, But also to laugh, smile more kindly as possible.”

  Several people were very angry to seize the studio, readily obeyed.
  No matter from which direction the division Xuan can feel that a few eyes, looked up, they smile at you, really goose bumps.
  Itchy throat, also recorded a song does not go, cold face from the inside out, sneered: “Joe, Long time no see ah, what are you doing it?”
  Sheng Joe felt extremely gentle smile: “Can not you see?Yeah cheer for you.”Then also cheer than a month of action,” Come on yo.”
  Teacher Xuan: “Thank you for your good intentions, but many people I do not sing it, also ask you to take your man out.”
  Sheng Joe: “How you talk, you can sing many people do not go, then you as a singer, performing on stage in the future how it?Viewers who do not?”
  Teacher Xuan: “You!”
  Sheng Joe lips still smiled, her eyes cool down, nodded his chin: “Go, continued to record.You want to use between my recording, I give you a.Let me hear, stolen equipment, recorded sound is not out to better listen to some.”
  Xuan face white gas division.
  They confrontation for a long time, her teeth and said: “Do not recorded!let’s go!”
  Joe Sheng smile: “Farewell, do not send.”
  Division Xuan aggressive away, down the empty studio, Sheng Qiao Xiaorong gentle, warm voice turned around and asked the assistant: “We can now open