the case of bank loans to get down, only to still be valuable to the mortgaged house.

“Mom, so let me go to Gu Yun Sheng?But she.”杭州桑拿Gu Fifi although the last was severely Zheru once, but the first thought of the idea of Gu Yun Sheng wealthy!

Huan Ping said, “Gu Yun Gu Sheng is bent on leaving, and I have seen a couple of days ago.Sunrise thing she will not control, but she meant, Sunrise fortune is from Hua vampire, at least, make Sunrise stripped off a layer of skin.”

In the old days shy little girl a gentle smile, her eyes with a little naive and very ruthless.

Huan Ping waited listening to her with a smile, “what a small tail Sunrise.”Her white hand in the void in a catch,” I would like to catch, and now only the first step.Hua is a family effort, but Gu Jinsong and you have to live my mother.Gu Fifi has been born, she can not plug back, Gu Jinsong crazy things is an established fact.The rule of law does not say anything Causing loss of lives, and 北京夜网that too not respect the law, and I’m a good citizen.Gu Jinsong supposed to be nothing out of their own business, Sunrise, right?”

Her eyes bent, continue sweet smile, reminiscent of the beautiful and fragile poppy ·.

Huan Ping could not help but shudder, this sense of contrast let her hairs are standing up.

Su exquisite: “Sunrise can develop, the beginning is sucked the blood of Hua.I have to peel back the layer of skin, Gu Jinsong if there is a skill, then nothing entrepreneurship ah, then I will not do to something.”Her hand of a film,” Hu aunt, before you make moves and are Gu Jinsong, I fight back.”

Huan Ping came to the Soviet Union was exquisite, the sound is recorded, until Gu Jinsong heard the recording, came to the Soviet Union to scrap the idea of exquisite.

As a pillow of Huan Ping know, Gu Jinsong this is regret, regret that year soft-hearted moment did not let her miscarriage, leaving the care of Fifi handle this, now the Soviet Union caused the exquisite crazy bite.

Huan Ping sighed, then left Gu Fifi is a step risky move, if care is not Fifi, there is no way she and Gu Jin