Purify language of the heart

◎ language purify the soul One today is worth two tomorrow.Tore a calendar, a very simple, seize the day, it is not easy.  ◎ intentions of living each day like it was the last day of your life.The day when my life with it!  ◎ Human life is composed of numerous sum from today, each of which had substantial today, life will enrich.  ◎ opportunity to grow and learn is not the future, but at the moment every living.  ◎ regret the past, it is better grasp now, struggle for the future!.  ◎ most beautiful moment in life is – now.Do not waste your life!  There is no so-called small ◎ universe is ‘small’ ring made contact.  ◎ Time is our present breath, every moment must serve life.  ◎ The future belongs to the hard-working people now.In this day through the ages.  ◎ realized that every day is the best moment of life, in order to be considered to understand the life of people.  ◎ want to dream weaving the future, now is the time to grasp now, with everything that has life.◎ selfishness fields, never grows no sympathy flowers.  ◎ proper motivation is more important than proper behavior.  ◎ life is composed of a smile and weep.  ◎ efforts may not be successful, but we must strive to succeed.  ◎ real success is to make its own success, but also to the success of rivals.  ◎ greatest gift we have received from the hands of nature is life.  ◎ only to make money and people who work, can never be like those people who love the work of general investment.◎ work hard to ‘achievement’ something, not ‘get’ something.  ◎ pure mind, make up the most minute actions noble.  ◎ We prefer to use an active midget, nor a giant snooze.  ◎ ‘sure it’ is the power from the introspective; and ‘own expansion’ is the result of external comparison.  More wisdom to share, please pay attention to the light of wisdom public micro signal: zhzg2013 ◎ ‘fame’ is just another man you; ‘character’ is the real you.  ◎ people do not have to be born beautiful, but it must be nice to live.  ◎ practice famously, one thousand is more useful than watching.  ◎ angry tend to blind our judgment.  ◎ Anger is the lamp of the soul winds blow.  ◎ noblest vengeance is to forgive each other.  ◎ forgive others in order to release their own.  ◎ hate crazy heart.  ◎ hate is an arrow, eventually shooting himself.  ◎ Because mercy, so forgive; because forgiveness, so relief.In order to escape, so forgive; to forgive, so compassionate.  ◎ forgive is to learn to put down, do not allow resentment control of your life again.  ◎ ‘forgiveness’ for our lives increases the space.  ◎ potbellied world affairs, laugh with broken past and present worry.  ◎ full of life, that forgiveness, tolerance, love and wait, if not all of this, you have all, is nothing.  ◎ forgive is to resist hatred, hatred of medicine to heal.  ◎ angry is to take someone else’s mistake to punish oneself.  ◎ spend some time each day to think about who should be grateful.  ◎ happiness comes from a grateful mood to accept immediate life.  ◎ With a grateful heart, forget the faults of others, right!