Along with a “click” sound, camera flies immediately turn directions to shoot.

  This time, Hussey in high spirits, he is like a rabbit as he went Osmond’s side, carries the heart of a fan of his brother, looking forward to the idol usually want to see what personal belongings will be used.
  I saw three suitcases were filled to the brim – the big-name fashion and skin care products!
  Late in the trunk four weeks Osmond combined with the P in a circle shiny stars effects.
  While stunned the crowd: “???”
  Hussey is shining eyes shouting out: “yo, this line of cool boots!Wow, these watches Ye Hao nice!By, these clothes are too trendy bar.”
  If I had known there is this scene Pei boat, only rubbed his forehead, unable to sigh: “北京夜网.”
  Lovingly took a pair of boots to enjoy, Hussey hindsight aware of their numbers somewhat exaggerated, then look glance, we see a third trunk base with Sike rabbit beast Shenshui a whole box, Di Flower Lu scouring the show.
  His eyes jump jump, could not help feeling: “But.Osmond agent, you are not with too become more?”
  ”More than you?This is not a task for several days yet?”Osmond disagree.
  Hussey: “emmmm .”as long as you are happy.
  At this time, several “agents” bracelet slight vibration, the screen lights up, the military spy lurking in the Zerg – “dichlorvos”, has sent a message.
  Dichlorvos: “Before 5:00 pm today, please 达罗达佩尔 Hotel arrived to find the joints of people [photo], he will arrange for you to enter the fortress Zerg.(Latecomers, who will see the joint, and put guards found Zerg prison, subjected to cruel punishment). ”
  Dichlorvos: “Please note that this road is full of spies Zerg, they are parasitic on passers-by to monitor you, so please make the dressing, do not let passers-by call out your true identity.(To be identified, they will be put in jail, subjected to cruel punishment). ”
  Dichlorvos: “the agents, time is running out, Take action now.”
  [Countdown Tip: 北京夜生活网4: 00: 00,3: 59: 59.3:59:58 .]
  Pei Zhou raised his hand and saw the ring: “has started counting up!”