is the phenomenon of nature, it is normal, but this is an entirely global warming caused by humans.Just since the Industrial Revolution, the world’s growing industrialization, increasing energy consumption, large tracts of forest have been cut down, a large number of species extinction.I heard that on Mars, the maximum temperature reached three hundred degrees Celsius during the day, but at night it was minus two hundred.That is because Mars has no protective atmosphere.The reason why our planet in the solar system is the only one suitable for biological survival of the planet because of its atmosphere, day and night temperature difference is not great.Imagine Once this layer protecting the Earth’s atmosphere lose face, we will be faced with what.One can imagine, after the baptism of more than three hundred degree heat, civilization created by mankind will be gone.In addition to humans, animals and plants have to suffer along with.Human beings are the most advanced biological species, it is because the human brain is the most developed in animals.Developed brain create for people and the planet unprecedented prosperity, but all things Sheng will decline, which seems to be heaven.This time the decline and fall of different dynasties past generations of decline, it means that the extinction of the human species, is tied to accompany all life on Earth.Another difference is that in previous generations towards decline also left us a very rich historical facts, and this demise will not leave any traces.Even if there are other planets in the future of higher species came to our planet, but also will not find any trace, like our spaceship to reach Mars but can not determine whether there were living organisms on Mars, like.Most people may think that this decline is still far away from us, and do not have to unfounded.But in recent years the nature of the warning frequently reminds us of the coming of the decline is not not hope away, probably in our generation or our children’s generation.Therefore, environmental protection is not only the nature of our future generations, but also for our own benefit.For an old man, cold and not necessarily a favorable factor.I know this.But I still miss the winter, cold and miss, miss the warmth of all the things that happened there in the cold winter.Earth about the past, about the past that is full of flowers, the birds of the sky, the water there is fish, running a variety of animals on earth, and has four seasons alternate Earth, but ‘not cold in winter’ four word.Now the environment on Earth too bad: Oxygen too thin, the sun is too harsh, but mention the word cool, my heart will feel miserable and desperate up again.Breezy, coldest days of winter, autumn lingering, snow, actually is very beautiful.I will remember too much thing of the past.I remember as a child had ever heard of birds, as well as in a lot of birds gathered under a tree, and my little friends playing with, until the sun goes down, then reluctantly dispersed.Coming home the moment, has no intention of looked up and saw that touch of sunset, ah, just on the mother’s eyes as mild.I remember a teenager, once skipping, and students go to a large field, we will pick up the yellow leaves rolled into a cigarette, sat silently pumping fields, ears heard turned out to be thousands of insects ensemble of symphony.When cicadas everywhere on campus, the school’s reading an artificial lake, very artistic, but it all may have forever lost.And most distressing, is the next generation of people, you probably will never experience the.Like the monkeys are two sides could not cry, Adventure million over mountains.As if the two Oriole Ming Cui Liu, egrets on the sky line.As if the sun mountains, the Yellow River flows into the sea.Blowing like wildfire, in spring gave birth.Everything is like poetry, these things probably will always be one of your generation will no longer be able to experience the mood and the presence of.This will also be your heart forever regret, eternal pain.I often write some emotion article, I wrote the article covers a very broad, poetry, words, song, ode, lyric, memories, novels, essays, writing can be a double harvest: a harvest happy optimistic and positive attitude, the body go hand in hand rods up skills II harvest writing, pen also frequently reveals clues Essay.In particular, the need to know to write an Essay, proceed attention to several points, came up with the consonance.    Here I would like to how to write an Essay, talk about some of their own body odor.The only thing we need to do is write “Essay”.The so-called US text is from the thoughts and feelings into art forms, from language to writing all aspects of beauty, but also for the requirements of article.Essay its “beauty” and can be pleasant people, infected people, touch people, because “the United States” and to obtain the desired high assessment.So, how can you write Essay?.Thoughts and feelings of a “United States” – true, correct, every article has a deep soul, which is the center of the article, while the center is always assumes certain thoughts and feelings.Therefore, the article is the most important thoughts and feelings to “beauty”.Here, the “beauty” is the meaning of true, accurate, deep.    First of all, the right refers to the thoughts and feelings of a healthy and progressive, that is to say not write negative nothingness, antisocial against humanity, feudal superstition, thoughts and feelings of low style.    