ward, Qi Yue Zhang of the mouth, but still not be persuaded to speak out, just smiled at him and said: “safe return.”

  Houbao grin revealing a white teeth, he nodded: ‘sister-in-law assured, I have always been good luck.”
  After five hours, the camp has happened, Qi Yue went to 北京会所体验网the window to pull the curtains, watched the troops of launching leave, until the camp resumed quiet, turned his head, looking out the window to see Lei Jun, a surprisingly bright eyes in the dark.
  At this moment, Qi Yueqing Xi realized that Lei Jun heart in the army, he did not want to leave.
  Pull over to the bed Pata bright lights, and Qi Yue smiled back sight Lei Jun said: “Since woke up, then it began to acupuncture.”
  Lei Jun mouth should be the sound “good”, hoarseness dry.
  Qi Yue opened the magazine, out on his thigh skilled needles needle, the tip of his toes suddenly trembled a little, Lei Jun at first startled look on his face lighted up quickly infected, and Qi Yue looked up and said: “My foot sentient the.”
  Qi Yue smiled and nodded at his legs and drop a needle, Lei Jun pain bared teeth, eyes lighted up, b杭州桑拿ut increasingly rich.
  After dawn, Qi Yue has led the group to go outside herbs, guard for a company, but just like the same comprehensive, just some mental state is not a Song Sisi, looked around from time to time looked alert fighters, and other awarenessThere’s no one misses her after unhappy sight back, looking down in the hay and dry leaves in herbal medicine.
  Pang Yu because of yesterday’s encounter black bear frightened and ankle foot, so today did not follow out of the city.
  Xue Qi Yue nurses have been keeping up, at noon to eat dry food, when she looked hesitantly.
  ”When he finished, what.”Qi Yue waiting she does not speak, he directly asked.
  Xue handsome face nurse infected with a hint of blush, hesitated and asked: “Let the doctor, you do know the situation Hou commander?He has a target it?”
  Qi Yue a litt苏州夜网le surprised, looked at her red face, a time did not know how to respond.
  Rubbed his forehead, Xue recall what happened between these two nurses and Houba