Put conscience to do something positive

Work, often encounter some something goes wrong, this kind of problem, and sometimes really makes you feel difficult, and therefore will be depressed, grievances will.Friends joked, Kazakhstan, the same virtue, ah, just because too seriously.I look dull without a word, and comfort, so why bother, in fact, as long as we do good mind to do something, I will feel happy.Suddenly felt so touched, knowing that the road will encounter difficulties in the front row, sad and bad situation, but still willing to do and do it, just because the harbor good thoughts, humility.Yes ah, cherish kindness to do something, do their own thing to do, when the power of faith and peace of mind of feeling constantly filling the hearts of serious work, has become the happiest gift.    There are some things to know as people annoying.On one occasion, I heard the news from a milk scandal.My first reaction was Fuyang fake milk powder cases, those “big baby” news pictures that come to mind to leave the baby in.Heart sour, is regret, but also resentment.    Also know from television news, and now a city of milk and dairy production centers around the city in an atmosphere of high tension are.Dairy farmers nearby, said they have been the most direct impact, because these companies refund milk, said to be of poor quality, or completely stop buying milk from their hands.52-year-old Liu is a city of a dairy farmer, he said that because the company no longer buy milk his house, they had to pour milk every day, he watched their savings in reducing day by day.Per kilogram of milk, he can get milk from 4 yuan traffickers there.$ 6, and then the milk sold to dairy milk dealers company, he did not know the price of the agreement between the parties is how much.He said it was too sad day.    In a milk station, the milk has been rejected for three consecutive days acquired.52-year-old cleaner, said Lee, now the situation of dairy farmers are upset.He said that if it continues, farmers will have to kill cows.Mr. Liu said he borrowed $ 2900 in 2001 began cows, he will soon pay off the debt.His monthly on seven cows spend about 1000 yuan per month profit of 500 yuan.Mr. Liu said, cows have more money than corn and potatoes, he hopes the dust settles after the tainted milk, he can re-sell milk.Many rely on a city dairy farmers say they suspect the company will survive.A 26-year-old dairy farmer, said he was more than a week to down the river near his home more than 10 tons of milk a day, now can not see when the head.    Really sad ah!Although I am not related to these specific practices, but Bozhan business and life I was deeply touched to.Whether consumers or sellers, is ranked in first place the interests of.Those blows interests of business is not a businessman philanthropist, those who do not seek the benefit of the consumer is not wise fool.So, when talking about the economy and life, the right values is a prerequisite, it is impossible either biased view comment.    Argument with a professional point of view, put the interests of both the first place.Milk is sold businesses get value where value in use, on the other hand is to get consumers to sell the value of its use value.So, from the point of view of the interests of the argument, already balanced representation.However, sellers sell use value and its value does not match, so there has been a substantial injustice cross.From a marketing point of view psychological, moral qualities sellers played a key role.    Profit-driven behavior is the driving force of development.Large countries, regions, small units and individuals have their own interests, in pursuit of their own interests, safeguard their own interests.Reasonable and legitimate interests to be protected, and can not harm the interests of others, we should take care of the interests of others.And interests has always been one of the most important issues in life, every person, every unit must always face.It must be the pursuit of the interests of the law, the market and moral constraints.The pursuit of the interests of breaking the law will be subject to legal sanctions, in violation of the rules of market economy will lose market to grab excess profits, ignorant conscience pursue interests are bound to cast aside by the people.As long as interest is reasonable, the people will recognize the.There steelyard hearts of the people, as long as you have a conscience, people would be more, will feel, you will agree.Only with the benefit of conscience tied to long-term, in order to have long-term, growing market, in order to have the basis for development.”Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way”.With the right concept of interest, in order to keep their footing, go for a long time.    On the network talk about food safety overwhelming, I edited some brought everyone to see: I eat rice, they say that there are paraffin.I eat noodles, people say that there are mixed talcum powder, whitening.I eat pork, they say there is foot and mouth disease, there are hormones clenbuterol.I eat chicken, it is said to have bird flu.I eat eel crabs, people say that all hormone reminders out.I eat seafood, people say, it is soaked in formalin.I eat ham, the people said to have been soaked dichlorvos.I eat vegetables, say pesticide residues.I eat fruit, they say there are ripening agent.I eat soy products, white fungus, red pepper, pepper, people said to be sulfur smoked.I eat chili sauce, they say that there are Sudan.I eat rice, noodles, people say there are Sulfoxylate.I eat yuba, people say there is yellow mouth alkaline, industrial gelatin.I eat fungus, people say are dyed with ink.I eat kimchi, people say with industrial salted.I eat bean sprouts, people say there hydrosulfite, rootless factors, growth hormone.I eat moon cake, moon cake stuffing people say that a few years ago.I drink, it is said to be blending industrial alcohol.I do not eat, drink only water, but others say do not drink, the water is full of industrial waste water, waste, excessive levels of lead and mercury.Finally, I do not eat, breathe only air, but I smoked the air is polluted.I drink milk, court death!Chinese people, you can eat what?Although the language a bit too much, but there are some real.It should cause us to attach great importance to the time.    Life is short, any person not entitled to neglect.Especially food commodities True False directly related to the life of the rise and Scots.Life is not telling the truth, I do not want to see the withering of life is because food is because our economy moth.In the pursuit of interests, only the conscience put positive, positive way to go, before more innocent lives.