Secondly, thoughts and feelings to be sincere, false article is a wet blanket, of course, not to mention beautiful.    Third, profound, that argument can dialectical approach to problems – problems with a development perspective, to see the intrinsic link between things, reflect the essence of the phenomenon; narrative can taste the world state of deep compassion, reflect social reality, the performance of life ideal.For example, he wrote an article entitled “Chinese traditional culture and virtues flow,” the article, the discussion in the history of China after completing fooled used to master the results of progress, the end of the article with concise language sublimation of the theme: We do not deny the “four great inventions “to make a great contribution to the world, but we have to take them as old bragging, always lying on past achievements complacent book, rather than to better carry forward the spirit of the ancestors courage, the courage to forge ahead.    Bow meditation, China’s development has lagged behind the United States, Japan for decades by no means a surprise, but at the end of the article above reflect a reasonable basis for the Reason of China from a cultural perspective, that “the courage to carry forward the ancestors pioneering and enterprising spirit, “Death Badge blog, to deepen the center.Not only did the right thoughts and feelings, true, but also an understanding of the depth of stand out, get high marks is no doubt, because the thoughts and feelings of the article is “beauty”.  .Second material “Beauty” – accurately, typical, new material is the flesh and blood of an article, write to the US text, you must select exactly typical, new material, because such material can be more effectively the performance of the center, and more convincing appeal, it reads “beauty”.    ”Among the unexpected and reasonable” As mentioned above, this topic, the full text of selected “2004 China’s Top Ten People moved to” the dutiful son tian, students Xu Yu and Olympic champion Liu Xiang as the main material, typical and innovative, strong performance the “Superman only have to pay amazing achievement,” the keynote.    Material “United States” is not limited to celebrities, ordinary people and things can be in their own lives, as long as appropriate, equally expressive.For example the same topic composition, was writing “pain, not accidental,” is to write his own painful life experiences, there is a painful experience because of the article and is extremely expressive and appealing.He wrote a “youth from the age of 40”, selecting their mother as the object of writing, writing changes after the 40-year-old mother: species of plants, learn nutrition, a walk after dinner, watching the news, singing pop songs, etc..The performance of the theme of my mother, “40-year-old youth from the start”, describing in vivid detail adds a breath of life and fun articles.Such materials are naturally very read “beauty”, a high score is really par for the course.  .A Three “Beauty” – rational, organic structure is the skeleton of the article.Well-balanced, reasonable, organic structure, better able to carry the ideological content of the article.Excellent writing has an easy to grasp, relatively perfect structure.The example listed above to take usual “fragment set” structure.”Dutiful son Tian,” and “outstanding students Xu Yu”, “Hurdle Prince Liu Xiang”.Three parts in parallel to start performance of the “surprising and makes sense,” the topic from a different perspective, the last paragraph summary.Writing common structural model as well as the progressive structure of the “three questions written law.”.The so-called “three questions written law” means in accordance with the “what is” in the argumentative writing, “why”, “how to do” in order to structure the article.This argument structure of logical thinking argumentative “ask questions”, “analysis of the problem”, “problem solving”, written fast and easy.Expand the structure and expression of whatever the use, it must be done symmetry, reasonable, organic, easy ideological content.Just do this, it called on the structure is beautiful.  .Four beauty of language – the language is striking literary tool to express ideas.For writing, the importance of language even more, because everything essay is presented in the form of language, people see is the language, if the language is not “beautiful”, even if other aspects better, it be discounted.Beauty of language specific performance essay is: Words vivid, flexible sentences, use of rhetoric, there is implication sentence.Essay should consists of beautiful language, especially the beginning of the article, the language must be beautiful, so you can make “love at first sight”.Such as “win-win wisdom,” the essay topic, win-win, is a great wisdom, China’s Gusheng sages have long made the classic win-win wisdom opinions on: “Adults who Tiancheng, and people with those day.”The beginning put forward their views by reference maxim, citation accurate, showing the accumulation of huge.Such a reading would begin with people themselves, people will appreciate the vision to read on to find articles of the advantages of the high evaluation of natural is what makes sense.    