slope dodging the soldiers scared the jump, because they are the major general came out to greet them.

  Lei Jun went back to 广州桑拿网the first one’s own slopes, so that soldiers immediately notify the Union with military.
  Soon after, the open space between the two slopes to be cleaned out, set up a bonfire, rabbits, geese and other objects are skinned plucking, string together a barbecue, grilled grease dripping down, let the fire burn more wang.
  When the man arrived with Qiyang, see Lei Jun sitting on the other side with a major general,广州桑拿网 each took a leg in a rabbit eating.
  Qiyang at the moment the heart is saying MMP, do not know when to speak improper to speak.

  Chapter 734 languages talent?

  Later, neighbors explained that soldiers hunting a deer chase near the border, which caused misunderstanding.
  Regardless of whether it is really a misunderstanding, neighbors were explained and brought together prey bonfire barbecue, here they recognize one’s own interpretation of its neighbors, good-neighborly and friendly Well.
  After the two sides were escorted several gifts, of course, this gift is unofficial, but the border patrol soldiers spontaneous behavior, and no valuables, but the capture of the birds in the forest, benefits without costs.
  Relationship between the two in this test each other and change a little bit cautious exchanges take place, generally goo杭州桑拿d aspects to this development.
  Lei Jun due to the excellent performance in this operation has been praised, after the end of the week awards ceremony is called political commissar office training of the meal on the grounds that he committed a natural but as a commander on the front line of their own taboo.
  Of course, leaders who understand that if it is Lei Jun was on his own, for others to do with the other hit the surface, the two sides exchanged fire most likely, giving rise to a series of unpredictable events, the final conclusion is given to him in recognition, and afterwards let Zhou gave him political commissar throwing Po Liangshui, so after he flew waves.
  Lei Jun also understand his heart, so when