This is already beyond the boundaries of interpersonal first meeting, but the two men are talking did not seem to notice.

  Dong Jianan look, and turned red Shen Yung wink, with a lip, said: “The girl you introduce good ah, this is obviously Hang Bo spotted.”
  Hang Bo enthusiasm on the considered response, Shen Yung relief.She did that深圳桑拿网 one thousand white flowers, light snow in the general population is absolutely dazzling presence, and this beautiful girl, most men could hold.This does not even always enigmatic Hang Bo also caught, and see beautiful girls move without opening the eyes.
  Next, he will certainly be a good girlfriend to pursue, which also concern themselves with Dongjian An Xianxin broken things ah.This variable did not, she can concentrate on dealing with the Dong Jianan.
  Shen Yung quietly in their hearts for himself made a point of praise.
  Drink half a pot of tea, Hang Bo and snow has chatted up, from the technical to the artistic chat, talk.
  At first need to Shen Yong Dong Jianan buffer, Sparks, but now she felt Yung Shen and Dong Jianan like excess.
  Chahe more on the go to the bathroom, Shen Yung stood up, took the package, said: “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  She calculated that she go to the bathroom linger for ten minutes, it is estimated that it had enough tea, then she can take Dong Jianan perfect exit, and the future no longer have to deal with the Hang Bo A man of.
  The restaurant’s restroom in this layer, Shen Yung into the time people do not have a.She leaned against the wall, took out his cell phone, playing games to kill time.
  To苏州夜网day she’s good luck seems to burst, have won three in a row, happy to have Shen Yung blow the whistle.
  ”you are happy?”Suddenly, a deep voice brushed her ears.
  Shen Yung shocked, quickly turned, one saw Hang Bo stood behind him, his arm supported at the top of her head, looked condescending, it looks like, like, like her lap in his arms.
  Shen Yung was out of his mind the idea shocked.She quickly moved two steps to the side, with the distance of Hang Bo, Samsam smiled: “how do you come?Thi