Accompany the finished wine, Weizheng Qing soon into the new house.

Su exquisite Coronet has been removed, put in white clothing, that silk in thin clothes, revealing a faint red belly inside pocket ·.

Weizheng Qing looked at the man approached, she untied his tie when the ears are some red.

“Have people prepared water.”Su exquisite hand brushed aside his outer skirts.

Weizheng Qing looked at the dress slipped to his waist, she grabbed the hand clothes.

Heat on the ears has to explode, Weizheng Qing even think she was holding the clothes look like, like arms around his waist.

“it is good.”He took a deep breath, the same hand with foot bypass the screen, or familiar people serve bath, some a little Songkuai.Wait until dry up straight, wearing the clothes, but also the hearts苏州桑拿 of some tense up.

The room is not too many people.

With this intention, I heard the exquisite Su said, “Other people go on.”

苏州桑拿网 “Yes.”