Treat cancer treat cold as

Treat a cold treat cancer as text / Nie Shengzhe Jack came back from the hospital to the office, always and always, go to the company’s public bar pour a cup of coffee.A cup of tea before he went to the desk to sit down, calmly told me that he had cancer, we should always go and see a doctor.  Suddenly heard in daily life colleagues got ill, my heart sad and sorry imagined.From that day on, I became cautious and Jack contacts together, for fear of an unintentional, then hurt his fragile.  A week later, he did see Jack leave.I thought to myself, this guy money to life, with the same right?However, I can only whispered in my heart, I made up my mind, any of his behavior, I will accommodate.Since then, Jack is always right, he was right not to go to work, his work is right; speak loudly when he is working, he is silent on the.My principle is that all along he was, as long as he pleased.  One day, Jack shaved their heads, suddenly changed a look, some colleagues asked him, why should shave their heads?He replied that the recent hot weather.Later, he told me, when hair falls out because doing radiotherapy, so ahead of her hair shaved off slowly get time-saving, trouble.As a result, the company was a young man afraid of the heat of Mexican Jose, also ran a shaved head, came back Dahushangdang, that big California sun, shaved their heads hotter.Jack listened, laughed quietly.  One day, Jack did not come to work, executives said Jack off to the hospital for surgery.I’m sorry to hear that, I thought, I might participate in addition to the day of the funeral, and I never see the nearly five years of work with a friend.They want more I sad heart, even before the regret and Jack get along day, I do not have a lot of good and I’m ready to owe at the courtesy of asking Jack staying at the hospital, then went to visit him on weekends.  On the third day, Jack actually came to work.As usual, Jack went public bar for a cup of coffee, sat down quietly told me that yesterday anesthetic vigor not seen, head a little faint, or come to work yesterday.  The surgery done?I asked in surprise.  Jack said: done, all the infected gland cancer cells are taken out, the medium term, the doctor said do not do radiation therapy, and chemotherapy can be timed doing.  I ask: do not rest after surgery?  Jack replied: doctors not to say I kept on working to recover more favorable.Then he showed me his wounds, knife-edge as terrible as you’d like, the traditional surgery did not see the kind of ugly, like a centipede, like sewing pins, there is only a transparent Velcro straps attached to the top , very kind of modern feeling.  2056 passed, and Jack has grown a hair, the body is also stronger than before.Jack the treatment of cancer as we, like colds, left me a very deep impression, in addition to advanced health care outside the United States, what it seems to have a bit.(Inspirational story)