Hong Kong Men’s Stars: What is Louis Koo’s Constellation

Louis Koo has performed many characters, and can be impressed by his acting skills every time he watches TV. We like every role he plays, from Ding Peng in Against the Blade of Honour, which he plays in quiet time, to be talented in letters and unconventional in life in motion, to Yang Guo in Bad Samaritan in The Condor Heroes later.. So what constellation star is he? Let’s have a look.   Louis Koo’s following content: Libra Louis Koo Middle School studied in Carmel Middle School. Before becoming an actor, she worked as a fashion advertisement and music TV model. From 1991 to 1993, she participated in shooting music TV of many singers..   In 1993, he joined TVB and became a full manager contract artist.. Audience member of the 5th Artists Training Course of TV Professional Training Center. In 1993, because of its excellent appearance, Louis Koo began to be an advertising model. Louis Koo appeared on the streets and lanes and on beautifully printed product introductions. He displayed his smile on the skyscraper when magnified into a huge advertisement.. Libra boys are kind and easy-going. They are the most elegant and friendly zodiac sign in inside, and Libra is also the best temperament zodiac sign in inside.   On the TVB anniversary in 1994, Liza Wang, dressed in a backless outfit with her head in Kuroha, sang and danced under a crowd of young people. The camera gave the young man behind her only a few seconds. It was Louis Koo, 24 years old. At ordinary times, he occasionally ran a walk-on in the TV series inside as a passer-by A,B,C,D;.. Louis Koo has just entered the wireless station, but his “social experience” is already very rich. He has done many different jobs. Once he could not find an advertising hero when he was a model manager. Louis Koo was forced to take the top job. After that, Louis Koo appeared in inside, where many Kara’s good backup singers changed on average in the early 1990s, until he was discovered by the wireless station.. Librans don’t like to make decisions because they don’t know how to make decisions. They are kind and kind, popular, like listening to others and have strong communication skills. This has also laid a good foundation for Louis Koo’s performing arts career..   The ruler of Libra is Venus, and Libra is also kind. Although they look light on the surface, they are warm-hearted at heart.. In 2003, he played a cook in the AIDS public service propaganda film “Love Under the Sun”. In August of the same year, when Taiwan was hit by a storm, Louis Koo actively donated materials and 1 million yuan to help the victims..   Personal Profile Louis Koo, born on October 21, 1970 in Hong Kong, China, is a Hong Kong, China actor and singer..   In 1993, Louis Koo signed a contract with Wireless. In 1995, he became famous for playing Bad Samaritan’s Yang Guo in “The Condor Heroes.”. In 1999, he won the TVB32’s 32nd Anniversary Best Actor Award for his role in “Detective Investigation Files 4”. In 2000, Tze Lai Cheung, the villain in Genesis, won my favorite TV role award in the 33rd anniversary of TVB. In the same year, he released his album “Boyfriend” and entered the music field.. In 2001, it received wide attention with the role of Siulung Hong in TV series “A Step Into The Past”.   In 2001, Louis Koo left TVB and officially joined the movie industry.. In 2008, he was nominated for best actor in 52th Asian Pacific Film Festival for playing the role of Abang in the movie “Connected”. In 2009, he was nominated for the 45th Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor and the 28th Academy Award for Best Actor for “Run Papa Run.”. In 2013, he played the leading actor Kin Chow So in the movie “Anti-drug” co-starring with Sean Lau and Nick Cheung, and nominated the 33rd Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor Prize for this role..   In 1994, it was during the low tide of TVB that Louis Koo first set foot in the film industry and played a role in “Let’s Go Slam Dunk”. In 1995, Louis Koo signed a contract with Capital Artists and began to play The Road Less Traveled. Louis Koo starred in the TV series “The Condor Heroes” and was widely watched for his wild and affectionate Yang Guo.. In the same year, Louis Koo played Ding Peng in Against the Blade of Honour.   In 1996, Louis Koo played Ye Chengkang in Cold Blood Warm Heart, who was quiet and weak, handsome and devoted.. At the same time, he played youth and danger and Shirley Cheung in the movie “Wang jiao de tian kong 2 zhi nan shao yi” and played innocent little sister Home before Dark.. In the same year, he also appeared in films such as “Street Of Fury” and “Playing with Fire.”. In 1997, Louis Koo acted as a generation of emperor Ganlong in “Ganlong Emperor”. In the same year, he took part in a series of horror films such as the movie “Troublesome Night” series and played the role of host of radio pop music programs.. In 1998, Louis Koo acted as the fire hero Liu Haibo in “Burning Flame” and the good man Dai Zhanshuo in “Man’s Best Friend”.   In 1999, under the global financial crisis, Louis Koo co-starred in nine films such as China Daily, a juvenile delinquent in Prison on Fire, China Daily, Troublesome Night 5, China Daily, Super Car Criminals, China Daily, Bullets Over Summer, China Daily, Troublesome Night 6, China Daily, Rules Of The Game, China Daily, Century of the Dragon, China Daily, China Daily, and the sweet words “China Daily, Yecha,” which gradually became popular in the movie industry.. Louis Koo successfully interpreted the taciturn, cold-faced but kind-hearted justice police officer Fei Xu in Detective Investigation Files’s “Four” and won my favorite actor award in the TVB32 32nd anniversary celebration.   In 2000, Louis Koo won my favorite TV role award in the 33rd anniversary celebration of TVB33 with his role as the century villain Tze Lai Cheung in Genesis.. This is a rare case in the history of TVB in which a villain won the audience’s favorite TV role award.. In 2001, Louis Koo took part in the TV drama “A Step Into The Past” as Siulung Hong, which was also the most classic one in the TV drama era. With the role of Siulung Hong, he won my favorite actor award in the 34th anniversary celebration of TVB34. Sign a three-year film contract with China Star Film Company.   You may also like the following: Do you know which constellation has white skin??   How did twelve perform after the exam??   Which constellations hate being mercenary in the workplace? What are the characteristics of the eyes of the constellation twelve