My heart could not help a bit disappointed, he knows his mind on Paul Chun still some sensation, but since Paul Chun reluctant, he do not want to force her.

  So Han Yu cloud is free and easy smiles, “Abhay say what I want to make them, we do not like about people too.”
  Maybe someday we spotted each other the eye of it, but this sentence Yu Han Yun did not say it, but hidden in the heart.
  Paul Chun also had to worry about their new place will not sleep, who knows Tang Chuangshang not long nap,.
  Lying beside a US Kinds, Han Yu cloud nature is no way to easily fall asleep, a person to sleep for so many years, suddenly around individuals total some not used.
  Lamp lights are not bright, but because of recent, Han Yu cloud can still clearly see the facial features Paul Chun.
  Paul Chun asleep like a very gentle, Han Yu cloud just feel a little warmth shares have hit, and this is his future wife the.
  Finally, Han Yu cloud stare Paul Chun I do not know how long, it seems that until late at night before sleep.
  Xu Qin is because they have left home, Paul Chun the people are relaxed, but added that sleep sleep excellent.
  Etc. Paul Chun opened his eyes, the window is already a big bright.
  Today no hand, Paul Chun did not know the hour, beside the quilt had neatly folded on the feet.
  After all, the first day of the wedding, and that they stay in bed, Paul Chun can not help a bit embarrassed.
  Paul Chun and so got up only to find the room do not know when more than a shelf, which stood connect the water drain pan, presumably to let Paul Chun and must wash.
  Paul Chun eyes a little more warmth, water wash on the TV drama Well this step out of the room.
  Quietly throughout the yard, he walked around the yard around Paul Chun did not see Han Yu cloud shadows, Paul Chun can not help but frown, then I thought I’m afraid that someone call him to see the doctor.
  Paul Chun naturally not silly in the yard, etc., in the morning did not eat, and now also a bit hungry, Paul Chun turned to the kitchen.
  Go in only to find the stove and some of Mars, opened the lid and saw inside is cooked porridge and a bun.
  May be hungry panic, Zhayi smell of steamed buns, Paul Chun coul苏州桑拿d not help but swallowed.
  God knows through here since she basically tasted meat smell, eat a bun drank a big bowl of porridge, Paul Chun This satisfied the dishes hands down.
  After no folk take, Paul Chun used his dishes are washed, there are some porridge pot, Paul Chun bowl filled with pot will also wash out again.