Such as writing a story.Beginning to write but also very beautiful: I clearly remember it was a summer afternoon.If the golden sun to a small face coated with a layer of golden glory.Warm afternoon, there are kittens lying in a corner to sleep.This is fine for a description of details, both for the account of the environment following the expansion, and its strong literary head start, a sudden and devastating beauty of reading.Of course, the beauty of language of the article should be all throughout the United States.However, as the key point of this title, beginning and end, great care is necessary to focus the.  Five facial beauty – font neat, clear, facial clean, neat and beautiful writing clear, clean and beautiful tattoos, correct writing format, to give people a strong aesthetic pleasure, so that readers “love at first sight”, produce a virtually “preference”; the contrary, scribbled, illegible, graffiti random change, ugly, dirty, inevitably tedious (and now computer print better).In view of this, we must give his Essay wearing a beautiful dress – beautiful tattoos, the only way to be known is the real beauty of the text.    Writing it really is a chore?But writing is to express an opinion, and to speak also to express their views, not necessarily more difficult than to speak or write essays.In ancient times, the invention of paper without ink, rare records and instruction, paint written on bamboo, extremely cumbersome procedures for trouble, people had the chance to express their views in writing, so the style of work sought its brief and subtle, not allowed to have a nonsense.What happened then, with the paper, with the pen, can one go, it is nonsense, more and more.Up to now, the printing industry developed, writing has become a common thing, do solemnly out of.Like the author, his own mental state improved, sublimation.To speak words to have considerable weight, who gladly welcomed the taste of its excellent work, people writing both improve their world view and outlook on life, while good taste to influence others, efforts to develop a better life.Therefore, in the text spit out the word language, avoid cold, do not specifically pick those overripe, parrot stuff.Neither was not any new ideas inspired, these are worthless.”Xiaolinguangji” there is a person, specifically to help people write better fan.On this day, a friend saw a white hand folding fan, and immediately taken away from him he was asked to write.That friend knees.He quickly helped him: “do not bother to write a fan, why the line this gift?”Friends said:” I beg you not to write, I beg you not to write.”So when writing very sensitive to telling their own stories, to always have to take into account the reaction of readers.So what more appropriate.To cater to the psychological Readers should say people have to say, that people want to hear.On behalf of the masses redress outlet, made good, is not difficult to sing Pak.Only I heard a familiar “Dream of Red Mansions”, rather than a large heard familiar “Golden Lotus” is?But looking at the broad market fiction today, is not well known household chanting “eclectic enthusiasm” but that the gentle, sentimental, philistine moral love story.Intercropped with a bad taste not to talk about pornography and fun, but in the majority of the population, there is vulgar is an undeniable fact.The article is written for everyone to see, rely on one or two bosom friend, you look at me, I see you, what does not work.To fight the many readers have noticed people’s interest to limit the scope of.To bad taste, have to fight from the inside out.We do not have to draw such a clear distinction between my people.We ourselves like to see Zhanghenshui novel, also I like to listen to the Secret History of the Ming emperor.Is attributed to their own readership will know what they want is.”Read a hundred times, its meaning from the see” undeniable, read, to understand the deep meaning of the text have an immeasurable effect.Read a variety of ways, but at the primary level, extremely rich reading more attractive to students.I believe that this reading of the text into human thinking, appreciation and understanding, so called “Shangdu”.Let others fell in love with Shangdu, and can use a phrasebook of this article, good writing method to write about the people around them, and things, can raise the reading level, but also to stimulate interest in writing, to improve writing ability.Like “Dream of Red Mansions”, most people in total have seen it several times in a lifetime.I would say, eight years old when I first read, only to see a little busy, after reading once every three or four years, gradually outline the characters of the story, style, strokes, each different impression Calvary.Now look, only to see the induction of trouble between people.- Limited personal appreciation, if you want to introduce to cry, cry have to put its own lead.If it can good bawl, pour a good.    It turns out that people are not only literature, history is people, sociology and more people are learning.When a beautiful person alone superior, he (she) can only become a celebrity; when a person have succeeded, he could be a hero.And when a person reaches a certain height as long as personality, he is a good man.Then if he can press appearance heroes, just for the public, he is a rare great man, saints.Such a person can dedicate to our history about for decades or hundreds of years will have a.But the man and perfection, it is too difficult.So, start with the most basic thing to start personality, Xinchengzeling, everyone can become a Buddha, literature is bound to affect generations of people to become a qualified person at the moral guarantee.[Editor: Can children]