in, because it is definitely not the character of Han Zhen doing things out, he would wonder if there is a trap in front of!

  Palace, Houfu are not inserted into staffing.Like hands in the back to the government on the way, then, unless it is determined can dispel evil, otherwise it will immediately lead to the city reinforcements did not say, once Han Zhen escape certain to be each other’s vigilance, and just adding to the risk of exposure, easily he could not ris北京风月网k the!
  So he has been waiting, waiting for the opportunity Han Zhen out of the city!
  Only outside the city, he not only can ambush as much manpower, and will not immediately lead to the city’s attention, they can be resolved as quickly as possible out of each other, mysteriously”
  Lectures villagers heard this uproarious laughter, some straight talking about the muddy words, “Do you want your spouse to give you wipe ah.”
  Sungui cents anger and smell of urine, call back, “I say, do not take the presence of wanderers led astray, all of them old fool, ought to be ashamed.”
  In addition to homework a few brothers and sisters, men and women are laughing, Lu Hongying finished the math, dedicated check the answers, she likes more than the language of mathematics, written in easy language, math error-prone, even if it will do questi广州桑拿网ons themselves are often considered wrong, plus as minus, multiplication, division counted as small errors often occur, Xue Huahua told her math homework done after careful examination, inspection times just fine.
  Check the last question, his eyes caught a glimpse of double sandals, straw sandals worn faster wear can n南宁桑拿ot wear, plush gooey shoes Bengzhuo is double Feet, toes throughout all the appearance of the outer sole, tightly close to the ground, the cold Fan Qing frozen ground color, nail color is not normal, is up tattered trousers, patch sewing split, exposing the inside of the lower leg.
  Cold days, the entire production team still wearing this, Lu Hongying frowned.