11 simple actions, easy body shaping

11 simple actions, easy body shaping

Go up and walk.
The thigh is at right angles to the calf.
The arms then sway for 30 seconds.
Natural breathing.
Arm exercises.
Preparing posture: the two arms are lifted horizontally.
Make a circular motion inward, first wrist joint, rear elbow joint, and the last two arms straighten and then move the shoulder joint, each doing 4 times.
Then repeat the above actions in the opposite direction.
Natural breathing.
Neck exercise.
Prepared posture: erect.
Turn your head to the right and turn your head to the left (quick head), then your chin touches your chest.
Turn your head to the left and turn to the right, and quickly tilt your head back.
Do it four times.
Natural breathing.
Torso exercises.
Prepared posture: erect.
The upper body slowly bends forward, the arms are lifted horizontally, and then slowly straight.
Exhale when the body bends forward.
Repeat 10-12 times.
Sideways exercise.
Preparing posture: Separate the legs and lift both arms.
The upper body flexes left and right, moving the center of gravity from one foot to the other.
Repeat 14-16 times.
Natural breathing.
Leg exercises.
Preparing posture: The two toes are separated into a 45掳 angle, one hand holds the back of the chair, and the other hand akimbo.
The chest is abdomen, and the toes are placed on the ground to make the side, forward and backward swinging legs.
The speed is slow to fast.
Repeat 10 times for each foot.
Whole body exercise.Prepared posture: The right leg is upright.

The left leg is back, the toes point to the ground, and the two arms are lifted.

Leaning over, the left leg squats; the right leg stretches forward and the toes point to the ground.

Move the center of gravity from the left foot to the right foot with a wave action, while raising the head, standing upright and lifting the pair sideways.

The left foot is close to the right foot, and the same action is started by the right foot.

Repeat 8-10 times.

Exhale as you lean forward.


Balance the action.

Prepared posture: the right side of the body is close to the front of the seat back, and the right hand is supported by the back of the chair.

Lift the left leg forward, parallel to the ground, then swing sideways, then lean forward and lift the left leg.

Change the other leg to do the same.

Do 8-10 times each leg.


Swing movement.

Prepared posture: the right foot is in front and the left hand is on the back of the chair.

Bend your knees for a while, then lift quickly and turn 180掳 to the left (ie to the vertical of the chair).

Release the back of the chair with your left hand while turning.

At the end of the swivel action, the right hand holds the back of the chair and the left foot stands in front.

Then reverse the body.


Jumping movement.

Prepared posture: the tip of the toes of the feet, the back of the left hand, the side of the right hand.

Jump, separate your legs, extend your right arm, and then return to your position with a jump.

Do a total of 20 times.

After the completion, step in place for half a minute.


Relax and exercise.

Preparing posture: Sitting on a chair, the upper body relaxes and leans forward, and some sag.

Stand up, look up, lift, lift up – inhale, sit down – exhale.