”” Yesterday moss hospital. “.”Fu Mingxuan answered.

  ”Yesterday Moss hospital.”?Nguyen Enron in the mind which recalled a moment, this is the original did not appear in a movie name.
  It is possible to the original inside, Fu Mingxuan also entered the “moss hospital yesterday,” the crew, but because the actress can not find people plus cause of insufficient funds, “the hospital yesterday moss” Ultimately there is no way to get things done, or finished shooting but can not properly release the money, or theStout lush leaves, root system, higher concentrations of the osmotic pressure and the juice plurality blade root hairs, root cells, early resistance, heat resistance, water absorption and strong.If too much water absorption, it will lead to plant roots anaerobic respiration, leading to root rot disease.”
  ”How did you think, why would select the hydroponic way of upland rice?This is not to create problems it myself?”
  Agricultural University graduate who look to the black line, as if suddenly let the fate of strangling the throat in general, hesitated for a long time speechless.
  Gu Xuanzhi examined experimentally several times that bring students, and found quite a few problems, “on the fine cultivation, your understanding seemingly embarked on a deviat北京夜网ion.Fine planting is not so divided, different growth stages of crops not the same, you need to divide the process of refinement planted according to their growth stages, rather than in general terms to.”
  ”In other words, the first simulation test is only used to divide the refinement stage of cultivation, rather than letting you detect brain myself up out fine planting stage right.When you are what you, the Creator or God?If that set of refined soybean planting scheme can be extended to different crops, I will write a book on ‘to plant soybeans, for example’ it?”
  Finally, Gu Xuanzhi with ‘smart aleck’ to set the property to the Agricultural University Graduate these.
  Under low-lying agricultural planting base in fine to speculate upland rice cultivation methods it based on experience obtained during planting soybeans, Agricul上海夜网tural University students booing, read the book again and think myself have learned, when they are gods or saints?
  So when the next depression agricultural base of upland rice harvest, Gu Xuanzhi with Du Zhenhua in a new era of shopping center scheduled car finally arrived, like the license paperwork, Du Zhenhua drove Guxuan Zhi sent to the provincial capital.
  Visit to the provincial capital, first, to see what Guxuan Zhi’s parents, two Guxuan Zhi is ready to buy a ticket to the capital, looking for the high-tech Research Institute of the University of customization that make Mizuki fishing shrimp balls machine.
  Think of the first object, Guxuan Zhi and Du Zhenhua feel very headache.
  Although it is Guxuan Zhi came through, but through time is not a for-one, but combined, the original owner and therefore she is not much difference, just a little more than a few of this world should not have memory than the original owner only.
  When the original owners face the pro dad real mother, seemingly strong, but in reality very counseling.
  That is, did not know what means the ability to be hooked Du Zhenhua go, actually dared to sing a different tune with the pro dad real mother, he just stalker for a long time with an old married couple, old couple agreed to let down.Now I go home to face an old married couple, Gu Xuanzhi very cowardly heart.
  Although not significant Duzhen Hua upper surface, but actually much Huangde.Although it is Guxuan Zhi to marry him, but Gu Xuanzhi this marriage, half a year did not return to her parents.Du Zhenhua estimates that moment in his mind Laozhang Ren and wife’s mother, who has become ironclad.Dealer.Like a child.
  The how-to-door?