Into downtown

– Mengcun folk songs notepad West Lake is difficult to have a city, it was born shrouded “beautiful” aura.Like now, the “busy” is the word used in a small town north of the body, it seems too early.But when you are a step closer, and her breathing to the same frequency, it will be ups and downs in an instant freeze.He buried the big question mark for a long time closer and closer to the heart, “Mengcun a village?”Mengcun a step into this land, along the road one by one ‘pipe capital’, ‘chicken town’ ‘octupole hometown’ metal billboard, a sudden put that question marks straightened.    In mid-1990, should be Mengcun people want to start sowing.The outside world, the ascendant; Open Door County, attack on all fronts; Waiyinneilian, expanding opening.Until we stepped into the Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., was scared realized mengcun experienced a kind of hustle to position himself today!German imports disposable roll forming process, the United Kingdom CT digital regulation device, from the steel plates to a welding arc cutting board to board, pre-bent, mechanical expanding, after 16 steps, the ground committed to forming a relying standing turned.Watched “East meets West” brand of high-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe, boarded sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America dozens of countries and regions in the car, there is a trace of sadness.Mengcun, has far and “the earth plane food” draw to an end.Metallographic analysis, Clostridium hardness tester, direct reading spectrometer, these high standards instrument is of a high standard with a ruler, the mengcun elevated to a maximum scale.    Military force sofa, too.A leader to know the fate of their own experience and self-confidence, delivered to the country by sofa.He not only has more than 300 franchise stores, pulling more than 3,000 jobs, also received eight patents.With comfortable, attractive, cost-effective leading the new trend of sofa.Quietly hide “Ji faction sofa king” aura, with two rows of solid pace, walking in the thousands of miles of road to explore, measure the needs of each city, and then converge on a sofa.Mengcun out again, into the largest market in all directions.    Mengcun today, will make people think of Shanxi that time, the thought of being called a foreigner “Chinese Wall” of Taigu.Similarly, Mengcun poor natural conditions, there is no property.My land is poor, but also the temperature of.Mengcun their ancestors to create a prosperous gene is deeply rooted in the salt marshes, the future generations look forward to reading excavation.Mengcun hard-working people who finally fulfill the expectations of their ancestors.Concentration in the culture is about to disappear mark, people eager to regain Mengcun, far to the nature of the firm.They do not crowd this Saline beach, linger, indulge lifelong.But the salt marshes as inspire them to get rid of backwardness and poverty of power.They set their sights on the world outside of the salt marshes, and with heroic spirit of the founding fathers, neither put a steel production only, it does not bend the small town, abruptly launched a “fabricated” the golden road.To every city outside of Mengcun are small test their skills as their training ground, so mighty torrent economy from here to roll all over the world.They thought about whether future generations will be proud Mengcun, there is no thought to their own written history mengcun handed down, but do not know if it’s ancestors Enron look their swagger in the ground.Just want to create a silent downtown real in this arena, perhaps, this is the inevitable development of the state of human life mengcun.They will eventually step by step into downtown.    So far, the excitement is difficult to calm, just want to stay here, will land in Mengcun, stay longer.