Life, never ill-treated every person up efforts.

Life, never ill-treated every person up efforts.  1, the targeted person, go more slowly, but also progress; wandering tangle of people, then the heart anxious, vain vain; do not let the low quality of diligence ruin you in the wrong direction, stop that progress.  2, do not start too late, it is better to act today, one day, that little by little the foreseeable future will be in your heart, but also your feet slowly, clear, life, never ill-treated every effort people up.good Morning!  3, the face of misunderstanding, unnecessary to argue, in the face trouble, avoid unnecessary, the face of failure, unnecessary bow, the face of success, needless carried away, life on the road more of a thinking, so carefully, so stick.  4, carries the dreams of the future, in every ordinary and not dull days, will smile more brilliant, I do not give up, nothing to make their own retreat; just strong enough, nothing can defeat their own!  5, do you think that all make life difficult in the past, will be the last, you do not have to try to be brave, time will heal you.I would like someone to accompany you back and forth, and if not, may you become yourself from the sun.Good morning, time!  6, there is life there is hope.Life is not a fairy tale, to learn to grow up and not even arrived in the dream, we must strive to grow, the road to success, can only finish on their own.Encourage each other, good morning!  7, many various obstacles in life always been to own.Anyone got to help you for a while, I can not help you.Do not rely, not to pray, to rely only make yourself weak, pray for just a comfort.  8, happiness does not depend on foreign substances and vanity, but by their inner self, a person only feel beautiful image to see the beauty of the window, open the window of heart power, that is your smile will never fade.  9, if your life has been two years, and in the third decade, please put down your lofty, put away your self-esteem, shed your ignorance, put on your reality, your out bloom, go out of your life!  10, strong self-control people are not poor, can persist up early, to exercise, to keep reading, do not consume their own and others time to argue, do not waste too much energy to please unrelated person.