Red Salute message of death

Murder entrepreneurs are white and one dark green and their own chess.Magnet chess he always carry a compact, when feelings of agitation and while his next move will be better.  The door opened.  you?  Today is your next year’s anniversary of the death.  Keke cough as a pale white to her mouth suddenly coughed up, pick up the table a glass of water and drink this calm down, why go ask Hades.  Gunfire.  Scene detective and assistant dialogue.  Shot and killed, the scene was not suspicious traces.  Really do not?check it out.  Portable chess ah, really rich, I’m stronger than before at the flea market to buy a.  Look pieces, the red side of the gun is not a.  He fell to the ground?  I have found a near dead who did not, in which it will be?  Could it be that the murderer took?  This did not not possible, having said that, although the entrepreneur, but it seems a little culture, on the shelves there are “source” of this book ah.  Office assistant comes into the room.  Autopsy report came out, the bullet hit the heart, shot and killed.  The thing to know in the field.  There is a strange thing, anatomical process in the stomach discovered the dead.  The missing piece ah So, in order not to be swallowed so goes the murderer destruction, death really is safe message.Remember there are several suspects it?  I look for, a twilight brother dead white male secretary Lin exhibition, as well as her relationship with the deceased Wei Long seems unusual.They are not reliable when three of the incident alibi.  Ah, I already know who the murderer is.  what?A white twilight, forest exhibition, Wei Long, with a red gun have to do it?  Which question suspects a white Cang what point does the message of death?  Yaya issue a message of death detective agency Red Salute answer: the murderer is white scene.The key is to put the puzzle deceased ‘gun’ swallowed the stomach, next month to represent words in Chinese characters in word and body-related, but also referred to the Ministry of flesh month.Gun swallow the pieces, look at it as a part of the human body, it is imperative radical change for months.Combination of both, resulting only one word, that is, the cell.That is, the murderer is the brother of the deceased meaning.